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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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inton is going to help the secretary. should be an interesting debate. again, thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly please always remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the obama administration is getting hammered with questions about attorney general loretta lynch and her decision to have a closed-door meeting with president bill clinton in the middle of the fbi's criminal probe into mrs. clinton's behavior. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm megyn kelly. this story exploded today, first in a white house briefing where the administration was forced to defend this meeting that even democrats say looked bad, and then late today when news broke that the state department is asking for a delay in releasing some of mrs. clinton's e-mails. a delay that would postdate the presidential election. these e-mails that are connected into one of the two investigations under way right now at the department of
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justice. all of this comes just two daysad what we were told was an impromptu private sit-down with the woman heading the criminal investigations into both hillary clinton's state department communications and the clinton foundation. and when we caught up with loretta lynch yesterday, she insisted nothing untoward took place. >> you don't believe that gave the appearance of any impropriety while you're investigating his wife? >> my agency is involved in a matter looking at state department policies and issues. it's being handled by career investigators and career agents who always follow the facts and the law and do the same thorough and independent examination in this matter that they've done in all. >> today, however, some top republicans started calling for ms. lynch to step aside and to propose a special prosecutor to take over this clinton probe. and the white house earlier found itself on the ropes over
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why ms. lynch thought this meeting was a good idea. >> is the white house concerned about even just the appearance of political influence because of that meeting? >> well listen i'm not going to second-guess the way that this investigation should move forward or should be handled. again -- >> are you saying that the white house feels that it's fine that she has this meeting with clinton? there's no problem with this? >> i think what i'm saying is that the president believes that this principle of protecting any investigation from any sort of political interference is critically important. i think what should give people confidence is the 30-year career that attorney general lynch has in keeping the public's trust. >> in a moment we will review the rules with former attorney general michael mu casey. >> plus two top white house veterans mark teeson and austin goolz by will take up the
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debate. trace gallagher has the newest developments. >> reporter: megyn, the conservative legal watchdog group judicial watch is now calling for the doj inspector general to investigate the meeting between attorney general loretta lynch and former president bill clinton saying it, quote, creates the appearance of violation of law, ethical standards and good judgment going on to call it an outrageous abuse of the public's trust. and despite the attorney general saying she and the former president spoke primarily about grandchildren and golf the presumptive gop nominee was not satisfied. watch. >> when i first heard that yesterday afternoon, i actually thought they were joking. i thought the people that told me were -- you know i said no way. there's no way that's going to happen. and it happened. and i am just -- i'm flabbergasted by it. i think it's amazing. i've never seen anything like that before. >> reporter: even some democrats were baffled by the private meeting on board a parked plane.
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delaware senator chris coons said it sends the wrong message and david axelrod called it foolish. the white house clearly thinks it's much ado about nothing, and new york senator chuck schumer brushed off the meeting saying it didn't matter. a big change of heart for schumer from 2006 when he called on then attorney general alberto gonzalez to rekus himself from the jake abramoff lobbying skand and its connections to the bush administration. schumer even sent a letter to gorn zaulz saying quote, we believe that public confidence can only be assured and that appearance of conflict can only be avoided if you recuse yourself. the letter was also signed by then illinois senator barack obama and then new york senator hillary clinton. megyn. >> trace, thank you. joining me now with more former attorney general of the united states michael ma casey. thank you for being here. you had this very post that ms. loretta lynch holds right now.
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>> i did. >> was she out of line? >> i think it was a mistake. people make mistakes all the time. >> why was it a mistake? >> it was a mistake because you don't take a meeting with a spouse of somebody who is a subject of investigation by your department. it's not that's a written rule any more than it's a written rule that a surgeon washes his hands before he operates. there are some things that are so elementary that you don't have to have a written rule to have them in effect. >> what of the fact that they say it wasn't really a meeting. it was a glad-handing moment. their planes just happened to meet at the airport. they talked about grandkids only. >> yeah. megyn, the attorney general is protected by a security detail of fbi agents. i assume she was traveling with staff since she was on government business. the president is protected by a detail of secret service agents. they don't even work for the same department. they don't encounter each other casually. that happens by design and i think actually it was not her fault. it was the president's design
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from what i read in the accounts. he was the one who pushed this forward. >> what would you have done if you had been the attorney general in this position and you got word he wanted to come on board your plane to say hello? >> i'd like to think -- i'd like to think i would have either said no or that i would have insisted that one of my staff be there for the meeting. but you know what? if i hadn't somebody would have tapped me on the shoulder and said hey, boss don't do this. >> mm-hmm. >> as in fact happened while i was -- >> that's right. actually you did say, i'm not going to hear certain cases in which there was just even the appearance of -- >> my son was representing a defendant in the bernie madoff case -- not madoff but somebody far down the chain. i didn't have anything to do with the madoff case. >> and you recused yourself from having anything to do with it? >> yes. >> should she do that? does this meeting justify that because the white house has come under pressure because president obama has endorsed hillary clinton while his justice department is investigating her criminally? >> the problem is the whole set of circumstances undermines public confidence in the department and in the result.
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you have months of effort by hundreds of fbi agents by dedicated prosecutors within the department. john carlin, who is the assistant ag in charge of the national security division is involved in this -- i mean national security division is involved in this investigation. he is a straight arrow. everybody working on this case is a straight arrow, and you put a cloud over everything they're doing by having something like this take place. >> what should she do? how can she remove the cloud? >> she can remove the cloud by having -- by putting in place a procedure that is there for the taking. that is you take yourself out of it and you put the deputy attorney general, sally yates, who is a very capable lawyer really has the same back ground that loretta lynch herself has. enormously capable. she's shown that. >> even though barack obama has endorsed hillary clinton, you're saying that removes the appearance of impropriety from this meeting, but does that get it done? >> yes, it gets it done. we're talking about people. this is all about people. and the people investigating the
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case are, i assure you, investigating it with only the case in mind. sally yates, if she took over would take over with only the case in mind. >> mm-hmm. we shall see. so far, that's being scoffed at by all corners in washington. >> it shouldn't be because you're putting in peril the work of professional prosecutors and the more the -- >> and investigation the entire country is watching. >> that's going to have momentous results. also with us tonight, mark te chief speechwriter for president george w. bush and austin goolzby, president obama's former former chief economist. great to see you both. >> good to see you, megyn. >> mark what do you make of it? >> this shows a stunning lack of judgment on the part of both of these individuals, but we are used to bad judgment from bill and hillary clinton. what is troubling and disturbing is the bad judgment showed by
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loretta lynch in this case. i mean they didn't just bump into each other in an airport lounge. they sat down and had a meeting for 30 minutes. bill clinton actually waited for her plane to arrive delayed his plane according to the news accounts, and then requested the permission to come on board her plane, was granted it and they spent 30 minutes talking. she is the attorney general of the united states. you can't do that. and it's not -- he's not just a former president. this is a man -- he's not only just married to the subject of a criminal investigation. he's probably a witness in that fbi criminal investigation and could be a subject of the criminal investigation or at least possibly a target. he's a person of interest. the attorney general does not meet with a person of interest to talk even about their grandchildren. >> that's the problem, austin. i mean if he were just a former president, just saying hi as a former president, that's one thing, but he is a potential witness in this case, isn't he? >> look megyn, you're a legal expert. i'm a business professor. you don't even want to know what i think about lawyers.
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>> huh. >> what i would say is this. if we look back over the 2000s when the bush administration was there, i like that in your segment you re-raised the bit about alberto gonzalez. there is a partisan nature in this that i think we forget. we've had experienced that have established that friendship is not a conflict of interest. we had justice scalia was personal friends with vice president cheney. vice president cheney had taken him hunting, often took him to dinner. there was a dispute that went to the supreme court about should cheney's energy task force have to release all that information to the public? we decided that wasn't a conflict of interest even though they were friends and they had a meeting. clarence thomas' wife was working for a tea party activist unit while he was deciding the citizens united case while he was deciding the obamacare case. >> but don't you see any distinction in the fact that she
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is -- she's investigating his foundation. >> i understand. >> and his wife. and he might be a witness. >> she was there with her -- i don't know anything about legal investigations. you have a law degree. >> that's a copout. you're too smart for that. you don't have to be. the people watching this show right now in middle america, they are very smart, and they get it. they may not have a law degree and they get that you don't have the would-be prosecutor in a case sit there glad-handing with the potential subject or a witness in it. i'll give it to you, mark. >> you do not need a law degree to figure that out. it's basic common sense. and in the bush administration since austin raised it john ashcroft recused himself from the case in the valerie plame investigation and allowed james comey, who is now the fbi director to appoint a special prosecutor. but here's the smoking gun in terms of the fact they knew this was wrong. it's that she didn't disclose it. we only learned about this because a local news reporter
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got a tip that the meeting had happened and asked her about it. she had never disclosed this and in fact they knew it was wrong because that local reporter reported that her security detail insisted no one take pictures. since when does somebody meet with the former president and not take a picture? they didn't want any photographic evidence. they were trying to cover this up. >> ah he's got you there, austin. >> if there was nothing wrong, give us a selfie. give us a selfie. >> where's the selfie austin? >> look i believe that's misleading. this is a meeting that as i understand it loretta lynch's husband was there with her. they met at the airport. it's true you have a security detail so if you're going to bump into someone and you find out that your friend is going to be at the airport, it's not like if -- if mark and i are stuck in the airport lobby, we just walk up and hang out and have some chipotle. >> you got to go through layers. but, austin even david axelrod has come out and said the appearance of this is just --
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it's wrong. i mean the average joe sitting at home gets it. like joe smith sitting in iowa right now understands that if his spouse were under investigation, there ain't no prosecutor in the land that's going to sit with joe and glad-hand about grandkids and golf. and it just -- it smacks of elitism and how connected the clintons are and how willing he may be to use his name and position to help her. >> if you look at the albert tow gonzalez situation where he was the attorney general and in the scooter libby case and as well as in those previous cases, he did not recuse himself. he did not -- >> john ashcroft did. john ashcroft did. schumer mentioned it in his letter today at the time. >> i'm not disputing john ashcroft did. i would have to go look at what the facts are, his involvement with valerie plame. >> now we're really going down the rat hole.
6:14 pm
recusal is extraordinary. i mean for one meeting with a guy, recusal is an extraordinary thing. but i mean i'm amazed that we can't even agree that this was a bad decision on her part. austin you can't even give us that? >> well i don't know anything about it. >> he can't. the answer is no. i got to leave it at that. joe smith is not happy with you. >> bad idea. and bill clinton, by the way, is a former state attorney general. austin, bill clinton is a former state attorney general. he's a lawyer. he ought to have known that he shouldn't have had that meeting. >> and loretta lynch knows. >> he's hurting his own wife because she's the one person -- >> i don't know why he would do that unless -- >> he's the one person who should not want this meeting to have taken place. >> bill clinton is not some bump kin who is like oh there's her plane. he is one of the most skilled political operatives in modern american history, and he's also had a lot of dealings with accusations when it comes to violating the law. the man is not stupid. >> and boundaries. >> and if you want to -- all
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right. got to go. that was fun. so there's big news breaking in baltimore tonight as we get some exclusive reporting on marilyn mosby. her prosecution of those six officers in the death of freddie gray is very much under fire tonight, and she may be in real trouble herself now with the courts. that's just ahead. plus we also saw a fierce showdown on capitol hill when senator ted cruz went after secretary jay johnson, kuzing him of trying to rewrite the record on terror. stay tuned for that. >> i think this is all very interesting, makes for good political debate. >> you're entitled to give speeches other times. my question is were you aware that the information has been scrubbed? >> look who's in the studio to discuss it. >> new drama. terror victims, former military
6:16 pm
and muslim scholars over the threat of terror in america. >> the problem is inconsistent muslim leadership. >> that's probably they have not responded. the problem is you are the minority. what we have right now is muslim mosques in america radicalized, harboring terrorists. ♪ at experian, we believe credit isn't just a score. it's a skill. and like anything else you can get better. that's why we have tools that show you what happens if you forgot to pay a bill. and answers to questions like, what's the difference between a fico score and other scores? get the tools. and get better at managing your credit. go to to enroll in experian creditworks today. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's here,
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eh johnson.
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from the world's headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. breaking tonight, new fallout from a heated hearing on capitol hill has the administration is accused of trying to rewrite history on some past terror investigations. earlier this week we heard testimony from former homeland security officer turned whistleblower phillip haney. we actually interviewed mr. haney on this show back in december. here's proof. and on tuesday, he testified that the administration removed references to islam from his terror investigations potentially missing warning signs, pointing to the san bernardino and now the orlando terrorists. just hours ago, senator ted cruz took up the issue with homeland security secretary jeh johnson. >> was that testimony accurate? >> i have no idea. i don't know who mr. haney is. i wouldn't know him if he walked in the room. >> would it concern you about it was accurate? >> i think this is all very interesting, makes for good political debate. >> you're entitled to give speeches other times.
6:21 pm
my question was if you were aware that the information has been scrubbed. when you see the red flags of radical islamic terrorism, you do not follow up on them effectively, and we have terrorist attack after terrorist attack after terrorist attack that could have been prevented but for this administration's willful blindness. >> joining us now, tucker carlson, editor in chief of the daily caller and co-host of fox and friends, and robert zimmerman, a democratic strategist. so the es efns haney's allegation is that the administration has been scrubbing references to jihad, to sharia and other items, and actually reversed his own work on mosques in america in a way that undermined and he believe koz have prevented potentially san bernardino and probably orlando, right? >> we don't need his word for it. i mean they scrubbed the 9/11 call just the other day. they are -- and by the way, it betrays their position that words don't matter. who callres what you call them?
6:22 pm
the words very much matter to them. they're utterly focused on scrubbing references to specific islamic connections to terror period. >> first of all, let's be honest and candid about this. when we talk -- when ted cruz talks about the administration scrubbing, he's referring to his homeland security, the fbi, the department of justice, our leaders in first response to the threats we face every day as americans. obviously things are going to happen. mistakes are going to be made. issues are going to fall through. but by and large, i think the idea that ted cruz used his senate panel to attack the fbi and homeland security and justice, those who have kept us safe from so many dangerous threats that we faced, is just partisan politics at its worst. >> he's wondering whether political correctness is getting in the way -- tucker is laughing at you. >> he couldn't respond. >> he's wondering whether political correctness is getting in the way of honesty, make. >> the bush administration never used the word radical islam or radical muslims. it's because it wasn't about
6:23 pm
political correctness. it was about political strategy because from the right and the left there's a recognition from our generals in particular we have to connect better with the sunni muslims in the middle with the muslim community here if we're going to -- >> that doesn't mean scrubbing all of our documents from the term sharia and jihad. >> it has nothing to do with t. by the way, i love that the -- [ overlapping voices ] >> this has nothing to do with national security. the obama people feel sincerely that the real threat lies here with our middle class, which is bigoted and scary and likely to rise up against muslims living in this country if they're allowed to know that there's an islamic component to the -- >> hold on. let me finish. this is true. this is how they think. they believe that if they say this is an islamic threat that there will somehow be pogroms against muslims living here because they believe again that the real threat lies with the bigoted americans -- >> we now have tucker using michael morris talking points
6:24 pm
against george w. bush -- >> what he's -- >> excuse me. >> but loretta lynch did threaten people with criminal prosecution if they said things that were anti-muslim. we saw a u.s. attorney just do this in idaho, right? she had to walk it back. that's not made up. there have been threats. in both instances, the prosecutors had to walk it back because it's illegal to threaten people for what they say. >> the idea that is being spread by the right wing and it speaks to the hypocrisy of the right, all of a sudden this administration is not dedicated to taking on muslim threats and terrorist through the world. no administration has launched more -- >> here's the point. at the same time that europe failed to bring up the bush administration's policy that -- you're talking about protecting the due process of terror suspects to buy and collect
6:25 pm
guns -- >> you've lost me in your reasoning, but let me restate the real point here. i do think that they recognize this threat. i think they recognize it as an islamic threat. i think they fear if they say that out loud the american public can't handle it because they have contempt for the public. obama says it in virtually ever public statement. this country is teething with big ottry. >> he says if we make it sound like we're at war with islam at large, and that's what saying radical islam will do -- >> these are sophisticated, smart people. they know the video didn't cause benghazi. they know all of it. the prime concern is keeping our population from hurting muslims who live here. >> no administration has been more aggressive going after hezbollah, going after al qaeda, going after isis. that being said if we unite as a country, we can beat terrorist. happy july 4th. >> whatever. happy july 4th. >> that's the partisanship i'm talking about. >> stop it stop it.
6:26 pm
you know you love each other. it's great to see you. what the hell is going on here? well the fox affiliate in baltimore is breaking a big exclusive tonight. you're going to hear it right here. and it could spell some big trouble for the controversial d.a. at the heart of that case against the baltimore six, those six cops. we'll go there live in moments. the fbi wants to lock up the 911 calls from the terror attack at the pulse nightclub. we'll look at what it is they do not want getting out. plus our special group of terror survivors, including two from the orlando attack veterans and muslim advocates are next on the real solutions to the threat of attacks on the homeland. >> and when i look around and i don't see her father and i see my sister sitting there, crying 15 years later, i'm so angry, angry.
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hi, need help finding a dependable, used car? i'm worried about things like frame damage. just say show me cars with no accidents reported. find the cars you want avoid the ones you don't plus get a free carfax report with every listing. that's it. start your used car search at developing tonight, big new information indicating that the fbi instructed agencies involved in the orlando terror attack to withhold records from the public. this despite the bureau's request, we're hearing now that the city has released hundreds of pages of records from multiple agencies who did respond to this attack. and the pages tell a very grim
6:31 pm
story about what unfolded in the early morning hours at pulse nightclub. trace gallagher has that report tonight. trace. >> reporter: megyn, there were 603 calls made to orlando emergency lines during the shooting and three-hour standoff including calls from the shooter himself. 25 media outlets have sued the city of orlando to gain access to all of those records, but the fbi is blocking the release, claiming it would hurt the investigation, telling local law enforcement, quote, immediately notify the fbi of any request your agency received so the fbi can seek to prevent disclosure through appropriate channels. the media says the public has a right to know how police reacted during the most critical phases and now the city of orlando has released a tick tock or minute by minute account of what dispatchers for the sheriff's office heard and reported. and it appears to contradict orlando police saying the gunfire stopped at 2:18 a.m. watch this. >> after that second exchange of gunfire, upon that initial entry
6:32 pm
of our officers there was no other gunfire until the hostage rescue operation took place. >> reporter: but at 2:30, 12 minutes after police say gunfire stopped, the sheriff's dispatcher reports, quote, caller heard another begungunshot from the front. then at 2:34, caller can hear a male screaming and another gunshot. remember victims were also calling in pleading for help. at 2:25, a dispatcher reports, quote, complainant pleading for police to come save her. advises that she does not want to die. advises there are people bleeding out inside the bathroom with her. 12 minutes later, quoting again, complainant just keeps pleading please come to the bathroom. police didn't get tow the bathroom for another two and a half hours. orlando police have been criticized for waiting too long but now the orlando police chief says when he said the shooting stopped at 2:18, he was basing
6:33 pm
that on what the fbi's timeline was. megyn. >> trace, thank you. well this week "the kelly file" assembled a powerful panel on the issue of terror including some survivors of recent attacks in orlando as well as fort hood as well as victims' families. also in our group, veterans liberals conservatives, and advocates for the muslim community. all here to discuss the battle against islamic extremism. it was extraordinary. tonight, discussion begins with yours truly questioning one of the fort hood terror attack victims. alonzo lunsford was shot seven times, including once in the head. and i asked him what happens when he hears about another attack such as what happened in orlando earlier this month. watch. you spoke with me a couple years ago about some ptsd and what that had done to you having been shot so many times. when you see something like this happen in orlando or what we saw
6:34 pm
in instanbul, does it bring that back for new what does it do? >> oh it does. it brings back the -- the actual event that happened that day to us in 2009. but also it makes one wonder what are we going to do to minimize the blow that these terrorists are doing to us on our own soil? and years ago we had talked about soft targets, hard targets or soft targets. what they're trying to do is they're identifying soft targets because of the psychological effect it has on americans. so what we need to do in my opinion, is we need to work more closely together between military and law enforcement so we're all speaking the same language. we also need to practice response times. but we don't need to necessarily identify large cities. we need to look at small-town america as well because that's where the soft targets are. >> you feel like they've given up on that? i mean the messaging we've gotten in recent days has been, you know, this is something in
6:35 pm
modern day america we may have to learn to live with because we can't find all of the threats. >> well, we can find the threats, but i think a lot of censorship has been going on where americans hear it but they don't really know exactly what it feels like. and this panel that we're having today is going to answer a lot of those questions. >> rosa suffered a loss on 9/11, and of course that was the terror attack of them all here in the united states. >> you know my niece just graduated from high school here in manhattan and is going to boston college. and when i look around and i don't see her father and i see my sister sitting there crying 15 years later, i'm -- i'm -- i'm so angry. we have learned absolutely nothing. >> we need to look at this on multiple fronts and one of the fronts is we have to be willing to fight this enemy head-on with force, but also we have to wage a social war too. i mean you have let's say 10% of muslims are radicalized and willing to do harm. 20% are perfectly willing to
6:36 pm
live within our customs and our ideology. but then you have that 70% in the middle that's unwilling to report the suicide vests they see from their friend or report the radicalization of anybody they know. you also have america that is afraid to speak out. we need to fight this on all these fronts and it's not going to be done through love. >> anybody else? go ahead, sir. >> it's interesting hearing these made up statistics. 10% of muslims are radicalized. i assume that was invented because it sounds like a good number. 20% aren't willing to report. you can talk about criticizing political correctness, but that's a bumper sticker. that's a slogan. that's not a strategy. that's not a plan. >> why can't they call it what it is? how do you fight something that you can't call out? you need to call it out. you need to stop thinking about these kumbaya, and your bumper sticker is bleeding all over the place. so spare me. >> go ahead, kimberly. >> i completely agree with you.
6:37 pm
we toss out the word political correctness. that's the problem because if we exclude his pledge to isis during the attack we exclude hasan being able to go up in his own free will and announce his pledge to at the time with the taliban, and then he switched over to isis whatever is the going factor at the time. and we suppressed that information. that information is not put out to the public because it's politically sensitive. >> i think the solution here is to look at a proven model versus shallow theories. we've launched a trueis laum campaign where we've. short term solution law enforcement -- >> you need to go to the mosques and get them to repeat that. >> and the problem is inconsistent muslim leadership. >> and i bet probably they have not responded. and the problem is you are the minority. what we have right now is muslim mosques in america radicalized, harboring terrorists knowing that they are radicals within the mosque and they're not
6:38 pm
reporting about it. >> what we have is the largest muslim community. we have over 100 mosques in america where they're wide open police law enforcement. we're open. >> the majority of mosques in america are not listening to moderates like you. >> you have to see the whole thing. trust me on this. set the dvr. presumably you already have us on dvr. it happens tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. our kelly file special, terror in america. and our panelists were all spectacular and very honest. well we also have new fallout tonight from a stunning report on iran's capture of u.s. sailors, and this is making a lot of folks angry. plus we'll have the breaking news next on the baltimore district attorney, marilyn mosby. her prosz constitution of the six cops in connection with the death of freddie gray and whether ms. mosby may soon find herself in a whole lot of trouble. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind.
6:39 pm
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>> what specifically will she have to answer for and about? >> well the primary problem here is the revelation that came out of the system sheriff who claimed that he is the man whose signature is at the bottom of all six of those statement of charges, the documents that were used to arrest the six police
6:44 pm
officers. he's now saying that he actually had nothing to do with this investigation. he says he didn't collect evidence. he didn't interview witnesses. he had nothing to do with the investigation. so now the big question who did have something to do with the investigation, and that's what's leading us to marilyn mosby, our state's attorney who could be called to the stand herself. >> because this is on the heels of another person coming out and saying that she didn't have anything to do with the investigation, detective dawnyell taylor says the summary of case she was given to read to the grand jury she disagreed with all of it. she felt that marilyn mosby shut her down in the proceeding because mosby knew if this detective was able to answer the questions honestly her story about what happened would completely conflict with the theory of the d.a. this case is falling apart. >> it is. it does seem to be falling apart. you're right. she did testify in that last trial that she was basically given a script to read before
6:45 pm
the grand jury. and while she didn't agree with it she haduch self-edit as she was reading. she didn't want to give the grand jury information which she did not agree with. and all of this combined has raised a lot of questions about who did this investigation, and people want to know what's behind it. you know this is the same prosecutor that promises a thorough complete and independent investigation here when she walked down the steps of the war memorial building promising all of this investigation to be accurate. and now there's a lot of questions of where's the beef? >> and this judge has warned her office repeatedly that if they continue -- he's caused them a few times with holding evidence that they were supposed to turn over to the defense. he's made clear if he catches them doing it again, there's going to be hell to pay. she's 0 for 3 on these prosecutions. there had been a lot of pressure for her not to proceed with the remaining three. she's going for it as of now, correct? >> she's doubling down it appears.
6:46 pm
there appears to be no effort to drop these charges. there appears to be no efforts to dismiss them on the part of the judge. we're having a motions hearing here on tuesday, and that could be an explosive hearing, and we could see? kind some kind of direction on that day. one law professor who happens to have a background in some high profile cases is now time filing a complaint to have ms. mosby disbarred. he's not sure any of the remaining trials will ever play out. he's a public interest law professor at george washington university law school. it's great to see you. >> youthank you. i think her case is not just falling apart, it has fallen apart. that's one of the key parts in the complaint. as you know a prosecutor must have a reasonable belief that she can prove beyond a reasonable doubt all of the elements of the case. maybe she had that at the beginning, but now after you had these two judges' opinions where he has thrown out virtually
6:47 pm
every one of her legal theories said there's no evidence no evidence no evidence on most of the facts, i think it's almost impossible for her to say that she has reasonable belief that she can succeed before this same judge. and if she goes ahead with it that could be putting the nail in the coffin of disbarment. >> this judge has said explicitly there's no proof of how freddie gray injured himself, you know, got the injury that injury that led to his death. you haven't been able to prove that. that's going to be an issue on and on and on in the remaining cases. she has different theories for the remaining guys like it was an improper arrest for brian rice. >> i think they were all basically the same theories because they involved the van driver goodson. the moef seriousst serious charges, he's the central person. if you can't convict him, i don't think you can convict the others. this is very reminiscent unfortunately of the mike nigh
6:48 pm
song case. the infamous duke lacrosse rape cases. mike nigh thong continued to prosecute even as his case fell apart. in his case he was eventually disbarred. he was also sued for $180 million, forced into bankruptcy. and there are already suits against marilyn mosby. i think they are about to be strengthened. and as you put it before she's in big trouble. >> mm-hmm. she's got some skin to gain now. >> it may not be too late for her to back out. just today, the head of the baltimore and the state assembly issued a statement saying she achieved justice just by filing the indictments. whether or not they win or lose she has already achieved justice. and one interpretation of that is he's paving the way for her to step down saying, look, i stuck my neck out. i indicted these cops. i took three trials. but because of these rulings of the judges i just can't go on.
6:49 pm
i think it's something that most of her followers would now accept. >> mm-hmm. he's given her an off ramp. >> we don't know for sure. we won't find out until next week. but if she doesn't, if she goes ahead knowing that this judge has said all of her theories are no good the fact that they weren't seat belted in it's not a crime. the fact that they didn't immediately call for medical attention, it's not a crime. as you said nobody knows when this injury occurred. she can't possibly prove it. she's going to have to explain to a disciplinary committee how she could have reasonable belief. the same may apply to other prosecutors also not just marilyn. >> thank you, sir. coming up new reaction to a stunning report today on iran. don't go away.
6:50 pm
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developing tonight, a dramatic turn of events in iran's january capture of ten u.s. sailors. a scathing new military report finds the conduct of some of those u.s. sailors did not live up to the navy's expectations. fox's shannon bream reports from washington. shannon. >> reporter: megyn, today top naval officials said multiple things went wrong the day that two u.s. boats drifted into iranian territorial waters leading to that crew being held for more than 15 hours. during that time iran held the u.s. crew at gunpoint
6:54 pm
blindfolded them interrogated the crew and then blasted out the images in a move that was viewed as an attempt to humiliate the u.s. two senior officers have been relieved of their command and reassigned elsewhere, and at least six others are facing discipline as well. according to the report not only did senior officers fail to properly oversee the mission, but the sailors on the boats made a series of missteps and did not react properly when the trouble started. navy officials say the sailors did not live up to expectations. >> under rules of engagement the investigation determined that the rules of engagement in place are adequate but may not have been understood by the crews. the investigation also found that some crew members did not meet code of conduct standards while in custody. >> reporter: that code of conduct includes these oaths. quote, i will never surrender of my own free will. if in command, i will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist.
6:55 pm
if i am captured, i will continue to resist by all means available. i will make every effort to escape and aid others to escape. the report concludes that one of the sailors failed to uphold the code of conduct when he directed the others to cooperate with the video the iranians were producing and read a script that included an apology. in addition other sailors revealed their passwords to laptops and cell phones. megyn. >> shannon bream, thank you. up next, a-rod. put some distance between you and temptation with... ...meta appetite control. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. man, my feet are killin' me. same time tomorrow, fellas!? new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. they massage key pressure points with each step, for all day comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. . i understand you got a chance to meet one of our stars in prime time, megyn kelly. >> she's one of the best. we were at the met and had a chance to meet her and her cousin. what nice people. i'm a big fan of hers and a big fan of the show. >> and we are big fans of a-rod. yes. good taste. good taste. we met him at the met, and it was actually very funny because then we went to an after-party, and you know how you wait in a line to go in. we couldn't get in.
7:00 pm
it was like oh this was humiliating. we turned around and there was a-rod, and we felt better. even though he's a huge star he didn't complain. he wasn't like, do you know who i am? i'm a new york yankee for the love of -- we all got in eventually. have a great 4th, everybody. tonight a brand new rasmussen poll has donald trump beating hillary clinton. and a fox news poll shows a vast majority of americans are fearful of a terror attack right here in america. plus -- >> he did come over and say hello and speak to my husband and myself. no discussions were held on any cases or anything of that. >> attorney general loretta lynch met privately with bill clinton while the fbi is investigating hillary clinton's e-mail server scandal. should lynch now recuse herself? donald trump is here for reaction to all of this. then according to a report the fbi is ordering local law enforcement in orlando not to release records