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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 29, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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ng to be better. about caitlyn jenner and ghost busters. just so you know two separate stories. >> live on facebook is that true? >> that's right. terror abroad again as the death toll is rising. terror strikes at one of the martha: the death toll is rising. three armed attackers stormed the international airport in istanbul. look at these images as people lose hire lives. opening fire and blowing themselves up. 239 are believed to have been injured in this horrific and vicious attack. no responsibility taken for it yet. good morning. i'm martha maccallum live in america's newsroom.
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gregg: one of the terrorists blew himself up just outside the terminal. another detonating a bomb as people are running for the exits. this its just the latest in a string of terror attacks in turkey. the prime minister says it has all the earmarks of isis, but the terror group has not yet claimed responsibility. witnesses describing the chaos. >> people shooting on one side and we ran the other way. then bombs went off. one guy had a hole in his back from shrapnel, from glass. gregg: it does appear curious to terrorism experts that isis has not yet claimed responsibility.
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but they say it seems to have the hallmarks of the islamic state because they used suicide bombers. this was on the second anniversary of thal fate's establishment, and isis has been responsible for a string of other attacks, elsewhere, lebanon, somalia, jordan in just the last few months. >> we have seen turkey has stiffened its posture against isis in the last couple days. there was a lot of discussion about whether turkey was not tough enough. turkey does not like assad. so there was discussion. they had been tougher on it lady. there was also conciliatory discussions against vladimir putin. we had seen in the past that isis has taken a bit of time to take responsibility for these attacks.
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we heard catherine herridge talk about the bombings. they ran in with guns and what appeared to be sophisticated suicide belts. and the tiles were pouring down from the rooftops similar to what we saw in brussels. gregg: it comes at a time when isis is losing geographic territory. they are being encircled in mosul and raqqa. and those two cities may fall soon. one asks the question why would they attack now. perhaps, according to terrorism analysts, they are trying to recruit to say to the world and potential terrorists, we are still in the terrorism game. martha: you have got people
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traveling all over the world, and these kinds of soft targets seem to be continually attractive to these groups. in the past we were concerned about what got on the plane. now these attacks moving further out. the description is heartbreaking. people moving through their day, trying to get to the airport, and ending up in some cases in pieces from what we have seen. there is so much shock from the run in paris, brussels, san bernardino, orlando, and now turkey. gregg: why this particular airport? one of the reasons appears to be this is a strategy to try to disrupt turkey's economy, targeting their principle
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area -- the principal area. senator marco rubio, your reaction as you listen to all of this. i know you have been spending the last 24 hours pouring over the details. >> what's happening is isis long inspired the attack in turkey for a number of reasons. one is they want to take it over one day. turkey is participating in anti-isis initiatives and operations. the way they want to terrorize the turkish people is to hurt their tourism. you have seen attacks in istanbul and centers downtown where tourists frequent. there was already a dropoff in terrorism in istanbul because of it. i was at that airport a few weeks ago.
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this is an ongoing aspiration on their part. i talked about this a couple of days ago. i think you will see more. isis clearly wants to be involved in turkey. though there has been no official confirmation or anyone taking credit. this wasn't the kurdish element in turkey, they usually hit buses full of soldiers. al qaeda hasn't shown a propensity to be involved in turkey. i'm fairly confident this is an isis operation to scare tourists away. martha: i heard lyndsey graham say this is a direct result of
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isis. how to deal with these incidents cropping up on a daily basis. >> two things need to happen. we need to continue to hit their nerve center which is where isis is able to inspire people to conduct the source of attacks. they don't actually necessarily have to have people come to raqqa. but defeating isis. that's a key part of it. but we need a closer and better relationship with the turks. thethey are a nato ally. but i have expressed in the past that the turks weren't taking their isis problem as seriously as they should. my argument was it's going to happen and you won't be able to
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cover it up. i hope we can improve our intelligence sharing with the turks. their strikes from the air base in turkey which they did allow us to do and which we thanks them for is the main reason isis has chosen to ramp up its focus on turkey. they are a good nato ally. but i think there is more that can happen and we can share and work closely with turkey. martha: you look at the strength of the work that's been done in brussels to wrap up these terrorist organizations. it feels like we need that intensity across europe and at home. the leadership from the top to make that happen. i want to get your thoughts on the benghazi report. this is something you feel strongly about as well. there has been a lot of discussion there was too much money and it didn't find too
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much information. what do you think? >> i found a lot of important information. first this white house meeting where the primary focus came to be how to spin this politically. september 2012, two months before election day, and the fear this was a terrorist attack became a fear in the white house on obama's policies. putting brave mayorans in harm's way in benghazi and not having enough security on the front end and the unwillingness to send in the resources necessary. even a flyover of american jets would have been enough to scare some people off. they didn't want to offend what was then a libyan government.
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that consideration to me, i don't understand it, and they have to answer for it. hillary clinton's allies will try to white wash this. but there is no covering up. the incompetence and our willingness or inability to save these americans we put in harm's way. martha: how is it possible the commander-in-chief of defense leon panetta says go in, then the state department wrestles it away and $says they are going to make the calls. how does that happen? >> it's very typical when there is a lack of strong leadership at the state department saying hold on. we don't want a bunch of people with military assets deployed because it will offend the libyans.
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in essence one of the things we learn from this report is potential insubordination from people at the state department who failed to respond. someone needs to be held accountable. the buck stops at the top. and the person running the state department was hillary clinton, who is asking to be commander-in-chief. gregg: new details coming to light from the night of the attack in benghazi. >> no military asset was verde ployed to been gas -- was verde ployed to benghazi. why aren't military forces sent in. we'll talk to trey gowdy at
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10:45 eastern. martha: and we'll talk to the uncle of sean smith. hillary clinton saying it's time to move on. will she regret those word? the brave men who sprung into across even when they were told not to. >> before giving so much courage that night, especially the team, showing that they never quit, youer in give up when you believe in your self, you believe in god, and you believe in your team. you can be successful. gregg: his heroic efforts to save lives until help arrived. the basis for the motion picture "13 hours." >> you are not the first responders. you are a last resort. you will wait. >> none you has to go. >> we are the only help we have.
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martha: the benghazi report reveals president obama and defense secretary leon panetta ordered the military to deploy.
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>> somebody changed panetta's order. they believed the guys were evacuating so he believed to deploy them to tripoli instead. when you press him on what informed and instructed that belief, it wasn't any information on the ground. martha: somebody who knew the fight was far from over. kris poronto, benghazi security contractor at the time. the name of the book, 13 hours says so much. it was 13 hours. 13 hours of fighting for your life. when you hear that, the commander-in-chief, and the department of defense secretary said deploy and you learn that
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never happened, what's your reaction? >> it's ager and disappointment in our current administration. at this point within the state department. it also raises a lot of questions why. and what were they thinking when they were discussing in the war room about either giving us assets or not and were they developing a story to couch what was going on there. from the report that's what i heard, they were more concerned about developing a cover story than trying to help us. martha: when you hear there were decisions made about changing uniforms, and you think about your friends on that rooftop. anyone who has not seen "13
6:19 am
hours" needs to see this movie because it will frustrate you in terms of an american response. >> it's looking leadership, somebody not taking charge and making a good decision to help americans overseas that were giving multiple requests that were under fire, under siege, with a hi-ranking ambassador that was missing. knowing all that confusion was going on. it angers me. somebody running for president right now obviously does haven't those credentials. she wasn't making good leadership decisions that night. martha: who came to your aid ultimately. it wasn't americans or anybody we have been working relations within libya. who was it? >> it was libyan military intelligence unit.
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they were actually allied to qaddafi when we were trying to overthrow them. i do speak events and i say sometimes god has a sense of humor. we were saved by libyans that we would have been fighting any other day. it's ironic. but you have faith. it's ironic that's we were saved by libyans that we could have been fighting any other day. martha: who gave you the order to stands down. who said that to you? >> it was our local chief of base. he gave john the exact words "stand down." the others were told to wait if you want to get into semantics. it's just somebody not in tune
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to military or combat situation that he should have left up to the professionals, the seals, the rangers and the marines. martha: how could carter ham, the general in that area not have known the battle was going on? how could he have thought it was over? >> i have no idea. we have something in the military called playing dumb private. he may not have known. he may not have been told by hillary clinton. but either way it's not an excuse. sometimes we learn from the military it's better to just claim ignorance and not know than tell the truth and face repercussions. i think he wasn't told, but as a general 4-star, you not knowing what's going on in your area of
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operations, i don't know. martha: we thank you for being here and for your service. >> thank you, ma'am. gregg: the brand-new polls showing the race between trump and clinton tightening up big time.
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>> i'm sympathetic to a lot of the people attracted to trump's message who are feeling left out and left behind. they lost faith in their government, the economy, politics and most other institutions. i'm not only sympathetic, i'm look for solutions. gregg: hillary clinton looking
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to sway donald trump supporters her way. she says she understands their frustrations, but trump's message is not the answer to their problems. governor john sununu, author of "the quiet man." republicans distrust and dislike the washington establishment. one columnist called her the empress d dowager of the obama presidency. what she is saying i note last 8 years have tucked it to you then she goes on from there. the economy has been a disaster.
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the recovery has been the slowest in american history. she understands that's a political issue. she has tried to dance around it. but she proposed nothing in a constructsive way to go around it. gregg: here is what she said again in this youtube town hall and she took direct aim at donald trump. >> i'm not sympathetic to the xenophobia, the misogyny, the homophobia and all the other sort of dog whistles that trump uses to create that fervor among a lot of his supporters. gregg: today's quinnipiac poll
6:28 am
shows 7% of americans blame donald trump for increasing hatred and prejudice. >> one of his big challenges between now and the convention and post convention is to convert his rhetoric into a tone that's presidential. she is trying to exploit it as much as she can now. but i think the trump effects are talking about moving in that direction. it's important that he does that so we get to a dea bait not on language. not on debate. gregg: donald trump has an incredibly modest staff. about 70 employees. she has 700. he has almost no grounds organization.
6:29 am
hers is vast. he has a paltry campaign treasury. all of that prompted one republican to say donald trump is running a campaign in the era of the caveman. >> the republican state committees around the country have realized they will have to pick up responsibility for making sure the republican voters turn out, especially with the concern the state committees have about the down ballot, u.s. senators, congressmen and so on. this will be a campaign different than almost any other campaign i have ever seen. but that doesn't mean it can't be put together as a winning campaign. i hope the trump campaign recognizes their obligation as a standard-bearer and starts picking up those responsibilities as well.
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martha: we'll try to get an answer to that question. in the next hour we'll speak with eric trump, donald trump's son. we'll get his take also on the attack in turkey and brand-new polls that show a very tight race. gregg: we continue to follow the breaking news overseas in turkey. what's happening with security at airports in the united states. >> it's time to move on. martha: those words to some of the people closely involved in the loss associated with benghazi. she says she is ready to put it behind her. how does the family of sean smith feel about that. >> i find it morally
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. gregg: at least 40 people dead after a coordinate terrorist attack at the istanbul airport in turkey. three people stormed the airport detonating suicide vests. a terror group has yet to claim responsibility. >> we are seeing what's left from the attack. the destruction that's left behind. this is where one of the blasts happened at the international departures. you can see the blown out windows and blown out roof, the
6:35 am
walls that were blown out. there are workers here repairing part of the wall. the boards they put up. it was riddled with bullet holes. the latest numbers coming from istanbul's governor's office. 39 dead, 200 injured. none of those identified are americans. as mentioned while no group has claimed responsibility, some u.s. officials maintain this attack had all the signs of isis. isis carried out other suicide attacks recently in istanbul. turkish president said they will fight until the end. turkey had a hands-off approach allowing the militant and
6:36 am
operatives to cross back and forth with this border with syria. that's because they share a common enemy, that's bashar al-assad. turkey is now involved in the u.s. coalition fight against isis. and isis has vowed to continue attacks in turkey. so clearly isis is retaliating. we see what's left behind, the destruction from yesterday's attacks, three militants launching those attacks, gunfire, then detonating explosive devices. >> trying to understand the facts of the tragedy that led to the deaths of four americans. what happened was a tragedy.
6:37 am
but they also concluded the variety of conspiracy theories flowering on the republican side of the aisle are politically motivated fantasy. >> today the report found nothing to contradict the conclusions of the independent accountability board. i'll leave it to others to characterize this report. but i think it's pretty clear it's time to move on. martha: clinton and the white house press secretary josh earnest both blasting the benghazi report. sean smith was one of the victims of the early part of that attack that happened at that benghazi outpost. and his uncle joins me now. >> martha, thank you for having me on. i wanted to thank both you and mr. hemmer and the staff for -- of "america's newsroom" for
6:38 am
having me on throughout this process for the past few years. this is about the fifth occasion. i was the first family member to he figure congress for a select committee and it's greaty appreciated as far as your support level. martha: it's a big story and continues to be. for the rest of us it's not nearly as personal as it is for you. when i look at this situation, you look at the information we just got. for your nephew, for sean smith, it's about the security lapses that happened before this event. because we talked to tonto who was part of the second part of the carnage. but sean smith was in the relationship mall attack. when you hear hillary clinton say it's time to move on what is your reaction.
6:39 am
>> i spent last night until 3:30 in the moan reading the report. i also read a report coming out today from the citizens' commission on benghazi which is succinct as far as what happened before. one thing the select committee didn't deal with was they didn't deal with the before aspect. in regards to mrs. clinton, what a political hack. america, if you are considering voting for mrs. clinton, ask yourself, what has she accomplished? what are her qualifications. i think mrs. clinton is a criminal, bar none. i think president obama is a criminal. i was researching the statute of limitations for an article i'm going to be writing regarding these reports. and treason -- there is no statute of limitations. it's right up there with murder.
6:40 am
this was a treasonnist act by the obama administration. it was an illegal regime change. it was begun running. it was inappropriate behavior all the way around, before, during and after. martha: we have spoken to patricia smith as well. >> my buddy. martha: she was told on the tarmac as her son's body was brought back that hillary clinton was going to get answers for her and she was going to be there. i can't help but wonder how much of this would have been very different if the initial reaction from hillary clinton and president obama had been that this was a horrible set back and eight was a failure on their part to protect this embassy and in the middle of everything going on with the arab spring, that there were things that were positive, but that this was a huge tragic setback. do you think you would feel differently about all of this if
6:41 am
that's how they had handled it? i'm sorry, unfortunately we lost mr. ingmire due to an audio malfunction. we thank him for being here and our thought go out to his family as they digest this information. they have been yelling from the roof tops they want answers about the death of sean smith. gregg: a new set of polls in the race for the white house. just how close is it? >> that's the choice we face. we can either give in to hillary clinton's campaign of fear or we can choose to believe again in america. ieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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martha: three crew members missing after a freight train collision in texas. it forced a evacuations from the surrounding area. a crew member jumped before that collision. he is in stable condition in a nearby hospital. gregg: donald trump closing the gap on hillary clinton in the latest quinnipiac university poll. it has the two candidates virtually tied at 2-40. hear is alan colmes and matt schlapp. guys, great to have you here. alan, it was a few days ago the abc poll gave hillary clinton a 12-point advantage.
6:46 am
the nbc poll had trump losing by 5 points. >> i don't think you can go by polls at this point. you can't go by one poll. we haven't even had the conventions yet. and how many of those in the poll are likely voters? so i think we have to narrow it down as to who was asked and how accurate is that poll. gregg: clinton is a heavy fast it among african-americans. women, hispanics, young voters. that's stuffr tough for trump. -- that's tough for trump. >> that's exactly right. when you look at the ballot test. trump versus clinton, if i were on the candidate's campaign, i wouldn't worry so much about that. i would also want to look at
6:47 am
attributes and what the campaign is all about. we all know what the campaign is all about. it's an indictment of washington. it's wanting to change the status question. that's what i focus on and i give the advantage to trump. gregg: a majority of americans in this policy both clinton and trump would not make good presidents. their favorability ratings are very, very low. unfavorability very, very high. is this the lesser of two evils choice? >> it's not only leading voters who are likely voters it's all about the electoral map in four or five swing states. you can narrow it down. if you want to look at who's likely to win. that's where you have to look. >> trump vowed he would rip up
6:48 am
the trade deals. the u.s. chamber of commerce absolutely ripped into trump saying he's not only going to raise prices for consumers in america, it will cost according to their estimate 3.5 million jobs if trump gets his way. >> i think the chamber of commerce coming out against trump so aggressively. the fact that you have all these wall street executives endorsing clinton. this all helps trump. because he's taking these people on. free trade we all know, that's just a marketing term. these are contracts. what trump is trying to tell the world, i'm going to negotiate these contracts with the american worker in minds. by the way, that's popular in both parties. >> he's not saying free trade is
6:49 am
in and of itself wrong. what he's saying many times the agreements don't take the american worker in the primary position. >> you are going to have the american conservatives and they won't be happy about that. >> she is for the excise taxes. gregg: trump was bemoaning pittsburgh's losses in the steel industry. what he overlooked is they were smart in transitioning to other more prosperous things. they added 66,000 healthcare jobs, and then that doesn't consider the banking jobs that were add. is that sort of lost on trump or does he not and he's trying to pull a fast one? >> we have to embrace innovation as a party and trump needs to embrace it as well. the thing he missed in that speech is not just a question
6:50 am
about weaknesses in trade deals. it's also the fact hillary clinton is against tpp but she said she is going to raise tax on corporations. we have the highest income tax rates on corporations today. gregg:' we have got to go, out of time. thank you both. martha: we had dry, hot weather and wildfires produced in part by that. is this a new normal for california. a new report reveals this situation is not likely to improve anytime soon. ♪
6:51 am
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martha: >> conversation about how to
6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
difference between saving a home or not. gregg: official on high alert after suicide bombers targeted one of the busiest travel hubs in turkey. president obama is offering the f.b.i. to assist in the vest nation. martha: eric trump, the southern of donald trump weighs in on turkey and how things are going in the trump campaign. here is florida senator marco rubio in america's newsroom a few moments ago. >> this an ongoing aspiration on their part. i talked about this a few days ago. i said i wouldn't be surprised at seeing attacks in turkey and i think there will be more. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours.
6:57 am
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martha: flooding into the airports getting the scene under airports getting the scene under main terminal has opened. just hours after the carnage. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge on this, tracking the investigation and has latest for us. good morning, catherine. reporter: thank you, martha. there is really clear and direct impact on istanbul attack on american security and airports in this country. security patrols at perimeters and pick up, drop off, seen as airport's soft target or underbelly. patrols have increased this is from new york's jfk. since last night the administration is deeply engaged with the president, attorney general and homeland security secretary. these are all indicators the situation in istanbul is serious and level of sophistication we have not seen before. let me draw your attention to
7:02 am
the video you've seen earlier this morning showing one of the bombers firing inside of the terminal, shot in the hip. he falls to the ground as the guard approaches. he sees that vest, runs and bomber detonates. the fact he came in guns placing has attention of investigation investigators. the goal may have been able to take hostages first and use you side vest as standoff. if the bomber wanted to blow himself up and walked into the airport and crowded passenger line and detonated, martha. martha: incredible. so the fbi will be helping, what do we know about that catherine? >> fox news is told that the fbi's legal attache, the bureau's main point of contact and representative in turkey is working with turkish authorities to help identify the dead. in last few minutes the president pledged fbi full assistance to authorities in istanbul. law enforcement source tells fox news that none of those identified are believed to be
7:03 am
american citizens however identification process is ongoing at this point. there has been no claim of responsibility, but isis is one of the few terror groups that has the capacity to build bombs of this strength. if you think back to some video we've seen in the last 12 hours. one of the striking similarities between istanbul and brussels attack in march is both explosions had the ability to knock the airport ceiling tiles out. this tells you the explosion was strong enough to impact the terminal's structural integrity. last night senator lindsey graham told greta these attacks will continue in the near term. >> you're going to have to where isil resides and destroy the caliphate. this will be with us for a long time but we're making it so much harder on ourselves not having a gameplan to go into syria that will destroy the root of this problem which is in raqqa, syria, is coming back to haunt us all. reporter: to be clear this morning there has been no claim of responsibility for any terror group, isis, al qaeda or kurdish
7:04 am
group in turkey. the bottom line the intelligence community believed for some weeks that isis sent trained operatives into europe in advance of ramadan for attacks. this may well be the link in this case as well, martha. martha: catherine, thank you. reporter: you're welcome. gregg: startling revelation coming out of new benghazi report. for the first time we're learning that president obama decided to skip his personal daily intelligence briefing the morning after the attack. steve hayes, senior writer for weekly standard and fox news contributor. you dug this out, buried in an appendix in this 800 page report. i'm amazed you found it actually. what does it say that the president would skip his intel briefing? >> it is interesting, the president doesn't always get an oral presidential daily brief. this is a pdb process. sometimes he is presented with a
7:05 am
pdb, a written pdb, goes through it on his own. he is often briefed by the executive coordinator to the chief of staff at the white house of these attacks that was jack lew, now treasury secretary. but on the day of at benghazi attacks the executive coordinator took the pdb to the white house early in the morning. presented it to an usher at the white house. then presented this to brief jack lew, chief of staff but the president opted not to take the oral briefing so that he might have been in a position to ask questions or push back or ask for more intelligence on certain aspects. and that's important because the pdb is really freshest intelligence that the intelligence community, all 16 intelligence agencies have. it is one place you can go to get this information and the president opted not to get it at least in that oral fashion. gregg: had he gotten it, would he have been told that this attack had nothing whatsoever to do with a youtube video protest
7:06 am
but rather a planned terrorist attack? >> well that is an interesting question because that is really what this appendix h in this long benghazi report focuses on. there is a line in appendix h that was inserted by this executive coordinator that says, in effect this looks more like a planned attack than it does some spontaneous uprising. that was in the first printed, finished cia product that was presented to the president and there were some people at the cia, some analysts at the cia who didn't agree with that assessment at the time and certainly didn't agree with the process how that was put in. but of course it turns out to have been right. it was a preplanned attack. it was not spontaneous uprising based on a protest. that line was in the report. if the president had read it and thought to ask the executive coordinator bit he would have learned more certainly about the context which that claim was made. gregg: steve, the white house still will not account for the
7:07 am
president's whereabouts while all of this was unfolding. indeed the report reveals that they actively worked against investigators in terms of giving them information. does that invite the question, gee, was this a president who was really not very engaged and apparently wasn't even down in the situation while this 8-hour attack unfolded, claiming life of u.s. ambassador and three others? >> i think that's right. on one hand if you're a defender of the administration you could say the president gave an order pretty early in the report and the report make this is clear, gave an order pretty early to attempt to rescue. leon panetta confirmed order and for reasons unclear it was never carried out. the president you would ask for the president where were you all night? we know he was on the phone with benjamin netanyahu, prime minister of israel for some time when the deputy as committee meeting was taking place at the
7:08 am
7:30, 8:00 time frame on night of the attacks. if you're president you would given an order to two a rescue operation one would think you would follow up or find out if people are taking actions you asked them to. it is important as you point out, greg, the administration, the white house really didn't cooperate on these questions, particularly as it relates to where the president was and how engaged was. in the interview the committee conducted with the executive coordinator, the person in charge of the presidential daily brief, the lawyer twice shut down inquiries that would have asked even general questions how the president take this is intelligence in, the kinds of questions he asks. e@in one case shut down question whether this executive coordinator briefed jack lew specifically about the details of the attack. gregg: i read the transcript of the give-and-take with lawyer interrupting all the time. really unbelievable. they were simple, broad questions. steve hayes, we're out of time. thank you very much.
7:09 am
>> you bet, greg. thanks. martha: in meantime donald trump vowing to restore millions of lost factory jobs during a speech that he gave yesterday in pennsylvania. he slammed u.s. trade policy saying that it is encouraged more companies to move overseas while making people like him richer he says. >> globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very, very wealthy. i used to be one of them. [applause] hate to say it but i used to be one. martha: that was yesterday in pennsylvania. peter doocy live in bangor, maine, though, where trump is holding a rally late this afternoon. peter, how important in maine is trump's election strategy? reporter: could be very important, martha. he has 50-state strategy. maine is one of only two states
7:10 am
that can split up their electoral votes, they can give votes to different candidates depending how voters go. last time maine went for a republican in presidential election was 1988. he will be joined by governor paul lepage. he was early endorser after his first choice chris christie dropped out. lepage even jokes some job he wants in a trump white house. saying in the past he wouldn't mind being ambassador to canada in the summer and ambassador to jamaica in the winter. they're expecting a big crowd here in bangor. residents are on the older side in town. bank gore daily news, some of these older locals are having hard time getting tickets email address and cell phone to confirm. they don't all have a email address and cell phone number. they have been going to the local library asking for help getting in this afternoon, martha. martha: we'll see how this works out, latest response from
7:11 am
candidate trump we've seen. we're talking about so much in istanbul, what is he saying about that, peter? reporter: he tweeted last night, martha, quote, we must do everything possible to keep this horrible terrorism outside of the united states. he is also giving specific details what he would like to do to deter terrorists. specifically, bringing back waterboarding which he says, is peanuts compared to what they want to do to us. >> can you imagine them sitting around the table or wherever they're eating their dinner, talking about the americans don't do waterboarding and we chop off heads. reporter: trump wants to fight fire with fire of the crowd there in ohio loved it. martha. martha: maine rally to come today. peter, thank you very much. gregg: donald trump also attacking hillary clinton, painting her as an elitist who would destroy the economy. >> the people who rigged the system are supporting hillary clinton, because they know, as
7:12 am
long as she is in charge nothing's going to change. gregg: brand new poll showing donald trump and hillary clinton are in a virtual tie. martha: why has turkey become the target this time? a member of the senate foreign relations committee weighs in. gregg: then the white house playing defense over new questions raised in the final report on benghazi. congressman trey gowdy, chairman of the committee, will be joining us live, just ahead. >> they had to mislead the american people because they were 56 days before an election. their legacy was on the line. of course the political narrative was, bin laden is dead, al qaeda is on the run. they couldn't tell the truth so they misled the american people. and so many businesses rely on the us postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the us postal service. priority: you
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i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. ♪ martha: presidential candidate donald trump called for stepped up security measures here in the united states in the wake of the horrible terror attack that we all watched play out last evening in turkey, saying that the terrorist threat he believes has never been greater. >> folks, there's there's something going on that's really, really, bad, all right? it's bad and we better get smart and we better get tough or wheel not have much of a country left, okay? it's bad. martha: this comes as we get brand new numbers this morning from the "quinnepiac poll" that
7:17 am
shows trump in a dead-heat with clinton right now. 40-42%. which is in the margin of error after last week's poll showed trump trailing by one of them as much as 12 points. looks like there is a bit of a turnaround in the polls. eric trump joins us now, executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the trump organization and founder of the eric trump foundation. >> good to be here, martha. martha: a week or so ago the talk was the trump campaign was off the rails. there was a firing, a high-level firing but over the course of the last week or so the message seems to be much more disciplined. pole numbers, this is one, we'll get more fox polls tonight indicate there may be a turning of the ship. >> i can tell you hillary is not happy. when she looks at that poll she is not happy. listen, see all the things that have come out. state department is missing $6 billion, $6 billion missing from her state department while she was there. you see the benghazi hearing
7:18 am
yesterday said everything but that she was totally complicit what happened there. and that they did everything wrong including lie about it in the aftermath. now we have another 41 people dead and 200 wounded in turkey. we just had brussels, you know. we had san bernardino. people walking around with machine guns walking into airports with suicide vests on. innocence people dying. we saw the "new york post" with father carrying his kid. martha: that is a universal feeling but i do want to get your thoughts because there was so much discussion about the fact that the family was very instrumental in sort of wresting the campaign and trying to get it on track. what do you think is the biggest internal campaign change that you have seen corey lewandoski left? what does it feel like inside? >> i think we're doing our thing. i think we're doing it very, very well. hillary has 732 people working for her. we have 70. we run a very lean campaign but
7:19 am
i think it is also incredibly effective. as we gear up for the general. we're doing that right now. our focus is on the convention. we'll have convention, really amazing convention. we're going to beat her in november, make no mistake about it. this country can't stand another four years or eight years of obama administration. we're not going to have a country left. we'll be broke, bankrupt, based on the amount of deficit that they're putting on the country every year. you're going to see more and more of these terrorist attacks. no one is willing to do anything about it. they're not able to say the words, radical islamic terrorism. massive corruption with the clinton scandals. martha: unless you recognize the problem for what it is, your dad talked about that a lot. i guess what i'm getting at, some sense of what your dad's mood is right now and whether or not the more sober approach we've seen in the last couple of speeches indicates that he got the message and that he hears what some republican concerns were for some of the offhanded
7:20 am
remarks and things setting him back? give me some sense where he is in terms of that? >> i think he is in a great spot. we as a family are in great spot. this is incredibly positive. mood in the polls and look where it is going and where she is going. i think, it is great and obviously makes us feel very good. it means we're doing something great but you know, you mentioned somber. i think he is also feeling just the attitude of the world. you see what happened with "brexit," right. you see what is happening in this nation. you see our manufacturing disappearing. he is doing this the reason he wants to fix this country. he is not doing this for fun. he wants to fix the incompetence in our government. that is why he is running. martha: one sound bite from elizabeth warren, some people think this may be the team you're facing. can we play that quickly? >> when donald trump says he will make america great, he means make it even greater for rich guys just like donald trump
7:21 am
great for the guys who don't care how much they have already squeezed from everyone else. great for the guys who always want more. because that's who donald trump is. the guy who wants it all for himself. and watch out, because he will crush you into the dirt to get whatever he wants. martha: up against a hard break. just five seconds, your thought on that? >> we have 100 million people out of the workforce in this country. their administration perpetuated this. i think we'll win and because of jobs and some other issues. martha: great to see you. thanks so much for coming by. see you soon. gregg: heightened security in some airports in the u.s. following attack at a major travel hub in turkey. so how is america responding? that is next. first here is senator john mccain on going after the enemy. >> there is one fundamental here. we either kill them there or we'll kill them in places like istanbul or san bernardino or
7:22 am
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7:23 am
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7:25 am
gregg: lawmakers reacting to the terrorist attack on a turkish airport that saw three suicide bombers kill at least 41 people. congressman michael mccaul, chairman of the house homeland security committee saying the evidence so far points to the islamic state. >> this has hallmarks of isis-related attack. involved an airport just like brussels. like the sequel to brussels. it is second an versery of the caliphate. unlike the pkk which strikes military, they often strike civilian targets as well. so, it is really very deadly
7:26 am
attack but you know, steve, we're seeing these attacks all too common. gregg: joining me to talk about it republican senator from wyoming, john barrasso. senator, thank you for being with us. in addition to what mr. mccaul said, it was also the method that was used here, suicide bombers wearing vests, detonating them which is consistent with past acts by isis. does this appear to you to be the work of the islamic state? >> well, it does to me. this is horrific attack, in a string of horrific attacks. united states senator, i'm very concerned about protection of the homeland. so there is significant fear and anxiety worldwide but what we need to do here at home is make sure our military, intelligence community as well as law enforcement has all tools they need. but in addition to that, we need to go after isis where they are. they have a safe haven where they can direct, where they can
7:27 am
influence and where they can inspire attacks like this and train others. ice is is not going to self-destruct. they are resilient. they're formidable. we need to destroy them. gregg: but the president has said they're contained and on the defense, senator. you don't believe him? >> well the president has said that. then seems like the very next day the director of the cia came to capitol hill to tell a very different story. the cia director raised that again today. of the threat we are under because isis has a safe haven, they want attacks in the united states. isis's message is, hey, come fight with us, in syria or in iraq, but if you can't, then stay where you are, and kill there. so we have terrorists here in the united states who are, in the process of training themselves to do destructive acts. self, terrorist who is are working on improving their
7:28 am
abilities to kill under the influence of isis. so i think the president has had no strategy over the last two years. gregg: why is that? >> to go after isis. gregg: senator, why is that? the does he perhaps not understand the peril or doesn't want to deal with it or thinks that his strategy, if it really is a strategy will properly deal with it? which of those, maybe all of them? >> well, i think the president from the beginning has underestimated the ability and strength and influence of isis. remember, gregg, he called isis the jv team. oh, we're dealing with a jv team. these are hardened killers. they're inspiring others. every time there is an attack like the one in istanbul, that, i believe, influences others around the world to say, hey, that is the winning team. i want to be on that team. so then they are likely more to be drawn into this fight. so the president has not come up with a strategy. we've asked for one for the last
7:29 am
two years. a strategy to defeat isis where they are m in the meantime, isis like a cancer has metastasized. it spread to other locations around the world. so just getting in syria and in iraq is not going to be enough because they are spreading and they want to do more damage. so that is why what we saw in istanbul and paris, we see in orlando and california, all of those are reasons isis is continuing to recruit, continuing to direct, continuing to influence and the president has not strategy to deal with them in their safe haven where they train others. gregg: quickly, one can argue donald trump has no strategy either. he broadly says we'll go after militarily isis but no specifics. are you dissatisfied with what he said? >> i'm dissatisfied with the commander-in-chief. we have only one commander-in-chief at a time. that is barack obama. he failed in the last two years to come up with a strategy i
7:30 am
believe is taking direct attack on the united states and people of this country and if barack obama had a strategy, to have left even a stay-behind force in iraq, isis wouldn't have been there in the first place. gregg: senator, i understand that, but before you cast a ballot in november, don't you want to know what the next commander-in-chief plans to do about the very same problem? >> i know that the next commander-in-chief will be much better developing a strategy. that ought to be donald trump in terms of what we need to do with, to deal with isis. i think that hillary clinton as secretary of state has been so wrong on so many areas, whether it is the reset button with russia. whether it has to do with what's happened in syria. whether it has to do with libya, across the board. i think hillary clinton's policy has failed. gregg: senator john barrasso, thank you very much for being with us. >> thanks, gregg. martha: white house firing back following the release of a stinging report on what really happened that night in benghazi. the administration's response to
7:31 am
that attack, house benghazi committee chairman trey gowdy joins us moments away. gregg: brand new poll out, donald trump, hillary clinton trading fire on the campaign trail. who is ahead now? straight ahead. >> i see hillary clinton the other day, i don't like donald trump's temperment. you know what? it is time in our country that we had somebody with a strong temperment, i hate to say. my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv
7:32 am
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7:35 am
vests when some of them ran into issues after being gunned down by a police officer. he managed to get the vest off. security all around and including here at home. laura engle, from john kennedy international airport in queens, new york. how are things there this morning in light of this, laura? reporter: hi, martha. security is always tight at jfk. today is no exception. we're outside of terminal 4 where passengers coming and going all morning long with the extra watchful eye of added officers throughout the entire jfk property. the port authority put out a notice yesterday which runs all the major airports in the area, putting out this statement announcing the agency has stepped up security, adding high visibility patrols equipped with tactical weapons and equipment here at jfk, laguardia and in new jersey at newark liberty. port authority officials are continuing to monitor the situation in turkey alongside
7:36 am
federal and local officials including fbi joint terrorism task force. we're coming up on the busy 4th of july getaway weekend. it has long been considered a terror threat across the u.s. back in may more than 200 tsa agents added to the new york area ahead of summer travel rush from boston, l.a., atlanta, washington, d.c. airports stepped up security. homeland security said the agency is in contact with domestic and international private airports and is directing appropriate action as facts warrant. many passengers keep on with their travel plans. here is a woman who last night arrived from istanbul to atlanta. listen. >> i'm shaking. but i'm relieved. thanking god that i was in the air and that he was watching over me and that i was flying. >> i'm happy she's home. just happy she's home. can't stand it. no more turkey for this family. reporter: we mentioned security is tight.
7:37 am
we had an evacuation of terminal 5 here in jfk the last hour over a specific package. it was cleared. everything is back to normal. security very tight here at jfk. martha: everybody on edge no doubt. laura, thank you. gregg: a dead-heat in the presidential campaign. the latest national poll showing hillary clinton and donald trump running neck-and-neck. clinton with 42%, trump at 40, well within the margin of error. ed rollins joins us, chief strategist of a super-pac supporting donald trump. he was campaign manager for ronald reagan's '84 re-election. joe trippi, howard dean's campaign manager in 2004. both fox news contributors. great to see you. joe, you have a couple of takeaways from this, one which really struck me, donald trump in all of these polls never gets above 41%? >> that's true. they're all over the place in terms of hillary clinton's strength, as high as 51.
7:38 am
this one saying she is at 42. but what is striking how similar every single one of these polls that has come out recently has trump at 39, 40, 41 and, just doesn't seem to break out from that. that is a really bad sign for him. i went back and checked. during this same period, if you look where romney was performing in 2012, he was doing 3 or 4 points, five points better than trump is doing right now. so that would give the trump forces pause i think. gregg: ed, i want to throw up on the screen a breakdown. here is one category. who would be a good president? look at numbers. majority of the americans think both would be lousy presidents. what do you make of it? >> both have big selling job to do ahead. with this poll indicates, i think this is very accurate poll, you have to understand, this is a very partisan poll in the sense that partisans pretty much vote the way they identify
7:39 am
themselves, and there is 3-point gap, 38%, 31% identify as democrats, 28% as republicans. that is the pretty much the way it votes all the way through. very little defection among republicans or democrats from head-to-head. my sense of this poll both have a long ways to go to convince the public they are the right candidate but i'm very pleased from a trump perspective. he has been battered pretty heavily the last three or four weeks by campaign of clinton had a lot of resources pounding away, still a dead-even race. one thing that think is positive, he is doing better among hispanic voters than people anticipated. this is really a race where young voters are for hillary. older voters for him. democrats for her, republicans for him. independents are pretty much split. i think it will stay pretty much the way. similar to the reagan-carter 1980 race was all even race. gregg: then a landslide. >> then it was landslide.
7:40 am
the debate reenforced reagan's leadership ability. that certainly may be what happened here. gregg: carter was saddled with a bad economy, oil crisis, hostages, went on and on. >> he was a bad president. gregg: quickly on the screen, a couple breakdown polls in couple categories. donald trump is more honest and trustworthy according to voters. in terms of creating jobs look at this, donald trump would do a better job creating jobs. that has to worry hillary clinton's campaign, don't you think, joe? >> well i think clearly she wants to change those numbers and is working to do that. i think actually the number that struck me in the poll was, american people, 61% in this poll are saying that the, this whole campaign, the whole election cycle increased hatred and bigotry and prejudice in the united states. gregg: they mostly blamed donald trump. >> yeah. 67, over 2/3 of them blamed
7:41 am
trump. only 18% blamed hillary. that is holding -- two points you make, gregg are what is holding her back. one holding him back is intensity. gregg: harsh rhetoric and tempestuous persona. guys, got to leave it at that. sorry we didn't have more time. ed rollins, joe trippi, thank you. >> good to see you. martha: the white house dismissing the benghazi committee final report. they say it is nothing but a political hit job. chairman of that committee trey gowdy here to respond next. >> nothing could have reached benghazi because nothing was ever headed to benghazi. no u.s. military asset was ever deployed to benghazi despite the order of the secretary of defense.
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> ...
7:44 am
7:45 am
martha: the white house forcefully pushing back against the final report that came out yesterday with breaking news from the house ben ghazi committee, and 800 page report which if you want to understand all this, among other shocking findings, the inner obama circle new that it was a planned terror attack but pushed the narrative about a protest over an anti-muslim video on the internet simultaneously and there are numerous accounts of how many people gave out different versions privately and publicly in this report. the white house denies that chart. >> there was no political effort to manipulate the information. there is no evidence to substantiate that claim. i recognize it has not prevented republicans from continuing to make that claim but they do that without any shred of evidence. >> south carolina chairman trey gaudi joins us now, welcome to "happening now". your reaction to what josh earnest had to say there.
7:46 am
>> he's just dead wrong. and his predecessor jay carney was dead wrong and ben rhodes has been dead wrong. if you look at the evidence that was available to them on the night of september 11, the eyewitnesses, the accounts on the ground of the fighting, there was not a single person in libya who mentioned a protest and the video was a nonevent in libya so all that information was available to them before the secretary of state made her statement on the night of september 11 and all that information was available to them before they pursued this false narrative of the video and a protest. martha: we obviously have covered this story since the beginning with many others here. we clearly saw new information that came out of this report . there are many news outlets reported there was no new information. one new piece of that is the president and the defense secretary gave orders to deploy, to go help our people in ben ghazi. why was that order ignored?
7:47 am
how is it possible that order from the defense secretary and the president could possibly be ignored? >> that's a great question and that's a seminal question to me. president obama said do everything you can do to help our people and i question myself because i wanted to hear it out of his own mouth . he said deploy, you don't need to come back and talk to me again, you don't need further extrapolation, deployed and yet his initial order which was at 7 pm on the night of september 11 was never carried out and it was changed and it was changed at some point between 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. which is when this white house meeting took place. i think general carter will tell you he's the one that shifted the assets from ben ghazi to tripoli because he called in an evacuation was imminent but martha, there's no basis for believing an evacuation was imminent. the guys on the ground didn't think an evacuation was imminent and i'm not a general, he is, but even i know to ask how are you going to evacuate without vehicles
7:48 am
and an airplane? martha: here's what i don't understand because he told you he clearly gave orders to deploy but in his book when he talks about ben ghazi he says you know what? it was not the time. we have lots of recourses in the defense department but there was not enough time to get there. how do you square that? >> you can't which is why it's not his testimony. i don't think he wrote his book under oath but he did testify under oath. that is a nonsensical comment. certainly there was time to order a deployment whether or not the troops would have got there or not is a separate analysis but certainly after chris smith and charles smith were killed, mister stevens and charles , certainly there was an order to deploy and that was not more than seven hours later. not a single wheel of a single us military asset was rolling towards libya at the time the last two were killed .
7:49 am
martha: they got as far as signaling but did not go any further than that. >> but they were headed to ben ghazi. that's our point is yes, they made it to sit in a lot but they never were going to engage. martha: how is it possible? where was the president after he gave the deploy order westmark the commander-in-chief to go get our people, how is it possible that we don't know where he was after that or lee and panetta. where were they that night? >> we know little bit about what secretary panetta was asked to do because of an email from the white house around midnight. where he was asked to call either pastor jones and output pastor", and a youtube about the video which i found incredibly insightful because the white house would not ask the secretary of defense how's it going with the order you gave to deploy but instead they use is sign to call the maker of the video and for the earner of a koran
7:50 am
so i don't know where the president was.we asked him questions, a series of 15 questions which are fair and rooted in the record and he's got time to talk to zach galpin access and derek jeter but has doesn't have time to answer 15 questions from congress. martha: so there's no way to know where the president was that night. this is forever going to be a question on his record. where was he and the american taxpayer payer cases salary and clearly even though it's after hours, this is part of the job description when americans are under attack so you're saying that the white house attorneys and president, they will never answer that question about where he was that night? >> there not going to answer it fromcongress but not what i found interesting , the new york times had their headline written before our report came out and there are a lot of folks in the media leave there would be no new information. and so they either have egg on their face or they have to minimize the new information because it is really
7:51 am
incontrovertible that our report has new information in it. the next time josh earnest stands in front of the media, why doesn't somebody in the media ask him? he keeps saying we've already answered that question. martha: good to have you with us chairman gowdy. we will talk further, thanks. we will be right back.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
. eric: new concerned about the obama administration's controversial plan to close guantcamo bay after reports that a former gitmo detainee transferred to uruguay and vanished.
7:55 am
according to the washington post, the former detainee may have slipped into neighboring brazil undetected with the summer olympics in real weeks away. dot away joins us from the pentagon with more. what can you tell us about this missing gitmo prisoner? >> his name is jihad ahmed mustapha . he was an original member of al qaeda, captured in lahore pakistan in 2002 and taken to guantcamo where he spent 12 years before being transferred to uruguay in 2014. the obama administration. he has now disappeared as you said and may have escaped into brazil, perhaps traveled as far away as syria, we don't know. critics of the administration and critics of the guantcamo policy, it is inconceivable based on the bob's past that he would ever be transferred or released. >> he has connections to really high risk guys, guys known to be the worst of the worst including mohammed's omar who is a recruiter from al qaeda who helped recruit the 9/11 hijackers. that's a major concern because he is a leading member of isis. >> press secretary peter cook
7:56 am
could not confirm it bob's disappearance when he was asked about this by fox's news last week. >> it's something we are tracking here. you know the due diligence, the secretary came to his own dispute decisions about the high test he has for making those decisions and nothing changed about that. the national security of the united states is the most important things for these decisions. >> according to intelligence files contained by wikileaks, the body is an expert forger and could easily forge a passport enabling him to reconnect with his former al qaeda or colleagues to whom he has very deep ties. back to you. eric: doug, thanks. martha: turkey has declared a national day of mourning and president go on the house to fight terrorists to the end. calling on the international community to help turn the tide in live reports from
7:57 am
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eric: it's certainly been a busy day. martha: i wish wehad more time with trey gowdy. also, the benghazi special will air this weekend, the documentary thatbrett behr did so i urge you all to watch that in light of this report . eric: "happening now" start right now . jon: and a fox news alert, the death toll rising in istanbul after a terror attack in the city's airport, at least 41 people dead, more than 230 injured and the prime minister says it appears isis is behind the carnage. welcome to "happening now", i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. all the chaos and panic was captured on video, terrified passengers running for their lives as rearmed men wearing suicide vests opened fire on crowds of innocent people and when the officers closing, the attackers blew themselves up one by one. the airport has already


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