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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 29, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern as donald trump will join us, again, tomorrow at 10:00. that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here t unafraid. online show now. >> okay. what's this? a private meeting on a private plane. talking about former president bill clinton and attorney general loretta lynch meeting on the ground private plane in phoenix airport. the meeting was yesterday. just hours before the release of the benghazi reported and the local phoenix abc station got a tip that the meeting was going to happen. after the meeting a conference, attorney general lynch confirmed the meeting with the president had taken place. >> when i was landing at the airport i did see president clinton at the phoenix airport. as i was leaving and he spoke to myself and my husband on the plane. our conversation was a united states deal about his grandchildren there was no discussion about any matter pending before the department or any matter
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pending before any no discussion of benghazi or state department emails by way of example. >> radio host and editor and chief of lifezette laura ingraham goes "on the record." >> that's no big deal, greta. you guys are conspiracy theorists. you think something happened at this meeting? who knows. maybe they were just discussing gifts for grandchildren and burden of burg techniques. always go to the grand kids. hillary during the benghazi things you want to know about my yoga routines in the emails. what do you mean about the emails. yoga routines and plans for my daughter's wedding. >> it's unbelievable how tone deaf either one of them are on this. investigating the emails and server and everything else and criminal investigation according to josh earnst at the white house and you have got the president of the united states married to a candidate who is being investigated and they meet privately on an airplane even if it's 100 percent
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innocent. how could you be so tone deaf? >> well it, goes back to all the problems in the clinton scandals during his time in the white house. everyone always said how can he be this stupid and we learn more on this secret service agent's book of how stupid he was and how just blatant he was about not just appearance of impropriety but actual impropriety. people walking in on him when he was with other people. i don't know why any of us are surprised. there is a brazen effort to undermine sorry u.s. law and at the very least the appearance of improprietor and ethical considerations which you and i know as lawyers people take very seriously. >> we have got the head of the investigation and the spouse of the person who something investigated. she is being investigated i don't know did she is the target. meeting on a private plane for 30 minutes. >> the appearance of a conflict can be just as damaging and poisonous to a case at times as a conflict
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itself. an actual conflict. that's why you avoid situations like this. the last thing they need is any further undermining of the objectivity of this investigation which of course called a security review until she was corrected by the fbi director. i don't know what they are talking about security reviews. this is an actual investigation. the appearance of a conflict of interest of lynch now, i think there is no doubt about it. >> what do you think obama is thinking tonight, finding out that his chief lawyer did this and what do you think secretary hillary clinton is thinking about the fact that her husband met with him and this is. >> depends on if she asked him to talk to her. i mean, who knows. >> i can't believe she would be that stupid. honestly. >> how would you be stupid enough to find out no one was going to find out about a private email server at a time where when your family foundation was soliciting donations from foreign governments. that is like the definition of stupid. yet, she did that.
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>> it's amazing to me. it's though they are giving their political opponents ammunition every single day. >> every single day we find out about emails held back or other witnesses taking the fifth. again, it just adds to the public's lack of belief and good faith in this investigation. and today was just another instance of it being chipped away again and again it's not surprising given the clintons and their brazen behavior. >> the president when discussing this issue in each stage has reiterated his commitment to this principle that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political interference and that people should be treated the same way before the law regardless of their political influence. regardless of their political party. regardless of their political stature and regardless of what political
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figure has endorsed them. >> think of the power of the former president of the united states in a private meeting with anybody. and he is a big deal figure. and. >> who knows what was said, greta. maybe nothing. maybe it was all about baby clothes. >> it doesn't even matter what was said. that's the thing. it could be totally innocent. it really doesn't matter because it's so profoundly -- >> -- it shows you how disconnected they are from public perception or any concern of public perception or integrity in the investigation. >> she should know better, too. >> yes, she should. after that appearance down in orlando, i'm not surprised by that either. >> laura, thank you. >> thanks. >> should loretta lynch recuse herself take herself off the case in the email investigation. ted williams and former prosecutor katy phang ted, first to you. as the chief lawyer on this case and criminal investigation, should she take herself off it? >> let me say my friend,
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laura ingraham is too nice in regards to what she has had to say. >> i think the attorney general has compromised the integrity of any independent decision that she could make in this investigation. greta, i don't care how private or grand mother it was. it's the appearance. hillary clinton is under investigation by the fbi. loretta lynch is in the position where she is going to have to at some stage make a decision one way or another concerning the prosecution of hillary clinton. and to meet with the president's -- with the potential candidate's husband under this circumstance she needs to recuse herself and i guarantee you the drums are going to beat lookout for her to do so. >> katie? >> you have to avoid the appearance of impropriety as an attorney and especially as the attorney general of the united states. how much more important would it be for her to avoid
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this? she is ultimately the decisionmaker as to whether or not hillary clinton is going to be prosecuted for what happens with the benghazi scandal. hillary has said she is just like -- do you really think just before the benghazi report comes out they only talked about grandchildren and golf? think about this, guys. they are having this private meeting. they don't disclose it to anybody. if you had nothing to hide. why not let people know from the very beginning that you met and that you talked about nothing at all. >> you know, what i don't understand is that this one to me isn't even close. it's not one of those gray areas. >> no. >> because there is nothing -- that whole -- the thing that is so branded in all of us, the appearance of impropriety to have the person going to make the decision whether or not this goes to a grand jury, goes a step farther or not, have that person meet with the spouse of the person who is under investigation in a plane. >> former president no less. >> even if they do talk
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about grandchildren, this one isn't even close. what in the world was that woman thinking? i mean. what is that attorney general saying? i blame her. >> when i got the call this afternoon from cory howell, one of your producers, the first thing i said this is stuck on stupid. you are the attorney general for the united states. you know better. if william jefferson clinton. >> i hope she doesn't know better. that's even scarier. >> this is not a dumb woman. she a smart woman. she knew she shouldn't have met with him. she tries to walk it back we met and talked about family matters. if the appearance -- it's the appearance. and this is what is going to hurt this whole thing. she needs to recuse herself. >> actual thing is we are giving them the benefit of the doubt that it was an innocent discussion. we haven't even got tonight fact that some people -- a lot are suspicious that this wasn't just an appearance of impropriety issue that there is something going down on this. but we are giving them the benefit of the doubt and absolutely all scandalized
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by. this i'm stuck on the fact that ted just said that she was in bed with bill clinton. putting a side, even giving it the benefit of the doubt, maybe loretta lynch -- actually i take back the maybe. she has got to remove herself from. this let somebody else decide. why allow any question into the i object telling gri at this of the ultimate investigation's results. you should never do that especially at this high level. it's a bad idea. >> it's not a close question to me. she should get off this case is it a close question for you, katie? >> not at all get off the case. >> clearly not a close question for me. she has to get off the case because, trust me, you are going to heart drums beat and see donald trump with something on this right away. i mean. >> i'm surprised we haven't heard it already the emails. i don't know one lawyer i can think of, i don't care democrat or republican, who would not be scandalized by. this i talked to a federal judge afternoon. and he was beside himself. he said no. as a matter of fact, i talked to two federal judges and they both were beside
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themselves and said no, the attorney general did not do. this. >> see, i think that's what the viewers have to understand. even if nothing happened at all, the new discussion about emails or benghazi, this was so profoundly against the code of professional responsibility. >> exactly. >> the appearance of impropriety. >> it smells and stinks. it's as simple as that. >> ted and katie, thank you both. now to the damning bection report. long awaited house report was released and immediately the outrage from the g.o.p. began to grow. >> the buck starts at the top at the state department and at the time the person running the state department was hillary clinton. >> they had two different stories. privately they told the truth. publicly they mislead the american people. >> why? >> politics. >> barack obama for re-election purposes lied to the american people. hillary clinton as the loyal puppets of barack obama lied to the american people. there is no other possible explanation.
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[shouting] >> it's sickening. it's infuriating. it is sickening. >> secretary clinton put politics and her political legacy way ahead of the people on the ground. >> hillary clinton's ally also try to white wash this and cover it up. there is in covering up the incompetence and immediate default of the politics. >> it makes me regret that any of these people have ever ended up in power. >> the burning political question will the benghazi report hurt secretary hillary clinton. the "on the record" political panel is here from the post stephen dinan. this private conversation on the tarmac between the attorney general loretta lynch and president bill clinton. let's assume they just talked about being grand patients. is that appalling to the legal -- the legal world we are upset. >> we talked about this in the past imagine the fbi recommends prosecution and the justice department says no we are not going to pursue that after a conversation like this comes
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to light. that's where things get really tough for everybody. it looks bad. it looks bad no matter whether legal profession or not. >> once appalling. at the same time it goes into donald trump's talking points which is that the system is corrupt. he says it on all areas. including the legal and justice system and i think anybody would look at this and suggest something as you guys said earlier, at the very least it looks bad and i think it fits right into his narrative and really hurts hillary clinton. >> i can't get over either one of them, either the attorney general or the president doing -- even if it's just sort of. >> you can understand why the president would want to do it the attorney general should know better. >> let's face it. is he a friendly type guy. he talks to everybody. that's bill clinton. should be smart enough not to do that. knowing that it feeds into his political opponents. benghazi, damaging to secretary clinton or no. >> not so much right now for a couple of different reasons. the democrats did a really
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good job of tarnishing the panel, the investigation over the last two years including releasing their report a day early essentially exonerating mrs. clinton. >> mentioning trump about 50 times and he had nothing to do with it. you can't blame trump for this one. no matter. what you can't blame trump. >> democrats did a good job of sort of taking a lot of fire out of the report. the report doesn't have any smoking guns. there is a lot of really interesting information in there. and it's a fascinating read. a very thorough read but no smoking gun. the main thing is, that, look, this all comes back to what we were just talking about. hillary clinton, the most important thing out of the benghazi probe was the secret email server. troubles rise and fall what the justice department does. >> the investigation really has not just investigation really the the appearance that she didn't handle benghazi correctly and four americans died and perhaps she could have done something.
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it's really her trust numbers and poll numbers the last couple of years leading up to this point and hurt her numbers in how she deals with terrorism and other issues whereas foreign policy being the top diplomat should have been a strength for her going. in because of this, it has become a weakness of hers. by the way, one you don't hear her talk about much on the campaign trail. >> see, what's peculiar to me about this, bengals, i don't understand why -- i mean, this has become a real diplomatic problem for her, as the secretary of state, but where was the secretary of defense? i mean, he has been hiding under the table since this broke. and where was the president that night? this became a military action and for some reason our chief diplomat when we are under attack is handling our military stuff? where were they and why isn't she effectively sort of brushing this off into sort of politically making it their problem? >> i think daniel touched on this. it's a very good point that libya was her baby.
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libya was supposed to be her success and much of the report goes into the fact that part of the reason why we have this diplomatic presence mr. and possibly part of the reason why we fought so hard to keep it there when everybody else is pulling out of benghazi was because she wanted a deliverable out of that. >> that may be true but here is the one thing that president obama won't answer in those questions that the panel sent to him that he has refused is what in the world were we doing there? nobody has identified that i'm not convinced that this wasn't something else. some sort of covert military thing going on there. we had a huge cia presence there. what was that all about? >> the report doesn't go into that. >> yes. and the president won't answer that. >> how much of a real story are we getting on this. >> i think we have gotten a lot. there is certainly more. honestly it will be decades before things become declassified and we understand that element of it which will be important and, you know, history -- that's why history gets written years later for that reason and many others. i think president obama does
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in a certain way president obama and leon panetta, the defense secretary at the time they aren't completely exonerating they did say. >> where were they that night? that's the peculiar thing? >> president obama said you guys handle it do what's necessary. >> do what's necessary? >> leon panetta said go in there and hillary clinton appears to have overruled them according to the report. >> why is the secretary of state making military calls? i think that's an interesting angle it uncovers. >> i'm not surprised there is not more hands on. problem with our show breaking news hands on. i won't say see you later do. what you need to do. for some reason it still stuck with me where was the president that night? what was he doing and where was the secretary of defense? anyway. maybe history will tell us. daniel and steven, thank you both. benghazi report faulting the security lapses. lapses tribute to do the deaths, the murders of four americans. marine, benghazi annex security team member john
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t.g.i. -- tigg. >> your thoughts about the report? >> you any, i -- they keep saying there was no smoking gun. might have been a huge smoking gun for hillary. you saw the incompetence for the whole duration and leadership from the president on down to even some of the commanders in the africon. if panetta and obama said hey, you know, go, go, go. and nothing even goes. well, that's totally incompetence and lack of leadership. >> see, and what i don't get and this fall as little bit on the discussion we just had. saying okay, go ahead, go do it. and then where were they the rest of the night? i mean the place was burning down. we had two that were dead. we had two that were going
11:18 pm
to die. and what i don't understand is where was everybody? the report seems incomplete to me. i wish the president would answer the questions where was he? what was he doing? who did he assign to do what? >> yeah. i mean, you know, for the fact that they had a u.s. ambassador that had been missing, you know, for six hours and the joint chiefs they want to go and have a dinner and obama he wants to go and do a fundraiser and hillary hillary clinton wants to go to sleep. i can understand it was just the agency being attacked. the fact that there is a u.s. ambassador missing they did work 22 years. worked his way up through. he didn't d. didn't give president obama $22 million to become ambassador. you would think they would stay there and support him. i mean, they sent him there. >> you were mean, do you think anything could have come in and helped you or was it too overwhelming? >> you know, to me,
11:19 pm
personally, i don't think we needed ground forces. we this that -- i mean we proved that we had that pretty well taken care of from the five fire fights we were in, but the fact of when the mortars came in, if we had had air cover of any sort, they are not going to sit in the open and set up a mortar site. they are going to at least probably second -- have a second thought about it. >> was there -- you have heard the discussion abo whether there was a video and protest and not just like an attack by a terrorist group. was there any sort of protest before hand? anything at all to suggest that? >> well, all i can say, if there was a protest, then obviously every single dsa agent needs to go back to some kind of training. because if they let a protest outside their gate and they don't do anything, that should probably tell you something about the state department's training.
11:20 pm
to me, as i took that as a smack in the face against every diplomatic security agent that's out there saying these guys sitting out by the pool 150 yards from the gate and they don't hear a protest outside the gate until they are inside the gate. that's just -- you know, the leadership is totally disrespectful to any kind of military service and security service. the same with president obama. i mean, they just totally lack that respect the people that are willing to sacrifice their lives for our country. >> tig thank you very much for joining us. i want to know that people are greatful for your sacrifice and everybody else there. thank you. >> thank you. >> today mark as sinister anniversary. two years ago isis declaring the cat -- caliphate. why haven't we wiped them off the planet. isis attacks right here. isis attacks right here. senator john mccain you totaled your brand new car.
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new information tonight on the terror attack. 32, hundreds more injured as a trio of suicide womanners murdered injured and blew themselves up. autopsies on the bombers suggest the bombers were not from turkey. we're also learning the bombers took advantage of the chaos to murder even more people. first blast was in a parking garage. during a panic the other bombers made it inside the terminal where they killed more. right now no terror group has claimed responsibility. and exactly two years ago, june 29th, 2,014th, isis declared a caliphate. terror group has grown and
11:25 pm
grown and today more vicious and than ever. how did the obama administration let isis spiral out-of-control putting american lives at risk? [shouting] >> a long way from when you described them as a jv team. >> keep in mind i wasn't specifically referring to isil. our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. >> i'm shepard smith in new york with continuing coverage of the terrorist attacks across paris. >> isil is not going to pose existential threat to us. >> this was an organized attack and the miss chief
11:26 pm
also said they came as if they were on a mission. >> belgium under siege terrorist attack. isis is bragging. >> groups like isil can't destroy us. they can't defeat us. they are not existential threat to us. >> air force pilot illinois congressman adam kinzinger goes "on the record." good evening, sir. the president has been quoted that isis not existential threat to us. of course in orlando we have a killer going in and executing 49 innocences and saying is he pledged allegiance to al baghdadi who is the head of isis. your thoughts? >> i think it's a serious threat. the reality is we have people that are dying every day from isis in the middle east and now we see it reaches out and touches the west. orlando, san bernardino. this terrible attack in turkey. look, we won't be defeated. i mean, the president is right when he says we can't be defeated.
11:27 pm
but we have to have the will to defeat the enemy. right now it seems to be a president who sin tent on managing the problem. maybe somewhat containing it to the middle east except he is not containing it because isis continues to project outward. they say this is a result of them being defeated in the middle east. they don't seem very defeated to me. that's a very big disconnect between the bureaucracies of washington, d.c. and the folks on the ground having to live with their existence every day. >> i don't think you can deny either that there are other groups that have been respond around the globe that are declaring allegiance to isis. you have got about three weeks ago a canadian was beheaded in the philippines from some isis supporting or affiliate group. everything that's going on in north africa. you have got brussels and paris and turkey. you have got orlando, san bernardino. you is got all these people who are declaring allegiance do isis i mean, it doesn't
11:28 pm
seem like we are winning the war on isis to me. >> no. and it is relatively easy to win. it's going to take investment but easy. when the bulls are doing well. everybody in downtown chicago is wearing a bulls jersey. that's what you have in isis. they are seeming to be successful. other groups are swearing allegiance to isis. that's why defeating them in their caliphate is so important. for instance, in orlando, this shooter would never have had an islamic state to swear allegiance to without the islamic state. if we eliminate them in raqqa and their territory. doesn't have to be all u.s. troops on the ground. nobody is saying that. bringing our alliances in together. if you believe that isis is some prophecy inspired by the quran and all of a sudden isis is defeated and crushed. you begin to rethink whether or not this was actually inspired by the quran in the first place. right now, these people that are prone to jihadiism actually believe because of what they were seeing that
11:29 pm
this may be as prophesied. >> congressman, thank you for joining us. >> you bet. thank you. >> what does senator mccain ♪ what are you doing? sara, i love you, and... [phone rings] ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone]
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24 hours after the turkey airport palming with and no group has claimed responsibility. cia director john brennan
11:33 pm
say all signs point to isis. >> our collective hearts go out to the families of the latest victims of the horrific attacks perpetrated as well as inspired by isis. indesparticular isil deprivate. >> it would be surprising to me that isil is not trying to hit us both in the region as well as in our homeland. >> chairman of the senate armed services committee arizona senator john mccain goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> are you surprised by this bombing? >> i'm not surprised at all. in fact, it was predicted by smarter people than me including the director of national intelligence and including the director of the cia. as long as they have raqqa a base to exercise these acts of terrors there will be more attacks.
11:34 pm
either self-radicalized or directly sent out. we know that baghdadi is giving them encrypted phones and telling them to join the refugee flow. the general ahead of nato says that using the refugee flow to dismember the eu. as long as they have geographic base. and by the way every time there someone of these attacks, either the secretary of state or the president says they are being squeezed. after san bernardino, they are being squeezed? how much more squeezing are we going to have to have. >> if raqqa is the center of this and what are we doing to cut off the head of raqqa? >> incremental. >> that's a bad description. what are we doing. >> they have incrementally been increasing our effort 50 people interest, special forces, there rachingt up the bombing. it's what we used to call during the vietnam war mission creep. and so it's going to take a long, long time. >> well, what's our
11:35 pm
strategy? is mission creep our strategy? >> there is no strategy. it's ad hoc on the fly. we have great leaders, by the way. general mcfar land over there in iraq is a great leader. we have very fine leadership. but everything comes out of the white house and/or the national security council. it's being run the same way mcnamara ran the vietnam war. we pete the lessons of history. >> isn't general mcfarland saying to president obama no means to talk to president obama and say this isn't working? >> but the response to that is oh, yes, it's working, you see they are gradually regaining some territory. they just took fallujah back. some time they may take mosul but meantime isis is sending people out on these suicide missions and also connected with them. so there will be more attacks. it's just a given. when with about a 10,000
11:36 pm
american troop. 90,000 sunni arab countries we could go to raqqa and take them out in a matter of weeks. they won't do that. >> why not? >> one reason is none of the sunni arab countries trust us to do anything. that's why the saudis went without even telling us as they were trying to beat back the iranian-backed hidies. there is no respect for the united states of america and its leadership. >> so what happens -- i mean, president obama is pretty much given us an idea of what he is willing to do and not do. >> claiming victory. >> we're going to have a change of leadership no matter what come january. >> yep. >> would a president trump or president clinton take on isis stronger? >> you know, i don't know about either one to tell you the truth because i have no record of -- in the case of trump and in the case of secretary clinton, at one time she did along with leon panetta who is secretary of
11:37 pm
defense at the time and general head of the cia at the time recommend arming and training a free syrian army that was turned down by president obama when it really could have made a difference. so i don't know. i know this, that she told the family members of those who were killed in benghazi that she would get the, quote, get the person who made the video, the hateful video. when we know now from her emails, she was emailing her daughter and other people it was al qaeda affiliated. that to me -- to not tell the truth to the family of a person who has just been murdered, i'm not sure i get that. >> well, donald trump has implied maybe even said that one of the reasons that qui aren't killing the terrorists is we haven't stooped to their level. you are opposed to torture how do you answer that? >> i don't. i only hope at some point in
11:38 pm
time that mr. trump would consult with people that are military leaders that we all respect that general petraeus and general matis. i could go down the list of them. all of them say that it not only doesn't work, but it is counter productive because you get bad information and, more importantly, is america -- is united states the america the kind of country where we would engage in torturing people? it's about us, not about them. >> senator, always nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> the first turkish airport bomber blew himself up and killed others not inside but outside the terminal. what about our american airport? are we protected outside our airports? the former tsa administrator
11:39 pm
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11:42 pm
more the turkey terror attack. strategically planned the becomings. look at this map. the first bomber blew himself up outside the terminal. other two bombers took advantage of the chaos and got inside the building.
11:43 pm
the fear now is that a similar attack could happen here in the united states. forminger tsa administrator john goes "on the record." nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you, greta. >> what can we do about this? >> there is challenges across the board so its stan bowl is one of 295 airports that fly nonstop service. there isn't any of this coming from overseas. we have see attacks all around. >> they are all outside security. >> soft targets. >> exactly. if we move the security out in the street. that's ridiculous. what can we do? >> there is layers of security. the best information or way of defeating this is through good intelligence. collection and sharing. after that then you have to have layers of security as istanbul airport did have layers of security. the challenge is trying to identify every suspicious
11:44 pm
person and activity and doing something about that before they can cause havoc like they did in istanbul. >> the terrorists at home before they set out for the airport if you see something, say something. >> absolutely. >> people reluctant to say something when they see something weird. >> i think this is hopefully a reminder to everybody that even though. >> similar to orlando if there is something suspicious going on report that because you never know how that information may factor in what what the authorities already have. >> we have seen like lax, boston or miami. we have a lot of really busy regional airports that are just as vulnerable and they sore busy. >> sure. so there is 450 airports across the u.s., for example, where tsa provides security. you can't make each one a fortress which would keep people. >> even if it is a fortress, you still get the people in the parking lot. >> so there is going to be a line some place. there is going to be a cue of people going through some type of security lax and
11:45 pm
other airports on random place police control for traffic coming in to the terminals. lineup of cars there always be some place vulnerable as a soft target. >> the thing that disturbs me is whether it's boston with the marathon or fort hood or san bernardino or orlando. every single time when we do reverse engineering and find out about the killers. we find out about the same thing weird things red flags and nobody spoke up. >> challenge. between preventing terrorist acts and private civil liberty rights of u.s. citizens anyway how does that balance? if people don't feel like reporting information they see. fbi, joint terrorism task force are hammered in what they can do. >> are tsa not armed. >> no, tsa officers at checkpoints are not armed. >> what can they do. >> they work very closely with airport police clearly
11:46 pm
all the large airports there are dedicated police officers who work closely with tsa in terms of identifying suspicious behavior, activity. they do -- i think that's what we are going to sees a we go into fourth of july weekend, people are traveling. we will see additional airport police random patrols. bomb sniffing canines. vehicle stops. >> the problem is that these killers have no sense of survival themselves. they just go in and want to kill. they don't care if they go in and blow themselves up as they are doing it. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> and donald trump says he has the key to winning over senator bernie sanders supporters. well, you will hear straight from trump next. managing my diabetes has been a struggle. i considered all my options with my doctor, who recommended once-daily toujeo®. now i'm on the path to better blood sugar control. toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly, providing consistent
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well, donald trump wants to woo bernie sanders supporters. today in maine he gave a surprising reason why sanders' supporters may flock to trump. >> i have to say one thing about bernie and he will be nasty and say oh i would never vote for trump. that's okay. i know what he thinks inside. he hates her. he hates her. [ laughter ] i mean, he cannot stand her. i'm good with people. bernie sanders cannot stand hillary clinton. >> well, former arizona governor and donald trump supporter governor jan brewer goes "on the record." good evening, governor. >> hi there. >> well, i guess donald trump can now read minds. he says that bernie sanders hates secretary clinton. what's your thought on that? i know you are a big supporter of donald trump. [ laughter ] could you ask me that, greta? i'm sorry.
11:52 pm
>> i'm asking you. donald trump says he can -- that he knows that bernie sanders hates hillary rodham hiy clinton. and i know wonder what you thought about that. >> right. you know, i don't think that bernie thinks that hillary clinton is qualified. he has been "on the on the recod numerous times saying she wasn't quawftd to be president of the united states. friends, followers and supporters would have to think twice about voting for hillary. they totally disagreed on every issue. i believe that the working class and they agree, i think, with donald from the people that i have talked to, which i have that they want jobs. they want the economy turned around. they want donald to do and change. they want change just like republicans want change. that's why this election has been such a fen ma'am that. >> so do you think that donald trump will get a significant portion of the
11:53 pm
bernie sanders support supporters? >> significant, i don't know that that would amount to. i do believe people will vote for him because they don't like hillary clinton that was pretty obvious during the democratic primaries and how they continue to proceed and after what -- i mean, he came right out and said he wasn't qualified -- that she wasn't qualified. and she keeps trying to, you know, make this peace and love. you know, i don't think that it's working with the supporters. and i have talked to people. and they want change and they have had enough of the establishment and elitists and they want change. and they think they are going to get a bigger change with donald trump than they would ever get with hillary. >> donald trump has got a little unity problem within his own party. a lot of the republican leaders aren't going to the convention, which appears to be a boycott of trump. what do you think about that? >> well, i'm disappointed. how can they not go and how can they not support donald
11:54 pm
trump? what really aamazes me all these people ran. all 17 candidates in front of the world voters held up hand and took the pledge they would support the nominee. i know all of them. and to me it's not honorable to say you can support the nominee because they never thought it would be donald trump and now they are back pedaling. we don't always agree 100 percent with the candidate but basically the philosophy, the platform is something that we all can agree on. >> governor, thank you. nice to see you. i assume we will see you at the republican convention. thank you, governor. >> thank you, greta. >> and coming up. the "new york times." they are at it again. what is it this time? start guessing.
11:55 pm
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test test. okay. let's all go off-the-record. the "new york times" just doesn't get it because they did it again. if you don't agree with that paper, you get insulted as
11:59 pm
though there is something wrong with you. it's elitist. the "new york times" think they know it all. case in point. their elitist columnist tom freidman doesn't agree with the democratic majority vote of the brits to leave the eu. it wasn't a coo. it was a democratic vote. so, what does this elitist columnist do? he insults the british voters. compares them to dogs. dogs chasing a car. saying they are just barking. it never occurred from freidman from his guilded tower at the "new york times" that the brits are fed up with how their country something run. their current leaders have dragged them into wars. allowed chaotic immigration and sat by as lots of rules and regulations were imposed on the country by people in the eu who they never voted for. these brits, they are fed up, it's obvious. not to freidman. is he stunningly naive and arrogant. going as far to accuse those who disagree of them of dumbing down the debated. i don't know but. but i would rather spend time with those so-called dogs chasing cars than with the elites who have air gantly led the world to the
12:00 am
great turmoil. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for now. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to my facebook page and like it. wait until you see what's there good night. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease desk. >> coming up on the show, john kerry taking heat after saying the attack on istanbul is isis's december spir ration. and the bernie sanders campaign is accused of using tiebreakers. a power hungry mad manussing a double head -- man using a double-head head coin? to the bat cave. and we can form together as one nation to look at racist psa's. back to you. t


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