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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 6, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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as we were talking about, there are plenty of hotspots around the globe but the next president is going to have to deal with it. this is a very serious election that voters and viewers need to pay attention to and make the right call. molly: the president who wanted to leave office with no wars on his hand and he has not created that situation as he just acknowledged that i will see you tonight. jon: so the aftershocks continue from the political earthquake that struck during our show yesterday when fbi director comey announced he is not recommending critical criminal charges were hillary clinton after use of that private email server while she was victory of state. welcome to the first hour of "happening now", i'm jon scott. >> and i'm melissa francis, for having me back. director comey also described clinton's handling of those emails as quote, extremely careless and contradicted her frequent claim that she never
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sent or received classified information on that server. jon: donald trump wasted no time caring into the presumptive nominee, saying this decision proves the system is rigged, doubling down on his criticism of her as thought-provoking calling on the fbi director to explain his decision in front of a congressional hearing area peter is live in raleigh north carolina with the latest, peter? reporter: john, donald trump is is not just saying the system is rigged, he's explaining howhe thinks it's rigged for hillary , explaining and accusing rather his constitutional secretary clinton of writing the attorney general to stay out of trouble, elaborating he thinks the clinton campaign linked their candidates interest in keeping lynch on sag so she would value job security more than an indictment in her case. >> if she wins, she's going to consider extending the attorney general and you know what?
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i'm not knocking the attorney general. what i'm saying is, how can you say that? it's a bride . reporter: trump double down this morning, tweeting hillary clinton lied to the fbi and to the people of our country . she is so guilty but watch, her time will come. he also used the fbi director's conclusion that bad actors attacked clinton's carelessly set up server to say that means he thinks america's enemies have a blackmail file on clinton, something he says this qualifies her from holding the office of president and that is not all, with less than two weeks to go, republican party convention in cleveland, donald trump is taking rumored vice presidential short listers on the road with him last night here in raleigh, tennessee editor bob corker was by his side. worker did offer to use his expertise as chairman of the senate foreign relations committee to help trump track
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of foreign-policy platform a few months back. tonight in ohio, trump will campaign alongside newt gingrich for the first time this cycle in 2016. we don't know if any of the other short listers are going to appear with trump as he makes his trip through the swing state this week but he does have a little more time to get a feel for which other candidates he likes the best on stage with him before he needs to round out the ticket, john? jon: peter, thank you. just hours after the fbi director announced his decision not to recommend charges for hillary clinton, donald trump blasted the former secretary of state at a rally in north carolina. >> like a criminal with a guilty conscience, clinton had her lawyers delete, destroy and wipe away forever , i still say there are geniuses that can find them ... 30,000 emails. this again, disqualifies her
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from service and just think of it. how can you have this? we know now that these deletions included emails that were work-related, one more big fat beautiful lie like crooked hillary. jon: let's bring in rich lowry, editor of national review and a fox news contributor and melinda henneberger, rollcall editor in chief, thanks both of you for being here. yesterday about an hour or so after james comey is news conference, brian fallon, the spokesman for hillary clinton's campaign without a statement. it we are glad the matter is now resolved area melinda, is it? >> yes, i'm hearing many democrats say it's all over and it is not all over. this is going to be with hillary clinton at least through the election and if she wins, far beyond. this is a very serious thing
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that happened yesterday. the language he used, the excessive carelessness, my goodness. i mean, i just think it's a disaster for her campaign and we continue to see what we nominees we have for both parties. jon: rich, i was sitting here in my chair listening to the fbi director's news conference and i was saying out loud to nobody in particular but here in the studio ... i was muttering she's about to get indicted and then he says we're not one to recommend any prosecution. is she exonerated? >> well, she dodged a bullet in the sense that any sort of recommendation for an indictment would have been cataclysmic for her campaign and probably chased her from the race entirely. but beyond that, it was the most devastating exoneration anyone has ever heard and perhaps the worst single day in memory for any major party presidential candidate. melinda is exactly right,
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there's about 10 items in the first 10 minutes of comey's presentation yesterday that are talking points or republicans that they will queue up and repeat over and over again. what donald trump is saying on that clip just showed, extremely harsh. it's all completely true and verified the director of the fbi. it's just devastating be on chased her from the race, he took pains to say politics did not enter into this decision. are you saying it did? >> i don't think many people are going to believe that, john. the way the stars align here with the clinton lynch meeting and shortly thereafter the interview with hillary clinton on a saturday on july 4 weekend and four days after that, comey comes out and basically says the facts and the logic would lead you to believe that she broke the law and perhaps she'd be prosecuted but instead he pulls up short at the end and i think it's john
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roberts disease, going back to the obamacare decision. he didn't want to follow his own facts and logic to the natural conclusion just because it would have been such a momentous event and he would have been the inciting factor. jon: talk about the stars aligning melinda. you also had hillary clinton getting a ride on air force one yesterday and appearing with the president at a campaign event area was that all just happenstance? >> well, that had been planned before. i mean, they originally were going to have that event in wisconsin and then decided that maybe it was more important to do the event in north carolina that ms. clinton was not in as much danger as they had feared previously but you know, barack obama and hillary clinton have come along way since he said you are like a
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bowl of fluff, hillary. it was this a major distraction from the events of yesterday? absolutely not. i think the democratic party would come through with if she had been indicted because then they would have an escape hatch and they could choose someone else and as it is, one of our columnists walter spiros wrote yesterday instead of amato being i'm with her it might wind up being i'm stuck with her. jon: and it does point out, when the two of them campaign together rich, he is a much more magnetic personality. >> absolutely. it indirectly yesterday showed what an adequate at best campaign or she is and really, she's michael dukakis with huge ethical problems and she has about a five point lead in the race as of polls taken recently but it wouldn't surprise me in the week that she's had and if donald trump has a halfway decent run at the convention,
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at the end of that convention trump is going to be tied ordinarily ahead and the question is whether hillary can pull back into the lead with her convention but she's an extraordinarily weak candidate, there's no doubt about it. jon: rich lowry from the national review, melinda henneberger from rollcall, thank you. melissa: new information on the department of veterans affairs , two years after the wait time scandal as new reports finds there are still quote, profound deficiencies when it comes to veterans health care and a congressional panel says the va requires urgent reform. kristin fisher is live at the white house with more on this one, kristin? reporter: this commission essentially confirm what we already knew, that the veterans health administration suffers from quote, profound deficiencies that require urgent reform area what is surprising in this report is the fact that many of the so-called improvements that have been pumped into the va over the last few years, billions of dollars worth, actually made things worse. this is a 292 page report put
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together by a special commission, commission on care and it was endorsed by 12 of the 15 commissioners. three of them declined to sign with to say the recommendations fell short of what's needed to fix the veterans health care system and the report contains recommendations to achieve a bold transformation of a complex system that will take years to fully realized. the commissioners added we believe these recommendations are essential to ensure our nation's veterans receive the health care they deserve now and in the future. a spokesperson for the republican congressman blackley chaired this commission said the report is a step in the right direction but that a lot of work still needs to be done. he said quote, the chairman appreciates the hard work of the commission on care and looks forward to extensively reviewing its findings so
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bottom line, this report is bad for veterans, bad for the va but the big surprise here and i think that really stands out is just the fact that you have billions of dollars that have been poured into this system over the last few years and now you have these commissioners saying that a lot of these so-called improvements have actually made things worse . melissa? melissa: that is so depressing but thank you anyways. important information, thank you. john? jon: former prime minister tony blair reacting to an inquiry on the iraq war. mister blair saying he will take full responsibility for any mistakes but maintaining that removing saddam hussein from power was the right thing to do. your foreign affairs respondent greg is in london following all this for us. reporter: the report was in the works for some seven years and is 2.6 million words long and many of those words deal with the relationship between ex-uk prime minister tony blair and president bush. as for the war itself, the study claims that it was based on flawed intelligence,
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inadequate planning and did not achieve its stated objectives. the uk public was broadly against the war and eventually broadly against their former leader. remember at the time blair was called pushes lapdog by some. the board does quote blair saying about bush that he would be with him quote, what ever . today though, tony blair came out and he said what he did was for his country, take a listen in a rack, for all its challenges we have today a government that is elected, is recognized internationally as legitimate and is fighting terrorism with the support of the international community. the world was and is in my judgment a better place without saddam hussein. reporter: hundred 79 british soldiers died in the war. remember there were something like 4500 american servicemembers killed. some of the british victims
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families and other critics were hoping the report would provide some kind of legal basis for some sort of action . according to the authors of the report to john, yes, they say a lot of mistakes were made but no, there is no legal basis going forward, back toyou . jon: greg palkot in london, thank you. melissa: senate lawmakers taking up legislation now sparked by the shooting death of kate steinle in san francisco. allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant with a long rap sheet. breaking details live from capitol hill plus, a employee taking a workplace disagreement way too far. what she did to a coworker that put her behind bars. and we want to hear from you. do you think the fbi director made the right decision in not recommending any criminal charges for hillary clinton? our live chat is up and running, go to to join the conversation. >>
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jon: right now some crime stories where following. in maryland, a judge sentencing a worker to 10 days after jail after she pled guilty to trying to poison her coworker. eight-year-old luis lemmon feld admitted she poured a skincare product into her colleagues on her bottle last fall after an ongoing dispute . the coworker drank from that bottle and got so sick she was briefly las vegas, a british man is due in federal court today after a grand jury indicted him for allegedly trying to steal a police officer's gun to kill donald trump at a rally last month. if convicted, 20-year-old michael sanford faces up to 10 years behind bars. and here in new york city, police releasing surveillance video of a man wanted for questioning in the murder of a co-owner of a well-known pizzeria. police say a gunman ambushed lewis my body, following several shots point-blank range as he returned home
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from his restaurant last month. melissa: breaking now, integration taking the spotlight in the senate as lawmakers prepared to vote on legislation inspired by the fatal shooting of 32-year-old kate steinle one year ago. in the rest of her alleged killer, an illegal immigrant from mexico with a long criminal record. rich edson is live on capitol hill the latest on this one. rich, what can you tell us? reporter: in just a few hours the senate will vote on a couple bills dealing with immigration, the procedural vote, the first is called caselaw. it would boost minimum sentences for immigration to repeatedly enter the country illegally. that is named for kate steinle, she's a woman who was shot and killed last year on the san francisco.. the suspect, juan lopez-sanchez had been deported multiple times and had felony convictions. the second would brought congressional funding for cities that ban police cooperation with federal
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immigration officials when dealing with deportations. those are so-called sanctuary cities, san francisco is one of them.philadelphia is another. pennsylvania senator pat toomey has introduced that proposal and he is up for reelection this year. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says these bills would help prevent another tragedy like the one that happened last year in san francisco with kate steinle. reporter: >> the responsible policy led to a young woman senselessly losing her life to a felon who should never have been on the streets to begin with. >> i'm pursuing legislation for these so-called sanctuary cities. republicans are legislating donald trump's vision that immigrants are club criminals and prints the public. the proposal wants red meat going into the convention. reporter: democrats also claim these bills run counter to efforts in congress to curb federal minimum sentencing requirements. the boats that will happen
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this afternoon aren't exactly on the bill themselves, it's to even get on these bills and begin debating them. that requires a 60 vote threshold. last year the senate did consider that sanctuary to these bill, the one that would hold federal funding from them and that effort failed in october. melissa and john, back you. reporter: p7 thanks so much. jon: starbucks offering a miracle to its customers. what went wrong and how the company is promising to make things right. plus, major clues in the crash of egypt air flight 804. what the cockpit voice recorder is revealing to investigators area with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle.
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melissa: starbucks sing a computer glitch caused some stores overcharge its customers. the company is preparing to roll out a price hike on some drinks. it's supposed to go into effect july 12 but they say an error led to some customers being overcharged by a whopping $.30 per beverage read every penny counts. starbucks says those affected can call the customer service line and representatives will correct that mistake. it's the third year in a row the coffee giant has raised its prices. last year increase ranged from a nickel to $.20 per item. it might be time to scale back. jon: some new information now on the crash of egypt air flight 804, the cockpit voice recorder reportedly revealing a pilot were trying to put out the fire right before the aircraft plunged into the mediterranean sea, killing everyone on board. robert morse is a commercial
8:25 am
pilot and the publisher of jet i know you are rated to fly the airbus 320, that's the crash under question here. does it have fire extinguisher capability?>> unfortunately the a320 doesn't have extinguisher capabilities in the places that looks like the fire happened which looks like the electronics bay which is sort of right under the cockpit. they have it in the lab in thefront where the indicators seem to come from . there's really only a smoke detection system so a fire is the worst kind of emergency we can have on an airplane area especially one that only tells you there's a fire but doesn't give you a way to put it out . jon: i know in my limited pilot training that absolutely the worst, a fire and altitude, you don't have any choice really except to get on the ground. that may explain some of the wild gyrations, some of the wild swings that your current took in its dissent.
8:26 am
>> well, i think we're going to based on what we are seeing so far, i think we're going to find that with a fire , the smoke would have infiltrated the cockpit quickly and you know john as a pilot you can't fly if you can't see the instruments and you can't see out the window and that probably is going to be what caused those gyrations in the last minute before they completely lost control. jon: so even though those pilots are trained to don their smoke goods and they have a pressurized oxygen supply, if you can't see the instruments you are dead in the water, basically. you don't have any way of controlling that crash. >> know, and that's the one issue. we don't know if they had smoke goods on or not. those are essentially plastic bags you can see through and breathe through that would allow you to see the instruments but if that was the case then we don't understand why they lost control of the airplane but
8:27 am
it's still a little early to tell on that . jon: still thinking back to 1999, that swiss air flight 111 that crash off the coast of newfoundland, that was a fire on board that started in sort of the most innocuous of ways, a spark in an entertainment system. the onboard television system that had been retrofitted to that particular aircraft and wiring bundles caught fire, cause smoke in the cockpit, pilots couldn't see and that plane went into the atlantic. that could be the same kind of thing we're looking at here but it's too early to rule out terrorism and some kind of obama or an incendiary device in the cargo bay, isn't it? >> that's absolutely correct john because we don't know what started the fire. all we know is that the indicators told the ground there was a heat source and there was smoke from what the pilots were saying but we don't know what started it
8:28 am
and you know, it could have started in the laboratory. it could have been somebody that started something, that's something that's going to have to be looked at. jon: but the electronics, but control that airliner are basically right underneath the cockpit so if they had some kind of a fire in the cargo bay that was close to the electronics bay that may have melted the wiring that goes to the computers that run all the systems, there's no way to recover from that is there? >> there really isn't and of course that might also explain why we didn't hear from them in the airplane because although they were busy, the radios are down there as well. jon: and obviously the wiring in the radios gets melted, all of a sudden no transmissions from that aircraft . much more about what happened on board the aircraft, but we are starting to get a window into it. robert mark, jet, thank you p7 donald trump's campaign making a new effort to get support from gop
8:29 am
lawmakers but how important is party unity in this year's election? and is there any new word on the were going to guess. plus, wait times at those airport security lines. what is and who came up with it. we all live with the story. >>
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jon: right now, a quick look at what's still to come this hour of "happening now". wait times may be long at most airports these days but there are new effort to try to speed things up on those security lines. we got details. audi sparks a state of emergency in one state . the danger it poses. plus, real-life imitative art for a 70s star. we will explain. melissa: america's election headquarters and the unity issue. less than two weeks before the gop convention, the presumptive republican presidential nominee seems to be struggling to get leading republicans behind him. national political director on capitol hill in a meeting with gop members in congress and donald trump brought up the unity issue in a recent campaign stop in the background state of north carolina. >> we need unity in the republican party and i have to be honest, i think i win without the unity but we need unity in the republican party and for the most part we have unity. we have some pretty good stuff and we have some great people like bob who just came on and so many others, so many senators , some e-commerce men and women .
8:34 am
melissa: joining us now, mark asked, advisor to the city of new york and simon rosenberg, founder of ndn and the former campaign advisor to bill clinton. thanks for joining us. mark, let me start with you. watching the democrats come together yesterday, president obama there with hillary clinton in front of a ponderous crowd, it felt like they were spiking the football. do you think republicans were watching that and asking are we missing the boat by not doing the same thing? >> melissa, there are probably some of the republican insiders are suggesting that.the reality is democrats have picked a candidate that has spent her entire adult life building the government people are so frustrated with so the reality is donald trump is running a campaign that is outside the mainstream, i think he recognizes that but i want to get a bunch of washington insiders on board or do iwant to spend my time getting shop owners and farmers and real american
8:35 am
families on board this movement i'm trying to create . >> mark sheehy clearly has chosen option b and those insiders might want to recognize we celebrated independence day, democracy works. whatever gets the most votes is how we set the agenda p7 simon, that works as a narrative but this idea that he's the outsider and it has carried him a long way. at the same time, to get those farmers and shopkeepers you need infrastructure, you need a ground game and the democrats have that in spades. >> right, so what's going to happen in the next few weeks is that at the republican convention one of the biggest stories the media is going to focus on is who isn't there and who's not participating and the disunity that exists in the republican party. that's a negative story that's going to cloud some of what happens at the republican convention. second, you don't have all these congressmen and senators who are powerful people who can raise money and get people to the polls and organize. they're not helping, right? that means tens of millions of dollars of lost money for donald trump, the organization is going to be
8:36 am
smaller. this is a disaster for donald trump and you're going to have candidates in the final two months of the election, let's say chris carvalho, the congressman in florida, he's running against donald trump instead of promoting donald trump, florida is going to be crashing donald trump, creating more negative stories so this is not good for trump p7 but mark, depending on how you look at the message of his campaign if he saying out i'm an outsider, i still believe it as a story it's not negative to say who wasn't at the republican convention who doesn't support him but financially simon does make a good point that in order to have the ads and in order to get the support on the ground, you do need actual infrastructure and you learn that in ohio. how do you replace that if you don't have a party behind him? >> that's why jeff pushes the nominee because he clearly had the infrastructure and merely have the finances. >> does that work in a general though? is it same rule? >> there is no question those
8:37 am
are rules that are helpful. i worked for members of the congress that skip the convention so they can be in their district and talk to real voters and that's the reality of this is that all those are helpful but messages clearly what's going to be able to drive people and donald trump is saying i recognize government has failed, i'm not the one that's been the last four years of my life building that government. melissa: we are hearing donald trump is tweeting right now that we are going to get the lineup before the convention tomorrow. originally that had been slated for today. there is tort of this chatter about who is he really getting to come to rid we saw rants rebus on here a short time ago, he said every spot was filled, it wasn't his place to tell you was going to be there. what you expect from the convention because after all, one thing donald trump is for sure is a show producer. >> we are going to find out. this will be a very unusual convention and donald trump is very isolated on the mainstream of the republican
8:38 am
party, it's not really clear who's going to speak. he hasn't made peace with people like john kasich and ted cruz who were very popular people in the republican primary who could i think at a lot to his campaign if they were on board so were going to find out and i think you're right, the contrast between the disunity and struggle trump has and the way democrats are coming together is going to be, that contrast is going to be a very bright line i think between the two parties over the next few weeks and i think it's going to accrue to our benefit over the next few weeks p7 mark, i will give you the last word. >> was amazing to me as you watch this, i think it plays out to the government side. they had to make a decision yesterday whether there was a criminal case or whether there was incompetence and to have the clinton campaign celebrating that the fbi director selected incompetence is remarkable. you have to wonder what does that mean for the management of the government going forward?
8:39 am
melissa: we will certainly see. gentlemen, thanks to both of you. >> thanks so much be on there is new information on the efforts to speed wait times at airport security lines with american airlines and the tsa you to test two new security lanes at big-city airports as ct scanners will be used to inspect carry-on bags. lauren simonetti with the foxbusiness network is live with more on that. reporter: it's great news for choirs what's going on at airports. wait times are getting shorter even at the airports themselves are getting busier. here are some changes you can expect. you might be able to keep the liquids inyour carry-on bag as you go through security because new scanners , they're going to use computer topography, it's a ct technology to screen the carry-ons the same way the screen bags. the program begins later this year in phoenix and the tsa teaming up with american airlines for new screening lanes at four major airports,
8:40 am
chicago's o'hare, dallas-fort worth, los angeles and miami so flying through any of those you will see bigger bins so they don't have to use as many of them to pack your stuff in, your shoes, your jacket and will be sent back to the head of the line automatically so you don't have to fish around find an empty been . they will also send to a separate area for closer chickens measures like these are expected to cut wait times as much as 30 percent area by the way, homeland security secretary jay johnson said the average weight in standard security lines was less than 10 minutes over the july 4 weekend read the tsa agents at the busiest airports across the country to deal with what turned out to be the most travelers in nearly a decade the one you always send a really small bag through the line, right? reporter: mine is so small, i passed through in two days, that's it. jon: keep us updated, thanks. melissa: without a doubt, donald trump's unprecedented style is reshaping the
8:41 am
political landscape but is it enough to put him over the top in november, especially in see battleground states like ohio? plus, he won the hearts back in the 70s as america's favorite motorcycle cop read what eric estrada is doing now to turn hisbest-known role into a reality . >>
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jon: information now on 70s tv action star eric estrada area estrada you probably know rose to fame as the heartthrob character punch, a motorcycle cop on the hit series chips area now, he is sealing the deal, becoming a reserve officer in the small town of saint anthony in southern idaho. the mayor there wearing estrada into the office over the weekend in city hall in front of about 3500 people.
8:45 am
no motorcycle, though. estrada said he plans to work for the department ofchildren . good for him. melissa: as donald trump. it's to the general election in usual style, or unusual style i should say could attract a coalition of voters not seen for decades in american politics. an article by nate cohen in the new york times, he writes quote, whatever you think of donald trump is clear this election has thepotential to reshape the allegiances of many white working-class voters . who have traditionally sided with the democrats in many well-educated voters who have sided with the republicans. here to discuss this is the author of the new book the bellwether. while ohio picks the president. kyle condit, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. melissa: the idea is that republicans have been behind when you look at the electoral maps and not able
8:46 am
to win enough states and the less they find a way to kind of redraw who goes with whom, this idea that white working-class voters really go with democrats is being challenged this time around. a lot of them going with trump. you agree with that premise and what states does it put into play? >> it's interesting, in ohio and pennsylvania which might frankly be must win state for donald trump, he performed very well in the primary in the appalachian parts of both of those states and those are generally areasthat have higher percentages of white voters . they really are places that are probably more anti-free trade where the trump message resonates a little bit so there are a lot of places that maybe historically voted democratic in places like youngstown in ohio, greater pittsburgh in pennsylvania that maybe are places where trump can do better than say mitt romney did in 2012. the flipside of that is that in both pennsylvania and ohio, it's really important
8:47 am
for republicans to do well in a lot of the growing suburbs around places like philadelphia and cleveland and columbus and trump maybe didn't do quite as well in some of those places in the primary so if he's gaining votes in appalachia but losing them in the suburbs, that maybe cancels itself out. melissa: the premise behind that because cohen goes into that is because it being neatly canceled out by the well-educated voters but i went to harvard and it was mostly democrats. there weren't a lot of republicans among those well-educated voters so what's the science behind that? you strive for that idea? >> the suburbs are really important to republicans. there are places around say, the city of columbus that are just historically really republican places. places that are very wealthy, very well-educated. there's a county north of columbus, delaware county, fastest growing county in ohio and that was trump's worst county in the whole primary in ohio.granted, you have the governor of ohio
8:48 am
running in the primary so it's an odd circumstance but there is indications from holes that amongst may be wealthier, better educated people who might be independents or republicans that trump has a little bit of weakness. however, the plus side for trump is that if he can keep the loyalties of some of those people in the suburbs and he adds some of these kind of traditionally democratic working-class places, that'show you could see him putting together a win in places like pennsylvania . melissa: one of the pieces of the puzzle is that cohen says that there are more white working-class voters than is generally thought, it's a greater number. maybe they didn't all participate in the past but they weren't necessarily counted and they are also people who think free-trade has been very bad for them and that's one of the reasons why they originally maybe felt like democrats plus labor unions and now those things have kind of not worked out for them, both the
8:49 am
unions and the idea of trade and so they are turning away. you agree with that premise? is that what's going them to trump? >> there's been a lot of democratic erosion in appalachia that even predates obama so again, a lot of these places had maybe heavy manufacturing in the steel and other products and the 80s and 90s, that sort of went away but the question is how much better can trump do in these places than a mccain and romney did because mccain and romney already did well in appalachia and ohio and appalachia and pennsylvania so the question becomes is trump is doing a few points better or is he doing five or 10 points better? that's the difference between him winning or losing some of these states. melissa: kyle, thank you for your insight, we appreciate. >> thank you. jon: and american scientists will spend four months on the international space station. the groundbreaking research he will be performing. plus, the latest on the algae outbreak in florida and how
8:50 am
officials are looking to protect communities and wildlife.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
jon: big day already, let's check what's ahead on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour they are all big days right now, john. he took no questions yesterday but the fbi director will testify on capitol hill tomorrow on his careless but not criminal take on hillary clinton's email scandal. how will he justify not recommending charges? >> can't wait to see that plus donald trump's campaign to release the list of convention speakers tomorrow as he says he'd like to unify the party but he can win without it. but can he? >> and the study finds two thirds of our top colleges don't require history majors to take a single us history course. what's the history on that?
8:54 am
>> not good. and our hashtag one lucky guy is here, who is it? find out on"outnumbered" at the top of the hour . jon: looking forward to that. see you. melissa: right now a new american astronaut is heading into space for the very first time area cancer biologist kate rubins is part of a group that launched from cousin this morning. she will spend four months doing research on the international space station. one of her tasks , sequencing the first genome in microgravity, that sounds pretty forward. that's what causes astronauts to appear weightless in space. jon: i'm sure you could do that area that justin, a florida county extending its state of emergencies as it grapples with neon green globs described as thick, stinking, toxic algae and the stuff is blanketing miles of florida waterways.
8:55 am
reporting live from steward florida with that, phil? reporter: john, not only does this look disgusting it truly does smell disgusting and it toxic help problem for people and marine life. the state is wanting everybody not to touch this the algae that's floating on the surface, look at that. not even to smell or read in the stench because the symptoms include runny nose, scratchy throat, sore throat, headaches and even nausea. the state department of environmental protection is taking these samples from the st. lucie river as well as the colusa happy river near fort myers. so far all tests have shown the toxicity to be relatively low or sometimes slightly above what the world health organization says is safe. what infuriating residence is this algae problem is a recurring one. last time it was this bad was three years ago, also known as the loft summer of 2013 and once again this and tourism is way down, people are losing money and floridians are demanding action. >> i've never seen the
8:56 am
blue-green algae out on the ocean and we've never seen it on our beaches before. we are now into our second week of random beach closures depending on the weather, the winds, the tide and so on. >> the governor imposed a state of emergency and it remains in effect for these four counties along the coast. the algae originates in lake okeechobee and once the lake is full, threatening the old ladysurrounding it . the corps of engineers releases millions of gallons downstream. today all beaches are open but a calm on the surf champ at jensen beach, there's plenty of space. the camp losing tens of thousands of dollars as two thirds of parents of these little servers are too scared to pull the kids out. >> by the time we actually start doing something whether it's closing blocks or building a dike, i don't know what somebody needs to fix the problem and it should start at the top. reporter: this year is the st. lucie river looks
8:57 am
relatively normal in the middle but you can see the distinct line in the estuaries and little coves that the algae builds up and loves hot temperatures like this and it's going to be a scorcher today. jon: what a mess. phil keating, thanks back in a moment area. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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jon: we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. harris: beginning with a fox news alert. president obama a short time ago announced he would leave more u.s. troops than originallily planned in fan began toward the end of his term. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. we have the kennedy, host of "kennedy." julie roginsky, and today's hash #oneluckyguy, antonio sabato, jr. >> good to be back. >> i have crazy facebook friends literally acting like 13-year-old girls. d


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