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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 1, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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of texas. i will be camping out and kimberly will be helping me figure out to get in. 30 students will be there talking about film. it's going to be amazing. >> that's it for us. be sure to tune in monday. "the real show" is next. special report. this is a fox news alert. good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. a hostage situation is still unfolding at this hour in bangladesh. and isis claims its recruits are behind the attack. witnesses say as many as nine gunmen stormed a restaurant frequented by foreign diplomats. two police officers are dead and it's believed the terrorists are holding several hostages. we're following the situation very closely. correspondent kevin cork's at the white house for the administration's response to this attack. but we begin with correspondent benjamin hall with the latest on bangladesh coming to us from london. good evening, benjamin. >> yeah, good evening, bret. even before isis claimed
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responsibility for this, it had all the hallmarks of an isis attack. multiple gunmen with explosives and weapons attacking a soft target. and this was a soft target. it was a baker during the day. it was a spanish restaurant at night. frequented by foreigners in the up market district, where the embassies are based. it was around 8:45 local time, when the nine attackers went in. they were shouting allah al akbar as they set off homemade grenades. they were wielding guns and machetes and took at least 20 hostages, who were said to be mainly foreigners. but that was over seven hours ago, and still the police haven't gone in. there was a initial gun battle with the police, and two officers have now died. 40 officers and civilians now known to be wounded. but since then, officials have cordoned off the area, and according to a statement, we're trying to, quote, reach out to those inside, who they had called derailed youths. they also said they were trying to speak to them. the isis news agency claims that isis commandos carried out the operation.
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they also said that over 20 were dead. but that's not yet been confirmed by anyone. there had also been indications earlier from pro-al qaeda accounts that al qaeda in the indian subcontinent may have been responsible. indeed, there have been a turf war in the region between the two groups as they seek to win supporter in what has been seen as a fertile breeding ground. a lot of focus on radical islamism has been in the middle east, but there's been growing concern about southeast asia. bangladesh alone has 146 million muslims, 90% of the population, and isis has said they want to reach out to them and expand in that direction. judging by this attack, which is still ongoing, they do seem to be having success. bret? >> we'll head back for breaking details. benjamin, thank you. let's tenor now to correspondent kevin cork who's at the white house. what are the obama administration saying about this attack and whether any u.s. citizens could be in danger. >> reporter: bret, you're right, the white house continues to monitor the situation. the president's national
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security team learning of this this afternoon, and since then, they've been watching it very, very carefully as it continues to unfold in bangladesh tonight. there is word tonight that all the americans that have been accounted for, that have been working for the embassy, we know that has happened and that's obviously very, very good news. as we show you some of the pictures and some of the statements that we have learned throughout the day, the white house, actually, white house officials, shared with us what the president has learned today. we learned that his assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism, lisa monaco, briefed him about the ongoing situation, and the president, we're told, asked to be kepted informed, as the situation continues to develop. the state department, as i've pointed out, have confirmed they have accounted for all the americans that have been working under chief of mission authority in dhaka, that is crucial information given the attack that took place not terribly far from the embassy and in the diplomatic enclave. sadly, however, bret, it's important to point out the administration recently warned of increasing attacks in the country, this from the state
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department's terrorism report, released just last month. in fact, less than a month ago on june the 2nd. it read in part, bangladesh experienced a significant increase in terrorist attacks in 2015, compared to 2014. transnational groups such as isil or isis as we know them here in the states and aq, that's al qaeda in the indian subcontine subcontinent, have claimed several attacks claiming foreigners, religious minorities, police, secular bloggers, and publishers. now, as you know well from your time here at the white house, bret, usually in a situation like this, the white house will issue a statement or sometimes even a series of statements, expressing condolences for those who were impacted. and obviously, offering help where the governments might need. we have not seen another statement come out of the white house, but if we do, of course, we'll bring it to you from our perch here. >> back to you. >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. we're monitoring the situation and any developments, you'll see them here. a key tool of president obama's counterterrorism strategy under fire tonight. the administration released a
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report on its drone program today, announcing that since the president took office in 2009, 473 strikes, between 64 and 116 innocent people killed. and 2,581 terrorists taken out, according to the administration. the report only counts civilian deaths from pakistan, yemen, and africa, and that is not sitting well with human rights groups, who believe the civilian death toll could be significantly higher. they also question why casualties from acts in afghanistan, iraq, and syria were not included. investigators are focusing on a chechen extremist with ties to isis in the terror attack that killed 44 people at the airport this week. the chairman of the house homeland security committee, michael mccakal mccaul said tha directed the attack.
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mccaul said his whereabouts are still unknown. isis has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but many believe they are, in fact, behind it. now to politics here in the u.s. the uproar over what attorney general loretta lynch called one 30-minute meeting between her and former president bill clinton continues tonight. today lynch tried to quell some of that outrage, by saying that she would accept the recommendation of the fbi and career prosecutors in the e-mail and clinton foundation investigations. but lynch notably did not officially recuse herself. we have fox team coverage tonight. chief political correspondent, carl cameron, is on the campaign trail, where donald trump reacted to all the fallout from this meeting. but first, correspondent katherine herage about what he learned about the meeting and the investigation. >> based on what she said at the aspen ideas forum this morning, loretta lynch will not block criminal charges if criminal prosecutors and fbi investigators recommend it. >> and i will be accepting their
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recommendation. >> reporter: and during a previously arranged talk, lynch insisted it was always her plan, but decided to go public, after the backlash over an airport meeting with bill clinton monday. >> i think it has cast a shadow over what it should not. >> reporter: while lynch said it was a chance meeting where they talked about grandchildren and golf, it has created an outcry because bill clinton is a potential witness in the fbi probe. fox first reported in january, based on three sources, the investigation has moved beyond hillary clinton's e-mail practices to public corruption, involving the clinton foundation. lynch said the investigation dates back to at least april 2015, and under attorney general eric holder, much earlier than previously reported. >> they are acting independently. >> reporter: the arizona reporter who uncovered the meeting to a bill o'reilly that bill clinton seemed to orchestrate the encounter. >> the former president steps into her plane. they then speak for 30 minutes privately. the fbi there, on the tarmac,
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instructing everybody around, no photos, no pictures, no cell phones. >> do you regret not toelling te former president of the united states to leave the premise. >> the issue is how does it impact the work that i do or that the department of justice does. and i certainly wouldn't do it again. >> reporter: with president obama's first campaign event, with his former secretary of state days away, the white house distanced itself. >> i think the president feels strongly that this is a decision that she should make without regard to his opinion. >> this morning, the fbi director blew past reporters' question. >> do you have any response about the e-mail? >> reporter: a well-placed fbi source said agents are livid about the phoenix meeting, and what appears to be more political interference in the criminal investigation. lynch would not address the timetable as the moderator tried to end on a lighter note.
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>> what didn't eric holder tell you about this job? >> where the lock on the plane door was? >> reporter: a law enforcement source said tonight lynch's public statements did not diffuse the situation, but made it more toxic. there is real anger and frustration among fbi agents who have lost face in the justice departments and they've lost faith in the white house for exerting political pressure, bret. >> catherine, thank you. donald trump jumped all over this meeting. the presumptive gop nominee took aim at the democratic front-runner as he aimed to get past some comments that ruffled some feathers on thursday. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate donald trump slammed bill clinton today, for his private meeting with u.s. attorney general, loretta lynch on her government jet this week, and suggested the former president was, in fact, lobbying for leniency in the ongoing clinton investigations. >> i think he really opened it up. he opened up a pandora's box. and it shows what's going on and
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it shows is what's happening with our laws. >> reporter: hours after lynch said she expects to accept the fbi's recommendation on whether or not to formally charge clinton, trump took it as evidence that the fix is in. >> where bill clinton goes in the other day, into an airplane, just happened to be, oh, just a coincidence, you know. he just happened to be at the airport at this time. think of it. just happened to be at the airport. when i first heard the story, you said, no, no, you're kidding. i don't believe it. i thought somebody was joking. but it's not a joke. it's not a joke. it's a very serious thing. and to have a thing like that happen is so sad. and as you know, hillary is so guilty. she's so guilty. >> reporter: trump tweeted, quote, bill's meeting was probably initiated and demanded by hillary. does anybody really believe that the meeting was just a coincidence? the optics of hillary clinton's upcoming campaign schedule may fuel trump's allegations. she'll be joined on the trail next week by the attorney general's bosses, president obama, and vice president biden.
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trump's remarks were to the western conservative summit in colorado, one of the 11 or so key battleground swing states, likely to decide the election. it's ban hotbed of stop-trump activity and has one of the highest latino populations in the country. trump's been pounding mexico on trade and illegal immigration. and yesterday, as a plane flew overhead at an outdoor town hall in new hampshire, he suggested mexico was beginning its counteroffensive. >> that could be a mexican plane up there, they're getting ready to attack. >> as part of his vice presidential search, trump's begun final meetings with potential vice presidential picks, including indiana governor, mike pence, whose aides say he'll spend some time with trump over the weekend. with the gop convention now just 16 days off, team trump's working to build the hype not just about the convention, but also about his looming running mate decision. trump will also revisit washington, d.c. next week for separate meetings with both house and senate republicans, hoping to staunch some of their discontent. at the same time, hillary clinton has plans next week to go right into trump temporary,
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specifically atlantic city, new jersey, where among other things, she plans to trash him for declaring bankruptcy in the taj mahal casino that he owned back in the '80s and '90s. bret? >> carl cameron live in dench. thanks. late this afternoon, democrats released a draft of its party platform, calling it the most progressive potential platform in the party's history. among the highlights, that american workers should earn at least $15 an hour. that the death penalty should be abolished. and that no bank can be too big to fail. the platform was developed by the representatives of hillary clinton and bernie sanders as well as the democratic national committee. taking a look at the markets today, the dow up 19. the s&p 500 closed up 4. the nasdaq ended up 20. and check out this graph. you can see the market's first reaction to the brexit vote last week. look at where we are now. the gains this week almost got the dow back to pre-brexit value. up next, my conversation with health and human services
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secretary, sylvia burwell. what she has to say about the health of obamacare and where we are in the fight against zika. and we are keeping an eye on the breaking situation, the situation out of bangladesh, where gunmen stormed a restaurant, taking hostages, killing at least two police officers so far. isis is claiming responsibility for this attack. we're following all the details and we'll continue bringing updates throughout the hour. defiance is in our bones. our citracal bones. easily absorbed calcium plus vitamin d. defy bone aging with citracal maximum. our highest level of calcium plus d.
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president obama's press conference today, to pass funding to fight the zika virus, after getting a status update from top health officials. he said lawmakers are, quote, playing politics with the public's health, are stalling a if you wanteding bill to fight the mosquito-born illness. >> this is actually something that we could reduce the risks. if congress does the right thing and allocates the dollars that are needed right now to get the job done. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is pledging another vote on zika after the holiday weekend, calling it a public health emergency. he blames the democrats for this stall. he hopes democrats will come back ready to compromise,
3:18 pm
instead of holding out for more planned parenthood funding. health and human services secretary sylvia burwell was in today's meeting. i spoke with her before she met with the president and asked her about the path forward on fighting the zika virus, if a bill is not passed before summer break on capitol hill. >> i think you know, there are 2,900 cases of zika in the united states. and we know that over 500 pregnant women have tested. we keep focusing on the things we need to do in terms of keeping people informed, making sure tests are available, and that we're trying to control the mosquito. and at the same time, the funding is an important part of that. and i'm hopeful that we can have a negotiation, that can get us to a place where that funding comes true. because it's extremely important, without that funding, in august, we won't be able to continue the next steps with regard to vaccine research. >> you know what republicans are saying? they're saying, we were there, we were across the finish line,
3:19 pm
and it's the senate democrats that blocked it. and it's the back and forth between the politics on the hill. but your thoughts in all of that dealing with the real-world consequences of the no funding. >> the real-world consequences for me are about making sure we can do everything we can for states, and especially the states that are in the high-risk area. those states in the south, who tend to have this type of mosquito that will spread the disease. and we're working to do that, but we do need the funding in order to do that. >> is the hhs coordinating with the usoc, ahead of the rio games? >> we're in close contact with the united states olympic committee, in terms of providing them the technical assistance and advice, obviously, they're doing their interaction with their athletes, but we are there and make sugar we're making suggestions for how they think about protecting the athletes as they go down. >> the republicans were appointed this level three travel alert, that it hasn't been raised to that. is that because of the sensitivity of the games, or it has not reached that level yet? >> what we have done, we have
3:20 pm
been very clear about those we were most concerned about. and the disease, zika, most people in terms of when you get it, about 80% don't know you have it. and if you do have it, your symptoms are a fever, a rash, conjunctitviti conjunctivitis, and some joint pain. so it's not severe. the severe issue is it causes birth defects. it's the first time we've seen a mosquito-born disease cause birth defects. so our travel guidance is, if you are pregnant, you should not go to the regions where zika is spreading. for others, we recommend you take the appropriate precautions. and also for the men who are returning, because this can be spread sexually, make sugar they take precautions when they return from those countries, if they got zika. >> i guess it's the last part there, that we just don't know yet, fully, all the elements of this virus. i mean, i see some athletes deciding, you know what, i'm not going to do it, because they have young families and want to
3:21 pm
have babies going forward. >> we don't know, but right now our recommendations are, for men who have had zika, that they need to wait at least six months. what we recommend is six months in terms of use of condoms or refraining from sex, if they are -- if someone is about to get pregnant or if they are trying to impregnate. >> your hope is that this policy can be worked out on the hill? are you talking to anybody? >> you know i'm an optimist and i've been that way since i've been here. since i came back -- >> it's a hard environment to be an optimist. >> it is. but i believe when people sit down in a room and get together, and that's the important part, that you can work through these things. the other part, the reason i'm an optimist is, because this is the need the american people have right now. and that's what i believe we're all here to do. >> i want to ask you about obamacare and where things stand. it's going to be a big political issue. there are people in polls that say, i don't know if i can take these premiums. they're killing me. obviously, there's a side that
3:22 pm
says, you've insured more people. but your assessment right now, as hhs secretary, of where things stand. >> so, my assessment about the affordable care act is that it was about three things. affordability, access, and quality. and with regard to access, we've made historic rejections, the 20 million people who now have insurance that didn't have it before. the fact that your kids can be covered up to 26, and the fact that we have the lowest uninsured rate that we've had as a nation. so access, good progress there. with regard to the questions of affordability and quality, these are both places where we know we want to do more work, but there have been improvements through the affordable care act. whenever there's a premium increase, we know people feel that. so we have to keep working. progress has been made, but there is more to do. >> all right. but isn't there a concern that the costs of this law to taxpayers could be much more than originally projected? and that the subsidies are not going to cover people. and they're going to essentially leave the market place.
3:23 pm
>> what we've seen in terms of the congressional budget office assessments, we've come in much lower in terms of the costs. and that's something that we'll see over time. you are correct, that when premiums go up, subsidies will, but we are still under those costs. and the premiums, themselves, in the market place, are still under those two. but for the vast majority of americans, who are in employer-based coverage, for those folks, the quality of coverage and the things that are very important, in terms of pre-existing conditions, and most folks know somebody who's had cancer or something else, and if they ever have to make a switch, they don't have to worry. >> we chose a random city on, a family of four in lincoln, nebraska makes $80,000. they can get a silver plan for about $600 a month in premiums after subsidies. now, it estimates the annual cost to be more than $11,000 a year. that's more than 13% of their income before taxes. so how is that affordable for
3:24 pm
them? >> so what i think is important to remember is for that family before, without the subsidy, and without the assistance, they wouldn't have access to it. and if they had a child that asthma, with for instance, they wouldn't have access. and that's what's different now. while improvements have been made, there's more work to do, to get to the place where affordability is felt by all. >> how many co-ops will remain at the end of the year? >> i think, at this point, we don't know how many there will be. the co-ops were an important part of the competition in the early stages, but one of the things -- >> just mismanaged? >> one of the things about the cop ops, when you think about it, it's a different business model. and that's something new companies, i think, have struggled with. some have been very successful, but the co-ops had a couple things as they began that were challenging. >> a lot of health insurance companies are now joining in this lawsuit against the administration to say that, essentially, they're not going to get their money out. and republicans are charging
3:25 pm
that the administration tried to do something illegal, unconstitutional, by using different money to pay the insurance companies. what is the real result there? i mean, was it an illegal action to kind of shift that money around? >> there have been a lot of court challenges that, you know, have gone through and we continue to have those, but as they go through, i think you've seen, that those are cases that we win. we believe we have the authority. one of the suits you mentioned has to do with something about cost sharing. and that's one of the things that creates affordability. >> it will be a political issue. i know you're optimistic, but for republicans who say they want to unwind this thing, how difficult is that? and is it more a reality that they're going to be fixing this structure? >> so, i think that right now, it isn't -- it isn't about what people feel and believe. and i think most people in the country don't want to go back to a world where pre-existing
3:26 pm
conditions could prevent you from getting care. and for the 20 million who have insurance, i don't think we want to go back. and i think that's what will be defining. >> even the nation's largest insurer, leaving the market. you think this is still sustainable as it is? >> so that particular ensuinsur in terms of their decisions, there are a number of other that represent a much larger portion of the market place, that have made statements that they're in and they want to work through and many of them have expressed that they want to grow. and so what i think's most important is we focus on that outcome for the american people, which is, people getting quality, affordable coverage. >> secretary burwell, we really appreciate you coming in. >> thank you so much for having me, bret. more than 330 people murdered in the first six months of the year. not overseas, here in the u.s., in a single city. that's next. plus, we'll continue to monitor the ongoing hostage situation in bangladesh. again, two police officers
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their lives while undergoing treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here. that's definitely something worth celebrating. learn more about precision cancer treatment at appointments are available now. as families prepare to celebrate the holiday weekend, chicago police brace for more violence. there have been more than 330 murders in chicago just this year. 70 people were killed in june. that's about two people a day. two a day. and as correspondent matt finn reports, officials are working hard to figure out how to try to stop the bloodshed. >> reporter: chicago's staggering shooting and murder rate is now at a level not seen since the 1990s. someone is shot every two hours, a person murdered every ten
3:32 pm
hours. now comes the fourth of july weekend. statistically, one of the windy city's deadliest. chicago police is heavily beefing up its patrols with 5,000 officers hitting the streets and expressways with the help of state police and the fbi. cpd says ready-seeking active warrants are already under way and will continue through the weekend. officers by air, land, and boat will patrol areas typically considered safe, such as the navy pier and ballparks. the departments this weekend lock up repeat offenders who officers say will continue shooting, unless stopped. >> while we face historical challenges, including repeat offenders willing to use illegal guns to solve petty issues, make no mistake about it that cpd is using every tool in its arsenal to ensure the safety of all chicagoans. >> reporter: adding to the perfect storm, police stop and frisks have dropped by a whopping 90% this year, according to chicago police. the chicago fraternal order of police present tells fox, it's because officers are afraid of
3:33 pm
lawsuits, pursuits of racism, and internet video that might appear to incriminate them. >> no one's not going to do their job. no one's not going to cago towas a call of shots fired. it's the amount of above and beyond type of activity that officers were engaged in, that we may not see at that same level, ever again. >> reporter: and this afternoon, three illinois legislatures announced new legislation that would prevent repeat offenders from returning to the streets before adequate time is served. bret? >> that's it in chicago. matt, thank you. we are seven hours now into this hostage situation in the capital of bangladesh. isis claiming respondent for the attack, still ongoing. two officers dead, as we said, 25 officers in the hospital so far. the terror group claiming that at least two dozen people killed. right now, we have two
3:34 pm
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or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card because of what happened in the jihadi world in the last two years, two attacks in paris, an attack in brussels, san bernardino linked to isis, orlando, linked to isis, and istanbul, apparently linked to isis, and now we have bangladesh. the world is on fire. >> the concern has been, it's not this is something that just developed now with this attack. the concern has been over the past year, year and a half, that we're seeing a new generation of jihadists, rising up. >> we're still getting more details out of bangladesh, as the death toll now officially stands at two police officers, but many believed to be hostages inside. isis claiming responsibility, in dhaka, the hostages held at a
3:39 pm
restaurant, near the u.s. embassy there in bangladesh. and that is the diplomat's area. and a restaurant frequented by western and other diplomats. let's bring in our panel and start there. fox news media analyst and host of fox's media buzz, howard kurtz. karen tumulty, national political correspondent of the "national post" and steve hayes, director for the national stastard standard. steve, this is still ongoing, but the fact that isis is claiming responsibility and more and more of these attempts. >> we've seen an increase in attacks in bangladesh in south ag and more broadly over the past year, year and a half. and this is similar in some respects to an attack that took place in jakarta at a starbucks, similar operationally, and it was also an area that's frequented by diplomats, by westerners, what have you. this looks like it would be an operational leap forward. it looks better coordinated. there are talk of nine attackers, so this may be more
3:40 pm
serious and suggest that isis is really building a support system in bangladesh, as it is throughout south asia. i think the irony is, as you point out, at the end of ramadan, just two weeks ago, the president of the united states stood before cameras and said, these are not holy warriors. they certainly think they're holy warriors. >> karen, this is a struggle for this administration. >> and bangladesh is a country that has been viewed as moderate. there has been attacks, but until now, they've been done by small groups with machetes. the government has tried to pin the blame so far, just on sort of domestic groups, political opposition. this is something on a scale that has not been seen there. and i think it is going to be a very delicate question, both in this country and there, in sort of acknowledging that there's something bigger afoot in this country. >> eye opening after this and as you heard them say in turkey and
3:41 pm
orlando, and people here. >> it does feel like the new normal. and the more that isis or isis recruits can pull off these smaller scale attacks on soft targets like restaurants, the more countries it can hit, the more television coverage it can generate, the more isis can wield its weapon of fear. and there's a hunger in the campaign that takes the fight to isis, because we can't defend every soft target, every nightcl nightclub, every airport counter in the world. but there is a hunger for the administration to do something, but it needs allies. the u.s. can't do it all on this global scale. >> we'll keep you updated here. let's turn now to the u.s. election and the thing that has dominated, really the last couple of days, and that is this meeting on a plane. >> it's important to make it clear that that meeting with president clinton does not have a baring on how this matter will be reviewed, resolved, and accepted by me. because that is the question that it raises.
3:42 pm
and the fact that the meeting that i had is now casting a shadow over how people are going to view that work, it's something that i take seriously and deeply and painfully. >> it just happened to be, oh, just a coincidence, you know. she just happened to be at the airport at this time. think of it. just happened to be at the airport. i think he really opened it up. he opened up a pandora's box, and it shows what's going on, and it shows what's happening l government. >> karen, we reported today that fbi agents, at least some of them, many of them, are very upset with this development and how it looks and also the fact that bill clinton is not only just the former president, he's also potentially a witness or a target in the clinton foundation investigation part. >> yeah, this is bill clinton's greatest misjudgment on a tarmac since l.a.x. had to shut down two runways so he could get a haircut. yeah, and just the fact that,
3:43 pm
you know, bill clinton, who conducted his entire presidency in the independent council era, would not understand what, you know, at a minimum, the appearances of this meeting would be, it's just astonishing. >> what we didn't hear is that the attorney general was reaccusing herself, officially. and that, you know, sthingz, too. >> though, it really says something. and the fact that they couldn't get their stories straight all day. remember, the original report, i think it was broken on "good morning america," suggested that she was going to accept the fbi's investigation and move on. then she spoke and said she would accept the fbi's recommendations. and then she said, i expect to accept the fbi recommendations. and then later she says, finally, there are leaks later this afternoon, saying that she remains involved and will be the ultimate decider. so nothing has changed, from where we were this morning. she remains involved. and it's just a lot easier if you tell the truth. and i think that, you know, the big problem here is, why was the
3:44 pm
fbi telling this reporter or telling reporter s or people on the tarmac they couldn't take pictures of this. whether it was a cover-up or not, it sounds like this was something they didn't want to get out. and you know, this is exactly why people don't trust washington. >> and this, whatever happens, will have an asterisks now, for some people. >> adding to public distrust on the ultimate outcome. >> i can tell you, this is a head-slapping case of bad judgment. it's not just about the optics. law enforcement officials are not supposed to engage in what are called ex parte contacts with anybody that could be the subject or target or witness in an investigation. bill clinton is a charming guy, but loretta lynch should have picked off that plane. and on the question of her role, an update from the top justice department spokesman this afternoon to yahoo! news, the two political appointees, says the spokesman, directly under loretta lynch, will review the career prosecutor's recommendation, and likely could overrule it. so there is still a political layer here. >> but quickly, the politics
3:45 pm
fallout, donald trump, obviously talking about this again today, does it benefit him in some way, politically? >> well, yes. because it does cast doubt, whether if the fbi does not recommend indictments, whether that's going to be viewed as an exoneration. there's just sort of too much, kind of, going on, putting noise into what is supposed to be a pretty straightforward investigation. the fbi takes breaches of national security very, very seriously. and that is what is at question here with this whole question of a private e-mail account. next up, vice presidential candidate casino. put some distance between you and temptation with...
3:46 pm
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3:49 pm
donald trump does not want to make a decision until the convention, i think that he's a very decisive person and in case of a few of us, i'm an example, there's not much vetting to do. >> people will speculate, but i've got one job and one job only right now, and that is to work hard for hillary clinton, so she can win and especially in virginia. >> two of the leading contenders, we're told, possibly, for the vp contention,
3:50 pm
the vp nomination, as you take a look on the gop side, names that are being floated on the possible list, newt gingrich, chris christie, senator bob corker from tennessee, governor mike pence from indiana, meeting with donald trump. on the democratic side, the leading democratic side is tim kaine and elizabeth warren and brown from ohio and castro. that means friday is the vp candidate casino, hundreds of dollars and chips, where are you putting them. >> gop. >> okay, 70 bucks on chris christie. they're friends. they both have big personalities. yes, he does not bring new jersey and he got the baggage but comfortable being governor. i got 25 on gingrich. but, the biggest liability is gingrich is 73 and christie is 53. i put five on mike pence of the
3:51 pm
party conservative wings would love that but he's too low key for trump's karen? >> i am going to put my money on newt gingrich. >> yeah, really? >> if we can spin the wheel right now. our reporting does indicate that right now everything seems to be going in newt gingrich's favor. he's got a lot of people advocating for him internally and he offers trump the government expertise that he needs in addition to the fact that he campaigned his whole life as an anti-government guy. >> steve? >> i got a few on the batch. that maybe true. >> i am betting on strong conservatives. i am betting on mike pence and tom cotton. donald trump needs to excite
3:52 pm
conservatives going into the conventions. we have seen his numbers with republicans. that would be one way to do it, would be making it tough for the never trump to stay away. >> okay. >> you see the rest of them. lieutenant jones and mike flint is getting ten bucks on there as well. >> $60 on tim kaine. he admits he's boring but he's a safe choice. he knows the hill. sherrod brown, i got $30 but democratde democrats would lose their seats in ohio. i kind of push myself to put $10 on warren. she does not need another woman. >> donald trump would like to put a black chip on elizabeth warren, i think. >> i would have to disagree on howie, the blue does not work together.
3:53 pm
>> clashed. [ laughs ] >> um, i am going to go 75 on kaine. he seems to reflect hillary clinton. you cannot tell when it comes right down to it, it feels like she needs a little bit of excitement and more importantly senator warren has proven her ability to get under donald trump's skin. that maybe something that hillary clinton decides she needs. >> steve, i know you have been to casinos. you make money when you put the money in. you place. >> should that be refreshing? >> none of us really know. >> we don't really know. >> i got 25 bucks on tim kaine which is less than these others. i do think she's likely for a safe. i don't think she's going to pick elizabeth warren. i don't think that makes a ton of sense. everything we are seeing from her suggests that she wants to
3:54 pm
be safe, i think she will end up being safe. >> when do you think this will happen on both sides? >> trump maybe does it a week before the convention, making him new and settling the party. hillary clinton cannot afford to wait. >> yeah, i think hillary will wait. trump can be early time next week. today, he was indicating maybe at the convention. >> i think he's smart to do it soon rather than later particularly if he picks one of these conservatives. that's it for our panels lets stay tuned as i read some tweets this week. ...che out all these new entrees. like new coastal lobster and shrimp... ...with summer ale barbeque sauce, ...and new lobster and shrimp overboard. overboard? nah,'s just right. so hurry in. new luminous lightshows andhydrating lotiont? pearl-optics science fades the look of dark spots evens tone
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3:58 pm
. trust me, all kinds. here is a taste. agnus coburn tweeted, i hate donald trump. i heard him say it on the air. you know this is a trump bashing. i have never said that. i cover the race on both sides and the good and the bad and the ugly of both parties. >> kelly wirth, brett bear is in the tank for trump. dump trump and dump fox. people know you are for hillary
3:59 pm
clinton. you suck. >> michael mccracken going after my prowhile, what's up with the ugly pigtu ugly picture? are you mad at yourself? michael, thank you, i ended up changing it. >> brett bajer, he should not allowed to interview any leaders. >> jessica, my four years old think you are like super man because of the hair. >> jim carson, the least to most ridiculous hair on the report. >> last but not least at rw surfer girl. . thank you rw surfer girl, good
4:00 pm
night. >> there is just a taste from twitter. have a great 4th of july this weekend, i will seal you next week. thank you for inviting us in your home tonight. judge janine and greta is up right now. on the defense, attorney general, loretta lynch is doing damage control of her controversial private meeting with bill clinton. doctor ben carson and senator tim scott on dissecting this outrageous behavior. that's minutes away. >> f-- the news alert, asiaisis striking again, this time is in bangladesh. right now, men storming the restaurant. two police officers killed in that attack. the number of