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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  July 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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out a tweet to shelter in place. and for folks there to monitor the news. >> it is a scary situation. it's a scary world. enjoy and appreciate the freedoms of this fourth of july. thanks for joining us. "the real story" starts now. this is a fox news alert. reports of a shooting and hostage situation in the bangladeshi capital of dhaka. benjamin hall is following this from london. benjamin, what do we know? >> reporter: kimberly, this started three hours ago, 8:45 local time. we're hearing nine attackers went into this restaurant. it's very popular with foreigners. it's in the diplomatic district. they went in with explosives, with guns, and with swords, we're hearing. in the chaos that ensued, some of the people got out. we're hearing from them some reports. now these nine attackers seem to have hostages. the numbers there vary anywhere
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from 20 to 60 people could be inside this restaurant. a number of people have been killed already, including a police officer and some of the people who weren't there. but we are hearing that this is ongoing. police have cordoned off the area. there is grandson an ongoing gun battle three hours ago. now the situation is still happening. police are reaching out to the people inside, asking for their demands, seeing if they want anything. we don't know if they have asked for any or who they are. some reports from inside have said that when the attackers went in they shouted out the now far too often heard line, allahu akbar, that would point to islamic terrorists. bangladesh is the fourth most populous muslim country in the world. it's recently seen a spate of islamist terrorism going on, journalists being hacked to death there. this may be another one of those horrible events. it's the end of ramadan. that's the time when islamic terrorists often attack.
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it's a very fluid situation in a restaurant, a bakery during the day, and it's a spanish restaurant at night. what we're hearing now is that 20 to 60 mainly foreigners are inside this restaurant. they're being held hostage by up to nine attackers who have guns, explosi explosives, and swords. the state department is saying that all american -- at least from the embassy, have been accounted for. but no knowing who is inside there. one nationality we know report there was an argentinian chef. he has not been found. an italian pastry chef working there, he was also inside. we're learning this at the moment. back to southeast asia, the problems they have had with islamism there, a real pickup recently. back in may they executed the leader of the largest muslim party. that really instigated a lot of anger there. al qaeda and isis have been taking credit for a lot of these
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machete attacks taking place in the country. we've seen a rising problem in the region. nothing of this size, though, 20 to 60 people being held hostage in a restaurant popular with foreigners in the diplomatic area of bangladesh. a very busy area at this time of night as the ramadan feast begins at the end of their fasting. very fluid. the police are trying to get this under control at the moment. we're trying to bring you as much information as we can get. twitter reporting there are certainly foreigners inside. coming just days after the turkey bombing, this is a constant reminder of the threat that exists in southeast asia, this part of the world. again, no claim yet of who is responsible inside. still waiting for confirmation of who that is. buttal allahu akbar, god is gre in arabic, shouted as they went in. we'll let you know as soon as we hear any more, kimberly. at the moment it could be a
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bloodbath in there, we just don't know. also reports we're hearing they just weren't prepared for a long scale attack like this in bangladesh, but all the signs pointed to more of this terrorism going on. very fluid situation at the moment. it started about three hours ago at 8:45 local. it's now approaching midnight there. so into the night, and they're trying to get a hang on this. it does seem at this moment it may be islamic terrorists, again, taking hostages, again killing innocent people, aiming at foreigners. again, we're trying to find out if those are westerners are not. >> very salient point you brought up, benjamin, that this occurs in a diplomatic region and area where there would be stronger likelihood or probability of foreigners being injured or attacked. you said approximately 20 to 60 people, mainly foreigners, in that particular area. and in this restaurant. i also note that it took place when it's dark out, which is also the element of surprise and
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ability to gain cover at night for the terrorists to be able to che achieve this. also nine attackers, a significant number, multiple weapons, guns, explosives, you said, and swords have been seen in the hands and the possession of the attackers. let's talk a little bit about the timing, coming towards the end of ramadan. >> reporter: a lot of attacks you see around the world coming at the end of ramadan. it's a time of celebration for the muslim world. of course we've seen that in turkey, they said that may have been connected to the end of ramadan. 8:45 p.m., that's when muslims are allowed to eat, when the sun goes down, that's often when you see attacks take place. back to the weapons used, it does seem as if they initially used some of their explosives. when they went in, they threw explosives immediately. who knows who was killed in the carnage and shrapnel there.
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authorities have cordoned off the area, that's why we can't get much information from the area. but there have been requests from the authorities there not to show any live images directly of the scene. and obviously that's to try to contain it as far as they can. but yes, i mean, 8:45, the element of surprise in the evening, now going on midnight over there. and it will be tough to see what happens coming ahead. prayers for everyone inside. >> certainly. of course the words of al akbar, of course we don't know which group is taking responsibility. we'll look to see whether this is al qaeda, whether this is isis. at this hour we don't know. but interesting in terms of the weapons that were chosen and used, you could go either way with either of those extremist
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groups that practice radical jihad. right now we'll go to peter brooks from the heritage foundation, joining us on the phone. peter? >> good to be with you. >> so you see this situation unfolding in dhaka, in bangladesh, obviously very disturbing, coming on the heels of the end of ramadan, the holy season, you have isis and al qaeda calling for attacks, this one in particular coming at 8:45 in the evening when they're allowed to go and eat, going in a very highly populated area, a diplomatic region of that area. so obviously you're going to have a high influx and amount of foreigners in the vicinity. and benjamin hall reporting for us that about 20 to 60 people inside, and perhaps mostly foreigners. what are your thoughts? >> well, obviously very concerned about the situation. and i'm not surprised at all. we've seen increasing islamist militancy in bangladesh, not a
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country people talk about a lot in terms of terrorism. it's believed al qaeda in the indian subcontinent is present there, as well as isis. i will tell you, kimberly, in an edition of isis' online magazine, last fall, as i recall, had an article about taking actions in that part of the world, that part of south asia. they called it the bengal. so i'm not surprised by this at all. it's terribly troubling. of course when you're talking about the end of ramadan or the end of the day, there's always a possibility, because security forces may let down their guard a little bit, they haven't eaten all day, they may be fasting, so it may be a good time for terrorist groups to take these actions. but yes, this is terribly troubling, a part of the world we don't think much about in terms of terror, but it is in
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isis' crosshairs. this is part of isis'me. i often talk about isis has a home game, which is iraq and syria, and an away game. we've seen it in the sinai, in north africa, and now in this part of south asia. >> the u.s. embassy is a mild from the dhaka shooting scene. let's talk about the significance of this. it is a diplomatic region with a lot of influx of foreigners coming in, diplomats. that's who they believe were mostly targeted within this particular restaurant. >> right, it's a soft target. an american embassy would be a much more difficult target. on the heels of the release of this benghazi report, we need to be thinking about that, there could be something coming down the road, and eventually the u.s. embassy could be targeted there. obviously tremendous concern about that possibility. but a restaurant obviously is generally much more of a soft target. >> but as we saw that we noticed in benghazi, if you really, the
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whole time frame of that, the length of the battle, the 13 hours, the number of operatives, the two men killed, eight hours after it started, you notice there the close proximity of the u.s. embassy. the state department must be thinking that they must provide evacuation, heightened security measures, to make sure all u.s. personnel and diplomats have been accounted for and safely secured, because this could just be the beginning of yet another attack in multiple locations like unfortunately we've seen in the past. >> that's always a possibility. it's not only the state department that's going to be thinking about this. obviously intelligence resources will be looking at this, at the rest of the city. that's a u.s. consulate in bangladesh as well. and also whether we need to activate the u.s. military. i'm not saying we need to do that, but they'll be thinking
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about spinning up in case there needs to be evacuation of diplomatic or other personnel from bangladesh. i'm not saying we're there yet, but it's something that people here in washington where i'm at are certainly going to be thinking about. also the safety of american citizens, figuring out who has signed up and registered with the embassy, and getting word to them about the unfolding situation, if the reports are accurate. >> that's such an important point. you'll have to make sure all those individual are accounted for, is someone out to dinner, has somebody left the embassy, any of the people under the employ of the state department or work within that embassy. you have to account for them, because otherwise you're not sure exactly where they are in the vicinity, and you then also have to start thinking about preparing to get them moved to a safe location or in some instances, depending on how the trajectory of this goes, you may need to then evacuate, secure, and move personnel to a different location, and sometimes even move then out of the country, peter.
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>> and also, kimberly, it's not just the embassy personnel. there may be u.s. military personnel attached to the embassy. there may be american business people that are there. i don't know the number of them. there may be other types along those lines that are americans that you need to be thinking about as well. many times these people i believe can voluntarily register with the embassy, and then in case there's natural disaster or something along that line, they can be notified. so this is something that people back here in washington, across the government, are thinking about right now. >> certainly, yes, they don't want another benghazi on their hands. that's why it's a fluid situation, no group yet taking responsibility, is this al qaeda, is it isis. we do know that the words "allahu akbar" were yelled inside the vicinity before they threw explosives, perhaps to create a diversion at the point of entry. developing news as it occurs. we'll be right back after this break. thank you, peter. word that means that.
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breakdown news out of bangladesh, reports of a shooting and hostage situation in the capital of dhaka. benjamin hall is following the very latest. benjamin, what do we know? >> reporter: kimberly, there's been no claim of responsibility from any of the major parties but a lot of people are tweeting their support from well-known islamist accounts. also something from the chief of the antiterror group over there. he's saying some derailed youths have entered the restaurant and launched the attack. we talked to some of the people who fled the restaurant. he goes on to say, we want to resolve this peacefully, we want
11:17 am
to listen to the attackers but when they want. it doesn't sound like they want to do any talking at all, but that's what the police are saying. we have seen in the past that it's sometimes far better to move quickly in these situations. it's already been over three hours since the attack started. whether or not they're planning to do something now, we just don't know. again, there will be at least 20 hostages in there. reports are that they are foreigners being held by nine possible attackers. so we're waiting to see how the police respond. that statement from them that they want to talk to them and want it to end peacefully seems to be for the media, calling them derailed youths. again, we're seeing twitter accounts praising this, in a country that's seen a rise in islamist attacks recently, horrible murders recently which have been blamed on islamists. >> you bring up a great point, time is of the essence.
11:18 am
i know that as a former prosecutor who has gone out on s.w.a.t. calls. you don't want to miss the opportunity to save lives. we saw this in orlando, with three hours passing and the number of people injured and wounded who perhaps could have made it should the police have gone in sooner. we don't like to second-guess, it's a tough situation. but obviously this is the work of radical islamic terrorism and not some misguided derailed youth. that's first thing that comes to mind. we do want to let our viewers know the u.s. embassy have issued a shelter in place order to protect the security and safety of american citizens and diplomats. we'll check back with benefit gentleman benjamin hall in moment. very fluid, developing situation
11:19 am
there. clearly an act of terrorism. what are your thoughts? >> kimberly, first and foremost, as far as the u.s. government is concerned, our primary obligation now is to make sure that all u.s. citizens are protected at the embassy and other u.s. properties are protected. i can tell you this, when i worked for fave intelligennaval we could contingency plans to evacuate every facility if it's under attack. we don't want a repeat of benghazi. as you and i are speaking, i'm absolutely sure there are military rapid response teams ready to get deployed in the event that the embassy in particular is overrun. >> when you think about where bangladesh and dhaka is located in the world, what are you thinking of in terms of your map of responding in terms of a rapid response team, any of our resources militarily that might be in close proximity in the
11:20 am
area to get there quickly if need be? >> they're certainly going to have to use helicopters. there's no way that they're going to -- we don't have anything close on the ground. that would be suicidal. we don't know if these individual terrorists have plans to do any damage to any incoming u.s. military forces. we were always cautious of that. you look at buildings and routes that you take to rescue american citizens, and you're always thinking, who is on rooftops, are there ieds on the route to the embassy. we may have to use helicopters to bring our troops in if they use u.s. military personnel. i'm sure, as we're speaking, kimberly, that those troops are under way. >> they would have to be, how could they not be, given the fluidity of the situation. this started three hours ago, 8:45 in the evening when muslims are allowed to be able to eat
11:21 am
dinner. this is in fact the place that's a bakery during the day, a restaurant in the evening. when you think about the logistics of that and the timing, and also what you referred to as our quick response for this, i would imagine that that embassy, i would hope so, that that has been evacuated or is in process at this point, given the fact that it is so close to where this terror attack occurred. >> that's right. and that's the whole pattern of soft targets. we're going back to the soft targets, people that you wouldn't normally see a lot of security. so obviously no one, at this point, as i understand it, has claimed responsibility. is it isis, is it al qaeda, who in the world is this? but the fact of the matter is understanding we're fighting a global war on terrorism. let's hope they don't go after that embassy, because we'll have our hands full. >> that's right, that's what we're thinking of, making sure
11:22 am
none of our diplomats or military contractors were inside that restaurant at the time of the attack. we do know 20 to 60 people are inside there, mainly foreigners, is the report we were getting from benjamin hall. i would like to direct the viewers' attention to the fact that isis has called repeatedly for attacks to occur in bangladesh. this started back in 2015, and again this coming close on the heels of the end of ramadan. we'll ask you to stand by, we might come back to you. meantime we'll bring in dr. sebastian gorka from the marine corps university and the author of "defeating jihad." dr. gorka, thanks for joining us. very fluid situation, once again radical jihad, radical islamists, striking innocents, soft targets. >> absolutely. this is clearly an attack following a pattern of what we've seen in the last few years, as isis has successfully
11:23 am
stolen the bland of global jihadism from al qaeda. it's established the caliphate, the new theocratic empire of islam in iraq and syria. and it's been connected to or inspired numerous attacks. look at what's happened in the jihadi world in the last two years. two attacks in paris. an attack in brussels. san bernardino linked to isis. orlando linked to isis. and istanbul apparently linked to isis. and now we have bangladesh. the world is on fire, kimberly. the world is on fire. >> yes, and also, this is a very large muslim population in bangladesh and in dhaka. it has been stated as approximately maybe the fourth largest. so this is a country that has been in fear of attacks from radical islamist terrorism. again, that has been the focus, a specific target of isis, to commit acts of jihad in their name in this particular country. now, right now we do not have a
11:24 am
specific report detailing that this is either al qaeda or that this is isis. and i'll tell you, dr. gorka, as you heard previously, some of the weaponry that was used, explosives at the point of entry when they went into this particular restaurant. there's reports that the nine attackers also have in their hands swords. and then of course guns. >> yes. as your previous guest pointed out, what we know tactically about the attackers already fits perfectly into what isis has been calling for and isis has been doing. in their english language magazine, they are explicit. they talk about the need to take the fight to the infidel. the international quarter of dhaka would be a perfect target. and they've been explicit as well on how to do it. look for the highest concentrations of unarmed civilians, whether it's a rock
11:25 am
concert, an american band playing a rock concert in paris at the bataclan theater, whether it's the check-in desk at brussels airport or istanbul, or whether it's a nightclub in around. if you look at the modus operandi, it fits very neatly into what we've seen isis do and isis encourage in the last few years. >> i want to talk to you a little bit about the language employed with the fight against terror. right now we know that the local police have said that perhaps these are some derailed youths, that these are individuals that they want to listen to and hear what their grievances are. there are reports that there has been gunfire traded, that they've thrown explosives. it doesn't seem like they want to talk much, that they want to kill. >> if you walk in there with swords and hand grenades and small arms, i don't think you're
11:26 am
interested in negotiating. these people, whether it's the boston bombers, whether it's the people who did the istanbul attack, any of these individuals, they are simply totalitarians. they're like nazis. they're like communists. but this time they're doing it for their god. they're jihadis doing it for allah. and they will not stop unless they have won. either we will be killed or enslaved or we will crush them. so this whole idea that comes off unfortunately our administration in washington that this has nothing to do with religion, it's just unemployed, uneducated young men, that's bald balderdash. it's absurd. it's monty python-esque. it is a them or us war. >> you're absolutely right, they want to bring our will so the seeds of chaos and jihad are
11:27 am
planted. we'll head to the fox news desk where gregg jarrett has the latest news. >> we're getting insurances from the local chief of police there in the bangladesh capital of dhaka that an rescue the hostages in imminent. also at the scene is the director general of their elite anticrime force, called the rapid action battalion. now, moments ago he told reporters that security forces are working to save the lives the people trapped inside. several foreigners are believed to be among the hostages inside the restaurant. let me quote him. here is what he told reporters. some derailed youth, he said, had entered the restaurant and launched the attack. we've talked to some of the people who fled the restaurant after the attack. we want to resolve this peacefully. we're trying to talk to the attackers. so they are making contact.
11:28 am
we want to listen to them about what it is they want. some of our people, he said, have been injured. our first priority, though, is to save the lives of people trapped inside. now, the secondary question to all of this is, who is inside? they are mostly foreigners. however, our state department, john kirby, spokesman says we're aware of reports of hostages, but, he says, the embassy there has accounted for 100% of american citizens that are under the authority of the diplomatic chief of mission in dhaka. he had no more details. now, who would those people be? they would be americans who have visas, whose passports had gone through the process, and are kept track by the embassy there in the bangladesh capital. so they have a pretty good idea of who these tourists are as well as business people who are there. it is certainly a hub in that region. so we're going to keep an eye on
11:29 am
what's happening there. the rescue attempts. but again, no americans are believed to be among the injured or those killed or those who remain hostages. back to you. >> all right, gregg, we'll check back with you at the news desk with the latest details breaking. right now, let's take a look at this from the "dhaka tribune," a picture of two apparent victims getting treated after these vicious terror attacks in bangladesh. they appear to be wearing uniforms but we cannot confirm who they may work for. you can take a look at that right there. more on this now with the former assistant director of the fbi. so we just want to talk to you about this latest breaking news, the developments here. apparently the police are saying that they want to try to rescue the hostages, and that is imminent, it is under way. also, they're saying that they want to be able to talk to the terrorists to see what their demands are, to try to resolve this. your thoughts? >> well, first off, dr. gorka
11:30 am
and the previous guest pretty much laid it out, kimberly. we know this is going to continue to go on. you know, it's almost like every time it happens, you know, the liars in washington, you know, come out and talk about something that's maybe just brand-new or never happened before. dr. gorka put it well, this is going to continue, they'll pick off targets as described. in a free, open society, particularly like ours, where we don't have a clue, contrary to what they say, we don't have a true who comes and goes into the country, pretty much. the border is wide open, you could drive trailer trucks across the border. look at the venues we have in america. look at the size of some of them, the mall of america, just all the big fancy places that people go to. concert halls, stadiums. i mean, hopefully in five months people are going to take what
11:31 am
needs to happen seriously. >> you paint quite a dire picture. and it sounds like the entire united states of america is one soft target with open, porous borders and an inability to be able to account for the comings and goings of those that would do us harm and terror. i just want to update our viewers that the u.s. state department is saying that the individuals with the u.s. embassy are all accounted for, so that's a positive update right now from the state department. but again, with the close proximity of the u.s. embassy close to this target site, it does give one pause and concern. at this hour, do you think they will be bringing in some military support to have at the ready? >> are you talking to me, kimberly? >> yes, i am. >> i'm sure. from what i remember, they have pretty competent people there. god bless them, i hope it's successful. because i agree they have to do
11:32 am
something quickly. but the notion these are deranged youth, that moniker will probably be picked up by the spokesman for the president tomorrow. it's no such thing. we know exactly what it is. who really cares at this point whether it's this group or that group? they basically are the same. and it's a growing cause. and it's an amazing how many people are just naive to what these problems are. and at this time, what an awful time to demoralize a lot of the major police departments in the united states. you know, cops don't even want to get out of their cars anymore to look at things. i don't know how bad it is in some places. probably better than others. it's just a mess, kimberly. the fbi, god bless them, are trying to work under the weight of a heavy, heavy political correctness blanket with one arm tied behind its back. >> you bring up a great point, that has been the focus in terms
11:33 am
of this police department in bangladesh, in dhaka, saying that they are derailed youths, misunderstood, misguided. we're going to see more on this story in a moment. we'll bring you back in. thank you so much, james kallstrom, former assistant director of the fbi. with more on how this new age of terror affects the strategy here, we'll bring back in dr. sebastian gorka. dr. gorka, we were just listening to former assistant fbi director james kallstrom, saying this is political correctness, refusing to call this what it is. he harkened back to your comment that this is going to continue. when you think about it, dr. gorka, we were just on together talking about the attacks in turkey and istanbul, and now here another target that isis has called for since 2015 to be hit, bangladesh, and here it has happened. >> yes, this really shouldn't
11:34 am
surprise anybody at all. the enemy tells us in english, on the internet, what they want to do and how they're going to do it. not even orlando should have surprised us. and these reports you're bringing in from bangladesh, in dhaka, these are really very disturbing. so number one, how did the local authorities know anything about whether or not these people are disturbed or not? what you can know is that they're there to kill people. you judge them on their actions. and i've been working, you know, for many years now with the fbi, and we've been consulting also with the british police authorities. and there is a new attitude, there's a new tactical approach. the idea that bangladeshi authorities have stopped to negotiate, that age is gone. this isn't the plo. this isn't the weather underground in america. jihadis want to kill as many people as possible. so there's a consensus building
11:35 am
among law enforcement that as soon as you get there, you get your hard plate vest on, you get your long gun, and you go into the scene. you cannot save people by negotiating. you are giving the bad guys more opportunities to regroup. the age of the '60s and the '70s where it's about negotiations, let's order them some pizza, let's have a chat on the phone, that's gone, kimberly. first unit there equals first unit in, because you have to save as many lives as you possibly can. >> time is of the essence. you bring up such a good, timely point. because when you think about what just happened on u.s. soil in orlando, at a soft target, the pulse nightclub, and the amount of time that lapsed between the start of the attack and then when actually the tactical entry units and s.w.a.t. went in to take control of the vicinity and to take out the gunmen, i'm thinking of that right now, because this started at 8:45 in the evening. three hours have now since
11:36 am
passed. we hear the police calling them derailed youth. nevertheless they went in with explosives, with guns, with swords, with grenades. and now the latest development is that the police say the rescue operation has now begun. >> good. that's great news, kimberly. that's great news. hopefully they'll be swift, they'll use judicious force and save as many lives as possible. >> and they're also now attempting to make contact with the gunmen. there is a little bit of mixed message there in terms of negotiating, talking to them, trying to understand perhaps what their needs are. i keep thinking about time is wasting if they don't move with efficiency and with deadly force into that target area. >> you can talk to them. but not with any expectation that they're going to do what you want them to do. you talk to them, why? to distract them. >> exactly. >> to stop them from paying
11:37 am
attention to the hostages. i really hope the bangladeshi authorities understand, every nanosecond matters now. this isn't somebody with a political demand or somebody who wants to get their buddies out of prison. if they walked in there with explosive devices, with swords, with all weapons or some kind of small arms, this is about death, and as much death as possible. >> and it might be a serious hand to hand combat situation, depending on what they have. they're going to have to eliminate them and neutralize the situation quickly, hopefully. so we're going to check on more. dr. gorka, we'll ask you to join us. garrett? >> reporter: the state department told us a few minutes ago they're in constant contact with officials in bangladesh, as the situation continues to unfold. they also told us, as we've reported, no americans were involved in this hostage taking. officials are now working to account for all private american
11:38 am
citizens that are there in dhaka. this incident, as we've reported, comes into a diplomatic area of dhaka. the bakery where the hostage situation is allegedly unfolding is within a few blocks of the embassies and missions for countries such as pakistan, russia, qatar, germany, egypt, among others. an hour ago the u.s. embassy in dhaka tweeted reports of shooting and a hostage situation in gulshan 2, dhaka, please shelter in place and monitor news. as of now, the state department has accounted for 100% of american citizens that are working for the department there, and they're working to account for all american citizens in dhaka. this latest incident, though, it comes amidst the backdrop of a recent string of attacks in that country but islamic militants on religious minorities. just a week ago u.s. officials told us they had had discussions with bangladesh officials about those attacks. islamic state and al qaeda have claimed responsibility for most of those killings. the government denies, though,
11:39 am
that either group has any type of a presence in bangladesh. to give you a look at the statistics, hindus and christians in bangladesh make up about 10% of bangladesh's 160 million people population. kimberly? >> unbelievable detail. some positive things to report, that all u.s. officials, diplomats with respect to the u.s. embassy have been accounted for and are safe. that's a very important development. they want to make sure anybody within that region, anyone working in that area, any americans registered with the embassy in bangladesh have also been accounted for. benjamin hall is following this from london and has some new information and developments in this evolving terror shooting. >> reporter: yeah, kimberly, looking at twitter accounts, one is live tweeting the attacks. this account, which has been
11:40 am
connected with al qaeda in the past, who is next. aqis is al qaeda in the indian subcontinent. just on thursday, the u.s. classified it as a foreign terrorist organization and put its leader on one of its most wanted lists. this just happening, al qaeda in the indian subcontinent. a couple of hours ago they tweeted, operation is under way. so some evidence perhaps that this -- this is not an official al qaeda twitter account, however it has been known to tweet a lot of pro al qaeda information in the past. it's been written, a lot of the propaganda from al qaeda and isis, their magazine, they have wanted to expand into this part of the world. it is a heavily muslim part of the world. bangladesh, muslims are 90% of the population there and they have been getting progressively more radicalized. now here we are just a couple of days after aqis has been
11:41 am
declared a terrorist organization on a specific list, we get this attack. end of ramadan, late at night, nine attackers, now holding hostages. and as you've been reporting, the head of police saying the operation is now under way. so we're waiting for any information we can bring you about what that is. but more and more signs on the twitter accounts that this is al qaeda related, without a doubt now. >> and that's very important information, because in terms of conducting an investigation, terror investigation of this scale, you will be looking for threads of intelligence, realtime intelligence. and a lot of that will come in from social media, monitoring accounts to find out in fact who is responsible. they're couple that in with the type of weaponry used, the area it occurred, and whether or not there were any significant threats posted prior to this of information. we do know, like you said, in 2015, that isis has in fact encouraged that there would be terror acts committed in bangladesh in this part of the world. and really a soft target and
11:42 am
foreigner-rich in terms of a diplomat igregiic region, to ge world's attention. you have 20 to 60 people, mainly foreigners, reported in a hostage situation, developing in dhaka, with police trying to reach out to the gunmen, to make contact, while at the same time trying to go in to rescue the hostages and secure the situation. benjamin, we'll check back with you. more now with christian, the former adviser to the undersecretary of state for democracy and an expert on radical islam. let's get your thoughts and flexes on this developing situation. >> thanks, kimberly. it does have all the trappings, the hallmarks if you will of isis or a similar jihadi group. if you look at the recent history of bangladesh, it's gone down the same path that pakistan and afghanistan went down in the late 20 thchlth century, of hav
11:43 am
more islamist groups that are active. isis took credit for shootings at a shiite mosque last november. there is a shiite shrine, is being sunni islam supremacist. another attack at dhaka at a shiite shrine at another violent act directed against westerners. there have been a number of targeted violent attacks against journalists and editors. you've had actually western governments tightening up their warnings about bangladesh in the months leading up to this. the state department issued a travel warning just last november. australia scaled back its diplomatic and cultural presence also at the end of last year. so there's a trend pointing to islamist violence, which is very likely what we have here. >> what do you make of reports
11:44 am
that some twitter accounts by those who support radical islam say it might be al qaeda within that particular region? >> and of course before isis, al qaeda was very active. isis was taking advantage of a vacuum that was created essentially by al qaeda diminishing in prominence. information operations are nothing new for jihadists and for islamists. it's an important part of what they do in capitalizing, leveraging the acts of violence they commit and trying to advance the political goal, which is the gradual spread of jihadism and islamist government. bangladesh, for its many problems recently, for political
11:45 am
violence, economic violence, is sort of ripe for the picking. we in the west haven't really gotten our arms around what needs to be done, which is to target the islamist political ideology and view the conflict through that prism as opposed to just the prism of a means, which is terrorism. >> christian, you're former state department official. we have received reports that all americans are accounted for, according to the state department, at the u.s. embassy. that doesn't necessarily mean all americans that are registered with the embassy and/or traveling in that area or vicinity have been accounted for. what would you do at the state department to try and make certain and lock that down? >> yes, and that's sort of a problem with the state department, is they -- some parts of the department are very concerned with the condition of american citizens. but they care first and foremost about u.s. government officials. i think, frankly, it's a little untoward to brag that everyone who works for the government is
11:46 am
safe without evaluating whether or not americans are involved in the hostage situation. bangladesh is not a huge destination for americans. however, there are perhaps several thousand there at any given time. so it's unclear, and obviously i think the early takeaway is that this is targeting westerners. bangladesh was a part of pakistan, it was east pakistan, before it broke away. you know, this is a conflict zone. it's likely americans are targeted. it's something people need to take to heart. >> you're absolutely right, and bangladesh is of course seeing a recent surge of violence in the area, al qaeda calling for attacks starting back in 2015. we know there were nine attackers. probably 20 to 60 individuals inside in a dire hostage situation. the gunmen going in using explosives at the point of entry
11:47 am
and yelling "allahu akbar." for more on how the country has become an isis breeding ground, gregg jarrett is on the fox news desk. islamic terrorism has been rocking the nation of bangladesh, in particular the capital of dhaka, where apparently these nine armed attackers entered this bakery by day, restaurant at night. they have reportedly taken the chief chef hostage, as well as anywhere from 20 to 30 others. the local police station officer in charge has been killed. at least 12 others have been injured. but dhaka and bangladesh at large has seen a series of grisly attacks on writers, activists, religious minorities, as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community, they've been rocked by several
11:48 am
attacks. the muslim majority there is about 130 out of 160 million people. this last week alone, a christian grocer, the wife of a police official who had been investigating murders, and a hindu policeman, all killed in separate incidents. a buddhist monk, two homosexual men, also the victims of attacks several months ago. another incident involved a liberal blogger and professor of english at a local university. more than 30 people have been killed in total just in that area alone over the course of the last year and four months. now, we are getting some commentary from people on the internet who are there or close by. lori ann walsh indad wrote on
11:49 am
her facebook page, "terrorists broke in, they shot i italian baker and his wife and took 20 foreigners hostage. this is a block from my place so i have a front row seat to the police action." and as we reported moments ago, police action to rescue the hostages has already begun. yes, they did make contact with the gunmen inside to try to determine what it is they want, how to resolve this peacefully. but a rescue operation is under way, not only by the local police force, but also by the bangladesh elite anticrime force known as the rapid action battalion, or r.a.b. the state department is telling us all americans are accounted for. they are not among those believed to be held hostage. we'll continue to follow these events as they break moment by
11:50 am
moment. >> gregg jarrett at the news desk. for more on how this new age of terror affects the strategy here, let's go back to dr. sebastian gorka, distinguished chair of military theory at marine corps university and the author of "defeating jihad. holiday" this is a very evolving situation and something we just got in from our d.c. bureau, lucas thomasson bringing up the point there's a significant increase in attacks from 2014 to 2015 in this area, coupled with the isis publication that you mentioned, calling for concert effort to bring about more attacks, increase the volume of jihad and terror, in bangladesh, and we are witnessing now this happen before our eyes. >> yes, kimberly. your anchor is right in the last four years we have seen an actually comprehensive targeting of writers, journalists,
11:51 am
bloggers, people who are pro maintaining a secular bangladesh state. in many cases they're athiests themselves so there's this internal conflict whether or not bangladesh should have separation of mosque and state, or whether it should have a theocracy, and this is all the more topical or a potential catalyst for violence because what happen in iraq two years ago. the islamic state was created. so al qaeda in iraq became isis, and on june 29, 2014, they declared a caliphate. they declared the re-establishment of the theocratic empire of islam. so now there's a mottle for the -- a model for theocracy and this is exactly the kind of thing that can engender more violence of the type we have seen. and there were earlier reports they were actually looking for secular athiest individuals or
11:52 am
hindus. peopled considered to be pagans by them. bangladesh, not on our radar screens in jenna terms of general media coverage, but it's part of the far broader conflict between those who want a modern islam and those who really want a theocracy again, like isis, like al qaeda. >> let's talk about the selection of targets by radical islamist terrorists that want to spread jihad throughout the world. when you look at this situation evolving here, bangladesh getting hit, but it's in a specific area, diplomatic region that is highly trafficked and frequented by foreigners and this is an area where 90% of the population is of muslim faith. >> this is really important. as july 4th is just around the corner. so, kimberly, we know what the enemy is going to do. they've told us in their publications, in their social media posts.
11:53 am
look at the last would years, soccer stadium in praise. rock concert in paris. airport in brussels. airport in istanbul. office party in san bernardino. nightclub in orlando. they are looking for the prime target. lots of infidels. lots of unarmed civilians in one place. a high concentration of soft targets. so, everybody who is watching, they need to be aware, you are all on the front line of this war. it's not something happening 8,000 miles away, in mesopotamia. you don't have to be in a uniform or carrying a gun or badge, you're on the front line. that's what boston and san bernardino should he have taught you and you need to be aware what is going on around you. don't be walking through life staring at your iphone and texting. everybody has to be aware of their circumstances and as we say, be in a threat level yellow, be tactically aware of what is going on.
11:54 am
if you see something suspicious, get out of the and report it to the authorities because you could be saving lives. >> you're absolutely right. we have to have an active partnership with peaceful, law school-abiding muslims that want to be part of the solution to defeat jihad, report what they are seeing happening in their communities as well and as you have brought up, isis is here. they have come to the united states. you bring up the number, 103, omama teen -- go ahead. >> thank you. and our web site, the gorka, you can downtown load the report. omar mateen is the 103rd isis suspect killed or arrested in america since the caliphate was declared two years ago. not the third -- not the 33rd. the 103rd. that should make everybody sit up and pay attention. >> a sobering yet realistic fact about jihad here at home. you can look at the screen and
11:55 am
see it there as dr. gorka points out in bangladesh but it's worldwide. stand by, and peter brooks with the heritage foundation joining us on the phone for more and to reaction to the latest developments in this breaking news, terror attack occurring before our eyes in bangladesh. your thoughts. >> i bustanted 'oadd -- i have no doubt this could be isis. i spoke earlier about the fact that they have written about that part of the world in recent online magazines but we can't overlook al qaeda. >> aqif. >> right. al qaeda in the indian sub continent. the other day the state department add aqis to their list of foreign terrorist organizations. aim not saying that precip ited -- precipitated this but the this is a group on the mind of the decisionmakers and terrorist analysts in washington. don't want to rule them out.
11:56 am
nobody is taking responsibility so we're not sure who is behind this at all at this point. >> right. >> but the fact is that i just didn't want us to -- send past yap did a good job of laying things out but i don't want to forget al qaeda in the sub indian continent who has been responsible for targeting people, said that do not subscribe to their view us. hindus, people who do not agree with them. secularists. so hey have been probably maybe -- i guess an arguable point -- they have been attributed with many of the attacks so far. we have had 40 some people killed in the last year. >> a great point. they're in the terror web and one of the potential light of spell generals gathering going on in real-time now, including active twitter accounts that have been associated with aqis, tweeting out that what is next, where is next, and suggesting that bangladesh should be a target,
11:57 am
and indeed we see that happening now. one thing remains clear, this is all under the umbrella of rad a cal islamic -- radical islamic terrorism and jumpedx in catherine herridge, a number of terror groups are currently active in bangladesh and included are al qaeda and isis. for more on this, catherine herridge. >> when people think about the islamic jihaddist groups they think just about the middle east but there are active branches of isis and al qaeda in bangladesh. the al qaeda branch has been there longer. they began in 2012 under the direction of a would heirry, bin laden old lieutenant we believe is hiding in pakistan. but he has taken an active role in directing the al qaeda affiliate in bangladesh bus he sees an opportunity to pick up
11:58 am
disenfran chinesed jihadis from india, bangladesh and pakistan. this group has been engaged in targeted assassinations of individuals, and not what i would describe as the hostage-taking we're seeing here today. add to the mix that isis also has a branch in bangladesh. they have been around since about 2014, but really in 2015, began to up the tempo of operations in that country, and they kind of got into a competition, for lack of a better word, for supremacy with the al qaeda affiliate. this group has primarily focused on targeted assassination sushi's is somewhat out of character for them. so the people watching at home, as we try to gather as much information as we can, they should not jump to conclusions because we have seen isis as more active in the middle east. in this particular part of the world you have two very active
11:59 am
groups, one al qaeda, which is linked back to the mother ship in pakistan, and the other, which is this affiliate the spawn of what we have seen in iraq and syria. >> seem to be the two main focus right now. the two groups. those aspiring for the same thing, chills jihad and the that of sharia, and with isis with respect to the caliphate. you look at these different threads and remember we were talking about the different groups, what they used, the weaponry they used. even talking about the attack in turkey and istanbul and the airport and how the similarity of it in terms of the force of the detonation, blowing up the tiles, we saw that now used with isis and now we see knives, swords, weapons, explosives, here in this particular situation. >> well, the whole sort of edict from these groups is that you indiana to do what you can where you are with what you have. >> most certainly.
12:00 pm
the state department has said the u.s. officials with respect to the embassy have been accounted for. and gregg jarrett is live on the news deck. stand by. >> continuing coverage now of the hostage standoff in bangladesh. i'm gregg jarrett. here's what we know at this hour. witnesses and local media report a group of up to nine gunmen storming a restaurant in at the bangladesh capital of dhaka, reportedly yelling in arabic, god is great, hall akbar, then the war setting august explosions weapon don't know the full casualty count but several people have been injured, the police officer in charge was in a gunfight with the attackers and was killed. we don't know how many are injured but they're considered to be many. this is happening at what is called


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