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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  July 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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hello. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> topping the news this hour -- hillary clinton speaking about her interview with the fbi over her use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. what she's saying about the investigation and how it could impact the rest of her campaign. plussing with growing speculation about who donald trump will choose as vp and whether he will make that announcement before the convention. what some in his inner circle are saying today. also a patriotic blast from the past. we are taking a trip back all
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the way to philadelphia. 1776. for an exclusive interview with two proud americans who helped to shape this nation. can you guess who you're talking about? it is an interview that you will not want to miss. we begin with hillary clinton speaking out about her highly anticipated interview with the fbi saying she's been eager to talk to the feds about her e-mail arrangements while she was secretary of state and that she's pleased to have had the opportunity to assist in bringing the review, as she refers to it, to a conclusion, this as supporters hit the sunday public affairs shows trying to contain the political fallout. kristin fisher joins us live in washington with more on that. >> reporter: well, clinton's characterizing her interview with the fbi as civil and busy like. she's also stressing that it was
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voluntary. in fact that was the very first thing she brought up when she called in to msnbc yesterday. >> it was something i had offered to do since last august. i had been eager to do it, and i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing its review to a conclusion. >> so while the timing of that interview signals that this fbi investigation may be winding down, clinton says she was given no timetable as to when that might be and no indication if any charges will be filed against her. but donald trump says he has sources that know how this is all going to play out. he said yesterday on twitter, "it was just announced by sources that no charges will be brought against crooked hillary clinton. like i said, the system is totally rigged." regardless of whether or not she is indicted, the republican national committee says the fact that she's being questioned by the fbi at all signals that she's unqualified to be commander in chief. "that the fbi wanted her for
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questioning reinforces her central role in deliberately creating a culture which put her own political ambitions above state department rules and jeopardized our national security. meanwhile, the clinton campaign is doing its best to try to put all of this behind them before the convention. they have a very big week coming up. on tuesday she'll campaign with president obama for the first time, and wednesday heads to atlantic city to several of trump's failed casinos to attack his business record. they're doing their best to move past this e-mail issue but donald trump and other republicans aren't likely to let it die. >> kristin fisher from washington, thanks. the vice presidential sweepstakes are well under way. the name game is in full swing as speculation swirls for just who will share the ticket with donald trump. >> the name game is a good way of putting it.
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donald trump had said we could expect his vice presidential nominee to be announced at the republican convention. but now there are reports we can expect an announcement to come before the convention. here is the presumptive republican presidential nominee's vp short list according to the associated press. house speaker newt gingrich, new jersey governor chris christie, indiana governor mike pence, and alabama senator jeff sessions. now governor pence reportedly met with mr. trump yesterday in new jersey. former campaign manager cory lewandowski was specifically asked about that today, about whether the indiana governor's chances of getting the job were pretty good. take a listen. >> i think the vice presidential sla selection is going to come down to one person's comfort level and that's donald trump. governor pence is a person who can help unite the party. he has a number of years of washington, d.c. experience. he's gone back and served as chief executive of a very important state, a state that donald trump is going to need to
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win in order to be successful in this election. >> reporter: the trump campaign says they're looking for a vp who knows d.c., someone who will excite true conservatives and help him on the legislative side. on sunday morning futures this morning, trump advisor ben carson was asked if we should assume that the vp announcement will come before the convention. >> i don't think it's a good thing to assume that. he could. but right now he's really going through this process and being very deliberate about it and will take as much time as is necessary to make a good choice. >> unpredictability. it remains trump's calling card. >> we are waiting to see if it is someone on the short list or a surprise. a new staffing shake-up in the trump campaign. barry bennett, now former senior advisor to the presumptive nominee. bennett says his stepping down was a mutual decision and that he still strongly supports mr. trump. this comes within weeks of the
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firing of corey lewandowski as donald trump's campaign manager. we'll talk more about this with the executive editor for "the daily caller." isis claiming responsibility for two bombings in baghdad that killed at least 115 people, wounding nearly 200 more. the deadliest blast happening outside a busy shopping center, an area bustling with people taking a break from their ramadan fast. kitty logan is live in london with the latest. >> reporter: the suicide bomber drove a truck packed with explosives straight into a shopping center packed with people, clearly with the intention of causing maximum damage. now the buildings caught fire almost immediately, trapping many people inside. this was a time when many families were shopping for the holiday and it is thought around 15 children were among the dead.
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isis has claimed responsibility for this bombing which is the worst iraq has seen in many, many months of recent violence. the group intended to target shia muslims as it has often done in the past. the following morning, this morning, rescue workers pulled bodies from the charred wreckage throughout the day as that death toll steadily rose. many more still missing. and the white house has since condemned the bombings saying the attack will only strengthen its resolve to fight isis in iraq. but in the past few days iraqi forces have managed to push isis out of the nearby city of fallujah. but today's attack shows the group is still capable of striking back. now it is starting to lose on the battlefield. there are fears it could increase its insurgent tactics. there has been a rise throughout this year of isis suicide attacks in iraq, often causing mass casualties, as we've seen today. there have also been isis mass
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casualty attacks in other countries such as turkey and ble bangladesh which creates fears the group may be spreading its reach. in the meantime we are learning more about the terror attack in bangladesh this weekend. isis claiming responsibility for the carnage carried out inside a restaurant in the cap tat. ed gopd ow fuktz are ulg are are are are are are the government is insisting the terror group has no existence in the country. commandos stormed the restaurant. three u.s. college students are among the dead. back in this country the fbi arresting an arizona man for allegedly threatening to carry out terror attacks on government buildings in phoenix and tucson. 18-year-old mahin khan faces charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism. behind bars without bond.
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will carr is live in los angeles with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: at this point authorities say that it is simply a coincidence that this terror related arrest occurred over the holiday weekend but that doesn't mean they are taking it any less seriously. they say they arrested and charged 18-year-old mahin khan. he's facing a charge of terrorism and also facing a charge of conspiracy to commit terrorism. authorities say the allegations include khan conspireing to commit acts of terrorism against government buildings in both phoenix and tucson. his court documents have been sealed but his neighbors say he lived in an upscale community in tucson, was part of a quiet family, and that they saw him running and biking throughout the neighborhood pretty regularly. the superintendent of the school that he attended for only a coupdays back in 2013 says he had some behavioral issues and his parents had to withdraw him to avoid disciplinary action. so far this year only four others have been arrested and
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charged domestically for terror related crimes, but compared for last year, 67 suspects were charged, the most since 2001. over the past 15 years, more than 500 people have been charged with a terror-related crime democratically. since it is the fourth of july weekend, obviously authorities are keeping a close eye out for any potential terror attacks that could happen, especially with all of the global attacks that we've seen play out recently. >> will carr in l.a., thank you so much. a horrific scene in central park in new york. what police are now saying about the serious injuries caused by a blast some witnesses heard blocks away. why dozens of people attending a kenny chesney concert had to be taken to the hospital. and hillary clinton and her supporters launching a full-court press today trying to contain the political damage after her long awaited interview with the fbi over her e-mail use. what it means for her white
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time for a quick check of the headlines now. a fiery crash between a school bus and a tractor-trailer killing five people in ta tallahassee, florida this weekend. 25 injured, five dead. more than two people were transported to hospitals during a kenny chesney concert in pittsburgh. most had alcohol related issues. police say fireworks may have been responsible for an explosion in new york city's central park that left a man seriously injured. witnesses say the boom could be heard blocks away. hillary clinton facing pointed questions from msnbc's chuck todd about her mounting e-mail controversy and the possible outcome of her three
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and a half-hour interview with the fbi yesterday. >> were you given that indication today, that no charges would be filed, and are you confident no charges will be filed? >> chuck, i am not going to comment on the process. i have no knowledge of any timeline. this is entirely up to the department. >> let's talk about it with a columnist for the "national review" magazine. thanks for joining us this holiday weekend. now she's saying no comment but in the past she's had a different answer when pressed on this issue, telling our own bret baier recently regarding the possibility of prosecution, that's not going to happen, there is no bea sis for it. in march she dodged the question at a debate saying, for a goodness sakes, that's not going to happen. now no comment. that after a change in strategy? is that after sitting down for a couple hours with the fbi agents, a change in how you feel
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you should answer the question? >> i think she was pretty hired yesterday. i think that must have been a pretty stressful interview. there's two aspects to this. the legal aspect and political answer expect. legally most people do not believe the obama administration is going to green-light a prosecution. at most there might be a me bargain as with general petraeus in his mishandling of classified information. he didn't go to jail. he had community selves, a fine and it was a misdemeanor. hillary people i talk to say she could survive that and continue as a candidate. i'm skeptical. political fallout would be the fbi report will no doubt leak and regardless of what's in it legally for her, politically it could be very embarrassing. democrats will look at that report and look at the polls. if she drops precipitously in the polls, she has very low honest and trust worthny nu ny now, they'll protest and revolt. if not, they'll plow forward and beat donald trump in november.
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>> a big ed line earlier in the week when bill clinton met with loretta lynch on the tarmac in phoenix. real issue, was there undue influence people are so concerned about. what about clinton's campaign? >> well, it means that it's temporarily lose-lose situation for her. if she's indicted it is devasta devastating. even a me bargain. if she's not it looks as if it the fix was in because of this clandestine meeting. remember, we would never have learned about that meeting unless a government source called up a phoenix tv reporter and alerted them to it. they took great pains to make sure they remained secret. big problem with the meeting was this -- bill clinton is part of the investigation into the clinton foundation the fbi is directing. there are two parts. there is this national security e-mail part and the clinton foundation part. the clinton foundation has his name on it. he is involved in all the fund-raising for it. it is outrageous for an attorney general to meet with someone who is in the middle of an ongoing
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fbi probe. >> some interesting sound today from senator sherrod brown. a clinton surrogate. >> she's released 55,000 pages of e-mails, 31,000 different e-mails. she's released her tax returns since 1977. she's released her health care records. she's always been willing to talk to authorities. i think what the story is missing is all that we don't know about donald trump. >> so there he is trying to shift the focus to donald trump who's actually been pretty aghast at what he believes happened on the tarmac as well. meanwhile he hasn't been shy about going after her. will this backfire when you're trying to shift things back to donald trump and what he thinks about what's gone on? >> look, each of these two candidates, their best asset is the other candidate. i call this race sometimes the more evil of two lessers. they're going to be bashing each other back and forth. but donald trump's problems pale in significance compared with some of the problems legally that hillary clinton might face. i think that the real issue here
1:20 pm
is, of course she released 31,000 e-mails. she also deleted 30,000 e-mails. we now know that many of the e-mails she deleted have been discovered elsewhere and they were relevant to the investigations. so the fbi i think has gone through her deleted server and i think recovered an awful lot. i think we're going to learn an awful lot of why hillary clinton deleted all of these e-mails. i don't think it was yoga practice sessions or a meeting with her grandchildren. >> a fascinating situation, a investigation and a campaign. a witness to history who urged us never to forget. we remember holocaust survivor and nobel peace prize winner coming up. plus, the presidential veep stakes kicking into high gear. we'll discuss who might be on donald trump's short list with convention only weeks away. hi, i'm dominique wilkins.
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before i begin. newt, you going to do it? that's okay. that's all i want to know. >> the question was should i -- >> should he be vice president? i tell him -- it is a hell of a job. get big pay raise. it is all work. >> he does have a sense of humor, vice president joe biden asking former house speaker newt gingrich who was in the audience a question that's been on many people's mind -- who will donald trump pick as his running mate. with the conventional only weeks away, let's talk about it now with executive editor for "the daily caller." vince, start with newt gingrich. he's at the top of many people's list. he had an infidelity problem. he was reprimanded by the house for ethics violations, blamed for mid-term losses and resigned pretty much in disgrace.
1:27 pm
he's recently gone after trump being critical of him for his attack on a federal judge, called it inappropriate and unacceptable. really? newt gingrich? >> well, it seems to me, if there's ever been a year for a politician to sort of put his past behind him, parts that he doesn't want to have become a liability, it is this one. donald trump certainly is an expression of somebody who's definitely changed political positions somewhat from where he's been in the past, dramatically in some cases. and has put sort of his own history -- personal histories behind him as well to run for president. i think what we found is especially among the electorate is that there is sort of forgiving nature for that because they're so desperate for it be somebody in trump's case to fix america. they're saying look, he's got sins but we can get past them. for gingrich, he's got a track record that donald trump may want to lean on, especially when it comes to reaching across the aisle and also going after the clintons which is now obviously a pivotal moment.
1:28 pm
>> ed rollins, a republican consultant, he quipped, well, then you'd have six current and ex-wives between them sort of like henry viii. what about chris christie? what's the up side and the downside is pretty obvious in new jersey. his ratings have absolutely nose-dived. his approval numbers down 40%. he's got the bridgegate scandal still dogging him. what's the up side of a guy like christie? >> if donald trump goes with chris christie it is clear he's not too concerned with putting another big personality on the ticket. there's been speculation that trump couldn't possibly want another big personality guy. apparently it is either that in christie's case or he is rewarding his loyalty because christie was one of the first to come out and say i'm behind donald trump. i believe chris christie is capable of conveying a lot of
1:29 pm
messages success siinctly that strongly to the base. in the republican party christie's been a star in a lot of ways, including fund-raising. >> three other names appear to be on people's short list -- governor mike pence of indiana. trump in et with him over the weekend. you've got jeff sessions of alabama. senator bob corker of tennessee. what about them? >> in pence's case he's very well liked among conservative activists certainly and among social conservatives who really like pence. the speculation is fueled in part by donald trump meeting with him to play golf yesterday. then you've got the senators, bob corker and jeff sessions. they're going to offer something that comes down to legislative experience, something that donald trump has spoken a lot about when choosing a running mate. in sessions' case, he told me several weeks ago he is very open to the possibility of becoming donald trump's vice president. he's ideologically very close to donald trump especially when it comes to immigration and trade. >> three other names bandied
1:30 pm
about. governor mary fallon of oklahoma, senator tom cotton of arkansas, jan brewer the governor of arizona. pretty low on the handicaps? >> that's right. especially the campaign kind of let it slip a couple weeks ago, whether or not this is true, the decision to choose a woman specifically because of the identity politics of that is pretty low on donald trump's list of reasons to pick a vice president and if we go back to christie, also choosing somebody based on a state, also not very high on his list. this is about somebody who brings political experience to the table. >> he may bring show mmanship. >> happy 4th. family and friends gathering in new york city today for a private service to honor holocaust survivor and nobel laureate ellie weisele who died yesterday at 87. his memoir "night" offered a
1:31 pm
harrowing account of the holocaust as he urged the world to never forget one of the darkest chapters in history. joining me on the phone, former director of the national antidefamation league. thank you for joining us here today. we know you knew mr. wiesel so our condolences to you. your thoughts on what his true legacy is. >> with all the great accolades, i think the most important element is he was a teacher. he was a preacher. he taught anti-hate. he taught the lesson of hatred. he wasn't so much engaged in love. love is a little difficult. but if we can avoid hate, then maybe there will be no more holocaust. he also took a jewish tragedy, a very specific jewish tragedy, and put it on the universal
1:32 pm
plane. he took the lesson i think directed against the jews and anti-semitism and raised his voice and his consciousness against all people being singled out because who they were. and so he went to cambodia and he went to yugoslavia and he went to rwanda. and his voice against hatred, genocide and prejudice was universal. so the world lost a great moral voice. >> we are losing so many of our world war ii veterans in their twilight years and also our holocaust survivors. have you had a chance to speak with him in recent years as he reflects back on his life? any. final conversations and thoughts in what was he thinking about? >> molly, i had the privilege not only to know him but in the last several months to spend an hour almost every week. we talked about everything. he was concerned about the world, about our insensitivity
1:33 pm
towards a lack of memory. but many have asked recently what happens when the survivors are gone? well, in the case of elie wiesel, he left 40 books, he left articles and teaching. he left a legacy. so that message will continue, especially with digital communications today, there are 70,000 testimonies that are on video so that the testimony of people who lived through hell because of hate will continue to be with us, although not necessarily in the most direct form. elie was concerned about it, but he felt good that he had left, as i said, a legacy, a lesson, teachings, memory through his writings. >> abraham foxman, thank you so much for sharing your
1:34 pm
reflections on elie wiesel, an incredible survival story. his story transcends time and we will remember him. >> thank you. leo dicaprio holding an event half-way around the globe to raise awareness about climate change. why critics say his effort will do more harm than good to the environment. plus, new questions about self-driving cars after the driver of one vehicle dies in a crash. are they really safe? we left boston on the 2nd of july. that was the start of a long trip across france. we had to break this tank thing. there was nobody else there. why i did it? just seemed the thing to do at the time. paris was kind of the focal point. got home on the 10th of may and i was 21 comes a phone call from ft. lewis. sergeant hawk, you're supposed to receive the medal of honor.
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hollywood superstar leonardo dicaprio taking a little heat from critics right now for hosting a gala reception at his foundation supporting global warming. a-list celebrities will travel to the french rivera. critics say each guest is making that 12,000-mile round trip and will ultimately release seven tons of co2 into the atmosphere. a spokesperson for the actor says he is be flying commercial, not on a private jet. the push to develop self-driving cars may have suffered a serious setback following a fatal accident.
1:40 pm
tesla and google are leading the way in the field with tesla releasing an auto pilot feature to customers in a software update last year. authorities say a driver was killed in may had his tesla on auto pilot when it ran into a tractor-trailer. there's also a report the driver may have actually been watching a movie at the time of the crash. joining me now to talk about it, a financial advisor and president of diversified financial consultants. we think of computers as perfect. this accident is the perfect example because the computer mistook the whiteness on the side of a tractor-trailer for the whiteness of the sky and the car slammed right in to the tractor-trailer as it was turning killing the driver. >> we're still -- we still have all the details. right? but one thing we do know is that this tesla vehicle, the national highway transportation safety administration ranks these vehicles from 1 to 5.
1:41 pm
1 being it needs total involvement by the driver, 5 it basically operates itself. this vehicle is ranked i believe a 2 which means that the driver is supposed to say engaged in the process of driving. this is not a vehicle, you close your eyes, take a nap and don't worry about it. we don't know whether mr. brown was distracted. we don't know the details. >> what we do know is that when tesla introduced this auto pilot thing, immediately had a bunch of people taking selfie videos of themselves while the car is driving jumping into the back seat and playing music, reading a book, paying no attention. lawyers would call that an attractive nuisance. >> i read about a study google did. its own employees in its own vehicles, the self-driving vehicles. employees were in the car for basically five whole minutes and they were already playing on their phones. they were looking through their bag, doing something else other than paying attention. we're not in a situation and the technology is not advanced yet where you can just take a nap
1:42 pm
and let the thing drive itself. >> google said it wants to make cars drive more like humans. what does ma mean? is there going to be a setting on the dashboard that says drive me like a little old lady or a stuntman or professional or what? >> i find that comment a little amusing because i think the whole premise behind the google and apple is doing research in this and so is mercedes and bmw and volvo is that we drive less like humans, meaning we prevent deaths, cars that stop themselves before accidents happen. the whole idea behind all this is that we have a safer vehicle that protects more lives. it is less human, not more. >> it is one thing to have a computer sitting on your desk. it is not going to harm you. but it is another thing to have it in literally in control of your lives and lives of others at a high rate of speed. there is a philosophical aspect to this. is that tesla or google vehicle, the auto pilot, is it programmed for the following scenario in
1:43 pm
one way -- you are approaching a group of kids standing in the middle of the road recklessly. is the car supposed to plow through those kids to save the driver, or steer the driver off the cliff to save the kids? >> if you think about when an automobile first created, there were a lot of deaths, whether driver or innocent biystanders. there were more pedestrians killed than drivers. there is certainly an ethics and moral aspects, too, how it should be handled. it is an evolving process, but it is inevitable. tesla has over 130 million miles tested in its vehicles. tens of thousands of other miles by all these other manufacturers. they expect 10 million vehicles on the streets by 2020. we need to evolve, we know it grow it, in the meantime if people die, it is a process. >> when you turn it on the
1:44 pm
blaring signal comes on, disclaimer, warning, be careful, it's not perfect, so on, so forth. lawyers are going to start filing products liability lawsuits. does the government need to step in because until it is a perfect system, lives are in jeopardy? >> i think that's also inevitable and i think it will slow the process down. the government has to be a partner in this. think about creation of seatbelts and bumpers and airbags. manufacturers didn't want all these things in cars. they were forced to do it. in the end it created a better product and safer product. the government absolutely will step in, will set standards and it is a technology that will evolve. it is not going to happen in a day. >> it sounds great but as a lawyer it just strikes me as incredibly dangerous and reckless. >> you know the lawyers will have a say in this. >> the lawyers will probably have the final say because they'll file a flurry of lawsuits that could put tesla and other companies out of
1:45 pm
business. as we celebrate independence day this weekend, we remember some of the people who made it all possible. coming up, we will talk with two of the people who had a big impact on american freedom 240 years ago. (vo) pro plan bright mind adult 7+ promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) the difference has been incredible. she is much more aware. she wants to learn things. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
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welcome back. we are celebrating of course our country's birthday this weekend. taking a look back at history. the u.s. founders signing the declaration of independence 240 years ago tomorrow. >> today we are bringing in a few guests who were there to see all of the action up close. let's welcome bill and meredith, philadelphia's official ben franklin and betty ross all the way from 1776. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> crossing the centuries for us today. we are celebrating the birth of the nation. ben, let's start with you. your thoughts on here we are so many years later and just the strength of the country as it is today. >> i am impressed. i think of course i'm impressed
1:50 pm
by this very technology that i seem to be involved in right now. i've never envisioned anything like this. of course i try not to speak too much about "your time." i'm not being as familiar it al amazed and delighted that the constitution which we crafted so many years ago is still in force. it's not perfect. it never will be. we all are humans. but i think it's nearly as perfect as we could have gotten it and i think you have done a wonderful job with it. >> betsy, you were instrumental in the flag, but at considerable risk. it was the symbol of independence which was treasonness for the british crown. so your life and a great many others at risk. what do you think of that? >> well, that's true. indeed it was a great risk to make this flag. i was fully aware of this fact. i was asked to make it by general washington himself, robert morris and my late
1:51 pm
husband uncle's goreorge. i did knowing the risk have to think about it carefully. but for myself, i'm a widow. i have no children. for me being a patriot, there it was it was an easy choice to make. >> and you weren't even allowed to vote in your lifetime. and now we have a woman as a candidate for the president. so much has changed. >> i'm pleased to hear that you're considering a woman for president. most of us don't even go to school. so it does please me to hear that women have made such advancements. but there are certainly women in my time, too, who are doing what they can be to be a part of this war effort. not only by making flags and
1:52 pm
other military supplies. there are women who are chasm followers, who go with with the army on their encampments and aid on the battlefield by tending to wounded soldiers, doing cooking, washing. i've heard rumors that there are some disguising themselves as men and enlisting themselves. >> and now being a widow is able by law to own her own business which is quite exceptional for a woman this our time. >> ben, you signed three of the instrumental documents. declaration of independence, the treaty with france,our time. >> ben, you signed three of the instrumental documents. declaration of independence, the treaty with france, and then of course the constitution. at the time that all of that was unfolding, did you think there was a very good chance that you were going to it meet your death as a result and all of the others c others who joined you? >> the only time -- certainly by the constitution, by the time of the constitution, i did not fear
1:53 pm
for anything. we were one country, not quite one country thar, that's what o constitution was for. but certainly i think the only time i actually feared for my life as a result of any of these was after ied that in sood t ha declaration and heading off to paris trying to enlist their aid in our cause, we saileded across the atlantic, the ocean was full of british warships, privateering ships, and i even made out a second will because that was the one time that had i been captured on that voyage, i could have been in serious trouble. >> you both lived in such a time of political upheaval, things were so contentious. and yet you managed to pull together and start a nation and here we are in the midst of another presidential election and political upheaval seems to be how things are today. what would advice be to politicians in the now?
1:54 pm
in my advi >> my advice personally would be to not worry always about your agenda. we did what we did especially with the constitution by being able to compromise. and i know that is a dirty word to some people, but you don't have to compromise your values. you couldn't have to compromise your standards. i always approached things as if i did not have an agenda, i had a goal. and there are many ways of meeting a goal. so that's the best advice i could give to anyone who is trying to accomplish anything is be open to ideas and open your mind a bit. >> very well said. >> we thank you both for your tremendous contribution to our glorious country and especially, ben, without your electricity discovery, we wouldn't be communicating quite the way we are right now. >> i lust temust tell you, i th first man to get hit by light thing discovered electricity. >> you put to good use.
1:55 pm
thank you very much for that. >> you're welcome. >> ben and betsy. tonight fox news channel giving you an inside look at the american revolution with the fourth of july weekend episode of legends and lives, this week's installment focusing on general george washington and the challenges he faced while trying to build a military force. don't miss it, tonight at 8:00 eastern on fox news channel. and at lthe atlantic braves facing off against the hmarlins. the usual location for the game and why it's making history. [ guitar playing ]
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2:00 pm
good luck to both teams. >> and that does it for us. immedia "#mediabuzz" is next. >> have a great holiday weekend. we'll see you tomorrow morning. on the buzz beater, just before the fbi interviews hillary clinton, many media outlets down played or ignored bill clinton's public meeting with the loretta lynch. why the issue explodes like fourth of july fireworks. >> it is beyond me how tone death either one evof them is. >> i think bill clinton is the one who did something inappropriate. this has led to a lot of conspiracy theories that even before hillary clinton has been interviewed by the fbi to our knowledge that somehow bill clinton is talking to loretta lynch about clearing hillary clinton of the e-mail investigation. >> did the press fumble the story t


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