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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX News  July 2, 2016 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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it's a special person on our show, dave's birthday today. >> happy birthday! >> dave, happy birthday. >> making sure we're looking at the right camera. >> 35 years old. 35 years old. >> three, two, one. >> see you tomorrow. america on high alert. following terror attacks at the istanbul airport and a restaurant bakery in bangladesh. u.s. airports stepping up security this july 4th weekend. some here saying we need to spend more to protect soft targets across this country. hi, everybody. i'm in for brenda buter in. this is "bulls and bears." this week, gary, and jonah and max, and headily and jus jessica. hadley, do we need to spend more, costs no object, to protect us? >> it's hard to put a dollar figure on the price of law and
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order and feeling safe in our society. one piece of good news that i feel has been missed in recent weeks is a report from a senate subcommittee that showed that our law enforcement and intelligence officials have foiled 580 plots against soft targets in the united states since 9/1. that's something to celebrate. we want americans to feel safe so this is in the proper role of government worth spending money on. >> john, we heard from the cia director brennan saying isis, the islamic state, does want to hit the u.s., doesn't want to potentially hit u.s. airports, this is after the orlando attack. is it going to cost us more money? >> it's going to cost us some more money, but look, gary, the last few weeks has been good about articulating about the fact that we're fighting almost a world war ii type war and world war iii. a lot of things we're doing that don't make sense in the new world we're in take tsa, for example, i went on the website
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before the show, about $6.7 billion is what tsa costs last year. $2.3 billion was offset through user fees. about $4.4 billion. that should be done, 900 million passengers. add about 5 or $6 per passenger, pay for tsa. ha should not come out of the government. what else can you do? take the perimeter out. don't take the security perimeter out. take the perimeter out and make sure that people only that are flying come through. that's a mild security, make sure you know who is in the airport. then start with tsa security. which is a problem. we do need to privatize that. a lot of things we can do that aren't going to cost a lot of money. the federal law enforcement to the local law enforcement, the big key right now that we have, that there is a gap between delayed or a lack of information feeding. that does not cost a lot of money. >> jonas, let's talk about the cost of not spending more money. at least to fight terror. in this new fox news poll we found that more than eight out of ten people polled are nervous
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about our ability to prevent terrorist attacks. if they're nervous it could change their behavior and whack the economy. >> it could. that's probably one of the strongest reasons to spend money, the irrational fears people would do. >> or rationale given what we've seen this past week. >> realistically, people are the most drivers on the fourth of july, people aren't scared of driving because one tesla car crash. you don't make it -- you don't overblow a risk just because it's on the news all the time. what people do and, therefore, if the government took steps, it would reassure people. now, that doesn't mean we can spend unlimited money and it means maybe the money would make people feel safer out of the nuclear submarine budget or other homeland security pieces and went into more security things. i would like to think the government could solve this with more high-tech solutions that are cost effective but this government i'm on the tsa prelist and they keep [ inaudie ] my hand because i might have put a bomb in it, they're wasting their time. put people to work, hire -- look
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$50 billion, you can hire a million people that come out of the army very often don't have jobs, and pay them to stand around soft targets. >> i want to get gary in here. i hear a lot of government, government, government, government. what about private businesses taking care of security? >> well, exactly. there's a few points. one, let's talk about do we have the money. because hadley mentioned with he need to spend the money. i would argue we're already spending the money. my gosh, just the homeland security budget, if we include all of the other ancillary agencies that also do homeland security, besides the dhs, it's probably $80 billion there. john mentioned the department of defense, the budget. we're spending -- we have a budget, the department of defense, like $596 billion. look through the things that they have, tanks and aircraft carriers and this and that. we need them to fight conventional wars but as john said, building -- in my remarks
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we're not fighting conventional wars anymore. we need to shift that money. dagen, you mentioned putting in place the private sector. i fully agree. we need to have -- the problem with any of this is, we see it, we see it in istanbul and say we're going throw money at airports or see something like the cafe bombing, you know, just yesterday or so and we say oh, my gosh we're going to try to get all the soft targets. we don't prioritize. that's where i think we need to bring in the private sector. we have smart minds at google and apple and tesla and all those companies. what we probably feed is a manhattan kind of project to figure out how we're going it fight world war iii. because i think we have an old mindset, this is how we fought past wars, we'll throw money at it like we've thrown at every other war and somehow solve it. i think we need a paradigm shift in our thinking. >> jessica? >> i agree, actually, with what everyone said on the panel here and the most important thing,
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though, is that from the top, that president obama is out there explaining to the american people that he understands how scared they are. that poll that you read out that is eight of ten americans, that was just six in ten americans a few months ago. and we should spend more money to protect soft targets. i don't want tsa getting more mun. i would like that to be reformed and operate better. i would like to see the federal government working with counter terror units and cities that have dealt with terrorism like our own in new york city and getting good advice from them. i think that we really need a national approach to this. where everyone is paying attention to the nature of the threat and working together to combat terrorism and i know that we take down a lot of threats and hadley is right to point that out, but, obviously, we need to be doing more. >> hadley, i will bring up something about president obama, which potentially makes it worse, is when you're not willing to identify the enemy, and this has been a recurring theme and the president disagrees and democrats disagree, but if you're at war with radical islam than the american people deserve to hear
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that and it gives them some sort of solace to have the commander in chief acknowledge it? >> exactly. and jessica is right. leadership does matter. i believe the president's rhetoric on the issue matters very much. he made a campaign ad actually about words, do words matter, and he actually harked back to the "i have a dream" speech that martin luther king, jr. made. we know the president understands the importance of his words. he should used the appropriate verbiage to say what this is, we face a threat worldwide of radical islamic terrorism. if he's not willing to articulate that's something that contributes to a number of americans that are afraid. >> no one is confused about the fact that president obama knows who we're fighting and not using those words is actually a bush era policy. he was the first one to do this. no one is sitting around criticizing him for this. i think that's unfair. he take the threat seriously. >> i want to bring john back in here. in terms of how we fight this that doesn't cost any more money, it's giving the power and the ability to say the fbi to do
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their job, they've had to fall back on doing a covert -- basically undercover operation stings with informants because they lack resources. and you have some senators, some republican senators, who want to give the investigators the ability to track web activity of suspected terrorists and even their e-mail activity and that gets shot down. >> yeah. it's where we prioritize that money. as was said this is a different type of war. this is not about nomenclature, i would agree with that, but this administration is 5 foot guys in 10 foot of water. they have no idea what is going on in the middle east. we back one government and then back the overthrow of the government we just backed. we don't have a plan. we need to go to the united nations and actually declare war on isis, take syria with us, saudi arabia with us, take turk with us. they will all be on our side on this and declare the enemy out there who cares what you call them. when i talk about the tsa i was talking about a self-funding tsa
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by the way and completely being redone and you have to enable law enforcement, at the level of where -- the point is, to do their job and that is going to include stop and frisk. if you have law enforcement that go over the edge prosecute those guys. but you have to give those guys every tool available to fight the new war. >> thank you, john. thanks everybody. cavuto on business about 20 minutes from now. charles is in for neil. what have you got? >> hey, dagen. as terrorists target an airport in thushg ki the justice department mandating bias training for some agents tracking terrorist in the united states some say the p.c. police are putting us at risk. as we celebrate our independence the administration making moves that could make the government more dependent on taxpayers. see you at the bottom of the hour. >> thanks, charles. we can't wait. up here first talk about whiplash. stocks dived and then snapped back after the brexit vote. and the guy behind the vote predicted the rebound right here on fox. so what happens next? that's next.
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the fox news alert. good morning. i'm elizabeth live in washington, d.c. a deadly standoff with isis at an upscale restaurant in bangladesh is over. commandos stormed the restaurant in dhaka, the capital, earlier this morning, killing six of the terrorists and capturing another. 13 hostages were rescued. 20 others were killed during a siege that lasted ten hours. witnesses reporting heavy gunfire and explosions as the commandos stormed in. two police officers were killed during the initial attack on the cafe. the terrorists reportedly spared those who could recite versus from the koran and killed those who could not. security forces recovered explosive devices and heavy weapons from the scene. the attack marking an escalation in terrorism against the country in recent months. i'm elizabeth prann. back to "bulls and bears." >
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. >> we were he back. so are stocks, bouncing way back after plunging when the uk voted to leave the european union. so maybe the man behind the brexit movement nigel faraj is right. listen to what he told trish reagan. >> hysteria about markets, it's rubbish. >> but but but -- before we end it because i was talking to people today who said london is no longer going to be a financial center for europe. your response? >> oh, please. please. please please please. london is not a financial center for europe. it's a financial center for the world. >> gary, you say nigel is right? >> look, you -- in my estimation, this was the vote on democracy, it was a vote on freedom, it was vote on independence. you can't -- the whole purpose of the theory behind the eu is my gosh, to have germans act like italians act like spanish.
7:15 am
they're completely different cultures, it's a completely different countries. to have them all under one set of rules and organization from some smarty pants in brussels, is idiotic to begin with. it's better that the uk be independent on its own because democracy, this is very basically democracy versus central planning, always wins out. i would like to see every country in the eu vote, yea or ney, to leave. i think we would have a stronger world in that case. >> and john, this vote actually will give england and great britain more control over its own taxation and regulation, so how is that not good? >> it's good as far as sovereignty. this is completely different from anywhere else in the world. pensioners led this, 66% margin of leave, and you had the youth which normally leads revolts, 18 to 24, 72% voted to stay. but this nigel guy is -- gary is a smart guy. nigel is a goof. the s&p 500, 70% of -- 70% of
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the revenues come from domestic revenues in the united states. 60% of the companies in the s&p 500 have a higher yield than the is 10-year treasury. of course money will flow to the u.s. equity markets when there's disruption to the world. that has nothing to do with whether the idea is good or bad. britain leaving is no the a big deal. switzerland and norway are in europe but not in the eu. what happens next. if what happens next if the danes and french leave the eu and north ireland and scotland leave the uk, that could be a domino effect that could be a problem to world markets. >> hadley, is that your worry? >> oh, i think there might still be some uncertainty ahead but i agree with gary that sovereignty is worth paying the price of some short-term uncertainty, no matter where you are in the world. this was a vote about the uk's sovereignty and about their autonomous nature of their government, so at the end of the day, i say don't be chicken little. if an acorn hits you in the head it doesn't mean the sky is falling. >> and jessica, a lot of these companies like vodafone made
7:17 am
threats about possibly leaving. i mean one idea is for handouts to corporations, tax breaks and cutting corporate taxes to get them to stay in britain. >> i know that's very exciting to the republican side of things here, but i actually think that what we're really facing is not just a sovereignty issue and not just an economy issue but the fact that we're talking about a referendum sold on a bunch of lies to the british public here. i mean, nigel faraj said that britain would be getting 350 million pounds which is their contribution to the eu they could spend on the nhs. then he backtracks and said that wasn't true. they've come out and said they still want to be a part of the single market which would make them like norway. that means you have to partake in the immigration policy of the eu which means nothing will change. when they said you will have more money in your pockets and you're not going to have immigrants and you also did a lot of fear mongering and ran a xenophobic campaign, none of that will happen. it's about lies. >> jonas, in terms of -- there was -- it did hit on a nerve of
7:18 am
why people were upset about the additional regulations coming out of brussels, about the influx of immigrants and those are valid concerns. >> i speak for most connecticut taxpayers, at least -- we don't want our money going to subsidize mississippi and alabama. those clowns have been on the tape from us and california since the founding of the nation. the point i'm making is you're either for globalization or not. the free flow of labor services and goods, is good for the stock market, is good for the economy. if you don't believe that you're no better than the guys flipping cars and burning cars during the world trade organization and riots and anarchist liberals who think globalization is bad and causes poverty and inequality. this is a union theory that somehow having labor come to your country lowers wages and destroys your economy and you're better off without those people and competition and worlds and all that. it's not about some national whatever. it's anti-globalization and you can't be -- >> but donald trump as well, not
7:19 am
just -- now the right is, donald trump says that he and bernie sanders think the same about this. and that's also dangerous on both sides of the spectrum. >> gary -- >> well look, there's never been a large central plan organization the left didn't love. they all think they're smarter thanes the average guy. talk about lies. what about the remain lies of oh, my god it's going to be the seven plagues of egypt coming down, it's going to be horrible. now i think most of the world markets have bounced back and they're going to keep getting stronger because this is the right thing to do. >> but the pound is not back. >> gary, final word. thank you, guys. cashing in just over an hour from now. eric, what do you have coming up? >> president obama bashing donald trump's comments about securing our border, but was it the president's comments that crossed the line? we play the tape. and democrats calling a gop hearing on benghazi a waste of tax dollars. why that could get the hypocrisy of the year award. we will he see you at 11:30
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eastern. see you then. >> we'll be watching. up first, growing calls for a special prosecutor in the hillary clinton e-mail probe. after attorney general loretta lynch had a private meeting with president bill clinton. would the cost to taxpayers be worth it? >> america is at war. >> here they come. >> welcome home. your dentures seem to fit fine when you first put them on. but, during the day, they can move! in the morning... noon...
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what didn't eric holder tell you about this job? what's the one thing you wish had told you? >> where the lock on the plane door was. >> not everyone is laughing.
7:24 am
attorney general loretta lynch saying she will not recuse herself from the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, but will accept the advice of career prosecutors. despite her 30-minute private meeting on a government plane with former president bill clinton this week. now calls growing for a special prosecutor in the case. john, you say one should be named even if it means extra costs to taxpayers. >> yeah. because justice is the one thing that doesn't seem to matter here. look, she -- what she did is shocking to say the least. but you have so much flame throwing on both sides from republicans saying indict her to democrats saying she's done nothing wrong justice is probably somewhere in the middle but we're not going to get there because people would rather further their politics than find out the truth and that's what's wrong with our country right now. >> jessica? >> i understand john's argument. i feel she has done a lot here saying she's going to take the advice of the career prosecutors here and that she's not going to recuse herself, though, but nothing happened there. i don't think that anyone thinks they talked about the e-mail probe.
7:25 am
there is precedent. job ashcroft recused himself in 2003 so this has been happened before but i don't think anyone should doubt loretta lynch's character here. >> how much taxpayer money to you want to spend on hiring sherlock holmes, unending quest for power. i don't need to prove that. we know that. >> hadley? >> i would think that democrats and especially even the clintons themselves would support independent coun snell this case. if their line is that she is innocent they have nothing to hide from the attorney general or anyone else. >> not after an intern and a gap dress. gary? >> well, ditto what jonas said. we've spent by estimates $20 million. what will we learn half the country think she's a crook and half think she's a saint. we will not learn more unless criminal charges have filed. they haven't been filed now, i don't think they will get done. she ran out the clock like we
7:26 am
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pre dixions go. >> july 4th means the great american beer budweiser up 30% in a year. >> drinking it? >> no. >> okay. john? >> jonas is 120 pounds. he knows nothing about beer drinking. >> thank you. >> american airlines has a compelling valuation up 20% in a year. i own it. >> gary, do you like it? >> no one has ever made money off airline stocks. avoid. >> praise. blessings to you. jonas your prediction. >> it has made investors favor lower stocks, that's what independence day is about high
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>> no! stay safe with high yielding u.s. stocks like verizon. i own it. >> john? >> thanks for joining us. happy fourth. charles is now. in the wake of the terror attacks in turkey and bangladesh rules impacting the way we track terror in the united states. hello, everyone. i'm charles in for neil cavuto. this week the justice department mandating an implicit bias training program for more than 28,000 of its employees. the attorney general loretta lynch saying that programs help, quote, promote fairness but ben stein says there's nothing fair about putting political correctness over safety. charlie gas perino john than and jessica. megan doing her great job hosting bulls and bears and adam is off this week. can we afford to be more p.c.? >> we can't


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