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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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see you back here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts now. harris: fox news alert. they are calling it quote, a tragic failure of leadership. house republicans have now released their long-awaited report on the benghazi terror attacks that killed four americans under hillary clinton's watch as former secretary of state. they are faulting clinton for not realizing the worsening security situation before the attacks and they are blasting her and president obama for pushing the false narrative that an anti-muslim video sparked that terror attack. that is not all. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. co-host of "after the bell" on fox business. today jedediah bila is in the house. glad to have us, #oneluckyguy, fox news contributor, former lieutenant governor of virginia, ceo of disruptor capital, pete snyder.
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you are outnumbered, my friend. >> glad to be here. >> outnumbered and great boots on. fantastic. >> i have to have my game on. [laughter]. harris: the pedigree as they call it. we've got a lot to talk about it already. >> let's go. harris: could their lives have been saved. that is the overarching question. ambassador chris stevens, foreign service officer, sean smith, former navy seals glen doherty and tyrone woods, the house benghazi select committee saying then secretary of state hillary clinton should have been aware of that deteriorating security situation in benghazi after some of america's allies had pulled up stakes from there. the exhaustive report also pierces the white house narrative that an anti-muslim viral video caused it all. committee chair trey gowdy on the potential help that never showed up. >> nothing could have reached benghazi because nothing was ever headed to benghazi.
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no u.s. military asset was ever deployed to benghazi despite the order of the secretary of defense at 7:00 that night. so washington had access to real-time information but yet somehow they thought the fighting had subsided. harris: democrats on the select committee are slamming that report saying its only purpose is to damage clinton's candidacy from the white house. from her spokesperson, far from honoring the four brave americans that decide the benghazi committee has been a sham from the start, end quote. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live for us in washington. good morning. reporter: the republican majority report identify as for first time a key white house meeting on september 11th, 2012, three hours into the terrorist attack. it included key deputies to the cabinet as well as then secretary of state hillary clinton at the time the terrorist attack in benghazi was on going.
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foreign service officer sean smith was dead. ambassador chris stevens was missing. the two former navy seals who died defending the former cia base were still alive. instead of getting help to the americans, the report focused that it was on the video blamed for the white house for inspiring assaults. much of the conversation focused on video which is surprising given no direct link or solid evidence existed connecting attacks in benghazi and the video at time. five of the 10 action items from the rough notes of the 7:30 p.m. meeting referenced video. clinton's state department deputy, patrick kennedy told investigators, they were concerned about diplomatic sensitivities when the personnel sent to libya should wear uniforms. according to one military commander his team changed in and out of uniform at least three times that night. at the news conference this morning republicans made their case. >> there is concern, actually more concern about whether they're going to be offending
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the libyan government by how it is that the rescue is proposed to take place than whether the rescue is actually successful. marinate in that for a second. reporter: unlike the 2011 raid that osama bin laden bin laden where the president, secretary of state gathered in the situation room there was no gathering of main players the night of benghazi attack even though available in washington, d.c. even though second of defense leon panetta ordered assets to libya, previous investigation found there was no time but the conflicting report derailed the pentagon from a military response, harris. harris: i saw you just yesterday. the news had broken, was breaking that the trey gowdy adam housley select committee were trying to get president obama on board to answer new questions. any development on that? reporter: we asked at the news
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conference whether there was a covert weapons operation in benghazi and that explained why the u.s. government had such a large footprint? chairman gowdy said they made progress on the issue and put the questions to the president but the white house counsel vieded them he will not be answering their questions. one of the takeaways i have from this today, that fox news was first to report six days after the attack myself along with senior executive producer pamela brown there was no demonstration and this channel stuck with that reporting for two weeks until the rest of the media and in fact the administration admitted there was no protest and really no link to this video, harris. harris: everybody went down that road following the top of the leadership where the buck stops, the white house. then it turned out it wasn't true. catherine herridge, thank you very much. reporter: you're welcome. harris: sandra, i'm looking details here, two years, $7 million on the investigation. it looks heavily at the military. cia, administration officials for their response on september 11th, 2012.
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so much new information here too. sandra: clearly the fact we continue to learn more through this investigation proves that not all the questions have been answered as hillary clinton cons to state every time her campaign is plagued with questions about that night and clearly we still don't know some things. but, pete, it is hard, you saw kansas gop congressman mike pompeo, finding of the report show it is unambiguous the administration knew it was terrorist attack as kt mcfarland said the previous hour. meanwhile hillary clinton was orchestrating a political response, rather than americans who were still in harm's way planning a rescue mission. >> this is borderline criminal what happened here. hillary clinton new immediately and she told her daughter and after, after the attack happened that it was a terrorist attack. she told the egyptian prime minister that it was a terrorist attack but she went in front of the american people time and time again, for the past couple
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days after the attack saying it was this video. more she looked the survivor's mother in the eye at the funeral and said that we're going to get the person that made this video. it is mismanagement and borderline criminal. harris: i do want to get this in. eight hours after the assaults began, this is what trey gowdy told reporters a short time ago on capitol hill, not a single wheel of a single u.s. military asset had been put toward libya. he said just think about that for a second. melissa: it is amazing. let's drill down on new details that came out because we don't want to rehash. the report is online at our website, everywhere else. read it for yourself and make your own decision. this idea there was a meeting that began at 7:00 or 7:30 with folks there. five out of the 10 action items they walked away with, five dealt with the narrative around that movie.
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remember at that moment ambassador stevens was still missing. no one knew where he was. people were calling and begging for help, begging for their lives. 50% of the items that they decided to do were about messaging on unrelated movie. that is outrageous. harris: so, jedediah, we don't want to lose sight how close this was to a presidential election. 56 days. >> right. harris: tightening on a message politically might not be shocking but the timing of how quickly that tightening happened during the event and there after is really interesting, intriguing and quite disturbing. jedediah: it is disturbing and political. i remind people on two things. no one from the intelligence community briefed susan rice, political appointees briefed susan rice with talking points. secondly, ben rhodes, the email sent on september 14th, 2012, details two things, two goals. one was to underscore these
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protests are rooted in internet video even though they knew it had nothing to do with a video. reinforce the administration's strength and steadiness dealing with difficult challenges. push the facts aside. that is what happened there. they had to project a image it was strong on terrorism. it had had been known they ignored security risks and didn't do what needed to be done and that would have hurt president obama, hillary clinton and already had plans to exactly politically what she is doing right now. they covered it up completely, they made a political decision hoping media wouldn't do their job and find the facts on ground. harris: you heard -- how unreasonable to get where jedediah just went? is it relatively straight line or there are some things we really don't know in the gray area? president obama is not answering questions? >> read the report. the american people can read the report. that is what i like what trey
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gowdy said earlier. read the report, if you have questions, wondering what the timeline was, read the report. ben rhodes is the gentleman who braggedded to the "new york times" just a couple weeks ago that he fabricated the selling of the iran nuclear deal. yay. the reporters no absolutely nothing. american people know nothing and you need stories to sell. that is what they did with the youtube video. harris: if i'm following you right, that would mean that could be any part of what the administration is stepping in, including this. we wouldn't know the whole story because perhaps per ben rhodes, am i following you right? >> absolutely, harris. harris: there would be directive someplace to mud did message as we know happened with the iran deal? >> not a single cia officer brief susan rice before going out tv. only political people did it. jedediah: how is it not a cover-up if she is emailing her daughter and talking to the prime minister of egypt and saying this is terrorism and going out and having susan rice
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go out and talk about some video? that guy went to jail. he was jailed for his video. he was held more responsible for what was going on than the terrorists were because of -- i don't understand how anybody can look at facts and information she had not say something was covered up. obviously it was covered up because that is not the message that was projected out. harris: i want to go to representative martha robe by, house select benghazi committee and what she had to say today. listen carefully. we'll come back to sandra. watch. >> while our guys were on the ground taking gunfire and mortar attacks, washington was moving at a snail's pace in washington the administration was more concerned about diplomatic concerns with the libyans and promoting its policy as successful than it was for the american's safety they sent to benghazi. sandra: obviously a lot of passion behind this. watch this and you get chills
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thinking about all these americans that were not getting the help that they were calling in. but then you take it to the political angle here and, i had a trump visor campaign this morning that this is maybe where donald trump has been weak. he needs to be hitting hillary clinton and her campaign harder on this because we have so many more facts including this report today. >> the best way to attack hillary clinton on this is use her own words. donald trump doesn't need to step right in the middle of this. lay out the facts. make the case and that damns hillary in the end, period. harris: which words in particular would you use of hers? >> it is the timeline. when she knew it wasn't a video. when she knew it was a terrorist attack and what she told her daughter. harris: what you said, almost immediately. >> almost immediately. harris: timeline language what you would point to? >> absolutely. hillary versus hillary is the worst crime out there. no republican will score points
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taking on hillary clinton. using her own words against her, time and time again it works. harris: we talked about on hillary clinton's watch and also barack obama the president's watch. this will become part of his legacy. real quickly. melissa: no question. emails she sent to chelsea clinton and this had nothing to do with video and she went out and told the lie and nobody believes her. harris: 800 pages. we invite the american republic to read it. you gotten more than any of us. we'll have more later with adam housley who you may know talked with people on the ground, many of them during the attack and got some of that fresh, new, information some had said did not exist. recent comments from donald trump about his immigration policies are raising some questions about whether he is changing his tone to appear more presidential. will it help or do something different?
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hillary clinton's closest aid, huma abedin is testifying today in the lawsuit over her boss's private email server, more emails which clinton did not turn over are now being released. what all of this could mean for the woman who wants to be president. right after "outnumbered" on tv we pop up with "outnumbered overtime" online. it is live and we governor to get your comments in the game. click the "overtime" tab. we have the live chat cooking. watch us on facebook live. outnumbered fnc is our facebook page. like us and like us enough to join us. we're coming right back. [ brakes screech ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. excuse me, try this. but just one aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. [ cheering ]
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♪ sandra: there are growing signs donald trump may be changing his tone, aiming to appeal to a general election audience, especially when it comes to one of his most controversial policies, a call to ban foreign muslims coming into the country. he saying now he wants to ban people from what he called terrorist countries. listen to what he told john roberts. >> terrorist countries we'll be so tough. we'll ban or people have to have a very, very good excuse to come in. if we don't do that we are fools. >> muslim and non-muslim?
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>> absolutely. i doesn't want terrorists in our country. we don't want it. you don't want it. i don't want it. we're not going to have it. sandra: despite claims from some in the media he is backpedaling, his spokeswoman said trump is clarifying his plan. >> only really a change if you didn't know what the ban was to begin with. it was simply muslim immigration. trump is adding specifics to clarify what his specifics is as opposed to what the media has been reporting what it is. there has been no change to this. sandra: so is the soft inching of the tone changing his plan, what is going on here, pete? >> sandra, if we bet on one thing on the couch today, trump is going to continue to be trump. we'll be talking about something outlandish he says in 10 days or so. but i think he is dialing back this i will-fated policy. i think having, any religion, banning any religion coming to america is un-american. sandra: harris, he is also trump easing off calls for deporting
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all illegal immigrants living in the country, now saying he will only go after, quote, bad dudes. harris: it is interesting. you saw the president suffer a loss with the supreme court late last week. what it meant was his whole idea to shield four or five million people from deportation will be set aside or blocked because the court couldn't reach a decision. what i see that, maybe, outgrowth what happened with the president. he will stick with those priorities set up and you know, boot people out of the country, based on laws that already exist. which is a victory in a way for donald trump because he can say, yeah, this is what i was going to do all along. look the supreme court agrees with me. we can go forward, changing the tone, i have a question for him, sandra. we have homegrown terror here. we have terrorists come from this country. they're not he deploying but some are going to syria and trying to get back. some are deploying to syria and join isis to fight on ground.
9:21 am
some of our own americans are killed on the battlefield there. i would ask him to clarify what he means. sandra: we cap talk about the countries seeing most convicted terrorists coming from certain regions. pakistan the most by far, then lebanon. palestinian territory, somalia, yemen. these are countries that would be most effected. melissa: when he clarified it, we're talking about not letting people in with a terror background. that makes logical sense. when you look what happened in san bernardino. we let people into the country who had known ties to terror. it was checked into. they decided it was fine. they let them in anyway. he is saying that's stupid and doesn't make sense. it is also stupid to ban people based straight up on religion. we can't even do that. that doesn't make sense. people start lying what religion they are. this is logical implementation of what he said in the first place but he is just refining, i think more of the details which now he will get criticized for
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filling in the details. sandra: someone who agrees with that, jedediah, former speaker of the house newt gingrich, contrary to the democrats saying he is back pedtodaying on issue, newt gingrich said his campaign and message is evolving as all campaigns do. jedediah: brilliant from newt. what it was he said something really dumb initially. we have something called religious freedom in this country. when you say something like a blanket statement banning all muslims it is dumb and bad strategy. you need people in the muslim community who are moderate and can't stand extremism and who are risks from their own family and lives. you need a policy that helps. watch donald trump, please. i have a feeling that he will be a lot more moderate than people realize. i think issues of border security, issues of gun control. look back at his past, he is not this staunch conservative everyone expects him to be. he is much more moderate. i think he is very savy and
9:23 am
businessman. i think he is trying to win an election. keep your eye on him. sandra: to jedediah's point, as many people said in that moment what a dumb thing to say, he surged in polls after he made initial statement banning muslims temporary in this country. >> he may have. he is nominee right now. it is a policy that is bad for america. he realizes it. hopefully he will be much more specific and have something that actually works. melissa: you talk about surging in the polls. that is response to the fact we've been so careful with our words and gone so far in the other direction to be completely pc, that language and limitation on language has then turned into policy that doesn't make sense. we've gone so far in the other direction. say anything. now we're dialing it back to policy that actually makes sense. being too careful with words has also been dangerous. harris: i would add just a net positive for donald trump is that the conversation continues about immigration when there are so many lawmakers who didn't want to have this conversation.
9:24 am
sandra: well the house benghazi committee releasing its long-awaited report blasting hillary clinton and the obama administration for a tragic failure of leadership. we'll have reaction from americans on the ground in libya the night of that deadly attack. plus, clinton admitting she has work to do when it comes to her low poll numbers on trustworthiness. then appearing to shift the blame to others. is that how to earn voters trust? ♪ the lobster and shrimp summerfest
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♪ sandra: possible mea culpa from hillary clinton when it comes to voters trusting her. the likely democratic presidential nominee saying she has made mistakes and she has to earn voters trust, but, she also said something else. listen. >> a lot of people tell pollsters they don't trust me. now, i don't like hearing that and i thought a lot about what's behind it. and you know, you hear 25 years worth of accusations, anyone would start to wonder. now maybe we can persuade people to change their minds by
9:30 am
marshaling facts and making arguments to rebut negative attacks but that doesn't work for everyone. you can't just talk someone into trusting you. you've got to earn it. sandra: wild accusations. that is why her trustworthiness numbers are so low. what do you think? >> how about 25 years of shady behavior, right? how about 25 years not being honest with the american people. sandra: lying. >> how about 25 years of pursuing power at any cost? maybe a little personal responsibility needs to be taken? i don't know. sandra: numbers are not good for her, melissa, as far as people trusting a new president. melissa: i mean, she wonders why people don't trust her and there is thing after thing after thing. she said she turned over all the emails. another 50 emails come out today that she didn't turn over. this one among them. i have just realized i have no idea how my papers are treated at state. who manages both my personal and official files?
9:31 am
i think we need to get on this asap to be sure design a system we want this is the woman who said, oh, for convenience she doesn't know anything about electronics. no. there was a plan ahead of time to make sure she controlled the dissemination of her information because she knew she was selling america for profit. she says things all the time. later they turn out to be a lie. suddenly people painting her with a brush. no, she is painting herself, a liar. sandra: what do you think, jedediah, unfairly targeted, wildly accused things she hasn't done. >> she is mad because her husband is just as shady but people like him anyway. she can't figure out how he pull it off. she never takes responsibility. news about herself, her own administration, talking about benghazi, the email scandal. no sense her own likability could be a prompt. i happen to think she is self awareness and she knows it's a huge problem with her and she doesn't do difficult interviews and talked about this in the
9:32 am
past she has to project it who else will she blame. she will blame the media or blame herself and blame herself would take the campaign down. >> what about the lying. >> that is who she is, she is liar. covered in scandal, 25 years of scandal. wonder about that? sandra: wonder how she made it this far in the race as nominee of her party, harris. she is certained as the most experienced candidate by many because of her track record or i should say her experience as former secretary of state. harris: no one will say her resume' is not impressive, right? if you attain and obtain a resume', it is not a report card. it is just what job you held. i would say this, listening to all you guys, i learned so much. the one word comes up is entitlement. she thinks she is entitled to overcome what has been said for 25 years. she thinks she is entitled for you to be smart enough on some days to show she is telling the
9:33 am
truth where she isn't and dumb enough on some days to fall for everything that doesn't have factual evidence behind it. she wants us to suspend all believe about the fbi investigation. it is entightment. she earned it. jedediah: entitled to the job, do, don't forget. she felt entitled to the job when barack obama ran. now bernie sanders, who is he. she feels entitled to job. nobody is blind. they know they watch the news. people are informed and she is not stupid. it is okay. we trust you anyway. why? based on what? harris: your eyes lit up when i said entitlement. >> to your point beyond the rest may what she has done as political candidate she has been nothing more than horrible. think about it, every advantage when it comes to finances, operatives, name i.d. she blew it against barack obama and she nearly blew it this time against bernie sanders. she has been given everything and still barely crosses the finish line. harris: poor bernie. >> feel the bern.
9:34 am
melissa: i don't think he quit yet. harris: okay, to your point he is still around! jedediah: he is very likeable. she has a lot of things she doesn't have. sandra: a lot of work to do to gain back the trust. that's for sure. new reaction to the long-awaited house republican report on the benghazi terror attack. what americans who were on the ground in libya are saying about the findings hi, i'm dominique wilkins. when you have type 2 diabetes, like me, there's a moment of truth. and with victoza®, a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in three ways-- in the stomach, the liver and the pancreas. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer) victoza® is not recommended
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and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. harris: fox news alert. where we began this hour and now more. new reaction to the long-awaited report on the benghazi terror attack that killed four americans. house republicans faulting the palm administration on and -- obama administration and then secretary of state hillary clinton finding she ignored warnings there was clear danger by extremist groups and her state department failed to protect the diplomatic outpost even though we had problems there. adam housley has been on this he talked to americans who were on
9:39 am
the ground. adam, this was exclusive from you. you talked with these people. what have they told you? reporter: we've been staying in touch with them, harris, awe he eakedor a number of years. significant portion of some of the report. they watched today. i got pages of responses. i will get to a couple of those in a moment. i just got one as i've been sitting here, harris, in the last two minutes. this is an area we overlook. it is spouses of men who were there that night. they obviously lived this in a different way. this comes from crystal geist, his husband oz was depicted in the movie. had his arm basically blown off in a mortar attack. adam, this is crystal. this is you how i feel about hearing report. hearing trey gowdy's report confirming those in charge, hillary rodham clinton and our current president, watching events in real time, chose not to send help to allow the men die unnecessarily which pisses me off as it should every single american. she talks about how men
9:40 am
volunteered to save lives. the end where she gets me, she says my heart breaks for families who lost loved ones, take what you want. that is how i feel. i've been in tears and i wish i could turn back time. thanks for listening. that comes from spouses of one of the man who was one of the heroes that night. interesting in the report talking about how no wheels turned toward benghazi in 13 hours, not one asset even went there to help evacuate men and women stranded there that night. we, as you know through our reporting in last year or two talked to a number of men in other locations who could have responded were willing to respond, were able to respond. the committee could not talk to them because the dod would not supply them with witness lists or locations. some continue to get screws tightened on them as well. we had a quote from, this comes from a special agent who was on the ground in benghazi. he says quote, the report continues to show how ridiculous the state department makes it to give support to a special agents on the ground when he says he needs support.
9:41 am
10 of us who continually asked for more weapons and asked for more security in benghazi and were routinely denied. i know that it shows that in the report as well, harris. our reporting found they asked for belt-fed machines guns and sandbags. they were told it was not aesthetically pleasing which goes along with the whole arguments on the state department side they were making headway in benghazi but that wasn't the case on the ground. more of these. i have a ton coming in as you can imagine, harris. people upset with what is been found. nothing is really new when it comes to information. it is not true. a lot of information in this. people are frustrated with what they found. they hope recommendations are put in place. sandra: saddam, this is sandra smith. you've been on the story from the beginning and as we have witnessed become such a partisan discussion with democrats deny ing republicans pointing fingers what happened. so much has backed up reporting
9:42 am
you and fox news has done up to this point but what is the newest development in this report that is undeny ab, backs up the undeniable fact that the american public was misled that night in the wake of this attack? reporter: actually i have a quote too that answers your question. i didn't have a chance to use it. let's pull it up right now. what i think the undeniable fact we had the intelligence there to know exactly what was happening. in the past we've heard about intelligence coming from humint. we had signal intelligence. we had sensitive high-tech equipment. comes from a quote from u.s. intelligence agent very involved. we had sensitive high-tech equipment that intercepted communications between attackers within minutes exposed this was a planned attack by ansar al sharia. we can't tell you what that is, of course, that would give up u.s. security but what we can say the capability because it would jeopardize u.s. lives and capabilities. this investigation found this hard intelligence allowed secretary clinton to definitely tell the egyptian foreign minister this was a terror
9:43 am
attack. harris: wow. reporter: that is huge. that is huge. harris: adam i have a quick follow-up along those lines. jennifer griffin just emailed us. we broke the story, fox, about marines being told to change their uniforms and deplane enroute to libya. reporter: jennifer did. harris: talk to me a little bit about that. reporter: we heard that early on, name of a plane, tail number of a plane. talk about jennifer griffin for a second. i've been doing this outside of washington. a lot of men and women are based here in the west. a lot easier outside the beltway. when jennifer did the report and team in croatia could have responded which was proven true. we were told things, she was totaled more, homeland script coming in. fox making it up yet again. jennifer griffin and our team gone after this. look at our reports we go after republicans on some of the things they did. questions about mike rogers and his committee.
9:44 am
we reported that and i confirmed they were told about change out of clothes. it happened back and forth because they couldn't decide how they wanted to respond. this goes back to the frustration of those men and women on the ground last night that had no backup, again for "13 hours." we didn't even fly them out of there. harris: yeah. i encourage everybody to see the movie. i haven't heard a lot of people say there is not any truth to it. that is what is fascinating, adam. people can -- reporter: there is one level, guys, there is one level we haven't gotten to. that is the level from general ham up. we don't know. the plans were in place. the balls were moving. who didn't tell us to stand up? we don't know who that was. was it secretary of state, was it president, was it the joint chiefs we don't know but nobody told our men and women to go. harris: in essence from what you're saying, who is she to stand down if they were changing uniforms. adam, got to let you go. thank you very much. adam housley, an extension of our team doing exclusive and
9:45 am
great work. you heard him talking about catherine herridge, jennifer griffin, all of them. want to talk about something we mentioned earlier this hour with president obama looking families in the face, you heard from crystal geist, her husband was injured that night. >> hillary clinton told the families she would track down the person that made the video and arrest them and she lied. the administration lied, time and time again. meanwhile when the people are fighting for their lives they're dithering what uniforms to wear? they changed the uniforms four different times. more than a lady gaga concert. this is absolutely absurd. harris: and by, via hillary clinton, again i keep bringing up the president. he is the one yesterday through his attorney who doesn't want to answer anymore questions. i get it from her. she is under fbi investigation on something else even, but why not at least take this dead on? have we gotten official statement from the white house? melissa: tell you why not take it on because of some facts we
9:46 am
just learned today. the idea there was intercepted right out of the gate between the attackers, between the terrorists, where they talked about the coordinated attack and they knew in washington in real time before they ever went out and made up this story about the movie, they already knew that wasn't true. they already knew it was an attack. okay, so maybe later, come out and say this is why we said that because -- but instead they say no, it was the fog of war. we really didn't know. they keep the lie going. rather than saying this is what we said at time. we made that decision for reasons, whatever. but instead they continue to lie saying it was fog of war. here more proof that's a lie. why, why? harris: what is interesting, jedediah, you heard from democrats very early on, you know, benghazi maybe doesn't matter but somewhere deep down inside of those polls and those surveys, not being able to trust her keeps coming up. jedediah: reflection of her character is the problem. this doesn't bother her. she is willing to, she is
9:47 am
willing to say, oh, you know, they're plating political games. she is sit out there it there was no truth. doesn't bother her people died. she had no ill intent. no malicious behavior. you would be saying oh, my gosh, people messed up and people lost their lives. you would feel compelled to accept responsibility because you would be sick to your stomach but it doesn't bother her. that is what people are figuring out about her. harris: it is interesting, if she would come clean to all of that if that would help her politically or not? >> she would look like a human for a change. tell you that. harris: we'll move on. as americans face growing concerns about the islamic terror threat, radical islamic terror threat, the justice department including fbi director to undergo training to resolve unconscious bias. is this more split correctness training or about fairness.
9:48 am
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♪ melissa: top justice department officials taking part today in the first installment after new training program aimed as curbing quote, unconscious bias on the job. the department announcing more than 28,000 law enforcement
9:52 am
employees including fbi director james comey by the way, will be required to undergo the training. this following several high-profile incidents involving white police officers shooting unarmed black men. the justice department saying quote, implicit bias can affect interactions and decisions due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion and socioeconomic status as well as other factors. the program in line with those used by local police departments but it comes amid reports that many police officers are becoming hesitant about doing their jobs. okay, so i went to the department of justice website tried to download the exact ways that they're going to teach this because to me, i'm like what are we really talking about here? they say that most of it, some of the most dangerous bias is well-intentioned. people even though don't mean to have intention, you take shortcuts into your mind to group people into different groups and you make decisions based on that. that sounds like regular police
9:53 am
work to me. don't you kind of have to make a series of decisions ahead of time in order to otherwise, aren't you going to stop, i mean, seems logical. >> the thing that floors me, we have isis-inspired terrorism here in our own turf. we have the world falling apart. and i think the leaders of house sis and vladmir putin are looking at us and laughing. instead of putting our resources towards more cops on the street, more troops out there, we're doing sensitivity training for the fbi? i mean, we should be rooting out every, every cell in america that could be potential terrorist. harris: i give our officers and those who are tasked with protecting all of us benefit of the doubt when looking for one key element, hate. that is what they're looking for. people who hate enough to want to chop heads off people. let's cut it for what it is. i don't know those who are not doing should judge how others
9:54 am
should be trained if in fact the training might be outgrowth of what is happening in the world. i don't know. how helpful will it be? melissa: unconscious mental shortcuts, sandra. you can see that, right? deciding about a group of people. sandra: i'm not going to judge. they said they saw success at state and local levels on this. something they decided to implement. i'm thinking about the task at hand. when you're talking about how many people are going to be trained? 60,000 border patrol officers and agents among thousands of others? what a task like this entails to your point, pete. there is a lot of stuff going on right now where we could be focusing our efforts. >> things are good, i could see getting to this on number 40 on your to-do list but we are having americans being exoned down by terrorists. jedediah: priorities, right? melissa: jedediah, talking about idea just because somebody
9:55 am
walking around with their pants hanging low that they're a criminal. is that what we're talking about? >> to an extent. this was developed by police executive reserve forum. that is washington think tank. one of the things they came up with imagining public perception. now do we have officers out there before they act they have to imagine how we all will perceive their actions and maybe kurt tail behavior based on that? that is not their job. the job of policemen is not so worry about what i feel they will do. they're in a moment they are supposed to protect people. harris: almost like what we saw, sandra, we talked about this on the couch before. if you're in that moment and you're worried about what others are going to say, we're in litigious society yesterday jed right. harris: we saw some officials saying you're seeing rise in some crime because police are doubting they could do their job. sandra: abiding by the law should be enough, enforcing the law. harris: yes, my point. jedediah: i think they're
9:56 am
already worried about public perception, right? every time they're out enforcing a law there are people there with cell phone cameras holding them up. they're already worrying about the public perception. i don't know we need extra training anyway. we're out of time. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. we'll be right back.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
you want to click there. and read it for yourself. come to your own conclusions about it from the house select committee on benghazi. good to have you, pete snyder. thanks for being here. we'll see you. we'll pop online, fox click on overtime tab. "happening now" now. on the wreck there. >> start living and make a life for myself and halfway through the summer this happens. >> west virginia resident facing a long clean up. >> you can't give up >> following the flooding that killed 22 people and left


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