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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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years before that. so yeah, it is fair to blame her for a lot. >> all right, gentlemen, thank you so much. joe borelli and john gabriel, thank you so much. thank you for being part of "the real story." i'm heather nowert in for gretchen. here's shep. >> announcer: now, "shepard smith reporting," live from the fox news deck. first from the fox news deck this tuesday afternoon, donald trump has just said it's time for america to take back its future. like britain did with its brexit vote. that's the theme of his first policy speech on the economy, which he says globalization has destroyed. >> i want you to imagine how much better our future can be if we declare independence from the elites who led us from one financial and foreign policy disaster to another. our friends in britain recently voted to take back control of their economy, politics, and borders. >> donald trump blamed the
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global economy for wiping out the middle class, as he put it, and he went hard after the united states free trade negotiations in deals with other nations. that goes against decades of republican position in favor of trade deals and global expansion. analysts say part of the billionaire's strategy is to appear to blue-collar voerlts and appeal to them, those who leaned democratic in past elections. donald trump made the speech not in one of his ritzy trump resorts but this time instead in a metalworks factory in the suburbs of pittsburgh. among the promises in his speech, that as president he would make sure buildings only use american steel with only american workers doing the jobs. we're keeping an eye out for any response to this speech from democratic rival hillary clinton. last week she called donald trump dangerous to the economy and an economic disaster. we have team fox coverage on all things politics. catherine herridge here with a long-awaited congressional report on the benghazi terror attacks.
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mike emanuel is in denver where hillary clinton campaigned today. but we begin with john roberts live at that speech location in pennsylvania. john, so donald trump says he'll do something that no president in modern history has ever done. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, shep. a very gritty and industrial backdrop for a speech in which donald trump said that he would be very tough on people who are bad actors when it comes to trade saying he would, if he becomes president, instruct the treasury department to label china as a, quote, currency manipulator. this is important because successive administrations have resisted doing that for fear of upsetting the chinese. they have preferred to sort of cajole china along, to let their currency float against the united states dollar, and to increase the value of the renminbi and the yuan. for him to say he would label china a currency manipulator is going a distance other presidents have not gone up until this point. he also said he would take cases to the wto where he believes china has behaved in such a way
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that it has violated the agreement that it signed to get into the wto and that he would launch a comprehensive investigation of unfair trade practices with our trading partners around the world and then seem potential remedies at the u.s. trade representative's office including the imposition of tariffs against import goods, going back to the 1980s when ronald reagan did a couple of times. at one point when motorcycles were being dumped into the united states which was hurting american manufacturing. shep, a very tough speech in which he pledged that he would be tough on trade to try to bring back american jobs from overseas and make sure that our trading partners around the world play on a level playing field and play fair. shep? >> amid these new republican pledges he also went hard after his democratic rival. >> he certainly did. he singled out hillary clinton many times during the speech to suggest that she was a person that was in the pocket of wall street. one who would pursue wall street's economic policies as opposed to those who benefited the american workers hitting her on her past support for the
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north american free trade agreement, the entry of china into the wto, and her previous support for the transpacific partnership. of course there is a video that is circulating today of a speech she gave in australia back in 2012 in which she said that the tpp would set the gold standard. since then, shep, she has changed her mind to say she cannot support the tpp. but donald trump today making the case that hillary clinton if she becomes president may tinker around the edges with the tpp and then pass it. he said the challenge for the clinton campaign and for journalists is to ask her whether or not she would on day one, as he would, withdraw from the tpp. he expects, shep, that she wouldn't. >> john roberts live for us outside pittsburgh. thank you. the house committee investigating the deadly terror attack in benghazi today released its report. after a two-year, $7 million investigation the eighth investigation to date the authors of the report make no new accusations and provide no new evidence of wrongdoing against the former secretary of state hillary clinton. but the report does blame the
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obama administration, the cia, and the u.s. military for responding too slowly to the attack. quoting from the report, "despite president obama and secretary of defense leon panetta's clear orders to deploy military assets, nothing was sent to benghazi and nothing was en route to libya at the time the last two americans were killed almost eight hours after the attacks began." the committee's chairman, trey gowdy, says the report does not target secretary clinton, but democrats on the panel have accused him and other republicans of doing exactly that. the democrats released their own report on the committee's investigation. they say the military could not have done anything differently to save the lives of the four americans killed in the attack. ambassador chris stevens, the state department officer shawn smith, and former navy s.e.a.l.s glenn doherty and tyrone woods. hillary clinton today says the report did nothing to contradict the findings of earlier investigations. >> so while this unfortunately took on a partisan tinge, i want
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us to stay focused on what i've always wanted us to stay focused on, and that is the important work of diplomacy and development. that's especially true in dangerous places. >> secretary clinton also said the best way to honor americans who died is to provide more resources and support to our diplomats. the white house today blasted house republicans for using the investigation as a tool to attack hillary clinton calling it a political exercise. for their part republicans offer no smoking gun against the democratic presidential hopeful, asking americans to please read the report and draw your own conclusions. the chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington. catherine? >> shep, the american majority report identifies for the first time a key white house meeting on september 11th, 2012 about three hours into the terrorist attack. the meeting included senior deputies to the cabinet as well as then secretary of state hillary clinton and the focus was not on immediate military help. >> nothing was ever headed to
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benghazi. no u.s. military asset was ever deployed to benghazi despite the order of the secretary of defense at 7:00 that night. >> at that time the terrorist attack in benghazi was ongoing. foreign service officer sean smith was dead. ambassador chris stevens was missing. and the two former navy s.e.a.l.s who died defending the cia base were still alive. but instead of focusing on urgent military help the report found the focus was on the anti-muslim video the white house would ultimately tie to the attacks. "five of the ten action items from the rough notes of the 7:30 p.m. meeting referenced the video, including an item mentioning leon e. panetta, secretary of defense, and martin e. dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, reaching out to pastor jones." that is a reference to pastor terry jones who in the past had threatened to burn korans. it's also important to note that
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the e-mails show the video explanation was crafted in washington by political appointees and it never reflected the real-time intelligence that was immediately available for americans on the ground in benghazi, shep. >> the authors of the report claim in that report that the white house officials appeared concerned about how the libyans would react. >> mrs. clinton's own state department deputy patrick kennedy testified to investigators that they were concerned about diplomatic sensitivities and whether military personnel sent to libya should wear uniforms. according to one military commander who testified, his team changed in and out of their uniforms at least four times that night. >> they're as concerned, actually more concerned about whether they're going to be offending the libyan government by how it is that their rescue is proposed to take place than whether the rescue is actually successful. marinate in that for a second. >> unlike the 2011 raid that killed osama bin laden, where the president, secretary of state clinton, and the national
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security team gathered in the white house situation room to watch events unfold, there was no such gathering during the benghazi terrorist attack of the main players even though they were available and in washington, shep. >> catherine herridge on the investigation that lasted longer than that of the attacks of 9/11 or the attack on pearl harbor. catherine, thank you. meantime, the presumptive democratic nominee is campaigning in a key battleground state today, colorado. secretary clinton toured a workforce training facility in denver. she talked about her plans to get more americans online and help people pay off their student loans. politics coverage continues. team fox with mike emanuel live in denver where secretary clinton spoke a short time ago. hello, mike. >> shep, good afternoon to you. no surprise as summer heats up as we prepare for the republican and democratic national conventions that hillary clinton today on the issue of the economy went after presumptive nominee donald trump. >> saying that you want to make america great again is code for saying we want to go back to the way it used to be, forget about
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technology, forget about inclusivity, forget about giving everybody an opportunity to have a real shot at the best possible future. well, that is not who we are as americans. we don't go back. we go forward. >> so clinton suggesting that trump has old ideas. i should note that trump was not the central focus of her speech today. and i should also note that trump is coming out here to colorado later this week. shep? >> what was her message today on the economy, mike? >> well, clinton is trying to make it easier for young people to become entrepreneurs. she visited a facility that is known for technology training and also essentially a shared work environment, an incubator of good ideas in terms of entrepreneurs, and clinton's ideas allowing startup and early employees to hold off payments on their federal student loans for up to three years. and those who start businesses with some kind of benefit to society would be allowed to apply for some kind of forgiveness of their loan after
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five years, recognizing battlegrounds like colorado may come down to who has the best ideas on our economy. shep? >> mike emanuel live for us in denver. thank you. i mentioned we were waiting for a response to donald trump's speech from hillary clinton. well, we've gotten one. remember he was talking about using american products, american resources and american workers to produce things. secretary clinton's team just tweeted "trump speaking about outsourcing right now. here's one of his shirts." made in bangladesh. well, it's one of the oldest lines in the book of break-ups. seems like britain still wants to be just friends. >> we will be your best friends in the world. but do that, do it sensibly, and allow us to go off and pursue our global ambitions and future. thank you. >> it turns out hell has no fury like a multinational union scorned. today a preview of what's bound
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there is breaking news now on fox news channel and we've gotten a disturbing report out of turkey. there's word from the reuters knew agency that there's just been an explosion at turkey's main international airport, attaturk airport in istanbul. we have a map to show you of it. this is the airport itself.
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it's a very widely used airport, serves much of the region. there are international flights from all over the region and beyond. i flew into this airport not all that long ago myself. it's been vastly updated. the security is very high. my recollection is before going into attaturk airport in turkey you have to go through a baggage check before you ever get into the arrivals quarter. so if you're going to check in for a flight, your baggage is screened before you ever go into the building. unlike airports in the united states, there's an extra level of security there at attaturk. that would happen outside the perimeter of the security cordon. so before you ever walk in there there is security. today we know that there has been an explosion. again, this is from turkish broadcasting company. i'm getting some new information in on this. from the tuggish broadcaster ntv
12:16 pm
says several are wounded in this blast, which has happened in the last few minutes at attaturk. we also have reports from other networks of in addition to the explosion gunshots being fired there. we have no idea what the origin of this is. we do know this is an area where they've been having a lot of problems recently. we know there had been an explosion of sorts. john glenn, there had been some sort of explosion niche in the southeastern part of the country, the southeastern part of the country would be right along that -- the border with the kurds, where there have been so many problems throughout, where there have been accusations of isis fighters coming back and forth. there had been a skirmish of sorts in the southeastern part of the country. now we're being told of an explosion, at least one explosion at attaturk airport in istanbul, turkey. the president there, erdogan, has been pressing very hard to become a member of the european
12:17 pm
union. he as recently as yesterday said part of the reason that hadn't happened in the words of the president of turkey, one of the reasons it hadn't happened was because of islamophobia. he's using this period of difficulties with the european union and the united kingdom as an opportunity to try to get noticed and try to become a member there. but there's been a lot of political unrest in turkey recently. just getting some more information in on this. an explosion and some gunfire. we're waiting on further information from the scene, and when we get it we'll bring it to you right away. first, though, markets here in the united states are bouncing back today after two days of big losses after the uk brexit vote. we know the dow for its part was down about 900 points over two sessions on friday, and then again yesterday. a total of 900 points. well, we've made back 230 of those today. the dow up 135. for some context, gold has been down a bit.
12:18 pm
remember the flight to safety is a flight to gold. oil had been down. now oil is back up. some analysts say it could be a sign that concern over the referendum is starting to fade. others, though, say bargain hunters are just shopping for some deals in the middle of what will be continued market downward pressure. meantime, european lawmakers are blaming uncertainty over the brexit for the financial mayhem we saw all over the world. they're telling britain get the divorce over with already. today the european parliament met in brussels. the meeting got pretty tense at times as lawmakers booed one another and booed one of the leaders of britain's leave movement. >> when i came here 17 years ago and i said that i wanted to lead a campaign to get britain to leave the european union, you all laughed at me. well, i have to say you're not laughing now, are you? >> the eu chief responded by asking him, "why are you here?" the fox business network's adam
12:19 pm
shapiro with this story of just less than delete your account. adam. >> reporter: it is a very interesting story that's developing. they are pushing hard from the european union. the president of the commission, donald tusk, actually saying that he wants to get the divorce proceedings with the uk under way, not enthusiastic about it, but there's no need to delay. you have david cameron, the prime minister from the uk, here. he was at a dinner meeting with other eu leaders trying to explain what has been going on and laid the groundwork for the divorce. but it doesn't begin until the uk invokes article 50. those are the official divorce proceedings. that hasn't happened. you have eu ministers saying why not? you have the uk saying the next government will have to do that. and then you have angela merkel, the chancellor from germany, saying everyone remain calm. so the uncertainty that existed yesterday remains today but they've all had a good dinner. shep? >> there's a stalemate behind that brexit break-up, right?
12:20 pm
>> there's absolutely a stalemate that's going on because you have within european union nations the call for referendum. in the netherlands. you have marine le pen in france who is running for office saying france should have a referendum. and she actually spoke after nigel farage at the european union parliament meeting and she said what happened in england was a blow for democracy, she supports what happened and she wants the people of france to have the same choice. and that makes european union leaders very nervous. >> thanks very much, adam housley. distracted with more on breaking news coming out of ataturk airport, istanbul, turkey. we now have reports from the reuters news agency of not one but two explosions. these are live pictures from outside the airport. further, a local network which happens to be cnn's turkish service is now reporting there
12:21 pm
were gunshots fired from a nearby parking garage. i mentioned to you earlier it was my experience traveling through this airport that security happens outside the building itself. there are xepcheckpoints for yo baggage before you ever go into the terminal itself. we done have clarity yet on where these explosions were, the degree of damage that was caused as a result of them. indications are that the gunshots were fired from outside. taxis are reportedly now ferrying people from the istanbul airport. according to the cnn turkish service. in addition, turkish officials say two explosions rocked the airport with multiple people injured. that's the latest from associated press, which provides us news from around the world. so an ongoing breaking news event in istanbul, turkey where it's 10:21 at night. this is the third largest airport in awful europe by passenger standards. 61 million people served in the
12:22 pm
most recent year where records are available. and now you can see emergency services and ambulances making their way there. taxis taking the wounded away. the details of this as they come in in breaking news. this is fox news channel, america's choice for news and information.
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continuing coverage now of breaking news out of istanbul in turkey, where we have reports from ntv, our affiliated news channel there, and the associated press and reuters news agency of not one but two explosions at ataturk airport. that's the main airport for istanbul, the largest airport in turkey. the third largest airport by passengers in all of europe. we know of two explosions. another network is reporting of gunshots fired from a nearby parking garage. we don't know where the explosions took place. we haven't been given specifics
12:26 pm
on that yet. but we have been told by authorities through the services of the reuters news agency and associated press that there are multiple injuries on scene. networks are reporting now that taxicabs are among those taking people away to hospitals, people who have been injured in one way or another. we have no reports at this point of any deaths. we have no reports of a claim of responsibility. we don't know the origin of this. was it terror? we have no way to know. it's too early to know anything like that. what we can tell you is only what we're being told by our affiliated sources, which are associated press, the reuters news service, and ntv television, that two explosions have been reported at this international airport, that there are multiple casualties. not deaths, casualties meaning multiple people injured. christina has some video that's coming in. this is aftermath? >> yes. what we have here, this appears translates to sudden attack, and this is reportedly video of the aftermath. you can see people kind of
12:27 pm
crouching together, panicked. the phone is going back and forth. >> let's let it loop and then we'll play it through so people can hear it for themselves. [ speaking foreign language ] >> so this is about 38 seconds of video that came from -- to us we're led to believe from inside ataturk airport. listening. >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> we have no way to know if those noises you just heard are
12:28 pm
in any way involved with this or if somebody dropped something. there's no way to know. we can't bring you context on this yet. it's simply too early. i do want to show you some aftermath video we have over here i'm told in bat 5. what do you have, joanna? >> we don't know what part of the airport this was but there is a picture of the aftermath of the explosion, the gunfire. you see two chairs with a coat. still trying to figure out what's going on here. >> with what appears to be -- >> gunshots. >> it appears to be bullet holes in some glass there. so to bring all of this in context for you, what we have is multiple reports of multiple explosions, at least two explosions at ataturk airport in istanb istanbul. some new information coming in now on the airport blasts. let me look at the source on this. this is from associated press, and it's just reporting, and i'll quote this to you, a turkish official says two explosions have rocked istanbul's ataturk airport, wounding multiple people. that official said today that it is unclear whether the explosions were caused by bombs
12:29 pm
or a suicide attack. continuing to quote associated press, the officials spoke on condition of anonymity in line with government protocol. turkish media reported the sound of gunfire at the scene. turkey had suffered several bombings in recent months linked to kurdish or islamic state militant groups. that has come through a number of different times. now this from the reuters news agency to give you multiple reports. its reporting is as follows. two explosions hit istanbul's main ataturk airport today, wounding several people acco according to a turkish official. a witness told the broadcaster cnn turk, which is cnn's turkish service that gunfire was heard from the car park or the parking lot of the airport. taxis were ferrying wounded people from the airport, a witness told network. so we don't have a way to know what is responsible for this or who is responsible for this. we don't have a way to know if this was a suicide bomber, if this was a terror attack or if
12:30 pm
this was something else entirely. it is too early to know that sort of thing. but what we are sure of at this moment is according to turkish officials there have been two explosions and according to multiple reports there has been gunfire at least outside that terminal. i mentioned to you upon flying in there myself i can only tell you from personal experience that security at istanbul's airport is extremely tough. it's very organized. the airport has been recently upgraded. as of last year they served 61 million people there. and security services require that bags be checked before you go inside. is that to say that the bombing was not inside? it is not. it is to say that it's difficult to get in there without being checked first. inside we saw some pictures which indicate to us that there may have been gunshots toward that glass window you saw. but of course there's no way to verify in the early going exactly what the context is on that. we're getting some more video
12:31 pm
in. and i'm told it's over in vat 6. all these people are information specialists. they're bringing in different video and information sources from around the world. they're talking to digitally both authorities overseas, the networks with whom we work, and monitoring what happens on all the different social feeds. and this is one that lillian has for us. >> yes. this is a video reportedly from inside the airport. this is people, seems to show them crouching down and hiding in what looks like a store in the airport. seems to be a lot of confusion. >> let's play this. >> multi >> the istanbul airport, as you can see, is a very modern facility with duty-free shops, which this appears to be one at first glance. as you can see, a lot of people on the ground wondering what's going on and what to do next. so explosions, two of them
12:32 pm
reported by turkish officials, to news services over the past hour or so. in addition reports of gunshots fired and victims being taken away at ataturk airport in istanbul. updates throughout the hour. bottom of the hour, top of the news next.
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12:34 pm
all the cabs. it's an overhang here, and you can see what looks to be ceiling tiles have fallen to the ground. this suggests to us that maybe this was outside the security cordon. there's no way to know yet as local officials are not yet being specific. we know of what's being described as multiple injuries. we've had no reports of anyone killed. no one has taken responsibility.
12:35 pm
but again, the latest news is that a turkish official has just been quoted by local media as saying they believe this may have been a suicide attack. the news and breaking news continues from turkey and new york as "shepard smith reporting" continues after this. (vo) stank face. a universal expression of disgust, often caused by inadequate cat litter. if you or your a loved one suffers from stank face, the cure is tidy cats. it's new and improved with guaranteed tidylock protection
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continuing coverage of breaking news on fox news channel across america and around the world. the breaking news at this hour is what appears now to be -- well, certainly is confirmed to be two explosions at the ataturk airport, istanbul, turkey. some live pictures coming to us now, upper left of the screen now. these are pictures that are being put together for us by this other network. the pictures show a number of wounded people there. local reports to authorities are that there have been two explosions and multiple gunfire. may have been caused by a suicide bomber pape reuters news agency is quoting a local news service there in turkey. we don't have a way to confirm it was a suicide bomber.
12:38 pm
and in fact, authorities are not confirming that. they're saying only that it may have been. something that we could have said, frankly, with or without them. we don't have a way to know yet where that explosion happened, how many people were injured, whether the explosion was actually inside the airport or not, remains to be seen. because the pictures that we've seen thus far of what appears to be the aftermath of an explosion, those pictures are from outside the airport. now, it's entirely possible that the explosion may have happened inside and was big enough to trigger ceiling tiles and the rest to fall outside the airport. that's entirely possible. the point i'm trying to make to you is we don't know whether anyone was able to get any sort of explosive device past security there at all. we did see the video of course of people inside the airport in what appeared to be a duty-free shop or something like that, some sort of shop inside the airport where people were hunkered down with their phones and taking videos and talking to relatives, et cetera. we heard what sounded like it might have been gunshots, but we don't have a way to know that. could very well have been something falling over and
12:39 pm
making a noise like that. we wouldn't jump to those conclusions yet. and we certainly wouldn't jump 209 conclusion yet that this was a terror attack despite the fact that local officials are being quoted by local media as saying that it's a possibility. the latest right through from associated press is this. a turkish official says the two explosions have rocked the airport, wounding multiple people. the official said it was unclear whether the explosions were caused by bombs or a suicide attack. the official spoke on condition of anonymity. the state-run television, trt television, said an explosion hit a control point at the international arrival terminal at the airport. now, when they say control point, they mean the area through which you go through security. so that could have been inside or outside. they're not specific about whether the bomb or whatever it was made it through security. only to say that it happened at the control point. that's what they call the area where you go through security. other media reported the sound of gunfire on scene. as i mentioned, multiple sources
12:40 pm
have reported gunfire coming from a parking garage. turkey -- some background now. turkey has reported -- has suffered several bombings in recent months that were linked to kurdish or islamic state militants. remember, the turks are having issues with the kurds across the border, which they have for many, many years. it's a porous border through which many islamic state fighters have traveled over time. according to the reporting of the united nations and others. the attacks have increased in scale and frequency, scaring off tourists and hurting the economy, which relies heavily on tourism revenues there in turkey. certainly today's attacks -- well, today's explosions will be of no help in that matter. i want to get to the phone now and cross over to turkey. and ilajin yakly, a journalist with the reuters news agency, in istanbul at this hour. what do you know? >> actually, we don't have that much more that we've been able to confirm other than what you've already just reported.
12:41 pm
all we know is there have been explosions. we've got two explosions at the ataturk airport in istanbul, one of europe's busiest airports. and that we have wounded. but we haven't been able to confirm too much more than that. local media is reporting that official investigators are focused on the possibility, just the possibility that it may have been a suicide bomb attack. >> there's nothing, ayla jean, to know exactly where these explosions happened, whether they were inside the security cordon or outside it, correct? >> that's correct. we're, again, citing media here and saying that the attack, or sorry, the explosion likely occurred in the international departures area of the international terminal. the depart area of the international terminal. but we don't know -- and just to give you an idea, security traditionally is quite tight at
12:42 pm
turkish airports. there is security just to enter the terminal. it's quite intensive, actually. and it has been that way for a very long time. >> ayla jean, it's my recollection from the last time i went to that airport and traveling at that international terminal that there's armed security outside the building itself. you're not even allowed to take your bags into the facility. they have to be screened outside in the screener before they ever go in the building, right? >> yes. actually, there is -- you're right, though. there are x-rays, you know, there are screening machines right inside the entranceway. sow don't actually enter into the large terminal space until you've gone through that screening procedure. and yes, even approaching the airport in your car, in your taxi through entering the airport, there's actually armed guards standing outside. it's quite secure generally. >> jean, thank you. stay with us. breaking news now on fox news channel, we've just gotten word from sources in istanbul that as many as 40 people have now been
12:43 pm
wounded in this what appears to be multiple explosions at ataturk airport, the main international airport that serves istanbul, turkey and the third largest airport by way of passenger travel in all of europe. two explosions and multiple reports of gunshots fired. we've seen pictures which seem to indicate gunshot wounds into a glass panel. could that have been shrapnel from a bomb? it could have been. but it appears to be gunshot -- not gunshot wounds but gunshot damage. and then the reports of witnesses of gunshots. all of that fits together. whether it turns out in the end to be precisely accurate remains to be seen, but there's a new picture that's just come in to us in the aftermath of this. again, this struck -- we got first word of this sometime just after 10:00 p.m. local time, and this is said to be aftermath, right? >> exactly. this is from an israeli news station. they just tweeted it out moments ago. and you can see, i mean, flames right there. a lot of damage. >> the tweet here i is #turkishmedia reporting that
12:44 pm
ataturk airport explosions may have been caused by grenades but damage show otherwise. that is not the reporting we have here at fox news channel. we have reports only of two explosions that have happened at the airport though it's unclear exactly where at the airport. and in addition, multiple gunshots reported by witnesses on scene, not yet by authorities. and now the latest word confirmed by authorities through the reuters news service, and i'll quote now, around 40 people wounded at istanbul airport blast. being taken to hospitals. that's from the broadcaster haberturk, which is a local broadcaster. and through the reuters news agency. so what appeared in the early going to have been maybe something fairly minor, it now appears that what we have is a major situation. multiple explosions. two explosions reported thus far, plus gunshots. it will be interesting to us, and i think the traveling public to learn exactly how far these
12:45 pm
bombs were. were they outside in that area where we saw the cab lines? were they inside near a control point, which is to say a security checkpoint, even if it's the first of two, because as our guest told us a moment ago from istanbul, the journalist calling in from istanbul, there are armed security guards outside this airport. there are times when as you approach in a vehicle you are questioned before you even get to the terminal itself, there are times when there is portable screening that happens in and around the entrances to this airport, and then there's further screening once you get to baggage control. suffice it to say if you are one who travels through europe, i'm describing a sort of airport situation that's more akin, say, to ben gurion in tel aviv than it is to, let's say, charles de gaulle in paris or heath orow o gatwick in london. the security services here are
12:46 pm
as tight as any i've experienced, and i've traveled to a lot of very hot spots around the world in conjunction with this job. and outside of ben gurion in israel this is as tight as i've personally witnessed. ataturk airport is extremely high in security. that said, we don't have any way to know who would have done this sort of thing. we don't have anything to -- anything to suggest who might have done it except for this that has just come in. two suspects blew themselves up at turkey's ataturk airport. this -- they are quoting a turkish official. the reuters news agency quoting an unnamed turkish official and saying the following, and i quote, "two suspects blew themselves up at turkey's ataturk airport." now we have information that suggests these were not bombs, for instance, in a suitcase, or something like that, or if they were they were attached to a person who blew himself or herself up. two people are now said by authorities to have blown
12:47 pm
themselves up at the airport. remains to be seen whether the bags had yet been screened or if these two people might have blown themselves up prior to screening. whether they might have been stopped before that and blew themselves up outside, where along the taxi lines a moment ago we saw the ceiling tiles that had fallen. in addition, we saw what appeared to be gunshots at a control point. and there are multiple reports of gunshots from people on scene. but in the early going it's difficult to say this is a fact because one person's explosion from a certain distance might sound like a gunshot to someone at a farther distance. suffice it to say until authorities have investigated and now exactly what we're dealing with here, i feel like the only thing that is confirmed by authorities is two explosions. we're now hearing that two suspects detonated explosive -- ah. and now we have some clarity. the two suspects detonated explosives before they passed through x-ray security. this is according to a turkish
12:48 pm
official. as the investigation continues, i'm certain that there will be an investigation and that we'll have more clarity on exactly where this happened. but as of this reporting, at 47 minutes past 3:00 eastern time, which is to say now 12 minutes before 11:00 at night in turkey, the word is that the suicide bombers, according to authorities, did not make their way through the x-ray security system. in other words, they were never a danger in any way to the flying public. they didn't get near an airplane or near a gate. they were working their way toward security, did not make it through security, and blew themselves up. these reports of gunshots were not gunshots inside a terminal. to the contrary, they were reports of gunshots coming from what they call there a car park, to us a parking lot. my memory of the parking lot at ataturk airport around the international terminal is you that walk out of the terminal,
12:49 pm
there's a large area where people congregate, then there is a taxi line, then there is traffic where cars can go back and forth, and on the other side of that is a parking garage. now we have information on the shots fired. police fired shots to neutralize the suspects at the international terminal. so here is the information as it's come together. two people. we know not whether man or woman. approached the security at ataturk airport around the international terminal. they approached security, and before going through the x-ray, or whatever sort of screening facility they have, be it x-ray or other matter, whatever that is, before they got there they detonated explosives that blew each of them up. as they -- as the process was ongoing, potentially they had been spotted and then authorities fired shots to "neutralize the suspects" at the international airport at the entry point of ataturk airport. so all of this is coming
12:50 pm
together as -- in many ways at least as of this moment a security -- no breakdown in security at all. security is designed to keep explosives from getting to airplanes. that's the design in the united states. if you want to take a suitcase that has something in it that will explode into an airport, every person who's ever flown in america knows that you can do that. you can get through the front door. you can get up to the place where you do ticketing. it isn't until you send your bag through for screening that the real security process begins. that's in america, and in many places across europe. in turkey, at ataturk airport, they have further security. they've taken the baggage screening away from the ticketing counter and brought it out toward the entrance of the building itself. and it is there that any bags are first screened. and it is there before these suspects were able to make their way past the security cordon. it's there that authorities now say police engaged in shots organ firing shots at these two
12:51 pm
suspects. and it is at that point that these two suspects -- either the gunshots detonated the explosives or the two people debt nailted the explosives themselves. and what we have now is 40 people wounded and a number of people taken away by ambulance -- taken away by taxicab in the early going to hospital. now we see long lines of ambulances that have made their way there. they've set up triage on scene. i'm looking through the departures and arrivals lists for ataturk airport now. there's no incoming and no outgoing at istanbul's ataturk airport. it appears from what i can see by departures and takeoffs that the entire international terminal is closed and being secured. whether this affects domestic travel or not i don't have a way to know at this moment. i can tell you that june the 28th, the first day of the month of ramadan in 2014, the shura
12:52 pm
council of the islamic state of iraq in al sham, which is isis, decided to bring back the caliphate, declare its rule once again, and promoted abu bakr al baghdadi as the first caliph of islam in the new era. that is to say, that on june the 28th, two years ago today, isis established its caliphate by proclaiming it so and making abu bakr al baghdadi the first caliph of islam, in other words, making him the leader of the islamic state. that happened two years ago today. two yearsstate. that happened two years ago today -- two years ago tomorrow technically, but june 28th is today. be that as it may, it's been two years. and we have what appears to be a suicide attack on the istanbul airport. i always feel like it's very important to take stock of exactly what happened here. according to the authorities there has been no security breakdown.
12:53 pm
this is same thing that could happen at any building, any jcpenn jcpenney, any train station or airport up and down the world up until the point you get to security. because that security is designed to keep a bomb from getting on the plane and exploding in the air and causing widespread death and panic. that's what if security cordons are designed to do, to stop bombs from getting on planes. today by all accounts the security in istanbul at ataturk airport has worked the way it was supposed to work. there are armed guards outside the building. it appears the armed forces recognized a hazard of some kind regarding these two people. they shot at them. the bombs exploded. and that was that. there is breaking news now on fox news channelful i'm just getting word from the turkish justice minister who says ten people have died in the
12:54 pm
explosions at ataturk airport in istanbul. ten people confirmed dead by the turkish justice minister in just the last 15 seconds. so what we now have is an attack on the third largest airport in all of europe by what appears to be suicide bombers who tried to make their way in to the istanbul airport but were thwarted by security. two gunmen believed to be security forces had stopped them upon entry, did not allow them to get past the security cordon, instead began to attempt to neutralize the two suicide bombers. as they did so, the two suicide bombers in one way or another set off explosives we don't know the details of which which have now according to the figures from the authorities, 40 people, and killed 10 people according to the justice minister ten people. trace gallagher is working to
12:55 pm
get new information as we get the disturbing new details. trace, that's a tough airport, as tough as i've seen. >> you made a good point. this is a model of the airport in israel, both security outside and inside the airport. we should note there are also housing developments on both sides of the airport and there is industrial parks to the north of the airport. so on both sides you have also potential targets here. our understanding as you pointed out, is that this was located outside of terminal two. and terminal two is interesting because that's the international terminal. if you don't know, this airport is in the process of being phased out. in fact, the security will is considered state-of-the-art. the airport itself not considered state-of-the-art. it's being considered phased out. and by 2018 they are building and will have built a replacement airport for ataturk and it will handle the big jets. the problem here is you have a
12:56 pm
lot of the big airlines, the 777s, the a 380s that the airport cannot handle. being the third largest airport in airport that's a key factor, which is why they are switching everything over. it's important to note that not many u.s. airlines fly into this airport. british air, air france, air canada flies in here. fedex also does a great deal of business through that airport as well. you touched on earlier the fact that this does not appear to have any influence at all on the actual air structure. it was outside. we're working to get more information on exactly where the explosions took place. >> new information now. we had reported that authorities attempted to neutralize these two suspects as the bombs exploded. we now have this. the turkish justice minister says the attacker also opened fire with slash any could have been rifle at the turkish
12:57 pm
airport. turkish officials say the attacksers blew themselves up after police opened fire on them. it sounds like this. these are the reportings we have, facts given to us by authorities. two people, man, woman, we don't know approach the security cordon, approach the metal detecto detectors. we believe it's the area where the bags first go through security. as they did, an attacker opened fire with, according to the justice minister in turkey, a slash any could have been rifle. at that time authorities returned fire. armed guards, police force, security forces on scene returned fire. during this exchange of fire, two explosions happened, each of the suicide bombers blowing himself or herself up. along the way, according to the turkish justice minister, ten people who were at the airport were killed. an additional 40 people pie most recent estimates were injured to the degree to which they are seeking treatment at area
12:58 pm
hospitals. as you might imagine, the entire airport is shut down. outgoing flights have been stopped. incoming flights are being redirected to other locations around europe. i'm now led to believe that domestic travel has also stopped through ataturk. so you think of an airport that holds -- that services 61 million people a year, an airport that tonight would have been very busy most likely with international arrivals. 10:00, 11:00 a fairly busy time for european airports. you can see a number of people in the videos we were showing you earlier crouched down inside what appeared for duty-freeh shops and other shopping areas, crouched down and what sounded like loud banging noise inside the backgrounds. pictures of just outside the airport where ceiling tiles collapsed in and around taxi services there. and through a chaos and mayhem in and around daggage services
12:59 pm
there, we're led to believe it was around baggage services that some of this may have happened. by baggage services they may mean the screening point at which there would have been an x-ray, which presumably would have discovered whatever she is explosives were. pictures coming in now. lilian has here, appears to be just outside the airport. >> yes, we can't confirm this is what it says it is, but this person on social media is claiming to be outside of the ataturk airport. and it looks like victims on the ground. and that's what we're see. >> yeah, this is very reminiscent of what it looks like there, certainly. there is to verify this in the early going. but we can tell you our departments which analyze these things via geotracking we believe this came from this area. 40 people have been taken to the hospital, and according to the justice minister ten people are
1:00 pm
dead. we'll see whether the islamic state or others take blame for this. we have no way of knowing. was this terrorist attacks? certainly people on scene were terrorized. we will wait for the officials to announce whatever will come next. our coverage continues now on fox news channel, cross america and around the world. it's 4:00 p.m. on the east coast, 1:00 p.m. on the west coast. and it's 11:00 p.m. at it a turk airport in istanbul, turkey. i'm shepard smith in new york with fox news channel's continuing coverage, continuing coverage on what appears to be an attack on one of the largest airports in europe, two years after the establishment of a califate by the islamic state. for those of you joining us to learn about business news -- it's been a very busy business news day. the dow is up more than 20 points on the session as it has closed on wall street. if you are looking for business news at the moment, we invite you to turn to fox business network just up the dial on


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