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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 4, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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first" on this monday morning. >> patriotism across the country. thank you so much for starting your fourth of july with us. we want to know what makes you a proud american. send us your pictures and stories using the hashtag proud american. >> look forward to seeing those. tornadoes threatening hundreds of celebrations this fourth of july from the midwest to the east coast. a storm system could delay fireworks at the national mall for the first time in 25 years, heather. >> an incredible site in arizona. fireworks and lightning colliding during the show's finale. >> raging flood waters. meantime washing heavy duty trucks off side streets in other parts of the state. >> in kansas people walking
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through hawaii water. they ripped up farmland there. >> maria molina is there. she is tracking the extreme weather for us for the holiday. good od morning. a big weather picture out there across portions of the midwest and eastern u.s. and also in the plains. a wide swath looking at the storms moving on through. the problem is the front that stretches from portions of the plains to the midwest that provide the focus for a lot of showers and heavy rains to fire up. we have flash flood watches in effect because of the heavy rain that comes down across portions of southeastern missouri. potentially an inch per hour. here's a look what the you are seeing with the severe weather. we are looking at flash
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flooding. there were fatalities and we have a threat for flash flooding today. that's something we have to look out for. temperatures will be hot through out the southeast and southern plains. many areas with 80's. it won't feel too great if you are standing over the barbecue. 94 degrees with a forecast high temperature this afternoon. >> americans on high alert this fourth of july. big cities amid fears and terror attacks overseas. they are beefing up security where three million spectators are expected. 500 members of elite terrorism squad defending the city taking new yorkers and tourists safe.
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vapor wake dog are specifically trained to detect body worn explosives on a moving target. there will be radiation detectors by air and sea. metal bare remembers and full force cops where tens of thousands of americans will watch the fireworks show at the national mall. they are scanning visitors searching bags ahead of the festivities there. if you see something, say something. >> they are hitting a fever pitch in new york central park when a blast sent tourists running for their lives. a college student from virginia skep stepped on a homemade explosive device blowing off his foot. the landmark was shut down for hours search fogger more explosives. they are looking for who is responsible. they believe an explosive hobbyist left behind that device. the u.s. condemning a massive
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car bomb blast in the heart of one of baghdad's busy shopping areas. death toll up to 142. the attack only strengthens it is determination to fight isis. fears growing. we could see more attacks over the next three-days after isis told supporters to attack during the holy month of ramadan which ends on wednesday. the latest attack is the third mass murder by the islamist terror group in days. now to a fox news alert. hours before his last shift ended a retiring police officer run over and killed by an alleged drunk driver. he was interviewing a woman when the car swerved ripping the doors off the patrol car. it was supposed to be his last full-time shift before retiring. he was arrested on several charges including vehicular homicide. he leaves behind a fiancee and a
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toddler. >> thick dark skies forcing a u.s. senator crashing down during a terrifying emergency landing. republican and avid pilot trying to last during wicked storms. the 81-year-old off the scratch. this is the 6th call while flying. they crashed in 2013. turn to go the race for the white house as things really start to heat up. donald trump calling for charges against hillary clinton for her e-mai e-mails. speculation over the picks. >> good morning ladies. happy fourth of july. the big news was hilly clinton's face to face meeting with the
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fbi. clinton says she was eager to talk at this voluntary meeting. it lasted 3 and a half hours. it signals this fbi investigation is likely coming to a close. clinton says she was given no time tame as to when that might be and no indication if any charges are filed against her. donald trump says she knows how it will all play out. it was just announced by sources that no charges will be brought against crooked hillary clinton. like i said the system is totally rigged. he sent out tweets about the meeting with loretta lynn. >> crooked hillary knew her husband wanted to meet up with loretta lynch. yesterday the surrogates and possible vp picks rallied to her defense. here is the congressman.
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>> i think she has made it clear. if you don't believe what i am telling you it was a chance encounter it was a social conversation let me make it clear. the folks doing the investigation, the professionals at the fbi the prosecutors and how the facts will interrelate to the law they are the ones that will make the recommendation and i am prepared to accept that recommendation. >> speculation is swirling he will announce his running mate this week. indiana governor mike pence who trump met with yesterday. trump surrogate ben carson puts it all in perspective. >> concentrating significantly on who would be the best fit. looking for foun who really loves america and is looking to put forth direct effort. understands how serious our financial situation is how serious the activity of the terrorist is.
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>> both trump and clinton are taking the fourth of july off. this could be a very big week for the trump and clinton campaign with the convention right around the corner. >> jackie, heather? >> they are campaigning together on tuesday i believe. it will be a big one. >> the first ever baseball game at fort bragg. ♪ >> amazing. the atlanta braves and miami marlins playing in front of veterans and active soldiers.
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>> out of this world. >> for them to come out here not only to build up this park let's come out here and play and interact with us as soldiers it doesn't get any better than that. >> the marlins beating the braves 5-2. >> everybody winning for that one. >> baseball, apple pie. i don't know. >> both of those. >> let me know. >> 9 minutes after the top of the hour. closing the case, pressure is mounting on democrats to clear hillary clinton. should she be charged. our political panel on deck to weigh in. the moment a driver cheats death. you have to see it. >> we get a behind the scenes look life at nashville. we are sharing your proud american stories. proud to serve side by side with her husband.
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>> they gave back and said thank you to them. that was something my dad's generation has to be the best i ever had. so when i was coming back we talked to respect and be grateful and thankful to their service.
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>> pressure is mounting on four powerful white house democrats to close the case and clear hillary clinton. should she be charged or cleared? here to weigh in the former aid for the palin epstein he's also republican strategist as well as evangelina gomez.
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thank you for getting up early for us. >> good morning. >> that is a loaded we on this independence day. should she be charged or cleared? >> ultimately she may be cleared. there is something like the ben sgri investigation where at the end of the day they will see what is criminal wrong doing for her. the laws some people said she is accused of breaking actually apply to people who indepositionnally give national defense information. these e-mails were classified after they were sent and they were always in storage which she droel controlled. >> given some of the e-mails have have been released at this point where she knew this was not going to be what she is doing. >> the preem ma fash shaw evidence that she didn't establish a server she broke the federal records act.
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on the face there's nothing to indi indict. anything else is twisting of the truth. it is an indictment and trial to see what would happen. she knows she in fact did have that. she already admitted to it. there's not much more to discuss. anything else is political on the side of the democrats. and as donald trump says if it was anybody else that person would be indicted. that is much less than general petraeus did. >> it does seem ee advantage lean there are different standards for different people. beyond that it is clearly impacting her numbers when it comes to honesty and trust worthiness. it is the lowest it has ever been. s is fare tarnt is-- it is more important to assist somebody with the numbers. it will be coming in the next
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two-days they will pick who the vp candidates will be. >> i think she is going to look at potential vp's who can help her where she is weak as you mentioned. she has alarge array of choices. it's going to be her decision as to whether or not she is going to want someone who appeal to white male working class voters in swing states. is she going to want somebody to bring out the impressive votes. those are the questions she is going to have to answer in the coming weeks. >> i will let you talk about donald trump and his picks. >> she has so nmany problems on national security. they went up 10 points by trump worthiness. she shouldn't wore -- she should
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worry about not going to jail. >> donald trump, who do you think he should pick? >> somebody from oklahoma really, really good options there. he would pick that stuff for the candidacy and the country. >> i am curious how many people said no to wanting to be his vp. he's going to want to focus on someone who is going to attract voters he is not able to i a tract. perhaps somebody with economic diversity not somebody from the south, or midwest. >> could be coming very soon. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks, heather. the time is 27 after the hour. 7 people arrested 37 hospitalized 48 tons of garbage
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left behind. kenny chesney has explaining to do this morning. katie weber sent in this picture of answer lee june. look at that in her bathing suit. the first family named their poodle normandy in honor of those on normandy beach. >> abby hunts man joins us live from nashville. >> hey, jackie, we are proud of the americans down here in nationals. so much to do including eating a little bit of goo-goo cluster for breakfast. i had the best time over the weekend. went to the grand 'oole opre. you will see me take the stage. see what happens next in a few minutes. if you're taking multiple medications,
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>> on the weekend past i took the train town to a lovely city. i walked around saw the sights and then i took the commuter train to the concentration camp museum. i was alone on that gray march early april day. it is what they could do with one another. then i turned the corner in the exhibit. there was these black-and-white photographs of gi's liberating concentration camps. of those young gi's the faces
2:23 am
you saw astonishment of the faces of the inmates. i looked at those and i thought, god, that's who we are, americans. that's what we do. >> share your pride on facebook, twitter and instagram #proud american. >> those little clips are so powerful. >> every year fox news celebrates our proud americans during the fourth of july weekend. >> we are hanging out in nashville encouraging people to share their pride with #proud american. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning, ladies. happy fourth of july. the sun is not up yet but there is plenty to do. you have to eat a goo-goo cluster. this is pretty much melting.
2:24 am
this is a special red white and blue one peanuts nugent chocolate and caramel. amazing stuff. i got some real cowboy boots. as someone who loves country music i was somewhere pretty special two nights ago. take a look. >> can i get a smore? >> absolutely. >> this is rogers but we call him opry man. this happened two times a week and always sold out. what is a typical show like? >> you will see today's hit makers and legends of country music and great bluegrass music. >> it could be unbelievable. i want to see if i can talk to some of the performers tonight. you know you have made it as a country artist when you get to perform there. >> it is like yankee stadium to to a baseball player or fox news is to a be journalist.
2:25 am
it holds the ladder when it comes to music. >> they stood underneath it and held it up. >> the show must go up. the held the curtain up so they could perform all night long. >> i am dying to set foot on that stage. >> the best in country music have stood right in this circle. it has been my dream to stand right here and even pretend to sing. could you do it with me. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, abby hunts man. >> thanks for welcoming fox to nashville. >> i don't know how to dance.
2:26 am
making a speckle of myself but i am going to do it. >> the opry square dancing. >> it is a moment i will never forget. it is a little empty but in a few hours you will see a couple hundred thousand people coming out here to celebrate the fourth of july. tell us why you are happy to be an american. i have the best job in the planet. this is such an incredible city. love cotten tree mu -- country . love the people here. >> you said it was a goo-goo
2:27 am
cluster. >> my hands are so sticky. >> how many have you eaten this weekend? i saw you eating one yesterday. >> we had the best food from barbecue to fried chicken. i am going to have to run a few miles when i get done. >> hardly classifies as working. >> thank you, abby. enjoy yourself. >> thanks, guys. >> we will be checking back through out the day. stay tuned for that. half past the taupe of the dush dush a cannon blows off a teenager as foot live at central park. the electrifying escape from the zoo and terrorized a neighborhood. well, it happened again, heather. another has gotten lose.
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>> it is monday july 4th. americans on alert. many people celebrating the foefoem under stepped fourth of july u acce stepped up security. >> tornadoes ravaging the midwest and it is not over. maria molina tracking storms. if you think it is a strange combo you are not alone. there is outrage after hooter girls show up as a cub scout camp. ho hoej
2:32 am
>> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". >> it is 31 after the phour. we are asking you about what makes you a proud american? >> he is proud of living in a place that helps him build his own picture. >> she sends a picture of her dad. he wouldn't buy anything unless it is for the good old usa. >> the kennedy family is proud to be americans because of all who won who have gone before them. >> keep sharing them use the #proud american. we are going to talk about extreme weather that is threatening some of the celebrations. thunder, lightning tornadoes
2:33 am
spanning from the midwest to the east coast. lightning striking over the capital dome. a storm system could delay the fireworks for the first time in 25 years. >> incredible sight in arizona. the fireworks and lightning colliding during a show's finale. raging flood waters washing heavy duty trucks straight off of side streets in other parts of the state. in canada people walking through thigh high water. oklahoma ripping off farm lands there. >> maria molina is live tracking more extreme weather for the holidays. good morning, maria. >> good morning. we are tracking all kinds of severe weather that could be possible sometime today. we could be seeing fire work celebrations canceled or
2:34 am
delayed. you could see the areas looking storms later on this afternoon and evening stretching through carolinas and mid atlantic also across portions of the american plains. damaging winds and tornadoes will be a earn. in west virginia we dealt with a deadly flood. we are looking at another round of wet weather in the area. it is already busy out there in missouri and kentucky. be safe out there. otherwise temperatures are going to be hot from the plains to southeastern u.s. the numbers are in the 70's and 80's. they will keep climbing into the middle to triple 90's.
2:35 am
it is looking hotter than the humidity reads. across portions of the northwestern u.s. relatively tool temperatures forecast to reach the upper 60's in seattle. >> americans on high alert. big cities bracing for fears amid terror attacks. macy's fireworks show where 3 million spectators are expected to show up. 500 members of the elite counter-terrorism squad descending on the city to keep new yorkers and terrorists safe. vapor wake dogs who are specifically trained to detect body warn ex lowsives on a moving target. they are patroled by air and see. >> metal barriers canine units and under cover cops will be out in full force at the nation's capital. they will watch the fireworks
2:36 am
show at the national mall. police are scanning visitors and searching bags ahead of the if as iities there. they want to remind you if you see something, say something. >> feeling the heat on the campaign trail, donald trump now calling for charges against hillary clinton after she finally meets with the fbi. >> all of this as rumors swirl about vp picks that could come as soon as this week. kristin fisher joins us live in washington with the latest on that front. >> the clinton campaign has a history of releasing negative news or e-mail domes right before a big holiday weekend when most americans are not litening. they sat with investigators for three and a half hours is a clear sign it is likely winding
2:37 am
down. she was given no time table as to when it will be and if any charges will be filed against her. donald trump says he knows how it will play out. it was announced by sources no charges will be brought against crooked hillary clinton. the system is totally rigged. he fired off a series of tweets her husband met on the tarmac with loretta lynch. only a fool who think the meeting between them was not arranged or crooked hillary did not know. thes claim the meeting was paurl social. possible vp picks rallied to her defense. here is one of them. >> speculation is swirling trump
2:38 am
may announce his running mate as soon as this week. newt gingrich, chris christie, a relative any new addition mike pence who trump met with yesterday. trump surrogate ben carson puts all of these rumors in perspective. >> he is really going through this process being dlab brat about it and will take time as necessary to make a good choice. >> trump and clinton are taking the fourth off. but tomorrow both of the presumptive mnominees will be i north carolina loon gnaw. pretty sure it is not a coincidence. clinton will be campaigning for the first time. between possible vp announce ams the president of the campaign trail it is shaping up to be a big week for the campaign. >> a hot fourth of july.
2:39 am
>> almost 20 minutes before the top of the hour. heightened fees we have been talking about that after an explosion blows off part of someone's foot in central park. we are there live with what police are now saying. what is it about kenny chesney and his birth. a repeat performance as chaos ruins another one of the shows. >> but i love that song. first we are celebrating proud americans across the country. boomer and anna garza raised their kids to know that freedom isn't free. it is worth fighting for. >> good parents ligright there. >> she has the freedom of religion and opportunity to run for public office. ♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online.
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here.
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>> from no shoes to no class nation. people are arrested after getting too drunk after the rocking the stadium. >> people were forced to walk through this. layers discussing trash empty beer bottles and others taken away. this was the scene three years ago when pittsburgh fans over the national headlines. >> the hooters girls teaming up with the boy scouts. sounds strange. parents from denver feeling outraged. scout camp with hooters girls. >> i step back a second. i say are they wearing hooters? it is like polar opposites of
2:44 am
what boy scouts are supposed to be. >> the boy scouts say the restaurants known for scandally clad waitresses approached them about sponsorship of the camp. a reminder to be careful around all of the fourth of july hire works. a 9-year-old girl losing her hand in a horrific accident. she picked up a fire work not realizing that it was lit. both hands and her face were injured but she is expected to be okay. meantime a 12,000 dollar fireworks display set off hours too early by sent accident. >> >> sparks were spent flying after something went wrong while a pyro technicians cause the entire show to pop off in a matter of minutes.
2:45 am
the worker burned badly but is expected to live. >> independence day for an arrange ta orangutan. he nearly escaped after climbing to the top of the wall at the enclosure at the kansas city zoo. but he was just teasing, taking it upon herself to return home minutes after getting to the top. giving them a little heart attack there. it comes a couple days after an arran orangutan got lose. >> on independence day. terror fear hitting fever pitch in new york central park when a last sends tourists running for their lives. a college student stepped on a homemade explosive device blowing off his foot. >> we are live in central park. >> good morning to both of you. give you the lay of the land. we are north of the plaza hotel
2:46 am
where this entrance is to central park. this is connor boldman playing in the park with friends over the holiday weekend when something went horribly wrong. he climbed off of a rock jaufrnded off of that when that explosion p went off. the blast was so powerful it mangled the teenager as leg. it is a shock sensitive explosion and part of an ex tir iment. they fear this may be an act of terrorism but investigators quickly ruled that out. we spoke with one man who heard this explosion and ran in to help. >> he went yelling running up the hill with his friend who is laying on the rocks and his left foot was severely damaged. >> counter-terrorism officers quickly rushed to the scene.
2:47 am
they kept the rest of the park open. a lot of people were nervous about that decision. the police thought that was the right call. emt's rushed the teenager to the local hospital where they attempted to save the rest of his foot. the fbi is investigating. >> that is really scary. we have been to this part of the area all of the time. >> thank you for joining us. >> now let's go over and talk to clayton morris and see what's coming up on "fogs and friends. >> it is fox and friends. of course we are doing that. >> we have got the burgers outside. i am going to do this to you guys. what's the biggest mace take you make? what is the biggest mistake you make? >> putting the cheese on too soon. >> or not leaving it on long enough. >> want to show you the perfect
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grilling tips this morning. one common mistake most people make. going to make sure you don't do that. have you seen what the uso is doing. they have a challenge to help our troops this morning. you can take part in it, too, if you want. we are putting together care packages and we have a challenge. they want 1 million care packages sent out this year. messages to the troops. have you ever had blue wine before? have you ever had blue wine. it is a combination of red and white. we will be drinking some this morning. red, white and blue wine for your backyard barbecue this morning. >> it's "fox & friends." you never know what you are going to get. >> we will be right back here on "fox & friends first" after this quick break. e folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office?
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. americans on high alert this fourth of july. big cities bracing for the worst amid new fears and terror attacks overseas. >> we are live at the national mall with the latest on security efforts in our nation's capitol. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, only some fellow early risers out here with us for now, but come later today, this area of the national mall will be flooded with thousands of tourists and residents all expected for tonight's annual fireworks show. security unfortunately in this day and age will certainly be on the minds of many. i'm told there will be security checkpoints all over the mall area where officers will be looking inside all bags, back packs and coolers. folks will not be allowed to bring any sort of drugs,
2:53 am
alcohol, or weapons of any kind and drones are not allowed on the national mall for tonight's fireworks. we did speak with the d.c. police chief who says the majority of her police force will be out on the clock tonight even though she says there are no known terrorist threats to d.c. at this time. >> changing things specifically for security planning for the fourth of july. there has been some small changes. we have a pretty tight security plan with our partners so it's nothing that's significant and nothing to change the ability of people to come here and feel safe and still celebrate. >> reporter: and it's important to mention rain will be another factor out here tonight as well. weather is not supposed to be very good as well. i'm told fireworks could be postponed until tomorrow night. i'm told at this point d.c. has never had to cancel their fireworks show in the history of the show. live from the national mall, anjali hemphill back to you.
2:54 am
>> thank you so much. well, the time now is about eight minutes specifically till the top of the hour, and an insane rollover crash caught on camera. the miraculous moment that a driver cheats death. fighting for freedom. the sharp shooting army vet who saved a bald eagle stuck upside down in a tree. >> that is a great story for this independence day. stay tuned for that. and we are sharing your proud american moment. robert griffin jr. sent this photo in. he's sitting in front of the army vehicle to honor his father's 20 years of service. >> i was very privileged to do a lot of tours during the vietnam era. i was looking forward to seeing the american flag. >> you felt like home? >> the best feeling came over. i felt safe. i felt so proud every time i saw it. searching for a great used c
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it's about two to the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening on the fourth of july. americans on high alert. new york city and washington, d.c., stepping up security ahead of the biggest fireworks shows in the country. counter terrorist squads, under cover cops and bomb sniffing dogs all out in full force. extreme weather threatening hundreds of fireworks shows from the midwest to the east coast. thunder, lightning and flooding all expected today.
2:59 am
joey chestnut looking to regain the mustard belt on coney island. he'll try to down over 70 hot dogs in nathan's famous hot dog eating contest after losing last year. good luck to you, sir. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. first, i love this story, the good, an army veteran saved a bald eagle that had been dangling from a tree for two days. see it right there. jason galvin getting the go ahead to take aim and shoot 150 rounds until the branch fell. the eagle which galvin named freedom took to a nearby rap tore center. heart racing moments as an suv flipped 17 times. the driver sent crashing through the windshield. he somehow lands on the car below him miraculously cheating death. a magic trick goes horribly
3:00 am
wrong all on live tv. a polish magician was trying to make something disappear. the accident said she is going to be fine. "fox & friends first" starts right now. have a great fourth of july. hi, friends. good morning. this is "fox & friends" on a monday, fourth of july. i'm anna kooman in for ainsley. americans targeted with a suicide bombing this morning. and hillary clinton spends the holiday weekend getting grilled by the fbi about her e-mail scandal. so why are major news networks saying the case is closed and it's time to move on? and just when you thought the coast was clear -- ♪ for the land of the free


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