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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  July 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. . a fox news alert over an extraordinary meeting rocking the political world. the fbi interviewing hillary clinton about her e-mail practices when she served as secretary of state. the presumptive democratic presidential nominee returned to her home in washington shortly after noon following the meeting this morning at fbi headquarters. hello and welcome inside this hour of "america's election headquarters." i'm kelly wright. >> i'm laura i thinkle. the clinton campaign confirms she met voluntarily with fbi to discuss her use with a private e-mail server and the possibility that classified information was put at risk. we're told that meeting lasted more than 3 1/2 hours.
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and it comes on the heels of fbi interviews with clinton's top aide about her office's use of that e-mail system. >> jennifer griffin is following these breaking developments live in washington, d.c. where she joins us now with more details on this historical day. jennifer? >> well, kelly, we've been outside hillary clinton's home here in washington, d.c. >> we're having some difficulties with that. we'll try to get jennifer back as soon as we get connected with her signal again. however, as we continue to follow these developments we'll continue to get back to jennifer with more details from mrs. clinton's home. >> i believe we do have jennifer now back on the line. jennifer, go ahead. >> okay. kelly, laura, we've been outside hillary clinton's home here in washington, d.c. most of the morning. the clinton campaign remained mum for about 24 hours when we began asking yesterday when news
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reports first reported by the daily caller reported she would be meeting with the fbi. she did not want to comment on that. we finally got a statement from them at about 12:20 after hillary clinton arrived back here at her home after meeting, as you mentioned, for 3 1/2 hours with the fbi. this was the statement from her spokesman nick merrill. quote, secretary clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her e-mail arrangements while she was secretary. she was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department of justice in bringing this review to a conclusion. out of respect for the investigative process she will not comment further on her interview. of note, just a little while ago clinton's former chief of staff at the state department, cheryl mills, left the clinton residence. she does not have a formal position on the campaign but is a long-time confidante and adviser. she also was interviewed previously by the fbi about their records keeping at state
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department. if you look back at the history of this controversy it is notable secretary clinton set up her e-mail server on the same day as her confirmation hearing in 2009. two years later, she sent this e-mail to state department employees after a cyber hack was noted in the press. quote, and this was on june 29th, 2011. quote, avoid conducting official department business from your personal e-mail accounts. also of note, just two years later, her ambassador to kenya who had worked on her campaign, he was fired for essentially conducting personal business on a private e-mail account. the concern at the time was that sensitive, if not classified, information may have been compromised. so now we'll have to say what happens next. hillary clinton will be on the campaign trail starting again on tuesday. it will be the first time that she and president obama will be campaigning together.
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that will be in north carolina. back to you, kelly. >> jennifer, let me go back to that 2011 situation where a man was fired for not following hillary clinton's directive as secretary of state. and yet she didn't follow it herself. many people on the sidelines saying this is a person who is professional in her politics. what was she thinking? how does she get beyond the optics of this as she moves forward with her campaign? >> optics is not just a problem in terms of this investigation. you'll remember we just learned a few days ago, on monday, bill clinton walked over on the tarmac in arizona, in phoenix, arizona, to attorney general loretta lynch's plane, boarded the plane and met with the attorney general for 30 minutes at a time when he knew that her -- his wife was under investigation by the fbi. that we have heard from attorney general lynch she wishes the meeting had never happened. it only came out because a
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reporter in phoenix eventually reported on it. so there's been a lot of issues with optics. the clinton campaign says that this is a security review by the fbi. and again, they have emphasized today that this was a voluntary meeting with the fbi. kelly? >> and their reaction today are the remaining cool, calm, and collected or something beneath the surface that would suggest that perhaps she's a little worried about the fbi spending three hours with her on a saturday? >> well, we don't have any indication of that. we simply have a statement from spokesman nick merrill. again, it took about 24 hours for them to craft that statement and confirm that she has met this morning with the fbi. but again, the campaign really pretty mum about the meeting and they said that secretary clinton will not be commenting further on the interview today by fbi agents out of respect for the investigative process. kelly? >> jennifer griffin reporting from washington, d.c. at the
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clinton home of mrs. clinton. thank you. the daily koler was one of the first media outlets to break the news. reporting yesterday about this pending meeting. joining me now is jamie weinstein, senior writer at "the daily caller." thanks for being here today. >> thanks for having me. >> how did you first hear about this meeting? how did you hear that it was coming down? >> well, it was reported by our -- one of our reporters chuck ross. she reported it, i think before everybody else, that this meeting was going to occur. and as he reported today hillary clinton met with the fbi for over three hours. i saw the statement coming from the clinton campaign afterwards. she pretended or suggested that they were very happy to meet with the fbi but i can't imagine that any presidential candidate just about to accept their party's nomination wants to be on saturday having a three-hour discussion with the fbi in an investigation, they're looking into wrong doing by the nominee. this is certainly not something that hillary clinton hoped to be in a position of when she is
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just really weeks away from accepting the democratic nomination. >> and let's talk about the timing of today's meeting. we know that usually in these type of investigations the target of the inquiry is questioned at the end, when most of the facts have been gathered. how close could we be to a conclusion here? >> it's hard to say. definitively when it will come out. as you said, almost everyone believes this ask basically the final step in preparing -- in coming to a conclusion and whether there was mishandling of classified information either by hillary clinton or one of her aides. and i would imagine we'll find out relatively shortly whether there will be an indictment of hillary clinton or one of her aides or no indictment at all or at least a recommendation either way from fbi. and then it will be up to the justice department to decide what they're going to do. but again, you know, with weeks coming to the democratic nomination, this is certainly not something a presidential nominee or presumptive presidential nominee wants hanging over their head. >> sure.
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and you know a lot of people now are talking about the time, the amount of time that clinton spent with the fbi. 3 1/2 hours. are you hear that more interviews are coming? is she done? this couldn't be it. >> well, you know, i haven't heard whether there will be more interviews. 3 1/2 hours does strike me of a lot of time and does strike me as clinton campaign keeps saying this is a security review. i'm not ensure what that means. the fbi does criminal investigations. so they are looking to see if there's any wrong doing that was done so they needed to sit down with hillary clinton. obviously they thought that was a necessary step and they took that today and we'll see whether this leads to more interviews with hillary clinton or w they determine whether or not some wrong doing occurred. >> and how do we know how she prepared for these interviews? obviously her team knew it was coming eventually. she met with them voluntarily. they told us that. do we know how she was prepared for this? >> i've not seen any, you know,
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leaks suggesting how she was prepared. as you know, the aides to hillary clinton didn't want to get back to even fox news so quickly that she was even having this meeting today. so they haven't kind of leaked out how she prepared for this interview but i imagine she is probably well briefed by lawyers, you know, this is a very serious matter. i'm sure she didn't take it lightly. >> other big clinton item here, let's get to the private meeting former president bill clinton had on attorney general loretta lynch's plane this week. lynch herself has said if she could do it over again she wouldn't have done it. how bad is it for her political -- her career right now? what are you hearing on your end? >> well, the appearance is the problem. we don't know what was said in that meeting between bill clinton and attorney general lynch. but we'll never know really unless -- there was no recordings done there, they kind of kicked out kind of the -- anybody who might record it in any way. so we have this appearance that looks very problematic.
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attorney general lynch says that she will -- she intends to accept the recommendation of the fib. she's trying to say that, you know, she wouldn't have done it in another situation. and maybe it was innocent. but, you know, that appearance is the problem. certainly donald trump already has i'm sure he will continue to claim that there's a corrupt game going on here if hillary clinton is not indicted. i'm sure he will point to that meeting, whether it's fair or not, whether it's true or not, and say what went on in that meeting to prevent hillary clinton from being indicted. i don't think donald trump politically will let this go away. >> all right, jamie weinstein, we'll leave it there. we'll continue to follow it. >> so it will not go away and we will continue to follow the breaking news on hillary clinton throughout the hour. but there is another news that's going on right now. that's isis strikes gaen. taking hostages and killing n innocent victims in the name of jihad how this horrific incident ended and what we know about those who lost their lives.
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this is a fox news alert. we are learning new information about those killed during an isis attack in a restaurant in bangladesh. three of the 20 victims were u.s. college students. one was an indian citizen
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studying at berkeley and two were students at emory university in atlanta including this young woman. we have her photo now. standoff ended when commando forces stormed the restaurant killing six terrorists and capturing another. 13 hostages were rescued. katie logan joins us live from london with the latest on this. hi, kitty. >> hi, laura. this was a very busy cafe, popular with foreigners and wealthy bangladeshis. that is we understand is the reason why militants wanted to target it. the white house has confirmed one american killed, was one of those students. among those 35 hostages taken captive on friday evening in the cafe and finally after ten-hour standoff over 100 police stormed that building in a hail of gunfire. six gunmen killed, one arrested. but by the time police intervened, many of those hostages were already dead. and reports indicate that
11:16 am
foreign hostages were targeted, they were executed first, while bangladeshi muslims were left unharmed. the state department has released a statement condemning the attack, calling it a despicable act of terrorism and the italian government has now also confirmed nine italians are among the 20 dead. one of those still missing. japanese officials say seven of its citizens were killed. in all, 13 hostages were rescued and isis has since claimed responsibility for this attack, saying it targeted citizens of what it called crusader countries although it's yet to be verified it has released photos of the man it says carried out the attack. the prime minister has pleaded with islamic extremists to stop killing in the name of religion. she also announced two days of national mourning but as that process begins, questions are also being asked as to why
11:17 am
security services didn't act sooner, why more lives could not been saved. now this is not the first attack in bangladesh but it is by far the worst and it marks an increase in militant activity in the country and the region. >> all right, kitty logan for us live in london bringing us the latest on this most recent terror attack. thank you. and for more on this let's bring in ambassador john bolton, former u.s. am boss door to the u.n., senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and a fox news contributor. ambassador, thanks for joining us today. when we look at bangladesh, tell me what type of a country this is and why it has been prone to having violence there in the past. muslims against muslims in most cases. >> right. well, it's been rising in recent years but if you go back several decades, bangladesh by its constitution and by reputation was a pretty secular, pretty stable place. so the rise of radical islam in
11:18 am
the past 15 years, it's been evident, no doubt about it, but this is really the -- i think the most significant attack because it was directed at foreigners. as you indicated, a lot of this has been internal political tension and conflict, crack down by the bangladeshi government. no doubt about it from what we know, this was in an upscale neighborhood, in the diplomatic neighborhood. and people in the restaurant were asked whether they could recite verses from the koran. those who couldn't were executed. and as isis has taken credit for it quickly, we now see the attack in istanbul, in europe, the attack in bangladesh, in asia, on the indian subcontinent, just a few days left in ramadan you have to ask yourself are there other attacks coming? >> and that's the fear that many people have, not only here in
11:19 am
the united states but around the world, they have seen the spread of isis at a time when many leaders are saying they're containing isis. do we need to get beyond containment and get to the point of destroying? >> well, i think that's the objective that we need to pursue as soon as possible. i'm afraid the strategy that the administration has been pursuing now for over two years since isis broke out of syria, captured fallujah, initially took mosul and expanded into iraq, has been what the president said is to ultimately destroy isis. but all the time that isis gets, gives them the opportunity to recruit new terrorists, to train them, to plan operations, and to see this kind of attack like we have seen in bangladesh. i think in terms of isis on the ground in syria and iraq, the sooner they're destroyed the t better. >> your concerns going forward, destroying and concern about americans and other foreigners traveling abroad, going to places that they love to tour
11:20 am
and then having this type of despicable act of terror take place. >> well, i think especially for americans as we're approaching the fourth of july, end of ramadan within the few days after that, this is a time to be very aware of where you are and to keep an eye out to follow the state department travel bulletins and just to exercise good judgment. it applies in this country, too. the way isis and al qaeda and other terrorist groups like to focus on key dates and anniversaries, i hate even to think this thought, but we would be foolish if we didn't look at july 4th as what they would consider an optimal day. >> so many people are watching being vigilant here in the united states. i can't let you leave without asking you to comment, if you will, on former secretary of state hillary clinton, the presumptive democratic nominee. today spending three hours on a saturday voluntarily, as she says, talking to the fbi about her private server, her e-mails.
11:21 am
your reaction, sir. >> you know, there's voluntarily and then there's voluntarily. if i had been advising her she were anything other than a candidate for president of the united states, i wouldn't have agreed to these interviews. we'll see what happens. you know, we really don't know if her attorneys cut off a lot of fbi questions. we don't know how much of that 3 or 3 1/2 was consumed in conferences between clinton and her attorneys. and i don't think we can necessarily conclude that we're right at the end of this investigation. i think this is a complex process. the fact it was held on a saturday shows the length that the fbi was prepared to go to to shield their efforts from political abuse. and it's really almost unprecedented the extent to which they've gone. but i think we've got a ways to go in this yet. >> all right, sir. ambassador john bolton, thank you for your comments. good day to you. >> thank you. in the deadly terror attack at the istanbul airport sparking
11:22 am
security concerns here in america this holiday weekend. are the feds doing enough to keep us all safe? plus, donald trump says people are champing at the bit to speak at the republican national convention. how this is playing out with the big show only weeks away. plus, growing fallout for hillary clinton as she meets with the fbi over her e-mail scandal. we'll be talking about it all day. what it means for the case against her and her campaign for the white house. alzheimer's means...
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a fox news alert. after months of speculation and e-mail dumps, hillary clinton finally sat down for an interview with fbi investigators. mrs. clinton left her washington home this morning for the trip to the fbi headquarters for what her campaign calls a voluntary meeting on that private e-mail server she used while serving as secretary of state. the meeting reportedly lasted 3 1/2 hours. it comes just a few days after bill clinton kicked up a fire storm of criticism by meeting privately with attorney general
11:28 am
loretta lynch whose justice department is overseeing the investigation. clinton's meeting with the fbi comes as a presumptive democratic nominee prepares to hit the campaign trail next week with president obama and vice president biden. so how will all this affect her bid for the white house? joining me now is brad, the former deputy assist about to president george w. bush and green, former 2008 clinton campaign adviser and fox news contributor as well. ladies and gentleman, start your engines. i mean, this race just keeps going and going at brake neck speed and yet on a saturday where the presumptive democratic presidential nominee is facing the fbi. you know her. what do you think she's going through today? >> well, if you look back at the history of this investigation which started last july, in august of 2015, so, kelly, almost a year ago secretary clinton said, i would like to sit down with the fbi and answer
11:29 am
any questions and for this entire year she's been wanting to do that. she's encouraged her entire team to sit down with them and answer any questions. so i think this day has not come soon enough for secretary clinton. certainly the fact that it's happening before the convention is a good thing. and now that this investigation is wrapping up we can start to put this behind us. but she has been wanting this day to come for quite some time. so we're happy it did. >> brad? >> well, i'm sure she was looking forward very much to sitting down for 3 1/2 hours with the fbi talking about her criminal involvement potentially in a cover-up, in releasing classified documents, in a pay to play scandal between her husband, herself, and foreign governments. i think there's nothing more she wanted to do on a holiday weekend than to sit down with the fbi. and also, she called it a security review. she's a lawyer. her lawyers know better. the fbi directors told us the fbi doesn't do security reviews.
11:30 am
they do criminal investigations. she is a target. this day is behind her but what's in front of her only the fbi and the justice department knows. but one thing is for sure, she is a target of a criminal investigation. >> so when you look at this and we're just a few weeks away from the democratic presidential nomination and the convention, that is, what happens now within the clinton camp and what does the trump camp do as they're watching this from the sidelines perhaps gleefully or perhaps cautiously so they don't step into the middle of it and make themselves look bad? does this give trump an advantage? jehmu? >> i certainly hope that the trump campaign does not look at this gleefully and probably most americans hope that, but we know donald trump. we know that he's going to have a number of reactions. >> gleefully but perhaps suspiciously, maybe that's more of a word. >> of course, donald trump is going to try to tap in this with
11:31 am
his name calling and immature behavior. we know what to expect from this man. he's going to behave like a fifth grader. now, how is hillary clinton going to spend the next few weeks before the convention? continuing to do what she has been doing, building an incredible operation, talking directly to the voters about how we are stronger together and how donald trump would be dangerous to our economy, dangerous to our national security. she's going to keep her eye on the ball. donald trump, who knows. whatever side of the bed he wakes up on will determine his response. >> talk about the fact that the clinton campaign will move forward. on tuesday she will be campaigning in north carolina with president obama at her side and on wednesday she will be campaigning with the vice president at her side. what does this state about the white house commitment to perhaps helping hillary clinton get across the finish line in november? i mean, without looking at what just happened today.
11:32 am
>> i think they do it at their peril. look, the worst case scenario is hillary clinton is referred for indictment and, fft, is indicted. what if she's indicted before the convention? then the convention is thrown on its ear. and worse than that, is what if she's indicted after the convention when ballots have been certified in all 50 states? what do the democrats do once her name has appeared on the ballot? how do they change that? the president is putting his prestige, and the vice president, with somebody who is under serious criminal investigation. i think democrats do it at their peril. going back to your question on donald trump, donald trump has every right to let the american people know about hillary clinton and her possible criminal involvement on numerous issues. it's his duty to do that, to sound the alarm. i know the clintons don't want anybody to talk about it but this is unprecedented in political history in america that a presidential nominee of a major party is under criminal indictment or possible criminal indictment. >> possible.
11:33 am
let's speak it very carefully because we don't know what the fbi will say. in fact, there are some conservatives who say she will not face an indictment. i've got to go forward right now and, jehmu, last word, what do you see happening for the clinton campaign moving forward? >> they're going to continue to hit donald trump on his lack of experience and continue to build a campaign operation that he is not able to even compete with in any way, shape, or form. >> brad, i'm assuming and i know that you're probably saying that the trump campaign is now saying that clinton is not fit for duty as well. we're doing to see what happens. certainly unfavorable as very high among voters on both sides of the aisle. thank you very much. jehmu greene, brad blakely. >> thanks, kelly. the republican national convention is a little more than two weeks away. donald trump says speaking thoughts with the high profile event are full so the question remains who exactly will be taking the stage?
11:34 am
right now live in our new york city newsroom with the latest on this. >> we now know that donald trump will be releasing the list of republican national convention speakers on wednesday, according to trump's twitter account. trump says the speaker list is totally filled and there is even a waiting list. he has said he wants to include more non-politicians and critics point out, well, that's because the presumptive gop nominee has historically high unfavorability and as a result many of the party's rising stars and leadership are choosing not to attend this year's rnc. in an interview with "the new york times" trump says he's thinking about asking sport celebrities like serena williams and don king to participate. his children will speak. senator jeff sessions is also expected to speak. mr. trump says he has -- he was asked to speak on all three nights of the convention but he turned it down because he thinks it would look like he's grandstanding.
11:35 am
trump, speaking in denver yesterday, also pivoted his focus to the private meeting held between president bill clinton and attorney general loretta lynch. republicans and cosome democrat are outraged given that lynch is lead -- and the justice department is leading an fbi investigation against his wife hillary. lynch says it was a social conversation about grandchildren. trump is not buying that explanation. >> you see what happened today where bill clinton goes in the other day into an airplane. just happened to be, oh, just a coincidence. he just happened to be at the airport at this time. think of it. just happened to be at the airport. you know when i first heard the story i said, no, you're kidding. i don't believe it. i thought somebody was joking. >> meantime trump says he planning on unveiling the vp choice before or at the convention in two weeks. here's the list according to the associate press. it includes indian in governor mike pence who is meeting with mr. trump this weekend
11:36 am
reportedly. the campaign reiterates donald trump is looking for an experienced elected official which conservative values. we'll look at that. laura? >> okay, brian. always interesting, right? thanks for keeping it up to speed. >> of course. the deadly terror attack at the istanbul airport sparking security concerns here in america this holiday weekend. are the feds doing enough to keep us safe? (vo) pro plan bright mind adult 7+ promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs
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11:41 am
this country. new york congressman is on the house foreign affairs committee and house transportation committee. thank you for being with us. first, i do want to ask you about the news of the day. we want to ask you about hillary clinton's meeting with the fbi, about her private e-mail server. i want to ask you how you think -- how significant this really is. >> i think it's very significant. the fact of the matter is huge mistake made this past week with bill clinton choosing to board the plane with the a.g. at the end of the week, this morning we have hillary clinton meeting with the fbi. the american public doesn't know everything that the fbi knows now but the american public knows enough to believe that hillary clinton should be indicted, that she did commit crimes. that is without even knowing all of the additional facts of the connections between donations to the clinton foundation, access and policy at the state department, so the american public wants to see not only this fbi investigation come to a
11:42 am
conclusion but want to see justice. we don't want to see anyone is above the law, especially someone who wants to be the president of the united states. so hopefully we don't just see an end of an investigation but one that's bringing accountability and justice and transparency as well. >> do you think this will be wrapped up before the convention? >> i don't know. i believe that the fbi -- james comey is someone who i have grown to appreciate being a professional, of being disciplined, taking his job very seriously. his timeline isn't one to speed up or slow down because of a presidential campaign. it does seem though that the timing is working out though where it's coming to a close right around the convention. >> all right. and you know i want to switch gears here and talk about the terror concerns at our nation's airports. we've seen the stepped up security when these types of attacks happen around the world like we saw in istanbul. what should travelers know going in to the airports this weekend? are we safe? it's fourth of july but we also
11:43 am
know this is a top terror target this weekend. >> they are safe. we never do enough to ensure that we are cracking down on the terror threats that are out there. i'm not aware of any specific threats that exist this weekend at any of our airports. we can do more moving forward to provide additional assets to keep our airports safe. there's no doubt about that. but while we are doing that i don't think that americans should stay home afraid to travel. we don't have that level of a specific threat right now that you keep everyone at home with their doors locked. >> when you look at what happened in istanbul does it appear the u.s. is better prepare with the level of security that we have going on right now? we look at what we see, you know, i was out at jfk this week reporting a day after what happened in istanbul, watching the stepped up security. do you feel like it's enough? i guess it's never enough but do you feel like we're just going in the right direction?
11:44 am
>> i believe that we can go in a better direction. tsa right now is starting to take over certain law enforcement duties. i'd rather see trained law enforcement taking care of the law enforcement duties and having tsa focus on processing passengers through the security line. i'd like to see shorter lines as well because that becomes a security threat additionally. so there is more that can be done. if you compare us to many other countries automatic around the world we certainly have much better security than what we see at the average. >> is there anything in particular that concerns you the most right now when you look at -- you mentioned the tsa lines and getting better security, or getting more enhanced security. is there anything else that concerns you, like the you could go in and change the way things are? >> efficiency, better communication between the tsa, airport managers, airlines, having more efficiency on that standpoint is important but additionally on a broader picture we face a threat that cannot be eliminated if we as a
11:45 am
nation are not willing to identify it. so there are specific tactics that can improve but generally speaking, if we want eliminate the growing threat of radical islamic extremism here at home and abroad we have to be willing to identify it. unfortunately this administration proves not only are they unwilling to identify the threat but they don't have any idea how to eliminate it. there's a lot going on here from very specific tactics that can prove to general statements that are being made by this administration. >> i have one last question for you. i mentioned i was out at the jetblue terminal, terminal five at jfk a day after the istanbul. there was an evacuation because of a suspicious package and there was a very scary moment. a lot of people didn't know what was going on. and they were sent outside. we had hundreds of people. was it the right thing to do? we want to see more of that, right? >> no doubt about it. when you have a suspicious pa package and you do not know what
11:46 am
is in it you have to take precautions. you can't play it safe and try not to inconvenience anyone to try to avoid that scare or to avoid the delay and then it ends up that suspicious package is something bad. god forbid it is. but you know what, i'd rather go through all the precautions to ensure that it's safe and allow passengers to return even though it might be an inconvenience. >> right. >> that particular protocol is important to follow. >> a message that americans need to hear. thank you so much for being here with us here today on this important weekend. thank you. >> thank you. important weekend indeed. a busy one as well. significant development in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal as she meets with the fbi about her private e-mail server. the potential legal impact and what it could mean in her run for the white house. and new rules that benefit military spouses, why an effort by first lady michelle obama means it could now be easier for them to get jobs. plus, some of the toughest gun laws in the country are
11:47 am
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to get profession ally senses like nursing or teaching if they move to a new state. since military families move more often than civilians they often look for a new job every two years. first lady michelle obama announcing the new rules as a victory for her campaign to help military families. and from america's election headquarters a meeting that has the potential to up end the presidential race as the fbi
11:52 am
takes a big step forward in its investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail practices during her tenure as secretary of state. this morning presumptive democratic nominee met with investigators for more than three hours at fbi headquarters in washington. her campaign says it was a voluntary meeting. so what kinds of questions would mrs. clinton have faced? joining us now on the phone is doug burns, defense attorney and former federal prosecutor. doug, good of you to join us today by phone. it's always good to see you. >> thanks. >> what do you think she was asked? i mean, obviously she was asked the basic question about her private e-mail server. >> of course. >> what don't know the totality of what the fbi knows. >> you can break it down into a couple of things. very good point, kelly. in other words, when you're sitting across the table at these interviews as i have here on many, many times. both sides of the table. but on the defense time obviously one of the big calculus points of the room, is, wait a minute, how much do they know about it?
11:53 am
to answer the initial question, two parts. one is to go through the basic facts, you know, just sort of a to z. and two, more important, is to start testing the individual in terms of contradictions that have developed. obviously we've all been privy back and forth to the reports about she said that, you know shr she turned everything over. they're going to cross her again hard on that. she said nothing was marked in a particular fashion. they're going to drill down, focus in and again cross-examiner her heart on those points. that's the type of thing you see. it is a voluntary interview. important to point that out. it's obviously not compulsory. a person has a constitutional right not to speak. but she decided to do so. and 3 1/2 hours sounds like, you know, just about sort of a normal length of that type of meeting. >> normal length. and obviously this is something she would like to get done. enjoy doing it sooner according to her staff. but let's go to the statement that her campaign issued following this. and then after that, i want to
11:54 am
kind of breakdown this statement. she goes on to say or at least her spokesman says, secretary clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her e-mail arrangements while she was secretary of state. she is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the department of justice in bringing this review to a conclusion out of respect for the investigative process she will not comment further on her interview. now, the reason why i basically investigative and also review, as you know, doug, that campaign is making it all along that this fbi investigation was a security review. now, i'm not not an attorney like you are but review and investigation in the same statement. >> yeah, no, no, no. there's a huge split. i'm glad you brought it up, up. and it's just class eic rhetori. one side saying this is review and the other side, rightfully so, they say wait a minute.
11:55 am
this is a criminal investigation. everybody slow down. so you're going to see, i mean, people wiser than i have said politics and prosecution don't always mix and i often say you have two different discussions so that's a political statement which is we're very pleased to assist them in their investigation. the other side is going to hay wait a minute, hogwash, you're the target of the investigation. it's a criminal investigation and the fbi is about to make its recommendation to doj and not for nothing, a little meeting that took place between the chief prosecutor in the land and the target's spouse has -- has led to the chief prosecutor saying i'm going to accept the recommendation of career prosecutors in doj. there will be no politics in it. others have said that don't bode well for hillary clinton. >> all right. i've got to leave it there. we've got to go, but doug burns, as always, we appreciate your legal analysis. always astute of you to join us and give us your breakdown of
11:56 am
all of this. >> my pleasure. >> good fourth to you. and we have more on hillary clinton's interview with the fbi, plus breaking news overseas in bangladesh as three u.s. college students are killed in an attack by isis. we'll be right back. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a
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>> this is a fox news alert on a meeting that has the potential to change the game in the 2016 presidential election. hillary clinton the leaving her washington home this morning to finally sit down with the fbi as it investigates her use of a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of state. hello, everyone. welcome inside this hour of america's election headquarters. >> that meeting at fbi headquarters lasted about three and a half hours as agents looked into the possibility that secret information was put at risk. >> the meeting comes in the middle of a fire storm over a private meeting between bill clinton and attorney general loretta lynch whose justice department is heading up that investigation. we've been following this story all morning long. we're live outside mrs. clinton's home in washington. jennifer. >> reporter: hi, kelly. well, secretary clinton


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