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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 2, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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president, i promise you, i'll be making phone calls. >> and that's tonight's campaign flash. that's all for now. "on the record" is back on monday at 7:00. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the "red eye" tease desk. >> the office of the director of national intelligence warns american travelers that if a woman wants to sleep with you she a probably a five. if she is anything like kerry russell then go for it. what is the most patriotic state in america? my guess is whatever todd starns is in. women who show more cleavage get more job interviews. specifically more interviews with tom shillue. back to you. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she puts the win in gershwin,
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joanne nosuchunsky. he has done more disgusting things than larry craig. remember larry craig? comedian and co-host of ufc unfiltered, jim norton. like the clintons she gets most of her money from criminals. criminal defense attorney remi spencer. if he had a nickel for every time he murdered a man he would trade them in for pennies to put them in the eyes of his victims. next to me, cia covert operation officer and president of diligence llc, mike baker. let's start the show. if you're visiting another country, here is a friendly tip from the federal government. everyone's a spy and they are all out to get you. the office of the national intelligence offers tips with
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frank and a person playing frank's mind that knows better. let's see what advice he has for frank. >> frank is traveling overseas for a conference. he is bringing several electronic devices. do you really need all of those? i think about how many chargers you're gonna have to bring with you. there you go. minimize the amount of electronic devices you travel with. you can always find a disposable phone when you get there and even set up a throw away e-mail account for traveling. >> that's right. get a burner and go off the grid. plan on tweeting about your upcoming trip? think again. >> no m, no, no. don't do that. don't post your upcoming travel plans so everyone can see. >> my friends and family want to know i am traveling. >> so do the bad people, frank, so do the bad people. >> your facebook friends can be your facebook enemies. plan on talking to people,
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that's a big no-no. >> are we on for the drink later? >> yeah, see you there. >> great. >> who was that, frank? >> she is just somebody i met at the taxi stand. we shared a taxi together. >> to the same hotel? what a coincidence. >> is it a coincidence? >> no, no one wants to sleep with you, frank. to sum up, trust no one especially sexy foreigners. baker, look, this is an official video. are they trying to make us paranoid? are they right, first of all some. >> it is a good question to ask at the end, are they right. yes, they are right in sense that if you are a business person traveling overseas and you've got critical information related to your company, your corporation, that's of interest. frankly economic espionage is
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extremely aggressive. i should know. i run a company that is interested in gathering global intelligence. >> you're like frank's mind. >> i'm like the girl on the elevator trying to sleep with the guy. no, not quite like that. economic espy yen negligent is is -- espionage is a huge business. everybody engages in it. on one level, they're correct. if you are traveling overseas, be smart and cobs and uh -- conscious and aware that what you have is of value to the host country. i can tell you story after story of the things that they get up to. the thing is for most countries outside the u.s. protecting their infrastructure is not everything they are engaged in. they are promoting it. if the french come up with information that can help air bus they will hand it directly to those companies to keep it
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moving forward. the problem with the guy with the video is who knows how much they spent on this and, b, you knew what the reception would be when they put it out there. >> they didn't spend money on talent i don't think. >> did you see the person who played frank? >> i additioned for the subconscious and that guy was good. >> you have a burner phone, but i'm assuming it has nothing to do with espionage. >> and i carry a thumb drive and carry it in my flashlight. >> you know what that? i don't know what that is. >> it acts as a they thermos at the end of the night. >> how does it stay hot and cold? >> respect me x you are -- remi, you are probably walking around with privileged information as a lawyer. >> any lawyer is maintaining the confidences of his or her
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client. criminal lawyers probably have more juicey secrets than your average real estate attorney. i hillary mark that this individual -- i will remark the production quality of the video was so poor that i think any high school student could have done a better job and while we only saw clips of the video, if you watch it from start to finish, it is enough to make the average person a little paranoid. >> thisy have people breaking into the hotel room. >> yes. the receptionist is alerting them that they will have no problem breaking into the safe and stealing your identity. >> i will jump in and say an unnamed country, an ally of ours at one point said wouldn't it be interesting to wire up the seats going from knock to their capitol just because what will you get? drunk businessmen in those seats. what they would find out, they heard something of intest, corporate conversation of interest and they would do up the hotel rooms and lay on surveillance.
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so that stuff happened jay the problem i got is the way they did it. >> the packaging of the video. it is a typical corporate video. the message is right. it is an incredibly aggressive world out there and people need to know that, but business people meed to know it. tourists are going overseas and they don't care. it is the way the thing was presented. >> you have to protect yourself. i saw the movie with liam niesen and they are snatching girls. >> and he keeps having to find his daughter. >> every movie. >> he can't keep tabs on her. >> it started with sharing a taxi. >> all. >> his hair looks natural and good in those movies. jay he is an older gentleman. i think he looks great for his age. >> you are not wrong. >> speaking of casting, i didn't like the casting for this. why is the hot guy schooling the nerdy guy?
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>> which hot guy? >> i mean of the two. he was sort of intelligent conscious there which would be the playa. >> he was kind of the stanza of the video. he was always making the wrong decisions. >> i feel like typically if you do travel a lot, you do take those precautions. if you do have that much tech that you are about to bring with you, you do think about those things. i wouldn't because i never travel. i just worry about converters for my hair. >> what they do is they give them a clean laptop to travel with. they don't use the ones that are loaded up with all of their information. they will give them a sterile laptop. this is what you use in the course of traveling. again, i was with the government for a longtime and i have seen a lot of government training videos, and it doesn't look like they improved at all over the years. >> all right. frank's an ass,
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i think we can all agree, terrible. >> young -- i don't think he lived past that video. jay she asked for my pass word so i gave it to her. >> men praise experiences over stuff and that is sexist. last week tony, a 31-year-old dude, wrote an essay about how he lives with his parents and spends money on high end restaurants and bars. he explains i am plunging into the world and experiencing it head first. it caused a stir on twitter and a couple of articles. they .ed out the sexist subtext. society continues to associate women with the home and the material. men with the outside and experiences. she adds, the enjoyment of domestic life of stuff is dismessed -- dismissed because of the associations with the feminine. she asks is patronizing the
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rooftop restaurant feature in "hang over 2" and getting the uh belying tore massages -- obligatory ma sodges more than than -- massages more than renting? i will go to you first. >> i got more frank. >> it is not just the thai massages. she is bakely saying -- basically saying that experiences are for men and the home is for women. she's sexist. >> she says that guy is an implication. he is not saying that. he annoys me with the silly i love having experiences. like i despise experiences. i would rather be home alone in front of my computer. i never meet these people. >> when it says would you rather have a new automobile or a trip to the orient you would go with the automobile? >> i would write lol and then send a photo of my genitals.
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>> i got one of those e-mails and it is funny. >> what do you think, remi? are the experiences sexist? >> i think both of these articles are off. they are both pompous. if you read them in their entirety the manner they express their opinion is snobbery at the finest. at the end of the woman's article says now that she has a house and a dishwasher and whatever other domestic items she says she is experiencing life more than she ever did before she had these things. i think there is something to that. as you grow and as you mature and as you change your life you may acquire more things. it is family in her case. it was about family and life. >> she wasn't saying in my case. her article says that's the way women experience the
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world. if she wrote an article like this somebody at slate would say she is sexist. >> she said women are perceived to be more about things because we are thought of more in the home with the domestic items and shopping. men are more on the road and exploring. i am not saying she is saying that's the way it should be, but that's the way people perceive it to be. >> wasn't he just a guy who did that? he didn't say women shouldn't do it. >> he said he did it. like you. you traveled the world in dangerous places. you have a show about it. >> it is true. here is the [bleep] take away. strike experiences and stuff and enjoy a rich, entertaining and informed life. it is not that [bleep] difficult. >> of course it is difficult. we can't all be cia agents traveling the world in style. >> oh my god, it is all, it is all, it is all that.
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everything in moderation. strike a balance, do that, quit crawling up their own ass. >> i agree. that movie based on the book "eat, pray, love" where you have to pack up and take off for a year, that's not real life. there has to be a balance. >> i wasn't saying that as well. >> he was saying look, i live in my parents' basement but i am cooler than the guy with the car and nice job. >> because he is staking -- taking pictures on social media and blogging. they are not looking for the experience over the stuff. they are looking for the experience to help define them and that's what the slate writer was trying to say. to be defined by this idea of being an adventurer and minimal list, you are not because you are using your material goods like your iphone to take photos of all of this and share it with
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people and what you want is to share. you want the human interaction and the experience that comes with domestic life. you say you like the lifestyle, but you might be more satisfied being a responsible domestic. >> do they want to be more interesting and say he did this one? it is like they want to dominate you and say your life sucks. >> that's another thing that women want to interact and share more. guys just want to show off. >> they want to show off. look what i've done that you haven't done. you're a nothing and i am living a full life. >> exactly. >> the congressional baseball game showcases our worst. it took place last woke at nationals park -- last week putting nationals against republicans. congress is as good at america's pastime as
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they are passing laws. >> overshot it. i'm sure it gets better. ♪ >> maybe not. they should play opera music at regular baseball games. the gop team won ending a seven-game losing streak. it is 39-39 with one tie. wow, baker, i mean -- >> they should just keep showing that clip over and
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over again. >> are you surprised that the congress persons are not the greatest at baseball? >> i am not surprised. the only other political body that is less athletic would be the british parliament. that's the only other one. you are talking a bunch of people who ever since they were kids wanted to be class president, and then they dreamt of being the head of the college republicans or democrats and this is all they ever wanted to do is being a congress person or a staffer for a congress person. the idea that they may not be the best at sports could stun any of us. i could watch that clip over and over again of the. >> i was a little surprised that the republicans have been doing so badly. i thought they would be doing well. does that surprise you? >> it did shock me to be honest. i lost quite a bit of money over the years on thisy -- this event. i can't believe the result. i thought i had an in. i love the fact that there was an empty arena they were running around in and 40
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people showed up for the lousy game. >> you had to be there because they were staffers. >> it is a healthy competition, but the republicans won. does this bode well for trump? >> it does. i will say that is a yes. >> i would not concur. i would love to see donald trump and his hair playing baseball, or if he would even put a helmet on. >> he would have a nice make america great helmet. >> don't mess with the hair. they are not voted in for their at let tau sim. and it is an empty arena. why aren't they are in a normal park with the average person? >> it it was pretty impressive. i don't know where they were. did i mention it? >> >> they were at nationals park in dc. >> that's a real ballpark. >> who comes to see that? >> who does. there were some people. there were some people crowded around homeplate. >> these are the best of
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them. from what i remember in sports when i would play in school, like you have a time, but not everyone on the team gets to play. >> were you on the bench, joanne? >> i got a lot of water and snacks for people. >> but you had brace, the famous back brace. >> i didn't do a lot of sports. these are the ones who are like, yeah, you're up next. you're gonna help win this for us. >> all right, coming up, what is the least patriotic state in the country. hint, the new jersey turnpike runs straight through it.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm patricia stark. the standoff with terrorists in a calf -- cafe in
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bangladesh is over. they stormed the holy artisan bakery a couple hours ago. heavy gunfire and explosions were heard as troops stormed in. 13 hostages were rescued. six terrorists were killed and one captured. isis claimed responsibility for the siege. at one time three dozen hostages were being held. two policemen were killed in the initial attack. in israel, a deadly attack by a palestinian gunman on an easy israeli family in the west bank. investigators say the suspect opened fire on a couple and two teenagers riding in a car. they say the father died and the mother and teens were wounded. it is the latest in a nine-month wave of palestinian attacks against israelis. and more than a thousand people being forced from their homes in northern california. a wildfire has grown to more than 1500 acres. the fire is 50 miles northeast of sacramento.
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at least 1900 firefighters are trying to control the blaze which is being helped by the temperatures in the 90s. the mega millions jackpot is growing to an estimated $449 million friday night after no one matched the numbers needed to claim the prize. friday night's winning numbers were 20, 41, 42, 45, 49 and 14 p the last time a winning combination was drawn was on march 7th. the odds of picking the winning numbers are 1 in 259 million. the next drawing is on tuesday. i'm paw trush -- patricia stark and now back to "red eye." for your headlines log on to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. a man named samuel adams made headlines when he refused to take the american flag off his balcony in a standoff with
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his neighborhood association. he posted a video about it which i would show you, but even though he appears to be a great american he is a horrible video maker. i wasn't surprised to learn that sam was from colorado. that's not the thing that happens often in new york. you know what i mean. some parts of the country are more patriotic than others. that's not something you can quantify in a study, right? now it is. wallet came up with a method to rate each state's patriotism in 12 categories like percentage of residents enlisted in the military and whether the state has a civics education requirement. the most patriotic state is virginia, alaska, south carolina and colorado. the least is rhode island, new york, connecticut and new jersey. my stomping grounds. i can't believe it. it is not up to me. it is no surprise to me that red states are more patriotic than blue states. i'm sure democrats would disagree, but there is absolutely no reputing a study that uses data and agrees with
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my preconceived notion about the world. remi, can you quantify something like patriotism? they did it. >> i am a jersey girl so i take objection to this study. i don't believe we are the least patriotic state in the country. i have nothing to compare that with, but it is my opinion. >> it is your gut feeling? >> yes. a lot of people have american flags. how do you quantify this? >> american flags were only -- i thought the american flags made up too small of the study. it was 2%. >> that's not enough. if you proudly hang a flag outside your door that makes you pretty patriotic. >> i do too, but there were a lot of elements to this. there was voter turnout and military enlistment, volunteerism. might i point out that idaho was the skd highest in volunteerism. in the entire country. >> giving back to your community. utah is number one and idaho number two. >> utah and idaho, put is
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that, you know -- >> we have more people volunteering their time and giving up their time to do [bleep]. >> what are you doing in idaho? >> for their community. that's what they are doing. it is one of those things. people would normally say it has to be like the northeast. that's the [bleep] we hear. the progressive and the liberals. no we want to give back. >> how do they know that? >> idaho is number two in the nation. >> how do they know that? how do they quantify that? who is keeping track? i could do work for charity. >> but not many of your fellow new jersey ans are doing it. >> they said it is hard to quantify this and we are going to try. they did it and do you buy it? >> of the top 10 least patriotic states four or five have the hiest -- highest sales tax. it is hard to love uncle sam when he has his
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hands on his hips. that kills patriotism when you see your money going down the >> it can kind of make you less patriotic when you are shelling out the taxes, right, joanne? >> for sure, unless it is a syntax. i love atlantic city. >> but do you agree that they were on the list? does it surprise you that the red states are more patriotic? >> no. i liked your monologue. another way to qawpt fie and -- quantify and new jersey would have gone up and that's the number of tweets that have # merica in it. new jersey people like that one a lot. >> and you have springsteen and bon jovi, right? aren't they always -- >> springsteen is always kicking america in the ass, isn't he? >> he is left wing. he is kind of a pain, but he is patriotic, springsteen. >> good music.
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>> "born in the usa" was his best album. >> he made money off it. coming up, it is a time for judgment and a time for knowledge and a time 4thof july half time -- it is time for tv's andy levy.
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welcome back. it is that time. what did we get wrong? what did we miss? we find out from andy levy at
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the "red eye" news desk. can we roll it? >> i am like that guy -- that girl on the elevator trying to sleep with that guy. >> that's great. >> i meant in terms of trying to acquire information, andy. >> of course you did. >> he'll do what it takes. >> can you please look at the camera? >> i am in time square. mike, you said you are like the woman pretending to try to sleep with frank. we knew what you meant. the video shows an attractive woman getting chummy with a not so attractive dude and he said he should be suspicious of obviously he was out of his league and she had alterior motives. ulterior motive. $for guys like -- it is hard for guys like us because we are used to being hit on by beautiful women.
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>> so how do you tell the difference? how do you know? it is difficult to not just look over here and tack with you. and talk with you. i am giving up the secrets. >> there are a lot of things and i talked about this during the segment. i don't want to revisit it. i will. there are a lot of things that corporate business people need to understand. they do foe thament they have been well versed in economic espionage over the years. >> jim, you said you keep a thumb drive in your flashlight. >> i did say that. >> are you sure that's not your thumb? >> i keep all of my electronic equipment in there. i shake it out angrily. >> do you ever forget? >> yes, i do. >> i'm sorry. >> it is a painful reminder. >> remi, you said this video is enough to make some people paranoid. assume when you are traveling you have no privacy and all of your communication would be
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watched no matter where you are. >> we are being watched at all times. ever since that -- >> faker. >> did any of the viewers not see that ridiculous ode to snowden not coming? >> ever since the reporter had a camera in her room, erin andrews, i cannot go into a hotel room and feel free to undress. i am in the locker room hiding. >> you just put on more of a show now. i am just kidding. it was awful and i don't condone that. >> where do you stay where there is a locker room? >> you didn't like the casting because the hot guy was the conscience. >> hotter. >> is seems like a slam at hotter guys. >> it is because they think they don't have to work as hard. they are like, oh, whatever.
12:35 am
i know all. you don't. >> mike said what a lot of corporations do is give employees sterile laptops when they travel overseas. i feel like any laptop they give you is not sterile for long. >> my problem is i don't remember my pass words and i would not be able to log on to my favorite site. >> safety is important. i am always suspicious of the -- suspicious. if a guy gets chummy i am suspicious. i lean over and scream as loud as i can. >> before we move on, mike, i want to briefly talk about some of the trade we saw in the video. there is one scene where the american guy, frank, he leaves his hotel room, and before he is even in the elevator the dirty foreign bad guy is walking into his room to get his secrets. i would think -- you wait a
12:36 am
couple minutes and make sure the traveler didn't forget something and not coming back to the room. >> we refer to them as the dirty, foreign bad guys. >> that was clear from the video. traditionally if you are doing a high risk entry operation when the target departs the site you have surveillance on the target. they take them out and maintain eyes on the target during the course of the entry whatever you are doing you are aware of the time before they show back on site. it is good operation will a planning. >> it seems like it encouraged sloppy trade craft. >> i like the fact that you are criticizing the editing. >> oh my god, frank was good, but the boom was in the shot. the philosophy of the experience over things over things is sexist. i don't understand this article at
12:37 am
all. shooy says -- the woman writes if the women are encouraged to leave their homes or urged to shop for new ones, the result is the same and society continues to associate women with the home with the material and men with the outside and the experiences. under this philosophy it is not just women being encouraged. it is everyone. it is the opposite of sexist. >> shooy says that guy, he shouldn't be doing that. that he should find solace in the home like she does. >> you don't have to yell. he's right there. >> you said the argument is stupid and you should mark a balance between experiences and stuff and you will enjoy a rich life. did you see how i did that? >> i get what you are saying. i will go clean up my account a. joanne, you are right in bringing up the posting of all of this stuff on social media. that is not about posting. it is about look at me and the
12:38 am
opposite of what these guys say. they are trying to say they live these lives and they are one with nature and they do all of these things. all they want to do is show off. >> if you didn't take a photo of it, did it really happen? >> i do that with women, oh fun date. >> the congressional baseball game. that was like watching a philly's game. >> did you meet the philly's fanatic? the costumes smells awful. >> i can imagine that. >> can you imagine being in his costumes? >> i certainly did. i was a grown boy and went to hug him and he smelled like an animal, a dead animal. >> you know the series now stands at 39-39 with one tie. there is no tieing in baseball. >> there is the one. what was the one for? >> i don't know. this is a problem. >> i will read the one. >> they had to call the game
12:39 am
to get back to the hill for a vote. >> lastly on this most and least patriotic states, it is done. hawaii is sickth most patriotic because it was number two in military engagement. that's because it has pearl harbor et cetera. it has to do with the fact that there is a large number of military personnel there. >> we have to go. >> it detracts the number that enlist. keep talking, baker. pranks, you love them and my guests do them better than anyone.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm patricia stark. the standoff with terrorists at an upscale cafe in the capital of bang bangladesh is over. police say at least 20 were killed in the attack. it is to the known how many of those were part of the nearly three dozen hostages being held by terrorists. those six terrorists were killed when 100 commandos stormed bakery. witnesses reported hearing heavy gunfire as police stormed in. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. california governor jerry brown signing six new gun control laws. it requires high capacity magazines to be turned in and background checks on ammunition sales. however, brown vetoed a bill which would require people to contact police if guns are lost or stolen. the laws go into effect next year. gun advocates are expected to file a lawsuit. a federal judge is blocking a mississippi law
12:44 am
that would let merchants and government employees use religious beliefs to deny service to gays and lesbians. that law was to have taken effect today. the judge filed orders and state attorneys are expected to appeal. monsoon-style rains and flooding in las vegas leaving one dead. a body was found after torrential rains caused flash flooding leading to numerous flooded streets and closed highways. one to two inches of hail falling in the area. things are back to normal at busch gardens in florida. an or orangutan got loose and was wandering around the park. folks taking pictures as it made its way through the park climbing trees and benches. the orangutan was caught and put back in its enclosure. i'm patricia stark and now back to your favorite late night escape, "red eye." go to fox and you are watching the most powerful
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name in news, fox newschannel. my next guests have a million subscribers on their youtube channel, me among them. why? because sometimes i think of crazy things i would like to do, but i would never do them. these guys will. look. >> hey, guys, we are here in wal-mart and we are about to build a giant toilet paper fort. >> the most important part is making sure the outside walls are contained. >> now that we have the basic layout of the toilet paper apartment it is time to come shopping. >> come over here to the main living space. we have three couches. >> here we are with the princess room. it is for relaxation and peace and quiet. >> book it out of there.
12:46 am
they are stocking the shelfs and gizmo is about to find the fort. >> we weren't able to make it to the top penthouse, but to be continued. i promise. it will happen. >> they are the creators. justin stewart and andrew sytes. am i saying it right? >> you got it. >> great to talk to you. first of all, the toilet paper fort video, how long did that one take? i know there are sequels. when you got the first one, how long did the first studio take to make? >> oh man, i would say a good two hours. >> you have to be sneaky. you don't want to get caught making a fort in there. >> employees are constantly walking by and people coming in the aisle. we ran into a few employees or customers and we are constantly there for an hour looking at toilet paper. they are wondering what we are doing. >> when you go into the house wear and get a chair how do
12:47 am
you -- what happens? do people stop you on your way to the toilet paper aisle? >> no, we kind of make sure no one is around and then we make it really quick and then put the big chair in the toilet paper. >> what made you want to do this fort thing originally? did you do it as kids and did you fantasize about it? >> we did this in high school for fun and then eventually we are like we should make a video about this? >> who does president like building forts? we went to wal-mart and tried it out and there you go. >> there are several sequel videos. you built a double decker studio. how many wal-marts have you tried this in? >> i think we have done every wal-mart in our city here, so we are going to new cities. >> did you ever do a target or something? >> here is the thing. wal-mart's toilet paper section is literally built for
12:48 am
toilet paper forts. you go to target and it is a little toilet paper section. where else did we go sph. >> costco and -- -- >> wal-mart is our favorite. >> what do your parents think of this? >> i think they are jealous. >> they are probably definitely screl los. >> let me ask you about -- what is the -- i want to know about the economics of having such a successful youtube channel. have you more than a million subscribers on the main one and then another off shoot which is extra videos and that has half a million subscribers. you don't have to give me numbers, but you make money on these, right? >> yeah, we've been doing both channels for about five years now. it's grown since we first started. we didn't think it would be something we do for a living, but --
12:49 am
>> we are able to support ourselves. >> that's fantastic. some of your a beautiful simplicity like the self-explanatory eating loudly in the library. let's look at that. [crunching]. >> where is the dressing? >> not where is the bowl. where is the dressing? object whysly it is annoying to the people around you. do you feel like you are being mean to the people around you? do you feel bad? >> not really. >> there is nothing to feel bad about. if we have a goofy sense of
12:50 am
humor we are out there to make people laugh. if someone is not in a good mood, that's their problem. >> i'm always in a good mood watching the videos. i'm glad you are doing it and not me. i like sitting at home and relax scg watching the videos so keep in touch. >> thank you very much for watching. >> thanks. justin and andrew. we'll be right back with more "red eye." stick around. they brought this on themselves.
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and now to science news. a new sud de has found -- study has found women who show cleavage, seen here, get more job interviews. yes, french researchers discovered that female applicants who included a photo of themselves in a low cut top were five times more likely to get called in for an interview. the author of the study laments, the results were shocking and negative, but not necessarily surprising. they show we need to conduct more research. of course! sadly he will have to conduct more cleavage research. do you theng they needed to -- do you think they needed to do this study? >> i found it shocking myself. if she doesn't have a priest collar she doesn't have a chance of getting the job.
12:55 am
>> he is shocked by it. say the study is valid. is it necessarily bad? >> no! it is not bad at all. >> there are reasons -- it makes perfect sense, does it not? >> absolutely. it is nice to look at during a hard day at work. hi, can you come in the office? thank you. those are nice. >> you can't stop guys. you can't stop it. >> that's a question? >> it is not tech neckly. >> there is nothing wrong with that. >> women being hired base on their physical appearance. >> more interviews. you interview them and try to get their number. >> there is nothing wrong with touching a person's ability to work or -- how could it have anything to do with interviews. you have to meet the person before you can see the cleavage. jay there are searches on the internet, right?
12:56 am
provide a photo. >> what jobs are we talking about? >> these jobs specifically were sales and advertising. i get why in sales cleavage, it is an asset. you use what you got. accounting. accounting was the job. whatever, numbers. you got two boobs. >> but you have to work with the clients. pharmaceutical sales. they are all hot women. why? the doctors like to look at the hot women. it works, baker. >> no arguments from me. dudes like cleavage. some like cleavage and some don't like cleavage. i am not cleavage phobic. if somebody sends in their resume and a picture of cleavage am i more inclined to bring them in and ask for an interview? no. do i like cleavage? yes. >> you are more inclined.
12:57 am
you just don't even know it. you can't even admit it. >> thanks to my panel. good night, everyone. monday.
12:58 am
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"the real show" is next. special report. this is a fox news alert. good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. a hostage situation is still unfolding at this hour in bangladesh. and isis claims its recruits are behind the attack. witnesses say as many as nine gunmen stormed a restaurant frequented by foreign diplomats. two police officers are dead and it's believed the terrorists are holding several hostages. we're following the situation very closely. correspondent kevin cork's at the white house f the administration's response to this attack. but we begin with correspondent benjamin hall with the latest on bangladesh coming to us from london. good evening, benjamin. >> yeah, good evening, bret. even before i


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