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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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claimed credit. world leaders weighing in on standing against the terrorist threat. that is it for us. a busy news night. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, fair, balanced and unafraid. continuing coverage with greta next. this is a fox news alert. a blood bath in an international airport ripping through europe the busiest airports. right now the death toll is at 50 and more than 100 injured. it all happened at istanbul airport and bomb detonating at security check point. attack viciously similar to march's attack in brussels. live in istanbul, laura are a, what's the latest? >> well, the istanbul governor has said there were three suicide bombers and that resonates with the other accounts we heard that there were three blasts. there was one in the parking lot outside the international terminal. this is a stand alone build from the domestic terminal so foreigners and foreign
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nationals were definitely those that were targeted, it seems. also one at the entrance of the international terminal as well as the entrance of both the departure and the arrival. and if you look at videos, you can see what is alleged to be some of this closed circuit television footage of the detonation, the suicide bomb detonation. if we look and analyze the attacks that have happened in its -- istanbul the past year one claiming 300 lives at this point. isis being the main culprit this is the mode dison ronde of isis using suicide vest. there is rumor one of these aattackers is a foreign national that also is something that has happened in some of these terrorist attacks but not with other groups. >> just so i'm clear, the bombing, one is in the parking lot. that's outside the terminal. one is the entrance to the narmt; is that -- international
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airport. is that actually inside the terminal? >> yes. as you enter the international terminal, you have to go through the first security check. all of the baggage goes through an x-ray machine and everyone has to go through metal detector. >> so, at that point, they have actually gone through the first level of security, likely? >> the video that i have seen it looks like they have. you can see that one attacker is injured by what looks to be a police officer and there is another police officer seen in the background and then you see him detonate and then afterward there is nothing where he was on the ground it looks like he was injured. again, another eyewitness had said one of these suicide bombers was injured by a police officer before he detonated his vest. >> the third one, the third bomb is deeper into the airport; is that correct? >> well, it looks so from just the footage. now, this is not something aside from, you know, three suicide attackers and three
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blasts something that the governor spoke about. but the -- we're just waiting right now for the prime minister, who is at the airport, he has arrived, is going to have a press conference any time now to awaiting more news. this is certainly an international story. they are speaking. turkish officials are speaking which they usually don't after a tears attack. >> the turkish officials are now saying 147 are injured. you have heard anything -- everybody is looking at isis. is there any suggestion that it's kurdish separatist movement pkk which, of course, has been very violent itself since about 1984 in that nation? >> certainly we have seen splinter group of the pkk behind three different attacks in which some civilians were killed, including an attack on the other international airport in istanbul. that was december of last year. and although they said they wanted to kill more people and hurt turkey's tourism,
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they only killed one person. unfortunately it was a cleaning lady at the airport. >> all right. and i also read and you can confirm it or not prior to the multiple bombings today at the airport that there was an earlier bombing by a few hours earlier and that a police officer was killed? you have heard anything about that? >> well, i have not. but certainly this is almost a daily, certainly multiple times a week occurrence in which security officials in turkey are targeted and usually that is either the work of marxist lennonist terrorist groups or the pkk or talk. the splinter group of pkk. >> laura, thank you. >> thank you. >> there is no doubt turkey is in the middle of an extremely volatile region. who is it isis or pkk or some other group. former u.s. ambassador to the united states ambassador john bolton goes "on the record." they are still investigating it nobody has bragged about this so far. but your thoughts? >> well with that caveat, i
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think it looks like isis. i think it's significant that tomorrow is the second anniversary of the declaration of the isis caliphate in syria and iraq. there has been a lot of fighting along the syrian/turkish border aimed at cutting off isis's access to the land it holds in syria into turkey where they have gotten a lot of recruits, a lot of the weapons. a lot of the commerce has gone through there. as isis has been pressed militarily, they have expanded their terrorist attacks and it stands to reason that an attack on the most visible symbol of commerce into turkey through the international airport would suit their ends. >> the odds are they are more than likelily foreign. the state department on monday upgraded to tourists. on monday president erdogan in israel seemed to be doing re-set, mending discomfort between those two nations the last couple years.
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and then you have erdogan apologizing to putin over the death of the december death of a fighter pilot. >> i erdogan is trying to clear the decks. hundreds of thousands of refugees. i think the parallel as you mentioned at the beginning to the airport attack in brussels is also significant. we know of at least three bombers here. can't tell whether when others perhaps realized that the attack had been blown pro-maturely. exited running in panic it could have been bigger. we don't know at this point. >> it seems airports are such soft targets and cafes. i find this significant. really sort of close to home to isis. you know, it's in turkey right at the border. it's not brussels. you know, it's not the united states. it is almost -- i mean it's interesting to me it's close to home. >> a target easier to reach and symbolism again of a
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major international airport is hard to resist. i think isis could well have launched other missions. we're close to the end of ramadan. this would fit the pattern of doing more in ramadan. in europe and in the united states well to be on guard here for the next couple of days even more than normal. >> what would you expect president obama's statement to be in the event that it is isis? >> well, if we follow his pattern over the past several years, he will down play it. i think it's a mistake. look, this is not a series of completely isolated events that have taken place by down dense in the middle east, in the europe, and in the united states, it's radical ideology it comes in a lot of different forms, al qaeda, isis, taliban, the rulers in iran who are radical islamists in their own right. unless we recognize the ideology although it may have different
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manifestations we will never combat it effectively. >> we put safety measures so that no one can get on a plane with a bomb. now they have, quote, wised up and they see they can bomb people right as they go into the airport. >> i was just in israel last week there are checkpoints before you pull up to the terminal. they have bomb sniffing dogs. they may be our future as well. >> three or four checkpoints to get into a hotel in pakistan islamabad. you have to go through checkpoints a couple blocks away. >> it doesn't necessarily secure threw either. >> no. >> similar to an attack that could happen right here in the united states. what is being done to protect american airports. form are commanding officer on port authority police jfk and laguardia airports ken note hoenig joins us. good evening, sir. >> geographic. >> naturally, sir, tonight as we all watch what's going on, turkey, we all saw those horrible visions coming out of brussels in march.
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naturally we turn to our own airports. is our airports any safer than this turkish airport? >> somewhat safer only because of the distance involved. you have got -- what's happened over the years as we have taken the steps to keep people with weapons and explosives pushed the perimeter around. u.s. airports the screening points are inside the airport. in this case they had a preliminary screening area right at the entrance to the airport terminal. and these individuals, when they realized they weren't going to get through, any began their attack with weapons and hand grenades and the then finally setting off explosive vests. there are also trying to hire alerts where they will set up a screening point off the airport at the airport entrance. not so much to screen baggage but to question people. we have got to get back into
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that habit of not looking for the bomb but looking for the bomber and looking at the people and having law enforcement officers trained to screen people by their and question them and pull out the people who need to be checked. the other thing is we need to have like they did there armed officers at the airport. tsa officers there. but there aren't law enforcement officers locked down at the screening points. they are usually generally walking around the terminals and patrolling. in this case, if the individual had been checked and tried to get through, he would have been able to push his way through the tsa and just opened fire on them and then possibly gotten deeper into the terminal. that's something we need to look at doing here. >> all right. if we -- first of all, that stuff is not likely to be done. assuming that those are the things we should do until something really awful happens here. that's when we act is when
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something awful. that's going to cost us 50 lives or whatever it is before that happens. number two, is we have got the problem is that we have got so many entrance points in this country jfk, logan, lax, miami or any of the big airports. our regional airports are just as busy. like memphis, milwaukee, those -- all these airports across the country are very, very busy. how can we protect them all with this? >> we have to remember that when we harden the international airports, the regional airports become relatively soft targets. if you can't afford and understandably you can't afford to do it all the time what you need to do is have on irregular basis higher levels of security to keep them off guard. what they will do is they will do surveillance beforehand to see where the weak points are in the airports. what we do is keep moving weak points around so they can't predict where it's going to be.
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another point in terms of response to this incident was we saw was a lot of people who were injured were being thrown at the taxi cabs and being taken to the nearest emergency rooms it overloads that local emergency room. it also gives secondary terrorists an opportunity to get in to those emergency rooms and to attack them. that's something the hospitals begin to do very quickly lock down and begin to screen people. >> i'm hoping as americans watch this tonight and realizing this could happen here and as our hearts bleed for what happens in turkey and brussels, realize as much as our airport people try to protect the airport is the truth is we citizens need to back it up a little bit. if we see someone buying weird stuff, acting like really strange, is that we report it going back to the see something, say something so we don't put the pressure on the airport to have to try to protect itself. oftentimes we can help a lot on the really far out
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perimeter. do you agree? >> you know. if you look at every one of these terrorist attacks. whether it's san bernardino, whether it was orlando. after the event happens, they begin to talk to people, and their friends, their relatives, their acquaintances all turn around and say, you know, he talked about this. he mentioned it he said bad things. he posted on facebook. he had a twitter account. he subscribed to these things. but nobody said anything until after it was over. the idea is, you know, you can't be afraid to say something. you have got to say something and you know, we would rather get 100 phone calls that turn out to be nothing than miss the one that turns out to be something we could change. >> well, the theme should be the american people don't let the terrorist get to the airport or something like that. anyway. kenneth, thank you. >> thank you. >> and turkey has been marred with violence. the united states state department as i noted yesterday warned americans will increased terrorist attacks throughout turkey what are people saying in turkey tonight. "the washington post"
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correspondent aaron cunningham is live in istanbul. what are they saying there? >> well, i think there was a feeling that something like this would happen. that it was expected to happen and there had been attacks a number of attacks over the past few months. so, so there was that expectation. but people are upset, obviously. they're worried about the direction that the country is going and whether or not there will be more violence like this. >> i assume you have american friends there. i mean, are the americans who are there, whether they are on business or living there, and studying there, do you talk to snem do they have increased fear being in this nation? >> i think so. i think there have been more americans that have left turkey in recent months than previously. i know that in april there was a very specific warning from the state department about a terrorist attack in istanbul. and people, measures that were here did leave as a result of that warning. so, i think that there are people that are trickling
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out. and they realize that they might not be as big as they thought they were particularly in places like the airport or on shopping streets like earlier this year. >> do you feel safer goinged into the istanbul airport or into jfk airport? which seems to have better security? what's your sense? >> that's an interesting question. i know the airport i flown in and out of a number of times has very tight security. very impressive security. i think i would be safer going through jfk because i know the islamic state, although they have not claimed responsibility for this and it's unclear if they carried out this attack, they have a wide network in turkey. and so it's just unclear when these things will be able to happen. >> and, of course, any airport is unsafe outside where you arrive at the
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airport and you have got long lines before anyone has even hit security going through the lines. people are just standing there. erin, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and another airport attack. is the obama administration asleep at the terror wheel? senator lindsey graham is here next. plus, instant live updates from istanbul. the long awaited benghazi report is out. should secretary hillary clinton be worried about this report? that's coming up. ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e350 for $499 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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attack rocking istanbul and in fact rocking
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everybody. it's a turkish airport. officials saying 31 people are dead. earlier they reported 50 were killed. the minister says 147 injured. airport attack coming months after airport bombing in brussels. south carolina and united states senator lindsey graham is here to go "on the record." >> thank you. prayers for those in turkey. very terrible. >> what do we do. >> you have to go where isil resides and destroy the caliphate. this is going to be with us a long time. we ever making it harder on ourselves not having a game plan to go into syria that will destroy the root of this problem which is in raqqa, syria coming back to haunt us all. this is what brennan was trying to warn you about. >> why aren't we? president obama, is his military telling him to do that? >> no. i think he just doesn't want to reengage in iraq and syria. doesn't want to be like bush. is he not trying to destroy isil. is he trying to pass this on to the next president. >> even secretary hillary clinton said the goal is not
4:21 pm
to contain isis but to destroy it she is more hawkish about it? >> she has to change the strategy. what president obama is doing in iraq is having some success about it will never destroy isil until you deal with syria. they are one battlefield. at the end of the day, if you are commit to do killing yourself and willing to take other people with you, it's hard to stop. this turkey is a pretty tight fisted security environment right now. for these guys to get through was pretty sophisticated attack. >> i worry that we get to a point where it gets too big, too insidious that it really does become absolutely impossible to fight. >> no it's not. we know what works. we saw what worked in iraq. the surge did work. talking about benghazi. benghazi is what happens when you lead from behind. the person i blame the most about benghazi is president obama because he rejected additional security. he wanted to prove you could do it differently than bush. he made the consulate a death trap.
4:22 pm
people went down there in the summer before the attack saying this is a suicide mission. we learned a lot about this report. i'm from south carolina. i'm a little biased. god bless trey gowdy. the democratic members on the committee shouldable ashamed of yourself. next guest jim jordan gave a damning environment. people view hillary clinton as untrustworthy. even after this report they should view her as even more untrustworthy. >> between now and november and january when the president leaves office, is he not going to change his strategy? >> i don't think so. i don't think he is going to make the adjustment that i have been begging for. what have i been asking for 20,810,000 troops to help iraqis inside iraq. a little over a right now. a little more we could actually destroy them. >> don't we have people that we don't count as troops? like contractors. it's a little bit of a lie. >> they say four but closer to six. >> we have contractors over there that we dispatched over there that we pay that they are over there. but we just don't count them in our numbers. >> one thing i want to stress here tonight, the
4:23 pm
lesson of benghazi is that american needs to follow up when the dictator falls. bush made his fair share of mistakes. one thing bush didn't do he didn't get so locked in he couldn't adjust. one thing after the attack in benghazi one thing i learned from this report is that our government lied to the american people i think for political reasons. it was never a mob outside. >> never a video? >> that was a made-up politically driven narrative. and this committee deserves credit for telling the truth about benghazi. >> so did the president lie? he said it on september 20th on univision tv. he said it on "the view" of the 25th 6 september. >> either he is the most disconnected awol commander and chief in history or part of it. i don't know. i want to tell you this about the president. we know everything he did in the bengz bin laden raid made two most about it he would not speak to the benghazi committee we still don't know what he did that night in the white house. i blame the president for
4:24 pm
not being there as commander and chief when the people there needed him the most. >> wait until you hear my off-the-record at the end of the show. that's a tease. more live coverage of this breaking news out of turkey coming up. also ahead, benghazi report the senator just talked about is out. spell bad news for secretary hillary clinton. congressman jim jordan is here next. so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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explosions at turkey's international airport. turkish officials say 31 people are dead. according to the turkish justice minister as many as 147 reported injured in istanbul. right now the number of bombers is still being investigated. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. what are your sources telling you? >> the main thing i think for people here in the united states is that the administration is now deeply engaged, which is another data point that it is terrorism. the president has been briefed. the attorney general has been briefed as well as the homeland security secretary. and what has everyone's attention is the obvious similarities with the terrorist attack in brussels. and the point i want to make to the viewers is that when you look at the aftermath of this attack and you see how the ceiling tiles were dropped on to the concrete floor. that's very important. because only isis in the region really has the ability to build bombs that have the ability to inflict that kind of structural impact and that's exactly what we saw with the
4:29 pm
brussels attack as well. >> what do your sources make or is it too early to think. the brussels one was a long distance from home so to-to-speak. caliphate having two year anniversary today. this is close to home. this was in turkey, right next door to the caliphate. >> that's a question. isis stepped up targeting in turkey, specifically on international targets. and those that have an economic impact. that's why the airport seemed to fit into that bucket. but also, it has such close proximity to syria. and what we know about the summer period is that there is intelligence that isis and syria has trained operatives to send out into europe into four attacks and it may well be the case here that these operatives came from those training camps. >> all right. tonight, anything the united states? any news or any thoughts about what's going on here? >> i have got no information that there is going to be a change in the security posture because the security at the airports here has already been increased. and the reason i say that is
4:30 pm
that after brussels, airports in this country, as well as international airports overseas, really have become the new soft target for terrorists and it's that area before the sterile part of the airport with the heavy security. and as you enter, which is what we saw transpire tonight. >> yeah. that's the whole thing. it's no longer at the security check point. >> that's correct. >> it's happening outside. >> you're welcome. >> developing now, tonight's other big story. a damning benghazi report. [shouting] >> nothing could reach benghazi because never was ever head to do benghazi. >> the attack ended, no military assets were headed toward benghazi. what did start before the attack was over was the political spin. >> it wasn't about a youtube video it wasn't about a bunch of folks out for a walk. >> there is concern, actually more concern about whether they're going to be offending the libyan government by how it is that
4:31 pm
rescue is supposed to take place and whether the rescue is actually successful. >> now they have a terrorist attack and they have to mislead the american people because it's 56 days before an election. >> this was an attack by radical islamic terrorists on an american facility. >> in the end political concerns drove. this evidence strongly shows that and that's what we outlined in our report. >> the g.o.p. led bengsz select committee released report on investigation into the deadly 2012 bengsz attack. slamming the obama administration for missteps before, during and after the attack. the report says then secretary of state hillary clinton should have known about the impending threats. jim george is here to go "on the record." nice to see you, sir. >> nice to see. >> you that night september 11th, secretary clinton emails her daughter chelsea and says al qaeda affiliate. we know the attack in libya
4:32 pm
had nothing to do with the film. despite that you have four days later you have then ambassador rice and u.n. ambassador going on the five shows saying it's a video. president obama says univision television september 20th it's a video and goes on "the view" the 25th and says it's the video. what's going on. >> two different story. privately told the truth. publicly mislead the american people. >> why? >> politics. why did we stay in benghazi when everyone else was leaving. almost everyone else had left. why did we stay? they were invested libya is how do you it no boots on the ground arab spring. stay there as senator graham pointed out inspite the guy said suicide mission to go inside bengz. they stayed there when the attack hand, during the attack, they are worried about all kinds of things. you can't have people going in uniform. worried about politics during the attack. worried about politics during the attack. political decisions drove there. after two stories. privately they told the
4:33 pm
truth. publicly they mislead the american people why because we're 56 days before an egg election. >> two things i understand the confusion as it happens. trying to figure out what you should do in 2020 hindsight easy to figure out what you should have done. what i don't understand is two weeks after and you use the kind word misleading. i don't think that's misleading. i think that's a lifetime achievement it's deplorable. what in the world? what in the world is he telling us two weeks later that it's a video trying to pedal that to the american people? >> yeah. they had their legacy on the line and they had an election 56 days away. and but you're right, a country as great as ours, our leaders particularly in a moment like, this a crisis moment, they should be leveling with the american people and telling the story straight. think about where it started though. it started before the attack was over. remember, one of the things we found is we have been told no military assets could have got there in time. what we weren't told is no one intend to do even get there in time. no assets took off until the attack was over. but what did start before the attack was over was the political spin because at
4:34 pm
10:08. that's when secretary clinton said some have thought to justify this vicious behavior as response to inflammatory material on the internet. she was referencing the video while tyrone woods was still on the annex of the roof fighting. we have assets that were supposed to do deployed that weren't even taking off yet. >> that night, benghazi, our chief clint diplomat, it appears runs what goes on the ground in benghazi. she was in charge. where in the world was the secretary of defense and commander and chief. where were they the night of september 11th the night this was going down. >> one of the things we learned is secretary clinton didn't even talk to secretary panetta they didn't talk that night. >> he knew about it? >> of course he knew. >> why didn't he step up? wasn't he the secretary of defense. >> when we interviewed the secretary of defense he said he gave the order around 6:00 to deploy. >> then what did he do? go home? >> all i know is it didn't happen in the time frame that it should have happened and we don't know where the
4:35 pm
president was. he couldn't get secretary clinton when we questioned her when she talked with the president all she would say i talked to him sometime that evening did. you talk to him before the 10:08 statement or after? when did you talk to him? she couldn't remember. i at the present time know what is he doing? is he in charge? is he in the situation room and watching? that is the job of the commander and chief. >> one thing we point out in contrast when bin laden you have all those -- all the key players of our government in the situation room watching that versus in the situation room this night. >> look how president obama took to tv to push the video narrative. he did this 14 days after benghazi and the viewers i noted. >> what we do know is that the natural protests that arose because of the outrage over the video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they can also directly harm u.s. interests. >> al qaeda?
4:36 pm
>> well, we don't know yet. so we're going to continue to investigate this. we have insisted on and have received so far full cooperation from countries like egypt and libya to your tua and not only protecting our diplomatic posts but also to make sure that we discover who, in fact, is trying to take advantage of this. >> i heard hillary clinton say that it was an act of terrorism. is it? what do you say? >> well, we're still doing an investigation. there is no doubt that the kind of weapons that were used, the ongoing assault that it wasn't just a mob action. now, we don't have all the information yet. and so we're still gathering it. >> congressman, what do you think when you watch that? >> it's just wrong. the example we point to the and what mr. pompei and i put together in our report is on the 14th the contrast doesn't be starker. you had jay carney doing the
4:37 pm
daily press briefing talking about there is no evidence to suggest this was pre-planned that same day you have the state department official in tripoli saying it was a well-planned attack. so not preplanned versus well planned. there couldn't be sharper contrast. >> there is incompetence and there is deceit. which is it? >> misleading. >> you say misleading. you are nice to say misleading. >> they mislead the american people and it's clear and that is wrong for people in our government. and this is the united states of america. one of the hallmarks is the leaders are transparent with the citizens and they were not. >> i just want to explain why. i want to know why. >> greta, it's obvious, it's politics. remember what said did i blowm that said to hillary clinton. help clio you have the god detion of his individual looking over your line and 8 weeks before the flekdz. alive and bin laden is dead. of course they will mislead
4:38 pm
the american people and that's what they did for a sustained period of time. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. we go back to istanbul. the government says the signs are pointing to isis. go g. all that "more" has to be why they're the second-largest auto insurer. everybody likes more. mhm, i think so. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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breaking right now saying the work of isis. 31 people dead and 131 injured inside turkey's biggest airport. spokesperson to the united nations rick grenell goes "on the record." our hearts are broken tonight as we watch another act of terrorism. i know they are not calling it terrorism yet but i will call it terrorism because i don't know how else you describe it i can't think of another word for it. but your thought? >> look, this is a nato ally. and as nato says an attack on one is an attack on all. we have to get very serious. president erdogan has been asking the world to do more to get rid of assad. turkey is right on the border of syria. a lot has been going on right there at the border.
4:43 pm
and the turks have never been comfortable. president erdogan has never been comfortable with it i think we would be remiss to not look at some of the facts over the last week. you had turkey apologizing to russia for the downed jet and you have turkey and israel diplomatic ties. i think that's going to be two issues fire up isis and i think we have got to look at all the facts as they unfold. >> do you expect nato to take, you know, sort of a lead on this? an attack on one nato member is an attack on all of them. do you expect nato to get aggressive. >> they should. we have a july 8th nato meeting that's the next one in poland. what is on the agenda clearly is for nato to put troops all in eastern europe along the border with russia.
4:44 pm
rethink that when turkey is dealing with this type of brussels style attack and we know we have had the attack in orlando. we have had san bernardino. i think the u.s. and turkey should come together, change that agenda and get nato to get very serious about what's happening. isis is growing. greta. that's just the fact. we can talk about label it all we want but isis is growing under this administration. the status quo is not working. >> we also need to take a look at how isis use social media for inspiration for fundraising and recruitment which i don't think we have quite enough -- we are not aggressive on that. >> we should be able to find their footprint with that, too, greta. knowing exactly where they are, g.p.s. technology now aways with social media we should be able to pinpoint them and go get them. >> bottom line is we need a new strategy because they are getting bigger and more powerful according to the cia director. >> totally agree. >> rick, thank you. >> thanks. >> and multiple giant
4:45 pm
fireballs exploding in turkey's largest airport. right now we have no idea who is behind the deadly bombing. we do have our suspicions. we go back to turkey next. you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles.
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explosions in turkey's biggest airport right now turkish officials are saying three suicide bombers murdered 31 people. grn reporter laura wells is live in istanbul. what's the latest. >> 147 #r injured according to the justice minister. we do think that the death toll will rise according to a.p. nearly 50 people have perished. turkish officials have said most of those who are decide and the injured are turkish nationals. so we're still waiting to hear where these victims are
4:50 pm
from. also, i just heard in your last interview talk about isis and what turkey has been doing to fight isis and within turkish borders not a lot. certainly the accused head of isis and formerly the alleged head of al qaeda in turkey for almost the past decade. owe was released along with 95 other suspects pending the conclusion of a trial back in march and then turkish intelligence just this past week said they were trailing 19 isis suspects in turkey between 2012 and 2014 including the mastermind of the largest terrorist attack on turkish soil in october in the capital in which 100 people died. all civilians. and he was allowed to just -- just to be surveilled but was never brought to trial or prosecuted. this is a very, very pressing matter for a lot of turks that they have security. and certainly they are not
4:51 pm
feeling the security officials at this time are doing enough against isis. >> laura, thank you. >> thank you. >> and as we have been saying, turkey has been and is a hot bed for terror attacks. several groups including isis and pkk have carried out bloody attacks inside borders. president of the american islamic forum for democracy dr. zuhdi jasser goes "on the record." nice to see you, doctor. >> thank you. >> thank you for your service in the navy. i appreciate it, sir. you were here to testify today before the u.s. senate. why? >> well, due to the courage of senator cruz who has finally insisted that our congress and president obama administration address why they have ignored the language. why there has been a purging of the language of jihadi, islamism, the ideology that threatens us. and this is why we are continuing to lose is our analysts, those who are called upon to protect us aren't even able to look at the minds. we are supposed to somehow predict violent extremism. what i testified about as a muslim who loves my faith in this month of ramadan.
4:52 pm
the reason i took time to come here and testify is there is actually nothing that demonizes u.s. us more than preventing reform from happening. preventing the reformists from acknowledging that we have a problem within the house of islam. that's not islamophobic. that's not big got. actually tough love and that's what we need. and our government so far has been woefulfully negligent and blind and has actually been helping the regimes around the world that want to look at islam as having a pr problem. >> president obama won't say ladd islam. if you could talk to him as a muslim man, what would you tell him? >> i would tell him the greatest country in the world, america, was created in this battle against theocracy. why can't muslims have the same respect? don't treat us with the bigotry of low expectations. shift the axis of center of gravity the department of homeland security from this vegas extremism to countering violent islamism. then the mentality of nadal
4:53 pm
has slam, schoog shooter. homophobia of omar mateen would have been predicted as being precursor to the violent homophobia and violent antisemitism. as long as we hold them unaccountable extremism we will miss the precursors that are obvious. stop listening to so-called allies the saudis and. >> why is it the president won't say radical islam. >> too beholden to allies. muslim brotherhood sympathizer part of the global islamist movement and it takes too much work. why should we worry about what's happening in the house of islam. let our faith community continue to be dominated by the islamists and the theocrats is just too hard. i think today's hearing proved that you know it can be done. americans are mature enough to have a frank conversation about political islam.
4:54 pm
>> tough for muslims in the country just because of that. >> i think it makes it harder. the denial of the left actually causes a polarization. there is nothing that would melt the bigotry away more than for americans to say oh my gosh, muslims are at the head of the spear of this and our muslim reform movement is all about that we have a declaration about freedom and rejection of the caliphate that have been ignored because nobody wants to talk about radical islam. >> anyway, dr. jasser, always nice to see you. >> any time, thank you, greta. >> did president obama try to bamboozle you? i will leave it up to on that. you will get my thoughts off-the-record next.
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
let's go off-the-record. in medical school doctors are taught if you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras, because thinking zebras would obviously be ridiculous. and in orlando a terrorist said he murdered in the name of isis. yet, president obama will not say radical islam.
4:59 pm
acting like the rest of us are delusional to call it what it is, radical islam. and in benghazi, everyone knew from the get-go it was terrorism. secretary clinton emailed her daughter chelsea as her attack was happening al qaeda like group and later night that night al qaeda claimed responsibility. yet president obama told you that a video provoked benghazi not organized terrorism. he continue to do promote that crazy story for weeks. during a televised univision forum he said video. then later on september 25th to the ladies of the view he said video again. you have got to ask yourself. was president obama that uninformed, which would be scary incompetence or was he deliberately trying to bamboozle the american people which would be, well, you fill in the blank on that one. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and more breaking news from turkey, the prime minister now saying the death toll is
5:00 pm
up to 36. stay with fox news channel all night long for news on the airport bombing. shepard smith reports right now. ♪ ♪ >> shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> how did it happen? how, exactly did this terror attack in turkey go down moment by moment? what happened as the attackers entered the airport in istanbul? tonight, we have answers and video. and we'll show you what we have learned since the bombing happened at 8:50 p.m. local time in istanbul, 10 minutes before 3:00 eastern time this afternoon as we were preparing for our afternoon hour. new from the turkish prime minister moments ago 36 people confirmed by the prime minister dead. many dozens more wounded as many as 140 but the prime minister said just about 45 seconds ago a very small number of those who are


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