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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  June 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the opening of fall river road in rocky hill national park. >> you'll have to do a follow-up story. >> thank you for joining us. >> kimberly guilfoyle is in for gretchen. it's on now. all indications pointing to yet another isis-inspired attack. this time in turkey. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for gretchen carlson and this is "the real story." three suspected terrorists stormed the gate at the turkey airport in istanbul. they blew themselves up, injured more than 230 others. one witness describing the carnage ant chaos. >> two bombs exploded, gunshots a lot and people actually lie
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down and there was a panic, of course. maybe after a few minutes they show us a way to escape, so we escaped. >> we have team fox coverage. we have the very latest on the investigation. but first let's listen to the state department's spokesperson who's briefing us on the attack. >> we have actual intelligence that a given site was going to be targeted. i would say we would reiterate the language in our latest travel warning for turkey which did note increased threats from terrorist groups. >> before you ever issued a travel warning -- >> my belief sit was increased
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after the previous travel warning. >> that's helpful. it helps us understand a little better. >> yeah. >> is there no way -- another thing. you look at the march travel warning and it notes the ordered departu departure. >> right. >> there's no time line on that departure unless i'm mistaken. it just says you order a departure. normally you order a departure and it's gone until you reskrci that, right? so i don't know why you felt it in is to put out a note on monday night extending the departure order until a particular date. i understand your dropping one of the provinces but i don't know why you gave an end date because it was indefinite when you originally did it. so why do that?
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>> i'm frankly not sure that it isn't indefinite. i think it was -- internally, at least, we do have to extend these periodically and it was an effort to notify it that the departure was going be extended. that's my understanding. in which case it thoos be done administratively by the state department. >> it thoos have an end date. >> it has to have an end date. >> why not try to make more explicit the difference between the travel warning from jup and the travel warning from march? it seems to mae that american citizens would have benefitted from knowing on monday that there was even more threats than there had been in march. i mean why not make that clear. you know, we're issuing this because there's even more threats out here than there were in our last one.
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that seems to me yo have more. you're giving the citizenry more information. why not do that rather than have us do this tell mudic reading and then 24 hours we're trying to understand what the difference is. >> again, i don't want to draw necessarily a link between the issue answance travel warning a yesterday's tragic attack ataturk airport. this is a way to periodically update the american public on where we stand, how we assess the security of a given country. it could be for a lot of reasons, not just terrorism.
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i think it does that. if we have, as i said, imminent -- or information about an imminent attack or threat, that's a different way or different vehicle that we'll use to notify the public. >> it's just kind of practical question. >> yeah. >> maybe there's an answer. i don't know why you wouldn't give more people information if you have it yochl usaid there was more understanding -- >> i'll double-check on that. >> shouldn't americans know that? >> of course. >> that was mark from the state department doing a briefing on the terror attack in turkey. let's go first to katherine harris. what do we know first thb investigation. >> kimberly, thanks. wit rite now we're waiting to
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hear from john brennan in washington. this morning he told yahoo! new s he believes they're planning similar attacks inside the u.s. it's a level of sophistication they have not seen before. unlike brussels and marsh, the istanbul bombers relied on a combination of guns and suicide vests and the power of the bombs suggested weapons grade explosives. marco rubio said he does not think a terrorist group was responsible. >> this wasn't them. they usually hit buses full of soldiers and things of this nature. al qaeda hasn't shown a large propensity to attack turkey. i'm fairly confident this is an isis-directed operation in
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turkey. >> this attack is having a clear and direct impact on american airports. they're increasing sweeps of vehicles and looking or tracking for preattack surveillance, which is key in all of these missions. kimberly. >> all right. katherine. what are investigators focusing on specifically here? >> well, let's take another look at a piece of video that has the attention of counterterrorism investigators because the suggestion may have been to take hostages and then use the bombing vest. he was shot in the hip and blows himself up. if he wanted to blow himself up he would have walked into a crowded line as silently as possible and detonated. isis is one of the few to build bombs of this strength.
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one of the striking similarities between istanbul and the attacks in mash, is both explosions cause mass casualties. this does speak to the force of the impact. in the meantime fox news says the fbi's legal attaché is working with them to identify the dead. a law enforcement said none of those identified so far are americans, but that process is continuing, kimberly. >> so fascinating, katherine. the similar groups can have similar details but suicide vests that will differ from al qaeda and now what we're seeing with isis with maximum impact and velocity in term os testify blast radius. thank you very much for that. >> you're welcome. >> this is a sfoks news alert. we're waiting a news conference in half hour with possible along with the canadian prime minister.
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the president spoke earlier on the terror attack in turkey, reinforcing the need to fight isis as a shared responsibility among nations. white house correspondent kevin corke is traveling with the president to ottawa, canada. kevin -- yoid u hear anything from the president that we didn't expect to hear on this terror attack in turkey? >> reporter: to be honest, kimberly, the answer to that question is no. to be honest, we didn't expect to. given the frequency, you can almost guess what the president might say following yet another devastate ag tack. sadly today it was simply more of the same. >> i had a chance to speak to president erdogan earlier today not only how heartbroken we have been by the images of injured and those killed, but also to reaffirm our strong
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commitment to partner with turkey. >> reporter: the devastating atta attack surging in ottawa. the death toll continues to rise by the hour. dozens killed, hundreds more injured in that vicious attack. for the leaders here it's an all too familiar refrain. carry on the business of business between the u.s. and canada and mexico. trade clearly will be at the top of the discussions as we continue to watch the leaders not only have their breakout sessions but speak collectively. they'll discuss brexit, climate change, and, of course, battling heroin news which is an ongoing problem not just on the boirld but here in dan. we expect to hear from the president shortly. when go, we'll, of course, bring
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that to you here on fox news. >> thank you so much. a mother calls a family meeting with her husband and two daughters and shoots the girls in cold blood. what happens in this tragedy? hear a father's heart breaking plea and the 911 call. families in pennsylvania. >> st. clarsville region. i think of this. has lost half of its manufacturing jobs since bill clinton signed nafta. what's it like to be in good hands?
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house donald trump finding families battered by the global economy. >> nafta has done more to destroy your community than any other single act. it was signed by bill clinton, and i'm sure hillary was there watching over him, right? somewhere pretty close. >> my next guest is here to explain trump's appeal to hard-working sit rans. we have rick santorum with us. pleasure to have you with us shoo thank you. >> you wrote an on red on how you believe trump can help the hard-working americans, people feeling they were left out of this country, hard-working americans to get back to work. >> yes, absolutely. that's his unique appeal. i was in manassas yesterday to see donald. i can tell you to see mayors,
11:16 am
all of whom are democrats, a lot of them at that event, i can tell you, there were a bunch of folks there. none of them are republicans. they were there because he is giving them hope. he's saying message that has not been getting out with either democrats or republicans. talking about the global impact and how it's affected the area in years. that's exciting. donald trump is going to get a lot of evokes come november. >> let's talk about parties unity because the convention is coming up and there's a lot of discord and lack of unity amongst the republicans. this is a time when people should be coming together to support the nominee like you are, senator, but instead we see stragglers and there are many who say fw you're not for the republican nominee, then that's helping hillary clinton. >> i couldn't agree more. i'm very disappoint thad the
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same people who complain thad the establishment always gets their nominee and the people aren't hurt and the grassroots are always pushed down and ignored. well wlrks we light or not, the grassroots spoke and very, very loudly. record turnout all across the country. they came out in droves and voted for donald trump. the very people who did that are saying, let's ignore the people and cozy up with the establishment and find someone else to take the nomination. that's just against everything that they've ever fought for. you wonder whether it really is -- they wanted to hear the voice of the people or they just wanted to hear -- they wanted their point of view to be heard at the convention. i think it's wrong. i believe the voters have spoken. they voted loudly and clearly and i'm going to stand with them and let's see if we can win in november. >> there certainly is a move in this country and it would be
11:18 am
nice if everyone would support the nominee. there are new polls showing hillary clinton beating donald trump. she's ahead 51% to 37% in florida, 45% to 41% in a, 50% to 33% in michigan, 48% to 38% in north carolina, 46% to 37% in ohio, 45% to 38% in virginia and 49% to 35% in pennsylvania. >> wouldn't be concerned about it. he's a muss more disciplined candidate. i can tell you his speech in manassas yesterday was terrific.
11:19 am
it was right on point. he made the cause. he talked about specific policies. it was a presidential speefrp. i think you're going to see more of that from donald trump and people are going to like a what they hear. they like the personality and the feistiness and i think they're going to like to see his positions and how they are possible lus decisions that fit in with mainstream america. >> always think of it as being a lawyer, three supreme court nominations would be coming up during this next presidency. so it couldn't be more important. thank you so much for your time, senator. >> thank you, kimberly. the site of another deadly terror atachlk donald trump once again calling for waterboarding as a way to fight terrorism. too harsh or not? and horrific 911 calls as a mother opened fire on her daughter.
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thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. chilling new 911 calls released just moments before a mother from west houston shot and killed her two daughters at point blank range. her husband, their father, begging her not to pull the trigger. >> you can hear them doing everything they can to talk their mom out of using the gun.
11:24 am
42-year-old christy sheetsz calls a family meeting in their home outside of houston. when the kids and husband arrived she pulled out a handgun. now initially we thought she opened fire right away. now we know both daughters had time to call 911 and on both calls you can hear the daughters crying, yelling, and begging their mom to put the gun away. and you can hear the husband trying to reason with his wife. listen close. >> too late. that's when she opened fire on both daughters who ran out of the house. the oldest daughter struggled to tell the dispatcher sh hae bnd hit. meantime a frantic neighbor called 911 explaining that the mother had shot her girls was chasing them in the street, even reloading the gun when it was empty. listen again. >> there's a lady with a gun.
11:25 am
>> a lady with a gun? >> yes. >> where. >> she's coming out of the house. people shot outside. >> okay wrchlt is the lady with the gun? >> coming out -- she's in the street right now. she got her again. she shot her again. >> she shot her again? >> yes. shot her in the back as she was trying to run. >> the youngest died in the street. the oldest died at the hospital a few hours later. the father was not shot. when the police arrived the mom refused to drop the weapon and she was shot and killed. turns out she had a history of mental illness and police had apparently been to the house several times before because of various domestic disputes, kimberly. >> terrible domestic violence tragedy. thank you for the story. terror at the istanbul airport. >> the bomb went high and i saw
11:26 am
one of the three suicide curls blew himself it. >> what the presidential candidates are saying about america's response. plus, new developments in the wake of the report on the benghazi investigation. what one leading senator is saying about it and who should be held accountable for the failed response that led to the death of four brave americans. >> knowing that all that discombobulation and confusion was going on, again, it angers me. somebody that's running for president right now obviously doesn't have those credentials because she wasn't making good leadership decisions that night.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. and this is a fox news alert. the state department saying they're not aware ofny american victims in the terror attack and that they did not have any intelligence warning of the attack. donald trump speaking out last night in the wake of the airport attack in turkey, calling for a much tougher line on the fight against terror. >> so we can't do waterboarding, which is not the nicest things but it's peanuts to many alternatives. we can't do waterboard bug they can do chopping off heads, drowning people in steal cages. they can do whatever twhanltd to do. >> senator john mccain hitting back saying that's not who we are as americans. let's talk about it.
11:31 am
let's talk with a fox news contributor who served in both iraq and afghanistan. ben, i'm going to start with you. obviously this is an issue of contention. you've served in the military. you're aware of waterboarding. senator mccain saying it's not who we are as americans. donald trump saying we're dealing with savages here and we need to rise up to the fight. >> not to take anything away from the time jock mccain spent as a p.o.w. i have the utmost respect. i can't begin to contemplate that. that said removing waterboarding as a technique as a full stop to say take it out, i think it's bad idea. it's a bad technique. some can handle the threat of money or waterboarding. money and pain. they have a different motivation, so taking it out, it just reduces our ability and it's bad thing.
11:32 am
>> pete, so ben's saying we want to leave that on a table as an available means, a recourse to be able to extract information. and so much of this is to try to prevent these terror attacks we saw in turkey and real-time intelligence capturing that we might be able to capture or detain to prevented these actions. >> ben's right. we've gotten intelligence that led us frankly partly to osama bin laden. i'm with ben. i can't imagine what he went through and i have respect for his position as a result, but in this particular case, i'm with donald trump. our values -- we can maintain our values while still ruthlessly going after isis. they think we're weak and don't have the stomach. we don't torture for torture's sake but we'd better enhance our
11:33 am
techniques. we're going to need that intelligence, especially in a world where they're hitting us in soft targets across the globe. so he's right. >> all right. we also want to ask you about comments. florida's senator marco rubio speaking about the new benghazi report and his call for hillary clinton to be held accountable. >> the thing you learn is potential insubordination from people who refuse direct orders. the buck starts at the top at the state department. and at the time, the person running the state department was hillary clinton who's now asking to be commander in chief. >> okay. she was the highest senior level at the time. she also missed an opportunity to go in and take charge and stand up. and this is someone running for commander in chief. >> that is exactly right. what you do in those most
11:34 am
difficult moments reveal your character and potential. if you're a secretary of state and one of your ambassadors is under siege, you don't defer to others or give tepid orders. you dive in hands first in real time like any leader or commander would do and take control of the situation. you make sure things are getting done, don't assume they're getting done and you inter face and say we're going to put the safety of the ambassador ahead of politics and perception. instead it was politics and perception put in front of people and that's why we lost four americans including an ambassador and has left a stain on hillary clinton for the whole world. >> and a friend, a friend who kept asking for security. this was on hillary clinton's
11:35 am
roll. >> he may not know. i don't know. he may not have been told by hillary clinton. either way, it's not an excuse. sometimes we learn in the military that it's better to just claim ignorance than not know and tell the truth and face repercussions. i don't think so. i think honestly he was not told. i think as a four-star general you don't know what's going on in your area of operation, that's hard for me to believe. >> hillary clinton was in charge, like we said. it's been pointed out not only was she wrong about benghazi but the reset. >> absolutely. look. military officers are trained from day one. you're responsible for everything that your men do and fail to do. full stoppage accountability. yes, she's accountable. we're seeing a grand stage between the president and the white house and pentagon and what's happening in libya. this is something that we and certainly the soldiers have
11:36 am
faced for over the past decade. it's a broken situation. nobody wants to take accountability. so this to us, we've been dealing with this for years. was it a surprise to hear they were delayed because they had to change their uniform four times? not at all. i thought yep, yep, that sounds right. that's stuff we've been dealing with forever. this is what happens at the big stage. >> ben knows it. all you want is a leader or commander in chief who has your back in a difficult situation and in this case for hours and hours, nobody had their back and hillary clinton is responsible for that. >> and the last two operators were still alive. remember, pennetta had given the orders. serious leadership failure there. gentlem gentlemen, thank you so much snoop this is a fox news alert. we hear donald trump will return to new hampshire to deliver a trade speech.
11:37 am
peter doocy on the campaign trail live in bangor, maine. why is he going after the chamber of commerce today? he's right on them. >> right. it's because the claim were of commerce has been telling everybody on their twitter account they're not big fans of trump's proposed trade policies. they wrote under the best case scenario trump's tariffs would strip 3.5 million jobs. trump said why would the u.s. chamber be upset by the fact that i want to negotiate better and stronger trade deals or that i want penalties for cheateders. water wo
11:38 am
waterboarding, he said it's like comparing it to peanuts. >> tell us specifically what he's doing in maine. >> it's interesting that he is here in maine. they don't normally get this much attention. but it's part of his 50-state strategy because maine come electioral college time doesn't have a winner take all. they can give their votes to more than one candidate. he's trying to get some november support where he did lose the primary to ted cruz. later he's going to bring the governor paul lepage. lepage continues to express support. he joked if trump won he wouldn't mind being ambassador
11:39 am
to canada in the summer and jamaica in the winter. hillary clinton continuing her campaign out in the west, holding a fund-raiser in the city by the bay. senior correspondent mike emanuel live from my hometown, san francisco. is she shaking some trees? >> it's a luncheon hosted by familiar face here in san francisco helping her raise some campaign cash. it's being co-hosted by jamie lee curtis and planned parenthood cecile richards. clinton with 42% -- in that very
11:40 am
same survey back on june 1st. clinton had a four-point edge. >> we lost you for a moment. but looking at the presidential race, being too close to call with the numbers tightening up. you know, this is just getting started. so, mike, what is clinton saying about those who have come out in strong support for trump? >> reporter: you know, it's fascinating, she did a town hall, took questions from her supporters, and she spoke a bit about the phenomenon. >> i understand why people are frustrated and even fearful, but don't look for easy answers and misleading promises that cannot deliver what you're hoping for. the whole slogan make america great again is code for go back to the time when a lot of people were not included, including wom women. >> reporter: clinton also did
11:41 am
some fund raise there, trying to boost her money edge in terms of campaign money. and, kimberly, they miss you out here. >> i miss them too. my old haunting grounds as former first lady there. we're going discuss with the top security analyst on how we can ward off the threat at home.
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i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. . shepherd smith. we're minutes away from a live news conference with president obama. the terror attack in turkey at one of the largest airports. the end of a term in the supreme court, and, of course, the 2016 election. will he bring up donald trump. it's all said to start top of the hour 16 minutes from now on "shepherd smith reporting."
11:45 am
if isis takes responsibility for the deadly attack at the turkey airport, it would be the fifth this year. this scene last october. more than 100 people killed in a bombing at a peace rally in ankara. turn eric officials blame isis for killing ten germans and four people in a suicide bombing in a shopping district of istanbul in march. ryan marr joins "the real story" now. brian, thank you for being with us. obviously trying to dissect the pieces of this horrific terror attack. hitting turkey again. you think isis made a huge mistake. >> i really do. i think that isis made a big mistake because it has not felt
11:46 am
the full force of the turkish military yet. they were turning a blind eye to it. turkey was supporting other islamic terrorists as well in syria isis needs that area along the turk eric border to operate effectively, so these going to be gone. isis is going to be privately regretting this very soon. >> definitely there needs to be a swift reaction to this to fight against them, like you said, cutting them off. also it's really important to cut off the key supply routes in the area to be able to bomb them and hit them hard that they can stop the transfer of weapons and ammunition going across as well. >> that's exactly right. and since isis is so reliant upon that, even with turkey fighting isis a bit now, those routes were still being used.
11:47 am
if turkey cuts that off, isis is going to be in worse shape than they are in. we need to remember that. if we look at the trends in sear yarks isis is losing people. we have to remember that that doesn't mean isis is winning. their success is perceived ass l allah's blessing. >> that's why you have to choke them on the supply path, hit them hard where they get the money. they were wearing vests that had a tremendous blast radius. and, we the cia director warning of a similar terror attack that
11:48 am
could happen right here on u.s. soil. >> right. when they warn about the threat of isis, the anxiety isn't always about the situation today. it's what we see coming around the corner, about what this says of the future of the united states and our security. so when you look at trends, the situation becomes more fear full for us and the future because even if isis is losing territory on the ground, another group will replace isis as long as that ideology is available and replacing new terrorists. another thing is the turkish government hates kurds backed by the united states. if turkey goes into syria, there's a good chance they end up fighting kurds backed by the united states. >> unbelievable. you have to fight them from an intelligence perspective and social media where they would self-radicalize as well.
11:49 am
ryan mauro, thank you for joining us. always a pleasure. what investigators are saying about a possible motive and why more arrests are likely to come. >> i'll be out there soon. they can't -- they can't -- this is a bunch of bull [ bleep ]. a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. is happening now at red lobster. summerfest and if you love lobster and shrimp, ...check out all these new entrees. like new coastal lobster and shrimp... ...with summer ale barbeque sauce, ...and new lobster and shrimp overboard. overboard? nah,'s just right. so hurry in.
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this is a fox news alert. new details in the murder of florida state law professor dan markel. detectives now convinced he was killed in a murder for hire plot tied to a bitter divorce. the state attorney's office releasing new documents, including video of two suspects stalking professor markel around tallahassee in the weeks before he was murdered. they were spotted at an atm the day of the murder. the suspects were identified as
11:53 am
members of the latin kings gang in north miami. eric is a defense attorney and thelma former prosecutor and currently defense attorney here to hash out the details. what a horrifying case. it makes you feel like nobody's safe. there's evidence here, john, of stalking, of premedication. how do you see it? >> these two defendants left a ton of evidentiary bread crumbs. we were just talking. whenever you have a murder that happens out of the blue, the first question prosecutors are going to ask is, who wants this person dead? that's the nucleus. then it stretches out from there. here there's clearly a motive because there was a contentious custody battle going on between the professor and his ex-wife who i believe is also a professor. so they started there. you can fill in the blanks with the technology and boom, you have these two suspects who are no strangers to crimes, and stalking him for a week. and then the guy ends up dead.
11:54 am
they also have eyewitnesses. i think they're guilty as charged. >> sounds like judge, jury, executioner over here. what do you think, eric? >> oh, there is a trail. because people kill for reasons. even if it's a stupid reason. whether it's for tennis shoes or for a car. there was no evidence of a robbery of any sort in this case, which would be one of the main reasons. but what the prosecution is going to do, they're going to make deals. they're going to try to get a deal for someone to talk. >> flip somebody. >> yeah, flip them. because if you're facing a life without sentence and i tell you you'll do 20 years you give me everything i need, then they're going to go back to the lead of money. where did you meet them? cell phone records. who organized it? and that will get back to the family members. not only the wife but perhaps some of the other family members who were helping her do this. >> i used to do some of the hard-core like the gang prosecutions in los angeles. tremendous problem there with gangs. here you have two potential suspects, gang members, latin kings. might be tougher to break one
11:55 am
against the other because of their code. >> you know, that's true. but you're not going to hire a choir boy to kill your husband for you, right? so that's the first place you look. second, i think the one piece that everybody's missing is they have to connect those two dots with the wife. because apparently a wife is not the one who allegedly hired them. family members of the wife hired them. so the web gets even bigger. >> right. >> those are the dots that need connecting here. >> who perhaps had somebody helping them, a coconspirator. we have to connect the two >> yes. and the lawyers are going to be able to talk to try to get their clients deals. the guys may not talk against each other, but they will get a deal in order to talk against the family >> yes. >> i think there might be an intermediary. >> oh, yeah. >> someone maybe related in the family that actually spoke like you said to them directly to get this done. >> and that's who the prosecutors are going to want. they think they have two guys who were guilty of the crime, but they want to know who else was in it. who else is involved and who else they even need to talk to to try to investigate them and
11:56 am
pull their phone records, e-mail records and cash deposit records. >> follow the money. >> obviously they tried to set this up to make it look like it was a robbery, a crime of convenience, an opportunity, financial motivation to get into the atm. but ultimately there's a whole story behind it. and a bitter family feud. all right. fantastic, guys. really appreciate you being here. we'll see what the ultimate verdict is. we're awaiting a news conference any moment now with president obama and the canadian prime minister and the mexican president on their bilateral meetings today in the canadian capital. they're expected to be asked about the terror attack. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle.
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hebrew national. heavy rain and massive amounts of hail pummelling denver, colorado. flooding streets and carrying branches from trees. the storm knocking out power for thousands and delaying a major league baseball game. look. that is water pour into the dugout and hail also covering the field. ground crews cleaning everything up for a late start and the blue
12:00 pm
jays going on to beat the rockies. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for gretchen carlson. tomorrow a big show. newt gingrich, sean hannity, shawn mccain and greta van sus ter an. we're expecting president obama to answer reporters' questions at a news conference. the president set to first speak at canada's capital city of ottawa along with the prime minister there, justin trudeau, and the mexican president. when that begins we'll take you there live. but first, some developments in the attack at the airport in turkey. so let's get to it. >> now, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> this wednesday afternoon passengers are again passing through europe's third biggest airport. even as crews sweep up the scattered glass amop up the blood. it's past 10:00 p.m. in


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