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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 30, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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we couldn't get in. it was like, oh, this was humiliating. we turned around and there was a-rod, and we felt better. even though he's a huge star, he didn't complain. he wasn't like, do you know who i am? i'm a new york yankee for the love of -- we all got in eventually. have a great 4th, everybody. tonight a brand new rasmussen poll has donald trump beating hillary clinton. and a fox news poll shows a vast majority of americans are fearful of a terror attack right here in america. plus -- >> he did come over and say hello and speak to my husband and myself. no discussions were held on any cases or anything of that. >> attorney general loretta lynch met privately with bill clinton while the fbi is investigating hillary clinton's e-mail server scandal. should lynch now recuse herself? donald trump is here for reaction to all of this. then according to a report, the fbi is ordering local law enforcement in orlando not to release records related to the
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terrorist attack. are they trying to hide something? dr. sebastian gorka and lieutenant colonel ralph peters will react. >> welcome to "hannity," and tonight the foreign policy failures have made you, the american people less safe. according to a brand new fox news poll, 84% of americans say they're nervous about the country's ability to prevent terrorist attacks while just 11% say they are confident. now, these are very clear reasons wreaso reasons why americans are now fearful. it has to do with the obama administrationsecisions over the last several years. plain and simple, they have refused to confront radical islam head on. they changed the name of the war on terror to overseas contingency operations, and instead of saying terrorism, well, they use the phrase man-caused disasters. don't forget the president also called isis the j.v. team, and
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said isis was contained. that's not all. the obama administration has made many other key foreign policy mistakes. for example, they're releasing gitmo detainees who are going back to the battlefield to kill again. and of course they pulled out of iraq prematurely and that created a home base for isis. now, the president -- remember, he drew a red line with syria in the sand, and then he did nothing. and the white house gave the number-one state sponsor of terrorism $150 billion as part of the iranian nuclear deal. and don't forget they also gave f-16s, tanks, and over $1 billion to the muslim brotherhood in egypt, led then by president mohamed morsi. the evidence is clear. the world and america are now less safe than they were almost eight years ago. here with reaction, 2016 presumptive republican nominee donald trump. by the way, a new rasmussen national poll out today show he is beating hillary clinton 43% to 39%. good to see you. i bet that poll makes you pretty
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happy. >> it does. i think the message is getting across both on terrorism and on trade. two very important subjects for me, and i think the message is really getting across. i was in ohio, pennsylvania, west virginia. we're going up to new hampshire. i mean we're all over the place, and i will the crowds are incredible, sean. they're just incredible. they want something. they want help because these people are incompetent. they don't know what they're doing, and i think they're just grossly incompetent. >> let me go through the list that i just labeled here. i mean this reluctance, this resistance not to say radical islam, but man-caused disasters, workplace violence, overseas contingency, the j.v. team, they're contained. how could they be so wrong so often on an issue that involves the safety and security of the american people? >> well, you know, all you have to do is really, even on the bigger issues of just take a look at the middle east, what's happened with the migration. you know, maybe it started with syria. nobody really knows where it
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started. the line in the sand was a disaster. that was a disaster because if you do that, you got to produce one way or the other. but you just take a look at what's going on. iran now is in a certain way a major power, and they certainly will be with all the money that we let them have back. $150 billion. you look at the abuse of israel. in my opinion, he's abused israel, and i don't think there's ever been anyone close as a president who's been more anti-israel. and i have friends who are jewish, who raise money for him, and they are just disgusted. they can't believe what's going on. so, you know, the people of israel will disgusted. but you just look at failure after failure, and it started -- i guess it started a long time ago. but also not only this country allowing thousands and thousands of people into our country who many of these people are isis. i have no doubt about it. you know, i used to say, well, maybe. now i have no doubt about it. but also look at what's happened with europe.
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look at what's going on with germany and all over europe. europe is never going to be the same. it's so sad that the leadership in this country -- and by the way, other countries not doing so well. that's why you saw great britain -- you see what happened with that vote that i felt was going to happen. i had a good -- you know, a good sense of the people. i felt that was -- >> even president obama, one of his top campaigners was actually down there trying to help britain remain in the eu. but a lot of the things i mentioned here, for example, the gitmo detainees that were released or the $150 billion to iran or the damage done in iraq and syria. i don't see that that damage can be undone. if you become president, what do you do to solve those problems that they've now handed off to you? >> well, the gitmo detainees, they say, most of them are back fighting again. so, you know, what are we doing? i mean why are we doing it? as you know, these are the people they want the most.
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they want them back so badly. you almost say why are we doing this, and they're back out fighting. why wouldn't we do it maybe after all of this ends if it ever ends. the way it's going right now, it's just getting worse, and isis is recruiting like crazy because these young kids that -- you know, they're using the internet, and they're being recruited right off the internet, and they respect isis because it looks like isis to the outside world -- it looks like isis is beating us and beating us badly. they need a big defeat because they are using that internet to recruit people from many countries, not just our country. and it's only going to get worse. you know, i watched hillary clinton for years and years. it's the same thing. we're going to get along with our allies. we're going to work with our allies. nice and soft. nice and easy. nothing's going to happen. and don't forget, this whole isis thing really started during her term. >> the iranian deal did too, and releasing gitmo detainees also. she was a part of all those decisions.
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she never spoke out against any one of them, which makes the world less safe. i want to get your -- >> sean, forgetting about me, just forgetting about me, if she ever got in, she would be such a bad president. she would be so bad. remember, unrelated but maybe related in a very, you know, in a certain way, but unrelated, supreme court justices. so important. supreme court justices. but if hillary ever got in, she would be so bad. it would be so sad. >> this is a choice election. i'm not disagreeing with you. she's not going to build a wall. she's going to appoint liberal justices. i don't -- she doesn't want coal to expand. you have told me you want to expand coal and fracking and drilling and nuclear technology and new technology. those are huge differences. also on the economy, foreign policy, building up our nation's military, fixing the v.a. i think it's a choice election in many ways. the biggest hack that they're making against you -- >> very big on trade, though. she's so big on trade. you know, my message has been
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really from the beginning, trade. you talk about coal, you talk about -- i really talk about the miners. the miners have just been decimated in this country. these are great people, and they want to be miners. they say, why don't you move? why don't you go to a different place? like in west virginia where i'm -- you know, i think i have a 25-point lead, 29-point lead. but i speak to the miners, and i see the miners. i was with them the other day. they don't want to move. they love what they do. like you like what you do. i like what i do. they love what they do. that's what they want to do. >> many of these are high-paying jobs, and she talked about putting all of them out of work and all the companies out of work. here's what i want to ask you. >> she wants to put all of them out, and she wants to -- she wants to put all of them out of work. she says that five weeks before she ends up going to west virginia. she talks to them, and she got wiped out there. but she's going to get wiped out in a lot of places. it's not only the miners. it's steel. she doesn't want steel. our steel is being destroyed, the industry by china, mostly by
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china. we have so many industries that are absolutely on their last legs right now, and it could be turned around so easily and so fast if we're smart. it see >> it seems like there's a coordinated attack, the democrats, hillary clinton, and president obama, and it keeps going back. they don't want to talk about issues and the foreign policy record or the record on the economy, but it's always about donald trump and donald trump's temperament. i had a chance earlier this week to interview gary byrne. he's the former secret service officer that was outside the oval office when the clintons were in the white house. here's part of what he said. >> i hope someday that it does make a difference. i mean if mrs. clinton ends up being the president of the united states, then she's our president, and she's the commander-in-chief and it is what it is. but if she did become the president without me speaking the truth, i'm not sure i could -- i could deal with that. people need to know. this is serious, and her behavior is appalling. and she's two different people. i feel so strongly that people
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need to know the real hillary clinton and how dangerous she is in her behavior. she is not a leader. she is not a leader. >> she doesn't have the temperament. >> she doesn't have the temerment. she didn't have the temperament to handle the social office when she was first lady. >> she's dishonest. >> she's dishonest. she habitually lies. anybody that, you know, can separate themselves from their politics and review her behavior over the last -- >> you're going to be accused of this being political. >> i have been already. >> what's your answer? >> it's not. it's got nothing to do with politics. >> he described a woman that threw a bible at the head of a secret service officer, told him to f off, told him to go to hell. a person that threw a vase across the residence, gave bill clinton a black eye. they question your temperament. here's first hand experience, and the media seems to ignore it. your reaction? >> well, i saw that interview, and i guess i'm not that surprised. i mean i understand what i'm
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dealing with here, and i'm also dealing with a media that's extremely unfriendly, and they probably won't pick very much of it up, if anything. but i actually watched that, and i said to myself -- and, you know, again, not being too surprised. but i said to myself, hey, that's the way it would be. i mean that's the way it would be. she brings up temperament because she understands temperament because her temperament is terrible. i'll tell you what, in one way we need a different temperament in the white house because we have had these weak leaders that let the world take advantage of us. they let isis continue to go forward, and it's like, you know, they don't want to do what they have to do, like get rid of their source of wealth, which is largely oil. and also, by the way, coming in from many of our so-called allies, tremendous wealth goes to -- as you know, goes to isis through our allies, where they're paying isis money, which is horrible if you think about it. it's horrible. i guess it's almost like protection money. they're paying for protection.
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but, you know, we need a strong temperament. we need something that's going to get in there, knock the hell out of isis, get isis out. there are ways to do it, and we can do it quickly. but we don't seem to want to do it, and we have a president that won't use the term radical islamic terrorism. and he comes up with -- at the beginning of your show, i heard you reading different names that nobody has ever even heard about. they won't use radical islam. they won't talk about it. and i shamed her into do it but so far -- you know, she hasn't done it yet. she said i would do it if i needed to do it, but she hasn't done it yet. >> good point. >> if you don't say what it is, if you don't talk about radical islam, which is what it is, then, sean, it's -- >> but isn't a lot of it connected to, okay, she got up to $25 million from saudi arabia, $10 million from saudi arabia for the clinton foundation. i mean they treat women horribly. women can't drive. women are told how to dress. women are given permission to go to school or work.
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gays are executed under saudi law and some of the other countries. they wouldn't let you build a christian church or a jewish templ temple. she takes their money and nobody in the media seems to focus on that either, and claims to be the champions of those groups' rights. >> she should give that money back, all of it. she should give all of that money back. that money should go back where it came from. you have not only saudi arabia, you have many countries where, i mean, they execute gays. they enslave women. and she's taking money, and nobody talks about it. it's sort of an amazing thing. can you imagine if i took that money? nah. >> yeah, i think it would be a pretty big issue. >> wouldn't be pretty. >> by the way, if it said on your teleprompter "sigh" and you read "sigh" when you were supposed to go -- [ sighing ] >> all he can do is try to
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distract us. that's even why he's attacking my faith. sigh. >> can you imagine if you're the one -- she's that programmed that they actually put in how she should act after she gives a line. i don't know what -- if you did it, it would be -- it would be a bigger story. >> they thought it was so cute, it was so wonderful. they were saying, oh, isn't that cute? isn't that nice? isn't that wonderful? can you imagine if i did it? i never noticed that on teleprompter. when i do a teleprompter, they don't put sigh. you're supposed to be who you are. can you imagine sigh? let me tell you, i never attacked her faith. a question was asked about her faith. i said i know nothing about it. i wasn't saying that in a good way or bad. i really know nothing about her faith. i would never attack her faith. >> when we come back, i want to ask you about benghazi, also bill clinton meeting loretta lynch on the tarmac at an airport, and was that unethical? and now does loretta lynch need to recuse herself from the
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clinton server scandal issue? we'll get to that and more as we continue with donald trump tonight on "hannity." i take prig for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. donald trump's campaign has reportedly formally begun vetting possible running mates. according to "the washington post," former house speaker newt gingrich has emerged as the leading candidate followed by new jersey governor chris christie. however, people with knowledge of the process reportedly say there are more than a half dozen others being discussed as possibilities. and given trump's unpredictability, campaign associates caution that the presumptive republican nominee could still shake up his short list. well, u.s. stocks rallying a third day as traders feel less anxious about the united kingdom
7:18 pm
voting to leave the european union last week. the dow rose 234 points. the nasdaq climbed 63 points while the s and p. gained 28 points. i'm patricia stark. now back to "hannity." for all your headlines, log onto welcome back to "hannity." as we continue with 2016 presumptive republican nominee donald trump. so the benghazi report finally came in this week. to me, there's three separate issues. there's the before, during, and after. now, there were over 600 requests for security before this attack. the red cross, great britain had pulled out of the area because it was unsafe. those requests were all denied. some went directly to hillary clinton. then during the attack, if you were president, i really can't imagine -- they were debating four hours in, even though they had a live shot of the firefight that was going on on the ground. they're debating whether or not
7:19 pm
we can send our military in without getting libya's permission, number one. and they kept having our military men and women change their clothes because they were -- they didn't want to offend the libyans if our military went in to save american lives in uniform. how would you have -- and then the lie afterwards, which i'll get to in a second. how would you have handled that if you were watching in real-time americans under fire at the american consul and an ambassador under fire? >> well, it would have never taken place because i think the key is the first little segment that you mentioned or the first set that you mentioned where they were sending, i heard, up to 600 like help messages. >> yep. >> i don't know how they were sending them, but they were there because they've all been accounted for. >> in the lead-up to the attack. >> unlike her e-mails, unlike her 33,000 e-mails, they've all been accounted for. and i wonder what is on those e-mails having to do with benghazi as an example. but to me the most important segment is that first -- you know, that first grouping of 600
7:20 pm
requests for help that there's something going on here, we need help. and there was no response. now, if you did that, there would have been, you know, a skirmish. the ambassador, everybody, they would have been okay. probably they would have stopped it before it started. once it started, the timeline was tough, but you certainly would have sent somebody in anyway regardless. it was probably too late by that time because it didn't take that long, and it would have taken people a long time to get there. i will tell you this. if you would have responded to the earlier requests for help, which should have been natural. who wouldn't have done that? then there would have been no problem in the first place. so that would have been the thing. that was the biggest mistake of the group. the rest was just horribly handled, horrible leadership. she's a horrible leader. >> would you have debated the idea of asking permission to send in our military people? would you have debated what clothes they wear? >> no. >> you would have sent them in, right? >> bernie sanders said loud and clear that hillary clinton has
7:21 pm
bad judgment, okay? now, who wouldn't have sent help after you got the first messages? who wouldn't have sent help? bernie sanders said very loud and very clear that she has bad judgment. and you look at all of her calls. i mean look at the calls she's made over the years. she has horrible judgment, including the fact that she voted for the war in iraq, which i was opposed to by the way. even though i was a civilian. nobody cared. but, listen, she has bad judgr help, and we don't send it. >> these are americans under fire. then afterwards, you know, she writes her daughter. she talks to the libyan president, the egyptian prime minister, to her daughter, for example, she sent an e-mail and says, two of our officers were killed in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group. the ambassador whom i hand picked, a young communications officer on temporary duty with a wife and two very young children. very hard day, and i fear more of the same tomorrow. so she admitted to the libyan
7:22 pm
president, the egyptian prime minister, and her own daughter this was a terrorist attack. simultaneously she was telling the american people a different story, that it was a youtube related event. that it was spontaneous. they just happened to have mortars in their back pocket. >> she lied. she lied. that's what she does. she lies. >> why do you think people don't pay as much attention to that? >> well, i think if you did it, if i did it, if somebody else did it, it would be a big deal. but she gets away with a lot of things. i mean they -- i have events -- i'll tell you like the press is very dishonest. i have events are so good, where such good things come out of them, and some of the media try and make it look bad. and yet she gets away with things like this. and i'll be honest. the whole benghazi thing, sean, you talk about it, and a lot of the fox people talk about it. but outside of fox, benghazi has never resonated. it's never been a big subject. the mainstream media has not
7:23 pm
covered it like it should have been covered. but it hasn't resonated. hard to believe. >> let me ask you this. >> but it has not -- it has not been a big subject relatively speaking for the mainstream media. they have not covered it. it has not resonated. it should have, but it hasn't. >> loretta lynch met with bill clinton while she potentially is weighing an indictment against his wife. she claims she boarded the plane. she was on the plane with bill clinton for 30 minutes. they were talking about their grandchildren and sports. is this an issue where you think the credibility, for example, of a criminal referral comes from the fbi? do you think the attorney general needs to now recuse herself? >> well, when i first heard that yesterday afternoon, i actually thought they were joking. i thought the people that told me were -- you know, i said, no way. there's no way that's going to happen. and it happened. and i am just -- i'm flabbergasted by it.
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i think it's amazing. i've never seen anything like that before. coming up, president obama once again takes a shot at donald trump. we'll get his reaction. plus more on the political firestorm brewing over loretta lynch's private meeting with bill clinton. even democrats are now saying it was wrong. that and more tonight on "hannity." fall in love with a new daily fiber.
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. welcome back to "hannity," and this is the final part of our interview from earlier today with 2016 presumptive republican nominee donald trump. you gave a speech in maine, and you said elites created globalization and the average citizen has suffered. you said the trade deficit, $746 billion last year. i noticed that some of the analysis says that you are a protectionist. you dispute that by saying, no, i want free trade, but i want fair trade. what is the difference? >> yeah. i want to make good deals for the united states. very simple. somebody said what's your trade policy? i said i want to make good deals for the united states. i know about fair trade. i could name nine other names we have for trade. i want to make good deals for the people of this country. i want to bring back our jobs,
7:28 pm
our wealth. our wealth is being sapped. soon we will owe $21 trillion as a nation. we have massive deficits. i mean china is over $500 billion. we have massive trade deficits with these nations. and all i want to do is take these bad trade deals and make them good. and then i get hit even from my side that, you know, what is wrong with saying we have a bad deal with china? i want to make it a good deal. i'm not saying i don't want to trade with them. i want to make it a good deal. i will make it a good deal. people are sort of saying, oh, that's a terrible thing to say. i am a free trader. you know that. but to have free trade, we need smart people. we don't have smart people negotiating our deals. we don't have smart leadership. we have political hacks negotiating the biggest deals in the world. these trade deals are bigger than company deals, bigger than anything. all i'm saying is i want to make great trade deals. i don't want to make bad ones like we have right now because our jobs have been taken. they've moved to mexico. they've moved to different
7:29 pm
places. it's disgraceful. so what i want to do is renegotiate trade deals so they're good, so our jobs come back, so they don't take our jobs anymore. we will have a country that will be so strong again. but right now we're a laughingstock all over the world. >> let me give you an opportunity. the president attacked you again and claimed that you are xenophobic and you're appealing to nativism. he even went on to say funny-looking people. let me play it for you and give you a chance to respond. >> somebody else who has never shown any regard for workers, has never fought on behalf of social justice issues or making sure that poor kids are getting a decent shot in life or have health care, in fact, have worked against economic opportunity for workers and ordinary people. they don't suddenly become a
7:30 pm
populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes. that's not the measure of populism. that's nativism. or xenophobia. or worse. >> what is absolutely true is that the ability to tap into a fear that people may have about losing control and to offer some sort of vague nostalgic feelings about how, you know, we'll make britain great again or we'll make america great again, and the sub text for that is somehow that a bunch of foreigners and
7:31 pm
funny-looking people are coming in here and changing the basic character of the nation. >> so my question to you is he's claiming he's the populist, not you. but his record is clear. right now in america, we have -- since he's been president, 12 million more people on food stamps, in poverty. we have the lowest labor participate shun rates since the early '70s. he's doubled the national debt. one in five american families don't have a single member of their family in the workforce. when you look at that abysmal record, americans are suffering under his economic policies. then he tries to attack you with those words. what's your answer to him? >> so, sean, i've created tens of thousands of jobs throughout my career. tens of thousands. and so many people so happy. they love donald trump. i mean, you know, their education for their family and health care for their families,
7:32 pm
and they were able to afford all of this. so i've created tens of thousands of jobs. if i ever used the word "funny-looking people" or whatever the phrase he used, it would be a headline all over the world. with him, nobody even mentions it, you know, working with funny-looking people or they come into the country. if i ever said that, i will tell you it would be headlines all over the world. with him -- i saw him say that. i said, oh, that's a bad -- that's a bad term in a world of political correctness, which is ridiculous in itself. and nobody even mentioned that. look, we are going to make america strong again. we're going to bring back our jobs. we're going to bring back our wealth. we're going to pay down debt. we're going to get rid of our deficit or largely get rid of it but ultimately get rid of it. and we are going to have a strong country again. our military is totally depleted. we're using parts for airplanes. we're using parts for jet fighters that come out of airplane graveyards and museums because the planes are so old. and we're not going to have that
7:33 pm
anymore. we're going to have great equipment. we're going to have a strong military again. our military is so depleted. that's all everybody is talking about that's in the military services. we're going to make our country strong again, rich again. we're going to make our country great again. >> all right, mr. trump. as always, thank you for being with us. appreciate your time. >> thank you. and coming up, so why did the attorney general loretta lynch meet privately with bill clinton at the phoenix airport? well, the fbi is still investigating e-mail server scandal? we'll check in. also, according to a new report, the fbi is telling local law enforcement agencies not to release records related to the orlando terror attack. now, is this an attempt to hide the truth? we'll check in with dr. sebastian gorka and lieutenant colonel ralph peters. that's next. in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac.
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7:39 pm
airport. now the meeting reportedly lasted 30 minutes. now, this news comes as lynch's justice department is in the middle of conducting a probe into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. but let not your heart be troubled. lynch says there's nothing to worry about, nothing at all. >> our conversation was a great deal about his grandchildren. it was primarily social and about our travels. he mentioned the golf he played in phoenix, and he mentioned travels he had had to west virginia. we talked about former attorney general janet reno, for example, whom we both know. but there was no discussion of any matter pending before the department or any matter pending before any other body. there was no discussion of benghazi, of the state department e-mails by way of example. >> now, while lynch is trying to make it seem like this was just a casual social meeting, well, some members of her own party think it looks pretty bad. david axelrod took issue with the meeting, tweeting, quote, i
7:40 pm
take loretta lynch and bill clinton at their word that their conversation in phoenix didn't touch on the probe, but foolish to create such optics. here with reaction is jay sec yew low, former clinton pollster, fox news kriblthor doug schoen, and fox news analyst peter johnson jr. jay, is there any legal/ethical issues here that would force her to have to recuse herself? >> well, yes. in fact, the department of justice's own guidelines, in the court of federal regulations, it specifically states, it pro-hibs i a doj employee from participating in a criminal investigation or prosecution if they have a personal or a political relationship with the person or entity that's the subject of the investigation. so the fact that they had a personal conversation, which only bill clinton could pull this off by the way. i mean just think about that. really proves the point. that means her objectivity is certainly put in question, and i think under the existing department of justice own regulations and guidelines, she
7:41 pm
has to recuse herself from any potential review of the case, not just the prosecution or not prosecution. she needs to be out of it now. just think for a moment, sean. the idea that bill clinton got off an airplane, walked up the steps to a plane controlled by the united states department of justice while his wife is under investigation by the department of justice through the fbi, and he may well be a witness. and let's not forget the server of the e-mails that are in question was in his house. so he's a potential witness. he could be a potential defendant. this whole thing is just horrendous from the beginning. >> peter, from a legal standpoint, do you agree with that analysis and state department rules, justice department rules and, you know, comey said this is a criminal investigation. >> well, by those federal regulations, she couldn't be investigating them from the get-go. and a lot of people she couldn't investigate by virtue of a personal political relationship. i see it a little bit differently. i think she stayed too long. she should have said, mr. president, step off the plane now. i also know that she happens to be one of the most successful
7:42 pm
prosecutors in the united states and has put away a lot of bad, bad guys. >> i got a question. are you suggesting that maybe bill clinton knew what he was doing, knew that this might raise ethical questions, and he wants her to recuse herself? >> i don't know. but he's the former president of the united states. i don't think he wants her to recuse herself, and i don't think he would say to her, listen, maybe you could be on the supreme court if hillary wins. i don't think he would ever say that when he went on the plane. i don't think there would be any kind of social conversation about anyone's future. but i believe her when she says there wasn't a discussion of the state department e-mails. i happen to believe her. and i don't think -- >> could there be a wink and a nod that went on in that plane? >> i think there could be, but i don't think she can or should be infected with the poison that we are seeing out of this family for a long, long time. >> doug, would you put it past bill clinton to purposely go on there -- it seems he knows the law. he's a former president. >> i don't think -- i agree with peter. i don't think that he was doing any winks or nods.
7:43 pm
i doefrn i don't think he was doing anything -- >> he didn't have to. he showed up. >> he did show up, and i think loretta lynch should go to whether it be the inspector general or the ethics adviser in the department of justice and seek counsel. because with all due respect i don't think it's as clear as jay says it is. >> go back to what you were citing earlier from the state department's own guidelines on this. >> so it's code of federal regulations 45.2 and it specifically prohibits when you have a situation that the person is under investigation is a close friend of yours. and just think about that. in our ethics rules, peter, we know that we cannot -- we have to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. so let's take it from whether they had a conversation about his golf game or anything else -- [ overlapping voices ] >> i agree with you. >> bad judgment by the clintons. i'll say that. >> this is going to be interesting. on top of that, bay the way, the
7:44 pm
state department anonounced the don't want to release clinton e-mails for 27 months. >> that's bad politics. >> bad policy. >> good policy. >> i agree with peter. thank you for being with us. according to a brand new report, the fbi is telling local law enforcement agencies to literally block the release of records in the orlando terror attack. what are they trying to hide? that's next, straight ahead. pah to better blood sugar control. toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly, providing consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours, proven full 24-hour blood sugar control, and significant a1c reduction. and along with toujeo®, i'm eating better and moving more. toujeo® is a long-acting, man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin
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welcome back to "hannity." a shocking new report from the orlando sentinel. it alleges that, quote, the fbi has asked law enforcement agencies to respond to pulse nightclub to withhold records from the public according to officials. so what is the federal government trying to hide? we reached out to the fbi. we have not yet received a response. joining us now with reaction, t the distinguished chair of military theory at marine corps university, dr. sebastian gorka, as well as the author of the damned of peter burg. lieutenant colonel ralph peters. why? >> because it hurts the narrative. and the one thing the obama administration will do at all costs is protect the narrative
7:50 pm
that i laum is a religion of peace. nobody believes it but this is the hard left approach where you just stick to the party line. stick to the party i have symp them a little bit. if they admit it, that islamic terrorism has something to do with islam, their security policy collapses. obama's pride comes into it. he doesn't admit he's wrong. so it's more important to preserve the myth than to protect the american people. >> dr. gorka, what is your reaction to this? it seems that not admitting radical islam is radical islam, it seems to be a path logical obsession not to tell anything. >> sean, if you want to see how path logical it is, watch the
7:51 pm
video just posted from the senate judiciary this week. senator cruz asked why are there in more mention of the word jihad in dhs documents? why have official training manuals been scrubbed? it's exactly as colonel peters says. there is a narrative that has to be maintained at all costs, sean. >> let me play what year referring to. >> was mr. cany's testimony that the department of homeland security ordered 800 documents and it was altered or deal -- deleted, is that accurate? . >> i have no idea. >> your answer is you don't know? your testimony to this full committee now is that you have no idea and no intention of
7:52 pm
finding out? whether ddhs materials have been scrubbed? >> they're talking about a number of things there. scrubbing the word radical islam and sharia from testimony. as soon as obama became president, they were told to scrub and delete the names that they'd accumulated of muslims with radical connections. it puts us all at risk. >> absolutely. it's important to understand it's what ralph just mentioned. the house of cards policies that helped engender the narrative of isis. then, you just saw the director of homeland security ooze arrogance because of this. if you have the arrogance to the
7:53 pm
fantasiland narrative, we're in danger of this administration will not admit it and that is why those transcripts will not be released. >> colonel peters, just like they won't release the video of the night of benghazi, they scrubbed sharia but put americans at risk by scrubbing names of muslims with radical ties like they're putting us at risk by taking in refugees when we know isis will infiltrate that population. why are they willing to gamble with the lives of americans? >> the idea is more important than flesh and blood reality. >> i'm so sick of this, sean. as dr. gorka knows well and explained well, and explained well, you can say many things about islam. it's complex. it's various, but you can't say it's a religion of peace. for those of us in the christian tradition, foundation stones of the sermon of the mound.
7:54 pm
for islam, foundation is the tribal conquest of mecca that puts mohammed in charge. jihad isn't peaceful. jihad is militant, usually violent, and it has never stopped for almost 1400 years. >> sharia is oppressive. >> sharia is law. >> thank you for being with us. when we come back, we come back with our question of the day. ahead. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache.
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so, if you want the purest-tasting water and the water filter that's proven to reduce lead look for zerowater. get more out of your water. should the attorney general loretta lynch recuse herself from the clinton e-mail server investigation? i think so. you can't be meeting with the woman's husband on the tarmac and tell us oh, we're just talking about grandkids for a half hour. go to facebook and twitter, let us know what you think. be sure to tune in tomorrow night, fox and friends, country
8:00 pm
music super star, trace atkins will be performing in the summer concert series. that is all the time we have left tonight. thanks for being with us. we'll see you, back here, tomorrow night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> bill o'reilly has been tremendous, calling over and over again on leaders of this body, simplely to pass case law. >> now, finally a stand alone vote on kate's law will take place. who could possibly vote against protecting us from violent foreign nationals? we'll have a special report. >> announcing hillary clinton in her own way kind of lay out her case against his temperament because he is, i think, clinically insane. >> do news organizations have a responsibility to stop a smear like that? bernie goldberg will weigh in. >> how many chances does it take to pave a road. >> 37. do you have a problem with that.