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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  July 2, 2016 1:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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a fox news alert on a meeting, well, we haven't ever seen it before. a presumptive presidential nominee sitting down for an interview in a criminal case with the fbi. hillary clinton now back at her home in new york after meeting all morning long in washington with investigators who are probing her e-mail use as secretary of state. hello and welcome to a new hour of "america's election headquarters." i'm gregg jarrett. >> and i'm molly line. the clinton campaign confirming that mrs. clinton traveled voluntarily to fbi headquarters to answer questions about her use of a private e-mail server and the potential that classified state department documents were at risk. that meeting follows several other fbi interviews with clinton's top aides about the e-mail system based in her new york home. jennifer griffin is following this story outside mrs. clinton's home in washington. what do we know about this meeting?
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>> reporter: well, molly, we don't know a lot about the meeting. we were given a statement at 12:21 p.m. today shortly after secretary clinton arrived back here at her home in washington, d.c. she had been gone for a little over three hours. she met with the fbi we're told by her spokesman for 3 1/2 hours. this was a pretty tightly kept secret, because we got news of the meeting yesterday when the daily caller first reported it, based on anonymous sources. we could not confirm it. none of the other news organizations could confirm it. her campaign went to ground. they were not answering e-mails or phone calls. then we get the statement and there was activity here at her d.c. home, so we suspect that something was amiss -- was up. and then we received a statement a little after noon today she had met with them. so this is probably, we're told from sources close to the investigation, probably one of the final phases suggesting the
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investigation could be coming to an end, because typically they would interview the main subject of an investigation like this towards the end of an investigation. it also happens to come, molly, on a week that was somewhat embarrassing for secretary clinton when it was revealed that her husband, bill clinton, had an impromptu meeting on the tarmac in arizona with attorney general loretta lynch when hillary clinton was under investigation. >> what was notable to you about that meeting? >> reporter: well, i think what was notable is that this is not how the campaign hoped this week would go. remember where we started on monday. we started in cincinnati, ohio with a big rollout, a very prominent meeting and speech
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given by senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts and secretary clinton. it was the first time they were seen on stage together. it was generally seen as an audition. warren, of course, is on the short list to be hillary clinton's vice president. that was how the campaign wanted to start the week. they didn't know that at about the same time, bill clinton was walking over to attorney general lynch's plane in arizona and that that would blow up a few days later when a reporter would leak that, in fact, the meeting had taken place, forcing attorney general lynch to say on thursday that she would accept the recommendations of her career prosecutors and the fbi in this case. she did not recuse herself from the case, even though some have called for not only a special vetter, but also her to recuse herself from the clinton e-mails -- e-mail case. molly? >> jennifer griffin, thank you so much. stay with us. we'll have plenty more ahead as
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the news of former secretary of state hillary clinton's meeting with the fbi. a fair and balanced debate on just how this is likely to play out on the campaign trail. and the legal ramifications for mrs. clinton. our legal panel weighs in on that, as well. stay with us. overseas now to the isis attack at a restaurant in bangladesh. three of the 20 victims were u.s. college students. one was an indian student studying at uc berkeley. the deadly standoff when commando forces stormed the restaurant killing six terrorists and capturing another. 13 hostages were eventually rescued. we're joined live from london with the latest. kitty? >> reporter: gregg, it appears militants deliberately targeted foreigners in this attack. the white house has confirmed one american citizen was killed. this started friday evening when
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gunmen took about 35 people hostage in that cafe and finally, after a long ten-hour standoff, over 100 police stormed the building. six gunmen were killed, one arrested. now, isis has claimed responsibility and has released photos of the men it says carried out this attack. reports indicate that foreign hostages were executed first. bangladeshi muslims were left unharmed. some hostages were tortured. nine italians are among the dead. one is still missing, and japanese officials say seven of their citizens were also killed. two bangladeshi policemen died in the raid to free the hostages. as you say, in all 13 hostages rescued. others managed to escape as the gunmen first stormed that cafe. the state department has called the attack a despicable act of terrorism. it's offering to support the
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bangladeshi authorities. and bangladesh's prime minister has called on islamic extremists to stop killing in the name of religion. she also declared two days of national mourning. already questions are being asked about why the authorities didn't act sooner. why these people weren't rescued earlier. why more lives could not have been saved. this may not come as a complete surprise to authorities in bangladesh. islamic extremists have targeted individuals in the past. but of course, this attack comes on a whole new scale. it represents a major rise in islamic extremism in the country and it will be concerned across the wider region and worldwide. gregg? >> kitty logan live in london with the latest. thanks. officials are calling off the search for a bear that mauled a mountain biker to death. he was found dead at the scene in montana.
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officials say the 38-year-old bicyclist was probably riding at a high rate of speed and collided with the bear. his riding companion escaped. authorities are trying to determine if it was a black bear or a grizzly and if it might have been a mother protecting its cubs. a car crash causing a massive gas explosion and then a fire in a detroit suburb this morning. the driver veering off the road and hitting a 500 pound gas main valve with an electrical power line close by. that natural gas line started to burn and sparked a fire at a training facility. crews arriving at the scene about ten minutes after the crash, turning the gas off. the driver take on the a local hospital. there's another out of control wildfire raging in california near sacramento. firefighters are battling to contain that growing fire, which
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officials say has grown to over 3200 acres, with only 12% containment so far. the flames are threatening about 2600 structures. mandatory evacuations also in place for the surrounding areas due to the increased wildfire activity. hail the size of golf balls damaging a whole lot of cars at an apartment complex in colorado. it was sparked by a powerful thunderstorm that brought very heavy damage to the area yesterday afternoon. the hail crashing through car windows, ruining plants. the apartment complex now working to help cover the tens of thousands in damage to all the cars and other property. california governor jerry brown signing a series of bills that will make the state's gun control laws a lot tougher. it comes after high profile mass shootings like the one in san bernardino. the laws are set to take effect next year. will carr is in los angeles with
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more. will? >> reporter: the genesis for this push started right after the san bernardino attacks but was reinforced by orlando. and before any of this, california already had some of the strongest gun laws on the books in the united states. well, they just got a little stronger. the governor signing six bills into law. one of the most controversial is if you want to buy ammunition in california next year, you're going have to show identification and take a background check. there's also going to be a ban on semiautomatic rifle where you have to use the tip of a bullet to eject the magazine and a ban on magazines that hold more than ten bullets. brown, who did veto other bills, issued a statement that said, my goal in signing these bills is to enhance public safety by tightening our existing laws in a focused manner, while
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protecting the rights of law abiding gun owners. they say these new pieces of legislation add to the momentum for again sense gun policy and we're as committed as ever to fight for public safety. the nra disagrees saying -- >> reporter: gun right advocates say sometime next year, these laws will be challenged in the courts. take a listen. >> our governor and our policymakers in california ha have -- have kicked the law abiding public squarely between the legs and chopped them off at their knees.
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>> reporter: the caveat here is that there are a number of measures that are on the ballot here in california that would further restrict gun rights for people across the state. if those pass, this could just be the beginning. molly? >> big change there is at the state level. thanks for joining us. as hillary clinton prepares to dive into months of heated battle against donald trump, she has a very loyal soldier on her side. of course, her husband, the former president. but with his recent misstep involving the attorney general and a few other controversies, is bill clinton helping or hurting her campaign? i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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fox news alert. some sad news, holocaust survivor and nobel peace survivor has died. he wrote about his time at self-concentration camps, most notably in the book "night." weisel was the allen melon professor of humanities at boston university. he won the nobel prize in 1986. today, israel's holocaust memorial is saying that it mourns the passing of elie
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weisel. he was 87 years old. clinton's meeting with the fbi, what about her husband? former president bill clinton kicking up a controversy after his president meeting with attorney general loretta lynch while her department leads his wife's e-mail investigation. mr. clinton remains a potent force within the democratic party, but this is the latest in a series of controversies that he's stirred up on the campaign trail. so is he helping or hurting her white house bid? thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> great to have you guys with us. this has been really stirring things up. an interesting week in politics, certainly when it comes with the former president and his meeting with the attorney general.
1:17 pm
how big of an impact will this have on hillary clinton's campaign? >> i don't think bill clinton does anything without a lot of forethought and without knowing what he wants to get. the clintons are, if anything, political animals. yet this seems a little desperate in a sense. my assessment here is that they expect her to be indicted. what's interesting of what could happen with this, it does cast a shadow as the attorney general said, over the entire process, if she's not indicted, people will be upset, and if she is, the clintons can argue that the post meeting public debate perhaps forced loretta lynch's hand. at the same time, keep in mind the fbi has already said bill clinton is also a target and a possible witness. part of their investigation is about her work at the state department and its impact on the clinton foundation. so it was outrageous that she would meet with a target and a witness and a spouse and it
1:18 pm
just -- both of them know how wrong that would be. >> certainly you're hitting on this greater issue of possible impropriety. but when it comes to politics on the trail, will this hurt her campaign? >> it's hard to know, because it depends obviously on the other candidate, donald trump. and somewhat he says about her, what he does, and how people either believe him or her. i do think loretta lynch should have recused herself, no question about that. but she didn't. so now we have to talk about what is going to be doing with the campaign, and very honestly, i think that we don't know. it really depends on how donald trump handles it. if he goes overboard calling her lying hillary and that kind of thing, it think it will help her. if he keeps it more cool, it could hurt her. >> well, he has spoken a little bit about it on the trail, implying what a coincidence this was, maybe not. and here it is, the meeting on the tarmac. and before the week is done, hillary clinton is meeting with the fbi in the morning. >> within 48 to 72 hours.
1:19 pm
the opinion of hillary clinton is already baked in. this is going to reinforce what everybody already thinks about her. i think bill clinton's action is to find a way to handle it when everything hits the fan. and this is what they're always thinking. look what they have gotten away with. look what he's accomplished through charm and control of media. she really doesn't have either one of those things. i think this is like a hail mary pass on his part. but for loretta lynch, this could end a career. she, in any other normal situation, she should resign and he knew that going to her and this is what is so shocking and striking about his behavior. >> when we look at what happened this week and what could be happening in the weeks to come, we don't know how things will happen with the investigation. she said she'll defer, as you mentioned, not recuse. but as the campaign goes
1:20 pm
forward, how does she shift away from what's happening with the fbi? she could have had a great week. she could be hitting trump on the economy. but we're all focused once again on the fbi and the e-mails. >> if i were here, and i think she did this in her statement today, i would say look, i met with them on my own. i was not forced to do it for 3 1/2 hours. and i answered every one of their questions, and i hope that they're satisfied with the answers and move on. that's how i would handle it. >> will she be allowed to move on? it's such an unusual circumstance. >> no, because whether she's indicted or not, and that's the conversation. but because of this meeting that happened in phoenix, everyone is going to have a reason to think there's a fix. i have to say for hillary clinton, this has been a year-long investigation. 3 1/2 hours is not long at all. they've already got their picture. they were trying to then match to see what she would say. so her smart thing to do would
1:21 pm
be to not say much. and i don't think she said. but get ready, because those of us who remember the clintons, it was this every month. it was people got exhausted with the scandals, exhausted with the corruption. and people are now getting a feel of what it's like to be around the clintons. >> bill clinton, is he a liability or an asset on the trail? >> i think it depends where and to what group of people. to us old boomers who remember him, he's an asset. maybe to young people, he's not. so i think it depends where they're putting him, what group of people they're putting him with. who remembers the good clinton years as being positive for our country. i think it depends. >> asset or liability? >> i think asset. he's at a point where he's trying to not have the titanic list so much. and he's the charming one. he's the great one with retail politics. he does know all the players. remember, he appointed loretta lynch to the federal bench.
1:22 pm
so he's the one people generally respect and he will do what he can. this is an environment where i don't think he can save her. >> fascinating circumstance, still unfolding as the fbi interview took place today. thank you so much to both of you. gregg? >> we'll have more of that still ahead. plus, the deadly attacks in istanbul and bangladesh also raising an alert for communities right here in the united states and indeed all over the world. the subject of soft targets remaining an issue. terrorists continue to cause carnage. what can leaders do to stop the next attack? if a denture were to be
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a fox news alert, holocaust survivor elie weisel has died. ellen ratner has at the opportunity to meet him. >> i've seen him many times, but i had a very long conversation here in new york at the opening of the museum of jewish heritage in new york. he's most famous about his work for the will to survive. we've used a lot of his philosophy in south sudan, and because they have seen so much abuse. he was -- when i met him, it was, again, this museum is a living memorial to the holocaust, the museum and jewish heritage in new york. what's so amazing is that he could relate to people because although people didn't have the struggle that he had, i certainly hadn't, but he could help us to understand what
1:28 pm
people had gone through. that was his gift. and in conversing with him, that's what he could really help people to make that jump, to understand what people had gone through and people who hadn't gone through it to relate to their experience. >> incredible gift to be able to put into words what had occurred and incredible survivor story, dying at 87. you said you've been able to use his words and some of his works in what you've done over the years. >> i grew up with a lot of holocaust survivors, the people who were around us in cleveland, ohio. and i became very interested in what was going on in south sudan, because it's actually the largest single ethnic genocide since the end of world war ii. larger than cambodia and rwanda combined. and we may have these women -- some of these women have gone through a lot of what elie
1:29 pm
talked about in terms of abuse, torture. and so we've been able to use his philosophy about the will to survive, about the sense of community, and the kind of things he talked about, that made people able to survive that horrible experience. >> perhaps best known for his memoir "night" based on his experiences as a teenager in auschwitz, in a concentration camp. it's so important to talk about the holocaust and keep talking about it. so just by him doing that and so successful -- >> and talking to people like me. who was i for him to talk to? but he spent that time talking. and that's what is so important. >> absolutely. thank you so much for staying and chatting with us. gregg? fox news alert. after months of speculation, hillary clinton finally sitting down with the fbi and the department of justice for an
1:30 pm
interview this morning. the presumptive democratic nominee returned to her washington home after that 3 1/2 hour meeting. and then she headed off to her new york home. her campaign calling the meeting "volunteer" and answering questions about her e-mail and that private server that she used in the basement of her home as secretary of state. so some extraordinary events today, kristen. >> reporter: absolutely. the meeting took place this morning at the fbi's headquarters in washington. it lasted about 3 1/2 hours. and it really signals that this fbi investigation into her use of a private e-mail server may be coming to a close, especially with the democratic convention just over three weeks away. after the meeting, her campaign released a statement staying, secretary clinton gave a voluntary interview this
1:31 pm
morning. she's pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the justice department in bring thing review to a conclusion. this comes just days after that highly controversial meeting between attorney general loretta lynch and former president bill clinton. fbi agents are reportedly livid that it happened, not only because of how it looks, but also because bill clinton himself is a potential targeted witness. remember, this investigation isn't only about the e-mail server, it's expanded to include possible corruption involving the clinton foundation. yesterday, the attorney general said she regrets that the meeting ever took place. >> the most important thing for me as the attorney general is the integrity of this department of justice. and the fact that the meeting i had is now casting a shadow over how people are going to view that work is something i take seriously and deeply and painfully. >> reporter: the meeting also cast a shadow over clinton's campaign right before president obama was set to campaign alongside her for the first time. but by getting this fbi
1:32 pm
interview over with, over a holiday weekend no less, the clinton campaign is trying to put this behind her before the convention. >> success may be clefleeting. thank you very much, kristen. and attack on bangladesh. what does it say about isis' global strategy and security concerns here in america? captain chuck nash is on deck. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing well, istanbul and bangladesh mourning the victims of the horrific terror attacks in both those countries this week. isis claiming responsibility for the attack at a cafe in dhaka, leaving 20 people dead yesterday, including three students attending u.s. university. this as a chechen militant linked to isis is now suspected
1:37 pm
of being the mastermind behind the terror attack in turkey that left 44 people dead. should the international communities brace for even more of these types of attack? let's bring in retired u.s. navy captain chuck nash, also a fox news military analyst. good to see you. will the frequency of these attacks continue at the current pace, escalate, or maybe perhaps abate when the holy month of ramadan ends i believe it's tuesday? >> it's supposed to end on the fifth i believe, greg. at this point, we don't know. but i think having seen the flurry of activity that we have seen, it would well prepare everybody for the worst case. and you've got this thing in bangladesh, which is also somewhat reminisce sent of what happened in orlando, as well, where you have a very soft target or an airport. and that's what it is.
1:38 pm
you can't defend everywhere. and they'll have access to just about anywhere. >> the frequency over the course of the last couple of weeks is frightening to a great many people abroad and certainly here in america we have our own self-radicalized terrorists here in a variety of places. in the orlando massacre, it only underscores the peril we face. we have heightened airport security right now. what would you say to americans who are fearful? >> well, your chances of being involved in a terrorist attack are less than your chances of being struck by lightning and a bunch of other things. but you hear about people being struck by lightning, and you can't turn on the news without hearing about terrorist attacks. this is not a centralized enemy. these are people acting out on an idea, trying to fulfill the tenants of the ideology. and so they're going to -- when
1:39 pm
you say self-radicalize, yeah, they're going to want to be the best they can be, be all they can be, to fulfill that ideology. that's what isis is about. that's what baghdadi has been preaching, and he's saying that he's truly the amir of the faithful. so if you see something, say something is an old and tired thing. but dog gone it, don't be afraid of this political correctness. that's where political correctness kills. that's when people are intimidated to say something. >> captain, isis is certainly believed to be behind the istanbul attack in the airport there. isis claimed responsibility for the bangladesh attack yesterday. is all of this evidence of growing strength or as some believe, it's desperation as isis continues to lose territory on the battlefield? >> yeah, i don't see the desperation at all, gregg.
1:40 pm
the guy from the caucuses, he's the one that the turks and the united states intelligence folks believe was behind the istanbul attack. he's a long-time bad guy. he was arrested in sweden years ago for trying to smuggle in weapons, ammunition and silencers. he only spent ten months in jail and the russians wanted him back but he claimed refugee status in austria. so at some point we have to get smart if we're going to fight this and not stay with the marcus of queensbury rules, but look at what it's going to take to get these guys, because they're running in is seams because they know what our rules are and they know what we'll obey. >> maybe we need more of those bombing raids that killed some reportedly 250 terror militants. we'll leave that for another conversation. captain, thank you very much. >> it's a fun video to watch.
1:41 pm
>> i suppose it is. thank you. vice president joe biden speaking today about a white house cancer research plan. the federal government setting aside a billion dollars, hoping to complete a decades worth of work in just five years. the cancer moon shot program aiming to make treatments more affordable and encourage scientists to share their research. joining me now is dr. ratcliff. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> so this is an incredible niche iv. a lot of money going into this. one of the big factors is about sharing information. why is that so clutch as we work towards finding a cure for cancer? >> we mine data. when we get big data, we can see trends. we want to see clinical trends, and data. and this allows us to tailor treatment. when we look at genes and what's causing the dna that's causing the cancer, and you have this
1:42 pm
particular -- we can see what worked for that patient and what didn't. we don't want to keep repeating things that weren't effective. >> is this also encouraging people to get their ideas and thoughts out there? >> absolutely. every year, 1.7 million americans are diagnosed with cancer. we need breakthroughs and lead the charge on this. so it's important to be able to share this information. this is for a bigger common purpose and we need to start with this now. >> part of it is about bringing private companies all together. and there's been so much controversy over the years, especially when it comes to the cost of the price of prescription drugs. what is the justification for the rising cost of medication? can this address that problem, as well? >> we do not like cancer patients to die because they do not have access to medications. and medications are expensive to come to development.
1:43 pm
they take hundreds of millions, if not billions and some never come to fruition. but we need to figure out ways to share this information so we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel, that's what the purpose is. >> and when you're facing a diagnosis, as so many people across the country have, they're always looking for how they can find the help they need. of course, everyone has a different diagnosis. so one of the other things that's also on this website, it helps people get access to cancer trials. so that's an outreach in essence to people that are so affected. >> we do not want people to not have access to these trials that can be life saving because they do not live in a certain area where there's a cancer senter or their particular oncologist doesn't have access to this.
1:44 pm
we should be able to provide this information to patients. we need to provide this in an easy-to-understand manner. that's one of the purposes of this initiative, to get this to everybody. >> thank you so much, doctor. certainly transcends politics. >> thank you. hillary clinton facing major political fallout over her e-mail server and that impromptu meeting between the attorney general and former president bill clinton. what are the legal implications of all this? we have two defense attorneys joining us to talk about it.
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i don't have a rule in those findings, in coming up with those findings or making those recommendations. i'll be briefed on it, and i will be accepting their recommendations. >> that's the u.s. attorney general loretta lynch responding to a firestorm of controversy following her spontaneous meeting with former president bill clinton. it lasted to minutes privately. the a.g. saying she regretted the meeting because it cast a shadow over the e-mail investigation of hillary clinton. while lynch is not recusing
1:50 pm
herself from the clinton case, she is saying she will not contest whatever decisions her career prosecutors and the fbi reach. let's bring in our legal panel and talk more about this. so richard, she's not going to recuse herself, but she's not going to change whatever decision is made by the career prosecutor. why not recuse yourself to remove all doubt that the public may have? ? >> we have a special prosecutor that needs to be appointed. >> alberto gonzales recused himself. janet reno recused herself. >> impropryty. >> if the deputy made the decision the deputy is a political appointee at the end of the day and whether or not -- >> but talking with bill clinton
1:51 pm
for 30 minutes privately aboard an airplane. >> this is a clinton administration investigating the candidate. it's bad all along and somewhere we have to have faith in the justice system. it's very difficult. the attorney general should never have had this meeting with president clinton and president should never have had the meeting with the attorney general. >> lynch violated her own department's ethical rules and standards and i'll read it. the prosecutor must act impartially and not give appreciab preferable treatment. if you violate that rule you get fired at doj. shouldn't she fire herself and resign. >> she made a bad mistake and she admitted it. we're still only talking about appearances here. we don't know whether or not
1:52 pm
she's going to be impartial or not. >> that's the point, the appearance of an ethical violation is prohibited. >> she admitted that and sometimes that does happen. >> how does she remove the doubt that the americans have abo. >> she has been held to the highest standards throughout her entire career. i've followed her career and i think she should be given an opportunity to come out with the results here. i'm not so sure we need a special prosecutor at this point. >> there's two ways you appoint that. congress can reauthorize the council that lapsed back in 1999 in one day. the law already exists. the other is the attorney general herself can appoint independent council. she could do that in a day.
1:53 pm
>> first of all, we have the last time congress appointed independent council and we saw how that investigation turned out. >> the investigation has been done by the fbi. all the special council would do is review it as career prosecutors are going to do at doj and make a decision. >> we need to hold the attorney general lynch to what she said. if she's going to let the career lawyers and the doj make a decision it will be fine. >> you have confidence in independent counsel rather than the biased prosecutors. >> i have faith in the system as an attorney and i have fatith te right decision will be made. >> i'm going to say it, she's had a whole career of using the -- not violating the law and acting as an ethical prosecutor. she should have recused herself a long time ago because the bill
1:54 pm
clinton was the person who appointed her as the u.s. attorney. he's a potential target of this fbi investigation. shouldn't she have in the beginning said you know what, i'm going to do what they did and recuse myself. she could have done that. she has admitted that because she didn't do that. >> does that make you suspect even more that the fix was in? >> only because it's loretta lynch i really don't suspect that because she's had a career of making decisions based on the facts and applying it to the law . >> she's from our area and we know her well. this should have happened from the beginning to take all away all impropriety. >> should it be a surprise that bill clinton did this because bill clinton got disbarred from practicing law from the united states supreme court for ethical
1:55 pm
lapses and lying. >> absolutely. >> we're not surprised that bill clinton tried to pull this. >> i'm not. >> we don't know what he tried to pull. >> i think he reminded her -- >> as we sit here today we don't know what he was trying to pull, however i think it needs to be investigated and if anything is there should be a special investigator or prosecutor to look at why he approached the attorney general of the united states. >> bill clinton may have run the get out of jail free card that hillary clinton may have had with loretta lynch deciding her fate. now that's out the window allegedly and if hillary clinton gets indicted and ends up in stripes she may have only her husband to blame. >> let me tell you something, i don't think that's going to happen. >> how do you know that? nobody could say they know that. >> i've represented clients before the department of justice
1:56 pm
and with fbi investigators. nobody walks in there with a voluntary meeting. you don't do that if you think you're going to be convicted of a crime. >> she's running for president of the united states. she had no alternative if she wanted to keep the viability for the white house. >> the fbi has never spoken to her. she went to the fbi. >> they asked her for an interview. that's how it works. >> we have to see how this plays out. >> i've got to go. good to see you guys. vigorous discussion. >> we've got the latest details on the terror attack in bangladesh. plus hillary clinton sits down with an interview with the fbi. a look at that ahead. (ray) i'd like to see
1:57 pm
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and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. a news alert. a meeting that has the potential to turn the presidential election upside, hillary clinton the presumptive democratic nominee returning to her washington home after meeting all morning with the fbi investigators on her use of e-mail during her tenure as secretary of state. hello and welcome back to a brand new home inside america's election headquarters. >> that meeting at the fbi headquarters lasted we're told 3 1/2 hours as agents looked into the possibility that classified information was put in jeopardy by mrs. clinton's
2:01 pm
use of a private sever, a setup that violated state department rules. jennifer, what was notable to you about the timing of her fbi appearance today? >> reporter: i think it's most notable that this happened on a saturday of the fourth of july weekend. it's no coincidence that they would want to have a meeting like this during a holiday weekend when most americans are enjoying their barbecues and are at the beach. it's clear that the clinton campaign would like to get this behind them so they can start focusing on the democratic convention. the perfect time of course to bury this kind of news is a holiday weekend. i remember when the state department released a large transcript of her e-mails under a court order on new year's eve. so they have done this sort of thing before. this meeting today was a well guarded secret. none of her campaign officials would confirm the news. in fact they wouldn't answer
2:02 pm
phone calls or messages for 24 hours. the first statement we received was from her spokesman at 12:21 p.m. after she had returned to her house behind me. that was after the 3 1/2 hour meeting with the fbi. >> what's the mood of the campaign regarding this meeting this morning with the fbi and department of justice? >> reporter: this is not how they pictured this week would go. remember, back on monday, greg, we were in cincinnati, ohio where hillary clinton was on stage with senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts who is on her short list to be vice president. that was seen as a very positive event. it was an event that they hoped would carry them through the week but then of course we learned that about the same time bill clinton was walking across that tarmark in arizona to meet with the attorney general, something that became an
2:03 pm
embarrassment for the campaign and for attorney general lynch. this is not how they picked this week would go but this has been a very busy week. you had the benghazi committee release their report this week but the campaign hoped to be able to put out more about donald trump and where his merchandise is made overseas and his trade policies and his comments about brexit and instead they've been playing defense. >> jennifer live outside hillary clinton's home in washington. thanks. stay with us. we have plenty more ahead on this subject, the news of hillary clinton meeting with the fbi as it continues to break. our political analysts are here to take a look at how this is likely to play out on the campaign trail and what about the legal ramifications for secretary clinton? we'll talk to a former fbi boss about that, all ahead this hour so stick around for that. overseas now to the isis
2:04 pm
attack on at restaurant in bangladesh. we're hearing three of the victims were u.s. college students. one was studying at berkeley and two were studying in atlanta including this woman. the standoff ended when forces stormed the restaurant killing six terrorists and capturing another. 13 hostages were rescued. >> reporter: the white house has sadly confirmed that one u.s. citizen died in this attack. it does appear that the militants knew they could target foreigners in this busy and popular cafe. on friday evening they took 35 people hostage there and after a very long tense overnig overnight standoff police stormed the building. some say that was too late. many hostages were dead at that
2:05 pm
time. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. witnesses are also saying that foreign hostages were singled out for execution. bangladesh muslims who could recite the koran were left unharmed. there were some unconfirmed reports that hostages were tortured. the italian government has announced nine of its citizens have died and one still missing and seven japanese killed and two bangladesh policemen lost their lives. in all 13 were rescued. those that managed to escape when the gunmen stormed the calf yea. the white house is offering white house to the authorities in bangladesh. isis has attacked in bangladesh before. not on this scale. the bangladesh leader has today called on islamic extremists to stop these kind of killings. she has declared two days of
2:06 pm
national mourning but already while families grieve questions are being asked as to why the authorities didn't act sooner to save the hostages and this horrific incident marks an escalation of mill stant activity in bangladesh and certainly now there are concerns in the country itself and the region and the wider world about how quickly this organization is spreading. >> thank you. a car crash causing a massive gas cloesh and then a fire in a detroit suburb this morning. the driver of the car veerg off the road and hitting a 500 pound gas main valve. that natural gas line starting to burn and sparking a fire at a training facility. crews arriving at the scene about ten minutes after the crash and then turning off the gas. the driver taken to a hospital.
2:07 pm
the republican national convention a little more than two weeks away and donald trump is building excitement with his list of speakerers at the event and the rnc is taking shots across the aisle. >> the republican national committee and gop presumptive presidential nominee donald trump are both now sounding off hours after the fbi interviewed hillary clinton today for 3 1/2 hours as part of their criminal investigation into her use of a private e-mail sever while secretary of state. the rnc launching an attack on the credibility of the fbi's investigation after attorney general loretta lynch privately met with bill clinton on monday. the meeting sparking widespread criticism given that lynch, head of the justice department, leading the investigation, privately met with mrs. clinton's husband.
2:08 pm
delib rattly creating a culture which put her ambitions above our national security. when the attorney general meets secretly with bill clinton days before hillary clinton's interrogation is conducted over a holiday weekend it raises serious concerns about special treatment. meanwhile trump is doubling down saying this private meeting with no coincidence and proves the system is totally rigged tweeting moments ago saying it is impossible for the fbi not to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. what she did was wrong. what bill did was stupid. we also now know a little more than two weeks before the republican national convention trump will be releasing the list of speakers on wednesday. trump tweeting the speaker slots at the republican convention are totally filled with a long waiting list of those that want to speak. now trump tells "the new york
2:09 pm
times" he's hoping sports stars and celebrities will attend. critics point out many republican rising stars and leaders will not be at this year's convention because of his historic unfavorability numbers. >> thank you. there's always a bit of predictability at these conventions but this year things might been predictable. tlau. >> yeah. california's tough gun control laws are about to get tougher. the governor there jerry brown signing several bills set to take effect next year. not everybody is on board though. will carr is live in los angeles with more on that. >> reporter: california's laws are so tough they're some of the strongest in the country and now they're only set to get stronger. that's off governor brown on friday signed six bills into law. he also very toed some bills as well. the most controversial include a
2:10 pm
ban on semi-automatic rifles. if you want to buy ammunition in california next year you will have to show id and pass a background check and a data base for people who own ammunition. now after these were signed into law there was a brief statement that says my goal in signing these bills is to enhance public safety by tightening existing laws while protecting the rights of gun owners. they say these new pieces of legislation add to the unprecedented momentum for comments on gun safety policies and we're committed as ever to the fight for public safety in our home state. as you might imagine the nra disagrees. they say the governor signed gun control package that turns california's law abiding gun owners into second class
2:11 pm
citizens. the governor and legislator exploited a terrorist attack to push these measures through even thoup the state's restrictive laws did nothing to stop the attack in san bernardino and gun rights activists say next year more than likely these will be challenged in court. >> our governor and policy makers in california have kicked the law abiding public squarely between the legs and chopped them off at their knees. >> reporter: this could be the beginning. there are a number of measures that are going to be on the november ballot here in california for gun rights as well. >> will, thanks. after months of speculation the meeting that everyone had been waiting for finally happened. hillary clinton sits down for an interview with the fbi. we will take a look at the political fallout in the days and months ahead. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are
2:12 pm
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tonight we ride, with bravecto!! ask your vet about 12-week protection with bravecto. lhillary clinton speaking with the fbi for 3 1/2 hours
2:16 pm
this morning. the meeting coming after bill clinton spoke with the attorney general for three hours in an a airplane. we are joined by a former obama campaign spokesperson and a gop strategist and white house aid to president george w. bush. this is unprecedented. never happened before. never has a presidential nominee, presumptive or otherwise, been interviewed by the fbi and the doj as part of a criminal investigation into her conduct. unless she is cleared completely how damaging might this be politically? >> the optics are terrible. we wake up on saturday morning on the fourth of july weekend to find out one of the individuals running for president of the united states are being investigated by the fbi.
2:17 pm
this wasn't a 20 minute drive by. this was a 3 1/2 meeting and this is after bill clinton is going on the plane and having a sit down with loretta lynch. clearly we know what that was about and it does not look good for the clintons now at all. >> let's say clinton is not indicted but americans come to believe this investigation was corrupted by either the attorney general or the white house does clinton still sustain damage. >> voters don't care about this issue number one. >> oh really because 66% in a fox news poll said they is corrupt. >> voters want to see what's happening on the economy and there's a lot of speculation out there about donald trump's economic plan. he hasn't released it yet.
2:18 pm
she has apologized and answered every question. as my colleague points out what she did today voluntarily going and sitting down with the fbi is unprecedented. >> she didn't sit down with the inspector general. don't give her that much credit. >> when the fbi calls you're going to go. the fbi called after a criminal investigation. i don't care if she apologized. she apologized because she got caught. here's the problem, she doesn't respect the position which means she didn't respect the people of the united states of america which means she should not be the president of the united states. she has no respect for the position. >> let me ask you this, i thought it was interesting today in the news release that hillary clinton issued, she called all of this today a review, which of course is not true. that was actually mocked by the fbi director who said no, this is a criminal investigation and she's also said there is quote
2:19 pm
zero chance she'll be indicted. how in the world could she know that? how does she know that? >> we're getting to the end of the investigation. that's been reported by multiple sources including your own website and so she's gone in and she's talked to the fbi, she's done everything that's been asked of her. i think it's time to talk about some other issues in this campaign. >> let's talk about a different issue and that is if she's indicted, then what does the democratic party do? >> that's speculation. i'm not going to answer that question. i don't think that's an appropriate question to ask at this point. >> they're going to have joe biden there the bunker to take her on in her orange pants or jump suit or whatever. joe biden is going to be there like hey, wait a minute. >> if there was zero chance hillary clinton would be indicted then the fbi wouldn't
2:20 pm
have bothered to speak with her today. >> she volunteered to go in. >> they would have said we don't need you because we're not indicting you but they didn't say that. >> that's why they buried on a saturday morning on fourth of july weekend. they know it's bad. it looks bad. it's very serious. she's in deep trouble. the only way she's going to get out of this is by a political appointee, loretta lynch to try to save her. >> is there a contingency plan if she's indicted? what do the democrats do at the convention? >> this is an absurd conversation to be having. she's been campaigning and talking to people across america and there are all kind of accusations against her -- >> the fbi meets with her for 3 1/2 hours and you think it's absurd. >> it's absurd. >> it's a conversation that's been settled.
2:21 pm
let's move on. >> she answered the question for an investigation she could go to jail. this is someone running for president of the united states. >> okay. good to see you both. have a great weekend. >> happy fourth of july. >> all right. some sad news to report. holocaust survivor has died. >> never shall i forget that nate, the first night in camp which has turned my life into one long night. never shall i forget the little faces of the children whose bodies i saw turn into smoke. never shall i forget those flames which consumed my faith forever. never shall i forget those moments which murdered my god and my soul. never shall i forget these things even if i condemned to live as long as god himself. >> the author of those words would live another six decades
2:22 pm
yet with his member oir elie wiesel seemtd his place in history as a voice of the 20th century. >> wiesel transform the image of survivor to refugee into a symbol of witness and moral conscious and his major influence in subsequent years was perhaps less as writer and more a voice beraft in such moral voices. >> reporter: born in 1928 he was deported with his family in 1943 when he was 15. two older sisters survived but his younger sister and mother died is there and his father died after he and elie were
2:23 pm
transferred there. >> i remember that night, the most horrendous in my life. my son, come here. don't leave me alone. i heard my father's voice. it was his last wish to have me next to him. instead of sacrificing my miserable life and rushing to his side, taking his hand and reassuring him and showing him he was not abandoned, i left my father alone in the clutches of death. i shall never forgive myself. >> jimmy carter named him a noble peace prize winner in 1986. >> i remember the young boy asked his father, can this be true? this is the 20th century after all. this is not the middle ages.
2:24 pm
who would allow such crimes to be committed? and how could the world remain silent. >> reporter: since 1976, wiesel has taught at boston university. his support for the iraq war represented a departure from his pacificism. >> i spent my adult life denouncing war because war means death and extreme violence. however, this time it's different. we cannot allow saddam hussein to possess weapons of mass destruction because we know he would use them. >> your life and work inspires to give meaning to the words never again. >> reporter: he also spoke out against iranian leaders who denied the holocaust and the
2:25 pm
dangers of ter hchltd an acquiring a nuclear weapon. but he discouraged generations to comparing leaders to hitler. >> do you think it could happen again, that we could have another holocaust again? >> no. i believe it was a unique event and because you remember it it remains unique which means i don't believe there could be a nation that puts its entire energy to killing and murder and to create a system of such horror that no human being would be able to speak about it. >> we'll have more on the life of elie wiesel coming up. the fbi's questioning of hillary clinton is certainly not unexpected. could the timing present a
2:26 pm
problem for the presumptive democratic nominee with the convention around the corner? we'll have a fair and balanced debate ahead.
2:27 pm
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90-day plans with unlimited carryover start as low as $20. unbeatable nationwide coverage. no contract. tracfone. do everything for less. weeks before accepting the democratic nomination for president hillary clinton spends a saturday morning, 3 1/2 hours with the fbi discussing her e-mail practices during her time as secretary of state. investigators broprobing her usf a private sever and probing whether any laws were broken. we have more from our washington newsroom. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is characterizing this as a voluntary meeting. one that lasted 3 1/2 hours. it took place in the fbi headquarters. eight officials from the fbi and the department of justice and
2:31 pm
five of clinton's closest aids and attorneys. as for what was said the fbi nor the campaign will say. remember, this comes less than a week after that highly controversial meeting between the attorney general and bill clinton. yesterday lynch said she regrets the meeting and she will accept whatever the fbi recommends. >> the recommendations will be reviewed by career supervisors and the department of justice and the fbi and by the fbi director and then as is the common process they present it to me and i will accept their recommendations. >> yesterday josh said this fbi investigation is completely independent from the president and the white house, even from 2016 politics. >> the president's expectation is that this investigation will be handled just like all the others, which is that the investigators will be guided by the facts and follow the evidence and they will reach a
2:32 pm
conclusion based on that evidence and nothing else. >> reporter: clearly president obama has a vested interest in helping his former secretary of state win in november. in fact, the two are set to campaign together for the very first time on tuesday as news of this meeting continues to hangover their heads. >> kristen, thanks. we're a couple of weeks away from the start of the presidential conventions which will kickoff months of what could be one of the nastiest campaigns in generations. how will hillary clinton's fbi investigation play out on the campaign trail. the publisher of campaigns and magazines. let's kickoff with something i keep hearing that this meeting between bill clinton and attorney general lynch that the optics are bad. it doesn't look good but what
2:33 pm
does it mean for hillary clinton's campaign. >> yeah, it's sort of saying it's bad optics is the washington version of saying this was stupid from a campaign perspective. the democratic line this was a chance meeting, a chance meeting happens when you walk by somebody else in an airport. it doesn't happen when you have two people on separate private planes. there's no way to explain away this meeting. it was a very poor decision. i think it's going to impact the clinton campaign going forward. i think here's the best case scenario for hillary clinton, which is that she is entirely cleared of all charges by the fbi. if that's the case, the issue still remains that bill clinton has unfortunately for the clinton campaign given a very potent argument to clinton opponents and to the trump campaign that there's still something to be looked at here. for a candidate who is struggling with trust worthiness this is her biggest challenge
2:34 pm
with the majority of voters. this is not a good look. >> has this opened a door. we've heard donald trump saying he was shocked by this and now the rnc releasing a statement saying in part that when the attorney general meets secretly with bill clinton it raises questions. does it kick open the door for the other side to walk through and take the criticism about trust worthness to the next level. >> i think it has. the question is whether the trump campaign is equipped to deliver that message and i've got questions as to whether or not they're able to do this effectively. i think the one thing we've seen with the trump campaign over the past couple of weeks is it has made some moves to professionalize and gotten rid of a toxic campaign manager, they have brought on some additional pollsters and additional advisors and tried to
2:35 pm
ramp up the digital operation that's had bumps along the way but certainly more professional than it was three or four weeks ago. the question is now whether or not the trump campaign can build on that, build an organization in key states and really is donald trump going to get over this notion that he doesn't need to spend a single dollar on television ads because frankly if there were any other campaign i am convinced that the hillary ads would have been cut already and hitting her on this kent versesy. >> can hillary clinton's campaign shift the narrative? after the fbi enter you and there meeting on the tarmark can she change things. >> that's the big question and certainly the result of the investigation is what looms large there. to state the obvious the quicker this is over the better for the
2:36 pm
hillary clinton campaign. certainly the timing of this voluntary interview this morning worked out well for her because this is the timing you would want on a saturday on a holiday weekend. so the question is it this wraps up very quickly and hillary clinton is cleared, she's got a much better chance of sort of changing the narrative heading into her convention in philadelphia. if there's a different result than we've got a completely different ball game. >> thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your insight. >> thank you. we will have plenty more on the fallout of hillary clinton's meeting with the fbi and the department of justice this morning p. ahead, a former fbi chief will be with us to weigh in on how director cuomo is likely to respond. isis strikes again unleashing a wave of death and destruction. what it means for the terror group's evolving strategy and security here in the united
2:37 pm
states. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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2:41 pm
the best or nothing. isis is now claiming responsibility for the attack at a restaurant in bangladesh that left 20 people dead. as we earlier reported it appears that isis militants dleb rattly targeted foreigns noting that foreign hostages were executed first. isis has targeted individuals in isolated attacks before but this marks a serious escalation and is raising red flags for authorities in bangladesh and around the globe. let's talk about it with the executive director for the defense of democracy. thanks for being here. >> hi. >> i want to start with the escalation here that we've seen these attacks organized attacks, where can we expect to see them next? is the answer here unfortunately
2:42 pm
everywhere? >> unfortunately the answer is everywhere and anywhere. isis is penetrated our defenses. they're all over the world. wherever there are muslim communities that are supportive and are susceptible to their radical islamist ideology you can expect these kinds of attacks. the best defense is an aggressive offense and we need to go after these isis terrorists in their heartland. >> so what can foreign governments do? what's their responsibility not just to their own citizens but in these cases so often citizens from all around the globe? >> what we learned after 9/11 from president bush and from the israeli prime minister is that the best against is an aggressive offense and we have to go where they mobilize and where they plan and recruit. for that decade after 9/11 we
2:43 pm
were able to actually diminish the terrorist threat because we were fighting them in their heartland. it's difficult for them to mobilize and plan when they're trying to stay alive. unfortunately we've been on defense and no matter what we do is penetrate our defense and tri strike us. >> what are we doing right here in america and what are we doing? is there something more we can be doing as a world community. >> i think what we're doing right is we're increasing the security cooperation with numerous governments but what we're doing wrong is not recognizing this terrorist threat is a ideological threat and you can't defeat an ideology through tactics. you have to defeat it through ideas. we have to acknowledge you can't play defense. you have to go on offense and unfortunately president obama has been loathe to actually send american troops into some of these areas and if we're not fighting there, we have to be fighting here and fighting here
2:44 pm
means civilians are going to pay the price. >> so many people have express in had that frustration about that inability to call a spade a spade. many attacks here in america have been lone wolf attacks, what happened in san bernardino, a husband and wife team, but not thee that's organized attacks like we saw in bangladesh. what can be done to stop that. >> these are ideologically motivated attacks. these lone wolf terrorists with inspired by isis's ideology and inspired by radical islam and we have to acknowledge it's an ideology war we're fighting. we have to call it what it is. the president has been loathe to do that and we have to defeat these ideas with better ideas. we have to reach out to muslim communities here and abroad and get them involved in the fight. >> it's a difficult situation unfolding all over the world.
2:45 pm
so many challenges ahead. mark, thank you so much for joining. thanks. hillary clinton spending part of her holiday weekend answering questions from the fbi about her e-mail use. was a crime committed, what kind of questions did she likely face. we're going to talk to a former fbi agent about the process that happened today and how such an investigation plays out. (climbing sounds)
2:46 pm
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a significant development today in the presidential race in the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails. clinton sitting down for most of the morning, 3 1/2 hours, with the fbi agents and the department of justice while they determine if she broke the law by using a private e-mail server unauthorized. the interview capping a week of
2:50 pm
controversy surrounding bill clinton's meeting with loretta lynch who has overruled fbi recommendations mind you in the past. so former assistant director of the fbi of new york and former chief executive for the fbi in new york, miami and denver. bill, always a pleasure to have you with us. the issue here is whether clinton violated the es pa najim act by sending and receiving classified information on an unauthorized severver. the feds found 22 so would you have expected her to have been confronted with some of those documents today? >> i would expect that would happen but greg there's one thing we have to realize.
2:51 pm
the agents have looked at everything that they could possibly look at. it's not just the sever but it's probably the foundation as well. they've co lessed everything they want to look at and generated some questions and now they sit down with mrs. clinton to ask these questions. if as has been reported she dragged into that interview aids and attorneys. i can assure you in 3 1/2 hours they didn't kbget to hardly anyf those questions. they brought agents in there that knew what this was about and knew how to ask questions and knew how to interpret her answers. this wasn't a walk in the park. this was a -- should have been a difficult interview. she will come back out of this and i'm sure as her campaign
2:52 pm
already has tried to spin this in some way to say i cooperated with, i answered every one of their questions. that's nonsense. there wasn't enough time to do any of that. >> i reviewed the espionage act and i put together my own list of questions that might have been asked. we'll put them up on the screen. the first obviously why did you set up a private server system, did you send or receive classified material on it, did you know these documents and they probably handed her some were classified, were classified recollecti markings erased, who had access to your server. did you decide to delete thousands of e-mails, did you order the server to be wiped clean. are we on the right track here or is it too difficult to know. >> you are definitely on the
2:53 pm
right track. the bottom line is the agents asking her those questions already know the answers. as you've seen in the past people get themselves in trouble by not answering the question which gets them in more trouble. you're on track. those kinds of questions could have been asked but i doubt it seriously. >> the reason i ask those questions is i also looked at the espionage act. there are two separate statutes here. the first it's a crime to quote intentionally retained classified materials at an unauthorized location. we know her server was unauthorized. it's a crime to do it through gross negligence. what is that? the law says it's being seriously careless. so bill even if she says i didn't intend to break the law,
2:54 pm
she could still be charged under the negligence statute couldn't she? >> absolutely. it seems to me there's a case against her right now without her answering a question. the bottom line is they have to get to without her answering the question. the bottom line is, they have to get to everything that has going -- that has gone on. questions that she can't answer but probably never will. what's going to happen now is going to be extremely interesting to see whether or not this actually goes to the grand jury. >> you know the other thing that she was probably shown again today is a document she signed because on her first day in office, she received this national security indoctrination. it's a tutorial on classified information. then she signs under oath, bill, this non-disclosure agreement. it promises never to place classified material at an unauthorized place. so doesn't that document that
2:55 pm
she signed put her in a real legal box? >> yes, it does. it puts her in a heck of a bine. but as she has been prong to say throughout this entire thing, none of these documents were classified at the time. she goes, she skids around that a little bit. this is a horrible set of circumstance and i agree with you, greg, she is prosecutable just on the peace of things and i don't know what will ever come out of this mooting today. >> and the other thing she says, is that it wasn't marked "classified." none of these 202 documents were marked classified. markings are irrelevant under the law. it's the content that makes it classified. so that also is another problem for her, isn't it? >> it sure s. and the very fact that some of the testimony that she doesn't maybe know all of the content of the testimony that her aides have given may
2:56 pm
very well be unfavorable to her future in this presidential run. >> bill gavin, thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate your insights. >> my pleasure, greg. you have a good weekend. >> you, too. >> a lot more questions than answers today. but it has certainly been a banner news day. lots of different issues and most of them swirling around hillary clinton and bill clinton. >> yeah, it's been an incredible week. kicking things off on the tarmac. it's been great to join you. >> coming up next, a special 13 hours of benghazi. (vo) pro plan bright mind
2:57 pm
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>> you know, you hear over the radio, "we're taking fire. we're under fire." >> we're under fire. >> and you hear the pleading in their voices... >> you can hear it. >> ...that they need help bad. >> i actually dropped to a knee. and then i got up, i'm like, "why the hell did i do that?" and that's when the rocket hit. >> rone had a machine gun. and he started laying down hate. [ gunshots, yelling ] >> i rolled him over. there was no response. i ripped off his body armor, took a pulse. couldn't feel nothing. >> when you realize they're dead, what do you do?


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