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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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thanks for having me back. harris: good luck with the book. >> thank you very much. harris: top seller on amazon. boom. drop the mic. we'll stay right here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. tap the "overtime" tab. facebook live. now, "happening now." %
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they say no americans were killed in the attack. the american thom kemper was
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there. >> i was just taking a nap actually and the blast woke me up and it was close and gunfire and shooting. and first, you think you are on a film. and then people just ran. and i grabbed my stuff and ran with them. and other people came toward us and it was all chaos and we started to hide. >> it was laura ingle who has more on the stepped up security in the airport in the u.s. we start with benjamin hall. >> reporter: turkey trying to pull itself together quickly as possible after the coordinated attack involving multiple gunmen wearing suicide vest. it is like the paris gun men. isis is the suspect. the clean up is underway in the airport as the authorities are trying to identify the bombers who kill canned 41 and wounded
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230. there is a rumor one of checan. they arrived in a taxi and shoot outside and upstairs and downstairs before blowing themselves up. one of the attackers is running as people flee and he is shot by police and remains on the ground and blew himself up. eyewitnesss just didn't know where to run. >> what went through my head is the image of parand is orlando that they come around and shoot you now. and they are coming for you. and it is a terrible feeling that you might die. you know, it is scary. >> reporter: one large explosion was caught on camera outside of the terminal. and flights are already
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operating again all be it with delay. turkey needs the tourism trade to pick up. isis has staged and tried to destabilize the country. this is a direct attack on a nato ally and interesting to see how they respond. >> benjamin hall, thank you. this is the second deadly airport bombing overseas in the last three months and raising concerns could it happen here? laura ingle joins us in queens, new york where there is a high visible police presence today. >> indeed. security in jfk is always tight and today is no exception. international travellers said they are sticking with their travel plans, but do admit they are uneasy about that section
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where you get dropped off and the security area. that is where we have seen the terror activity unfold with the last few attacks and that's where they want to hustle through. the port authority runs all of the major airports here. and they announced the agency added high visibility control and tactical weapons. we have seen black armorred vehicles in jfk and laguardia stepping up patrols as well. port authorities are continuing to monitor the situation in turkey alongside federal and local officials and the joint terrorism task force. we are coming up on the busy 4th of july weekend. 200 agents were added to the airport. boston and l.a. and atlanta and dc, airports stepping up
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security as well. and the department of homeland security said the agencies in contact with proved and domestic airports. many passengers say they will keep on with their travel plans. cautiously one woman in atlanta arrived from istanbul after arriving out of one of the last flights that happened before the attacks. >> i am thanking god i was in the air and he was watching over me. i am happy she's home. >> i am happy she is home. no more turkey for this family. >> reporter: we had a situation in terminal five, had to be evacuated when there was a suspicious package noted by a security dog and they cleared out the terminal and pushed all of the passengers outside. but the passenger checked out
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and everything is okay and it was cleared and back to normal now. security very tight here in jfk and across the u.s. >> i understand everyone is on edge. laura ingle, thank you. we have a guest who said isis is fulfilling its greatest ambition. >> as bernie sanders said, hillary clinton voted for virtually every trade agreement that has cost the workers of this country millions of job. i will tell our nafta partners that i intend to renegotiate the terms of that agreement to get a better deal by a lot and not just a little, by a lot for our workers. i am going to instruct my treasure secretary to label china a curiency manipulator.
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>> what do you think is donald trump working for bernie sanders and working class americans? during an economic speech in pennsylvania yesterday. he is targeting the rally in maine. let's talk about what he's talking about with patrick griffin media consultant to four campaigns and we welcome both of you. >> thanks, jon. >> the language that donald trump flies in the face of normal republican party orthodoxy. normally republicans like free-trade and donald trump said no. is it going to work for him? >> it just might, jon. thomas jefferson said a little revolution is a good thing and
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trump's campaign is based on disruption. he could work a cruise line doing this thing. he is interchangeable his language with bernie sanders and i think it is because bernie sanders' language works. we talked about the problems on the republican side. but the democratic side is there. bernie sanders is tepid about his support for hillary clinton. voting for someone like hillary clinton is different than endorsing someone. sanders made his career talking about about the rigged system and economy that is unfair and trying to talk about p elites that are trying to alienate people. donald trump can take advantage of that and so far it is one of the smart of the things he's done. keeps democrats apart and try to
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make sure he brings the party together in the coming months. >> he's using the sanders' language. we'll have a sample of that. kareem, what about it. the gulf in the democratic party. you still have two candidates there. >> let me say this. trade agreements need to protect workers first and foremost and not corporations. donald trump has a candidacy that is wrapped around an agenda that is dangerous for america combined with banning muslims. as a businessman he was the king of outsourcing and his shirts were made in bangladesh and it is a jekyl and hyde. who he is as a businessman is not who he is on the campaign trail and rhetoric.
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>> hillary clinton is adopting his trademarkses by live tweeting. she sent out. trump is speaking about out sourcing right now. here is his shirt made in bangladesh. effective, patrick? >> it is effective. look, it is true. donald trump has defied anybodying's sense of logic. he says one thing and does often another. the problem on trade and working people on middle-class union workers and rust belt workers. these folks will have a lot to say in the primary. it is interesting, we saw the speech with elizabeth war withen in ohio. it is great that the hillary clinton campaign has uniform. blue uniform. they looked like a socialist airline flight crew. but elizabeth warren cannot take away the fact that the democrats
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had their own revolution and much around the issue of trade and fairness to working people in this country particularly unions that have been left behind. trump is -- revolutionary guy. >> here's the language that i suggested that he sort of pulled from bernie sanders. take a listen. >> the people who rig the system are supporting hillary clinton because they know as long as she's in charge, nothing's going to change. >> talk about a rigged system. that is straight from the bernie sanders playbook. again, is it effective? can he steal bernie sanders voters that hillary clinton wants to vote for her? >> no. not at all. it is not going to happen. a poll that came out showed the abc washington post poll eight percent of sanders supporters
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would support donald trump and before it was 20 percent. i think we are getting there and see from the polling that democrats are unifying behind the nominee. donald trump can keep trying and bernie sanders made it clear that donald trump will not be president of the united states. >> thank you both. >> thank you, jon. >> coming up, secretary of state john kerry calling the terror attack in turkey a sign of weakness on the part of isis. our next guest said it is not weakness but a fulfillment of the terror group's greatest ambition. >> it is more than one year since dash launched a full-scale military offense and i have that's because the coalition is moving forward relentlessly on
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it has been more than one year since dash launched a full-scale military offensive because our coalition is moving forward reulentlessy on every front. yes, you can bomb an airport and blow yourself up. that's the tragedy. dash and others like it know that we have to get it right 24- 7365. they have to get it right for ten minutes or one hour. so it is a very different scale and if you are desperate and know you are losing and give up your life, then obviously you can do some harm. >> secretary of state john kerry saying that the istan bull that isis or are dash as he refers to them is desperate.
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the multipronged attack points to isis. is it a work of a group on the run? we'll have the columnist for the national review and opportunity lives and he joins us with more. is john kerry correct? are they on the run and desperate and are they losing to use his wofrds. >> good to be with you. if you loor at islamic state they are under more pressure in their territory. and we talked about the baghdad bombings and how they are moving toward terrorism in the conventional as their territory comes under pressure. but the key can issue for all of us, it is a global war and manifestly so, the islamic state
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had the notion of conquering the world in pursuit of the mission. the world must be be be purified and so this is inevitable. and the problem that we find with comments such as those by secretary kerry and president obama, you look at the specifics of what the islamic state is doing. in destabilizing europe and the united states through the smaller attacks, it severs the notion living in our lives in the pursuit of happiness. it destabilizes that fundmental element of democracy. >> and confusing to the american people. we hear mixed messages. john kerry saying they are losing and desperate and we hear president obama that the anti- isis campaign is firing on all cylinders, but then following the orlando attacks john brennan
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said isis will likely intensify terror attacks all around the world. why the mixed messages? >> very simple the mixed messages. president obama and to a degree secretary kerry and ben rhoeds are in space on this issue quite frankly. you saw that from john brennan. he contradicted the president because the military and law enforcement agencieses and european allies all believe the united states has its head in the sand. the president with the briefings that he gets every day and tells him how serious the threat is and it is very, very serious. people should google germany. and multiple cells and transit
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routes and the president is really having a difficult, if he is thinking of his legacy, he's gambling in the fire and it is growing. and the threat is significant. and john brennan, that said it all. >> tom roggan, thank you for joining us. we want to hear from you. do you agree with secretary kerry's claim that the terrorist attack in turkey is showing weakness? >> and in response to great britain's surprise decision to leave the european union. what they are saying as european leaders move forward with exit plans. >> on the timing of article 50, contrary to some expectation there was not a great tremor for britain to do it straight away.
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>> right now global markets are making a come back as shockwaves over the britain vote to leave the european subsides. the dow is up 231 points. the nominations opened today and the contest to replace prime minister david cameron as the leader of the conservative party. we talk live with ashley on that. >> reporter: good afternoon, jon to you. it is a week from tomorrow since the vote was takeen and feels like a year and so many unanswered questions.
10:26 am
one of those is who will take over from david cameron as prime minister of great britain? he had his last meeting with eu in brussels and last supper if you like and now the business of how the uk will get out of the eu. we'll know who the people are to it throw their hats in the ring. and johnson is one of favorites and the labor party, currently corbin is under pressure to step down. there was a no confidence vote and 80 percent p of the party got to step down. and his wife and mother told him to step down and he refuses and not budging. and there is all sorts of political turb oil for the labor party and conservative party. and remarkably as you point out the u.s. markets have done well
10:27 am
and the european markets have stabilize. but not the political situation has stabilized. >> you will not put your name in the hat over there, ashley? >> why not? i might stand a chance. >> looking for a leader and you would be a good one. >> back toi is stan bull. we'll talk to a traveller that was stranded there. donald trump and hillary clinton distancing themselves from each other on opposite coasts. fund raising and terror and policies all on the agenda. we have live fox team coverage. >> if the media doesn't believe you you. i have a challenge of you and
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hillary. ask hillary if she is willing to withdraw from the tp, and unconditionally rowel out its passage in any form.
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10:32 am
gears up for a fundraiser in san francisco, while mr. trump gets ready for a rally in banger, maine. we begin with peter doocey. >> reporter: jon, ahead of his stop in banger, he is offering up what he would like to do to the terrorist. he would water boarding them because it is peanuts compared to what they want to do to us. can you imagine them sitting around the table or eating their dinner. the americans don't do water boarding and yet we chop off heads. they think we are weak and stupid and don't know what we are doing and we have no leadership. you have to fight fire with
10:33 am
fire. >> reporter: trump had tough talk for the u.s. chamber of commerce. they don't like the presumptive nominee proposed policy and wrote on line. even under the best case scenario it would strip us of 3.5 million jobs. and trump responded to that to this. the u.s. chamber must fight for the american worker. china and many others are taking advantage of the u.s. with the terrible trade pacts. the maine governor will join trump in maine. he was one of the first that came out supporting trump. and lapage jokes about getting a new job in a trump white house saying he would not mind being ambassador to canada in the summer and jamaica in the winter for president trump.
10:34 am
we expect a big crowd here. they started to let folks in. this could be be a important part of trump's 50 state strategy, come electoral college time maine can award electoral votes to more than one candidate. >> peter, thank you. >> and hillary clinton continues a western swing with a fundraiser in san francisco. that's where we find mike emmanuel. mike? >> reporter: hi, john. hillary clinton continues aggressive fund-raising in the golden state. today in san francisco, last night she benefitted from a star studded fund raiseener los angeles. since launching her campaign last year, clinton held 30 fund-raising events in the l.a. area trying to boost her campaign money edge over trump. she understands the fear and
10:35 am
frustration of trump supporters and took this swipe. >> i am not sympathetic to the mason-in-lawingny and islam phobia and all of the other -- [applause] sort of dog whistles that trump uses to create that fefshor among a lot of his supporters. >> reporter: clinton will have more democratic star power on the campaign with her. president obama is expected to campaign with her first time in charlotte. and the republican national committee said it is a reminder that clinton is offering four more year was policy ps that republicans say made us less prosperous and less safe. >> thank you, mike. >> now the fox business alert. new details on the puerto rico
10:36 am
debt crisis. a bill seeking to restructure the island's debt passing a vote in the u.s. senate. the bill has a long way to go. democrats are looking to add certain amendments. puerto rico is 70 billion in debt and stopped paying some of its bills and expected to default on a 2 billion payment in 48 hours. mcconnell said failure to pay the bill would result in a taxpayer funded bail out. >> fox news alert. 41 people are dead and two -- 230 wounded after three suicide bombers came in the turkish airport.
10:37 am
37 of the victims were identified including 10 foreign nationals. the state department is working to find out if there is any american casulties. we are talking to a passenger. >> you landed after the attack took place. when you were still in the air, did you know that anything was going on? >> no, they did not make an announcement on the flight. they cut the entertainment to say that wifi and inflight entertainment was suspended but didn't give further details. >> so about when you landed what happened? >> i got a message from the boss asking us how we were doing and we found out there was an attack
10:38 am
in istanbul. >> we monitored one of the posts on facebook. you managed to get through security without them checking your passport? >> so [inaudible] there is a large security check. but when i was going through security they did not ask to check m passport or boarding pass. i went through security without anyone checking to see if i was there. my husband had a bottle of water in his back pack that was not caught in the security check either. >> thank you for checking in with us. we are glad you and your husband are safe, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> a new lawsuit debunking the
10:39 am
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new ensure enlive. always be you. >> the debunked and rolling stone article of a gang rap the judge tossed out a defamation lawsuit against the magazine by the three members. we have our prosecutor. richand st. paul, criminal defense attorney. the article was full of holes and made up. three of the former members of the fraternity brought a suit right here in manhattan. said they were defamed by that artic and he will the judge said no, why? >> the judge is correct. defamation is one of the hardest
10:43 am
cases to win because of the first amendment. it is not that the story was untrue. but the three plaintiffs were not mentioned and nothing that caused or related to harm done to them. saying i was part of the fraternity i was offended. and a lot of people go in court thinking they would be protected but the judge made the right call. >> the fraternity was the subject of so much skrutine and had privileges taken away and everyone under the microscope. why should they not have ability to recover? >> we are talking about three individuals who were not identified and the judge properly dismissed the face. and now you mention, the fraternity. the fraternity was mentioned in the article a lot and made the fraternity a lot and sufferred
10:44 am
harm and the fraternity filed a separate action on behalf of the fraternity and not the individuals and that is heard in the state court in virginia. that is an active litigation. they will be successful because the fraternity was defamed in the article. >> if the article used actual names or would it have to use actual names or descriptions of the three fraternity members. >> that's what was argued. here, for example, the person accused the people said someone was riding a bike and i feel defamed because i ride a bike. and it happen on the second floor and a guy said i am on the
10:45 am
second floor. but if you describe a person and it is a slanderous comment they could have been held liable. the judge said there was nothing connecting the article with the three individuals and they suffered no harm. it was rightly dismissed. >> could a similar case be brought in another jurisdiction. they use sued here in manhattan for a case that was about an event here in virginia. >> you have diverse jurisdiction. the plaintiffs live somewhere else and rolling stone is headquarters in new york. and the latin word for basically it's over. and there is no more you can sue. >> they can consider an appeal. >> they can, but it is on solid ground. this happened before the trial, in a thing called summary
10:46 am
judgment and gives all to the plaintiffs in the case can. and even with that strong law in favor of the plaintiffs, the judge said there is nothing in the fact that supports the law enforcement i can't see an appellate court reversing that. >> the judge ruled that there is no damage to the plaintiffs, but if you are a member and you told everybody on campus and you go up and yeah, i am a member be of the frat. oh, you are the rapest or something. >> that is not enough casual connection. they probably suffered and not liked very much. and that is why i mentioned earlier, the name of the fraternity suffered and they have a actionable cause of
10:47 am
action. >> that is an enitty and not an individual. >> and there is a defense of the new york law which is what this is analyzed under. it is called the opinioned defense. it is relevant in this case and the statements that were made were not factual statements and the court saying we don't want to penalize the opinions of people. >> and that is in varj virj. -- virginia. >> it is reckless regard for the truth, right? you have a completely made up story, that is reckless regard for the truth? >> there has to be be's reckless regard of the truth, that is true, but it is baseded -- based on the facts of the case. they may be journalistically
10:48 am
done better checks and balances, it was not as if the author felt the information was wrong. based on that it was not a reckless disregard for truth and maybe negligent, but the law requires more before you penalize free speech. >> they say it was humiliation and emotional distress but the judge said not defamation. heather? >> we want to take you live to the state department briefing on the terror attack in turkey that is underway. >> these kind of vicious attacks reenforce our determination to work with the government of turkey. and counter the scourge of terrorism and support all of those in the region who are working to promote peace and reconciliation. and just to update you. we are not aware at this time of any u.s. citizens deaths.
10:49 am
we are aware of reports of u.s. citizens who were near the attack location, but no reports of u.s. citizens that are seriously injured. immediately following the attack, i can say the u.s. consulate in istanbul urged americans to avoid the attack around the airport. u.s. citizens should check with the local media and social media sites and website of the u.s. consulate for the latest updates. >> that is information that we waited for. any word of americans involved in this terror attack in turkey. learning there are no reports of u.s. citizens either in the 41 killed or 230 seriously injured. we'll continue to watch the state department briefing for you and bring you more information as it is warranted. there is new information.
10:50 am
the prime minister of turkey according to the associated press. one suicide bomber blue himself outside of the panic and in the panic that followed two other bombers entered the still to co disturbing new report claiming that the detainee from south america has vanished without a trace. what the administration is saying as they block fund iing r gitmo transport. 24/7 access online, on the phone or with the geico app. that is more. go get some mud... all that "more" has to be why they're the second-largest auto insurer. everybody likes more. mhm, i think so. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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i'm kim bberly guilfoyle. brand-new poll from some
10:54 am
battleground states including florida, ohio, north carolina, and pennsylvania. who's on top. and terrifying 911 calls from a teen just as her mother is about to shoot and kill her in front of her father. why? coming up on the real story in just a few minutes. but happening right now, the "washington post" reports a former gitmo detainee transferred to uruguay has disappeared and may have crossed the board sbeer brazil. doug has more on this disturbing story. doug? >> indeed, heather. we have learned there's a 30% recidivism rate. they have been unable to confirm that is the case with this detainee, but they say they're trying to track his whereabouts. what's not in doubt is hee is very bad guy.
10:55 am
>> he has connections to really bad guys, the worth of the worst of the worst including the recruiter for the 9/11 hijacker swachlgts. >> in the defense authorization bill that is now in conference, both houses have blocked funding for any further transfers of gitmo detainees, but the president has vowed to veto it. >> it appears to be a campaign promise he made seven years ago that he's trying to fulfill. this notion that there's a location called gitmo, france does not have a gau tan moe. france didn't have one. >> he could be anywhere. >> very troubling.
10:56 am
doug mckel way live for us. we'll be right back. those hot dogs look good.
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a story near and dear to my heart. travelers can treat themselves to spectacular scenery starting today with the colorado old falls road. it takes travelers into the rocky hill national park. it goes up a steep slope. it was originally built back in the early 1900s. it will be open to drivers until october 3rd. >> so beautiful. >> sometimes they have 20, 30-foot snow drifts they have to plow through even this time of year. >> wow. how do they manage to do that? >> my first job, i used to cover
11:00 am
the opening of fall river road in rocky hill national park. >> you'll have to do a follow-up story. >> thank you for joining us. >> kimberly guilfoyle is in for gretchen. it's on now. all indications pointing to yet another isis-inspired attack. this time in turkey. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for gretchen carlson and this is "the real story." three suspected terrorists stormed the gate at the turkey airport in istanbul. they blew themselves up, injured more than 230 others. one witness describing the carnage ant chaos. >> two bombs exploded, gunshots a lot and people actually


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