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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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the state department has said the u.s. officials with respect to the embassy have been accounted for. and gregg jarrett is live on the news deck. stand by. >> continuing coverage now of the hostage standoff in bangladesh. i'm gregg jarrett. here's what we know at this hour. witnesses and local media report a group of up to nine gunmen storming a restaurant in at the bangladesh capital of dhaka, reportedly yelling in arabic, god is great, hall akbar, then the war setting august explosions weapon don't know the full casualty count but several people have been injured, the police officer in charge was in a gunfight with the attackers and was killed. we don't know how many are injured but they're considered to be many. this is happening at what is called the holey artesian
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bakery. this is in the diplomat section of the city, as you see there, on your map. the police chief saying within the last hour, his forces will soon begin an operation to take back the restaurant. another report indicates a rescue of the hostages has already begun, though that is a little bit unclear. we don't know if that means negotiations have begun or military or police action has been initiated. we do know that rapid action battalion has been mobilized. cordoned off the area, closing in. importantly the u.s. state department is telling reporters here in the u.s., in washington, that all of americans, tourists and business people, are 100% accounted for. we are getting some first-hand accounts, a kitchen staff member named reza managed to escape and
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said several armed assailants entered the restaurant in the evening, took the chief chef hostage, quote, they blasted several crude bombs, causing wide scale panic. managed to flee during the confusion. they came armed with pistols and swords and bombs and shouted allah alaska dar before exploding the bombs. a businessman nine-was out for evening prayers when he received a call from home. his family told me, people shouting, allahu akbar, before blasting several bombs. then the lights of the restaurant went out during that time. benjamin hall has been tracking this live from london. what more have you been able to learn about this attack? >> reporter: well, first of all, you're right, all the hallmarks of a jihadi attack as we have seen in paris and turkey and
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multiple gunmen, nine of them, with weapons and explosives. they went in first with explosives and then since have taken anywhere from 20 to 60 hostage. we don't know the nationalities but they're majority foreign. this is a bakery during the day, spanish restaurant at night, and very popular with foreigners. in the diplomatic area, but as you saw u.s. officials, all of the embassy staff have been accounted for. we have been looking at twitter recently, trying to figure out if anybody has been taking responsibility for this. no one officially yet. but some twitter accounts connected -- who in the past have been very pro-isis and al qaeda, have been live tweeting this and they said, going back two days, where next? #bangladesh, question mark and that is aqis. al qaeda in indian sub continent. we dope note if it's al qaeda or another group one there's been a
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growing battle between the two for influence in that part of the world. and bangladesh has 146 million muslims, 90% of the population, and there has been a growing spate of radical violence there, are since may when they killed the -- when the government killed the leader of the largest muslim party and we have been seeing quite often attacks of athiests, journalists and other officials which have been claimed by al qaeda in the indian subcontinent. so we're waiting confirmation but certainly pointing towards radical islam. very little doubt. allahu akbar shouted when they went in. we were hearing there was an operation underway by the police chief. there is a blackout at the moment because there's a cordon around the restaurant. so, we're waiting to hear more about that. but this is end of ramadan and we mustn't forget this is when
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attacks happen. happened at 8:45 local time, over four hours ago now. and that is when they end their fast and when a lot of these attacks start to happen. at the moment bangladesh, very much on edge, dhaka, 20 to 60 hostages being taken by up to nine gunmen in what is a restaurant very popular with foreigners, and so we're just waiting to hear more information, but that's where we stand at the moment. >> benjamin, bangladesh has soon increase acts of islamic terrorism there, not just from isis but what known as al qaeda on the indian subcontinent. a string of attacks prompting authorities to make thousands of arrests as bangladesh has begun to emerge as a breeding ground for both of those terror groups. al qaeda claimed attacks on february 26th, march 30th, may 12th, august 7th, october 31st. that is just in the last year
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and three months. resulting in the measures of four bloggers and a publisher, including an american citizen. isis also claiming nine attacks, including the murder of an italian governmental worker -- nongovernmental worker, a japan aide worker in an attack on an italian police, where isis reportedly behind an attack on a parade procession that killed one person, killing nearly -- and injuring nearly 100. an attack on a police checkpoint. a suicide attack at a mosque. the list goes on and on. writers, activists, religious minorities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender have all been targeted be both al qaeda and isis. now, benjamin, in bangladesh, majority muslim. 160 million total population,
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about 130 million of them are muslim, but there has been a real struggle between the secularists -- that's how their government is set up -- and theocratics. >> that's right. a lot of the focus has been on the middle east. look at iraq and syria. but isis have very clearly in their online propaganda written about wanting to move east, about trying to take over these majority muslim countries, 146 million muslims in bangladesh and that is seen by all the terror groups as a great breeding ground for them. bangladesh had traditionally been relatively moderate but a has really moved, moving the wrong way, and we have seen a number of people join isis in syria and iraq from that part of the world and also the philippines. it really is a region which has been overlooked, but if you look at the sheer numbers out there, it's remarkable that it's taken
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so long, and here we are today. there were warning signs. we're seeing some tweets which possibly heralded this attack. suggested it's couple of days ago. what's next, and all the hallmarks of an isis, al qaeda style attack, hostages, multiple gunmen, explosive devices, and now the see how the police respond to it. typically you would want them to go in as quickly as possible, not waste any time. has already been over four hours now and doesn't seem as if the operation has started yet, but if you look back to orlando, time is of the essence in these cases. the bataclan theater in paris, delay going in there and questions being asked, how best to respond. there was a statement from the police chief about an hour ago and he said we're reaching out to the people inside. we're talking to them. we want to know their demands. it's quite clear. if you go in with weapons and guns and explosives and swords,
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they don't necessarily want to talk, and so now waiting to see what this elite police unit does moving ahead. there's a blackout because it's been cordoned off. so we're waiting to see if the people inside are alive or not. >> well, the situation is still unfolding, and again, the head of the rapid battalion force there the hostage rescue team, if you will, is attempting to negotiate to try to find out what these armed gunmen believed to be eight or nine of them, who have already killed at least one person, injured a great many others and taken 20 people hostage, what they want in just a moment we'll talk to an expert on hostage rescue to find out how authorities will go about diffusing this situation and hopefully saving lives. e findins to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else,
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continuing our live coverage what is happening in the bangladeshy capital of dhaka. seems to be a terrorist attack that is young right now, including as many as 20 hostages, maybe more. witnesses and local media report. nine gunmen storming a restaurant, reportedly yelling in arabic, god is great, firing shots, setting off explosiones. at least one individual, the officer in charge of the local police station, has been killed. other officers are injured. also, those who are inside this bakery by day, restaurant at
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night, that is now still under attack, have been injured. danny colson is a former fbi assistant deputy director hostage rescue team commander and joins us on the phone. danny, the rapid action battalion force is on the scene. they apparently are in control of the situation or at least in command. they say they want to diffuse the situation and save lives, and they had intended to, and we believe they are already in contact with the attackers on the inside. so, describe from your vantage point what you expect to happen. >> first of all, that commander needs to get controlled of the mealedda. the media will compromise his operation. they'll film it and the people inside will watch it on television and that's happened to me. know that does happen. happens very often. these type of situations, where it's in a metropolitan area and
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the media can be helpful to law enforcement but in this case they're not. secondly we know their demands are to kill as many people as they can and historically in the last five years, the technique is to attack and then claim you want to negotiate while you consolidate -- while they consolidate this position so it makes it harder to do the rescue. so, as soon as these people can get in there, the way you diffuse it is to kill them because they have one purpose there, and that's to kill as many people as possible, and if i were the commander there, my big concern now would be a breakout because you have nine shooters in there, if that's accurate, and remember mumbai, india, they kept hitting and moving and hitting and moving and actually overpowered the police also several venues and continued their saul for three days. that commander has his hands full right now and negotiation with these guys is not going to help. they're not coming out. you have to have a good assault
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plan. more importantly you have to have a good team and i hope they're up to it. >> is that because these guys are determined to kill as many people and they don't care about their own lives, so trying to talk them out of it or negotiate with them may be a fool's errand? >> i think it is. sounds harsh and i'll probably be criticized for being so harsh put you have to look at reality. not only do they want to kill people but they want to get better aft killing people, and -- at killing people and they change tactics. the attack at the airport in istanbul is an example. that was very well-coordinated and choreographed. that was a pretty sophisticated attack and the fact you have nine guys in there frankly better to have nine guys there than nine guys running around the city killing people. >> how do they go about it? you have a single building. it's fairly large because based on the reports we're getting there were a lot of people on the inside. it's a bake riff by day and then
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turns into a restaurant at night. when you have 20 hostages there, you know it's a good side biffleing. probably the as least more than one entrance for access and egress. and then you may have some windows, as we can see in the picture here. so, how do you go about it? >> well, we don't want to give up too many techniques here but i can say generally that explosive breaching is a necessity for any team. the fbi's hostage rescue team and sale team have outstanding breaching and can come through walls and ceilings but you have to have a main access point to hit at one time, and a good thing to do would be to gas the thing. put cs or cr so they're at least blinking and can't see and their eyes are watering. so gives you an advantage. >> what about shock grenades? >> stun grenades are absolutely important but frankly, an explosive breach does the same thing. it shocks them and sometimes
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knocks them out. so stun grenades, explosive breach, gas, and then the concept is speed, surprise, and action. you have to hit them hard. it's very dangerous and they will likely lose some operators and hopefully not hostages. it's not a good deal. so, sometimes you are not given the best cards in the deck when you're trying to command one of these things. >> i sense what you're saying is the level of danger increases as time continues. right? >> maybe. maybe. one thing it does help is if these guys get tired, when they come in there, their adrenaline is popping their eyeballs out and after a while you can to -- you cannot stay at that adrenaline rush very long so their reaction time goes down, and if there's people in the injured and they're believing, like what happened at orlando you have to get them out.
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the same thing in columbine. this is a difficult situation and we have to be very careful if not being overly critical after this thing is over. it's a bad deal, and it's not going to get better. >> does the fact it's nighttime and the fact that law enforcement now likely controls the utilities there, help them in their attempt to rescue the hostages? >> i like to do them at night. we use night gear and at night it intend -- intensifies the flash grenade. people in there won't be able to see for seven, eight seconds, maybe nor, and that's all the time you need. >> how many would it take, do you think, to converge on the building, simultaneously and take control? >> it could take as much as 20. i don't have a layout of the building. don't know how many floors it is, but princess gate, the rescue at sas. it's going to take a lot of
12:19 pm
people, but you don't want to have too many people because they get in each other's way. it's dynamic, it's brutal, it's aggressive, and you just have to take chances. these guys should have trained for this and should be prepared. our teams are and other countries and you hope their commander is prepared for this, because all the pressure is not on the shooters that are going to do theridge it's on him to make the right decision. >> danny colson, former fbi assistant direct york, hostage rescue team commander. we appreciate your expertise, especially at a time like this. we have told you the state department has assured reporters that 100% of americans who were there in the capital of dhaka are accounted for. they know that through visas and passport stamps. they keep track of it. they're apparent live at both the consulates and the embassies, but we're also hearing from the white house.
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to. we continue now or live coverage of a terrorist attack the bangladesh capital of dhaka. nine armed gunman storming a restaurant/bakery, taking more than 20 people hostage, at least one is reportedly to have been killed but several injured. here at the u.s., the white house says staffers have been briefed. they have briefed the president on this. garrett tenney has more now and is live there.
12:24 pm
>> reporter: the white house officials telling us that president obama has now been briefed by his counterterrorism and homeland security adviser and the president has asked to be kept updated as the situation continues to unfold. this last hour the state department tells us they are continuing to remain in constant contact with officials in bangladesh has the situation continues to move on as well. and this comes as the state department has said no americans were involved in this hostage-taking and yet officials are working to account for all private american citizens there in dhaka. this incident comes in the wake of a string of attacks in the country by islamic militants only islamic minorities a month another a priest was hacked to death. before that, a 60-year-old christian grocer was hacked to death after sunday morning prayers. an annual terrorism report release it by the state department indicated nat 2015, bangladesh saw a significant
12:25 pm
increase in terrorist attacks. terrorist groups such as isis and al qaeda have claimed responsibility for several of the attacks of the government of bangladesh has pushed back on that and denies either group has a presence in bangladesh. this is something the state department discussed with bangladesh officials as recent as a couple of weeks ago so no prize to them there was a possibility for these kind of attacks to be happening. >> garrett tenney live at the white house. way don't read the individual accounts we're getting. first from the state department. we have been saying they're assuring reporters that 100% of americans they are aware of there in the capitol, dhaka, of bangladesh, are accounted for but there are private citizens who are there that the state department's embassy or consulate may not know of, and so they have issued this message just a short time ago from the state depth: if you are a u.s.
12:26 pm
citizen near the diplomatic area of dhaka, contact loved ones directly or use social media to alert them of your status. speaking of social media, we are receiving a lot of eye witness accounts through social media of people who were there. one eye witness said she heard a loud noise followed by continuous gunfire, quote, the glass of my drawing room shattered. my aunt, my daughter, and two friends, went there, and they have not come back, there meaning the restaurant. we cannot even check where they are. we know the area has been cordoned off and has been evacuated except for the restaurant. local police in teaming one the rapid bad tallan action force, are trying to take control of the situation and rescue the hostages there, also making contact with the nine attackers. here's another account. a resident near the scene of the assault said: gunfire can still
12:27 pm
be heard almost three hours after the attack began. quote, it's chaos out there. the streets are blocked there are dozens of police commandos. another one this officer in charge of the gulshan police station is in critical condition at the united hospital. so far there are more than 24 members who have sustained injuries. members of the police force. so now we're getting conflicting accounts of whether this officer in charge has died, having succumbed to his injuries or is still alive in critical condition. a fairly typical of the early accounts that take place, again, this situation still ongoing inside a fairly large restaurant. we have shown you a picture. looks fairly modern inch the diplomatic quarter area but a popular restaurant for foreigners, and those appear to
12:28 pm
be most of the people who have been taken hostage. 20 to 30. we're told, have been taken hostage inside the building by nine armed gunmen. and of course, this is an area that has seen increasing islamic terrorism, al qaeda and isis have a presence there. through a string of attacks, prompting authorities to make in fact over the last year and a half, thousands of arrests as they describe the bangladesh capitol as an isis breeding ground, coincidentally, just yesterday that the united states state department officially declared al qaeda in that region of the world as an official terrorist group, just one day before this attack. we'll be right back, talking to mike baker about what kinds of terrorism has plagued this particular area.
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new developments from the bangladesh terror attacks in just moments. first israeli troops say they're searching for a palestinian gunman after a deadly attack on an israeli family in the west bank. investigators say the suspect opened fire on a couple and two teenagers riding in the car. the father dad. mom and kids were injured. just the latest in a nine-month wave of palestine yap attacks against israelis. israeli police say earlier today they shot and killed the palestinian woman who tried to stab an officer at a security checkpoint in the west bank, just yesterday investigators say a palestinian teenager broke into a home in a jewish settlement, stabbing to death a 13-year-old girl as she slept in her bed. the state department confirms she was an american citizen. the israelis say security forces
12:32 pm
shot and killed the attacker. the news continues and our live coverage of the bangladesh terror attack still unfolding this hour in a moment.
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istanbul, somalia jordan, lebanon in just the last week there have terrorist attacks there, and now today, nine gun men in the bangladesh capitol of dhaka entered a restaurant and began shooting and setting off bombs and have taken hostages, as many as 20 to 30 are still there inside the restaurant. we have no idea the total number of casual days. let's turn now to catherine herridge who is live in washington. >> reporter: thank you, gregg. what immediately has my attention is the number of individuals involved in this plot. the fact that they're using guns, bombs and then taking hostages in a part of the city which is most likely to have western nationals.
12:35 pm
i would caution people against jumping to conclusions about the group involved because this part of bangladesh is really kind of a witch's brew of jihad gist -- jihaddist groups. you have al qaeda that began in 2012 start ode by bin laden's deputy, who leads the group from in hiding in pakistan. he has a pretty direct control over these types of operations. and he made a very committed decision to try and develop an al qaeda affiliate in this part of the world, which i know is surprising probably to a lot of viewers. the took of this groups in the midwest. isis has very active branch in bangladesh that in 2015 began to pick thump pace in term -- pick up the pace in terms of operations. like al qaeda they have been prime pairly associated with targeted assassinations so this would be a departure. but what has the attention of my counterterrorism contacts is that isis and al qaeda have been
12:36 pm
in a competition with one another for supremacy in this area. sort of one -- i don't know -- to throw a wrench into all of this, there also is a group that has long standing ties to the terrorists involved in the mumbai terror attack. you remember that was a highly coordinated attack on a train station, luxury hotels and restaurants, in mumbai, india, which used guns, explosives, and also took hostages. so you have three different parties here that might be responsible, though we would expect with isis they would tee claire -- declare. thes and brand that's as an isis attack quickly if that is the case. for viewers at home the most important takeaway is that these groups are not isolated to middle east anymore and while we think of india and bangladesh has hubs for slumpic activity that's not been the case.
12:37 pm
>> you would expect isis to claim responsibility. they reportedly just have. i stepped over to the computer, and apparently on a web site that they use, they have claimed responsibility for this attack. there it is. we just put it up on the screen. now, we -- >> what's the source on that? are they sending a twitter account or their media organization in bangladesh? >> looks like their news agency, their own news agency, the amaq news agency, reporting the isis fighters carried out the attack in the restaurant. >> amaq news agency is really the banner news agency for isis in iraq and syria. so, this is, if you will, at least on its face, appears to be an extension of that operation we have been doing reporting how isis in iraq and syria, based on
12:38 pm
a conversation with the government official who was briefed on the intelligence they had a half dozen cell dedicated to arming and training individuals for operations outside the region. so, what has my attention here is that it is the amaq news agency, which is isis in iraq and syria, the mother ship, and not the local media organization for the group in bangladesh. >> catherine herridge, in washington. bring in mike baker, former cia covert operations officer, now president of diligence llc, global intelligence security firm. what about this latest news, that the mother ship apparently, in iraq and syria, for isis, their news agency claiming responsibility. >> well, think that we have to take that with a grain of salt first of all. it could be falsely claiming responsibility. bangladesh is a muslim majority countri' have had a history of -- there's been a home-grown
12:39 pm
extremist movement there for years. going back to the early 2000s in, the abt. over the past year and a half we have seen an increase in attacks in bangladesh but they've been individual, against secular bloggers, against human rights activists, gay activists, usaid employee was killed in april. so, the concern has been -- this is not something that developed just now -- the concern has been over the past year, year and a half, that we're seeing a new generation of jihaddists rising up and whether they're aligned with al qaeda -- anwar has a pace there and that's part of al qaeda in the indian subcontinent so they're present there so who it's isis or -- but the message is what catherine was talking about. this is a global problem. they need to start
12:40 pm
understanding -- >> it's not just iraq and syria, and to be the extent al qaeda and -- somalia, istanbul, lebanon, jordan,st week alone. those places have seen attacks and an isis either directed or inspired attack in orlando, florida. the tentacles of isis extend everywhere. >> from the isis chant pound of we get caught up in part prognosissally and because we're trying to understand it, we get caught up in is it a direct operation, like the ataturk airport. or direct instruction and resources provided by isis or someone who latched on to the isis doesn't care. it's in the win column for them. but we are seeing credit where it's due. we are maker something headway in syria and iraq, and the more that happened -- >> sure, isis has lost ram mad
12:41 pm
do and i fallujah and are encircled in raqqa and may lose that city, their capital of the caliphate. just days after the two year anniversary of the establishment of the caliphate. so, while they may be losing geography and territory, they are ask lating their attacks. >> that's the perverse reality of this. mow more success in taking back the turf and denying them that, the more aggressive they're becoming in staging or trying to promote the idea of carrying out these attackness the west. that's just the reality we have to face. opportunity mean we shouldn't step on the goods and do more in syria and iraq and take that fight even harder to them but we have to understand and be pragmatic it's going to result in more attacks. >> do these attacks, high profile attacks, tend to engender greater recruitment? >> well, not to the degree that having the caliphate.
12:42 pm
that idea that we built -- what we have been jonessing for and now have the caliphate. that was very powerful recruitment tool and we have soon the recruit independent foreign fighters from a variety of places around the world. and so the fact they carry out an attack at the ataturk airport nor brussels and possibly here, it's not the same. it's not the overriding -- >> they can still say we're in the terrorism business, join us, kill wherever you are, anybody. >> absolutely. >> we know, we have seen. this is not ancient history. we know from success against al qaeda, they adjust and adapt and morph to the circumstances, and so we can do everything we can, and we need to, to take them out, on their turf in syria and iraq but they'll show up elsewhere. people say it's like whack-a-mole and it is.
12:43 pm
>> tragically it is that way. mike baker, thank you very much. we continue to follow the events as they're happening, live in bangladesh, the capital there in the diplomatic quarter, as many as 20 people taken hostages, nine armed gunmen shouting, allahu akbar, god is great, have taken over a restaurant. we of watching to see the fate of those hostages inside, and there's the restaurant. when we come back, we'll be talking to a professor who specializes in terrorism and counterterrorism and we'll get his thoughts on what is happening here. what's it like to be in good hands?
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12:47 pm
diplomatic zone. updating now, at least 35 people, according to "associated press," including about 20 foreigners, are still trapped inside the restaurant according to a kitchen staffer who managed to escape. he is among the ten people who are able to get to the rooftop and then get down and escape the area. it's been cordoned off. people evacuated from nearby homes and businesses. usually reports as many as nine gunmen entered the restaurant, began firing guns, they had explosives and sharp weapons. it's unclear how many people have died. we received conflicting reports that one individual, a police officer, has died. that has been denied by local authorities. they have yet to confirm it. several other people have been injured. let's turn now to steven, an assistant professor at american
12:48 pm
university, specializes in international security terrorism and counterterrorism. he joins us now on the phone. what are your insights into what is still unfolding right now and we have no idea as to the fate of the people who are held hostage inside. >> well, gregg, i think your last guest made an point point i would expand on, which is that we may be hearing about a terrorist attack today in bang la -- but they have a long history of militanty going back to the 1990s. hundreds of bombs exploded in 2005, 2006 in one day. that was the start of a crackdown by the previous government. the current government came in on a -- to track on islam militant si and had a fair agreeing of success. this is a problem that has been there a long time.
12:49 pm
so, it may be the case that isis is claiming that attack, or maybe the case this is an isis attack, but this is isis -- if its, that is isis laird on top of a long history of militant si in the region. >> isis so-called news agency, which operates oust sir -- out of syria and iraq and their so-called caliphate, has claimed credit for this. it may be false credit. we don't know. but they have nevertheless. is it that bangladesh struggles with islamic militancy and forces of religion verse secularism? >> that certainly is an issue and has been -- there has been a string of attacks against bloggers and other secularists there, and this is partially driven by backlash and this is
12:50 pm
potentially a way of mobilizing individuals. we may be seeing a large scale terrorist attack today but didn't come at a bolt out of the blue in bangladesh. there have been attempts to rebuild networks and a larger islamic militancy network there. >> professor, let me -- i have less than a minute left. >> sure. >> what is their goal in dog this today? >> their goal is recruitment, draw attention to their cause, send a message, if this is connected to isis, then certainly i think as more pressure is put on the caliphate, the so-called caliphate in iraq and syria, we're likely to see more calls and more attacks outside of the region. it's a way to build momentum both locally and globally. >> to instill fear and to kill the unbelievers who, according
12:51 pm
to isis, are everywhere and everyone but them. professor -- i'm afraid we're out of time but thank you very much. appreciate you being here. more of our continuing coverage. it's still unfolding in the capital in bangladesh. more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind adult 7+ promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) she wants to learn things. the difference has been incredible. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs. jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
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more on the bangladesh terror attack at the top of the hour. first the mastermind behind the attack at the airport in istanbul is still on the loose. congressman michael mccall says it's unclear where the suspect is but he was not one of the bombers. mccall is chairman of the house homeland security committee and says the suspect is an extremist, there's his picture -- from chechneya who was a top lieutenant for isis. a manhunt is underway to catch him. mccall says the suspect directed the shooting and
12:55 pm
beening at the airport, killing at least 44 people, injuring hundreds more. john huddy is live in istanbul with an update. >> reporter: gregg, the man you're talking about is very well known, terrorist. he is believed to have coordinated the attacks and also recruited the three attackers. quickly, again, he is -- was a chechen war lord and believed to be an isis commander and lieutenant, was on the ministry of war for isis and also an isis recruiter. he was arrested in sweden in 2008 on weapons smuggling charges so he has been on the terror radar for a while. now, as you mentioned, the hunt is on for him. we heard he could be in turkey, although not confirmed. new details are coming out about the attackers. police apparently know their identities two of the three identities. get, turkish officials confirmed one is from russia, dagestan,
12:56 pm
and thes from uzbekistan and are said to have carried out the blood bath that happened tuesday night. that said, more raids overnight. 11 people arrested in connection with tuesday's attack. 44 people killed. more than 230 others wounded, and some remain in the hospital in serious and critical condition. >> john hudy, live in istanbul. the scene of the last terror attack until today. now over the last four hours, a terror attack in the bangladesh capital of dhaka. there are as many as 35 people, according to the latest reports, still being held hostage inside a restaurant, a very popular restaurant, with foreigners. 20 of those 35 are believed to be foreigners. the u.s. state department is saying all americans are accounted for in that diplomatic district, although they are urging that any private american citizens tweet out or facebook
12:57 pm
out your whereabouts and your condition so we'll continue to follow what is happening here at the top of the hour. i'm gregg jarrett in for shepard smith. "your world" is next. sandra smith in for neil. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in three ways-- in the stomach, the liver and the pancreas. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer) victoza® is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and is not for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer,
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nine attackers armed with guns and explosives. attacking a restaurant in bangladesh and holding at least 20 hostages. as we speak that attack now in its fifth hour, and the very latest, isis claiming responsibility for this attack. welcome everyone. i'm sandra smith in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." today's attack on the heels of the attack on istanbul airport and once again a soft target. benjamin hall is in london with the latest. we know this isis news agency, the intel group which catherine herridge just describing as the mother ship, not one of these local agencies for isis, tat