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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  July 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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infection, that bacteria could get in and you want to make sure that you treat it with anti-biotics and steroids. >> and stay out of the water. >> and you jump up and down -- >> that helps. >> keep dry. >> happy fourth of july. >> take care. in her words, hillary clinton is speaking out about her e-mail server scandal and here meeting with fbi investigators and donald trump pounces on the optics. our political panel is here to break it all down. horror in baghdad as isis bombings kill at least 115. it is just the latest in a long line of deadly attacks around the world during the muslim holy month of ramadan. so what is being done as millions of americans gather to celebrate independence day tomorrow. we're going to take a closer look. and thank you for spending
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your sunday with us. i'm elizabeth prann in for shannon. >> nice to have you along and be with you at home. i'm leland vittert. welcome to american headquarters from washington. hillary clinton said she was, quote, eager for her face-to-face with the fbi after months of speculation and agents interviewed clinton yesterday about her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. kristin fisher here in washington with the latest. we don't know exactly what happens in the interview but we can certainly speculate. >> right. and there is a lot of talk, that this interview took place, that we may be nearing the end of the investigation since the start of the democratic convention is now three weeks from tomorrow. but when asked, when clinton was asked by chuck todd on msnbc if she was given any indication of when that might be, listen to how she responded. >> i'm not going to comment on the process.
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i have no knowledge of any timelines, this is entirely up to the department. >> so clinton is, for the most part, staying quiet about the content of her three and a half hour meeting with fbi investigators said and doing so out of respect for the process that the justice department is conducting. but her critics and even supporters would argue that her husband did not show the same respect for the process when he met privately with attorney general loretta lynch on monday. it was an unforced error that plays into trump's play, that the clintons are corrupt and dishonest and play by a different set of rules. this morning on fox news sunday a democrat from california said clinton knows that is weakness. >> she is understands she has to earn people's trust and she will work hard to do that and i give her credit for saying she's made mistakes and trying to show the american people that she will work hard, for american families in america to earn their trust. >> the latest polls show the
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trustworthiness as a record low, just 30% and 50% described her as corrupt. so between the benghazi report, bill clinton meeting with the attorney general and this interview with the fbi, there have been three big events this week and leland, all of them revolve around trust. >> and you have to wonder what will happen to the numbers. not the messaging that the clinton folks want heading into the convention in a couple of weeks. thank you very much. >> and giving ammunition to the republican rival, that didn't stop trump from tweeting his verdict brian is here with the latest. >> the republican national committee and the presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump are now attacking on two fronts. one is hillary clinton's interview with the fbi yesterday. secondly, president bill clinton's private meeting with attorney general loretta lynch. the chairperson of the rns
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reince priebus releasing a statement saying the fbi interview just emphasizes that mrs. clinton is not fit to be president because she is the target of a serious criminal investigation over the use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state and he stated that the fbi wanted her for questioning reinforces her central role in deliberately creating a culture which put her own political ambitions above state department rules and jeopardized our national security. meantime, trump is seemingly already predicting that clinton will not be indicted by the fbi tweeting it was just announced by sources that no charges will be brought against crooked hillary clinton. like i said, the system is totally rigged. trump and republicans are capitalizing on the private meeting between lynch and mr. clinton on her plane. the meeting was criticized given that she heads the justice department which is leading a criminal investigation against his wife. so if mrs. clinton is not
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indicted they are pointing to this private meeting as proof that the investigation was biased and compromised. the rnc stating, quote, when the attorney general meets secretly with bill clinton days before hillary's interrogation discretely over a holiday weekend it raises serious concerns about special treatment. trump went on to tweet, it is impossible for the fbi not to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. what she did was wrong. what bill did was stupid. it is clear, elizabeth, regardless of the fbi decision to indict or not indict clinton, republicans and mr. trump will not let this go away. >> we didn't think so. brian, thank you so much. leland has more. >> here for a closer look for a balanced debate, david paine partner with fox global and radio talk show host, nice to see you. david, picking up with christian left off or where brian left off as well, hillary clinton's
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honesty and trustworthy numbers all-time low, 30% and can they go lower or are there a floor here, garland. >> i don't know if they can or can't go any lower, before you i think the democratic -- but i think the democratic party has to take account of what is going on. hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee and she doesn't have enough delegates and hasn't clinched it and think the parties has to consider some of the other options. >> plan b. is bernie sanders or joe biden and some are saying john kerry. if the democrats go that direction, is it better for them to run against a bruised and battered hillary clinton with the e-mail scandal hanging around her neck, possibly an indictment or not, or that other option. >> it is not unthinkable for the democrats to think about north option. the convention is still ahead of them. they have plenty of campaign time left on the calendar. and look, there is this culture
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of cover-ups and lies that we're seeing emerge over the past year of hillary clinton's campaign and that is not going away either. the news coverage of it is going to intensify and more people will be paying more attention to it. look, if you believe that a you tube video led to a surgical terror strike against our embassy or the clinton were dead broke when they got out of the white house or that clinton never sent any confidential information in her private e-mail server, there is a word for people like that. gullible, or they are ignoring it. >> to david's point, though, we heard hillary clinton yesterday on msnbc with chuck todd saying i've never received or sent any material marked classified and went on to talk about this being a security review. we both know those statements are absolutely false and the question becomes when is it that hillary clinton rather than spinning is going to sort of start telling the truth or is it just impossible for her? >> well it appears to me that, and in the spirit of
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transparency, i am a bernie sanders supporters. but it appears that hillary clinton has lost her credibil y credibility. most people don't believe her. what you get is some form of lawyer talk to kind of dance around the issues. and i think the party has to realize something, at some point there are going to be debates and how do you ask the questions of -- answer the questions of hillary clinton in the debate. if we continue to pursue this path there is a possibility that trump could be something that as a democrat don't want to see. >> you don't want to see it, but if you would be willing to support hillary if in the end she is the nominee. >> i can't say that i will. and i've been a dwk since i was -- democrat since i was 18 years old and drawn down the line and i can't say 100% i will vote for her. probably the listeners from my radio show may not be happy but i'm undecided about that. >> and so how, david, do
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republicans exploit that and trump hasn't been able to do that and hillary numbers are going up. >> and the republican nominee has weakness of his own to turn around and change the narrative on so i don't think they can immediately go up after hillary clinton and the fbi has to release her finding and release it to the department of justice and then you will see announcements and what they would like to see what happens, if the fbi does not recommend a investigation and republicans will say how dare you, it is obviously needed. if there is an investigation -- >> we already know there is an investigation. question is whether there is an indictment. >> excuse me. an indictment. and it will upend the entire presidential campaign. >> as if it hasn't been up-ended so far. david, garland, thank you for being here. and stay tuned right after this for another showing of fox news sunday. we interview xavier becerra and
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you just heard a sound bite from that and christen's report and a possible running mate airing at 2:00 p.m. eastern and again at 6:00 p.m. a fox alert. terror in the middle east, in baghdad a pair of bombings killed at least 115 people, including 15 children. nearly 200 others have been wounded. the white house condemning the attacks in a statement writing, this will, quote, only strengthen our resolve to support iraqi security forces. kitty logan is in the london studio with the latest, hi kitty. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. the worst of the attacks happened in the center of baghdad just as people were coming out on to the streets in the early hours of sunday morning to break their daytime ramadan fast. now it was especialliy in this -- especially busy in this shopping mall when a suicide
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bomber drove a truckloaded with explosives into this crowded area just after midnight. and one reason why there were so many casualties is because people had little chance to escape this fire ball. they were trapped in buildings, burning in the aftermath of the explosion. now this morning rescue services were still recovering bodies from the wreckage of burned-out buildings and as they do so the death toll continues to rise and many people still missing. >> isis has claimed responsibility for the carnage in a statement online said it deliberatedly charted shia muslims as they have done so many times in the past. the latest attacks shows that isis is determined to fight on despite the recent losses in fallujah if you remember. just last week, apparently that has not stopped the group carrying out attacks of horrific violence. and as you say, the white house condemning this attack today, saying, quote, it only
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strengthens our resolve to support iraqi security forces as they continue to take back territory from isis. now of course, elizabeth, there have been several suicide bombings in iraq in recent months but it could be this turns out to be the most deadly in a decade. and also it comes just days after isis carried out mass attacks in other cities such as istanbul and dhaka. elizabeth. >> kitty logan reporting live. devastating. thank you so much. today is the first of two days of national mourning in bangladesh following friday's terror attack in the capital city of dhaka that killed at least 20 people. mourners place flowers and candle near the popular restaurant where the terrorists truck. security officials in bangladesh are searching the area for resident and closed off streets there as well. bangladesh insists the five attackers were from a banned domestic group, not isis, although isis has claimed responsibility. we're learning more about
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the innocent three students enrolled at u.s. universities who were killed in the bangladesh tear attack. cabir was a rising soft more studying liberal arts. she lived in miami and was visited family and friends in dhaka. hussein, a junior at emory was visiting home when the terrorist attacks. he was a student at the university business school. tarrisha jane, a 19-year-old student at u kruf berkeley was working in dhaka for a summer internship. majoring in economics. >> all gone too soon. the holy month of ramadan, leaving a murderous trail, besides the bangladesh attack. taking it back, the istanbul airport in turkey. taking 44 lives. isis have not claimed
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responsibility. the same day in jordan a suicide attack killed seven security force as long the syrian border. and then in alabaman, five people were dead and on monday more lost their lives in yemen and the west is not immune. the man who killed 49 people at the pulse nightclub in orlando three weeks ago said isis and other islamic state extremists inspired that rampage. let's change gears. we want to hear from you. how are you celebrating your weekend. tweet us or at elizabeth prann or lee land vittert or at antqdc. we'll show that later in the show. 12 wildfires are burning in california alone and an update and the toll they are taking on homes after the break. sand amid security concerns
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this holiday weekend, the fbi calls a terrorist suspect out in phoenix and live on exactly what happened and what he wanted to blow up. and plus security is tight at venues here in washington and across the nation ahead of july fourth. but where are the holes in our safety net? we break that down. >> when you -- you look at the potential for an attack in the united states, what i'm afraid of is the attacks like you saw in orlando or san bernardino will become the norm.
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a fox news weather alert on this holiday weekend. wildfires have forces evacuations in parts of central california. as of now 370 firefighters are working around the clock to try to contain this blaze that so far has burned through 2,900 acres southwest of fresno, it is one of a dozen current wildfires in california alone. why? warm, dry conditions persist over much of the west coast and that of course is only increasing the fire danger. now back to the war on terror. security at airports across the
10:20 am
u.s. is tight as millions of americans travel this fourth of july weekend and gather for patriotic sporting events. so joining us to weigh in, national reviews tom roguin. tom, thank you so much. i do want to focus, because our viewers are already at their destination so they are traveling or traveling back for work and i want to talk about airport security and review what we learned this week. we saw disgusting attacks on very innocent people across the globe. we've seen that the war on terror is fluid and the enemy is fluid. what did we learn from the two separate attacks in the past week? >> i think a couple of things. number one, we saw, especially in istanbul attack, the degree to which the islamic state has a capability and intent. if you think about the relative complexity of pulling off an attack like that at a well-guarded international airport, comparatively to the security measures in u.s. airports and killing a lot of people, killing a lot of werners.
10:21 am
istanbul, the counter-terrorism services have long been aware that they face that. so they could do it in a way that is more than just -- for example, they could move beyond the security barriers that sometimes protect us against other threats. but in the secondary sense, at tack is a reflection of this -- the attack is a reflection of the threat around the world. that the islamic state, because of that banner as i see it, it is seen with credibility, because it has not been defeated yet, it has not been purged of its -- of what the islamic state would say its ordained power or god is on ow side because we are not defeated by america and we are still here, that continues to expand and it reflects both in the baghdad bombings today, istanbul and the threats. i look at for example, things that a lot of people don't think about. so for example, womenble tennis tournament on for the first time -- wimbledon tennis tournament on and there are
10:22 am
s.w.a.t. on the grounds. that is unprecedented for wimbledon. it reflects what happened in istanbul and orlando, it is one dynamic. >> and in wimbledon, that was unprecedented and there are airports that have beefed up security and men and women armed an walking freely around travelers. that may be a surprise to folks who haven't been to europe or other parts of the country. after orlando and san bernardino, we had a lot of talk about lone wolf and now we're starting to see more coordinated attacks take place, certainly not in the u.s. but in other parts of globe. so are we focusing -- how do we split our attention on these two very different style attacks, especially on a weekend that is a holiday weekend, it is the aecend of ramadan and there is fear. >> there is. and to some degree the fear is necessary in the sense that people take precautions. we have very good counter-terrorism services. the lone wolf comes from being
10:23 am
able to monter people on twitter and what they are doing on the internet because it could ring an alarm bell and they think we want to talk to this person. but in the organization, you talk about protecting the measures at airports and there is undercover officer which is boosted up -- well i don't want to go into too specifics but there are things we are good at doing. the fbi is the lead with the joint terrorism task forces and intelligence sharing and ultimately unless you purge the narrative of the islamic state that they are an or -- an ordained credibility, f unless you turn that into a flag, knowing that he won't get glory, just burn, that will continue. that is the source of it. >> we only have about a minute left. but we talked about the tsa, we talked about it yesterday. but we see these attacks happening certainly in other locations but long before anybody goes through a security check point. so there is vulnerabilities now
10:24 am
that weren't necessarily vulnerabilities before. >> and we've seen attacks going back in part decades ago in terms of attacks in the terminal before the security check point. but what the strauislamic state are trying to target western and your life and liberty and pursuit of happiness and you can have fun, but you can'tch because you can't go to the baths in paris or go to a club in orlando, can't go to a theater or wherever, a public place, to the mall. all of that, it is the intent. it is evil. they love it. they drown people in cages and think it is funny. but there is a moral function to what they are doing that requires destruction on our part and ab sent that destruction, it builds. because there is some very sick people out there who think -- they find purpose in it.
10:25 am
>> and last piece of advice. people should still travel this weekend. >> absolutely. i grew up in the u.k., but i'm an american. one thing i grew up as knowing as -- as an american, you don't give into that stuff u. . you go out there and you have to have confidence. >> freedom. appreciate it. tom. thank you so much. we appreciate it. well this teenager is under arrest before he could strike. ahead, what police say the terror attacks that he was planning. also the heroism of law enforcement may have prevented what turned out to be a gruesome traffic accident from becoming so much worse. we'll tell you how. and donald trump, he has a special message for some potentially disenchanted democrats. >> the insiders wrote the rules of the game to keep themselves in power. and in the money. that is why we're asking bernie sanders' voters to join our movement. so together we can fix the
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system for all americans, it is so important.
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with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. this is a fox news alert. you are looking at live pictures. french authorities are believed to have been conducting a controlled explosion before the euro 2016 quarterfinal match was scheduled to kick off there. iceland and france were set to have their soccer match. fan as approaching the stadium reported hearing a loud bang. they were told by police officers they could not continue walking in because of the security scare. you could see it appears people are calls. officers claim there was a security alert needing a controls explosion after a suspicious car was found near the venue. and this is the same stadium
10:32 am
that was one of the locations attacked during the isis-led paris terror attacks back in last november. >> trump said his appeal goes far beyond traditional republican voters and claims he will win traditionally democratic states in the rust belt, like michigan, wisconsin, ohio and pennsylvania. to do that he needs working-class white voters, not only to support him, but to turn out and vote. >> and i think we're going to get a lot of the bernie sanders voters. because one thing we had in common, it is not a lot, but he knew that trade deals were terrible. and i know that trade deals are terrible. the difference is, i can fix the trade deals and make them phenomenal. >> har lynn hill, democratic strategist, supported bernie sanders and now pulling for trump and trying to bring some of his fellow feel the bern
10:33 am
folks with him. nice to see you. help me understand this. are you supporting trump because of his message and how he delivers it or actually because of his policies? >> well, i actually don't think it is about his delivery at all. it is about the substance and the fact that he is not hillary clinton. i'm firmly in the never hillary band wagon and that is the reason why i supported bernie sanders during the democratic primary. i don't perfectly align with him. i'm a reagan, moderate democrat. but yeah, i think that is what this election is really about. i think it is substance, not delivery and style. >> when you talk about that, when it comes to donald trump and this issue of substance, there has been criticism of him for flip flopping on issues, whether it is the ban on muslim, the immigration and whether we should give nuclear weapons to japan. do you feel you have an understanding of what he believes in and what is important rather than just his talking points. >> i'm going to disagree with the premise of your question. i don't think he has flip
10:34 am
flipped or backtracked at all, i think he articulated when he mis-articulated previously. the muslim ban, that is impossible to implement. you can't look at somebody and say they are a muslim and nor would you want to eliminate that type of immigration just because somebody is part of a particular religion. instead what he actually meant and what he misarticulated the first time with that specific issue is we are going to prevent people from migrating to the united states from hotbeds. that is what he should have said. that is what he is saying now. i think it is a articulation issue and delivery problem. >> and you said delivery, to your mind, as this comes to you supporting donald trump and it doesn't matter. and you are saying in the never hillary camp, do you feel there are a lot of bernie sanders supporters in the same camp. and 40% of those voting for sanders would never support
10:35 am
another democrat candidate and they would rather go to trump. are you seeing or feeling that energy. >> i'm seeing that. and i'm scaring the democrats because of the push-back i've seen -- >> give me some example of the push-back you are getting. >> oh, my -- i'm not going to name names, but the e-mails and the phone calls and the tweets, it is very, very nasty. even from people that i'm friends with. >> e-mails and phone calls. are people saying, look, you could really hurt us, are they threatening you? what is happening. >> saying i'm never get a campaign on the democratic side of the aisle and i've lost a lot of business because of this and this is what i think and i think hillary is dangerous to the country. >> and you are saying democrats that don't want to hire you now. have you talked to the trump came about trying to work with them at all? >> i haven't spoke went them. and i want to be outside of the campaign i think i can do more from this advantage than from
10:36 am
within. but we'll see. >> a unique message. but give us a sense from the never hillary camp. we had garr land nixon on, a bernie sanders supporters, saying we have somebody who a couple of weeks before the convention is being interviewed by the fbi, maybe it is time we switch horses. do you think that is possible or are you hearing those same kind of things from other democrats as well? >> barring an indictment at this point, i don't see how that happens. if you take the e-mail server out of the equation and just look at how she handled the cover-up with the destruction of evidence, the obstruction of justice, there is no question she should be indicted on some counts. no question. and democrats know that. and i think that is why you are starting so see -- and you are starting to see people like garland vocalize this issue, this is a general issue of the election and trump will make it one and he has ever right to. i think this is a growing movement. the never hillary movement, it spans not just the democratic party but independent and even
10:37 am
trump is winning it in the washington news poll and other polls, he is winning it by 65% respectively. so it is not just democrats that she has a problem with, it is independents. >> appreciate you coming here. join us as things come along. interesting conversation. happy fourth. and the world is mourning elie wiesel. born in 1928 in what is now romai romania was a teenager when his family was sent to a concentration camp. he and his two older sisters did survive but other members of his family did die. he became a u.s. citizen in 1963. in 1978 president carter tapped him to lead his commission on the holocaust. he was instrumental in opening the u.s. holocaust memorial and awarding the nobel peace price in 1986. in a statement, president obama
10:38 am
called him a quote, living memory and a voice against anti-semitism and hatred and bigotry and intolerance in all forms. he spent his life preserving the memory of the holocaust to make sure we never forget and we never will. he was 78 years old. ♪ you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here.
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five people are dead, a dozen others injured when a bus hit a tractor-trailer down in the florida panhandle. officials say the bus was carrying farm workers and some children. it ran a flashing red light south of tallahassee and smashed into the tractor-trailer. both vehicles then burst into flames. you could see the results there. sheriff's deputies, though, pulled a lot of victims out of the bus as it was on fire. evidently saving a lot of lives. one of our top stories, the
10:43 am
end of ramadan combined with july fourth has the nation on high alert for a terror attack. and the fbi said they have foiled one plot, arresting an 18-year-old from tucson accused of plotting terror attacks against government buildings. will car has been following the story and he has the latest from our west coast newsroom. hi, will. >> reporter: hi, there elizabeth. authorities say it is only a coincidence this happened over the holiday weekend but they are not taking it less seriously. they have charged the 18-year-old with conspiracy to commit terrorism and the allegations include conspiring to commit acts of terrorism in both phoenix and tucson. his court documents have been sealed to the details are not coming out quickly but neighbors say he lived in an upscale community in tucson and comes from a quiet family and they would see him running or biking frequently throughout his neighborhood.
10:44 am
a superintendent of a school that he attended back in 2013 said that there were some behavior issues and his parents had to withdraw him after he was only in school for a couple of days to avoid disciplinary action. khan appears in court on saturday and being held without bond. so far this year only four other people have been arrested or charged domestically for terror-related crimes. compare that to last year when 67 suspects were charged. that is the most since 2001. over the past 15 years more than 500 people have been charged with a terror-related crime and obviously since it is the july fourth weekend authorities taking any type of threats seriously especially after the global attacks that we've seen play out recently. elizabeth. >> will car reporting live. thank you. coming up ahead on america's election headquarters, we already know the two major party resumive nominees but who will be their running mates.
10:45 am
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this july fourth is the
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100th anniversary since the death of american poet seger. he signed up to fight in world war i before the us entered the war and died fighting in one of the most brutal battles of the war. the battle of psalm. he is a hero here at home and in france where he fought. there are monuments to him in both countries. his most famous is i have a rendezvous with death. that is a favorite of president john f. kennedy. back to election news. the republican convention kicks off in two weeks and the veep stakes could not be higher for donald trump who is still struggling to win his party's full support. speculation is flying around both parties' potential number twos. garrett tenney is here to separate fact from fiction. >> when it comes to speculation it often helps to remember that saying that those who know don't
10:51 am
talk and those who talk don't actually know. when it comes to this vp potential running mate there is a lot more we know on the republican side. donald trump has said his list is narrowed down to four or five potential vp picks, one of them is indiana governor mike pence who donald trump spent time with this weekend. trump's aids told us the candidate will be meeting with several others in the coming days as well. several names being mentioned, chris christie, newt gingrich and jeff sessions. this morning on "sunday morning futures" trump adviser dr. ben carson told maria bartiromo there's no set timeline for when the vp decision will be made and he reiterated it's trump himself who will ultimately make that decision. >> right now, you know, he's really going through this process and being very deliberate about it and will take as much time as is necessary to make a good choice. >> on the democratic side the
10:52 am
clinton campaign is playing things much closer to the vest. we're told that at this point hillary clinton does have a short list, but that's about it. several of her potential running mates appeared on the sunday morning shows today, california congressman javier becerra, sharon brown and labor secretary tom perez. at this point any public appearance is an audition of sorts and all three were after dent defenders of clinton. on "meet the press" perez showed he is not afraid to go after donald trump. >> donald trump is a fraud. he is an out -- he is the outsourcer in chief, chuck. listening to him talk about how he's going to put america first again, he spent his entire career putting his whole profits first. >> and no surprise perez like becerra and brown would not say whether or not they've been contacted by the clinton team as a potential vp pick. >> we will soon find out. >> thank you so much.
10:53 am
still to come, it is the busiest day of the year for one very patriotic company. we will take a look at why old glory has them literally working around the clock. >> this is our christmas season, if you will. we are busier between memorial day and the fourth of july probably than the whole rest of the year. i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪ the usaa car buying app iwas really helpful.aa
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all the information was laid out right there. it makes your life so much easier when you have to purchase a car, so i've been telling everybody. save on your next car with usaa car buying service, powered by truecar.
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shmorange! and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. to help spread the word, we made t-shirts! reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange! ♪ america. america ♪ ♪ you hold success ♪ be noble ♪ and ever again divine we cannot thank you enough for sharing niece awesome photographs of your fourth of july weekend. we love each and every single one. >> a lot of proud american pictures out there. it's interesting, almost every
10:58 am
one of the proud americans, whether it's a dog, a kid, family, whatever it includes an american flag. more on how those flags are made. >> there's no real magic in sewing two pieces of cloth together, the magic happens when those products go out and interact with people. >> it is the busiest day of the year for the dixie flag company, the san antonio, texas, company is working around the clock manufacturing american flags which they've been making since the 1950s. the handmade banners are so popular that one american flag made by the company flies at the world trade center. that is so cool. i also like -- i mean, each flag has a story behind t it's handmade. >> each flag has a story, a person and are made in america, which we cannot say that for all flags. it's a nice thing to see. all right. and now more on american history. >> they usually pay me or more.
10:59 am
if they pay me more i have to tell them a lot. >> that is self-proclaimed historian gabe former -- houhou. the american history will cost you a quarter. gabe has made $7.30 and is going to donate the money to veterans or his church. we don't know where gabe is. >> i don't know, but i would gladly -- >> go over? >> absolutely. >> there you go. >> a quarter well spent. it's always amazing to hear how kids -- very different perspective on history and on the united states. >> it reflects on the parents as well for doing such a beautiful job by teaching them what's important. great sunday for us here in washington. thanks for being with us. have an awesome july 4th. >> "fox news sunday" hosted by shannon breen up next. >> happy july 4th.
11:00 am
#proudamerican. >> i'm shannon breen in for chris wallace. hillary clinton faces the fbi, as a private meeting between her husband and attorney general loretta lynch causes a political firestorm. >> hillary is so guilty, and how that's not being pursued properly, he opened up a pandora's box. >> now lynch is making assurances the meeting won't influence the investigation into clinton's private e-mail server. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again. because i think it has cast a shadow over what it should not. >> today, congressman xavier becerra, a clinton supporter and possible running mate on criticism the case is politically tainted as well as the impact of the benghazi report on the 2016 race. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive.


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