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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 4, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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all day. >> can you sing it out for us. ♪ ♪ and guide her clsh reporter: breaking news overseas. the death toll is climbing in baghdad after a bombing at the hands of isis, killing 142, many of them children. a deadly reminder isis can apparently strike at will. i'm gregg jarrod in for bill on "america's newsroom." reporter: it was one of the worst attacks baghdad has seen
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in a year. john huddy is live in our middle east bureau. what more do we know about this attack? >> the death toll continues to climb. and we are learning more details about how this cause carried out. the associated press is reporting the death toll is at 149. we have seen death tolls of 15. bodies are still being pulled from the rubble and some are beyond recognition so dna testing is being done. the attack happened around midnight in a shopping district in baghdad when iraqi officials say a truck, it may have been a fridge curator type of storage
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truck that rammed into a building that housed a shopping center and various restaurants. it was one of the worst attacks since 2007. as gregg was mentioning, isis claimed responsibility. it's not the first attack isis has threatened to increase its attacks during ramadan. reporter: so many innocent people were killed, but why in this particular area? reporter: it's a busy shopping district, and it's predominantly shiia and has a high christian population. isis is a sunni muslim group. so they target shiia neighborhoods and tarrin -- andt
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christians as well. people were out eating after fasting all day. this happened around midnight and a lot of people were out on the streets. isis threatened to carry out more attacks towards the end of ramadan. reporter: john huddy, thank you. we appreciate it. gregg: a outside bomber detonating an explosive vest early this morning in the western city of jeddah near a hospital. and embassy. it's unclear if the u.s. site
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was the target of that attack. but it come just days before the end of the islamic holy month of ramadan. reporter: hillary clinton speaking out about her highly anticipated interview with the f.b.i. she says she has been eager to talk to the f.b.i. and is pleased to bring her interview to a conclusion. >> we have seen the evidence and facts that emails have come out. this is something she voluntarily did that last summer she wanted to do. so i think this is something that's routine. we'll be seeing the investigation closing up. reporter: katie, thanks for being with us. you had a chance to listen to
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senator booker calling this just routine. this is the democratic nominee for the presidency. is there anything routine about her speaking to the f.b.i. two weeks before the convention? >> absolutely not. despite the clinton campaign calling this a security review, this is in fact a criminal investigation. for hillary clinton now to come out and say she volunteered for this, she is happy to do this. this wasn't a voluntary thing for her. she didn't have a choice whether she had to sit down with the f.b.i. or not. she refused to participate in the investigation of her private email server. hillary clinton has been anything but transparent. also when the scandal broke a
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year ago hillary said she never sent or received classified information on her server, and that story changed to i never sent or received marked classified information. i'll bet the f.b.i. had some questions about why her tory changed. reporter: reince priebus from the rnc said hillary clinton has just taken the step of being the first main candidate for the presidency to be interviewed by the f.b.i. as part of a criminal investigation surrounding her reckless conduct. has the situation just opened the door for the other side, for republicans, for donald trump to talk about her trustworthiness? >> sure. i think that brings up the point
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that she shouldn't get pegs treatment. the director of the f.b.i. james comey has done investigations of the clintons before, and he has said repeatedly that there will be no political influence in term how this case comes down. i think this presents two problems for hillary clinton. if she isn't indicted it create a bigger trust problem with the secret meeting between loretta lynch and bill clinton. she'll be the on nominee for the presidency to be indicted, if she is. as a number of legal scholars have mentioned, there have been many people who have been charged with a lot for far less than what hillary clinton has done in terms of what we already
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know. gregg: another name tossed up to the mix of who might be donald trump's running-mate. peter doocy live in washington. how well did the trump meeting with governor pence go? pair threatically it's always a good sign when the big guy asks you to play a round of golf after you meet with him. reporter: afterward the governor said quote what i could tell you was, this was very enjoyable personal time between two families, and we got to know each other a lot better. that came as a another member of the establishment seemed to warm to trump.
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we aren't doing enough to take the fight to the islamic state and we are living with the consequences of it now. we have to get tougher when it comes to our intelligence and law enforcement practices. >> tomorrow he start to swing through some battlegrounds beginning with north carolina. gregg: i want to ask you about the uproar about the tweet featuring the star of david. >> there was controversy or whether this tweet using the star of david to attack hillary clinton. trump's former campaign manager said truck critic were pay off. >> sheriff's departments use it
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to represent law enforcement. that's the mainstream media trying to attack trump for something that's not there. the cap pain has not commented further and they replaced it with a circle instead of a star. >> the speculation newt gingrich is being considered for donald trump's running-mate. >> our political panel-debate who's best on the list. >> horrible details he morning about a second alligator involved in an attack of a 2-year-old boy at disney world. plus this.
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief molly: the head of the uk independence party nigel farage stepped down saying he achieved
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his political refer den up. >> i feel it's right i should now stand aside as leader of the uk. i will support the new leader. i'll watch the renegotiation process in brussels like a hawk. molly: he says he does plan to keep his seat in the european parliament to see the uk exit through. gregg: speculation growing over who donald trump will choose as his running-mate. indiana governor mike pence playing down speculation that he's being considered for veep.
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ned, get out your crystal ball pore tea leaves. trump keeps his own counsel. there won't be a lot of cl before he makes the announcement. governor mike pence, governor chris christie, new jersey, senator jody ernst, iowa. senator jeff sessions of alabama. what do you think of those picks? >> it's not a bad list. of that list being mentioned, i think trump needs to find a vice presidential candidate that has appeal to the conservative got roots and alleviate some of the fears of the establishment. next, has some real political experience and hopefully
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executive experience. if you were to say all those things and check all the boxes, that's mike pence. i was part of an effort to draft him into the 2012 race and he served in the u.s. house with my dad. gregg: he's got bad ratings. >> mike pence has deep roots in the conservative movement. he used to run a conservative think tank in indiana. he has been governor of indiana for a period of time. i think he has what it takes for trump to have a legitimate presidential candidate and gives him something i think mike pence is a great communicator as well. >> well, you know, newt gingrich has a huge fan in the current vice president joe biden. take a listen to this, then i'll get your reaction. >> the job is so big, and it's
6:18 am
gone the so broad and the world has changed so drastically, you need someone who is value added. >> newt and i disagreed. he's one of the brightest guys i know. donald, i want to make it clear, i'm not endorsing him. i'm saying he's bright as hell. gregg: joe biden said he would be fine with newt gingrich replace him as vice president. >> i think they were all be super great tore democrats come ask november. he has a list of people who were always picked last in gym class. these are a bunch of failed candidates for president. they are to most people have never heard of. there are people that disagree with him on major issues.
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gregg: talk a little more about joni ernst. there is no question donald trump has a problem with the polling data with women voters. also there are a lot of folks in the military who are quite sceptical of a president donald trump as commander-in-chief. she is a veteran and distinguished one. >> she has a strong appeal in regards to the female vote, veterans vote, but she is a appreciateman senator. if you were to look for potential female vice presidential candidate, i'm surprised someone like nikki haley or someone like that has not made the short list. if he's looking for a female vice presidential candidate there might be stronger options than joni, not to say she's not
6:20 am
doing a great job in the senate right now. >> i suspect that there are a lot of the people that get picked last in gym class all the time. when you look sat joni ernst in particular, we are head towards a ticket that has the least experience in modern history of any ticket. i don't think she would even take it. if you are a republican with a bright political future like she might be, why tie yourself to this guy. gregg: a lot of people say that but then they jump fat it. >> now i can be a vp pick. gregg: happy ins even day. poll there are nearly a year after president obama says isis
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was contained, the terror group launching attack severe overseas. gregg: just in time for the fourth of july, a copy of the declaration of independence is discovered. >> we said great britain, we are not part of you any more.are woh that's what the fourth of july is all about. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come.
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gregg: a las vegas man making a rare discovery in time forth of july.
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he uncovered an historic copy of the declaration of independent even. our founding father signed the original declaration. by the wasn't until 1820 when john quincy adams ordered exact copies to be knead on copper plate. >> when i unforwarded it, i realize it was an old copy of the declaration. it really connects you to the founding of our country. >> they are of the original of 201 that were printed. 50 are known today. >> it will be on my wall for a very long time. gregg: it is worth about $35,000. molly: americans heading out tonight for fourth of july
6:26 am
fireworks. maria molina in our weather center with the possibility of rain. >> maybe even some cancellations, you are talking severe weather and possible flooding. but many other areas you are looking good. you are talking temperatures that are pleasant. minneapolis, you will be at 82 degrees this afternoon where you have to be careful in terms of the heat. out there we are not just dealing with forecasts, very hot temperatures like in atlanta at 94 and dallas 99. you have got to be careful with outdoormans and barbeques. otherwise, this afternoon and evening there will be some thunderstorms in the fork and some of these could bring severe weather. damaging winds. large hail and isolated tornadoes.
6:27 am
yesterday we had a tornado reported in oklahoma *. farther west into portions of the plains and the northern plains you also have that risk for severe storms. several inches of rain of additional rain are in the work. is it going to rain this evening? that's what matters to many of you. in places like d.c. the forecast calls for showers and storms during the evening hours when we would see those fireworks going off. hopefully we won't get delayed. dried conditions in minneapolis and denver. and it could miss us until after the fireworks in your city. so fingers crossed. molly: a little worried about west virginia.
6:28 am
they have already had so much water and flooding. gregg: we have had so many hot, miserable fourth of julys, the temperature here is spectacular. we have a summer that lasts two days in boston. we love you, boston. a deadly and relentless enemy striking fear around the world. isis showing it can carry out multiple attacks in a nonstop wave of terror. captain chuck nash and what's driving their strategy and how it can be stopped. >> the marlins and the braves played a game like no other. we'll tell you why. >> my only job at fox is to keep company with heroes.
6:29 am
way see of these youngsters makes me proud to be an american. these are guys who have been remarkably well trained, better equipped, better led, better trained than any military force in history. it's the best military any nation has ever had. these are heroes, and they are remarkable. they can go from high octane adrenaline in a gunfight to instantly that fast looking after women and children. the kind of things i have seen them do inspire me that we really are a great country.
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molly: istanbul, bangladesh, and now baghdad. isis carrying out three terror attacks, showing it remains an
6:33 am
enemy, despite the loss fallujah. >> there is reason for more concern than director brennan last week listed all the reasons why isis is still virulent. it's have much losing territory and at the same time expanding its global presence. when people are self-radicalized as we have seen in the youth and don't share their plotting with others it's tough to stop. molly: retired commander chuck nash. '. following the retaking of fallujah be people believe this is a revenge attack. if they lose territory do they go back to tore guerrilla root,
6:34 am
the terror incidents? >> that's how they started. al qaeda in iraq which morphed into isis. what you have got is this virulent side of the sunni part of the religion has been fighting the shiia, and he seasonally trying to stir up and create a civil war inside of iraq which we have come right up to the brink to every times. isis, they have got. >> three-fold effort with these strikes. demonstrate to the population that the government is unable to shield the population from isis to kill as many shiite as they can, again, trying to foment that civil war to get the mostly shiia military and security forces so even ranged that they will continue their pattern of atrocities against the liberated
6:35 am
sunnis. three, to counter the headlines they are losing. they want to appeal to the sicko losers thinking they are going to be jihadis and go out there and d do it. >> there is a perception isis is escalating with these most recent attacks. do you get that sense as well? >> absolutely. this is part of -- when they went into liberate fallujah what they found were rooms where the floor was littered with facing hair. thee shaved off all their beards and melded into the crowd and disappeared. those people will wind up reconstituting somewhere when they repatriate to their home countries. you have people worldwide who are looking to make a name for themselves by tying themselves
6:36 am
to that black flag of isis. they are demonstrating what can be done with these open venues and airports. there are a lot of disturbed people out there, and this mess and is reaching their little brains. >> would donald trump or hillary clinton be better in handling these issues? >> i don't either one of them have displayed what i think is the necessary strategy and outlook that planning and reliance on our military leaders that will be necessary to succeed. >> he seems so disenheartenned, do you agree with senator mccain? >> senator mccain's position from the beginning is to take an offensive role to support the moderate syrians break away from the army that were anti-assad.
6:37 am
but the situation evolved so quickly into a mayor mash of groups, and we had nobody on the ground to sort out the wheat from the chaff. it got to be sufficient a mess. eventual hi we have got to get the people in the remember to fight this fight. we can't fight their war. they have to fight their war. if they want to live with a group of throat-slitting people who kill their children, that's up to them. the idea of putting u.s. troops on the ground is a non-starter. molly: thank you for your analysis. gregg: it was a big night for main league baseball in a big way.
6:38 am
fort bragg hosting the miami marlins. huge crowds on hand there. packed full with servicemen and women who were completely humbled by the opportunity to catch a big lead game in their backyard. >> to cop out here and play, interact with soldiers, it does not get any better than this. gregg: it was a scoreless game until the inning. the braves beat the martins 5-2. we lost the gape with you bit an unbelievable honor and privilege to be part of this day. i think the fans all had a great time. there was a lot of energy out there.
6:39 am
we didn't accomplish exact -- i think we accomplished what major league baseball wanted it to. gregg: these are some of the best trained troops in all the world at forward brag. world -- at fort bragg. it would be great if some of our other professional sport went to some of our military bases. molly: a fabulous job. gregg: those guys are great. molly: new warning signs are up at disney world about the presence of alligators as we learn more about that deadly attack last month that claimed the life of a 2-year-old boy. gregg: health officials have been sounding the alarm about the zika virus. but it doesn't seem people are
6:40 am
taking the threat seriously. >> we walked into an ambush. >> they were trying to grab his friend. he went after him. >> i have never seen anything that heroic before. >> i was lucky, not heroic. i have got two good buddies i lost that night. >> you may not believe you deserve this honor, but your fellow soldiers recommended you for it.
6:41 am
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6:43 am
gregg: the father of a 2-year-old boy killed by an alligator at disney world said there were two alligators in that attack. he says he was attacked by a second allocate jar while trying to save his son from the first one. new signs have gone up warning
6:44 am
visitors against alligator. his body was recovered 15 yards from shore. molly: health officials are asking for an act of congress to fight the zika virus. the list of zika-related birth defects continues to grow. this is something that doctors and women and anyone of child bearing age has been watching closely. one of the most interesting things we are seeing now is there is a possibility the birth defects may be more severe. this from scientific american. research to be presented last week. serious joint problems, seize ours, vision impairment. trouble feeding and persistent trying can be added to the list
6:45 am
of zika expose our in the womb. >> all these things are problems. the small head and the small brain, that can be devastating. seizures, medical problems for life. for both that child and the family this can destroy their lives. molly: is that a concern to you, there is so much we don't know and we keep learning more. >> if we had more turning we could find out more about zika at the early stages like the mosquito stage. molly: we have yet to see the action from congress. but, you know, there was money for ebola, yet that could be
6:46 am
affected, that zika could possibly have. >> it's interesting you bring that up. with ebola. people got distracted by that. they got panicked and worried. because we didn't see the same scale of threat. people are concerned about zika afterwards. but there are huge differences between the two. ebola was a lethal virus. if you got infected with ebola, you got different times of care that could keep you alive. but with zika we don't have a treatment, we don't have a virus. even if you find out when you are pregnant that you test positive for zika or the fetus may be infected. there is nothing we can do. we just wait and watch and monitor. even then, put that aside. then you have the children that are actually born.
6:47 am
not just in the u.s., but brazil, the younger population, that can devastate the entire economy, the fabric of the country. poll will be this will take money for the states to get out there and start killing mosquitoes now. >> there are genetically engineered mosquitoes that might be able to fight the mosquitoes. and there is bacteria that can infect zika. we tried to stop mosquitoes in the past for den ga denday -- fe denghai virus. the cdc issued a travel warning for the caribbeanian and south american countries. people should check that website. if they can avoid travel to
6:48 am
those places, if you are not pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, the cdc suggests 8 weeks before getting pregnant. a man could get someone pregnant and you could infect someone who is pregnant. gregg: no merit badges were earned in this boy scouts outing, but the pictures sponsored by hooters have some parents upset. parents will firing up the grill to celebrate fourth of july. we have tips to make your barbeque tasty. abby huntsman is in that far-off lands in asheville, tennessee.
6:49 am
>> the sun is out, the music is going to play. koching up, i'm going to talk to you about the story behind these. come back for that story. you do all this research
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gregg: if you are marking the fourth of july with fireworks and festivities all over the country. in nashville there is no better way to celebrate than with
6:53 am
music. abby huntsman is there. abby: i had hot fried chicken for breakfast at 6:00 a.m. we went to some of the honky tonks and he showed me the right way to do it. take a look at this. jamie, i know you. another len general dairy honky tonk. >> how do i look? i need your approval. you look good, but those boots won't cut it. you are in nashville, so you need the proper attitude. you are almost there. the last thing is with the bandana.
6:54 am
if you want to be a tourist that's totally cool. you want to be a local. let's go to the honky tonk. if this is legendary. the ryman auditorium. this is probably the most famous honky tonk in all of nashville. governor tootsy. jamie says this is the place to be. >> this is the place to be. >> any entertainer or singer in town, this is their seat right here. abby: have you sat here before? >> this is my first time. abby: i'm look at the dollar bills. it looks like we need to sign one for ourselves.
6:55 am
>> you have guys sign them, i'll give them to you. how's that? abby: there are big names that played here. >> kid rock, hank williams jr., kenny chesney. steven tyler. we can go on and on. [♪] >> one of the oldest honky tonks on broadway. >> welcome. [♪] >> traditional country music lives right here. that's the american dream right there.
6:56 am
the mother church of country music is right behind us. the ryman auditorium. so many people made tonight country music right here in nashville. abby: i may never leave this town. you feel like a proud american being in nashville. we were at the circle of flags. if you want to come down here, we'll give you these cool, awesome, fox news sunglasses. i wish you were here so you would have a blast. gregg: it's not just the glasses, it's the durango boots. molly says you have an incredible singing voice. >> i thought i was okay until i came to nashville. now i don't think i'm so good anymore. gregg: abby, thanks very much. molly: a frightening incidents
6:57 am
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oh, that's the power to turn back time. (vo) get the ultimate all-included bundle. call 1-800-directv. molly: day ever celebration all over the country. with recent terror attacks fresh in our minds, police are stepping up efforts to keep everyone safe. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm molly line in for martha maccallum. happy 4th of july. gregg: happy independence day, everybody, i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. this year's macy's 4th of july fireworks show expected to be the largest since 2000. the nypd is beefing up police presence to match it. meantime a bomb squad investigating an explosion in central park that blew off a man's foot. >> there was a small explosion and then, then dust. >> beyond the caliber of
7:01 am
fireworks based on what we heard. >> no clue. >> we think he stepped on something. >> this is your friend? >> this is our friend, yes. gregg: bryan llenas live from central park in new york city. what is the city doing to protect people today? reporter: greg, we have three million people expected to pack the streets of new york city, really tonight for the new york city macy's fireworks show tonight. 56,000 different pyrotechnics, shooting off five barges on the east river. a spectacular show. obviously given what we've seen with the attacks with recent terror attacks in orlando, turkey, bangladesh and even in baghdad all eyes are on security. nypd pulled out all the stops, hercules counterterrorism units, patrol boats a radiation detection and manpower. 1200 new officers who graduated the academy yesterday will be patrolling the streets today.
7:02 am
new this year, a team of eight alert vapor canines, they are trained to track explosive scents in the air. they are the last line of defense to stop suicide bomber in a crowd or someone delivering a deadly package. >> we always have the capacity in new york, put out a let lot of resources. name of the game in dealing with terrorists threats and crime to prevent the greatest degree possible, certainly with the capability, responded something were to occur. but we're not anticipate anticipating that but we'll plan for it certainly. reporter: important to stress, gregg, there are no known specific or credible threats to the united states today. gregg: bryan, what more do we know about that explosion in central park yesterday? reporter: well that blast really taking place just before 11:00 a.m. in central park when an 18-year-old tourist stepped on what is being described as an experimental homemade explosive of some kind, likely a fire work. that wasn't intended to actually hurt anyone.
7:03 am
part of his leg has been amputated unfortunately. he is in stable condition. authorities say this is not terrorism-related. they expect this wasn't something intentionally put like an ied of some sort or something like that. homemade fireworks are something they deal with during this time of year. unfortunately for the tourist such a tragic event. gregg: certainly is. bryan llenas in battery park. thanks. molly: hillary clinton looking ahead to a big week as she gets help on the campaign trail from president obama and vice president joe biden. her supporters are out speaking in her favor over this weekend as the campaign deals with the fallout from secretary clinton's 3 1/2 hour meeting with the fbi saturday morning. senior political correspondent mike emanuel live from chappaqua, new york, live with mrs. clinton's plans for the week. how critical are the high-profile surrogates out speaking this week? reporter: hi, molly.
7:04 am
they should be big as democrats try to fire up the base ahead of the convention later this month. as you mentioned president obama will campaign in battle ground north carolina for secretary clinton tomorrow. on friday vice president joe biden will rally support for her in scranton, pennsylvania. as democrats try to turn the page from her 3 1/2 hour interview with the fbi on saturday. >> i'm not boeing to go into anymore detail they've in public many times as you certainly know out of respect for the process that the department is conducting. so i'm not going to comment any further on the review, but i've been answering questions now for over a year. reporter: beyond that hillary clinton not saying much about her interview with the fbi but she is clearly hoping that this review of her email controversy will wrap up soon. molly? molly: also, clinton has struggled in polling when it
7:05 am
comes to being seen as honest and trustworthy. what do those close to the campaign say about that given all the recent circumstances? reporter: you're absolutely correct and that is something that those who are close to hillary clinton, close to her campaign say she must improve upon. bottom line the email controversy has certainly not helped her in that regard. one possible running mate says clinton understands she must do better. >> she understands she has bottom to earn people's trust. she will work very hard to do that and i give her credit saying she made mistakes and try to show the american people she will work hard especially for working families in america to earn their trust. reporter: 4th of july here in suburban chappaqua, new york, is off to slow start t promises to be a very big week on the campaign trail. molly. molly: hard to believe the conventions are a few weeks away. mike, happy 4th of july. reporter: thank you, nice to see you. gregg: the hillary clinton
7:06 am
campaign in full damage control mode trying to contain the fallout from the email probe and other scandals. clinton's team acknowledging the presumptive democratic nominee has a trustworthiness issue but her supporters and potential running mates have been making the rounds in the media trying to assure voters as you just saw that clinton can and will earn back their trust. kerry sheffield joins us, senior writer at opportunity lives. founder of good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, gregg. great to be here. gregg: let's put up on the screen. hillary clinton already has a grave credibility problem, honestly, dishonesty, look at that! 66% say she is not honest or trustworthy. and 58% in "fox news poll" says she is corrupt. doesn't this make it worse? >> well, that is not what the surrogates are trying to say. basically this is the clinton idol version who can sing the
7:07 am
best defense of hillary clinton. gregg: right. >> common theme both clinton herself as well as surrogates she needs to earn the voters trust. she has been in the public eye for more than a quarter century. what else do we know about her? i have hard time thinking what anything she can do at this point to earn our trust. gregg: the other part of this, even if she isn't criminally charged with indocument, i wonder how damaging that will be, because a great many folks will say, you know what, the fix was in from the beginning. donald trump is certainly going to say that. the private secret meeting with bill clinton for half an hour with the attorney general, only aggravates that impression. >> right. and the attorney general herself admitted as much. so this is, the obama administration trying to preserve its legacy. hillary clinton is embodiment of the obama legacy. hence he needs to protect himself by not prosecuting her. also very disconcerting as
7:08 am
american, hillary clinton as secretary of state was embodiment of foreign policy and while in the position as secretary of state she accepted foreign donations from governments that had no respect for human rights or no respect for women's rights. that is complete hypocrisy. it was like the secretary of state office was for sale to the highest donor. gregg: that is also part of the fbi investigation. she grant ad very quick interview with msnbc on the very day she spent 3 1/2 hours with the fbi answering questions. here's what she said in defense of the question, didn't you have classified documents on your unauthorizedded server? she said, i never received or sent any email that was marked classified. and when it was mark classifieded it was done retroactively. that is blatantly false, isn't it? first of all not all classified emails were retroactively marked. some were not and second of all how they're marked is
7:09 am
irrelevant. she was given a tutorial the first day she took office that taught her it doesn't have to be marked to be classified and here is how you know if it is classified. so isn't her defense no defense at all? >> you're absolutely right and this is, you know, she likes to say she is woman of substance and woman of policy, but this is really the focus of the campaign at this point. it is hard for her to get away from the cloud of suspicion. we heard from the state department, they're deciding to refuse to release emails under foia. we as journalists respect the freedom of information act. state department will not release emails until october 2018, well after the election. gregg: one of the things that we're not going to see but we've heard about, one of the classified emails that was on her server were u.s. spy satellite images of north korea's nukes. now, hillary clinton's argument seems to be well, if it wasn't marked i wouldn't know that is classified.
7:10 am
isn't that clearly and obviously classified? if she says she didn't recognize a document for what it wasn't she arguing her own incompetence? >> comes down to a question of judgment. do we question someone or do we trust someone who will put the sensitive information in a personal server? it really comes down to control, it comes down to the fact that she is not transparent person and i think that is what voters -- gregg: quick question. joe biden repeated what president obama said, gee, it wasn't intentional. one of the statutes is it doesn't have to be intentional. negligence is good enough. >> right. gregg: and president obama actually described hillary clinton's actions as reckless, which is the equivalence of negligence. didn't he essentially indict her by using that term? >> well, he did at that point but he is sipping a different playbook at this point. as i said he has to preserve his own legacy. she was his secretary of state after all. gregg: kerry, thanks. >> thank you, gregg. happy 4th.
7:11 am
molly: a an american student missing after a night out with friends. what authorities are learning from his credit cards. gregg: parents are upset that she is pictures were taken. the reason hooters girls ended up at a boy scout camp. molly: how a former soldier's quick thinking helped a bald eagle stuck in a tree. >> it was stuck on a talon, hanging from a rope on the branch. >> it was kind of weird actually shooting in the direction of a bald eagle. i was very nervous, i didn't want at all to hit that bird. y life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine
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for your health for years to come. ♪ gregg: severe weather in oklahoma forcing a u.s. senator and a pilot to make an emergency landing. spokesman for oklahoma senator jim inhofe confirming he was flying his small plane yesterday when suddenly bad weather forced him to land north of tulsa. the 81-year-old senator veering off the runway to avoid hitting a deer. the avid pilot run into trouble before while behind the controls. in 1999 the propeller of his plane actually fell off but he was able to make a safe landing. in 2006, the propeller of inhofe's plane hit an airport runway. four years later, four years after that he landed on a texas runway temporarily closed, causing construction workers to scramble to safety. inhofe's son, perry, died in a
7:16 am
small plane crash in november of 2013. molly: senator bernie sanders showing no signs of slowing down as the democratic national convention gets a little closer here. sanders saying over the weekend while the democratic party platform made major accomplishments there is more to be done. the senator writing, we need to have very clear language that raises the minimum wage to $15 an hour, insured the promised pensions of millions of americans will not be cut, establish as tax on carbon and create as ban on fracking. let's bring in the dineen borelli, chief political correspondent for conservative review and fox news contributor, cole graham, a democratic strategist. thanks for being here this holiday weekend. we appreciate it. >> good morn. molly: let's take off from what we heard from senator sanders. he is determined to have a voice at convention. seems like beyond. dineen, is that a problem for the democrats? is that a problem for hillary clinton. >> hillary has a lot of problems
7:17 am
going on here, molly, but when you look at the current proposal for the democrats platform, it looks like the socialist manifesto. they want to go after the earnings and profits in pharmaceutical industry. they want to silence political free speech with the citizens for united ruling. and then also they're calling for an expansion in social security. so bernie sanders ideas and suggestions would take the party even further left because he wants to implement an actual flat-out ban on hydraulic furring. this technology has provided wealth of profits and jobs for our country. we are able to produce more oil and gas than any other country in the world. and it is also keeping our energy prices low. so these are policies that really would be harmful for our country. molly: nicole, what do you think? could his policies, be harmful?
7:18 am
is this something the democrats be concerned about? he is no shrinking violet you have to say. >> first of all ask them relatively educated voter about the 2008 to 2012 platform they voted on personality, party, then platform. i think right now we are focusing on platform and impact but i don't really know what the actual impact will be in november. however i do think that senator sanders has had a large influence on the platform and you know, as molly said, fracking, he wants an outright ban on it, but i live in florida, and the coast of florida, july 4th was closed base of blue-green algae. fracking is a huge issue in florida. i don't think people realize the actual impact it has until it is in their backyard. so i'm not really sure that is the most socialist part of the proposed platform under bernie sanders. and i don't really think that that would be the biggest issue if the platform was to include that.
7:19 am
molly: well, shifting now to the veepstakes, looking at democratic side of things, senator cory booker of new jersey was asked about the possibility if he could be the vp. take a listen to what he had to say on cnn. >> you should talk to the hillary clinton campaign. i do know on the democratic side there are fabulous candidates. >> that is not a no, sir. that is not. >> that is exactly is. if you have a question like that, please direct lit to the clinton camp. molly: what do you think, dineen? the word games are on. the thought that a possibility of cory booker could be on that list. >> well sure, you have to remember that black voters were primary responsible for president obama being elected twice. and so with cory booker, listen, hillary clinton needs the black vote. can't do it on her own, especially by herself, especially with the stats earlier, 66% of the americans don't trust her and 58% think she is corrupt.
7:20 am
she would clearly need black voter support to get her over that line. molly: nicole, quickly we want to bring you in as well. your thoughts on senator booker and she was on the campaign trail with senator elizabeth warren. >> although cory booker is one of the top candidates he himself, although he is excellent candidate has some corruption and possible scandals, specifically his focus on charter schools and i think elizabeth warren, although she would be a dream vice president candidate i'm not really sure besides invigorating maybe some bernie sanders what she would bring. she is from massachusetts, already liberal state. i actually think that you know the ohio senator, he would probably be the best bet. i'm sure, if you asked a very prominent ohioan lebron james.
7:21 am
ohio. >> you mentioned word scandal. that from email to fbi investigation, he would be in good company. molly: we'll see how things headache out in the coming days. thank you very much for joining me. happy 4th of july. >> happy independence day. gregg: an explosion near the consulate in saudi arabia what we're hearing about this suicide attack and who is responsible. molly: and some gruesome new details on that tragic alligator attack that killed a 2-year-old at disney world. ♪ >> at the time that stands out in my head when i felt most proud to be an american was in 2001, i was deployed with seal team two. we were overseas in europe a lot of stuff in kosovo, a peacekeeping mission, a different type of conflict when we lost seals when 9/11 happened. we didn't know if they were going to send us to afghanistan with a new war or send us back to part of our rotation.
7:22 am
we flew back to virginia beach. being back in the america for the first time, seeing flags on every hoist, every treat, independence boulevard and shore drive, that's when i realized i will reenlist to fight for this country. >> share your pride on facebook, twitter and instagram. #proudamerican. the you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. sargento people are real cheese people, three generations spanning over 60 years. they don't believe in artificial this or superficial that. they know that in a world of over-processed there's no substitute for a piece of real. real cheese people believe every casserole deserves a shred of authenticity,
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7:25 am
gregg: an explosion close to a u.s. consulate in saudi arabia, suicide bomber, killing only himself, but injuring two guards according to reports. security officers confront ad man acting suspiciously near the u.s. consulate. then, he detonated explosives. benjamin hall joins us live from london with more on this. benjamin, what is the latest? reporter: greg, another attack on u.s. targets abroad coming right at the end of the muslim
7:26 am
holiday of ramadan. it was you say very lucky that more people didn't die, just the the bomber himself. the man was aling suspiciously when the guards responded. before they reached him he detonated. little information is known, investigation is underway to determine who the attacker was. gregg. >> benjamin on friday there was this awful attack in bangladesh, the capital there, taka. do we know who was truly responsible for that? reporter: isis very quick to claim responsibility online but we're just learning now more details about the attackers themselves. they were educated. they were from privileged backgrounds. one was even the son of a former city leader. 28 people died that night in the 11-hour standoff. including many foreigners. survivors have told how the attackers came into the restaurant shouting "allahu akbar!." they sought out those who
7:27 am
couldn't recite the koran, they tortured them and killed them. among the dead being mourned was one american. she was a miami resident and a student at emory university. another 17 hostages including nine italians, seven japanese and one indian were also killed in the attack. today their bodies were being flown home. there is rising concern about isis moving into southeast asia. they said themselves they want to recruit more people from there. just looking at demographics, 146 million muslims in bangladesh. rising concern that area of the world is being targeted by the jihadists. greg? gregg: benjamin hall live in london. benjamin, thanks. molly: could americans celebrate energy independence some day? our next guest says yes if the next president takes five important steps to make it happen. which candidate can lead us from opec and middle eastern oil? gregg: a popular restaurant chain under fire after
7:28 am
sponsoring a boy scout event. some say the company is sending the wrong message. ♪ can my cousin's wedding is c♪ming soon. i like the bride more than the groom. ♪ turquoise dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no ones got moves like uncle joe. ♪ when it's go book on
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7:31 am
blood sugar control, which could be serious. toujeo® helps me stay on track with my blood sugar. ask your doctor about toujeo®. ♪ gregg: the new push for energy independence as we celebrate america's independence today. economic expert stephen moore says the united states can become the saudi arabia of the 21st century if the next president takes five important steps in the coming years. moore is coauthor of, fueling freedom. he is economic advisor for the donald trump campaign. distinguished visiting fellow at the heritage foundation and a fox news contributor. good to see you, stephen. thanks for being with us on this holiday. i want to get right to it. you have five points to make here. go to point number one. allow drilling and mining permits on federal lands. this would include fracking and
7:32 am
horizontal drilling, right? >> all of it. the theme of the book and it is directly related to what you're talking about, is, you know, because of the new shale oil and gas revolution we have more oil and gas and coal than any other country in the world. every president, gregg, since, you go back to richard nixon, said we'll make america energy independent. we now have the capability of doing that within the next five years. yes, you're right, step one is, let's start allowing drilling on federal lands. i'm not talking about on environmentally sensitive lands but over a third of the land in the united states is owned by the federal government. we should be using that land for coal development and oil and natural gas. we could double our output if we do that. gregg: congress ordered the epa to examine any environmental harm caused by fracking. they did an exhaustive study. i read the summary of it. it said there is no evidence of environmental harm that they concluded it is safe.
7:33 am
i want to go to point number two. let's put it up on the screen. build a national network of pipelines across the country by allowing the permitting for projects like keystone xl and many others. and by the way, steve, the government study of environmental harm concluded that building the xl pipeline would be less polluting than not building it. >> yeah. there is no question because think about this, greg. what is safer way to transport oil and gas? through pipelines or through trucks and rail you see all the time where you have, maybe a rail, you know, a railroad derails and you get spillage of the oil and gas. much cheaper and much more environmentally friendly to do it with pipelines. by the way everyone knows about the keystone pipeline. that is no-brainer. next president should do that in first 100 days of getting that thing built. not just keystone. we need a national network of
7:34 am
pipelines like we have with the interstate highway system to get oil and gas from places like north dakota, and heart of texas all over. i'm in rhode island. we don't have pipelines to get the oil and gas from texas to rhode island. therefore we have to depend on foreign oil and natural gas because we don't have the ways to get it to the markets we need. gregg: once it gets to the destination, there is a deficiency there which is your point number three. we need to build refineries and liquified natural gas terminals in the united states, right? >> yeah. so natural gas is a wonder fuel. it is abundant. it is made in america and it is clean-burning and it is cheap. so everybody should be in favor of natural gas. by the way we get natural gas from fracking. more fracking we do the less greenhouse gases we emit into the environment. what we definitely need ways to refine it. we also need, if we're going to export it, that is part of what we're talking about in the book, we should be exporting our natural gas.
7:35 am
we have the cheapest and cleanest natural gas in the world. but to do that we need what is called liquified natural gas terminals so it can be transported all over the world. think about this, if we could transport it to europe, europe would not be so dependent on russia to get their natural gas. gregg: quickly, number four, put it up on the screen, stop the war on coal. environmentalists have tried to shut down coal production. steve, is coal, in your judgment, can it be an is it being produced cleanly? >> yeah. sure is. if you look at emissions from coal plants in terms of things that are real pollutants, things like lead and carbon monoxide and sulfur, those emissions are down 50, 60, 70, some cases 80%. clean coal is year. we have 500 years worth of coal in the country. we are truly the saudi arabia of coal. we should using all the coal resources. hillary clinton by the way wants to adopt the obama agenda of shutting down the coal industry
7:36 am
which is terrible for jobs and american energy independence. gregg: your final point which we don't have time for i will say what it is end subsidies. letfree market work. it is far more efficient than any government ever or will be. gregg: steve, thank you very much. happy fourth. >> july 4th. we'll be energy independent in five years. molly: search underway for american
7:37 am
7:38 am
they mistakenly wore the wrong attire. it was addressed by council leadership. i will not comment. doesn't matter what i say, it
7:39 am
will be taken out of context. molly: we'll move forward. gregg: move on. gregg: move on. warning for disany guests about alligators on property. new details on a two-year-old boy thats was killed at a disney resort last month. gregg: an american icon, how he used his skills to save a bald eagle trapped in a tree. >> the neighbors nicknamed the bird freedom. it had been up to us to free it. it is 4th of july weekend. so freedom is the name many. >> you could hear the is -- firefight. went to throw it away, severely amputated my hand. >> he did not consider the long term repercussions. >> it is just very humble to know that the guys thought that much of me and my actions that day to nominate me for it.
7:40 am
americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
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7:43 am
gregg: an army veteran coming to the rescue of a bald eagle stuck in a tree. jason ghoul vin and his wife were -- galvin and his wife were driving they saw eagle caught in a rope. galvin called police and fire crews. rescuing bird could be liability problem. he took matter in his own hands, getting permission from officials. he shot at tree branch and rope, with 22 long rifle, shooting 150 shots at the rope until the eagle was free. >> i thought maybe it was dead at the time. i took a closer look with binoculars, saw the head was moving. it was very much alive. i was very nervous i didn't want at all to hit that bird. took an hour 1/2. about 150 shots. had to bust down a few branches to expose the rope and it started slipping the rope away.
7:44 am
gregg: the eagle framed freedom, expected to be okay. soon to be released back into the wild. ♪ the father of a young child killed by an alligator at walt disney world resort telling investigators at the scene that a second gator attacked him as he was trying to save his son. crews later finding the body of two-year-old lane graves about 15 yards from shore. disney now taking steps to warn other guests about the danger of alligator attacks. some florida business owners wondering if there is better way to gator-proof their golf courses and outdoor resorts. joining me, sue ann robinson, a criminal defense attorney and attorney richard bush. good to see you both. thanks for being with us today. richard, don't they have to do more than what they are doing now, which is they replaced no swimming signs, with warning alligators? they have to do more than that, don't they? >> well the law actually favors the owner of property. so basically under florida law,
7:45 am
as i have looked at it, only non-indigenous animals do the property owner have obligation to protect against as well as those the property owner harbors or captures. but, that does not prevent liability necessarily where the attack is foreseeable. gregg: yeah. >> this will be a really fact-intensive inquiry, where what diddies any know. gregg: sue ann, isn't this foreseeable? they had been warned, disney officials that alligators were causing problems, that people actually were feeding alligators and alligators were getting aggressive, and they knew of prior attacks and yet they failed to protect the patrons, doesn't that constitute negligence? >> absolutely. i think if, to the extent that disney was aware and had previous incidents they were aware of what was happening, that the alligators were
7:46 am
becoming an issue but quite frankly the alligators are in their natural habitat. so the issue then becomes how do you protect against that while still allowing people to come to the happiest place on earth? i think unfortunately this tragedy occurred but i don't think the little boy is going to die in vain. i think the positive side is that, you know, unfortunately he lost his life but the case has brought awareness to the alligator issue. that's the biggest thing that can be done to really protect the public is awareness. now everybody knows, people will be on guard. people will be aware when they're in disney, they will know, hey, listen, be careful at night. be careful near waterways. gregg: richard, i got to tell you, it just seems like a bad idea ever to place people very close to alligators. it seems like per se negligence. you know, don't they need to actually get rid of those very inviting white sand beaches that lead down to to the
7:47 am
alligator-infested lagoons because that is attractive nuisance? you're inviting people to go close to the al gators? >> i agree if ever there was a situation where a company should be held liable in this case. there is no excuse at all for allowing children at disney plaf alligators were spotted, if they were becoming increasingly violent or just -- gregg: right. >> just the presence was known, there is absolutely zero excuse and the law will hold them responsible, except as a i said in the beginning, there is this tension between the law is a that's a landowner is only responsible for -- gregg: i got to go, guys. thank you very much. sorry we didn't have more time. sue ann, richard, good to see you. >> thanks. gregg: over to heather chilledders for what is "happening now." >> hello gregg jarrett, happy
7:48 am
4th of july independence day to you. no shortage of headlines on this holiday. coming up we're talking 2016. can hillary clinton tackle her trust problem by picking the right vp? we'll break down what both campaigns need to do to win the key swing state of ohio. plus, the fight against terror. the territory held by isis may be shrinking but after deadly attacks across four countries are their ambitions growing? plus, if you think the world is chaotic now, we'll talk with a historian how this 4th of july actually stacks up against ones in our past. you might be surprised, gregg. that is all on "happening now." top of the hour. gregg: thanks very much, heather. forget the fireworks in the sky. out to molly. molly: absolutely, fireworks in the sky. we're here to talk with pat, with meat purveyors to talk about delicious burgers and sauces all coming up. ♪ relook.
7:49 am
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may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threathening condition. do not take botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, eyelid drooping and swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions and medications including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look.
7:52 am
gregg: welcome book. we're outside and we have some high heat and lots of meat on the grill. molly: also tips that will make your barbecue on best. our meat purveyor is here. thanks for joining us. third generation. he has a lot of experience with grilling. we want to talk about tips. how we not screw this up once we made our investment in the 4th of july holiday. >> it is important to have two different zones. if you heat up the charcoal, after it is heated move one zone down to the right or left and
7:53 am
the other zone down with less charcoal so that once the burger is seared, we move it over to the less hot area, put our cheese on, and, let it cool off. gregg: what about covering it? shouldn't there be a cover on some of this? >> we don't want to sweat the burger. gregg: really? >> okay. gregg: that's what i'm doing wrong. no wonder meiburgers kind of taste bad. molly: how do you keep everybody happy? some like it medium, medium-well? >> exactly. if you are hosting a bunch of people outside, you're going to have to make an array of burgers. and the way i do that, and have all the burgers done at the same time, is i put them on in stages. molly: all right. stagger it out. >> right. stagger it out. well-done burgers go in first. about five minutes later, put medium burgers on. then, medium rare will go on last. gregg: these are really thick. molly: they look amazing. >> these are 8-ounce patties so
7:54 am
they're one inch tall, 6 inches in dime her. molly: have to be ambitious burger eater. >> if you make anything less, i think six or eight is a great size. so that is another good tip. anything less you're guests will probably want another one, especially if you cook it correctly. gregg: right. >> so, if you want to serve one burger per person, six or eight-ounce burger is perfect. molly: what if you start inside, can you draw the oven into this or plan ahead a little bit? >> especially when it comes to spare ribs. go off burgers for a second. it will be very hard to cook slabs and slabs of spare ribs out in the barbecue, because you have to monitor it. you have to worry about heat flare-ups, whereas if you used your oven inside, even though a little warm inside, if you use it, and in unison with the
7:55 am
barbecue so you've got braised a little bit, break down the collagen, so you get really tender ribs, and bring it out and finish it off on the barbecue and get the charcoal effect, that is the perfect storm. gregg: let me ask you this. i knew a french chef, cooked rack of lamb actually on a grill, way he figured out whether or not it was done he would touch it. >> a lot of chefs say that they assimilate parts of their face with like, medium done, this is well-done. don't want them touching their face on my meat but after you cook enough burgers you kind of know what's well-done and what's not. gregg: you can tell by -- >> especially someone like yourself. molly: looking for the well burger right now, just for safety sake. >> we would give you a well-done burger. some with low immune system you want them to have a well--done burger, children and the like.
7:56 am
so our internal temperature would be 160 degrees or greater. but 140 if you wanted something that was medium rare. gregg: all right. >> that is kind of what i go for. molly: this looks amazing. thanks for sharing with us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. gregg: i will grab one of these burgers. look at that one, nice and thick, wow. look at that! thank you very much. we'll share this. >> have a well-done. molly: we will be right back. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
7:57 am
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martha: greg is beating his face and we have in the bank for all of this.
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available only inrestaurants but now they are at shoprite so pat, thanks for being here, we appreciate it . this is wonderful. martha: "happening now" about to start, it's getting ready, heather and leyland. eric: happy fourth of july. martha: happy fourth of july. heather: that is so not fair. where are the burgers? leland: i'm hungry, i don't know about you. heather: maybe they'll deliver. happy fourth of july. i'm heather childers the one nice to be with you as at home, i'm leyland vineyard. john and jenna are off today, barbecuing and hillary clinton is trying to turn things around after a very rough week that's put her trust issues squarely in the spotlight just weeks before the democratic convention. first she dealt with the


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