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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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great turmoil. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for now. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to my facebook page and like it. wait until you see what's there good night. o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> they probably think we're weak, we're stupid. we don't know what we're doing. you have to fight fire with fire. >> how exactly would donald trump punish the islamic terrorists? in the wake of the istanbul attack, mr. trump will be here to tell us. >> how can you not send help when the ambassador was missing? >> anger and controversy over the benghazi report. charles krauthammer and i will sort it out tonight. [shouting] >> also ahead, the self-help guru tony robbins may be in trouble as people get burned literally in his hot coal
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routine. it suddenly a very hot topic. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. you cannot contain evil. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. no one should be surprised by yesterday's terror attack in istanbul, turkey isis suspected but no matter who committed the atrocity, they are evil. as stated, president obama's policy towards islamic terrorism is to try to contain it. and while speaking to avoid the actual description islamic terrorism. mr. obama killed terror leaders with drones. has bombed isis facilities in iraq and syria. has ordered american special forces to disrupt isis
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activities but it is not enough. the solution to defeating isis to quickly kill as many of them on the ground as possible. sending a strong message to the world of jee jihad. nato the north atlantic treaty association should be leading the cause not the kurds or some phantom coalition. they killed 130 human beings. the terrorist attacks in belgium 32. in turkey more than 40 people are dead. all three of those countries are members of nato. all three of those attacks are acts of war. article 5 in the nato charter says an attack on one country is an attack on all. so, why is president obama not advocating nato forces on the ground to kill the isis savages and protect suffering civilians who are
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desperate? again, why is he not promoting that strategy? the turkish border is just 50 miles away from the isis strong hold of raqqa, syria. it is long past time for all americans to understand that isis is not going to stop killing innocent people and you could be one of those innocent people it is true that no matter what action is taken against the jihadists terrorism will not stop. it's impossible to wipe it out entirely. it is not that difficult to run these savages out of their sanctuaries. but the president will not do it. >> groups like isil can't destroy us. they can't defeat us. they don't produce anything. they're not an existential threat to us. >> our mission is to destroy isil. since i last updated the american people on our campaign two months ago, we have seen that this continues to be a difficult fight but we are making
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significant progress. >> today mr. obama spoke about the isis attack in istanbul. saying we stand with the people of turkey. more empty rhetoric. we don't stand with anyone. we will not do what is necessary to defeat this evil. the isis battle should be a major presidential campaign issue if hillary clinton is going to continue the policies of barack obama, every american should know that on the other side donald trump needs to get very specific about his plan to defeat isis and the jihadi. he should spell it out. and that's the memo. that's the top story. let's bring in donald trump who joins us from bangor, maine. i'm looking for specifics tonight, mr. donald trump, do you have any for us? >> do i have them and i hate to give them out because frankly if i win, it looks like i have a good chance of winning, i don't like to be giving all this information. i just like to go and do the job.
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if you look at general patton he wasn't one to give out information on television and then do whatever he has to do. >> i mean, you have got to have -- >> -- we're going to have to -- i know that i have given out plenty. believe me. i was the one that said take the oil. i height to do tell everybody and we should have taken the oil when we left and we didn't do it. who has the oil now in isis has the oil. >> taking the oil is not going to stop people from blowing up up airports and shooting people in night clubs. i laid out a very specific plan. it's a plan that doesn't have well we are going to invade here and have this many troops here. we're not that but just a plan that you mobilize the most powerful alliance on the face of the earth. they commit to killing savages. that's a plan. >> 1 hearse%, yeah. i have no problem. be. >> would you do that? would you go to brussels and get nato? >> i would certainly do it. so, bill, if you remember, four months ago i said that
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nato is obsolete because they don't cover terrorism and everybody smiled and they all had a good time and they were saying well, what does he know? what does he know. [also said the countries of nato aren't paying us what they should be paying us. they are not even living up to the agreement. three or four days after i said it people that study nato said trump is right. two weeks ago on the front page of the "wall street journal" i said setting up terrorist organization i said it's obsolete because it doesn't cover terrorism pro properly. they said i was right. setting up organization headed by one the top people and they have a terrorism organization. okay? >> does anybody say that was a food move or good thought? no. but that's okay. nato ought to go in there and wipe them out. i think, also, turkey, you know, turkey has been deceived by isis. assuming this was isis that did the attack, yesterday, turkey has been totally deceived. turkey has a very strong army. i have a feeling that turkey will be unleash ago very strong force.
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>> they are 50 miles away. >> because of what happened. >> they're 50 miles away. >> they could get to raqqa in two hours with a mechanized unity. it's muslims fighting muslims because turkey has its own problem. >> i think now they are going to do it. with the proper leadership in our country turkey would do it and turkey should do it. they have a massive military. they could do it. >> we would have to back them up. >> as effectively as anybody. >> turkey is a member of nato. >> we will back them up. >> back them up with air power. bring them in and do it? >> bill, all of a sudden turkey is getting hit. and they are getting hit hard. >> but you have to pound this drum. >> i think i have pounded it pretty good actually. >> there was a press conference today with the president of the united states the president of the mexico and prime minister of canada justin trudeau. do you know what they led with? do you know what they led
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with? protection for guys. protection for guys. that was the lead. all right? do you know what was second? global warming. big alliance on global warming. nothing wrong with protecting guys. nothing wrong with global warming. but that's the lead less than 24 hours after isis blows up another airport. that's what's on their mind. you can separated yourself if you become a terror warrior. i mean real terror warrior. >> well, i think i have though, bill. you just have to look at the polls. look at what's happening in terms of terrorism i'm leading in the polls. in terms of military i'm doing very well in the polls. a lot of people don't understand, you know, do i have a pretty great understanding and common sense of what's going on. i was not one that want to do go into iraq. it was a huge negative. it was a huge mistake to go into iraq. when we came out of iraq, i was not one that wanted to go -- we came out the wrong way. we just took everybody and left and hence the creation, essentially of isis. isis was created during the hillary clinton regime.
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she has been there forever, bill. she has been there forever. she has done nothing about isis. and it started with her and, frankly, nothing has happened. if anything, i think they have gotten stronger if you want to known the truth. >> they haven't gotten stronger commands and control they are. >> they are all over the place,. >> they are coming from a different terror organization. but there is no solution to this problem unless you devastate them and show the jihad that you are not going to take it anymore. it's all psychological now. >> that's what has to be done. i agree. and not only that the fact that they seem to have these victory. i don't know if you call that a victory, but it's a victory. it's perceived as a victory. have you, through the internet, they are taking our youth and the youth from other countries all over the world, and they are joining isis. the youth thinks it's wonderful. because they see victory. it's being portrayed they are beating the united states. people are joining isis because of that.
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you have got to knock them hard and beat the hell out of them. >> hillary clinton is going to have to get tougher on terrorism she. >> she will never get tougher she is not tough enough. it's not going it happen. >> she is going to have to because president obama's policy of containment has failed. everybody in the world knows it's failed. >> i don't see it happening with her. she is not going to get tougher. it started under her. a little group of people. it could have been wiped out quickly and effectively then. now it's a very large group of people. and it's only getting bigger. and if she gets, in it will be massive and we won't even have a country anymore. we're going to be afraid to walk outside. >> all right. we're going to hold mr. trump over. >> bill, remember one other thing, they are letting tens of thousands of people coming -- come in from syria and nobody knows who those people are and lot of those people are isis. >> i'm not convinced of that but i think there has to be a slow june on that and a real investigating. i want to hold you over. new polling. we have two new pollings in
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the presidential run. hillary clinton says she sympathizes with some trump supporters. that could be an interesting discussion. later, charles krauthammer and i analyze the benghazi report from both sides. very provocative. those reports after these messages. i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together...
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continuing now with donald trump. the new poll says the race between him and hillary clinton is just about tied. and a new fox news poll just out today has hillary clinton beating trump by 6 points. however, among voters who describe themselves as very interested in the upcoming election, the race is a statistical tie again. just like quinnipiac. last night in los angeles, hillary clinton said this: >> i am determined to say look, you may not vote for me, trump supporters, i get that because you really are upset about immigration or you are upset about trade or
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you are upset about, you know, feeling that the jobs that you had that gave you a good living are gone. i'm very sympathetic to that i'm not sympathetic to the zen phonia, the misogyny. the islamophobia and homophobia and all the other. [ applause ] dog whistles that trump uses to create that fervour among a lot of his supporters. >> okay. that was about 45 seconds to be fair. we will give mr. trump the same amount of time to reply. go. >> all of the phobias that nobody even knows what she is talking about to be honest with you. why doesn't she say did -- say it like it is. it's ridiculous. she knows exactly what's happening. she sees what's happening. people are tired. they are losing their jobs. their jobs are being taken
5:16 pm
away. companies are moving to mexico. un -- i mean, just moving. they just pick up and move. you look at what went on with carrier. you look at ford. you look at so many different. they are a mile long and we are losing our jobs. we are losing everything in this country. we are losing our spirit. i was in ohio. i was in pennsylvania yesterday i was in ohio, pennsylvania, and west virginia. and i want to tell you, the lines of people that we have, they are so sick and tired of hearing things like what she is just saying. nobody even knows what she is talking about. and you tell me, that's presidential? she is presidential? sitting there? i don't think so. >> all right. now, the new fox news poll is interesting. you are up 10 points among men. measure men. she is at 36. you are at 46. among women. she suspect on you 19. 51-312. so, it would seem that you are going to have to tailor your message a little bit more to women voters. are you willing to do that? >> well, i am. i think i'm doing great with
5:17 pm
women of achievement today i'm in maine. we have a sold out arena. the place is packed. and yesterday in ohio and in pennsylvania and in west virginia it's packed with lines going outside. it's incredible. and half of these people, i mean, more than half it seems are women. they have signs up women for trump. we love you, donald. it's unbelievable what's going on. i hear the poll and i see it and i have seen a couple others. >> 32% of women support you. >> 32% or 33%. >> >> i just sought poll that came out i think it's quinnipiac 33% with hispanic. now i'm 6, or 7 or 8 points higher than romney was. if i listen to you, in all fairness a few months ago i was going to get nothing with hispanic. 33%. >> in a political campaign, and believe me, i'm not one
5:18 pm
to give advice to anybody because i'm not a politician. traditionally the message was tailored to certain group. that's how votes are would be. you have not run a traditional campaign. i'm not telling what you to do. you are down 19 in the fox poll on women. if you are going to tailor a message to them, i would like to know what that message is. >> i could tell you right now what it is, it's strength, it's borders, it's a strong military. we're going to protect -- we are going to protect our country. it's keeping people that wants to kill us out of our country. have you have to be vetted and i mean vetted very strongly. it's not letting the people from the migration, the syrians or whoever they are because we have no idea who they are, bill. you can't tell who they're because they have no paperwork whatsoever. and obama and clinton are letting them come in to our country by the thousands. we can't let them come in. >> security message may resonate. final question in this poll. 30% of americans, only 30%
5:19 pm
see hillary clinton as being honest and trustworthy. only 34% see you as honest and trustworthy. are you going to tailor a message that might get that number up. >> i'm honest, i'm trustworthy. i tell it like it is. i'm here. i didn't need to do this. i'm enjoying it but i'm enjoying it because we are going to make america great again. we are also going to make america safe again, bill. >>, you know what? and i have to say and i have said this before. you are willing to take fire from guys like me but mrs. clinton much more reticent to do that however we hope she will come on and we invite her on all the time but you are here and i think that means something. so we appreciate your time as always, mr. trump. >> thank you. >> directly ahead, is there anything, the u.s.a. and other countries can do to make it more difficult for isis to attack us? then, later, krauthammer and i will analyze the benghazi report. also, miller on tony robbins who may be in trouble over fire walking. those reports up ahead.
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impact segment tonight. as we have been discussing if you played defense against isis you are going to have to accept blood in the streets. and if you reject using nato to confront the savages there really isn't another way to kill them on the ground. joining us from los angeles aaron cohen counter terror expert and hanson center for security policy. let's talk about playing defense first, mr. hanson. anything more the u.s.a. can do to protect us against these savages? >> if you are talking about airport security and counter terrorism, the first thing we need to do is allow our national security and law enforcement agencies to face the threat honestly. right now you have got the department of homeland security saying we can't even use the words jihad or sharia in their training or in the conducted of
5:24 pm
investigations. so we need to look at the enemy because the only way to prevent these type of wants is to go where the bad guys are and root them out but that's number one. >> that doesn't help us in the sense that if the department of homeland security doesn't want to use the term sharia or terrorism that's not going to help anybody in orlando getting gunned down by isis sympathizer. what i'm trying to get at in the infrastructure we have now, mr. cohen. you know israel pretty well and i think they are the best in the world at stopping these attacks, is there anything more we can do? >> first thing we need to do is implement the three d, deter, detect, deny. deter, let's get armed special response swat guys outside. that creates deterrent and start checking the cars as they pull looking. >> massive chaos at the
5:25 pm
airports especially here in new york and l.a. >> bill, it's going to create more traffic. >> now they will be backed up to pennsylvania. >> that's true but at least they will be backed up and actually preventing terrorism as opposed to the colossal waste of time with tsa. >> what's number two? >> two would be the detection phase which is where you would sprinkle in the actual selecters hebrew, federal level trained interrogators trained to read behavior and so the body language of somebody who is about to commit an act of terror is just as red flagged as somebody who has committed an act of terror. so you dump the money into the training, take it out of the -- stop looking for the weapon. start looking for the terrorist use what they use in poker which is body language. >> when i was flying out of israel. they had those guys and when people were online whether it was to get into the airport system, to get their bordering pass or to get into the terminal. these guys would be floating and asking people and looking and checking.
5:26 pm
that's what you mean, right? >> correct. >> correct. >> not just men, women who do it. >> kind of. >> armed. >> scary. but if it were well defined why they are there i think that could work. >> here is the interesting part what you just said. it's scary because you are being targeted with questions that make you answer a certain way. we know in israel what certain reactions are okay and what certain reactions show you are trying to cover. >> if you sweat, you just pill them aside. >> correct. >> i like that. >> deny which means training. look at the turkey terror attack just now in istanbul. had you a police officer in one of those videos actually firing at the terrorist. the terrorist goes down. had they had israeli level training those police officers would have known that they have to run over to the terrorist on the ground, shoot him in the cerebral cortex which will essentially disable his hands from moving so he couldn't detonate that switch. so who knows how many people could have been saved had
5:27 pm
that specific. >> i got it. >> let's go back you, mr. hanson, did you say something and i only have a minute here that we have to confront them on the ground is my nato proposition, is this a crazy thing? i think it can be done. i think it can be done fairly quickly. >> no, bill. i think nato is a great answer. somebody has to go in and cut down the isis black flag. that's essential. and should be done and should be done soon. but that's only half the problem. until you take on the ideology, isis is just a symptom, al qaeda is just a symptom, the sharia ideology that motivates jihad is a disease. we do need to confront that we do need to make it so that the youth is now motivate to do join isis, if we take them out, they will join somebody else. >> you have to take their momentum away and show there is a penalty and that you can defeat them physically and then you have to backhoe into the propaganda. i understand you have to do that that's a lot more theoretical than killing them. >> needs to be done. >> always a pleasure to talk with you.
5:28 pm
plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. krauthammer and i will debate the benghazi report tony robbins and some of his followers getting burned in texas. one tough guy we need him today against isis. hope you stay tuned to those reports. i have asthma...
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benghazi report released yesterday. because of the istanbul terror attack that report has not shown on fnc but here it is. >> hillary clinton and the benghazi report. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. first off. the terror attack that killed four americans in benghazi, libya on september 11th, 2012, was an act of war, an act of war. yet, the obama administration does not see it that way. only one person currently under arrest for the action. from the beginning, the attack was marginalized, first described as spontaneous uprising against americans. then spun as partisan politics. talking points would like to lay out the truth tonight. the republican congressional report has concluded the following. that almost immediately after american ambassador christopher stevens came under attack, state department officials in washington knew exactly what was happening. greg hicks, the state department official in libya was talking to d.c. and says
5:33 pm
there was no discussion about any video prompting the terror attack. it was quickly apparent that the terrorists were organized and those libyans hire to do protect ambassador stevens had run away then hours after mr. stephens was murdered, there was a big meeting in the white house. but approximately half that meeting was spent on politics. not trying to get american assets in to libya to protect remaining americans there. panetta says he ordered the military to go to libya. that did not happen. says president obama and secretary clinton agreed with his order it is unclear why the military did not carry out pa netted that's mandate and president obama did not order an investigation to find out. but here's the worst part. even though president obama did not himself say videos cause the terror attack, his
5:34 pm
ambassador to the u.n. did say that. >> what happened this week in cairo, in benghazi, in many other parts of the region. >> tunisia, cartoon. >> was the result, a direct result of a heinous and offensive video. >> and ambassador rice's statement was never corrected by the white house. summing up. the republican report says the federal government failed to protect ambassador stevens and the three other americans who were murdered and that the obama administration mislead the world after the fact. now, to the democratic side of the house committee. their report is strange to say the least. congressman elijah cummings about a partisan a man as there is in the house of representatives, led the democratic response. it says the following. the democrats on the committee still do not know what motivated the terror attack. they still will not concede the video thing was a ruse. that the obama
5:35 pm
administration did not make intentionally misleading statements. even though ambassador rice obviously did put forth the phony ruiz about the video. maybe she was mislead by her superiors, but, again, the white house did not order an investigation to find out why ms. rice said what she said. and the committee democrats did not seem to have a problem not knowing exactly what happened. finally, that even though the statement department security measures were in their words, quote, woefully inadequate, secretary clinton had nothing to do with it wow, quite the conclusion. talking points is not blaming hillary clinton for benghazi but certainly any fair minded person knows the obama administration has consistently down played terror attacks. fort hood, orlando, benghazi, explanations? work place violence, gun-driven domestic terrorism and videos. come on. the question going forward,
5:36 pm
will this hurt hillary clinton in her run for the presidency? the answer is speculative but the facts say. this those who support mrs. clinton are not going to turn against her over benghazi. those who despise the secretary already believes she mismanaged libya. americans are they likely to pay attention to the benghazi report? no they are not. so will the benghazi situation hurt hillary clinton? most likely, no. and that's the memo. top story reaction joining from us washington charles krauthammer. and you say? >> i say it's rather unfortunate that we are seeing everything through the prism of hurting or helping hillary clinton. in other words, presidential prospects. this is an event that is very unusual, first killing of an ambassador since 197 -g9. this a national issue. it's not a partisan issue. the report that trey gowdy has put out only
5:37 pm
peripherally talks about hillary clinton. everybody wants to talk about her role. she isn't one of the roles. but the real story is here the failure of the chain of command starting with the president, going to secretary panetta, and going down to the joint chiefs, the president had a meeting with panetta, and the joint chief of staff commander at about 5:00, 6:00. by 7:00, they ordered apparently panetta said, this is eastern time, ordered everything be done to help them. nothing was done. >> yeah. >> until it was all over. here's the worst part. what cummings and other democrats will say it wouldn't have made any difference anyway. that is completely irrelevant. the reason is, yes, in hindsight we know they wouldn't have got therein in time. but, at the time. >> they didn't know that. >> nobody knew when it was going to end. it could have gone 10 hours.
5:38 pm
8, 10 hours, 20 hours. how you cannot send help when the ambassador was missing and nobody even. >> how county military not obey a direct ordered from secretary of defense which he says was backed up by the president and secretary of state clinton? how county military not obey that order? that should be the big investigation? who defied it? >> a. agree with you. the other is, where was the president during those six hours? he was -- he is in the situation room, nicely on camera, during the bin laden raid, which is essentially out of his hands, admitted he launched it here is a situation that is changing, fluctuating, requires presidential or at least secretarial instructions, nowhere to be seen. that's the scandal. and that's what we don't know. >> final question. do you believe that benghazi will hurt hillary clinton in any way? >> it's already hurt hillary
5:39 pm
clinton. adding to the general perception of her as untrustworthy. somebody who is not in demand at the time and who essentially lies to cover up what she has to do or -- doesn't have to be an outright lie. i don't think it's going to add much to that it cements that. so those -- i think you were right, those who have a preconception about her that's who she is will be reinforced. otherwise not. the effect of this report will be marginal on her but it should have a major effect on how we view obama's conducting military affairs in realtime and the failures here up and down the line. which are quite astonishing. >> in a moment, a bizarre situation, apparently bill clinton met with the attorney general, loretta lynch in an airplane some place and mrs. lynch, of course, is investigating hillary clinton. so we're going to have that monica crowley and eboni
5:40 pm
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in the personal story segment tonight, a very interesting situation. i just have the notes here. okay. so apparently the phoenix airport, there was a meeting for 30 minutes. that's a fairly long meeting between president clinton, all right, and attorney general loretta lynch. now, this took place earlier this week and, as you know, the attorney general is investigating hillary clinton. here's what the a.g. said. >> i did see president clinton at the phoenix airport as i was leaving and he spoke to myself and my husband on the plane. our conversation was a great deal about his grandchildren. it was primarily social and about our travels. >> wow. so, eboni williams and monica crowley join us. i was surprised. weren't you surprised? 30 minutes. i could see hey, how are you, you have got to be
5:45 pm
polite. though know each other. 30 minutes about the grandchildren? >> here's what's interesting we are just hearing about it today on wednesday. apparently this meeting took place on monday. so 48 hours has gone by since we have heard about it. the attorney general said it was social. that they talked about their grandchildren and president clinton's golf game in phoenix. >> yeah, golf. >> sort of like mrs. clinton's deleted emails were all about her yoga schedule and chelsea's wedding. >> no. you are creeping into that partisan realm here what do you say. >> i know we can't speculate because we weren't on the plane. this is highly irrelevant. >> loretta lynch is the chief law enforcement officer of our country. what's very important is the importance of impropriety. credibility is very important. to monica's point it's hard for gejt people that the president waited on the tarmac for her to arrive to discuss this. even if it's true what does
5:46 pm
it tell us. he doesn't care at all about her credibility but she should care. >> you absolutely hit it. the appearance, when you are under -- when you are supervising an investigation, for 30 minutes, and then you don't really say anything right away, she should have. >> you have to avoid the conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict of interest. >> this isn't just any target. >> but it makes me feel bad. >> the presumptive democratic nominee for president. i don't>> i don't want to call loretta lynch a liar. i actually admired the woman when she was here in new york city as an attorney. she did very good work that went against the political grain. all right? i was happy when she was nominated. but, in this case, i mean, she made a mistake. a big mistake. >> it's up to her, bill. she has to protect her credibility at all cost. >> it's shot now, isn't it, ebony? >> it's being chipped away. >> it's really damaged. >> it's being damaged more
5:47 pm
and more. >> raises a red flag. getting on the plane and spending 30 minutes with bill clinton. >> a lot of people feel this investigation is in the tank anyway. >> can be rehabilitated. you are right, if it's tanked now it's a way to rehabilitate one's credibility. >> we will continue on this story. thank you, ladies. >> miller on deck a bizarre story about fire walking and tony robbins. d man warming up in the bullpen. see if he has his fast ball as the factor continues. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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5:50 pm
. self help guru tony robins held a seminar in dallas where fire walking was involved. as you may know mr. robbins
5:51 pm
promotes walking on hot coals as way for folks to confront fear. p.m. like oprah winfrey have done it. >> you got it! you go! but in dallas, things went terribly wrong. >> tony robbins fire walk, participants dash across a bed of hot coals barefoot, but last thursday at the seminar in dallas things got a little too hot for participants. a man carried his wife back to their hotel after burning her feet on the hot coals. >> joining us now from santa barbara where it is warm, but not that hot, did nottis miller. i assume you won't be walking over any hot coals at tony robbins' request? >> big intimidating tall guy comes into the room and gives
5:52 pm
out orders that you obey or he holds your feet to the fire. sounds like "the o'reilly factor." that's what i put up with here. every week. >> figuratively, not literally, miller. we don't have a button to send shocks into your tuckus. >> that's thursdays. listen, they were forwarned, billy. they were attending a seminar called "unleash the blisters within." and i find that when you do stuff like this, you have the same problems, it's just your feet hurt a lot, and it's expensive. now listen, i'm making an offer here. i'm having steaks tomorrow. if you want to come over and stamp out my barbecue grill, i'll only charge you 20 bucks. there you go. if you do go on the hot coals, you can't stay long. can you see what it does to you. the last time who stayed on the kels too long was joe biden. look what happened?
5:53 pm
you cannot stay on the coals. >> while talking about money for stuff, at tantrums in houston, $50 for 15 minutes in the anger room. rage room. and good crazy, miller. i like this. what do you think? >> can you double-book? i would like to get you and barney frank in there for a christmas present this year. >> if he pays. >> you know, it would be a great job to reliever anger is if you were the bouncer in the rave room and you got to kick both their asses. and what about this, billy. i just took a summer job as safe space lifeguard for kids drowning in their own bs. you can make a buck off these things, billy. >> everything in america. that's why we love capitalism. dennis miller, every. tip of the day, preview of ledge end and lie answers patriots. this week about george washington. you think you know him? huh-uh. the tip, moment away.
5:54 pm
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back to the tip of the day. you think you know george washington? you don't, in a moment. first, a brand new children's book. some of good times of the urchins to read about history and we give them a book they will really be interested to see. it's easy to digest. book is number one in juvenile non-fiction right now. so get the kids off the machines. legends of lies and patriots is still number one. in a moment we will show you clips from legends and lies, the tv program, this book is the companion to that. now mail from larry in illinois. the migration of europe was planned by isis is brilliant. you are giving the savages too much credit, larry. killing is their game, not convincing people it plea. o'reilly, you reap what you
5:57 pm
sow. the former colony he of the british empire are pouring in there now so a guy like you telling them we don't want you there. not true, juan. u.s. and britain are humane nations but they should not hurt their own citizens by allowing chaotic immigration. come on. ak accident on the word, chaotic. arnold, south australia. bill, thank you for giving me the 13 hours dvd with my bill o'reilly membership. i have a clear understanding of what happened. michael bay did a nice job of painting the grusome picture in benghazi, arnold. finally tonight, tip of the day, fox news tv series, continuing this coming sun diover the holiday weekend. focussing on george washington. >> george washington has a reputation as a brave and daring commander. but as a newly commissioned general, he must lead an army against a world's strongest super power.
5:58 pm
privately, washington struggles with insecurity. but pub licpublicly, he refusesw any signs of self doubt. >> the position, offer advantage. >> the time is now, see what they're about. send a detail to test. ♪ ♪ [ gunshot ] >> boy, do we need a commander like washington today, don't we? we hope you will watch or dvr legends and lies, sunday evening, 8:00 p.m. factor tip of the day.
5:59 pm
that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. which is different from bill o'reill o' also we with like you to spout out about many in the world. owery lie@fox word of the day, it is okay to be risible when writing to the factor. you can be risible. all you people on the case, it's always negative, the word of the day, this is not a negative word of the day. we want you to be risible and stop whining about negative words in the day. and tomorrow, we will look into this, loretta lynch thing, bill clinton thing. this bothers me, you know. very serious investigation going on with hillary clinton. and the attorney general overseas it. and you're meeting with mrs. clinton's husband for 30 minutes in an airport hangar and you don't see anything about it for two days? not good.
6:00 pm
so we are on it. we're on it. we'll have all of the details. no speculation tomorrow. thank you for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, fox news channel learning details of a training unit specifically preparing islamic state terrorists to carry out attacks on western targets around the world, including the united states. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. correspondent catherine herridge learned some remarkable new detail from her sources of the terror threat to the united states. she's with us here in moments. ironically, this new reporting comes on the same day the director of cia went on the record saying he would not be surprised if we saw an islamic state terror attack on the homeland just like the one we saw at one of europe's busiest airports roughly