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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  July 3, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> the fbi introduce hillary clinton behind closed doors just weeks before she will be the democratic nominee for president p. this is the fox report. good evening. >> clinton voluntarily traveling to fbi headquarters in washington for hours of questioning. investigators are digging deeper in her use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. did that put classified information at risk? the fbi interviewed former aides for clinton and the investigation cast a shadow over her campaign by raising concerns
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among support issers that clinton could be indicted before the election. she maintains she did nothing wrong. jennifer griffin, live in washington. clinton spoke. do we know what she had to it say? >> reporter: she spoke not to us, but eight minutes to meet the press chuck todd and he spent most of the interview after she met with the interview asking her about her husband's meeting with the attorney general loretta lynch on monday. a short chance meeting that occurred. and they did not discuss the department of justice's review. and i know that some nonetheless viewed it in a different light and both the attorney general and my husband said they would not do it again. and the bottom line for me, i
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respect the professionalism and integrity of the officials in the department of justice handling this process. >> reporter: clinton would not respond to reports that are breaking from unnamed sources to cnn suggesting that the justice department has decided not to indict her. that seemed premature given the fact that the fbi only spoke to hillary clinton today. >> and right, who was at the fbi meeting today? >> reporter: we don't know for certain because the campaign did not release the names of those present. her lawyer david kendall was present and cheryl mills is a long- time advisor was present and we saw her at hillary clinton's residence after the
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meeting. cheryl mills was questioned by the fbi not too long ago about her knowledge of the e-mail server and we know from the new york times that eight members of the fbi and justice department questioning hillary clinton. >> jennifer you have a great vantage point. what do you make of the timing? >> look at the timing of the meeting on a holiday weekend. that is by design and not it by chance. if you are the hillary clinton campaign, you would want it to happen in a new's cycle when the rest of america is focusing on other things in the 4th of july weekend. that is not a coincidence. the timing is good for it the campaign if they wrap things up before the convention. it is notable. it is not clear if it was
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arranged after bill clinton's impromtu meeting with loretta lynch. the first statement we with received was from spokesman nick merrill after she was back at her house. he said secretary clinton gave a voluntary interview about her e-mail arrangementes while she is secretary. and she is plosed to help bring it to a conclusion and she will not comment further on her interview. >> she did comment further. she went on ms nbc but did not reveal what she told the fbi but talked about being there today. >> and now the weekend gets more interesting. hillary clinton hoping to move on from let's call it a rough
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week. bill clinton sparked controversy when he met with attorney general loretta lynch in the height of the e-mail probe. and the republican- led benghazi committee released an unflattering report on the administration's handling of the 2012 terror attack. the administration cooked up the claim they said of the video and no hard evidence to support it. hillary clinton referenced the video in the night of the attack. four americans were killed in the attack including ambassador stephens. republicans are reacting to the fallout this week. the republican national committee has a lot to say. >> they do. republican national committee and donald trump weighing in on the fbi interview and it shows that hillary clinton is unfit to
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be president and emphasizes the criminal investigation in her private e-mail server. and rnc is launching a scathing attack after loretta lynch privately met with bill clinton. and the meeting sparking widespread criticism given that lynch is head of the justice department and leading the investigation against mrs. clinton. the fbi wanted her for questioning reenforces her central role and put her own political ambitions above the state department rules and the attorney general meets secretly with bill clinton, conducted over a holiday weekend tit raises serious concerns about special treatment. meanwhile presumptive republican nominee donald trump is attacking mrs. clinton and tweeting hours ago.
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it is impossible for the fbi not to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. what she did was wrong. what bill did was stupid. it was announced by sources that no charges will be brought against crooked hillary clinton. like i said the system is totally rigged. >> a lot to get to and we are start aring to get to more details from this year's republican national convention. >> reporter: there have been few details. and we know little about what to expect. that is different than past year. critics point out because republican parties, their rising stars and leaders are choosing not to attend point ping to donald trump's unfavorability numbers. the speaker slots are filled with a long waiting list of
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those who want to speak. he told the new york times his children will speak and he will bring on many nonpoliticians such as serenna williams and don king. unpredictable like the candidate himself. >> that promises to be a interesting week for all of us. thank you for being here. >> and right now, we are learning more about what happened after authorities stormed the cafe in bangladesh and bringing a 10-hour stand off to a deadly concan clusion. what happened next? as we get new information on the people terrorist targeted, including one american. brexit back lash boiling over. thousands of protestors calling for a referundum redo. that is still ahead on the fox report tonight. ♪
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we have new details on the deadly terrorist attack in
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bangladesh. resulting in the deaths of 20 officers and two police officers. they targeted mostly foreigners. three of them killed going to college in the u.s. one of them on the screen now. they confirmed one u.s. citizen among the dead. they wanted targeted the foreigners. and 100 police stormed the building at dawn. some say many of the postages
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were dead. muslims that could recite the ku'ran were left unharmed. seven japanese were killed. in all 13 hostages surprised. isis claimed details for the attack. they are offering the support to the authorities. they have had had it before but never on this scale and the prime minister called on islamic extremist to stop the killings. she declared two days of national mournings. and already questions are asked why security service ises didn't act sooner to save the hostages
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and how much they you knew about the militants that carried out the killings. this marks the activity in bangladesh. that is a concern in the only to it the authorities there but the wider world. >> thank you, and in the uk, more back lash building in the wake of the brexit vote. thousands of protestors taking to the streets of london and marching from hyde park to great britain parliament. protestors say the anti- eu finances and campaign was distorted and the brits who voted for the break regret the decision. >> this sunday night is american history like you have never seen it before. legends and lives. george washington commanding
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revolution. here is a sneak peek. >> this is an america. we must attack. this may be more than we with bargained for. >> legends and lives right here on the fox news channel. >> millions of americans heading to the airport this weekend. are you one of them? you will see heffly armed officers and canines and plus, the world mourning the death of an extraordinary author and activist whose act of the holocaust made a mark around the world. >> how could
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>> ezilwas a teenager where his mother and sister died in auswhitz. he wrote it in his memor. it was widely read. james rosen has the look at his life and the words that live on forever. >> never shall i forget the life in camp that turned my night in one long night. never will i forget the faces of the little children that turned to smoke and flames that consumed my face further and murdered my god and my soul.
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never shall i forget these things even if i am condemned to live as long as god humz. >> the author's words would live for decades. the memors, the nobel peace lauret cemented his. and an endowering literary voice of the centuries. >> it was from refugee to a simbofl witness and moral conscious. and his major influence in subsequent years was less as a writer and more as a public moral voice in a world berefof voices. >> he departed in 1943 when he was 15. two older sisters survived but
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his younger are sister and mother died. and his father died after he and elie were transferred. there >> eliz don't leave me alone. it was his last wish to have me there. instead of sacrificing and rushing to his side and reassuring him and showing him he was not abandoned, i remained flat on my back. i left my father alone in the clutches of death and i will never forget myself. >> jimmy carter named him chairman of the president's commission on the holocaust and led to the opening of the museum in washington. he received the nobel in 1976.
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this is not the middle ages. who would allow such crimes to be committed? and how could the world remain silent. >> since 1976, he has taught at boston university. >> i spent my adult life denouncing war. this means death & violence. however, this time, it is different. we can't allow saddam hussein who has criminal against humanity to possess of weapons of pass destruction. he would use them. >> elieh, your life and work
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means never again. >> he spoke out against iranian leader ares who spoke against the holocaust. >> i learned to take the enemy's threat seriously. >> the man who was the jewish symbol. he didn't encourage latter are day dictators to being like hitler. >> you think it could happen again and holocaust again? no. i believe it was a unique event. and that means i don't believe there could be a nation that would devote its entire energy to kill and murder and create a system of horror that no one with hydrogenated oil...
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...but real joyful moments are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy. >> it is the b. hour. if you are just joining us, hillary clinton faces the fbi as the e-mail investigation heats up. the presumptive democratic nominee was interviewed for hours as investigators try to determine if she put classified information at risk. today's meeting sparked new information on whether hillary clinton will be charged and the
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republicans were quick to respond. the rnc released a statement. otherses have lost security clearances and jobs and gone to jail for doing far less and clinton needs to be held to the same standards as everyone else. kristin, how is the clinton campaign responding tonight? >> reporter: they stress it was voluntary and not subpeona. a few hours later she called in to msnbc and say she will not talk about today's meeting and the report from the fbi is expected and there may be no charges filed against her? this is how she responded. >> i am not going to comment on the process. i have no knowledge of time line and this is entirely up to the
2:30 am
department. >> reporter: there were eight officials from the department of justice and fbi in that meeting according to the new york times and five of clinton's closest aides and attorneys including cheryl mills who was interviewed by the fbi. >> what about the meeting between her husband and the attorney general? >> reporter: clinton characterized it as a short chance meeting and purely social and all they talked about about was golf and grandkids and did not discuss the justice department's review. she said her husband and the attorney general wish withed it had not happened. it was social in nature and unplanned. but recognizing how others take a view of it. he agreed with the attorney general he would not do it again. bottom line, it looks bad.
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even the attorney general said it casts a shadow over the entire investigation and casts a shadow over the clinton campaign and right before president obama will campaign beside her in north carolina on tuesday. thank you so much. >> a cloud of concern looming over the 4th of july weekend coming on the heels of the isis inspired terror attacks over seas and here at home. major travel hubs ramping up security and helping to reassure the 43 million americans hitting the road this weekend. >> we are seeing in poll after poll, terrorism and national security is top issues. and this is true after the recent terror attacks in istanbul and yesterday in bangladesh. that concern is not keeping americans inside over the 4th of
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july weekend. triple a said it will be the most travelled on record. 43 million people will hit the road, air and trains over the next few days. security officials across the country are beefing up their presence in transit hubs. some of that will be visible with canine units and other officers. and others we will not see. this woke in a senate hearing, jay johnson said the public should not be concerned about attacks over the holiday weekend. >> we continue to encourage the public to participate and celebrate the july 4th holiday and go to public events and be aware and vigilant. >> reporter: even on a local level police departments are making changes for parades and celebrations on monday. that is true here in dc that
2:33 am
puts on one of the larger celebration. snrngs we have a tight security plan with the 4th of july and nothing significant and nothing that should change the ability of people to feel safe and celebrate. >> reporter: the message is to enjoy yourself and if you see something that does not look right, say something. >> absolutely, thanks. >> a bus collides with a semiin it a fiery crash, five people killed including a child. it is our top story as we go across america. florida, the driver of a bus that used to be a school bus carrying children and adults ran a red light and a stop sign and crashed in an oncoming truck. the bus driver among more than 20 people that rushed to the hospital. it is not chlor why he did not stop at the light or sign.
2:34 am
the crash is under investigation. michigan, a large explosion in an energy plant near detroit. flames are shooting 30 feet in the air. forcing evacuation and road closures. >> the individual struck a natural gas pipe. and police officers responded to that traffic crash and helped to extraicate the individual from the vehicle. the driver was injured in the crash andvgñóí he had been inju >> colorado, hail ripped through the neighborhood breaking windows and destroying cars. >> the hail was bigger than golf balls and nothing you can do. >> i thought it was a tornado coming. and the house was drilled with hail. >> damage estimated in the tens of thousands and people are trying to pick up the pieces. >> in nevada, a powerful storm sent a tree down on a house.
2:35 am
>> it shook like a earthquake went on and the tree came down. >> no one was hurt. there was burn marks on the tree that made them to believe a lightning strike may have brought it down. that is the fox catch across america. >> hillary clinton, sitting down for an interview with the fbi, coming up next, our panel weighs in on what this means. and devastating rain with mud slides. >> they were stranded in this mess and tough new laws on the books. >> the state that requires background checks to buy amme. that's ahead. my
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discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at >> hillary clinton sits down with a "voluntary" interview with the the fbi. investigators questioned her on the use of a e-mail. did she put classified information at risk? the clinton campaign advisor is here. cal a marriage party candidate questioned with emaims and the
2:40 am
benghazi report and tarmac on bill clinton with attorney general loretta lynch. this is a lack of honesty. cal, what do you make of this last week? >> they call it a review. fbi director comey said i don't do reviews, this is a criminal investigation. i love the way clintons spin thing. number one she will be indicted which i seriously doubt and that will reenforce what bernie sanders and donald trump said that the system is rigged. and if she is indicted. president obama is in the constitutional powers in pardoning her. and she is indicted and the delegates in philadelphia decide to pick someone else and enter joe biden, he is tanned and rested and insure the obama
2:41 am
legacy nothing happens by accident with the clintons. the meeting on the tarmac in phoenix on a private plane that was not a condins. i don't spend 30 minutes talking about my grandchildren. i want to give you a chance to react. the big bad week the clinton had. >> it is not been her best week. cal, i feel sorry, i hope your grandchildren are not watching. look laura, it was in august of last year that secretary clinton roached out to the fbi and said she would speak with them at any time to answer any questions. she wants to put this behind her. and wanted to sit down with them and the fact that it is it happening before the convention and the investigation is wrapping up, and we are hearing reports that there is not going to be any sort of charges put
2:42 am
forward, we'll see how that plays ago. cal, one person's scenario is another person conspiracy theory. joe biden will not get the nomination in philadelphia. it will be hillary clinton. she answered every question and told her team to answer every question and she want its behind her as well. >> cal, trump is pouncing on this. how much mileage will he get out of it in the end? >> it depends on the decision by the district department. his negatives are higher than hers and hers are the highest of any democrat running for president in history. and jamu, you don't get point ps for showing up for an interview. it is like special moment're points for showing up two days before serving a sentence in prison. this wases something that was going to happen anyway.
2:43 am
she picked a july 4th weekend and the clintons know how. i salute them. >> hillary clinton said she would talk to the fbi since 2015. she said this for a while. timing especially with it being a holiday, did she have a chance to pick it? >> no one knows the particulars, but look at the the facts of the case. she -- i doubt july 4th was the time she gachlt the coincidence with the meeting last week and the benghazi report coming out, i think that is exactly what it is. coincidence, and the good thing for hillary and democrats, this is coming to an end before the
2:44 am
convention. now donald trump has a number of way withes of dealing with the situation. he can continue to call names and to as cal said crooked hillary or he can talk about the issues. hillary is clear. she has had to deal with her trust issues and she's going to do that in the campaign, but she is forcibly talking about how her policies will make us stronger both economically and from a national security stand point. >> we have to leave it there. thank you for weighing in. it will be an interesting week for sure. california, adopting the toughest gun control measures in the nation. governor jerry brown signed six balls in to law including back ground check. state law makingers taking action after the recent mass shootings after the attack in san bernardino that killed 14
2:45 am
people last year. critics say brown is exploiting terror for gain. >> reporter: gun right's advocates will challenge this in court. it appears that the battle will spill in to next year. governor brown sign issed six bills and he vetoed a handful of gun measures as well. the impact will include showing identification when you buy a mmo. and you have to passes a background check. there is a ban on semi-automatic rifles. those require the tip of a bullet to eject the magazine. and then a new state database for people who buy and own ammunition. and magazines that hold more than ten bullets. governor brown said my goal is
2:46 am
to enhance public safety by tightening or existing laws in a responsible manner and protecting the rights of law a boyding gun owners. the new pieces of legislation add to momentum for common sense gun safety policies. we are committed to the fight for public safety in our home state. as you might imagine, gun right advocates strongly disagree. >> the governor and policy makers in california, they have kicked the law-abiding public squarely between the legs and chopped them off at their knees. >> the nran issuing a statement. governor brown signed the gun control package that turns gun owners in second class citizens.
2:47 am
this terrorist attack pushed the measures through. the caveiet here, there will be gun restrictive measures on the ballot and this could be be the beginning of the fight all the way into p next year. >> will carr, thank you. rescue efforts underway as torrential rains have killed a dozen people. india, home caving in after heavy rains and mud slides. entire villages submerged in a crisis affecting thousands of people. rescue teams say it is hard to get to the people who need help because the roads are blocked. >> china, a bus crashes through an express way railing killing 26 people on board.
2:48 am
rescuers pulling the vehicle in the water out of the ditch. the driver lost control after one of the bus's tires blew. >> and heavy security as people march through paris to honor the people killed in a gay night club. the annual gay pride parade was shorter this year and there were three times as much security. >> and in germany, soccer players sweat it out in the euro quarter finals. these guys are battling it out in the robon thes. they are playing soccer against each other. the goal is to make the robots good enough to beat their human counterparts. >> and ahead, new technology
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>> they are come canning in. don't know what happened. i went unconscious and next day they took me over and hung me by my feet. my life is going to march on. rev lougzary new technology
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helping surgeons in the operating room and giving patients with brain tumors a now chance to beat the disease. dr. mark si egle travelled to learn more. >> i am the patient testing out my own brain. this may look like ordinary mri machine but this scan makes images look like the medical land of oz. >> that brings your brain to life and all of the different tracks in the brain. >> and the point is, if there was a tumor you can see. >> we would overlay the functional image it is over the problem image to pick the path. >> these images are projected on five different screams. >> it is a color-coded gps map.
2:54 am
in the old days, you had to just figure it out. this technology tells you how to get to point b and if there is a construction zone or detour, it tells you where to go and in the end, you have confirmation of getting their successfully. >> it gives new home to what was recently dire situations. many patients are told it is too dangerous. some of the cases we have perform surgery on. >> like 28-year-old tiffany crow diagnosed with a brain tumor. she lost motor skills in the left arm. the tumor was back. >> i lose the ability in my hand and weakness in my left eye. that was a scary part. and a lot of people don't realize how they are. >> you can't zip your jacket or
2:55 am
tie your shoes. >> tiffany's neurosurgeon. >> it was close to the motor fibers and we had to be be cautious. by knowing where the white matter tracks are. it gives us a good idea where the danger lies. >> and now? >> everything was removed and i don't have permanent weakness at this point. >> show me. >> i can skwoez your hand pretty to it. and clutch my fingers together. something that i couldn't do two weeks ago. >> for brain surgeons. that is only the beginning. >> this is the most exciting age of. the technology of tomorrow is closer to star trek than we have been before. >> and enterprising eight-year-old sharing priceless
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2:58 am
>> since i had so much knowledge and can't be a history teacher, i just came up with this. >> one day he came down and said i would like to it make a booth and $0.25 tell people history and stories. >> we are told he raised $seven and plans on donating it to charity. and that's how fox report july 2nd. thanks for watching. legends and lies starts right now.
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hi, friends. good morning. it's sunday, the third of july. this is "fox & friends weekend." hillary clinton's holiday weekend with the fbi. sitting down for nearly three hours and now the presumptive nominee talking to the press? >> and donald trump narrowing his final list of candidates for v.p. and word this morning of a major announcement coming this week. o say can you see when it comes to lady liberty, is the rumor that she is a he? i'm not making it up, dave.


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