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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 7, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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sister mary once told me while holding a giant ruler this big. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please remember that spin stops here. so definitely looking out for you. ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone i am tom shillue. let's check with andy levy. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, donald trump imagine what's the meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch was like. stick around to find out if it's not safe for work. plus, twitter erupts after msnbc anchor brian williams says president obama was using richard pryor delivery in a speech. give the poor guy a break. and finally are goats the new dogs? chi science says yes.
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let's welcome our guests. she is the pina colada of political pundits. joan joanne nosuchinsky. and one of the stars of quote notorious", matt walton. she is a classier madison than the avenue. madison jesiotto. he hosts a sports talk show, which seems right. his last name sounds like a sports bar. sitting right next to me, comedian brendan fitzgibbons. okay. let's start the show. what really happened during bill clinton's private meeting with loretta lynch last week? lynch said their chat centered on his grandchildren. on tuesday, an interested party, let's call him, provided an eye-opening reenactment of the conversation. the account begins with clinton waiting at the airport and then seeing the attorney general.
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>> he's waiting around. he is waiting at the airport. oh, oh, look. the ag's come. oh, let me go say hello. 39 minutes. i'm going to talk about the grandkids. he's got two. i hear they're beautiful. i hear they're beautiful. he's got two. now i have eight grandchildren, and i will tell you i can talk about them. and after i say isn't she beautiful? isn't it beautiful? oh, i love the kid. i love you. but after about a minute, i can't go much longer. i want to get to business, right? for you, i want to get to business. but he didn't talk about it. he talked about golf. okay? so he talked about the grandkids. and i would say that would take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. seriously. am i right? how long can you talk? miss attorney general, have i the most beautiful grandchildren you've ever seen.
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isn't this great? let me show you a picture. i think they're beautiful. aren't they beautiful? >> it makes a lot of sense. trump says you can only talk for 30 seconds about grandchildren. but the meeting was half an hour. what sells there to talk about? >> now he is going to talk about golf. i know more about golf than he does. you can't talk about golf that long. hey, jack nicklaus is the greatest, the greatest, right? he is. tiger, when is tiger coming back? adam scott is wonderful. he won at doral. we love adam scott. phil mickelson. you can't talk much longer. a couple of minutes, okay? i don't think they went over the swing or technique or anything, right? the plane is too small. so give the grandchildren two minutes. give the golf three and a half minutes. that's a long time to be sitting
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there twiddling your thumbs. what else are we going to talk about? let's talk about hillary. >> i'm not sure what he is getting at there. let's talk about -- he may be right. brendan, welcome to the show. >> hi. >> let's talk about his stand-up technique. i thought he was doing pretty good. he had a lot of good pauses in there. >> right. >> it seemed like once he got a laugh, he wanted more. >> yeah, i think his whole entire speech today was really his own way of hopefully getting a half hour on comedy central special. >> look, you got the grandchildren. you got the golf. golf is great to make fun of, isn't it? >> yeah, it's really good. but you can talk about golf a long time because it takes 17 hours to play. >> in fact he does golf and he says he knows more about golf than clinton. he probably does. he probably works his material out on the links. >> i think that's a really good spot to do. you try it out and hopefully your caddie laughs. maybe because you're paying him. >> madison, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> another first-time guest.
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fantastic. >> yes. >> let's get to the heart of the matter politically speaking. what you think they were talk about for a half hour? >> of course they're talking about hillary. i'd like to think i'm my grandma's favorite grandchild. but i can't imagine her talking about me for more than five to ten minutes, let alone close to 40. >> even with the pictures and everything? >> every picture wouldn't take 40 minutes. but less than a week later no charges are pressed against hillary. and then she comes out oh, maybe i'm going to keep loretta lynch on when i become president. >> right. >> really coincidental. >> i think trump has a reason to be making the jokes he is making, don't you, matt? >> what, that he owns 17 golf courses around the world? >> they're great golf. 40 minutes about golf. >> that's funny. >> he does -- he knows more about golf. >> well, he does know more. yeah. and again, this just shows how little he knows about his own grandchildren, which is very
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sad. that said -- >> you don't have grandchildren. >> i don't yet. i don't yet. but my daughter is almost old enough to have them. >> let's be hovnlts. >> okay. >> when you have kids, again, it's oh, here is the pictures. how are your kids? they're great. you don't talk about them that much. >> he is not completely wrong about that. but he also didn't really have a lot to say about the issue at hand. he is he didn't have more to say than let's talk about hillary. sure, of course they were talking about hillary. that's what i think is called, oh, yeah, the art of the deal. >> oh, yes, i see what you're doing there. so you're saying -- you're saying bill clinton, he was pulling some shady maneuvers there. >> i wouldn't say shady. just political maneuvers there. hey, listen, we got this result from the fbi. let's just keep this tight, you know? like we did for bush and cheney. >> i understand the grand handing. >> that's all. >> but if she is on the verge of being investigated, it's not ethical to be pulling up on a tarmac and be talking to the attorney general.
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>> i don't know even know -- i blame lynch in this case. not even bill. i don't think he knew what he was doing because have you seen bill lately? have you heard him talk lately? you know, he's just -- he's out to have a good time. and he's just -- i don't think he is really thinking before he acts. but i think because none of us were on this plane, and none of us know what they talked about, trump could very well be right. he really could be right. so what i need from the two of them on that plane is to tell me what they talked about. and i think that they're embarrassed because it was their bachelorette fantasy team. i really do. i think it was something so trivial that both of them are embarrassed to really say what it was about. >> yeah. i don't think that they -- i don't know if they discussed anything real about the investigation. madison, what do you think, this theory that perhaps bill clinton didn't matter what he was talking about. he wanted to create the appearance of impropriety so she
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would have to recuse herself. the point is moot but what do row think? >> joe, correct me if i'm wrong, what woman would get on a plane alone with bill clinton? big mistake by loretta lynch in that respect. >> it depends on how big the plane is. >> i don't know. money? what? >> hasn't had a burger in 15 years. >> well. >> well. >> that's all i got to say about that. >> moving on, moving on, moving on. >> trump is checking out potential running mates this week. on wednesday night, newt gingrich joined him at an event in cincinnati. and on monday, senator bob corker appeared at rally in north carolina. corker has since withdrawn his name interest consideration, but he does have a suggestion for who should be the pick. >> his best running mate would be ivanka. i know that wouldn't pass muster probably. but i don't know that i've met a more composed, brilliant, beautiful in every way person.
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>> do you like that beautiful in every way. he added that. didn't want to seem sexest? >> i just got creeped out by that clip. >> not going lie. he had that dead stare in his eye. she is really pretty. she is really good. >> exactly. do you think she would be a -- i think people just love praising ivanka, i don't know why. >> maybe because it's the one normal thing in the election possibly that could be it. >> oh, you think so. what about the trump sons? they seem like pretty good guys to me. >> those guys look also possibly like they were manufactured in a store. >> but they're that good-looking. >> they're that good look. and they all belong on a yacht. >> matt, you look like you were manufactured. i had to come at you for that one. matt, what do you think? who should be the vp pick for trump? >> i don't know who should be the vp pick. but i'm enjoying watching everyone receive their time share pitch from donald. hey, man, thanks for the round of golf. thanks for the night in the resort. thanks for dinner with ivanka
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and your beautiful wife. thanks for tweeting me. it's going to be tweedledee or tweedledum. it's going to be christie or gingrich. >> you really do? >> for trump. >> because gingrich has -- he has enough of a reputation and enough of political history where i think most trump supporters don't remember how much of a piece [ bleep ] he was? >> really? >> really. i really think that. >> he knows he is the insider. he knows how the sausage gets made. >> trump has been running for at the same time. it's the only sort ofy that his presidential race will receive, based on all the other choices he has. i don't really know many things about his other option. but gingrich, you know, he is kind of a legend. >> let's throw governor walker into the mix. trump says the schedule of convention speakers will be released on thursday. we already know one name. scott walker announced he'll be giving a speech in cleveland
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despite last month walking back his pledge to support trump. he tweeted last august i said i would support the gop nominee. it's now clear who the rnc delegates will vote to nominate. and he is better than she is. wow. madison, what is with the pronoun. can't he say trump? >> not super friendly. but if anything he is warming up to the idea of a president trump compared to three or four months ago. and by the time we get to the conversation, he'll either have already endorsed trump or will be endorses trump in that speech. >> i think so too. why would he want to speak there? >> i don't think they would have invited him to speak if he didn't have plans to endorse him. >> why, joanne, that they don't want to endorse? i think it makes them look silly and wishy washy. >> walker is endorsing the thing if you don't have anything nice to say, say it about hillary clinton. so even if he can't support trump, he can at least go there
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and bash hillary. or scott walker i don't think would bash her. >> you don't? >> but he would educate votes as to why they shouldn't for hillary. he said before a vote for hillary is a vote not for trump is a vote for hillary. so you need to realize that you're going to have to move over. so i think he is really going to focus on the hillary part so as to, i don't know, not make a fully committed proposal for trump. >> well, what do you think, brendan? why are they dragging their feet? is it just the trump personality? it is just the kind of speech, what they think is crudeness or whatever? >> i want to say in fairs on the scott walker, i don't think scott walker has yet to endorse scott walker. >> that is so true. >> what happened to him? >> he's got to believe in himself fist. >> but you remember him on the motorcycle. >> absolutely. >> it was too much. >> he was the front-runner. >> i think he is just going down to the conversation because just in case reince priebus says you though what? we're not going to have trump. well can't honor this guy.
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eenie-meenie -- raise your hadn't hand if you want to be president. and scott walker will be right there, hey! >> you know mitt romney, he keep saying my son wants me to run. >> wife keeps telling me to run. is he going to shut up or not? >> i hope not, man. i would love to see him show his face there. >> i want kasich to be vp. we've seen him desperate eat. so i'd like to see him happy eat. >> i think he would be a good choice. see from ohio. he's got a lot of the liberal republican vote that has abandoned trump. and i think he would be great to get some of those establishment people back in. i don't know. maybe it's kasich. i don't think they listen to me anyway. now it's time for -- house oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz announced fbi director james comey will testify in front of congress on thursday. chaffetz called his decision to
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not recommend an indictment surprising and confusing after having presented a case that, quote, makes clear secretary clinton violated the law. many of us were surprised and confused after watching comey's press conference yesterday. how could he decline to prosecute after detailing so much wrongdoing? you know, i remember feeling the same way four years ago when chief justice john roberts switched his vote at the last minute, sided with the liberal wing of the court to repeal -- to rescue, rather, obamacare. i had a theory then. roberts was taking a pass and saying it's up to you, the voters. you don't have me clean up your messes for you. there is an election in the fall. repeal it yourself. and we know how that happened, or how that turned out. is james comey doing the same thing here, essentially saying the ball is in your court, guys? we all know what clinton did. she thinks she is above the law. if we still let her win, can we really blame james comey? some smart french guy once said
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every nation gets the government it deserves. if hillary gets elected in november, we should indict us all. madison, what do you think he is doing? i need a theory as to what the fbi director was doing. he laid out all the wrongdoing. he said but there is nothing i can to be it. why? >> i absolutely think he is putting the ball in our court. i do. i think you're right there. i think we have to keep in mind tomorrow when he testifies, he is not going to tell us anything new. it's going to be more of the same. he knows how to testify. what we have to keep in mind is he is really putting the evidence out there for the american people to see. they say she was extremely careless. her staff was extremely careless. i think a lot of times that would rise to the level of the gross negligence they need for this under the statute. i'm a little surprised that more people aren't outraged and we'll continue to see people becoming outraged over the coming weeks, including democrats over this. >> i think this is something trump is going to run on, right, joanne? we know that she lied to us. so as voters we're the ones who
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are supposed to take action, right? >> yes, definitely. and i think that trump is kind of going there with the crooked hillary, he keeps telling us that too. but i think he needs to get a little more specific. literally just keep taking comey's words and professing them out to voters. and, you know, get them all to, again, vote for him. that's what he's got to do. it is up to us. i liked your monologue a lot. >> there you go. she liked my monologue. >> good for joanne nosuchinsky. >> work on it! >> sate clear indictment of hillary clinton's negligence, absolutely. and i think everyone has a point on the other side that is saying hey, this is a criminal act. that being said, this isn't the first time a politician has committed a crime in office or out of office that they've gotten a pass for. and i personally, you're asking the question why do i don't think he did this? >> yeah. >> i think he sees an indictment
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of hillary clinton meaning a trump presidency which ultimately might lead to, as trump as been saying, the destruction of our country as we know it. that's our opinion. i think he is really really scared to take her out of the race for fear of what would be left over. >> that's interesting. because i think, brendan, that he doesn't want to get involved because he doesn't want to make it, you know, when you end up attacking, he could overcharge. and then the sympathy could go with hillary, as it did when they had a special prosecutor for bill clinton. do you remember that? >> yes. >> when everyone was appalled by his behavior. and then when they put him on trial and put him in front of the videotape and asked about cigar, all of the sudden the sympathy was with clinton. maybe comey didn't want to play that game and make her the victim. >> i don't think you want to go too hard on hillary because she already looks like your weird aunt who just joined myspace. i don't know that she was being overly malicious. but yot gob to be careful with hillary, man. >> while we're talk about why,
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madison, why has hillary clinton given a reason why she set up that server on her own anyway other than to hide information and be deceitful? >> she claims it's a matter of convenience. she wanted to use one device. but director comey just came out saying they know for sure she used multiple devices with the personal server, so it's just a complete lie like everything else she said here. she said not one e-mail was classified at the time i sent it. 110. >> it's not one. it's 110. it's different. >> i think this is going to hurt her way more if they did press charges and what she didn't end up going to jail or having consequences would have hurt her. but i think what is going to hurt her even more than not pressing charges is she is going to be compared continually to general petraeus. and people saw what happened to him for arguably a less severe. >> it's much worse than what the general did, right? >> but on the other hand, perhaps she may go down in history as a clairvoyant. because she wanted a separate server for her dealings when of course we've seen the pentagon's
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private server hacked by the enemy. hillary's may have been. it may have been. we know the pentagon's was. >> you though who is clairvoyant? trump, for calling her crooked hillary. because it's all coming true. coming up, he thinks a famous comedian sounds like president obama. could he be referring to tom shillue? i hope so. stay tuned to find out.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. fbi director james comey will be on the hot seat later today. he is going before a house panel to explain his decision not to recommend the prosecution of hillary clinton for mishandling sensitive state department e-mails. comey met with attorney general
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loretta lynch yesterday. afterwards she announced she is closing the case for good, with no criminal charges. lynch will face lawmakers on the hill next week. the visit the justice department is launching an investigation into the killing of a black man in baton rouge, louisiana. alton sterling was shot while pinned to the pay. by two cops. the incident was captured on cell phone video. the city's police chief says sterling was armed, but he concedes there are questions about what happened. president obama is leaving 8400 troops in afghanistan to address that country's security situation which he describes as precarious. mr. obama acknowledges few americans might have expected our troops would still be in afghanistan this long after the 9/11 attacks. but the president says perseverance is needed to keep al qaeda from regrouping and to keep isis from spreading any further. a disturbing report out of puerto rico. health officials reveal as many
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as 50 pregnant women there are becoming infected with zika ever day. they're urging the u.s. territory to strongly consider aerial spraying to prevent spread of the mosquito-born virus. traffic deaths in our country are going down. now that's the good news. the bad news there is still a bigger problem here than in any other affluent nation. a new study reveals the u.s. faces more than twice as many fatal car crashes than the other 20 countries in the study. experts say it's because americans spend more time in cars than people in any other high income nations. i'm jackie ibanez. bow back to "red eye." he's hosted the network news and been shot out of the sky by an rpg. but now brian williams can add another thing to his padded resume, professional racist. twitter thinks so, anyway. yes, the former navy s.e.a.l. team 6 member turned anchor is on the hot seat again.
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here is the spanish-american war veteran describing president obama's recent speech. >> the president was being urged by one member of the crowd to preach. and he seemingly tried to at within point borrows almost a richard prior delivery. >> oh, no you didn't. twitter did not take kindly to astronaut brian williams comparing our president to a groundbreaking comedian. one person said williams' comment proves his white privilege and ineptness. another added that brian williams is a joke and so white he doesn't even realize how racist that sounded. wait a minute. i'm so white. i don't think it soundsed racist. what, are we not allowed to compare the president to someone else? during that speech, president obama was trying to make jokes. he was getting laughs from the audience. and i'll be honests, i think his speech was pryoresque. >> i'm going a little offstript
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skri -- offscript here, but i want just to repeat this. >> if your concern is [ bleep ] people, then this is not a choice. i don't care whether you're white, black [ bleep ] [ bleep ], polka dot. >> that was great. >> getting edgy there, right? look. brendan, what do you think? is this a compliment or insult? he has compared him to pryor. he is a great comedian. >> basically you just compared him to one of the greatest comedians of all time. if barack obama is richard pryor, then donald trump is carrot top. and bernie sanders is old gallagher. >> all great kmeed yarngs greats acts. you ever seen carrot top when he pulls out the props. >> i hate prop comedy. >> you do? >> yes. >> joanne, come on, what are you a comedy snob? >> yes. patiently. >> you know who likes it? audiences. audiences love it. i will say that brian williams
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comparing, just even saying the word richard pryor is like larry king talking about netflix. you don't want the hear it, man. >> well, look, madison, should white guys just stop talking about anything? >> i think that's where the left wants us to be, right? but i think it's an unfair comparison. i don't think he is as funny as richard pryor. everyone says he is so funny. i do not see it. at the white house correspondents dinner, his jokes were hilarious. i'm sitting there, i'm waiting. i don't find him funny. >> but he is cool, isn't he? he is a good speaker. >> he has great charisma. i just don't think he is a funny speaker. >> just not fun anymore. matt? >> about brian williams, why it is so offensive to say that obama is like another african american? what is so bad about that? >> i grant you that. i happened to have been watching msnbc at the time because i was trying to shake my fox news addition. >> sometimes you need turkey, i
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caught it and it made me go mmm, i don't know, bry, i don't know. i can see how people might blow that up on twitter. the problem is not brian williams' comparison, the problem is brian williams. first of all, in his defense, you give that guy a job like what he has now on msnbc. basically, he was demoted to the child's table. and he has to talk. we first saw him back on msnbc talking about the pope walking through hours and hours of pope. so when you have somebody like that talking with that cadence for that long, he is bound to say something stupid. the second thing about brian williams, he is a fame whore. he loves to be associated and in the thing. >> achilles heel. >> he made more appearances on late night television than all the other news anchors combined. i don't think he was completely out of line with this. it might have been a little offlore. but, again, when the internet up with rage, it's usually the opposite of rage. oh, that made me think something. jerk. >> exactly.
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i've said worse things on this show and never got in trouble. nobody cares. >> brian williams should be flattered that that many people were watching his broadcast and took offense and commented. if we're talking trump's the way he addressed his audience, possibly changing the tone of his voice. i believe it's called code switching. >> yeah, code switching. you change with the crowd. >> obama has said he does it. >> he admitted he does it. >> he has admitted over the years he does it. >> knows how to work the crowd. it's great. good for him. >> time to take a break. when we return, andy levy is going to entertain and delight news halftime, next. and don't forget the red-eye fox cast is on itunes. subscribe at
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. andy levy at the news desk. andy? donald trump describes the meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch. tom, you said you want to talk about his stand-up technique. how long can you talk? he is trying to be a comic. it was very jackie mason. >> yeah, he borrows from a lot of the great. >> he does. >> sort of a pastiche. i don't even know what that means. madison, you said you can't imagine your grandmother talking about you for more than five to ten minutes. you're not jewish, are you? >> no, italian. >> that's pretty much the same
12:34 am
thing. you can't tell me your grandmother can't talk about you -- >> no she loved me. but five to ten, then we move on to something else. >> really? wow. >> hey, grandma! >> matt, you pointed out that trump himself has talked about golf for more than five minutes. yeah, i know a lot of guys who can talk about golf forever. mostly about amazing shots that they really didn't hit. >> that sounds like trump's old campaign. what? >> also, matt, you said you think bill clinton wasn't being shady in talking to loretta lynch about hillary. he was just being political. >> i know that's kind of the same thing. >> well, beyond that yeah, i guess it is kind of the same thing, it is absolutely shady to be talking to the attorney general about the fbi investigation of your wife. >> 100% political. >> yes. >> tom, you say you don't think bill clinton and lynch were talking about hillary? >> no, i don't think that -- i don't think he used that to
12:35 am
kind -- that event to try to strong arm her. i think that the event itself was what he was plotting. he was trying to make her have to, you know -- >> i don't know neither does anyone who just heard you say that. >> bill clinton, she said he was the one who initiated. he showed up late. he planned to meet her there. and he did it. what was said didn't matter. it just mattered that they were meeting so that they would blow up and she would have to recuse herself. and maybe they would have to appoint a special prosecutor. >> you think he wanted a special prosecutor? >> i mean yeah, i do. i do. >> wow. >> that would be one possible thing. because then you wouldn't be able to get anything done before the election. they like the delay. they don't care. >> okay. i think you're 100% wrong. because i think he knew loretta lynch was never going to file charges against hillary. trump is looking for a vp. brendan, you said you got creeped out by bob corker
12:36 am
talking about ivanka trump. >> yes. >> really? you think it's creepy for a 63-year-old man to say ivanka is beautiful in every way? >> i think it's creepy for him to never blink. that's what i didn't like. >> no it was super creepy. matt, you said you think trump's veep is either going to be christie or gingrich? >> i think those are his top choices. they're the people who obviously want the job the most. >> i was just going to point out. joni ernst was on his list supposedly. but on wednesday she has taken herself out. bob corker has taken himself out. it may come down to christie or gingrich. more likely gingrich. >> i think that's the call. scott walker says he'll speak at the conversation. oh, a little peek behind the scenes here. i typed this as paul walker. >> awww! >> good to see you. >> yeah. >> we came up together, actually. >> all right. we're going to talk after the show. >> that's fine. >> joanne, you said walker is
12:37 am
embracing the saying if you don't have anything nice to say, say it about hillary clinton. i don't think that's the saying, but it should be. that is really good. >> write it down, people. >> tom, you said of the gop establishment, quote, i don't think they listen to me anyway. >> yeah. >> you are correct. >> they will one day, andy. >> oh, they'll listen. the comey with tom -- a moment with tom, whatever. tom, i have a slight bone to pick you w you here. you said, quote, chief justice john roberts switched his vote at the last minute and sided with the liberal ring of the court to rescue obamacare. what evidence do you that robert switched his vote at the last minute. all the reports back when that happened, all the reports the following week said that's what he did. even the other justices admitted that, that he was siding with
12:38 am
them in discussions. and then he changed. and it was like at the last -- they said it was the last morning he surprised everyone. >> okay. good for you. you backed yourself up. wow. i'm not sure i agree with your theory that comey was in effect saying it's up to you, voters. i do think he was reluctant to recommend prosecution of a presumptival nominee, but i don't know if that's the same thing. maybe it is. i don't think it is. it's not. you're wrong. >> it's similar enough or the me to compare them in an award winning monologue. >> yeah. madison, you agreed with tom that comey is saying it's up to you voters? i agree with you. >> good. matt, you said you think comey may have recommended no charges because he is scared of a trump presidency. is that the same thing as what thomas is saying? do you think it's up to you voters? >> yes. and i also think he is taking his own power into his own
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hands. i think look, it's obviously he could have made things a lot worse for her. and he chose not to. the question was why. >> no, absolutely. okay. i'm not fighting this. >> i know you're not. not fighting. >> more paul walker, man. brendan, you said you don't really know if hillary was being overly malicious. she was. >> okay, cool, man. >> madison, you said hillary is going to keep being compared to general petraeus, obviously because of the classified information thing. i really think a better comparison is richard nixon. >> it's both good. but i think petraeus is a little fresh in everybody's minds. >> that was a nice way of calling me old. brian williams says president obama was using richard prior delivery in his speech. tom, did you really say "oh no you didn't". >> yeah. >> i thought i dreamed that. >> sometimes i get casual, andy. i talk like i do on the streets. >> absolutely. tom, you asked should white guy just stop talking about everything. >> yes. >> in your case, yes.
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and then lastly, tom, you said you feel like you've said worse stuff on this show and haven't gotten in trouble. >> yeah. >> no i don't get it either. >> i am done. >> thank you, ae rk, andy. is plastic surgery making celebrities unrecognizable? nope! i still look as good as ever. now here is what is coming up on the next kennedy. >> well, hello, luscious red-eyed bulgarians. i'm the next judge reacts to director james comey's congressional hearing. dr. ron paul joins me.
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i'm jackie ibanez. the u.s. is stepping up pressure on north korea in an effort to further isolate the authoritarian regime. obama imposing sanctions on kim jong un and ten other top officials for human rights abuses. the sanctions will freeze any property that kim or the others have within u.s. judiciary committee and prohibits americans from doing business with them. north korea is already under heavy sanctions because of its nuclear weapons program. meantime, president obama is rethinking the u.s. exit strategy from afghanistan. the president holding a news conference at the white house wednesday to explain why he is leaving more troops there than originally planned. >> the security situation in afghanistan remains precarious.
12:45 am
even as they improve, afghan security forces are still not as strong as they need to be. now as president and commander in chief, i made it clear that i will not allow afghanistan to be used as safe haven for terrorists to attack our nation again. instead of going down to 5500 troops by the end of this year, the united states will maintain approximately 8400 troops in afghanistan into next year through the end of my administration. a soyuz spacecraft is on its way to the international space station. the flight normally takes about six hours, but the crew will be testing some upgrades to the spacecraft before docking with the space station early saturday morning. the crew, which includes one american, will spend four months on the space station before returning to earth. more than half a million hover boards are being recalled. the consumer product safety commission says there have been nearly within hundred reports of battery packs exploding or catching fire. i'm jackie ibanez.
12:46 am
now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines. remember to log on to you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. ♪ >> when it comes to renee zellweger's appearance, did one film critic get too in her face? last week's variety's chief critic wrote a column about the actress, asking if she no longer looks like herself, as she become a different actress? when owen glieberman saw the trailer for the third bridget jones movie, bridget jones' baby, he was caught off guard how different she looks now. celebrities have the right to look however they want. but the characters they play become part of us. i suddenly felt like something had been taken away. well, now actorvist rose mcgowan has fired back, accusing him of bullying zellweger for growing older in a way he doesn't
12:47 am
approve of. writing in hollywood reporter,m you are doing is damaging, stupid and cruel. it also wreaks of status quo white male privilege. i guess she didn't care for his column. anyway, let's take a look at that trailer for "bridget jones' baby". >> oh, no! >> oh my god! >> i think -- i mean, i don't know if she had any work done. i think she looks great. joanne, does she make any -- to me, this guy's article. he was commenting on -- i mean you can comment on actors' looks, can't you? >> it's how people feel about jennifer gray. she had that iconic nose in
12:48 am
"dirty dancing" and then she got the plastic surgery you. are to realize as a woman, if you get something done, which of course you can, it's your body. but it's also your career. and you might not be cast in certain roles if you get work done. i've always said i probably as i get older won't get botox or face-lifts or anything. because someone needs to play the older grandma roles. someone needs to play the roles with wrinkles. and i'd like to be that actress. but you have to realize the risk that comes with -- i think both. i think a lot of actresses then worry if they don't get stuff done, will they not be considered for certain younger roles. so you just have to do what feels right to you. >> but was it an attack on this actress? i mean, is it allowed to, you know, he was talking about how he felt. why is that a hostile attack on an actress, madison?
12:49 am
>> i've had much more hostile things said to me on twitter. i read the column. i didn't think it was that hostile at all. if anything at all i thought the screen actress was being hostile in her responsible it. in reality i don't think her and renee were friends. and i think renee could have stuck up for herself if she felt so upset about it. >> renee zellweger didn't ask her to come to her defense, did she? >> no, she didn't. not that i'm aware of. >> matt, it is true. his article was written -- he kind of half apologized several times saying obviously people can look however they want, et cetera. there was a certain deference this his article. she came out on the attack. is this how it is? women can attack but the guys can't? >> you could argue that the guy is a little too attached to the character of bridget jones. if he is that concerned about what is essentially a recasting. because renee zellweger is somewhat in those two pictures. that said, whoever said hollywood is fair? this is the thing i don't
12:50 am
understand. it started with the oscars. this is not the bellwether by which to judge human advancement. it's hollywood. >> it doesn't matter. >> it's like major league baseball isn't fair at all, you know what i mean? there is a lot of industries that aren't fair. look, rose mcgowan obviously has an agenda. and i wish her the best of luck with it. i don't have any problem with what she is doing or what w what renee is doing or what the writer is doing. i think it's overblown. >> are you going to see it? the movie? >> i will see it. i think there is a double standard. when it came out with renee zellweger, everyone was freaking out, crazy, upset. but when al roker lost all that weight, no one was hey, look, it's urkel. >> all right, stick around. we'll be right back. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye," christina park, dave smith and gavin mciness. dogs are out. goats are in. yes, british scientists think they should be man's new best friend. researchers from queen mary university who may or may not have a pro-goat bias claim that goats are loving and more clever than previously thought. said one of the authors of the
12:55 am
study, working with them, they have such character in their faces, and they are very curious animals. another stated that we know in some areas goats are as intelligent as dogs. wow. goats are thrilled about the news. happy, right, joanne? >> but you know what? goats are actually very high maintenance. they tend to destroy your property. they try to escape. they can jump up to six feet. so in that essence, they're as much work as a child. so you might as well just have children. >> wow. how do you know so much about goats? >> i read it in the article, tom. >> it had all those facts? i didn't know they could jump six feet. matt, what do you think? >> i was just hoping you would pay that screaming goat thing. that's the funniest thing. >> they're adorable, man. you've been at petting zoos your whole life. they have sad eyes. they look at you.
12:56 am
i think all animals are pretty darn cool, except ones that eat your children. >> these goats, they eat garbage. >> it's green. >> they clean up. >> and they'll chew your lawn. they work. maybe goats are the future. >> i think they're multipurpose. they scare away your bad neighbors, right? i lost my dog last month. so we've been looking for a new dog at our house. >> you lost your dog? >> he died. he was 14-year-old golden retriever. so he lived a long life but it was still really sad. but after reading the article, not a lactating goat. you have to milk them twice a day. i don't have time for that. >> i have time any time. >> god, tom, please! >> brendan, what do you think? i'm just saying i have a lot of free time. >> i was going to say no goat. and then you said lactating thing. i love cereal. i'm in, man. >> goat milk is healthier. goat milk is healthier. >> i can not go along with the goat thing. i'm a chicago cub fan. we hate goats. i don't know if you know the
12:57 am
deal, the curse of the goat. >> that's right. the curse of the goat. >> they have those weird eyes too. they always look like they're, i don't know. very special thanks to my entire panel. we'll see you later. we'll see you tomorrow, right? thursday.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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breaking tonight just over 24 hours after the director of the fbi recommended no criminal charges for hillary clinton and the u.s. attorney general declares that the investigation into mrs. clinton's e-mails is officially over. but congress says not so fast, demanding that both james comey and loretta lynch step forward and answer questions. good evening, and welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. tomorrow we'll see the first of two high profile hearings as a republican-led congress demands to know how an fbi investigation can find secretary clinton did so much wrong in the handling of top secret information but does not qualify for prosecution. but even before the questions begin, team clinton is


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