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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 5, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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record" special around i will see you right here week nights for this "on the record" special. good night. ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i am tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the red eye tease deck. andy? >> coming up on the big show, bill clinton has a private meeting with attorney general loretta lynch. they weren't hooking up. please stop your baseless speculation. they were just colluding to keep his wife out of prison. plus, should old people like tom shillue have less of a vote than young people like me and joanne? find out in tonight's senior moment with tom. and finally, parents force their son to live in a tent as punishment for poor grades. in future news, a family of bears gets a delicious meal.
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back to you, tom. >> thanks, andy. let's welcome our guests. she ran the new york city marathon and didn't even break a heel. joanne nosichinski. lucky for you, this chaplin talks. comedian scott chaplin. he's more american than a bologna and mayonnaise sandwich holding an assault rifle. national review staff writer charles cook. if i had to pick two words to describe him, they would be hungry and hungry. towering over me is giant comedian ben kissell. let's start the show. attorney general loretta lynch held a private meeting with bill clinton earlier this week amid the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. it sounds bad. but don't worry. they were just talking about clinton's grandchildren. >> well, i did see the president at the phoenix airport the other night as i was landing. he was headed out. he did come over and say hello
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and speak to my husband and myself. talk about his grandchildren and his travels and things like that. so that was the extent of that. and no discussions were held on any cases or -- >> no discussions of any cases. good enough for me. lynch has been taking a lot of heat for the meeting from republicans and democrats. but i was surprised. donald trump thinks it's much ado about nothing. >> when i first heard that yesterday afternoon, i actually thought they were joking. i thought the people that told me -- i said no way. it's just no way that's going to happen. and it happened. and i am just -- i'm flabbergasted by it. i think it's amazing. i've never seen anything like that before. >> that was from a show called "hannity" on this network. it's a great show. >> it is a great show. >> hey, ben kissell. >> hey, tom. >> how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> what do you think of attorney general lynch? i think this is terrible. >> yeah, i agree. it's absolutely awful. hillary will not be charged. there's no doubt they're all in cahoots to keep her out of
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prison. i will say one of the great things about being a politician, when you have grandchildren you should name them pawn one and pawn two because they are such a great get out of jail free card. literally in this case. all they talk about all day long is those beautiful grandkids. >> it is. they don't have a lot to say about them, do they? what do you -- >> they drool, they spit, and that's the one who was closest to bill. i don't know. >> exactly. look. charles cook, what's going on? remember the old days when we had special prosecutors? what happened to them? >> that didn't work really did it? >> why didn't it work? >> because the clintons get away with everything. they are so unbelievably arrogant. donald trump is right. everyone, donald trump is right. >> i'm flabbergasted. >> whoa. >> he is absolutely right about this. the fact of the matter is that even if they did not talk about the case, which i don't believe for a moment, hillary clinton has always said that even the appearance of impropriety will damage the republic. what on earth does this look like? she should have kept him off the plane.
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he shouldn't have gone onto the plane. she should probably recuse herself from the case. >> she should, right? she should resign. >> could you imagine if in the watergate case -- maybe not resign. but can you imagine if in the watergate case pat nixon were yukking it up with the attorney general? >> it is. it's unprecedented. but if she recused herself from the case, what would happen then? you think they would have to get some other -- >> then they would just get somebody else to do hillary clinton's bidding. but it would look better. >> it would look better. what do you think, scott? the appearance of impropriety? i've never understood that about the appearance versus -- >> i don't know what impropriety means but -- >> i can show you. >> every article i read about it, right? which is one, a full article. it says meeting like 19 times, right? but then it also says that they just kind of ran into each other. this wasn't a meeting. he heard she was at the airport he was at and he's like i'm going to stop in on her plane and say hi. this wasn't like -- it's just
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hey, how are you? even if they did talk about it whatever that's terrible, i guess, i don't care about any of that. >> yeah. >> but it's not a meeting, though. i ate at the same diner joe pesci ate at once, right? i didn't have dinner with joe pesci. we happened to be eating at the same diner. >> but you're always bragging about it. so you might as well -- >> national television. >> it's true. >> you do get the feeling clinton -- he channeled his inner tmz reporter. he heard loretta lynch was at the airport and he just streamlined it right to meet her. >> i love this idea, though, that oh, he was just in the vicinity. if i were in the vicinity of loretta lynch, who's the attorney general, and i tried to get on her private airplane, that wouldn't happen. i accidentally fell up the stairs and i was on the aircraft. >> but you're a brit. he was the president of the united states once. >> right. sew was allowed on. >> he's allowed to do anything, yeah. >> joanne, they're friendly. should they be able to chat? >> there are so many friends. why does everyone have so many friends? these friendly meetings. no one cares about your
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grandkids. only you do. come on. this administration has never cared about the optics. okay? the president is endorsing hillary clinton, who is till under investigation. so you know what? they're going by their own rules. their own, you know, party. >> should we suspend this notion, charles, that the a.g. is the chief law enforcement officer of the land? they really work for the administration. >> you're right. we should dispense with it if we want to decline and abandon the rule of law and everything that made the country great. just personally. it's a little foible i have. i don't. >> it's not happening anyway. they're essentially partisan hacks for the president that they serve. >> that may be true. but we've now seen evidence of it. and the fact that bill clinton didn't think this would be a big story demonstrates just how, again, arrogant the clintons are. they just think they are above the law. and they probably are. >> they probably are. all right. well, while bill clinton was greeting loretta lynch, president obama was meeting with
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the leaders of canada and mexico. let's see how it went. that was a little awkward, right? >> i think that is trudeau -- that's his worst moment. isn't it? >> yeah. i definitely believe that would be it. >> the more i watch it the less awkward i think it is. just because i've now watched it so many times. i still laugh every time. but it sort of seems more like choreography at this point. >> he was trying get the right hand into the right hand, right i? don't know why that is. i feel like you should be able to shake with the left hand. >> i think you should be able to shake with any hand that's not gloved. that's the old marine rule. i believe. >> what you can't see is there's a twister board underneath them. >> that would work. next story, old people, they're ruining it for us young people. this week a column at vice news presented a provocative idea.
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here's the headline. brexit proves baby boomers should get less of a vote. the author, who i'll call heath pickering because that's his name, notes the democratic principle of one person one vote is fundamentally flawed. old people keep getting the future of young people. it has to stop. he points to a poll which shows that the majority of young voters wanted britain to stay in the eu. and as you see in the right column, they have to live with the decision the longest. that's unfair. so heath pickering has a solution. age-weighted voting. in this system, 18 to 24-year-olds would get one vote. 25 to 34-year-olds would get 80% of one vote. 35 to 49, 60%. 50 to 69, 40%. and anyone over 70 would get a measly 20% of one vote. unfortunately for young mr. pickering, if he wants these changes to take place, he's going to need baby boomers' votes. isn't that the sad thing,
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charles? that's what happened, right? with women's vote. the suffrage movement. they needed the men. >> at they convinced them. >> how did they do that? >> a lot of sleeping with the enemy in that fight. this is a ridiculous idea. and it's interesting how he phrased it because the argument is that young people have longer to live and therefore longer to stay on this earth and older people don't, so if they have less time to live within the eu, et cetera, et cetera. you could actually make that argument for everything. for example, because we vote on taxes then people have a lot more money and therefore will lose a lot more money if taxes are raised, should get a lot more votes than people who have not much money at all. >> i say that all the time. >> absolutely. well, you balance out right because you have a lot of money but you're old. you would be about one vote. >> us young people. okay, buddy. >> even going off that idea, should only women be the ones to vote on women's issues? should only educated people vote on education?
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you know, it's a slippery slope, which is everyone's favorite phrase. but it really is. i mean, you know, to restrict rights to get your way. might seem cool but it's really not. >> yes. and old people, they care more than young people. so -- >> it's all they have, is voting. they don't have any other choices. they only get to choose what hospital they die in. that's up to us. you're going to this home. you're going to die in this -- like there's no -- they don't even get to choose when they go to the bathroom. it just happens sometimes. with my grandfather that's how it was. this is how it works. you get to choose who gets to be -- >> that's also true of really young people. >> but really young people can't vote. >> that's true. >> across the board voting. >> should it be weighed -- obviously. i don't know where this guy gets his logic. he's mad about the brexit vote, right? >> well, he's insane. the reason that politicians court young people is because their minds are easily manipulated. that's why politicians love to
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get that youth vote, because they know they can say anything and they'll vote for them because they believe it will come true like some sort of magical wish. we need to stop idolizing youth all around world. the chinese are doing well because they still respect their elders. old people are full of wisdom. in '73 when the u.k. joined with the eu there was the generation who remembers before they were in the eu and they maybe want to go back to it. they might remember the one the currently living in. so the idea that the youth vote should count more than the elderly vote is insane. when i was 18 to 25 i didn't know you could drink beer out of a cup. i thought it was just keg stands. >> it was for you. >> absolutely. >> charles, can you explain the brexit, what's going on with bore snis he stepped down now. boris isn't going to be the prime minister. no chance, right? >> right. because he's not running for the leadership. i think he's not running for the leadership because he thinks he would lose. i've seen all these elaborate conspiracy theories, maybe he thinks this will happen on tuesday and then the week after one guy will say this and there will be a decline and in five years -- he was going to lose
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the vote. >> but he was the guy that really championed the brexit. >> he didn't. i mean, he did champion it but he was a bit of a squish on it. he was just about a leaver. so there's a bit of bad blood there. but also he's a very smart guy, incredibly smart guy but he comes across as a clown which is probably what britain needs now. and also there is some bad feeling toward him in the conservative party because he parachuted into a seat in parliament last -- not literally. >> i thought that's cool. >> i'm voting for him. because i'm young and impressionable. >> he does look like a little bit of a -- it's that mop topped hairdo. >> sort of upper class -- >> dump. the dumpy trump. the trump who didn't take care of himself. i thought what's what we had with trump originally. >> britons should have a more coifed trump. tonight we're going to party like it's 1992. crystal pepsi is back. the clear cola burst onto the scene in the early '90s. do you remember those days? i do. ross perot announced his run for
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president. sinead o'connor tore up a picture of the pope. joanne was 4. >> oh, my gosh. >> she was upset about perot. >> big stockdale gal. >> pepsi says overwhelming fan demand led them to bring back the drink that was discontinued for having underwleming fan demand. and in another nod to nostalgia pepsi will release a video game called the crystal pepsi trail based on the classic computer game oregon trail. they haven't given any details on the game, but i'm guessing one of your party dies of dysentery. that's a tough game, isn't it? >> yeah. >> do you remember that game? was that a classic -- >> oregon trail? >> yeah. >> absolutely. i would always end up eating all the people's food and they would all die and i lived like a king. i loved the oregon trail. >> what a celebration. that was like frogger. it was one of those early '90s games. >> yeah. i love to watch -- i always pretended i was the truck driver hitting the frog. i won every single time. i made a mistake. i watched "spaceballs" before i
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watched "star wars" and i watched the van halen music video "right now" before i drank crystal clear pepsi and they were dumping crystal clear pepsi in a gravy form all over meat. do you remember that video? >> listen, i remember it. you just were reminding me that van halen they really scored with that. they put down some money for that theme song. >> they did. and it ruined crystal clear pepsi for me forever. i thought it was a big goopy thing that belongs in a syringe that you would inject in someone presurgery. >> scott, i -- i know you agree with what he just said. >> sure. >> but i don't trust clear soda drinks. don't trust them. >> what about sprite? sprite is the best soda. >> well, listen, they get a pass because it's a limon taste. >> limon? >> lemon and lime. >> i know what you did. >> but i think it's weird. i think that cola should be dark. >> you're asking me that about
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this? and i'm supposed to answer with -- i have no opinion on -- >> ignore my question and answer whatever's in your crazy mind. >> when did crystal pepsi come snout i was born in '90. i have no idea -- >> enough with the bragging about how young you people are. >> i'm not the youngest one at this table? god. >> i think there's like this weird '90s nostalgia. o.j. simpson's trial is like the biggest deal now for some reason. clintons running. >> you're right. it's people -- well, you're too young for it. it's slightly older people like joanne reliving their youth. those heydays from when you were 4. >> the '90s are back. it's real. '90s fashion too. all the girls are wearing those chokers again. you know, the black weird like weaved chokers that are elastic and then they leave a nice imprint on your neck. >> yeah. >> anyways, i won't be wearing them. no, i grew up in a coca-cola family and i just got the little four-ounce paper cup of coca-cola. that's all i was allowed.
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but my question is does it -- >> hold on. a coca-cola family you came from and they only allowed little paper cups of it? i don't know if that was really a coca-cola family. >> my family only purchased coca-cola. i was rationed the coca-cola. i was the taste tester for the family. no, does crystal pepsi taste like pepsi and it's clear or does it taste like club soda? >> it tastes like pepsi. that's what makes it so weird. >> that would be weird. >> that's fun. i'm excited now. you just described it. i'm genuinely pumped for this. >> they spent their whole ad campaign convincing us it tastes like regular pepsi. so everyone's like give us regular pepsi. they really wasted a lot of time. >> are you like me, you're unsettled by the clear cola drinks? >> like you, just younger. no. i am not unsettled by this at all. but i'm unsettled by the name because it sounds like crystal meth to me and then it's pepsi. >> you know what? we didn't have -- or they might
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have had crystal meth. they called it something else. >> you didn't have it. >> i still haven't had crystal meth. i'm holding out for a better product. it's going to be hard to bring if back because people are going to be thinking about crystal meth. >> they will now. i don't think anyone thought about that until i saw it. >> what about crystal gayle? did she make you think about meth? >> crystal light. there was a lot of crystal when i was young. >> crystal gayle, right? make my brown eyes blue. was that her in. >> i just remember the name. >> coming up, are young people physically weaker under obama? let's just say even this guy could kick their ass.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. the nation celebrates a star-spangled independence day. here's what it looked like over new york city. traditionally home to one of the holiday's most spectacular fireworks shows. gotham did not disappoint last night. he sadly, rainy weather put a damper on the annual picnic and fireworks display at the white house. but the night wasn't a complete washout. rapper kendrick lamar performed indoors as a salute to our nation's military families. and no july 4th would be complete without the annual hot dog-eating contest at coney island. joey jaws chestnut upset matt stony to regain the championship title. chestnut downed 70 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes flat, besting stoney by 17 hot dogs. but it wasn't all fun and games for law enforcement officials. they were hard at work this holiday, guarding our nation's airports and tourist venues from the threat of terrorism. and no group has yet claimed
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responsibility for the latest bomb attack in the middle east. four security officers were killed and five other people hurt when the killer detonated his vest outside one of islam's holiest shrines. saudi arabia's mosque in medina where the prophet muhammad is buried. the attack took place just as thousands of worshippers were about to hold sunset prayers. word from rome that investigators there are now treating the death of a wisconsin college student as a murder. 19-year-old bo solomon had just arrived in italy last thursday. he was there on a student exchange program. his body was later found in the tieber river. and the solar-powered spacecraft is now circling jupiter on a mission to map the giant planet. nasa received a radio signal last night from the juno spacecraft confirming it's in orbit around the biggest planet in the solar system. the trip took about five years and nearly 2 billion miles. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye."
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in obama's america we are weaker than we used to be. like literally, man. data published in the journal of hand therapy -- and if you're not a subscriber, you really should be. showed that from 1985 till now men's hand strength decreased by 20 pounds and women's hand strength decreased by ten pounds. elizabeth feign, the study's lead author, has a theory about this. she told npr, "as a society we're no longer agricultural or manufacturing. what we're doing more now is technology-related, especially for millennials." yeah, that's one theory. or it could be this. or this. or this. thanks, mr. president, for nothing. he's riding a bike. you don't think that was representative -- >> the brakes are right there.
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>> he was wearing a helmet on a bike on nantucket. i don't think that's very good, joanne. >> that's setting a good example. >> obviously that's why he did it. but you've got to admit he looked a little wimpy with that helmet and the mom jeans. >> always the mom jeans. that's the real problem. >> she got rid of the mom jeans, you know. the first lady. she threw them away. >> thank goodness. >> how do you know that? >> i read an article. today i was busy researching photographs. >> and checking fashion. >> look, joanne, can i blame obama for this? why are americans weaker than before? >> oh. but you know, it depends on where they're weak. okay? so yeah, i get that the stlantd is weak because i don't know, technology, you're hold iing ono your phone. but back in the day -- >> she hangs out with dinosaurd. >> that was a t-rex. >> but back in the day you weren't doing 75 push-ups for
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time and box jumps and all the cross-fit exercises that the kids are doing now. >> you weren't? i did. i took the presidential -- >> my athletes could beat up your athletes. my dad could beat up your dad. and my dad's dead. so. >> that is impressive. you're right. because obviously athletes keep getting better and better. >> for sure. >> the people at the top of their game are in peak performance. but the lesser people -- i don't think kids are shoveling -- do you ever shovel a driveway? >> yes, i've shoveled a rivway. >> no, you have not. >> are you out of your mind? who's testing the grip? it's all about hands. it's not about upper body strength, leg strength. tongue strength. i don't know. it's all about grip. who's taking this test? >> they took it in 1985. they made people squeeze something. and then they made people squeeze something this year. >> what were they squeezing? >> they squoze something really squeezy. >> we have more access to porn now. i think our hand strength is
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superior. i think it is superior. i think this is false -- >> thumb wrestling. we've got to -- >> i think you've got to try to blame obama on something else. >> charles, help me. it's a little bit obama's fault, right? >> almost the whole thing is his fau fault. do you remember when he first came into office on january 20th, 2009, he said stop having strong hands, america. the inaugural speech, that was his option line, then he flubbed it, so chief justice roberts had to say it again. he said it twice. >> do you believe in this agricultural -- >> i think that's exactly it. i think people are just much weaker. including apparently myself. thanks for pointing that out. because we don't really do a great deal now. i don't think we could beat nazi germany now if we had to. >> we wouldn't have the get up and go, would we? kissel? >> that's one of the reasons people think trump is strong, he can still put his thumb up. i've got to help it out. i can barley do a thumbs up.
12:27 am
p. >> he doesn't have much of a thumb to -- >> i'm glad my hands are weaker. i broke my first four ipads. you see me working at the desk trying to write for the show. >> those hands don't do well on the keyboard. >> this is not meant for the future. these are primitive hands. >> you 3r0b8 can't text, can you? >> i can't text. i scream. i mostly scream still. yeah. >> but don't you agree that young people they don't do the -- scott pretends he shovels his driveway. he doesn't. i know he hires a boy scout to do it. >> even when there's no snow i'm out there. just doing it. practicing. a lot of that. >> but you guys didn't shovel coal like i did into the furnace, did you? >> is that right? >> we had a furnace. i don't think i shoveled coal into it. >> people used to talk about having sore knees and a bad back and now we're to the point where people have thumbinitis. there are real conditions -- >> arthritis. >> no, people are getting -- i don't know what it's called.
12:28 am
typeritis. but people are so sensitive their hands are break just from touching very -- >> it's repetitive motion. it's a real thing. you text too much and you get -- you can't play tennis anymore. >> it's sad. >> moisturizer. it's improved. old hands are hard. >> you're right. >> and that makes it stronger. you have no feeling in it. >> i went to get a manicure -- she touched my hands and she could tell my their softness that -- >> you were getting a manicure. >> that probably tipped her off. >> coming up, she's the nation's sage and at the very least he's our panel sage. you wrote that. >> i don't know. squlu know him, you love him. tv's andy levy with halftime. don't forget also the "red eye" podcast is back. subscribe on itunes and on
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed on welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy at the "red eye" news deck. >> hey, tom, how's it going? >> good. >> anyone notice during the intros the camera had to track upward when it got to kissel? i don't know if you guys could see that but it was panning along and suddenly it had to jump. >> a height thing. >> pretty fun. >> attorney general lynch meets with bill clinton. tom, you said lynch is getting health from republicans and democrats. not all democrats. harry reid and chuck schumer in particular says they weren't worried about it because they trust her. >> yeah. >> axelrod i think said he was
12:33 am
shocked. >> but look, when people like harry reid and chuck schumer, who are absolutely not political hacks and how dare anyone suggest they might be, when they say they trust lynch, that is good enough for me and it should be good enough for everyone, damn it. >> wow. >> also none of this matters, as joanne pointed out, the silting president endorsed the candidate who's under investigation by his own justice department, which made it clear there was never going to be any indictment. charles, you said donald trump is right about this. >> he is? >> it's too late, man. >> i'll still be sent to the salt mine. maybe my sentence will be commuted. >> you also said lynch should recuse herself from the case. she absolutely should. as judicial watch says, quote, "lynch's meeting with president clinton creates the appearance of a violation of law, ethical standards and good judgment. her decision to breach the well-defined ethical standards of the department of justice and the american legal profession is an outrageous abuse of the
12:34 am
public's trust." that is all correct. i wish you had said it that eloquently, charles. >> i wrote that statement. so i didn't want to copy what i've done earlier. >> skod, you said you only read one article about this. >> that's right. that's the one you guys sent me. >> in your defense, that's probably one more than tom. >> you didn't even dis me. he dissed you. >> that's ail i do all day is read articles. he's not even hitting me in my weak point. >> you spend your entire day reading back issues of "barber shop monthly." >> there's a lot of articles in there. got to hydrate. >> sure. >> kissel, i don't think that thing you said about marines not shaking hands while wearing gloves is accurate. >> no, i think that it is because i got yelled at one time for shaking a marine's hand with a glove on. >> i believe it's preferred for them not to shake hands if they're gloved, but they can if the circumstances warrant it. >> i guess the circumstances wasn't warranted.
12:35 am
>> i could be wrong. >> you would know. >> charles, you said the fact that bill clinton didn't think this would be a big story just shows how above the law they think they are. i agree with that. but also, as i've been saying for a long time now, 2016 bill clinton is not 1990s bill clinton. his political instincts suck now. and not only is he not helpful to his wife's campaign, he's actively harmful to it. >> you know he doesn't seem to know that the bill clinton of now isn't the bill clinton of then is loretta lynch who's called him the president, as if he were still -- i know that's a custom which abolished with extreme prejudice but she said it in a really odd way. >> say the former president, right? >> yeah. or just bill clinton. >> okay. column says brexit shows old people shouldn't vote. you see i said brexit. i'm trying to change. from brexit. >> we're going to be talking about it for a long time, andy. >> probably. because it's really important. look, how about this as another
12:36 am
good idea? why don't we borrow from robert highline of starship troopers, give weighted votes to veterans? why should someone who wasn't willing to put their life on the line have as much say in the future of that country as someone who did? >> yeah. big-time. >> i agree. >> my guess is the tool who wrote this piece would not get a weighted vote under that system. i'm just spitballing here. also, by the way, i don't really believe that's a good idea. but if you're going to start tinkering with one person one vote do it, man. >> i should get three votes. they should do it by weight. >> yes. or volume i think. get height going too. >> if they did it by loose skin i would get like 1,000. >> charles, is theresa may going to be the new head of the conservative party? >> i think she's probably the favorite. >> is she going to be prime minister, or pm as i like to call them zm. >> if she's the new head of the conservative party she'll be pm. because that's how it works, andy, as you know of course. >> that's why i was asking. trying to give a chance to show off your knowledge, charles.
12:37 am
>> i just did. >> i know. just say thank you and move on. crystal pepsi is coming back. tom, you said you don't trust clear cola drinks. >> yeah. >> there's not really a lot of them, are there? >> i know. maybe because we don't trust them, andy. >> there is something about them, isn't there? >> yeah. it would be like drinking clear coffee. unsettling. >> i think it's tea. isn't that called tea? >> no. hot water. >> exactly. >> scott, how do you feel about clear cola drinks? tom doesn't trust them. >> i think we went over this. i don't care. does it matter? >> just wanted to give you another chance, man. >> you want to bring something back from the '90s that would shock me? bring back princess diana. i would freak out if that happened. otherwise, i don't care. >> charles, is that all right with you? >> i didn't care at all. >> when she died? all right. we have it on the record. >> wow. >> i never understood the freakout. i'm sorry. she was just a person.
12:38 am
>> lady dies in a car crash, who cares? >> just call her diana as well. >> you don't have the princess di beanie baby? >> it sounded like you said princess diabeta baby. which sounds more interesting. >> charles, do you or do you not have the princess di beanie baby? >> i do not. i lost it in a parisian tunnel in 1997. >> he's just pushing you. >> i'm going to go ahead and move on. tom, you seem to think we didn't have crystal meth in the '90s. we did. >> we did? >> yeah. it started becoming big in the '80s. west coast biker gangs. >> did we call it something else? >> no, we called it crystal meth. >> what was angel dust? i used to hear about it all the time. >> angel dust is not crystal meth. >> pcp? >> yeah. >> there you go. >> third eye blind had a song in
12:39 am
the '90s called "semi-charmed life" that was about a crystal meth addict. >> and there was that whole woodstock 1999 which was -- >> oh, my god, that song is about a drug? >> all songs are about drugs. >> i want something else to get me through this. oh, okay. >> it all makes sense now. young people are weaker. tom, first of all, kudos to you for blaming this on obama. >> i do what i can, andy. >> scott, shame on you for saying this isn't obama's fault. >> i'm sorry. >> and tom is correct that michelle obama got rid of the president's mom jeans back in 2014. he was speaking at the baseball hall of fame and he said, "michelle retired those jeans quite a while back." >> that's extremely good news. >> yes. i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, are men bad at making friends? i think this picture says it all.
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12:43 am
live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. hillary clinton's closest aide saying her boss destroyed some of her schedules when she was secretary of state. humana abedin was deposed last week. her revelations could complicate matters for the presumptive democratic nominee, who along with the state department she ran is facing numerous lawsuits seeking public records. clinton has admitted to
12:44 am
destroying a number of e-mails from her tenure. a commander from iran's revolutionary guard declaring there are tens of thousands of missiles ready to strike israel. the commander says hezbollah has 100,000 missiles in lebanon ready to attack if israel "makes the wrong move." iran's president saying the u.s. and its allies wants great discord among muslims and says unity is the only way to restore stability in the region. china planning to go ahead with military drills in the south china sea this week. they come ahead of a united nations meeting expecting to challenge them. drills in an international ruling. chinese leaders say they will ignore the verdict despite pressure from the u.s. and its allies to comply. 4th of july moving indoors in washington, d.c. events canceled there because of the rain, with the white house moving a concert to the east room. the president spoke before the crowd, thanking the troops for their service. >> it's important to remember what a miracle this country is.
12:45 am
how incredible -- how incredibly lucky we are that people generations ago were willing to take up arms and fight for our freedom. and you've heard of the hot dog-eating contest held every july 4th in new york city. so how about this one? a key lime pie eating contest. this being held in key west, florida. the winner eating a pie in 62 seconds. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." do men have a harder time making friends? that's what the lamestream media wants you to believe. a recent article in the "new york times" investigates the challenges of male friendships. past research has shown that men are so focused on career and family they don't have time for hanging with the boys, as i call it. also, as one psychiatrist notes,
12:46 am
men's friendships are more often based on mutual activities like sports and work. women are taught to draw one another out. men are not. the writer adds, "consciously or otherwise, many men believe that talking about personal matters with other men is not man ly. the result is often less intimate, more casual friendships between men." i don't know. i'm pretty close with a group of guys. i think there's a picture of us. yeah. i can't even remember what we were looking at but that was a fun night. fun night. gavin, would you say we have -- >> why are you looking at me weird? >> i don't know. have you been -- >> been here the whole show. >> would you say we have an intimate friendship? >> did you forget i've been on the entire show? >> i did forget, gavin, because i felt like -- usually i remember when you're on the show. anyway, the other night -- >> this is a great example of men not noticing when men are around them. >> i'm sorry. i didn't notice.
12:47 am
i didn't notice. >> you know what it is? men have a thing. it's like a cell phone contract. so men will have a fight about once every eight months. coincidental coincidentally, it's near pregnancy. and they'll go, should i renew my contract with you as a friend? and if they call the guy and go i know that stuff was insane but let's just plow through it. and then they renew their contract with their friend. >> are you saying they do it wordlessly or they actually -- >> they actually do it wordlessly, yes. so men are constantly giving you an out to leave. but women are so flighty that they'll have like a beef and then they'll have a screaming fight and you'll hear your wife talking about someone who needs to die. and then she's in your living room. and you go isn't the one we were planning to murder? >> i see. charles, what do you think of that? i think men do have less intimate relationships because they want to. it's not a flaw. that's the better kind of friendship.
12:48 am
>> yeah, i think you're right. i think that's it. >> you don't respond to me on twitter anymore. >> don't i? >> for example. >> well, i'm sorry. can we renew our contract? >> i would like to renew it. you don't seem to be signing up. >> i'll sign up. i'll even sign up for the 24-month plan. but seriously, this is true. men can have a fistfight and make up and they'll nenks it again. and women will bring things up that happened 15 years ago in an argument between themselves. that's a difference between men and women. not really an answer to your question but interesting nonetheless. >> it's true. joan joanne, you have like a file in your head. you kind of hold things against people. and they come out during the fight. >> oh, for sure. yeah. what gavin was saying is so true. there are some girlfriends of mine that i will just berate and like i just can't tolerate them or they annoy me or whatever. and then the next second i'm like hanging out with them because it's hard ton. >> why is it hard not to?
12:49 am
>> i feel bad. i want to be well liked by everyone. it's just easier if i'm friends with them. but what i think this whole article was is it was written by a guy. yes, i'm assuming. well, this man wants to go away on a guy's weekend. so he writes this article. hey, honey, look at my new article i just wrote. aren't you concerned about me not having friends? i should really go to vegas for this weekend with my guy friends. >> it's so true. exactly. that's what all the the guy writers are like at the "times," aren't they? it's a bunch of phony -- >> bros? >> you know what the guys at the "times" are like? remember in "animal house" where he goes otis, my man. that is the "times" in a nutshell. >> exactly. scott, what do you think? you don't really count. you're a comic. so they have -- >> you don't count? all my friends, we have such personal conversations. tim dylan. we're very close. we've made love and stuff. but i don't know. i think men throughout their lifetime have like a thousand friends and women throughout
12:50 am
their lifetime have like three. and so i think we're superior. and i think women are just not good at making friends. they make friends immediately like in high school maybe. or at work where they're put into a position where they have to speak to people and then they speak to them for the rest of their lives because they are not as good as me at communicating with people. >> that's right. that's what it's about, joanne. remember, it's quantity, not quality. >> thanks for the mansplain. did parents go too far in punishing their teen son or not far enough? [woodworker] i live in the fine details. that's why i run on quickbooks. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye," remi spencer, jim norton, and mike baker. go to your room? here's a better punishment. go to your tent. two parents in new mexico are forcing their teenage son to live outside in a tent because of his bad grades and bad behavior. fortunately, it's never hot in new mexico in summer. the father even asked the state's youth and families department if the punishment was okay. and according to the boy's mother, they said nothing. you are not depriving him of
12:55 am
anything. and we're not, except for maybe air-conditioning. the kid is allowed to use the bathroom, eat and shower in the house, but still, the punishment is tearing the town apart, sparking intense debate. >> it's an awful thing to do to a human being. >> if you do something wrong, there are consequences. there's cause and there's effect. >> cause and effect. wow. gavin. would you ever do this to your kids? >> no. i have a great system in my home, which is you heat a coat hanger on the stove. >> yes. >> and you can burn any sort of message you want. like i bend it down to mean no. psss. if it's bent in an oval that means it wasn't so bad. and we have a whole code. you should see their arms. >> look, everyone -- i don't want to criticize any parenting style. do you think this tent -- i mean, to me it's not a good punishment because it's not punishment because the tent is fun. >> i think the parents are going
12:56 am
to be really upset when he goes and joins isis and cites the practice that he had in the new mexico desert. i really like this and i hate my parents and america now. what should i do? i know. i'll join the caliphate. >> but i saw pictures of this kid. he was in the tent doing his studies. he had the books out and everything. >> that's the anarchist's cookbook and isis primer materials. >> the koran. >> you saw the huge long case. what do you think's in there? it's a rocket launcher. >> i think he's an outdoorsman. scott, you think it's a great idea? >> it's fine. but i think it's staged. this is fake. >> what? >> this is fake. why would the news just -- you know how many times -- i've been beaten with tents. how would i -- the news never picks stuff like this up. the people -- it's like that kid who floated in the balloon but turns out he was never in the balloon. it's that. i think the kid's sleeping inside at night, it's bogus, they just want an interesting story. >> wow. joanne, i don't know what to think about this story. >> i don't think this is good parenting. i think that if you had to go to this extreme, like no other
12:57 am
discipline worked with your kid. apparently, he was stealing from his own family members and he wouldn't -- he wouldn't do any other sort of punishment. so they had to resort to this. that's not good parenting. >> not good parenting. there's your answer. a very special thanks to my entire panel. good night. ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone]
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july, everyone. celebrating america amidst the war on terror. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm doug mckelway, in for bret baier. there is concern today about our security. tonight, new york is just one of many places that isn't leaving that up to chance. correspondent brian yennis is in new york with the tools the big apple and other cities are deploying to keep visitors safe. what's the situation tonight? >> reporter: good evening, doug. happy birthday, america. new york city is home


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