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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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oela. got too close. [ laughter ] >> very serious look after that thanks for inviting us into your home after that fair balanced and unafraid. here is greta. >> this is just par for the course. i don't know why any of us are surprised. >> she made a mistake. >> if even it's 100 percent innocent, how could you be so tone deaf. >> it was primarily social and about our travels. he mentioned the golf he played in phoenix. >> we're supposed to believe here bill clinton played golf in phoenix where it was 108, 110-degrees. >> our conversation was a great deal about grandchildren. >> sources say the private meeting at the airport lasted around 30 minutes. how many grand kids does clinton have? >> a lot of americans feel that this investigation is in the tank anyway. >> it just looks like the fix is in. >> they're not fools. they had to know that if this were uncovered this would be a normal reaction
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to have. benefits here. >> well, it's getting worse, outrage growing over the talks on the tarmac. talking about loretta lynch and former president bill clinton meeting on monday. guy they meet? it just got worse. on wednesday two, days after their tarmac meeting the doj asking a federal judge to stall for 27 more months the required production of thousands of emails from secretary clinton's top aides to the clinton global initiative. colonel allen west is standing by. first moments ago senator john cornyn went "on the record." >> senator, nice to you have join us. >> good to be with you, greta. >> senator, i don't think this is a close one but i will let you go first. what are your thoughts about the attorney general of the united states meeting privately with president bill clinton? >> well, it looks really bad, greta. as you know as a lawyer, it's not just the actual impropriety, it's the appearance of impropriety
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and, of course, just another reason why i don't think loretta lynch should take the lead in this investigation but should, rather, appoint a special counsel which is designed to provide a little bit of independence so that the public can be reassured that justice will be done and not just politics. >> well, i'm a little -- you're quite, i guess, more reasonable than i am on this. i'm a little hotter under the collar because i see this as profoundly awful. it's like meeting with a judge privately during the trial. this is a moment when she is going to have to make decisions whether to send the case to the grand jury or not. she has a lot of big decisions and she has given all of her -- all of secretary hillary clinton's political enemies ammunition and she knows better. and the best she could do with the statement was say that it was primarily social. i don't know what primarily means but to me it's astounding for the attorney general of the united states to do this. >> well, i agree with you. it's really part of a larger
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narrative about the clintons just acting like the rules that apply to you and everybody else don't apply to them. and certainly i would not have expected attorney general lynch, ache professional prosecutor that she is, to make a mistake like this. but it was a very serious mistake. i think it undermines public confidence that she's going to be an impartial prosecutor when it comes to the referral from the department of justice on the hillary clinton email affair. and i think she needs to hand it off to a special prosecutor. >> you know, i actually -- i don't think that the discussion was inappropriate. because in my wildest dreams i can't believe those two would do that because that was over the charts bad. meeting was over-the-charts bad. i'm not in favor of a special prosecutor. i think she should make a public statement today removing herself from this investigation and assigning it to her number two who is sally united yates. a career prosecutor. you don't think that's a
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good route to go. >> that would be a good step there is a statutory special counsel provision as you know that applies in cases like this where the independence of the department of justice and the attorney general herself in this instance is reasonably questioned. she just provided additional rationale for that but what you suggested would be a step and, would i think, help reassure people that she is going to handle this well. the problem still persists though as you know the attorney general serves at the pleasure of the president of the united states. the president does not want this investigation over hillary clinton's email to go any further than the fbi. we still need to see what the fbi is going to do. i have confidence in director comey and the professionalism of the fbi, but i really worry when it comes to the politicization at the department of justice unfortunately now loretta lynch has just thrown another log on the fire. >> she certainly has poisoned the investigation.
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and no matter which way you fall on this story is that we want an honest and fair one. one that isn't poisoned by, you know, even the appearance of impropriety. if she refuses to assign it to -- to recuse herself and assign it to her deputy or refuses to look for a special prosecutor, should the president do anything? because, look, we all know where this leads if she stays on the case. >> absolutely. and i think one of the biggest problems, mrs. clinton has, is people don't trust her. they don't believe she is trustworthy. they believe that the self-dealing that they have seen reported between the clinton foundation and she when she was secretary of state all of this creates is very negative impression. and i think we need to make sure that the air can be cleared as much as possible. this would reassure a lot of people if loretta lynch, the attorney general would just step up and do the right thing here. either what you suggested which i think would be a step in the right direction or appoint a special counsel. i think both of those would be improvement --
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>> --if she does neither, should her boss, president obama say anything or do anything? >> well, president obama has already claimed that he knows what the outcome of the investigation is. and we have been told by director comey that there is no communication between the fbi agents and the white house. so it's clear the president is trying to preordain the outcome of this by saying he knows things he doesn't know and is he going to use all the influence he can to make sure that this indictment under the espionage act never occurs. so we know that politics is there. what we had not seen until now is really the terrible judgment on the part of the attorney general to engage in this private conversation with the target -- the husband of the target of this investigation and give the impression that, here again, the rules don't apply to the clintons like they apply to everybody else. >> i actually think this is unfair to secretary clinton because, if it turns out -- if it turns out that she did nothing wrong, violated no statue, that this would be
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further poisoned by the fact that her husband and the attorney general spoke. if i were secretary clinton, i would say if the attorney general doesn't step aside or appoint a special prosecutor, she doesn't recuse herself, if i were secretary clinton, i would ask that she do that. i would make a public statement because, you know, she really can't afford to have this investigation dirtied up with all of that. >> well, i agree that the appearances are bad either way. if she is vindicated or -- which she claims she has a right to be vindicated then this casts a further cloud over the investigation and/or if she is really is worried about it, which i think she should be based upon the deposition testimony, including the claiming of the fifth amendment by the fellow who set up this private evale server, they think obviously they have got some problems or they would not have taken the fifth amendment, claiming a right against self-incrimination. this gets worse and worse for her. i think this is icing on the cake. and either way i think we need a special counsel or
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some separation between the attorney general. >> if you are back at your old job as attorney general in texas, would you take yourself off the case? that's one question or if you are in your old job as justice on the supreme court and issue came before you, is there any doubt in your mind that attorney general lynch should get off this case in some manner? >> no doubt in my mind. i think it's the right thing to do. if she cares about the public impression of even-handed administration of justice, which i believe she does, then she would realize that she has tainted the investigation one way or the other and really in an effort to restore public confidence that she ought to step down. >> to me, the whole thing is just appalling and that's why lawyers are up in arms. lawyers, more than anybody else are calling for the attorney general to do this. nayway, senator nice to see you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> now, after that private meeting, here's what happen attorney general loretta lynch said they discussed. >> our conversation was a great deal about his
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grandchildren. it was primarily social and about our travels. >> and today a clearly agitated white house press secretary was bombarded with questions over the meeting. >> obviously have seen the reports about this and reports are driven by the answer that attorney general lynch herself gave to this question. look, i think the bottom line is simply that both the president and the attorney general understand how important it is for the department of justice to conduct investigations that are free of political interference. >> by the way, did he really answer the question? the "on the record" political panel is here. abc news political director rick cline and daily beast jackie kucinich. rick, i didn't get an answer there from the press secretary. >> or from the attorney general who said this is primarily social. >> which i looked up is not 100 percent or completely it means mostly. >> not entirely. the white house is not comfortable with this.
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democrats not comfortable with this. there is not a good explanation. political miscalculation by president clinton to think there wouldn't be blow back and potentially legal on behalf of the attorney general. the meeting never should have happened. i haven't heard anybody that put forward any kind of explanation that explains why this was legitimate or advisable conversation to have. >> right. >> i do believe that it was a chance encounter. i don't think this was planned at all. it was so stupid how it was carried out. that they ran into each other and kaboom. >> this just shows that bill clinton can be a blessing or curse on the campaign. classic unforced error. appearance of impropriety is just as bad as when the stakes are this high. >> think about this. if, for instance, rick that it goes no furnished further, the email investigation that it is now buried is anyone on the conservative or even
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democrats going to believe that the fix wasn't in? >> of course not. no, they might not have anyway before given the fact that president obama endorsed hillary clinton and it's his justice department that hasn't been separated but now you are adding another layer that just will undermine any findings that they have. among those who have got to be upset by this have got to be career prosecutors and the justice department the people working on this. even if they find nothing, now even that is going to be undermined. it's a major miscalculation on every level. >> i think secretary clinton should be upset. she is out campaigning or something, she finds out that her husband, you know, is talking to the attorney general of the united states on a case and when she is being investigated. >> i can't imagine brooklyn, the conversations in brooklyn were very happy after hearing about this. because, what do you say? i mean, on its face it's not great. she is going to have to -- if she answers questions from the press any time soon, she is going to have to answer questions about this. >> she is at a press conference, isn't she? >> no she is not. >> why? >> why because hillary clinton doesn't have press conferences like donald trump does all the time.
4:12 pm
one of the things he has got going on in favor. he will answer questions that may or may not be true. he will meet the press whenever they ask. >> when is the last press conference last september for hillary clinton. >> 200 and something days. >> suspects not like she hasn't given one in a while. >> full fledged press conference no. she doesn't like the interactions that she gets when she gives a full news conference like that. she answers other questions from voters, occasional interviews, of course, nowhere near like the press access to trump. it's a legitimate question. we asked the campaign all day for a response. didn't get anything. i think the white house response, you can read josh earnst's body language. >> there crawl out of the skin. >> this is not a comfortable situation. >> should the president have a conversation with his attorney general and tell her to step aside on this case? >> i don't know if he will tell her to step aside. you can't imagine that there wasn't some kind of conversation going on after this came out. >> to me, this is a no brainer. say, look, she can't -- she can't continue to be the head of this investigation. be the chief prosecutor. i don't know why she is dragging her feet. >> well, it's up to her. and just the optics of this,
4:13 pm
after the endorsement, then this meeting, of course, president obama and vice president biden will both be on the trail with hillary clinton next week. so all of this is going to be muddled when there is feeblely an answer from the justice department. >> and none of this had to happen. >> no. all these -- it's like this didn't have to happen. >> talk about golf next year. >> right. i don't talk about grandchildren. i don't know, whatever. but any time. any way, rick, jack kirks thank you both. >> thanks, greta. >> thank you. >> it didn't take long. donald trump jumping into the action. here is he talking about the clinton, lynch meeting with sean hannity. >> when i first heard that yesterday afternoon, i actually thought they were joking. i thought the people that told me was, you know, i said no way. there is just no way that's going to happen. and it happened. and i am just -- i'm flabbergasted by it i think it's amazing. i have never seen anything like that before. >> former florida congressman alan west goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> everybody else is talking about it so what are your
4:14 pm
thoughts between the meeting of the attorney general and the former president? >> well, i think you don't look at this as an isolated incident but you look at it over the past two to three weeks you have loretta lynch who came out and said she was going to redact key information out of the transcripts from the orlando terrorist shooting, the 9/11 calls made by the jihadist attacker. you also now have found out that her fbi is telling law enforcement agencies in florida, against the state constitution, not to cooperate with news agencies down there and turn over any type of information. and then as well we know about the compassion unity and love comment that she made about the best response to terrorism. so, this has been a two or three weeks that have been very bad for loretta lynch it seems there is a problem with her competence. it seems there is a problem with her credibility after this meeting with bill clinton and i don't know if you can look at her as being able to carry out the duties that she is supposed to as the top 4r5u6r789 officer in -- law enforcement officer in the united states of
4:15 pm
america. >> what should happen? >> well, let's look at it from their perspective. we are about to go into the 240 independence day weekend for the united states of america. they just believe that they can wait this thing out and when they come out on the other side next week tuesday it, will be forgotten. think about the fact we are hearing very little about the orlando taste attack. but what really should happen is that she should recuse herself. you did bring up a very important thing that hillary clinton should come out and disavow the meeting but she is going to try to lay low because, i guarantee you, if you look at some of the other news agencies and news outlets here in the united states of america, they are probably not talking about this whatsoever. >> not that she should disavow the meeting. what she should do. my advice to secretary clinton she certainly doesn't ask for my advice. i didn't do it. i wasn't at the meeting. in light the fact that it happened and it was a dumb idea that it happened i think that since my emails are being investigated by the fbi and thus by the
4:16 pm
justice department, i would ask that attorney general lynch assign this case to her deputy. that she have no more involvement because she is trying to get the poison off. this that's what i would do. >> but even if it goes to a deputy, that deputy is still within the obama department of justice. and we know that there is still going to be some type of tainted perspective. i think if you wanted this to be seen as credible and valid. you have to look at some type of outside independent counsel. there so no doubt about it but then you are also asking hillary clinton to throw her husband, bill clinton under the bus. and bill clinton is probably the best asset that she has going out there on the trail. >> but i don't think throwing him under the bus it is saying that this was really a stupid thing to do. i mean, i don't think -- >> -- that's pretty much throwing the former president under the bus. >> that doesn't seem like the worst thing, believe me, but the other thing, too. to get a special prosecutor, you know, that's a huge giant step and actually the number two is a career
4:17 pm
prosecutor sally yates, i don't know her but i looked up her bioand she has been a prosecutor forever. at some point we have to give some respect to -- expect that they can do their job. >> you are right. loretta lynch was supposedly a great prosecutor as well but she was also appointed originally by bill clinton. this whole thing stinks and it just wreaks of the sense of corruption, the perception of corruption. the sense of impropriety that you have in washington, d.c. let's see if this will stick whatsoever. if it does make it past the fourth of july news cycle will it have any credibility come november when we really get toward the general election? >> and, of course, she was appointed by president obama to her job. i think you misspoke and said clinton. >> um-huh. well, no, originally she was appointed by bill clinton. >> at what point? >> >> not u.s. attorney general but when she was a u.s. attorney as a prosecutor she was appointed by bill clinton. >> really. i have to go back and do my
4:18 pm
math. maybe that's how they know each other. maybe you know more than i do on that. >> i try. >> i will give you credit for that. anyway, for the rest of the viewers ignore that discussion but don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. you will see the rest of sean's interview with donald trump. email problems for secretary hillary clinton. it certainly looks like the doj does not want you to seat emails. that's next. also senator ted cruz is back and going after dhs secretary jeh johnson over not saying radical islam. that's coming up. so you can be a business boy wonder! ♪ fix stomach trouble fast with pepto.
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the fact that doj two days after this meeting on the tarmac is now going to court saying we need 27 months to produce these emails. >> you know, greta. you almost can't make this up.
4:23 pm
i don't know whether everybody involved in this investigation and with -- on secretary clinton's core team is guilty or want to do everything possible to make it look like they're guilty. first of all we have to find out a about server, we have to get ahold of emails. now we know there are emails and even know the number of emails they think for budget reasons it's going to take 22 months read them and make them public so they can be compliant with the law. that's crazy and absurd. >> they're saying they are not trying to hide anything. that it is as you say budget, you know, that they can't produce them. but the problem is that why didn't they ask for more money or why didn't they at least notify us earlier. if you at least sort of give a hypothetical that you have this problem, people are a little more sympathetic and less inclined to be suspicious and now just coming two days after this meeting on the plane, there will be some people that think this is a quid pro--or something discussed on monday about the emails. >> i think the budgets response is not the right response. the first thing is that you can reprogram money at the
4:24 pm
state department from one purpose to the another whether you have an emergency. they have an emergency because there is a crisis in how the american people view that the people who are in charge of the carriage of justice at doj and how fair they are with the compliance with the law. think about this. we are four months until an election. the person who is the going to be the democratic nominee is the most politically sensitive person in the world and they are going about this in a way where she is politically protected almost until the first midterm of her first term if she were to be elected. you know, i worked for a president. i was involved in these investigations. i had to turn over email after email after email. 22 months? that's absurd. >> we only have about 40 seconds left. what should she do? should she speak out about this? hold a press conference? is there anything she can do. >> she keeps wanting everybody to see the emails. simply all she's has to do is ask john kerry to reprogram the money so they can get the personnel to get these out in a matter of
4:25 pm
weeks. nobody wants to harm our national security with anything that's classified that doesn't have anything to do with this. this has to do with favoritism to a public relations firm and inappropriate handling at the clinton foundation. guess what? everyone should get to see this. the american taxpayers paid for all of this infrastructure and they get a right to see it. >> actually, the american people own those emails. the employer owns the emails. >> that's right. >> matt, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> senator ted cruz accusing the obama administration of scrubbing out radical islam from government documents. you will hear from senator cruz next. ♪ ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e350
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with humira, control is possible. feisty hearing on capitol hill. senator ted cruz barbecuing secretary jeh johnson. alleged scrubbing of any references to islamic extremism from dhs counter terrorism literature. >> the fbi counter terrorism lexicon uses the word jihad zero times. the national intelligence strategy of 2009 uses the word jihad zero times. strategic immentation plan to prevent violent extremism uses the word zero times. the national intelligence strategy in 2014 uses the word zero times. we also heard testimony from a former employee at the department of homeland security, phil haney, that in october of 2009 nor than
4:30 pm
800 customs and border patrol documents were ordered modified, scrubbed, or deleted to remove references to jihad or the muslim brotherhood or other similar references. was mr. haney's testimony that the department of homeland security ordered over 800 documents and cbb altered or deleted, was that testimony accurate? >> i have no idea. i don't know who mr. haney is. i wouldn't know him if he walked in the room. >> you have no knowledge of any records being changed at the department of homeland security? >> same answer. i have no idea, sir. >> would it concern you if it was accurate? >> senator, i find this whole debate to be very interesting but i have to tell you when i was at the department of defense, giving the legal signoff on a lot of drone strikes i didn't particularly care if it said islamic extremist or extremist. i think this is interesting. but it makes no difference to me in terms of who we
4:31 pm
need to go after who is determined to attack our homeland. >> my question was if you were aware that the information heabs scrubbed. i would note the title on the hearing tuesday was willful blindness. your testimony to the full committee now is that you have no idea and apparently have no intention of finding out whether ths materials have been scrubbed and you suggested just a moment ago that it's essentially a semantic difference. well i don't believe it is a salesman semantic difference that when you erase differences to radical jihad it impacts the behavior of law enforcement and national security to respond to red flags and prevent terrorist attacks before they occur. >> former u.s. army warrior helicopter pilot in command and iraq and afghanistan combat veteran amber smith goes "on the record." auto nice to see you, amber. >> good to see you too, greta. >> as you listen to next change between senator ted cruz and the secretary of homeland security, what do you think?
4:32 pm
>> well, i'm glad that some people still get it but unfortunately some of the higher ups in this administration don't. we are being paralyzed by political correctness. our society is literally being crippled to the point where they are not -- what we saw in san bernardino when americans were not wanting to come to the authorities when they saw terrorists because they were fearful of being called racist. and so that sort of turning a blind eye to naming our enemy, to calling radical islamic terrorism what it is and identifying them as the enemy that it stands today it's a failure of leadership. it's not only a failure of leadership for not naming the enemy but for refusing to destroy it where it stands and allowing them to continue with their safe haven in iraq and syria as we have seen over the past two years. >> there is another element to this as well. that's the whole idea at least this whistle blower haney says 800 documents were scrubbed in 2009. who is giving the authority to sort through this stuff
4:33 pm
and whatever happened to trans (say that things are being edited and massaged and, i mean, i find it very troubling if that's being done deliberately because the intention obviously is to send a message out. and a message that apparently is vastly different than what the truth is. >> i think it's what we have seen over the past almost 8 years under the obama administration when it comes to this accepted culture of deceit. we saw it, you know, we have seen it with the doj and we have seen it with the hillary clinton email scandal. we saw it most recently with the white house trying to scrub some of the 911 calls from the orlando terrorist attack. just stuff like this continues to happen under this administration where there is this sort of arrogance as to when the rules apply to them and when they don't. >> you know, it either is islamic extremism or it's not. i mean, there is no question about it. this should be sort of a factual determination. and a lot of these people, i
4:34 pm
mean, you got the guy in orlando mateen, he said he did it because of -- he was swearing allegiance to baghdad the head of isis. what more proof is needed? >> yeah. absolutely. and isis doesn't care if this administration tries to down play their ties to islam or tries to say that they are not a part of islam. it's the same word games that we have seen out of, you know, our commander and chief in terms of him not calling combat combat. we have had three americans i do in the fight against isis since we have had american troops over there. and they still refuse to call it combat. when bullets are flying and you are in a war zone that is combat. we are fighting a war in iraq and syria. they won't call it a war. and so it's just absolutely ridiculous that they're willfully turning a blind eye. they are not doing our military any favors having to fight this enemy without giving them a clear and defined name of who they are fighting. >> welt, i think the administration may want to wake up some time of course
4:35 pm
it's getting late in the administration realize we are not as dumb as we think. we realize what is going on and realize when someone claims to be doing something and isis and we are losing people over in the battlefield in syria and iraq we know exactly what's going on but, whatever. anyway, amber, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> and brand new information tonight on the identity of the turkey airport terrorist. we go to istanbul next. plus, one chicago area sheriff outsmarting the critics. he is turning the tables on police brutality. he wants you to know the terrible things police have to deal with. that's straight ahead. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced.
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4:40 pm
live in istanbul. laura? >> authorities have said that these three attackers are all foreign nationals, russia, kyrgyzstan and uzbekistan. they had been renting an apartment in istanbul. this is a relatively conservative one and very old one and where a lot of syrian refugees are staying so that they could probably be under the radar there as foreigners. also, we have heard that many officials believe that this had been planned by leadership in these syrian capital of rocca. that is where isis has a strong hold there. and that the directives came from the very top. isis had never claimed responsibility for any of the attacks on turkish soil there have been about six in the past year. claiming 200 lives. also today, turkish security officials killed two men they said were isis suspects on the border. they said one of them was known to intelligence muhammad arab and that he was thought to have be
4:41 pm
planning an attack against either the capital of ankara or adana. >> the cap of 44 are there people still in serious condition. >> 94 people are still in the hospital. so having looked at these bombing attacks here in turkey which there have been at least 8 in the past year, suicide bombing attacks, it will likely rise. probably not precipitously but it could yet rise. >> just terrible. anyway, laura, thank you. >> thank you. >> get ready to speed read the news. an american teenager murdered in her bed in the west bank. a palestinian attacker breaking into a home and stabbing 13-year-old jewish girl as she slept. israeli security forces shot and killed the 17-year-old
4:42 pm
attacker. since last september, 32 israelis and two americans have been killed. remember when the iran seized 10 of our u.s. navy sailors. the u.s. navy just releasing investigation report that report blasting both navy leadership and the sailors. the crews were poorly prepared and on top of that after being captured. the sailor's conduct was not up to military standards. the report also accuses the iranians of breaking international law. confusion causing a complete lockdown at joint base andrews. even forced the vice president to delay a trip. and nearly pulled the secretary of homeland security out of a senate hearing. someone called 911 after seeing men with guns. just part of routine drill and separately security forces doing routine inspection. now the confusion people were forced to think this was an active shooting but obviously that wasn't and the all clear was given. check out this video.
4:43 pm
cruise ship passenger filming asfullies near bermuda. jet is part of the french air force. french air crew apologized meaning they didn't mean to cause a disturbance. naked man taking over times square. he was screaming asking to see donald trump. police in the area watched as naked man jumped from 16-foot staircase. the man has been identified as 21-year-old male model and if this part of times square looks familiar this is where i hosted "on the record" for the new york primary. that is tonight's speed read. and were you one of the millions who listened to the podcast serial? the hit series that's next. i used to blame the weather for my frizz. turns out my curls needed to be stronger to fight back. pantene's pro-v formula makes my curls so strong* they can dry practically frizz free.*á
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this is a fox news alert. a new trial for the man who
4:48 pm
is the subject of the hit podcast serial. the man at the center of the series has been in prison for 16 years for killing his former high school girlfriend but now, a baltimore judge ruling he should get a new trial. the judge ruling his defense attorney failed to properly cross-examine an important witness. his case gained national attention with millions of listeners through a podcast. showcased little known evidence and raised questions about his guilt or not guilty. one sheriff's department now working to highlight how dangerous law enforcement jobs are and how police are sometimes mistreated by some. the cook county sheriff got sick of hearing about alleged police misconduct. and how sometimes they are mistreated by some. so now he is turning the tables. the sheriff is releasing videos showing his men and women in uniformed being abused on the job. fox news correspondent matt finn is live in chicago. matt? >> good evening, greta. well, over the past year, right here "on the record," we have reported extensively about the allegations against chicago's police officers from misconduct all the way up to murder. we have seen the dash cam
4:49 pm
videos over and over again. and in some instances, those officers were fired or will stand before a judge. tonight, the head of one of america's toughest jails wants us to see the other side. and that is what his guys are up against every day on the streets of chicago and in the prisons. in one of these videos, a female officer is punched in the face after opening a cell door. in another video, a prisoner in the bottom right hand corner appears to take advantage of the uproar in the jail house. he appears to time his knockout punch to the officer's face so that no one else sees it the officer goes fly flies to the ground. another video the corrections officer is punched over and over again in the face. he finally starts to defend himself before help rushes n the cook county sheriff is voluntarily releasing these videos under a new policy of transparency. immediately making public videos that show inmates attacking correctional officers, but also videos that show officers' misconducted such as this video that show as peace
4:50 pm
officer violently punching an inmate. now rn now, since january 1st, 2015. cook county says 13 l. 63 inmates have been charged with aggravated assault against an officer. to be fair, in the same time, a total of 9 correction officers were found guilty of excessive force or battery. the cook county sheriff tells us they have seen a rash of inmates spitting or throwing feces at officers and the sheriff says it seemed like inmates become much more aggravated and much more aggressive inside prisons because they have already been arrested. they don't have much to lose. and they may not realizing that attacking an officer could get them many more years behind bars. greta? >> matt, what's the reaction to this video? >> you know, people in the public here, they like to see it because as you know there has been uproar in the streets of chicago over all these controversial videos, but the sheriff's office has been sued. the union that represents the sheriff's deputy says these videos don't need to be made public it paints them in a bad light. the sheriff's office says tough luke these videos are
4:51 pm
public record and we are going to immediately release them. greta? >> matt, thank you. >> "on the record" ted williams was here. before he was a criminal defense attorney he was a cop. dead it goes both ways. there is excessive force we have seen examples of that and also police officers taking a beating from the public. both ways. >> as you said it goes both ways, i'm happy that there is this kind of transparency . what the public don't realize corrections officers have the most dangerous job in america. >> especially when you are taking care of lifers, have nothing to lose. they can't get more time they get feces and urine thrown on them. indesents exposure in there. there is a great deal that goes on the public only sees one side. what the sheriff sees here is that he is giving the
4:52 pm
public another side of the story but also given transparency and i think that's good for the public. seeing this inside a correctional facility but on the street. goes both ways. a lot of police officers who have people if not mistreated incredibly rude to police. some nasty. >> there is a question as to respect that law enforcement officers are given these days and if you look at it and don't paint it was broad brush, you will find that law enforcement officers really are under siege there is a lack of respect in the community i think in part we in the media have a role to play in it. when some police officer has gone rogue and done something really awful. we put it up there, it's news it gets highlighted so much people tend to think that's what all police officers are like when it's so fastly different. one person who has gone rogue. so many rescuing kids and burns buildings and responding to car accidents and train wrecks and putting their lives on the line.
4:53 pm
>> all we have to do is look at what happened in the terrorist act just recently here where a law enforcement officer shot one of the terrorist, got close to him. had to run away. law enforcement officers have to go toward the danger. they don't go away from the danger. i don't think they get the respect that they do as a whole. and one bad apple does not make that complete. >> some respond to do that scene orlando, pulled out of bed. they have been working -- sleeping or working double shifts and they respond to the scene. put their lives on the library. >> they put their lives on the line and they put their lives on the line every day. we have seen it around the country and there should be a deep abiding respect for law enforcement officers. >> yeah. so, just even simple mearnts saying something nice to a cop is appreciated as well. >> absolutely. >> ted, thank you. >> coming up, i want to know if you agree with me. i will tell what you it's all about. off-the-record next.
4:54 pm
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let's all go off-the-record. free advice to the attorney general loretta lynch. madam attorney general, you may think you can dodge this bullet but you can't. and, worse, you are poisoning the 2016 presidential race. reports than it already is. talking about that secret meeting with president bill clinton and a private plane
4:59 pm
on the tarmac in phoenix. yeah, i know. you have said it was primarily social primarily is not completely. sthoos the least of the problems. even if it were 100 percent social the impact of the prosecution business. and we both know it doesn't have to be actual impropriety. appearance is enough. and you should know, you should have met that standard. did you meet that standard, so do yourself a favor. the justice department needs a favor, too. and the nation needs a favor. recuse yourself from this investigation. if you don't get out of this now, it will get worse. don't believe me? well, try this. just two days after your primarily social meeting with the spouse of someone under fbi investigation your lawyers at doj went to court seeking 27 month delay between former top aid and secretary clinton and officials with your new best friend's foundation. that smells really bad. so take my advice.
5:00 pm
recuse now. it will get worse. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for now. "on the record" is back tomorrow 7:00 p.m. eastern. go no-to-my facebook page and like it. up next the "the o'reilly factor." good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> bill o'reilly has been tremendous, calling over and over again on leaders of this body, simplely to pass case law. >> now, finally a stand alone vote on kate's law will take place. who could possibly vote against protecting us from violent foreign nationals? we'll have a special report. >> announcing hillary clinton in her own way kind of lay out her case against his temperament because he is, i think, clinically insane. >> do news organizations have a responsibility to stop a smear like that? bernie goldberg will weigh in. >> how many chances does it take to pave a road. >> 37. do you have a problem with that.


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