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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  July 2, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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sfx: baby speak not even close. reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange! a fox news alert on today's block buster story. just weeks before she accepts the democratic nomination for president, hillary clinton spends three and a half hours meeting with agents from the fbi on her e-mail practices as secretary of state. now, her campaign calling the visit to fbi headquarters voluntary as investigators probe her use of a private e-mail server for official state department business. and whether any wrong doing occurred. more on this from our washington news room. >> well, hillary clinton is now back in new york after meeting with the fbi investigators in washington, and according to the clinton campaign it was a very long meeting. three and a half hours. as you mentioned the key word being used by the clinton
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campaign is voluntary. they want to make it very clear that she was not subpoenaed. her campaign spokesman says quote, clinton gave a voluntary statement about her e-mail arrangements while she was secretary. she's pleased to be automobile to assist the department of justice in bringing this to a conclusion. this all suggests that this investigation may coming to an end which is one reason why monday's meeting between loretta lynch and former president bill clinton looked so bad. yesterday lynch was in full damage control mode. not only did she say she regrets the meeting she also said she would not block any criminal charges. that she would accept the recommendations of the fbi and the prosecutors. >> the department of justice and the fbi by the fbi director. and then as the the common process, they present it to me and i fully expect to accept their recommendation.
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>> the attorney general did not officially recuse herself essentially leaving her some wiggle room in the event that criminal charges are filed. >> all right. thank you. all right. so there's a republican side to all of this. donald trump is trying to silence the nay sayers. the gop nominee saying he has more than enough speakers lined up for the republican national convention which is just over two weeks away. this as reports surface that he may be having trouble getting big names to sign on for the big event. we're live from our new york city news room with the very latest on this. >> well, we now know that donald trump will be releasing the list of republican national convention speakers on wednesday. trump tweeting quote, the speaker slots at the clonventios are filled with a long waiting list of those that want to speak. the presumptive nominee has historically high unfavorability
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and result many of the party's riding stars and leadership are choosing not to attend this year's rnc. in an interview with the new york times trump says he's thinking about asking more sports athletes and celebryties to attend. his children will definitely be speaking, he says and senator jeff sessions from alabama is also expected. now, the presumptive nominee speaking in denver yesterday. also pivoted his focus to the private meeting held between bill clinton and loretta lynch. some are outraged that lynch met with mr. clinton privately given that the justice department is investigating his wife hillary. lynch says it was a social conversation about grandchildren and such. trump is not buying that explanation and already hinting he believes this investigation may be compromised. >> but it's not a joke.
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it's a very serious thing and to have a thing like that happen, so sad. and as you know, hillary is so guilty. she's so guilty, you can read them right off here, and how that's not being pursued properly. >> meantime the associated press releasing a short list of potential trump vp picks including former house speaker newt gingrich, kdka, jeff sessions a sessions, mr. trump is looking for an experienced elected official with true conservative values. thank you, bryan. now, to the vice presidential selection process for donald trump which bryan was just talking about let's bring in our senior writer at "the daily caller." how are you sir? >> i'm good. how about you? >> i'm good. i wanted to ask you about the fact that donald trump is looking for a vice presidential
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pick who will help him, but doesn't he also need someone who has good legislative chops to deal with congress moving forward if they were to win the election? >> well, that's what he said. he wants to get a vice president who knows capitol hill, who knows the way around capitol hill that could help move his agenda which is why it's interesting that the governor of indiana has moved up on the list of possible running mates. he was a house member at one time. he actually crafted what they call the touch back immigration proposal. which is similar to what actually donald trump has been talking about, making those illegal immigrants in the country go back first to mexico before they can come back to the united states through a vetting process. so in one aspect that's an interesting pick to choose. mike pence is a movement conservative. maybe trump would hope that he could rally those conservatives that are skeptical of donald
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trump. >> you're talking about movement, let's go back to newt gingrich who made a movement with the contract of america when he was in congress. what kind of sway would he possibly have if he were to be picked by donald trump? >> well, it seems that newt gingrich is almost openly auditioning for this role. just yesterday he kind of changed his long standing position on trade. newt gingrich famously helped usher and a half -- nafta proposal. now he's trying to get more in line with donald trump's position. obviously newt gingrich knows the ways around the house of represents being the former house speaker. he certainly would make a good attack dog on the campaign trail for donald trump against hillary clinton and he certainly seems to want the job. so i would not be shocked if donald trump chooses him. so i'm not sure it's the best political move for donald trump. >> you brought up hillary clinton and the fact that if
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newt gingrich were to be the vp pick, that is someone that hillary clinton is accustomed to doing battle with, mr. gingrich. what does hillary clinton have to look for in a vice presidential candidate? >> well, it depends which way she wans to go. some people suggests that in order -- in order to unify bernie sanders' supporters on the left you pick someone like liz warren who they admire and like, but that might turn off some of that wall street money that's come to her campaign and reluctant to give to donald trump because she's kind of an enemy to wall street. or someone like tim kaine, a vanilla governor of virginia and a former senator. >> can he pull it off with some of the scandals going on in his home state? >> he recently has come under a scandal accepting some gifts so maybe that pushes him down to the bottom of that pick. now, other people have suggested she might even do a game change
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candidate, surprise everybody, and try to coax someone like bob gates the former secretary of defense, a long time republican who's skeptical of donald trump. maybe he would jump on board and really change it up or mark cuban, the billionaire, the owner of the mavericks who has been critical. >> but looking forward, what about corey booker? >> his name is lingering out there and obviously he's a rising star in the democratic party. you know, obviously hillary clinton doesn't need him to help win new jersey. that's the state that usually goes democratic, but he would be a very young face of the democratic party and make him a future presidential candidate for sure if she chose him, but it's unclear if she'll go in that direction. >> he's so well liked even by chris christie by the way over in the state of new jersey. it's amazing to see the kind of
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friendship the two of them have even though they're at odds political politically. we appreciate you joining us. have a got fourth of july. certainly we'll be looking at what hillary clinton will do in terms of choosing a running mate and of course everybody is looking at donald trump as well to see what person he'll look for so, so we appreciate your insight. >> thank you so much for having me. >> thanks. and california governor jerry brown signing several bills that will make the state's tough gun control laws even tougher. democrat eck lawmakers in the golden state cracking down after high profile mass shootings like the one in san bernardino. not everyone is on board for the changes. we're live in los angeles with more on this. >> reporter: california already has some of the strongest gun laws across the united states, and on friday, governor brown turned six bills into law including a ban on semiautomatic
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rifles with so-called bullet buttons. that's when the shooter has to use the tip of a bullet or a tool to eject the magazine. then next year in california if you want to buy ammunition you'll have to provide identification and take a background check. also a new state database of ammunition owners and there will be a ban on magazines that hold more than ten bullets. brown issued a statement, it was a single incidence where he said my goal in signing these bills is to enhance public safety by tightening our existing laws in a focused manner while protecting the rights of law abiding gun owners. these new pieces of legislation add to the unprecedented momentum for comments in gun safety policy. we're committed as ever to fight for public safety in our home state. the nra though firing back saying governor jerry brown today signed a draconian gun control package that turns california law abiding gun
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owners into second class citizens. the governor and the legislature exploited a terrorist attack to push these measures through even though the state's already rerestrictive laws did nothing to stop the attack in san bernardino. next year they wouldn't be surprised if these laws are challenged in court. >> our governor and our policy makers in california have -- have kicked the law abiding public squarely between the legs and chopped them off at their knees. >> we should point out that governor brown did veto several gun restrictive bills but there's really a caveat to all of this and that's that there are several measures that are going to be on the ballot in november, several gun restrictive measures. those are being pushed by lieutenant governor and if that happens this could be the beginning of more restrictions here in california. >> thanks. protests overseas, watch this.
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committee now responding to hillary clinton's meeting with the fbi today. hillary clinton has just taken the unprecedented step of becoming the first major party presidential candidate to be interviewed by the fub bi as pa of a criminal investigation surrounding her reckless conduct. the fbi wanted her for questioning reenforces her role in deliberately creating a culture which put her own political ambitions above state department rules and jeopardized
12:46 pm
our national security. >> so what about the legal implications of all this? we'll bring in a criminal defense attorney, former prosecutor and trial attorney and a criminal defense attorney. welcome to you both. all right. it's a huge day. david, i'll start with you. meeting with the fbi, hillary clinton in answering these questions is a big deal no matter who you are. >> absolutely. >> hillary clinton says she was pleased to have the opportunity to do this. what do you think of that language? >> that's nothing but political spin. i mean, this is not good for hillary clinton whatsoever. there are so many problem areas that could have been questioned that she has to be concerned and this is a violation of rule number one for criminal defense attorneys. you know, when you're a target of an investigation, you invoke your right to remain silent and that was an option for her. she had to choose either invoke her right to remain silent or give the statement and she had to for her -- to continue politically, absolutely. so that was a big dilemma for
12:47 pm
her. >> alex, another criminal defense attorney and if you were her attorney, what do you tell her to do at this meeting? you don't ever want your client giving any information that could come and come back to bite them. right? >> yeah, i mean, if i was her attorney there's no way i would tell her to talk with them. i would say to her, there's absolutely no way you can say anything to these officials. i don't want them trying to build a case against her, i don't want them spinning anything that, you know, she's saying to them, but if i were her campaign manager, that's a whole other story. i'd be telling her you have to talk because if she doesn't talk there's the implication that she's hiding something and that would ruin her trust with america. >> and david, what do you make of all the timing of this? first we're seeing this finally happen just before the conventions at the end of the month and second, she spent three and a half hours. what does that tell you, if anything, about what happened behind these closed doors? >> i'm sk chully surprised it only took three and a half hours. i would have thought it would take a whole day or multiple
12:48 pm
days with all of the possible e-mail that would have to be gone over. i mean, she provided 55,000 e-mails as a result of the request and one of the huge danger areas actually is earlier this week we found out that 34 e-mails were actually deleted and not turned over in the 55,000 that were on abdean's account. so why only three and a half hours? >> i guess there's potential that there could be more meetings. >> sure. it can. but i would have thought it would have taken longer today. >> we've got to talk about the private meeting between former president bill clinton and loretta lynch. the other topic people can't get enough of today. what do you think the fallout will be for hillary clinton and this investigation? >> yeah, so it's kind of strange that bill clinton met with the attorney general beforehand. and that to me, the only real
12:49 pm
thing i can say about that is strange. but when you look into this further, a lot of the american public is thinking okay, they're closing in on hillary clinton. they're going to make the arrest. they're going to do this. that's why they're making the interview. but a lot of times this happens and the fbi is doing this to show the people that they're investigating this. however, i think there's just as much likelihood of a chance that in a couple weeks the fbi may say, we did this, we researched it, she's cleared of everything. the clintons are a very powerful family. there's been millions and millions of dollars invested in this campaign. i would say for them to arrest her at this point is little to none. >> david, your thoughts on this private meeting on the plane? what do you think this means for the career of lynch? >> it's a problem for me and it has been since i first heard. the transparency of investigations needs to be critical in general, but more so in this particular case where america is watching. we have a presumptive candidate
12:50 pm
that is a target of a federal investigation and we have a former president speaking to the head of the doj. problematic. and i was surprised that she didn't recuse herself after hearing this information. >> all right. guys, we have to there. thank you for being with us today on this historic day. >> happy fourth. >> happy fourth. >> airports and train stations ramping up security measures after deadly terror attacks around the world. what the feds are doing to make sure millions of travelers stay safe this holiday weekend. . t spell nutrition without nut, am i right? i mean whose to say it's pronounced nu-triton, anyway? my mixes contain delicious nuts, specially blended for your optimal nut-rition. that's right, i just changed a word in the english dictionary, forever. planters. nutrition starts with nut.
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welcome back. thousands of protesters gathering in london today, speaking out against last week's brexit vote. most of the protesters were young adults. many of them expressing concern about their future.
12:54 pm
outside the european union. london voted 60% in favor of remaining in the eu last thursday, but 52% of britons voted in favor of leaving. airports and train stations across the station beefing up security measures as millions of americans travel this holiday weekend. it's a big one. with the federal government adding more police officers and tsa agents to major transit hubs. this in the week of recent terror attacks worldwide. here's more on what travelers can expect to see. >> reporter: we've seen in poll after poll that terrorism and national security continue to be top issues for folks across the country, and that's especially true after the recent terror attacks at the airports in istanbul, and yeld in bangladesh. but that is not keeping americans inside this weekend. aaa predicts this fourth of july weekend will be the most traveled on record.
12:55 pm
43 million are expected to hit the road, air, and trains over the next few days. so security officials across the country are beefing up their presence at airports and other transit hubs. some of that will be visible, like k-9 units and heavily armed officers. other security enhancements, officials say we won't see. homeland security secretary jeh johnson said the public should not be concerned about attacks over the holiday weekend. >> we continue to encourage the public to travel, to associate, to celebrate the holidays, to celebrate the july fourth holiday. continue to go to public events. but be aware and vigilant. >> reporter: even on a local level, police departments across the country are making changes to security plans for parades and celebrations on monday. that's especially true here in d.c., which puts on one of the nation's largest celebrations. >> there's been some small changes. but we have a pretty tight
12:56 pm
security plan for the fourth of july, with our partners. so nothing significant and nothing that should change the ability of people to come here and feel safe and still celebrate. >> reporter: so the message is go out and enjoy yourself, but if you see something that doesn't look right, say something. >> good words of advice. if you see something, say something. but have a wonderful fourth of july each of you. >> that does it for us. a brand new hour of "america's election headquarters" coming up next. >> gregg jarrett and molly line are next. happy fourth of july once again. you can see this young lady tonight at 7:00 p.m. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac.
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a fox news alert on a meeting, well, we haven't ever seen it before. a presumptive presidential nominee sitting down for an interview in a criminal case with the fbi. hillary clinton now back at her home in new york after meeting all morning long in washington with investigators who are probing her e-mail use as secretary of state. hello and welcome to a new hour of "america's election headquarters." i'm gregg jarrett. >> and i'm molly line. the clinton campaign confirming that mrs. clinton traveled voluntarily to fbi headquarters to answer questions about her use of a private e-mail server and the potential that classified state department documents were at risk. that meeting follows several other fbi interviews with clinton's top aides about the e-mail system based in her new york home. jennifer griffin is following this story outside mrs. clinton's home in washington. what do we know about this meeting?