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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 29, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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oz and others like him need your help. they were left behind in benghazi, but they should not be left behind here. shadowwarriors ojojojojojojojoj. our thanks to him and our prayers to those in instanbul tonight. airport suicide bombings rocked the city of instanbul, turkey. the country's prime minister says indications once again point to isis being responsible for this attack. the latest numbers put the death toll at 36. 147 wounded, but turkish government officials say that those figures could in fact go higher. also tonight we'll have a lot of reaction to the new report released by the house select committee on benghazi. but first our own catherine herridge. she's in washington. she has the very latest on the airport bombings in turkey. the videos are chilling, catherine. >> reporter: that's right. sean, tonight the administration is deeply engaged with the briefing of the president, the attorney general, and the homeland security secretary. these are all indicators the
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situation in instanbul is serious, and they have direct implications for security at american airports. all scheduled flights between the u.s. and instanbul are suspended while investigators work out what happened and who was responsible. the faa confirming tonight that a ground stop is in place until further notice. a government official said the attacks fit the profile of isis, which has stepped up its campaign in turkey, going for international targets with an economic impact. a local kurd dish group has traditionally focused on the turkish military. let me draw your attention to this one piece of video. it's graphic, but it does show one of the bombers firing inside the terminal, shot in the leg. he then falls to the ground as the guard approaches and sees the suicide vest, runs, and the bomber detonates. the fact that the bomber came in guns blazing suggests to me based on my experience that the goal may have been to take
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hostages first and then use a suicide vest in a standoff. if he had only wanted to blow himself up, he would have walked into the terminal, straight to the passenger line, and detonated. with more than 30 dead tonight, isis is one of the few terror groups with the capability to build bombs of this strength. one of the striking similarities between instanbul and the brussels airport attack in march is that both explosions knocked the airport ceiling tiles out, telling us the explosion was strong enough to impact the terminal's structural integrity. to be clear, there's been no claim of responsibility by any terror group tonight. isis, al qaeda, or the kurds. but the intelligent community has believed isis sent trained operatives into europe in advance of ramadan. sean. >> all right. catherine herridge in washington, thank you. donald trump is reacting to the airport suicide bombings in instanbul. here is what the presumptive republican nominee said at a rally earlier tonight. >> we had another suicide
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bombing, instanbul, turkey. many, many people killed. many, many people injured. folks, there's something going on that's really, really bad. all right? it's bad, and we better get smart, and we'd better get tough, or we're not going to have much of a country left. okay? >> all right. here with reaction, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. mr. speaker, as we look at these images again tonight, this is not the j.v. team as obama said. they are not contained, as he said before paris. it's brussels. it's france. it's orlando. it's san bernardino. it's everywhere. and, you know, this obsession with not saying radical islam. how could they be so wrong so often? >> well, i think you have to understand that on the american left, there is an ideological
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passionate commitment to a world view which is out of touch with reality, but which they genuinely believe. in a sense, you're getting a reflection of the courses obama took at columbia when he was an undergraduate and the whole notion of how the world should work according to left-wing american professors. now, the problem they've got is tragically, the world doesn't work that way. we're faced with objective realities. we're reminded almost every week. you know, i tried to point out to people when the orlando killings occurred, and there's this whole effort to turn it into gun control. i said wait a second. you had the second canadian businessman beheaded in the philippines during the same cycle that we're talking about, and yet somehow that didn't quite penetrate that maybe it's a worldwide thing. you had a number of young girls
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who were literally burned to death because they had rejected sexual relations with isis, and somehow that didn't quite break through. so you go to case after case. now you have a new one. as we talked to you about it before, chris and i have been in that airport. it's a wonderful place. turkish air may be one of the greatest airlines in the world. they've done a tremendous job of becoming a modern country. and here are barbarians showing up with modern technology, determined to kill the rest of us unless we submit. and that's -- this is the core argument -- >> but that's a truth they're not willing to acknowledge here. >> right. >> not only as evidenced by what they say, you know, man-caused disasters. they're trying to turn orlando into gun control. but that's releasing gitmo detaining so they can go back in the battlefield and try and kill more people.
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that's giving $150 billion to the number one state sponsor of terror, iran. you know, that's giving mohamed morsi, a guy that once referred to the israelis as descendants of apes and pigs, tanks, f-16s, and $1 billion. and these are the same people that want to bring in refugees in spite of what our cia director, fbi director, assistant fbi director, special envoy to defeat isis, all warn us that isis will infiltrate that population, and they're willing to gamble with the lives of every american. there is a disconnect here that is bordering on pathological. >> right. so the thing we've got to figure out, the thing that donald trump has to figure out and the republicans at every level in the country have to figure out is how do you draw the contrast between reality, what you and i are watching tonight tragically from turkey, and the insanity of the democrats? take, for example, the race with
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russ finegold and ron johnson in wisconsin. russ feingold is a very attractive, very pleasant, very nice guys, whose views of the planet are deranged. and somehow we've got to get across to people this is a man whose economic, diplomatic, and military policies are going to get a lot of people killed. now, that's politically incorrect. one's not allowed to say that. but i'm here to tell you that if we don't start telling the american people the truth, we're going to pay in dead americans for our unwillingness to have a fierce, direct national debate. >> mr. speaker, when you put it in its totality now, he was wrong saying the j.v. team. he was wrong saying they were contained. he wouldn't acknowledge radical islamic terrorism. you know, add to that man-caused disasters and overseas
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contingents and workplace violence. then you add to that giving the iranians money. you add to that giving morsi money. you add to that not securing the border. you add to that releasing gitmo detainees. honestly, i think at some point there's got to be a reality check. and if you had the refugees on top of this, there seems to be no concern about putting american people -- the american people's lives at risk here. what is the reason for this lack of understanding of the world as it really is? >> well, i think that botand, t hillary clinton represent a hardline, left-wing world view in which the problem is always america, and which they can't -- they cannot bring themselves to render judgments. they can't bring themselves to say the words "islamic terrorism" or islamic soup recommend citizen many, which i prefer, because it would violate
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their core principle that you should always be in situational ethics, you should always be careful not to discriminate. this is insane. i mean you're dealing with people who want to kill you, and you're telling us as the attorney general said, that the correct answer to terrorism is love? no. the correct answer to terrorism is to kill the terrorists. >> let me ask you this question if i can. we're going to have another segment with you, but we're going to continue to run these pictures out of turkey as we speak here. but the benghazi report comes in today. we learned something. 600 times security was denied before the attack. during the attack, a stand down order was given, and our troops were told to change their clothes four times and we needed, you know, permission from the libyans to actually save americans, and that's what they were discussing. then after we were told a lie because hillary told her own daughter the libyan president, the egyptian prime minister, that it was a terror attack but told us something totally
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differently. your thought in the last minute we have in this segment? >> it's very straight forward. barack obama for re-election purposes lied to the american people. hillary clinton, as the loyal puppet of barack obama, lied to the american people. there is no other possible explanation of what we have learned. they did it knowingly. they did it deliberately. they did it with cruelty that's unimaginable. and in her case, she lied to the families who lost loved ones, and we now know today it was an absolute lie. >> let me put up on the screen the e-mail she sent to her daughter the night of the attack. two of our officers were killed in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group. the ambassador, whom i hand picked and a young communications officer on temporary duty with a wife and two very young children. very hard day, and i fear more of the same tomorrow. she was telling us at the exact same time something very different.
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this was related to a youtube video. it's breathtaking. >> look, the level of coldness and heartlessness and deliberate, you know, misinformation is worthy of orwell's 1984. the idea of a human being who could be this heartless and could tell this kind of a lie to the families when she's face to face with them, when they have lost a loved one, it is frightening to think how deeply heartless she is. >> all right. newt gingrich, stay right there. when we come back, this is coming up with newt right after the break. >> she voted for me before, and agents and her staff, at one time i saw her staff so afraid to tell her about a mistake that was made. >> newt gingrich reacts to our explosive interview with former secret service officer gary byrne. newt will weigh it on that. and also tonight and later, house select committee on
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benghazi released their report on the 2012 terror attack. one of the select committee members, congressman mike pompeo, and chris peronto, he's going to be here with reaction. he was one of the heroes that night. that and much more tired of re-dosing antacids? try duo fusion! new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac.
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i feel so strongly that people need to know the real hillary clinton and how dangerous she is in her behavior. she is not a leader. she is not a leader. >> she doesn't have the temperament. >> she didn't have the temperament to handle the social office when she was first lady. she does not have the temperament. >> she's dishonest. >> she's dishonest. she habitually lies. anybody that, you know, can separate themselves from their politics and review her behavior over the last --
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>> you're going to be accused of this being politically. >> i'm sure i will be. i have been already. >> what's your answer? >> it's not. it's got nothing to do with politics. >> there's been examples that i cite in my book where she blows up at people. like i said, she's blown up at me before and agents and her staff. at one time, i saw her staff so afraid to tell her about a mistake that was made. they weren't upset about the waste of the mistake, ordering the wrong invitations. they were terrified that someone was going to have to tell hillary clinton that there was a mistake made. i hope some day that it does make a difference. i mean if mrs. clinton ends up being the president of the united states, then she's our president, and she's the commander-in-chief, and it is what it is. but if she did become the president without me speaking the truth, i'm not sure i could -- i could deal with that. people need to know. this is serious. and her behavior is appalling. she's two different people. >> that was former secret service officer gary byrne last night right here on this program, describing what it was like to work in the clinton
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white house. back with us for more reaction, former speaker of the house newt gingrich. he only reinforced something george steph nop list said and dee dee meyers said about temper to the point where she threw a vase in the residency, gave bill a black eye, he believes, that would scream and yell and belittle and just explode at people. actually cursing out secret service agents, telling them to f off and go to hell and throwing a bible at one of them and hitting him in the head. that's what he tells in this book. and yet temperament is only measured in the media about donald trump. your reaction to that? >> well, look, the fix is in. the elite media is terrified of donald trump. they are absolutely committed to the election of hillary clinton. they are willing to do things like this totally phony washington post poll that grossly oversampled democrats and was clearly false.
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and anybody who looked at it would have known it. they have "the new york times" going back to donald trump's dating habits 25 years ago, getting it wrong, and being repudiated by the very women they interviewed. you just have to assume that you're going to get, from now to election day, an unendingly one-sided coverage which does everything it can to prop up hillary clinton and everything it can to shrink donald trump. one of the lessons of brexit may be in fact in the end it doesn't matter. people look past the media to draw their own conclusions and decide that they're not going to do it again. >> you bring up "the new york times" issue. the media is so corrupt that, you're right, that all the women that they quoted repudiated them and said that they manufactured comments that they never made, and they had just the opposite feelings of what they described. but they never interviewed juanita broaddrick or kathleen willey or paula jones, and they all have stories to tell. imagine if this was a book
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written about donald trump. i would imagine cbs, nbc, and abc would cover it. so far, they have not, which doesn't surprise me. but you know it would be, you know, front-page news for weeks and weeks if it was trump. how do you overcome that? >> look, well, you overcome it by what donald trump did today in pittsburgh. you give serious, straightforward speeches that are powerful. you do what he did the other day at turn berry in scotland, where he was very clear, very calm, communicated key values in a very positive way. i mean trump's ability with social media and his ability if he stays disciplined and he stays focused and he gives speeches like this, he's going to win the election. and there's not much that hillary can do to stop him because in the end, it's going to come down to -- and in my newsletter today, which brief commercial, people can get by going to gingrich it's free. my newsletter today takes italy,
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austria, iceland, britain. in every one of those cases in the last two months, you had the outs defeat the ins, in some cases by enormous margins because there's this feeling around the world that the establishment's corrupt. the establishment has failed. the establishment's not good for my future and not good for my country. and after the elites get done yelling and screaming, people are just walking over them. i mean the top professional politician in iceland on sunday got 13% in the presidential race. everybody agbove him was a non-politician. >> some of the things you said you wanted to see out of donald trump, he seems to be far more disciplined, rapid response. a lot of messaging. maybe more on message and not willing to go off script so much because that plays into the only narrative that it seems hillary has. and she's coordinating with obama. the only issue they want to seem to bring up is donald trump and
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donald trump's person al. this secret service officer gives a narrative about hillary's temperament, how inoffensive she is and dishonest on the benghazi issue. are you happy with the progress he has made in terms of the way he's directing az message at the american people? >> look, i think a couple things are really starting to work. trump himself is becoming much more focused, much more understanding of what it means to be the nominee for president. a much bigger job than back when you were one of 17. he has gotten, i think, a great speechwriter in stephen miller. they are a good team. they work together really well. and paul manafort is doing a terrific job of building a team. this is rapidly becoming a national class operation capable of along working with reince priebus of the rnc, capable of taking on hillary in a straight-on fight. i think that's going to come as a huge shock to the left. >> they word on where you stand? have they been vetting you at all for any possible position? >> i have -- listen, i have been
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standing right here on your show week after week, and i will continue. i want you to know, sean, that i will continue to stand -- >> i knew you weren't going to answer the question so i did it for entertainment purposes only. by the way, it was fun on radio today because i had you and patrick kennedy. it's a really good cause. there's so much addiction. i mean all these kids get started with vicodin, percocet and oxy, and then they can't afford an $80 pill and they move to heroin at $10 a bag. it's become a national epidemic, and you guys have actually teamed up. so i congratulate you. >> if you go to opioid, patrick kennedy's showing real leadership. we have a bipartisan team working on this. we think it is possible to use new, modern breakthroughs with medication therapies that really help save lives. and remember that the total drug deaths annually are greater than deaths from automobiles. >> scary. >> so this is a real problem for america. >> all right, mr. speaker. thank you. coming up, more on the house select committee's report on
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benghazi. we'll get reaction from congressman mike pompeo and chris tanto peronto. he was one of the heroes that night. plus elizabeth warren hitting the campaign trail with hillary clinton. later tonight, we'll expose warren's controversial positions and why trump calls her pocahontas. all that and more tonight on "hannity."
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i want her to apologize to me for calling me a liar on tv because this is clearly not true. and i want to know why my son was left to die, breathing in diesel smoke, which is the most horrible way to die. and she didn't do anything to stop it. she could have. she ought to be in -- in -- she see this woman in stripes. stripes because she lied in the different things that she did say were very, very, totally wrong. my son is dead because of her.
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i -- i -- i would like to talk to her. >> that was pat smith back in april. her son, sean, was one of the four americans killed during that attack in benghazi. joining us now is a member of the benghazi select committee, kansas congressman mike pompeo is with us. how many requests were there before the attack for extra, additional security in the region? >> sean, there were over 600 requests that said we've got a problem. this is the lawless part of libya. we need help. we are undermanned. there were folks who talked about it being a suicide mission. >> and the red cross left? >> that's right. multiple terror attacks. some of them at our own facility. yet insufficient security was provided. >> during the attack, we had people ready to go help, and they changed clothes four times because they didn't know if they wanted them to actually go in in uniform. and we were asking permission of libya to save americans while they were under fire. >> one of the things that our report shows very clearly is secretary clinton put politics
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and her political legacy way ahead of the people on the ground. they were dithering for two hours in a telephone conference call while mortars are falling in libya, and they're talking about things not related to -- >> do we have video of this going on? >> there was. for much of the evening in benghazi, we had real-time video that was being fed back. >> so she had to know that the fight was ongoing, and they're sitting there talking about a video? >> oh, it was well known that the fight was going on in washington, d.c. there was no surprise. the difference between the fire fight and the intensity and the urgency and valor in benghazi, and the lame, unvigorous attack in washington, d.c. is deeply disturbing. >> so we had guys ready to go help them. >> that's right. >> and they wouldn't pull the trigger. they wouldn't say go. >> sean, at no time. at no time was there ever an aircraft inbound for libya during the entire evening. for the first seven hours, there wassent even a vehicle, a soldier that had moved towards libya. >> they knew this first 3:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon. >> about 3:42 washington, d.c. time when the first knowledge
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reached washington. >> and leon panetta told the president in a prearranged meeting in the oval office, right? >> that's right, about 5:00 p.m. he went to the oval office. >> here's another thing. the president didn't even read the next day his -- didn't get his presidential intelligence briefing? >> that's correct. it's remarkable. at no time did the president ever gather his troops. you would think you've got an ambassador missing. they were all in washington, the director of the cia, the secretary of state are all in washington and at no time did they want to say, hey, we want to get together and figure this out so we can save lives in benghazi and libya. >> while simultaneously telling us afterwards this was related to a youtube video. she wrote her daughter it was a terror attack but told us, the american people, something different. >> again, this is politics ahead of those folks on the ground, sean. she knew within hours that this was a terrorist attack. >> why did they lie? >> no, i just think there were 56 days left to an election. it didn't fit the narrative of osama bin laden is dead.
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just in the same way they clipped the 9/11 reports in orlando, they didn't want to tell the american people the truth about the fact that radical islamic terrorists were tacking americans that night. >> what do you take about her? >> terrible leadership and a willingness to put her own political legacy ahead of those people she sent into harm's way. >> this is heart breaking. if it's my son or daughter, i am livid beyond words tonight. >> i keep thinking if it was my son, what i would thought if the american government had reacted that way. >> one of the heroes by the way of that night is with us now. joining us now with reaction to the select committee's final report is a man who witnessed the benghazi attack first hand. former army ranger chris -- i call him tanto peronto. i'm going to keep the congressman here with us. how many times were you told to stand down that night? you were at the cia annex about a mile or two away. >> not even that.
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about three quarters of a mile as the crow flies. if we had been unhindered on foot, ten minutes to get there. a drive, it took us maybe a minute. the words stand down were used. you know what, it's -- >> at least three times, you told me, right? >> well, twice the words wait were used. once the words stand down were used. to me, it's semantics. we were delayed. >> you and the other heroes of benghazi in the movie 13 hours, you guys decided to put your career on the line. you knew americans were under fire, and you said we're not standing down. you went. ty woods died and glen doherty died going against orders, risking their whole career to save those americans under fire. true? >> well, that's where patriotism comes over politics, and that's where we have a problem with me and ms. clinton. patriotism is always going to trump politics. we're going to risk our lives to save americans. she didn't. >> who told you to stand down? >> our chief of base.
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it was local cia leadership for us. whether how far it went up, i don't know. >> congressman, that's a question for you maybe. where would that order have come from. >> best we can tell from the evidence it came from that chief of base. he was the one telling those amazing heroes. >> tanto, when you hear the congressman say there was a live feed of the attack going on and this lasted all these hours and they didn't send anybody to help you, it takes my breath away. that's not the america i know, that they tell the marines, oh, you can't go in uniform. wait a minute. we can't send anybody. we need permission from libya to send our troops to save americans lives. >> here's what i gathered off the report. they weren't even contemplating coming to benghazi. this is news to me. this hurts me. this pisses me off because i was seeing and hearing not only were people not moving at all to even assist, but they weren't even thinking about coming to benghazi. that's what bothers me.
1:33 am
that's something new i found out. >> they're watching on video, live feed. >> exactly. >> tanto, you're a hero of mine and a friend. thank you so much for being with us. congressman, thank you for your hard work and telling the american people the truth here. >> thank you, sir. >> it's so sad, those four men dies that day, and it could have been prevented. 600 requests. coming up, hillary clinton is starting to bring elizabeth warren out on the campaign trail with her. coming up next, a "hannity" investigation. who is elizabeth warren? we'll look at her controversial policy positions and much more. and why does trump call her pocahontas? later, a new report reveals thousands of americans are on a isis hit list but the fbi doesn't contact people on that list. you'll meet the reporter who broke that story as we continue.
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i'm here today because i'm with her. hillary has brains. she has guts. she has thick skin and steady hands. but most of all, she has a good
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heart. >> all right. that was left-wing massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, who donald trump calls pocahontas, campaigning yesterday with hillary clinton. a desperate move from the clinton camp, trying to boost hillary's credibility with bernie sanders voters. but why does trump call warren pocahontas? well, back in 2012 while running for the senate, it came to light that warren had listed herself as a native-american in professional directories. her opponent at the time, former senator scott brown claimed she used it to further her career. here's warren's explanation of her ancestry. watch this. >> i have lived in a family that has talked about native-american, talked about tribes, since i've been a little girl. i still have a picture on my mantle at home, and it's a picture my mother had before that, a picture of my grandfather. and my aunt bea has walked by that picture at least a thousand times, remarked that he -- that her father, my papaw, had high
1:41 am
cheekbones like all of the indians do. >> a dead giveaway. now, warren is well known for her populous criticism of banks and financial institutions. she also made that statement. >> there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. nobody. you built a factory out there. good for you. but i want to be clear. you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. you were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. >> you didn't build that. sound familiar? joining us now with reaction, fox news contributor herman cain and the co-host of the five, author of the brand new book "wake up america, the nine virtues that made our nation great and why we need them more than ever." thank you for the autographed
1:42 am
copy. i really appreciate it. it's a great book. i've been reading it. great job. all right. high cheekbones her papaw had. >> imagine if you or i said that. >> so i would love -- >> why are you laughing, herman cain? high cheekbones, my papaw? >> because i have big lips. does that make me black? good grief. i'm not dealing with any comments you make. >> but she did this on purpose. that's not a sign of ancestry. >> no. >> so did you think she did it to advance her career? >> she did it to advance her career, number one. and, number two, the things she talked about basically summed up what you said you didn't build that. that shows how much she doesn't understand about business and
1:43 am
economics as well as everything else that's going on in this country. she was a law professor for 20 years. she is out of touch with reality. she believes that the intellectual elites, the political elites, are responsible for this successful nation, and she is totally, totally out of touch with what really built america. >> isn't this really about 55% in a recent poll of bernie sanders supporters will not support hillary clinton. >> it's an opportunity for donald trump to pick up some voters, and he really is starting to embrace that. more importantly, forget the fact that elizabeth warren said she was 1/32 cherokee at some point in her life and that may or may not be true. she also was an anti-hillary clinton person ten years ago. when elizabeth warren came out and said wall street is evil, they demonize the middle class. she said hillary clinton has taken too many campaign contributions from wall street.
1:44 am
she can't judge fairly when hillary clinton was running for her senate seat 15 years ago, whatever it was. so she dollaisliked where hilla clinton was in wall street, but the twinsies there with the blue pant suits. are they both wearing mock asins? i can't tell. >> you're in trouble on your own too. i'm not taking responsibility for either of you guys. you're all on your own tonight. >> she has flip-flopped on her first distrust of hillary clinton with wall street and now -- >> is this because -- i'll throw this to herman. is this because, though, she's losing the base and does she need to pick somebody like warren or bernie to shore up the base because they're not energized because she's such a weak candidate? >> yes. she thinks that the blues sisters are going to attract all of the women and all of the -- >> everybody's a comedian tonight. >> all the bernie sanders supporte supporters. >> hannity is not responsible,
1:45 am
okay? here's the thing about this thi. hillary clinton, through elizabeth warren, attacking donald trump's qualifications. that's like mickey mouse trying to tell smoky the bear how to prevent forest fires. it makes no sense. neither one of them have ever created any jobs, and now they want to try to demean a guy who has created hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> does she help hillary if she picks her for v.p. or hurt her? >> i think it hurts her. based upon the calls i got to date from women, they were disgusted with that display that they had in cincinnati of them basically doing a trump attack, which was also a man attack. >> i think it helps because i think hillary clinton, her biggest draw back for the last eight months has been bernie sanders. he's been the biggest thorn in her side, not donald trump. he gets out of the race, and now she has to struggle to get the bernie sanders vote.
1:46 am
bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are the same person. >> but she's not reaching independents. she's trying to shore up her base. isn't that a sign of weakness? >> no. it's a sign of wanting to win. you have that centrist democrat, you're worried about your base, and you're worried about your base running for donald trump as the anti-establishment, you go head and get someone just like bernie sanders. >> but shoring up your base is a sign of weakness because at this point -- for example, i always thought it was going to be cain from georgia, because i thought more moderate democrat trying to reach the middle. >> she's moderate enough. >> she's a radical -- >> they look at her as some sort of warhawk, some sort of anti-slash i'll take campaign contributions from wall street. >> you're going to be on the road with your cohorts on the five. >> i'm going to be reading the book on the road. and juan williams, he actually -- >> there's no hope.
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there's no hope. good to see you. coming up, a damning new report alleges the fbi did not contact americans that were on an isis hit list. how could that happen? the reporter that broke that story is coming up next
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. welcome back to "hannity".
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authorities uncovered isis-linked lists that contain the names of americans living within the united states, however, according to a new report from circa news, quote, the fbi did not notify americans they were on a secret kill list. we reached out to the fbi. they told us, quote, the fbi routinely notifies individuals of potential threat information. we performed these notifications of potential victims are ware of possible threats and take appropriate steps. joining me now is the person behind that investigation, national security correspondent and circa news, sarah carter. do we have the names of the people? >> yes. i do. what is interesting is that the fbi says that is their job, to warn, to inform. but when i went through these lists i obtained these kill lists. they're data bases, sean.
1:53 am
they had names, addresses, phone numbers, cell phone, as well as work phone numbers, home phone numbers and eem yeahing addresses. i started contacting people and they had no idea what i was talking about. >> are these military people? what can you tell us about them? >> they're every day, average citizens, art cure raters, real estate agents, schoolteachers. what is interesting is as i was randomly selecting people to call, i did come across one lady, a military wife, an army wife. she said she was notified by the army, that there was a credible threat on her life. what is interesting was the army actually didn't give her details beyond that.
1:54 am
she didn't know who could be targeting her. they declined to give her any information. she was too afraid to contact the fbi or law enforcement herself. it was insane. so there was quite a few people on that list. more than two dozen that i had contacted and talked to that had in idea they were on the isis list. >> sarah, this is a very-important story. you're doing a public service and i hope authorities now pay attention and inform the individuals about poe ten threat on their live. thank you for your great work here. appreciate it. when we come back, a
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do you think hillary clinton owes an apology to the benghazi victim's families rather than saying it's time to move on like she did today? four lives were lost, 600 requests for security. nobody came to their rescue during the >> it is wednesday, june 29th. this is a fox news alert. dozens of lives lost as homicide bombers unleash coordinated attacks at one of the buds iest
1:59 am
airports, turkey. now blaming isis as brand new stunning video takes us inside the terror. >> fight fire with fire. donald trump with a grand plan as trump takes center stage on the campaign trail. >> we have to fight fire with fire. we have to fight so viciously and violently because we are dealing with violent people. >> hillary clinton taking a different approach. we are live in washington. >> high speed collision. the search for missing crew members after two trains slam into each other falling off the tracks like dominos. "fox and friend first starts right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". we begin with this breaking
2:00 am
news. all p indications pointing to another isis inspired attack in turkey. >> this time at one of the buzzest airports in istanbul back open after less than 24-hours after suspected terrorists storm the gates detonating bombs and killing 36 people. >> several airports are ramping up their security measures chilly warnings that more could be on the horizon. we have team coverage for you with amy kellogg tracking the latest from rome. kristin fisher monitoring the reaction on the campaign trail from washington, d.c. >> oo 36 confirmed dead among them several police officers. but it is believed that that death tole could rise to as many as 50. 150 wounded in the attack which has been condemn