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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 28, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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spending some time showing off for the kids in the basketball camp this houston. this kid was lucky, but -- >> he was like where's the ball? oh, behind me now. >> tomorrow, special guest, author gary byrne will be here. martha: benghazi bombshell two years in the work. it reveals the president and hillary clinton willfully ignored dozens of accounts and witnesses to the benghazi attack and pushed the protest. i'm martha maccallum in
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"america's newsroom." eric: i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. the report says president obama and hillary clinton never met personally on the benghazi attack. but a key white house meeting featuring hillary clinton took place while our ambassador chris stevens was still meeting. it focused on a response on the ground and the white house destroying a line of attack that was dismissed from the very beginning by those who saw the horror firsthand. >> there is an agenda that need to be pushed, and the eye witness accountant truth of what happened that night does not hold with the agenda. >> this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack it was a spontaneous reaction to what just transpired in cairo.
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>> would a highly decorated career diplomat told you or washington had there been a demonstration outside their facility that day. >> yes, he would have. >> did he mention one word about a protest or demonstration. >> the notion there was a stand-down order given by any cia chief or anybody in been ghazi is false. >> we were told to stand down. we were delayed three times. without the delay they would still be alive is my gut instinct. >> i strongly believe if we had left immediately they would still be alive today. >> the fact is we have four dead americans. was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk decided to he go kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? eric: catherine herridge is with us.
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she has been poring over emails that clearly indicate the attack. reporter: the meeting included senior deputies to the cabinet as well as then secretary of state hillary clinton. at that time the terrorist attack in benghazi was ongoing. sean smith was dead, ambassador chris stevens was missing and the two navy seals who defended the base were still alive. clinton's state department deputy patrick kennedy told
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investigators they were concerned about diplomatic sensitivity and whether military personnel sent to libya should wear uniforms. according to commanders his team changed in and out of uniforms three times that night. there was no decisive leadership that night, republicans said or muscular military response. >> you will see the details in the the report. it's a tale of the absence of vigor and energy where if it was my son, your husband or your child you would say that's a lack of response from the united states government. reporter: unlike the raid that kid usama bin laden. there was no such gathering of the main players, even though they were available and in washington, d.c.
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secretary of defense leon panetta ordered assets to libya. conflicting orders from state department and pentagon officials derailed the military response and panetta's order was not carried out. eric: the democratic report says security was woefully inadequate and no one intentionally misled the nation willfully. martha: what did the then secretary of state hillary clinton have to say shortly after the attack. these are her comments september 12 the day after benghazi where she referenced a video as the cause, despiter spite knowing the night before it was a darer attack. >> some have sought to justify this vicious behavior along with the protests that took place at our embassy in cairo as a
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response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. america's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. but let me be clear. there is no justification for this. none. martha: joining me now dana perino, press secretary for president george w. bush and co-host of the five *. martha: we talked about before the during and the after, and some say the cover-up. but one of the interesting aspects of this report is looking at what president obama was doing in the after period, and how diligent he was in trying to get to the bottom of this. what do we learn? >> one of the things we find out
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from the report and steve hayes' report in "the weekly standard." we didn't know about this teleconference where hillary clinton is there and even though panetta was given a deflow action, it was to the deploy, it was to talk about a spontaneous attack based on video. those of us who watched 13 hours or read the book and you know they were there waiting for two hours. martha: they were changed their uniforms three times because they were told they shouldn't go in with uniforms on. >> you don't have the commander-in-chief in that meeting. the report said that the next morning when the cia brings the president's daily brief to the president, they also have the option of having the in-person briefing. and on that day, though, the
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next morning decides not to do an in-person briefing. doesn't meet with the cia. is hand the presidential daily brief by the chief of staff, then he went to las vegas for the fundraiser. that to me is shocking. earlier today there is a report out that said voters would trust hillary clinton 40% or 50% on tear rim. that's usually a republican stronghold. that's what that poll said. but the trump campaign looks at this and asks the question, really, do you think hillary clinton would and better, more decisive commander-in-chief than i would be? martha: we just lost four americans westward, they are scrambling to identify ambassador chris stevens in the early morning hours. the president had absolutely no meeting with top intelligence officials that morning?
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>> they knew every day the president's daily brief is brought to the president and it's handed to him and there is a briefing or it's handed to him and he reads it. he decided not to meet in person on a day they knew there was a terrorist attack. but the white house we know from other reports and books that they were worried about and thinking about how were they going to spin it. 5 out of 10 action items in the ned aftermath while these people are in trouble waiting for help. five out of the ten action items is talking about a video that is not the cause of the attack. martha: the movie people are just seeing because it just came out on netflix. every person who sees it says, i didn't realize, they were up on that roof for hours and hours and nobody came. the people in washington making decisions are going back and forth what to do while these
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american citizens are hung out to dry literally on that roof top. but the question is why? what were they trying to protect in terms of a mission happening in that building. trying to collect weapons cache's. why? >> it could be all of those things. and it could be they were trying to figure out a way to protect president obama. he was -- it was in the heat of the final stretch of the election before the 2012 election. then he went to the fundraiser. and they have been covering up ever since. president obama said we are going to pursue all these people who perpetrated the attacks. they have found one. march are and he was sitting around drinking cocktails. and they knew where he was and didn't take him in. >> what the democrats have been
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able to make republicans look to ridiculous like we are obsessed with benghazi. but trey gowdy should be commended for doing the measured report the way that he did. martha: i believe what we are going to hear from trey gowdy, about the significant materials they never got. >> there was a lack of cooperation with the administration. martha: good to have you here this morning. eric: we'll have much more on the troubling revelations from the benghazi report. we'll talk to senator bob corker. then we'll also hear from congressional chairman trey gowdy as the committee will have a muse conference at 10:00 a.m. just under one hour from now, we'll bring that to you live. plus there is this. >> we must find out what is going on. it will be lifted, this ban,
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when and as a nation we are in a position to properly and perfectly screen these people coming into our country. martha: donald trump's campaign accused of back peddling on the calls to ban muslims from coming into the united states. we'll talk about what they are saying on it now and the question of whether or not has changed. eric: former secret service agent and what he says he saw in the last clinton white house. >> i feel so strongly people need to know the real hillary clinton and how dangerous she this her behavior. she is not a leader. you pay your car insurance
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appointments available now. martha: we are in the process of waiting for this news conference from the republicans who have come out with their final report on benghazi and the aftermath. their final report has been released and they are going to step forward and walk about it. it claims the violence was sparked primarily by an anti-plus slim video, and those points were carefully crafted by the obama administration. an seem shows them secretary of
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state hillary clinton told her daughter she knew it was a terror attack that very night. this is an email from hillary clinton to her daughter. the ambassador who i hand picked and a young communications officer on temporary duty with a wife and children. a very hard day and i fear more of the same tomorrow. that's from september 11, 2012. i'm joined by senator bob corker who is the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. it's good to have you with us. you know, when you listen to that and hear what we are getting from this report, what do you think? >> well, first of all, i have tremendous respect portray gowdy. he has been under a lot of pressure. but i believe he's an honest broke and he has done everything he can to make sure he puts forth a report that's accurate.
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i don't think anyone doesn't disagree with in was a lot of spinning taking place during that time. the height of a campaign. the obama administration did not want it to appear that al qaeda was gaining grounds. thirdly i talked to numbers of people from the agencies that are involved and intelligence gathering and i think they rue the fact that the talking points to were changed and there was so much spin that took place between their agencies and the white house itself. so i think that part people on both sides of the aisle understand this was the height of a campaign and there was a lot of concern about the spin. i think the substance of this -- we have not seen the report yet -- relative to what was taking place in benghazi and tripoli where i was two weeks later after the incident, is something i look forward to reading and understanding.
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martha: when you look at this in the light of the ongoing campaign. she is being portrayed as the person who has experience as secretary of state, and he is being portrayed as someone who doesn't have a strong grasp of foreign policy issues. i know you are a supporter of donald trump. in light of what you are seeing in this report, what do you make of it? >> obviously someone coming into the u.s. government as an outsider who hasn't had the experiences of being on the inside, i think stu overcome that by getting highly competent people around you. just like the secretary of state hillary clinton. they carry out the policies that affect our nation.
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they are going through a process to find the center best people to have around them. the government is huge between the cia, homeland security, treasury, the pentagon, secretary of state, all of these people and individuals are very, very important relative to keeping our nation safe. martha: have you been asked to play a role in helping this candidate understand foreign policy? >> we had conversations. i know he's talking to a lot of people. some of the people he talked to have seek terry ben baker. he's talking to numbers of people. and i think all of that is aiding and helping to discern the best direction for to us go. today we are having a hearing. >> you believe he would be prepared to be president given his background? and have you been vetted? have they come to you and talked to you about being vice president?
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>> as it re-late to the qualifications. when people look at someone, be it a public official, does this person have a track record of success. whatever it is they have been doing. and certainly he checks the box there. secondly does he understand the american people and does he identify with the american people? i think you have to check the box there. so he's in the process right now of really looking at the types of people to surround him, and obviously picking great people when this government is so large, so diverse and complex is important. relative to the last question, i respect the process they are going through. my sense is they are going to pick somebody that's very, very good. >> have they spoken to you about the potential of being vice president? >> once you go down a road answering questions like that.
6:22 am
it's a road i don't want to travel. those questions need to be referred to the campaign. martha: if asked, would you consider it. >> guys like me, it's bad for our health to answer questions based on conjecture. i think you will respect that. martha: we appreciate you being here, senator corker. thank you very much.. eric: the patsing of a sports legend. it's a skill. experian. be better at credit.
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martha: a massive gas explosion rattled texas' bp coast.
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luckily nobody was hurt. but vibrations from the explosion could be felt 10 miles away. >> this is the chance of a lifetime. you can't be afraid to go out and compete and too whatever it takes. every possession matters. take pride in every possession it's a game of possessions. it's also a game of wheels. eric: talk about inspiration and drive. that was hall of fame basketball coach pat summittt doing what she does best. she was the winningest coach in their history. she lost her battle with
6:27 am
alzheimer's. >> celebrating a life well lived. they are mourning the death of a living legend. pat summitt is described as the winningest coach in division 1 college basketball history during her 38-year career at tennessee. she was tough on her players but forged close relationships with them and was on a first-name basis with her lady vols players. her funeral in middle tennessee will be private. eric: coach summit was public about her diagnosis. >> she announced the diagnosis in 2011. she was only 59 years old at the time, and went on to coach one
6:28 am
more season before stepping down. her son tyler issued a written the same saying since 2011 my mother has battled her cuffest opponent, early on set dementia, alzheimer's type. prior to her death coach summit created a non-profit foundation to fight alzheimer's disease. fans and friend are sharing their condolences on the organize organization's website pat martha: incredible woman and cope, she'll be missed. in a few minutes we'll be going to the to be market opening. we'll take you there as soon as the market opens.
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eric: hillary clinton's campaign, they are responding to the new bombshell report on benghazi. we'll have their take on the we'll have their take on the event of that tragic night and what the committee found out.
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abe * the market is open for business. take a look at that. the first two days plunged 900 points. but now it's up in the green which is what we want to see. maria bartiromo is here with us host of fox business. maria: we needed to see a bounceback for feelings of stability. yes, the market is bouncing back. we lost $3 trillion in market value in two days.
6:33 am
clearly it was an overreaction. what's most important here is don't think you want to trade this market, don't try to time this market, because you will get your butt handed to you by the traders. they know how to trade a market, you don't know how to do that. you want to be a long-term investor. there is always an opportunity to reassess. but i wouldn't have knee jerk reactions to this office. eric: what are the professionals doing? maria: you are seeing professionals buying. you are seeing a lot of interest in stocks today because of valuation. when you look at what happened in britain, it's not a direct impact to the united states. sure, there is some uncertainty and lack of clarity x we figure out what the new trade deals look like. and investors do not like uncertainty.
6:34 am
but it's not a main negative for the u.s. and i think most people would say the last two days were a bit of an overreaction. eric: britain accounts for less than one-half of one percent of our trade. the host rest of the eu, $18 billion. it's a lot, but not that much. maria: true. that's the reason people are trying to figure out, how do we connect the dots and what is the impact? one impact is the financial center. the main banks have offices and people there. they will take some people out and put them into continental europe. but at the same time you are talking about at least two years for britain to come up with new trade deals. we may see more free trade deals
6:35 am
with the eurozone and america. it's stablized. i would not read too much in it. we lost too much in the two days prior. martha: it's a busy morning because we are 30 minute away from a big moment in the benghazi investigation. trey gowdy and the committee will speak for the first time about the stunning findings of what really happened during the 2012 libya attack. hillary clinton's team is busy putting out their own response to this. mike emanuel is live with the clinton campaign. what does the campaign say about this benghazi report today? reporter: the clinton campaign and many democrats have tried to label this benghazi committee as a partisan exercise.
6:36 am
an evident by clinton's team to say this was a partisan thing from the beginning. even though these folks interviewed a lot of people who weren't contacted bid other benghazi probes. martha: give us some of the key moments from clinton's own testimony. what did they find? >> she testified for 11 hours. she said she lost more sleep over the benghazi attack than all of the members of congress combined. then there was this awkward moment late in the hearing. >> you were at your home. were you alone. >> the whole night? >> yes, the whole night.
6:37 am
>> i don't know why that's funny. did you have in-person briefing. >> i had secure phones and other equipment that kept me in touch with the state department at all times. reporter: clinton coming to denver to talk technology, her vision on the economy. we'll see why she and her team will respond to this report. eric: then there is this. a guy just trying to get some sun. gets way more than he bargained for. martha: a man who spent years close to the clintons is speaking out. a former secret service agent, and he's unloading on the former first lady who says he believes does not have the temperament based on his watching them in action to be president.
6:38 am
reaction to his new book coming up. >> if she did become the president without me speaking the truth, i'm not sure i could deal with that. people need to know. this is serious. her behavior is appalling. she is two different people.
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[crowd cheering over phone] eric: an unusual fender-bender in china. a man is hang out in his lawn chair than the car rolls into him. backing up in slow motion. there is no driver in the car. bliss believe someone forgot to put on the parking brake. the guy has a couple of broken ribs. but other than that, he's just fine. just sitting there in your lawn chair and wham. martha: fortunately he was out of the way of the car that had no driver. eric: keep lawn chairs off the
6:42 am
street. >> i feel strongly people need to know the real hillary clinton and how dangerous she is in her behavior. she is not a leader. she didn't have the temperament to handle the social office when she was first lady. she is dishonest, she habitually lies. anybody that can separate themselves from their politics and review her behavior the last -- >> you will be accused of being political. >> i have been already. but it has got nothing to do with politics. martha: an interesting interview with sean hannity. a former secret service agent who worked in the white house. he said she was feared by her staff. she often blew up at him and other secret service agents.
6:43 am
he details it in a new book called "crisis of character." with every campaign stuff is dragged up from the past. and there is a lot of fast where the clintons are concerned. so kirsten, does it matter politically? >> i don't think it matter politically. but i have to say, i know a lot of people who worked for hillary clinton over the years and i never her her described as an abuser. if she yells sometime and lose her temper. that doesn't distinguish her from any other politician i have been around. this strikes me as sexist. the idea that she is dangerous because she may have raised her voice at somebody. we have all heard the stories
6:44 am
about john mccain. i can name 10 people off the top of my head who are known yellers who are men. it doesn't comport with what i know about her. even if it's true, so what? martha: having read lots of books about page hillary clinton. there have been lots of accounts like this. it seems to me it's relevant. i understand that you think that it's sexist and that he's calling her basically a crazy woman. but the fact that she is running for president, he's look at her behavior saying he feels having worked closely with her. this is his interpretation. >> he's welcome to his opinion, but he was also around bill clinton who was well known for screaming at people. bill clinton was president. if it's so dangerous for somebody to raise their voice to
6:45 am
somebody, he should have come out and talked about bill clinton. men do this all the time. martha: i don't think -- >> i don't think somebody who raises their voice, i don't think that makes them a dangerous person. >> there is no doubt what kirsten is saying about the potential of others starting to attack hillary clinton based on what's in this book. you say the word shrill, i have heard people called sexist for that. but she is the one who turned this election on a referendum on temperament. being a child who came to political major the 90s. all of this rings true. it's corroborated by many people that she has this volatile temper and she has a pathological ability to lie and be detached from truth and reality. is this stuff people don't
6:46 am
already know about hillary clinton? i would suggest for the majority of people this is why she is under what term with likability and favorability. what does donald trump do now that these attack lines are reintroduced. he has gone after bill clinton's sexual misconduct which stalled bill clinton's ability as an asset for her on the campaign. martha: she was criticizing donald trump with women so he went right after her and criticized her for enabling her husband in his own affairs in the white house. one of the things i was watching for last night. is whether we thoughte was credible. a lot of questions were raised. is he just doing this to raise money? here is another piece of sounds from last night.
6:47 am
>> how many womb down know for sure he had affairs with. >> i would say easily 3, maybe 4 that i know of. >> you saw monica lewinsky a mile away. >> she was manipulating some of the staff, myself and other officers and agents to find out where the president was. >> she wasn't manipulating if you saw through it. >> she was trying to place herself in his path when he would move around the complex. martha: do you finds that credible? >> i don't think it matter from 20 years ago. i'm not sure what bearing it has on anything. i don't know if he's credible or not. one thing he said in his interview with sean is he talked about the vince foster suicide and how mean people in
6:48 am
washington were and insinuated he was talking about hillary and he was talking about the "wall street journal" editorial board. that under mines his credibility. i don't think anybody thinks vince foster killed himself because of hillary clinton. >> it's an internal account and there is no doubt his credibility will be called into account. i viewed him as credible. he seems sincere. he seems like he knew things that he shared publicly. but the question is, does this matter in the only other open question is to that young millennial voter we know from the primaries that does not like hillary clinton. they voted for bernie sanders in 80% numbers. the scandals. the misconduct, all of these activities he's cataloging in the book that don't cast a
6:49 am
positive light on hillary. does this suppress their mediocre enthusiasm for her? that's a possibility. that's an open question. martha: it doesn't seem according to the polls that young women feel all that excited about voting for a woman. that's not a major criteria for them. >> millennial women have a different perspective on that. they are looking for somebody that is more aligned with their views and they have this expectation that they will see a woman in their lifetime president, doesn't have to be hillary clinton. eric: 10 minutes to the news conference by the republicans on the benghazi committee. we'll bring you that at the top of the hour. expect more details on their final report and the way the
6:50 am
administration dealt with the terrorist attack in benghazi. what they knew, what they told us and what they did. >> we fought and bled for a government we swore to protect and now they are calling us liars. we continue to feel betrayed and shunned by our own government that we swore to defend. for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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eric: the news conference from the republicans, the long awaited report from the terrorist attack. this comes after the democrats on the panel issued their own report that claimed a woeful lack of security, but claimed no one intentionally caused the
6:54 am
action. the white house and the secretary of state hillary clinton blamed that attack on that internet video. despite early evidence that it was terrorism. the deputy chief of the embassy in tripoli. he described the final moments he had speaking with ambassador stevens when he testified at a house hearing three years ago. >> when ambassador stevens talked to you perhaps minutes before he died. as a dying declaration, what precisely did he say to you? >> he said, gregg, we are under attack. >> would a highly career diplomat have told you or washington had there been a demonstrate outside this facility that day? >> yes, he would have. >> so fast forward to the sunday
6:55 am
talk shows and ambassador susan rice. she blamed this attack on a video, and she did it five different times. what was your reaction to that?. my jaw dropped. and i was embarrassed. martha: that testimony was so compelling. when he talked about talking to chris stevens and hearing on the sunday shows they thought it was due to a video. he said he was stunned. he watched susan vice telling five different shows that. so that makes it so clearly the line that was coming from the white house that was made up according to the person who spoke to chris stevens on the night he died. people ask why there is so much hubbub. i think it's anybody who hasn't given this 20 minutes of their time listened to it, they will
6:56 am
heart answer to their question. eric: carter hamm testified he told leon panetta and the joint chiefs of staff that it was a terrorist attack and they went to the white house and said it was a terrorist attack in a 5:00 meeting with the president. martha: this is a big deal. they have been working on these findings for two years. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it gets under way. 4 by 4 those who jump start the weekend. the one's who want to see it all... hear it all... and feel it all... all summer long. jeep renegade -- it's how we live 4 by 4 summer.
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blue the dog here for propane. you know, i'm just a humble dog. i didn't attend the elite boarding kennels, but i do know that nothing beats the freedom of living out here with propane, people can live where they want, and just as cozy as they want. whether it's a hot bath (no thank you), a warm bedroom, or a perfectly grilled steak. drop it, drop it, drop it proudly independent. proudly american. proudly propane martha: breaking news. finally answers today on benghazi. we are just moments away now from trey gowdy and members of the house benghazi committee who have released their bombshell, 800-page final report on their investigation on this terror attack which we know left four innocent americans dead. republicans faulting the obama
7:00 am
administration and hillary clinton blaming a tragic failure of leadership that night. welcome, everybody, to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. eric: martha, hello, i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. the 800 page report more than two years in the making come a day after democrats on committee that officials did not intentionally mislead our country and the investigation the democrats say was a waste of money. we are learning new details that have never been revealed in any prior investigation before. the report also finding that secretary clinton, it says, ignored repeated warnings that extremists there posed a clear danger to the diplomatic mission in benghazi. that apparently refuting mrs. clinton's own testimony. >> chris had spoken with intelligence experts. there was no credible actionable threat known to our intelligence community. >> yes, ma'am. eric: chairman trey gowdy also blasting the clintons,
7:01 am
mrs. clinton and the state department, what he says stonewalling investigation. adam housley has reaction from americans on the ground in libya on the night of this horrific attack. adam, what is their initial response to this report? reporter: eric, you might imagine there is a lot of frustration. we had a chance to talk to 15 so far since last night. people on the ground in benghazi and trend poly and nearby. we had a significant portion leaked to us late last week. had a chance to show some of those individuals the report that came out and gave them a chance to digest it to get back to us. they believe, while there is a lot of new details, for example, the one. new details, the libyan shield, one of the groups the state department relied on the libyan shield, the leader, basically call all of his people back right before the second mortar location that would kill two agents, including ty woods, we heard about. that leader called his men back
7:02 am
right before the mortar attack happened. the question why has the man not been brought to justice? when we talk about those with reactions. a couple i have spoken to, one special agent on the ground that night who says to me in benghazi, quote, the report continues to show how ridiculous the state department makes it to give support to a special agent on the ground when he says he needs support. there were 10 of us who continually asked for more weapons and more security in benghazi and were routinely denied. we were reported that the state department told them it wasn't aesthetically pleasing to have a belt-fed machine gun, for example. we talked to another u.s. contractor in benghazi after hearing and reading part of the report says to me quote, the recommendations at end of the day are bs. nothing will come with them. everyone lost touch what we really need. that is the frustration you're finding with a lot of folks on the ground. also frustration from those who were on the committee themselves, investigators who had a chance to talk to, one
7:03 am
says to me, just coming to me as i'm talking to you, the fact that democrats really only called one witness, a female who was a democrat on republican side, that is the only witness they called, over and over again asked only same questions really shows they weren't shut out. that they had no willingness to participate in the first place in this investigation. also there are some other frustration in regards to the process saying that the clinton folks did not want to hand over any documents, they wanted to do it publicly. the committee had a tough time getting anything to do with top secret information, eric. eric: you said they couldn't protect themselves because it wasn't aesthetically pleasing? reporter: we reported a couple years ago, eric. couple agents on the ground that night hand asked for weeks for more men and more sandbags and they were turned down because it was not aesthetically pleasing. that is the quote. eric: adam, thank you.
7:04 am
martha: we have two minute warning. we want to bring in ambassador john bolton, senior fellow at american enterprise institute. fox news contributor. ambassador bolton, listening to all of this morning. what is your reaction? >> look the benghazi episode was a colossal failure by the obama administration and particularly a colossal failure by secretary of state john kerry before the attack, during the attack, after the attack. i haven't read all 800 pages. it came out of embargo this morning. what i read they have a lot more information and details, go to the basic fact this is such a catastrophe for american security around the world and for the signal it sends to international terrorism. i think people need to delve into this report because it should be an issue in the november election. martha: one of the findings was that president obama did not ask for a person-to-person briefing in the presidential daily briefing. he just received it on paper the day after. then left for las vegas for a
7:05 am
fund-raiser. that is new information. >> yeah. he went home that night. went up to the white house living quarters. they apparently had a meeting of deputies at nsc. that was new information. shouldn't have been a deputies meeting. president obama should have been chairing the national security council. he should have been insisting on what options the defense department had for him. we know from previous testimony after the news of the attack came in secretary of state hillary clinton never once spoke to secretary of defense leon panetta. never once spoke to him. i have worked for six different secretaries of state, people from very different backgrounds. they would have been on the phone to secretary of defense every second. martha: thank you, ambassador. here is trey gowdy. >> i want to begin by expressing our collective gratitude to ambassador chris stevens, sean smith, glen doherty and ty woods, their families and loved ones for their service and ultimately the sacrifice they
7:06 am
made on behalf of our country. also want to express our collective appreciation of the americans who fought so valiantly that night and uncontrovertably saved other lives. this service and sacrifice and desire to protect and defend fellow americans in our interests abroad truly represents the best of what our country has to offer. after more than 100 witness interviews, including more than 80 with witnesses no other committee of congress talked to, and tens of thousands of pages of documents, that is the single greatest impression we are left with, that there are men and women who love this country enough and what it stands for and how it can inspire others to serve in dangerous places under dangerous circumstances. so i will respectfully ask my citizens to simply do this. read the report. read the report and if you do
7:07 am
read the report, i think what will become manifest to you, what has become manifest to us, which are two different images. the image on the one hand of what was happening in benghazi during the relevant time period and image on the other hand of the decisions made and not made in washington during that same time period. you will see the urgency shown by the grs agents at the annex as they went to the mission compound to try to save american diplomatic security agents lives. you will see the franticness which they entered and reentered burning buildings in an attempt to locate and save sean smith and ambassador stevens. i will see the ingenuity of the team in tripoli, who pot their own aircraft and deployed themselves from tripoli to benghazi because fellow
7:08 am
americans needed their help. you will see the firefights at the compound. you will learn about the ambush from the compound to the annex. and you will learn about the firefights before the final lethal mortar attacks. there were only three assets that ever made it to benghazi. two unarmed drones and team from tripoli who deployed themselves. they weren't ordered to go. they deployed themselves. glen doherty was on that plane from tripoli to benghazi and glen doherty not only flew from tripoli to benghazi but he negotiated at the airport with libyans that were supposed to be our friends to get to the annex so he could help defend that facility and he got there. just in time to join his fellow navy seal tyrone woods, minutes before they both died.
7:09 am
it has been said nothing could have reached benghazi before the lethal mortar attacks. i suppose what is meant by that, nothing other than the two unarmed drones and the team from tripoli that deployed itself. what is missing in that analysis but is pretty simple and straightforward to those of us who have been investigating the last two years nothing could have been reached benghazi because nothing was ever headed to benghazi. no u.s. military asset was ever deployed to benghazi despite the order of the secretary of defense at 7:00 that night. so washington had access to real time information but yet somehow they thought the fighting had subsided. washington had access to real time information but somehow they thought these fighters were going to evacuate, even without the remains of the ambassador and without asking how is that evacuation supposed to be effectuated? how are you supposed to get from
7:10 am
the annex to the benghazi airport because it took you almost three hours to get from the airport to the annex? who was supposed to take you? so those are the decisions being contemplated and discussed in washington. and this mistaken belief there was an evacuation that was imminent, without asking the pretty fundamental question of how do you, how do you expect us to effect wait this evacuation? washington had access to real time information, but that real time information did not inform and instruct the decisions made in washington. after secretary panetta ordered assets deployed to help our men, the white house convene ad two-hour meeting, perhaps nothing shows the contrast between what was happening in benghazi and what was happening in washington then that two-hour sivits, white house meeting and
7:11 am
somery and readouts that came from it. it is true nothing could have reached glen doherty and ty woods before they were killed because nothing was ever going toward glen doherty and ty woods. it is worth noting that statement would be true had the mortar attacks taken place at 7:15 a.m., or 9:15 a.m., or even at lunchtime on the 12th because at the time those two americans were killed not a single wheel of a single u.s. military asset had even turned toward libya. our report starts with the attack and there is a section on the post-attack communication between government and the american sit currency and there is a section on pre-attack decisions made and not made that led to the environment which made our facility vulnerable. it is always better to be the first committee to investigate.
7:12 am
and it is always better to investigate as contemporaneously to an incident or to an event as can be done. our committee did not have the luxury of either one of those. we began a year-and-a-half after the incidents but collectively and individually, all seven of us believed there were more questions to ask, mr. were more answers to acquire, more witnesses to interview, more documents to access and this report validates that belief. there is new information on what happened in benghazi and that information should fundamentally change the way you view what happened in benghazi and there are recommendations made to make sure it does not happen again. so in conclusion with respect to my remarks i want to thank the house of representatives for giving us the honor of
7:13 am
investigating four of our brave, courageous fellow citizens and those that were injured and those that fought so valiantly that night. i want to thank the six members who are standing up here with me, who took on this assignment, not in lieu of their other committee assignments but in addition there to and women and men on our staff who took on what proved to be an incredibly difficult challenge an so out of a singular motivation of honoring four people whose political ideati-ons that none of us know anything about that gave their lives in benghazi. lastly i want to thank my fellow citizens bearing our committee as we went through the process uncovering information and accessing witnesses and documents. i hope my fellow citizens will read this report, not for me but
7:14 am
for these who sacrificed and those nameless, faceless americans who uncontrovertably who saved other american lives that night. i hope you will read the report with them in mind. and i would hasten to add you can read this report from pillar to post in less time than our fellow americans were under attack in benghazi. so what i'm asking you to do is a fairly small investment, given what others were willing to do on our behalf and with that i would recognize the gentleman from georgia. >> thank you, chairman, and i too want to thank the committee members here for participating in this and it has been a lot of hard work but i think we need to also recognize the staff that we had. it is not easy working for seven
7:15 am
members of congress much less one. so i want to thank all of our personal staffs for doing that but especially the staff with benghazi. i think what we've done we produced new evidence that will allow the citizens of this country to take all of the different pieces that had come out through the other investigations and tie those things all together. one of the problems that we had and the reason this committee was formed is that in the house of representatives each committee has a lane and these lanes were continually getting confused and back and forth about who had the authority to interview who. this committee was put together so we could bridge all those gaps and get some new information out and that's what we've done and i think that if you will read the report, you will see as the chairman mentioned what was going on in washington at 10:08 when the
7:16 am
secretary made her first comments, we had men on the roof at the annex trying to protect their lives and the lives of the other americans in benghazi. so what we've done is the new facts that we have discovered, and there is many of them, we have allowed people to take those new facts with the old facts that came out. some of those old facts have been reevaluated and determined they were not actually good. we corroborated some of those different things in this report but to take this new information we've got and been able to put it together and if the american people, if our fellow citizens will read this, they're going to come up with their own opinion of what happened because there is enough new evidence that i think that people will be able to put together for their self exactly what led up to this attack, what went on during the
7:17 am
attack, and then the post-attack when there was so much misinformation that was being repeated by this administration. so with that i will turn it back over to the chairman. >> chairman mentioned that before the attack ended no military assets were headed toward benghazi but what did start before the attack was over was the political spin. at 10:08 that night with tyrone woods still on the roof of the annex fighting for his life, secretary clinton issues this statement, official statement of benghazi and official statement much our government that evening. some thought to justify this vicious behavior as response to inflammatory material on internet. we know that statement was misleading because an hour later she told her daughter terrorists killed two of our people today. next day she tells the egyptian prime minister we know the film had nothing to do with it. it was a planned attack, not a protest. and this public, private,
7:18 am
contrast continues for days publicly telling the american people its with video-inspired protest, privately telling the truth it was terrorist attack. maybe the best example was the 14th, the same day mr. rhodes issues darking points. that same day mr. carney at press briefing no information to suggest benghazi was preplanned attack. no information to suggest it was preplannedded attack. that same day the state department official in libya says this benghazi was a well-planned attack. you couldn't have a starker contrast then those two statements. i think it is important to remember there, don't forget the context. libya was supposed to be the crowning jewel of the clinton state department foreign policy and the obama administration foreign policy. this was their example how it works. no boots on the ground. ousted dictator. help the arab spring. this was supposed to be how it works.
7:19 am
in fact jake sullivan sent an email to, one of the things we discovered in our investigation where he talks about leadership, stewardship, ownership of this policy from start to finish. this was something hillary clinton pushed for and got done. maybe the better one is the email from sidney blumenthal. a few dies africa introduce if i has been -- gadhafi has been removed. he sends an email to the secretary. this is big moment. should do a press event even in the driveway of your vacation home. this is a big moment. you are vindicated. don't wait. help cleo now. cleo of course is the goddess of history. so they were committed to this. they were investedded in this. this was it. this was how it is supposed to work in their administration, their state department and they were so committed it didn't matter that there were 200 security incidents between the time blumenthal sent the email and when the terrorist attack happened. it didn't matter that one diplomatic security agent, went
7:20 am
to the benghazi did his service around when he came back he said this, this is a suicide mission. quote, everybody there is going to die. it didn't matter that on august 17th of, 2012, 3 1/2 weeks before the attack, beth jones send as memo to secretary clinton and she uses terms, talks about the up tick in violence in eastern libya, talks about urgency lawlessness, widespread vie ends are. didn't matter because they were committed to this policy. and then it happens. then it happens. terrorist attack, and terrorist attack on september 11th, 2012. days before vice president biden had said bin laden is dead. president had the narrative al qaeda is on the run but now they have got a terrorist attack and they have to mislead the american people because it is 56 days before an election. their legacy is on the line and she has the goddess of history looking over her shoulder.
7:21 am
so they mislead the american people. mr. pompeo and i put together a report that we think supplements the good work in the full report. we did that because we felt it is important to know what happened but also the why. why did it happen? and you look at every step of this, and i am convinced just assure as i'm standing here. it happened because of political concerns this administration had. why did we stay in benghazi when almost everyone else was leaving? why did they stay with the security posture and position was so dangerous? why did they mislead the american people? why did it take so long, making sure military went in civilian clothes and not uniforms? at the end it was political concerns that drove this. evidence strongly shows that that is what we outline in our report. as the chairman said i would encourage y'all to read both because i think it tells that story and that's something that
7:22 am
shouldn't happen in a country as great as ours where political concerns dominate instead of telling people the truth in a straightforward fashion. >> america asks its citizens to go to dangerous places and to do difficult things. these are people who were in the military, who were in the clandestine services, who are diplomats and they go willingly and they go acknowledging there is a risk but the understanding that they carry with them is if they end up in harm's way historically they have rest assured that their country will do everything it can do to rescue them. that's not a guarranty. and the people that go and they accept these assignments voluntarily, they know there is inherent risk but the understanding is that their nation will move heaven and earth to save them. and that didn't happen and four
7:23 am
people were murdered. that's the scandal of benghazi. the thing that i takeaway, and it's been mentioned by previous speakers, is this jarring contrast between the ingenuity and the heroism and the initiative that was taking place at benghazi. you can read these communications. you can understand the urgency of what they were dealing with and this overwhelming sense of responsibility to to rescue other americans. meanwhile across the ocean, almost a disposition of near fecklessness. the summary of this white house meeting that the chairman mentioned that took place at 7:30, half of the discussion of that meeting, half of the readouts according to the information that we became privy to suggested that they were talking about a video. when you read this information you come to the conclusion, at least i did, that there is concern, actually more concern about whether they're going to
7:24 am
be offending the libyan government by how it is that this rescue is proposed to take place than whether the rescue is actually successful. marinate in that for a second. they're worried about approvals. they're worried about how this will come off. it is very clear they were very worried previous to that, pulling back from benghazi, that is what the testimony shows, because an early exit from benghazi would have done what? it would have maybe upset the libyans. that is outrageous. ambassador chris stevens before he is the ambassador, when he is the envoy, he goes and he lands with no diplomatic immunity. he is on his own. it was a white house policy of no boots on the ground that deprived him of military support, military support that was previously going to accompany him, yet he goes in alone. it is a foreshadowing of things to come. so i think we've got to also
7:25 am
look at this notion of responsibility. there has been a lot of discussion obviously about secretary clinton. at the end of august we learned, before the attack, secretary clinton approved a $20 million grant, global security contingency fund to who? to the libyans. but this was the same state department that basically stiff-armed one request after another request, cascading requests, cumulative requests, requests for security and more support that were essentially rejected, ignored, put somewhere else. so here is what is in it for us, here is what we have to recognize. if we are going to ask americans to put themselves at risk in the future we've got to remedy this, all of us. america needs to have a reputation with people who are serving america that america will follow its end of the bargain.
7:26 am
in america, that is the bureaucrats in washington failed this miserably. >> 56 days, you can not begin to understand and place all the facts that this committee has worked diligently for a year-and-a-half to present to the american people without understanding this took place 56 days before a contested political election for president of the united states. whether it was the failure to put adequate security on the ground, whether it was the dithering while americans were at risk that night, or whether it is the continued story, in spite of enormous evidence to the contrary about a youtube video, it all takes place against a political backdrop. you don't have to take my word for that. you can read the emails themselves. before the last mortar falls they're talking about politics. they're debating whether or not to send additional security to libya.
7:27 am
the concerns are about the libyan government, not about the americans who are on the ground that night. i sit on the intelligence committee. i come to this from that perspective. when you read what the intelligence was the night of the attack from benghazi, libya, it is uniform and uncontroverted. this was an attack by radical islamic terrorists on an american facility. there was no fog ever war. no disputes except for a few stray news reports, the evidence was very clear. go read what secretary clinton herself said. read from other officials on the ground, communicating back to the most senior levels of government what had transpired that night. it wasn't about a youtube video. it wasn't about a bunch of folks out for a walk. when secretary clinton said, what difference does it make? we because of our last work over a year-and-a-half tell you what difference it makes. it makes difference how you respond to an attack.
7:28 am
with whether you think this was bunch folks walking around or continues, five days assault on america that took place in benghazi libya, that night. washington, d.c. viewed this ended once our women were evacuated to the annex in benghazi. i an assure you when you read time line of events the men on the ground understood this wasn't over. they understood that terror was still upon them, that the risk to their lives continued. in washington, d.c. we debated things that had nothing to do whether or not we had aircraft enroute to benghazi, libya. you can't begin to exercise the leadership if you don't understand what is happening on ground and if you choose to put political expediency and politics ahead of men and women on the ground, for that you have to answer to yourself. i find it morally reprehensible, behavior if it was your son or your daughter or one of your family members and friends on the ground and you watched the actions in washington, d.c., you would have every right to be
7:29 am
disgusted with the response from the senior american leaders. this was a failure at most senior levels of our government and i hope recommendations this committee presents will make sure nothing like this ever happens again. >> let me start by saying i am so proud of this report. i am so proud of the work that this committee has done as a whole the majority, i want to thank chairman gowdy and rest of members of this committee the way in which this investigation was handled and for his leadership as our chairman. this investigation has uncovered a ton of new information which leads to our much greater understanding about what happened before, during, and after the attack in benghazi. while our guys were on the ground taking gunfire and mortar
7:30 am
attacks, washington was moving at a snail's pace. in washington the administration was more concerned about diplomatic sensitivities with the libyans and promoting its policy as successful than it was about the americans safety that they sent they sent to ben garvey. at the end of the day no military actions were ever moving toward benghazi. washington failed to have our guys's back when they needed it. from my perspective this represents incompetence or indifference or both. as we know now, but for the bravery of a few americans and the unexpected response of qaddafi's underground militia, cut off these underground
7:31 am
militias, there would have been an even greater loss of life that night. in this case i believe the government failed, lied to the public, this is unacceptable and i know this report shines light on that and god willing, will prevent this from ever happening again. >> i too want to thank our chairman for the incredible task to undertake, we have worked day come up with the truth to bring back to the american people that we did not know before. particularly focused on issues prior to the attack, the things we learned about ben ghazi, there were many new things that we all admitted and has been
7:32 am
known for some time the security was inadequate, what we didn't know was the state department made a conscious decision to keep the ben ghazi compound off the radar. and not the security that it needed. none of the facilities met any of the security requirements required by the state department and required by law so when chris stevens was sent into ben ghazi he was initially going with the military but because of the policy of no boots on the ground at the last minute that military support was pulled. we know there was not enough security, whether it was people or physical security tools but he had a mission, he had a mission to ensure that benghazi was a permanent route at some
7:33 am
point, individuals in benghazi helped the mission to topple qaddafi and so the administration and the clinton administration and secretary of state wanted to show ben ghazi how important they were. they wanted to show benghazi that they would be there and we learned during this investigation it was in october 2012 the secretary had a planned trip to ben ghazi, a planned trip to libya in order to show the libyans the americans had been there for them and americans under her leadership led the charge. i will tell you this was failed american foreign-policy. it was failed american foreign policy from the beginning and that is because as the president has said the worst thing we did was not planning for the day after. the presidency was not planning
7:34 am
for the day after qaddafi fell. so we sent people, american diplomats, to ben ghazi, to libya, to a failed state and what they were most concerned about in the beginning of going into libya was making sure it wasn't a failed state. and what is it today? a terrorist safe haven, isis, al qaeda, controlling the only natural resource, the oil, and other places in libya. it is failed policy. we failed the american people. i want to close by making sure people realize he said we are going to try to make sure these things don't happen in the future so not only did this committee work hard to uncover the facts and the truth and shed light on the truth but we have pages of recommendations, many pages of recommendations and i encourage you to look at those
7:35 am
recommendations and just a couple recommendations that are now critical, that our government agencies and leaders of government agencies had not planned for an attack like this. the cia, defense department, state department has not been prepared and had no plans in place to execute something like this that would happen on of all days, september 11th. even though the president called a meeting of top government officials when we were ready for september 11th. leaders said we were ready but we were not ready, we were not prepared to respond. we also learned political operatives got involved in messaging after this incident occurred. that should not be happening. public government communications after a terrorist attack should not be taking place, government should be telling the american
7:36 am
people the truth, not putting political spin. we have many recommendations with these hopes and encourage members of congress and administration to look at, to change their policies to find more funding mechanisms. >> please identify yourself, the entity for whom you work and the question is directed. >> you were monitoring, they don't really change what happened so at the end of the day discussing taxpayer dollars. >> it is difficult for me to
7:37 am
begin with where i disagree with the foundation of your question so let me start at the end of it. who says that? no one has reported nothing was headed to benghazi, not a single wheel was turning towards libya, god knows nobody ever reported who actually evacuated our folks. you may have reported secretary clinton was headed back to libya in october but didn't have corroboration of the emails and didn't know why she was going back, didn't know about the $20 million minimum, didn't know about any of the emails from ambassador stevens or any of the emails from sidney blumenthal to whoever he was emailing or any single us military asset did not need a single designated timeline, but the most powerful military did not leave a single solitary self-imposed timeline so all of that is new as for the
7:38 am
democrats, they are critical of our report, all five voted not to form the committee, threatened not to participate and for the most part they did not. they have been serial leakers of information and mister really good opportunity. don't know if you had a chance to read the report or not but if you read the report, you will see the report mentions her tame -- in a more time than a report does. it does not mention the presumptive republican nominee for president because he has nothing to do with benghazi. you can direct those questions to elijah. i am proud of what we found and i think it is notable. clearly you couldn't say two of them. they were dead within 15 minutes, with respect to glenn doherty and woods, three assets made it there.
7:39 am
the group that deployed itself, an unarmed drone that was elsewhere in position over the facility and another unarmed drone, let's just say the evidence is split on whether it could have been before the border attack. so i won't make a reckless allegation but what i will tell you is if it happened at 7:150915 or 11:15 the result would have been the same. nothing was ever coming to benghazi. that is an important question to ask. and email sticks out in my mind, a takeout from the white house meeting which by the way if you know about it nobody reported on it so democrats claim there is no new information i haven't heard much about this white house meeting until report was issued. what are the takeouts from that? to our white house meeting? in addition to the five action
7:40 am
items on the video consider this. the video had been out for a wild. it wasn't news. cairo had happened. it happened before benghazi. if you were concerned about this video you have done absolutely nothing after you received notice that the video would be disseminated. you have done absolutely nothing after cairo happened. cairo has happened and you have changed not one iota of your military posture but yet when the attack in benghazi happens which is unconnected to the video, 50% of your action items relate to a video. hang on a second. >> when you talk to members of the committee, different things
7:41 am
to deal with, folks will read this report -- 130 days, 27 days, how do you look at the report. how do you deflect that? this demonstrated the highest level, how do you not see that? >> read the report for yourself. if you can read this report and you believe, the last page of the report, that it is about one person instead of four people there is nothing i can say that will disabuse you of that, that is just what you believe. there is no amount of facts or evidence that will dissuade you from your previously held conviction. let me ask about the democrats. there was no new information. there is undisputedly new
7:42 am
information. now their position is it doesn't fundamentally change the way we view benghazi. if it does not change the way you view benghazi, the fact that no asset was ever headed towards the place that actually had a crisis, this email we need -- this is what came out, we need to have a plan in case the crisis spans and a real threat emerges. what is going on in benghazi? was that not a real crisis? was that not a real threat that emerged? i can't do anything to disabuse what elijah thinks. he is not my audience. my audience are reasonable fair-minded americans who want to know what happened to their fellow citizens. >> quoting hillary clinton, what difference does it make, saying
7:43 am
you can't be a leader if you don't know what is going on in the ground and saying she was morally reprehensible. >> i will let him address it. i don't think you will see any of that in the report. is it in the report? you are going to write a story about your take away from the report. i stand on our report how fellow citizens including my committee members read the report, how you read the report, what store you do on the report, you read the report, you will not see any of those quotes in the report. >> hillary clinton morally reprehensible? >> absolutely. let me be clear what we are doing. i remember the day none of us volunteered for this. i remember it, and this day, what we want to tell, we work
7:44 am
our tails off and every fact we could to tell the american people, to make us glean, we are obstructed every step along the way in that effort. and go read these transcripts, and the congressional inquiry in the history of america. i dare you to find another congressional inquiry where one party believed in a way that was deeply obstructive in getting the american people what they needed. with respect to my statement about secretary clinton i believe them in my heart, we chose to write a separate report because we felt we delivered an important work in the committee's tally of the information that was available. we also asking every one of you to develop conclusions about what took place. i have done this for two years,
7:45 am
so has representative jordan. we feel it is important to highlight the conclusions representative jordan and i draw about the facts, read the report and you will see the conclusion of the draw, reopened and accurate. >> not to draw conclusions. does that suggest we don't have the goods on taking any blame on the administration? >> shockingly that is not what the house asked me to do. look at the resolution. it doesn't mention secretary clinton. neither john bader nor paul ryan asked me to do anything about it. the speaker asked me to do what happened to our fellow citizens and i believe that is what i have done. you are welcome to read the report. if you at the end of reading that report can be concluded is about one person instead of four people i will be shocked.
7:46 am
>> millions of dollars do you believe based on this, the american people should look at this? >> i was with you until the last of your statement, the american people ought to look at it. they should look at it because fellow americans died, fellow americans were injured, what conclusions they brought after reading it is done. i wrote the report that i think is centered in facts. i have a background of who, what, when, where. i don't have a background in why. my job is to report facts. that is what i have done. you can draw whatever conclusions you want.
7:47 am
>> the approval -- >> we ask questions about covert weapons operations. we made some progress. the lawyers intervened, we were beginning to make a lot of progress and among the questions i asked the president included that one specifically. i have not heard back yet. i am not holding my breath that i'm going to get an answer to that. i think it was important because the house asked us to examine policies that could have led to the attack so it is important to ask, but that is not the focus of our committee. it is a pejorative -- i remember when we said we would interview part of that again i remember a lot of raised eyebrows, as if all the right questions were
7:48 am
asked the first time. military leaders would tell you what i said. they believe an evacuation is imminent. when you question why they believe an evacuation was imminent, the answers do not withstand even the mildest level of scrutiny. you have real live witnesses that can tell you what is going on. if you think the fighting has subsided why don't you talk to live witnesses being shot at. if you really believe an evacuation is imminent, at some level you have to ask how is that evacuation effectuated? you don't have the problem of vehicles to take them from the annex to benghazi airport. the only plane you have is one that you privately commission, not even us aircraft and you don't know if it will hold everybody. how are you going to evacuate in the middle of a firefight, did not even know our guys were
7:49 am
ambushed from the compound to the annex. didn't even know about it. to everyone who wanted to know why we wanted to talk to the general, i thought it would be nice to have access to all the facts. he did not have them. >> on many levels -- one person laid most of the blame. >> that will be in the eyes of my fellow citizens. i'm not proportioning culpability. there is enough to go around like there is enough urgency in ingenuity, that really is my take away and maybe it is because i have talked to the families of the four, some of the families of the four in the last couple days but when you do what i do for a living, you ask families what is it you would
7:50 am
like to see done? we did exactly for the families what we said we were going to do. it took longer but we said we were going to do that. i wanted to tell the truth about the military response. i wanted to be able to tell charles's mother the truth of the security leading up to it. we have more information of the committees and we could have had more had we not had a tiny bit of cooperation from the other side. >> putting aside the attack itself. we have been able in some way to get into his mind. the facility there -- if you wanted the american presence not
7:51 am
to be militarized. >> let's be clear about something. chris stevens loved the people of libya and in particular the people of benghazi and the heroism as being the envoy, before he was ever the ambassador. the heroism and commitment to this country, you don't read the report for any other reason, see what chris stevens had in 2011. you asked me to have an insight from his mindset, yes. he went there september 10th started meeting with intelligence officials about libya. and subsequent meetings, what he was hearing. he knew it wasn't great. he began to postpone the next
7:52 am
meeting. and he moves off-campus meetings on campus. his diary entry september 11th, read his diary, read the email. we know exactly what was on chris stevens's mind. benghazi deteriorated in a way he did not expect insecurity was what was on his mind. >> it was not solidified -- >> i think he wanted to stay alive more than anything else. i think he wanted to stay alive and if that means slightly higher footprint, there needs to be experts or supervisors in your life that say we appreciate your valor but we are going to give you the security you asked
7:53 am
for originally. yes? >> people ask the version of this question in different ways. >> you must not have liked my answer. >> americans viewed these events and investigations through certain lenses and will probably continue after this day despite your reading. there are bumper stickers and t-shirts all over this country that they hillary clinton lied, people died. is that true? >> you don't see that t-shirt on me and everything that bumper sticker on my vehicles and never heard me comment on that. have you read it? i am asking you to read it. i am asking you to read it. i won't tell you what to be on the lookout for. there is new information and it fundamentally changes the way i view what happened.
7:54 am
ben rose said reporters literally know nothing. is that what he said? i don't believe that. i trust you to read the report for yourself and draw your own conclusions. you are going to write a report. that is a word you couldn't use in a courtroom. i know this. i want you to contrast the information and evidence that was available on the evening of september 11th. look at the full body of evidence that was available and what was said. you draw your own conclusion whether you made the views that was available. it is one thing to say the evidence didn't exist. it existed, we found the agents, their conversations are ongoing throughout the night. talked to greg hicks.
7:55 am
that argument works both ways. if there is a purveyor of information she was fairly definitive in certain statements she made. not like i can't answer that question, she was pretty definitive but it said to us it was less definitive. you will have to decide that yourself. >> i will pick up where the chairman was. look at the statements that were made privately. what she said privately and others said privately and what they said publicly. the intelligence analysis changed over time. that is true but their statements did it. they were consistent publicly. privately, terrorist attack.
7:56 am
that continues. look for your self, you can decide. look at the private statements compared to what they told the american people, a stark contrast, dramatic difference. look for yourself. >> let me say, representing one person, four americans, other americans inside libya, the media wants to make this about one person. the democrats want to make this about one person. that has never been our intention. we have enough facts in the report that i think every american can make their own mind up. if you talk to ty woods's dad he will have a different opinion. what the secretary told him, what the facts say in the
7:57 am
report, sean smith's mother has the same different way of looking at the report. each american needs to read the report. it is lengthy but had to be lengthy so we could spell out what the truth is and what these new facts given height to. i promise you the chairman made this to each and every one of us. this was not about one single person. the report, i think, we reached our goal when we came up with a different recommendation for what needs to be done to prevent this from happening again. the detail we went into makes these recommendations all the more important and hopefully the
7:58 am
speaker and other people will do something with them because i do think they lay out a means of us not getting in the same situation. i would like to comment too that when these americans arrive from tripoli to the airport at benghazi they were there for three hours. so i don't think we knew we had another hostage situation at the airport. as has been said by other members, not one wheel had been up, not one person headed to benghazi, we didn't really know those guys, if they were going to be allowed to leave the airport. so there were many other situations that should have been talked about at different times in washington that were never
7:59 am
talked about. do we have another hostage situation? is the ambassador hostage? military guys, have they been held hostage? we didn't see any evidence of that ever being talked about while these guys were standing there trying to talk their way off that airport to help their friends. >> i haven't gotten questions yet although the last one may be about the latter part of section 2, the post attack communication. i want to pivot away from the person you are asking me about to the person the administration put on the five. we talked to her and appreciate making her available. i found that interview to be important. she was the third choice. i thought she was inadequately
8:00 am
prepared and that is what happens when you are inadequately prepared. you say a series of demonstrably false things on national television including about the fbi, including conflating the video with the demonstration, including saying a handful of extremists attacked and otherwise, this is just stuff that is made up. it would be one thing if it were in the talking points. it would be one thing if it were in there and they got it wrong before she got it wrong. it is not even in their. it is just made up. so i get that that is not -- this is the person who made most of the public pronouncements on that sunday after the attack.


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