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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 7, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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reporter didn't want to get her feet wet. two people carried her over a puddle. the stunt actually cost her a job. >> i don't know at what point she thought it was a good idea. >> now i'm craving a mcgriddle. "fox and friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning. it is thursday, july 7th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. we have breaking news. police protests ig >>ing in multiple cities after officer-involved shootings and demonstrators. they're demanding answers now. the outrage is just melting this morning. then in other news, the fbi director james comey heads to capitol hill two days after this. >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless. >> okay. so if they were extremely careless, what does congress want to hear further about the clinton investigation? we're going to tell you. donald trump has a message for the critics calling him
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anti-semitic for the star he used in the tweet. ♪ >> let it go ♪ ♪ let it go ♪ >> just let it go. turns out, frozen, used the same image. so why is no one mad at disney? >> oh, boy. "fox and friends" begins right now. please don't play that song again. yeah. where is the outrage over the disney? >> over frozen? are you tired of hearing that song? been playing in your house for years now. >> we have this heat weave right now, that's the only redeeming things. it's like 50 degrees in the studio. thank you for setting the temperature. >> the song frozen gets you hot because you've heard it so much. >> no. it cools me down. it's 180 degrees outside. >> nice to see you, clayton. >> nice to see you. hillary clinton might think that she's in the clear. but congress says huh-uh, not so
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fast. >> fbi chief james comey ordered to testify today before house republicans about clinton's carelessness with national security a day after the department of justice declares that the case is closed. >> derrick tenny is live with the latest on this. >> good morning garrett. >> house speaker paul ryan vowed that republicans approximate will make their own inquiries into the private e-mail server. fox news learned that the -- they're requiring the fbi to release the unclassified findings of the investigation. in a letter to the fbi director, james comey, ryan writes in part i have great respect for the professionals at the fbi, but many people, including myself, struggle to reconcile the case you made against secretary clinton with the decision against recommending prosecution. right now there are simile too many unanswered questions. this comes ahead of comey's
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appearance before the committee where he will answer questions about the fbi's investigation. particularly, how and why the bureau decided not to recommend any charges. >> we still want to get to the truth. i'm confused by his conclusion. if you look at the fact pattern he laid out, you would be led to believe that she did violate the law and should be prosecuted. we want to understand the difference between gross negligence in the law versus extremely careless, which really is synonymous. but we want to stick to the facts and understand what happened in this case. >> yesterday attorney general loretta lynch released a statement after meeting are director comey and a team of agents and prosecutors who conducted the investigation saying in part i received and accepted their youman news recommendation that it be closed and that no charges be brought against any individuals within the scope of the investigation. next tuesday the attorney general will also testify before
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the house oversight and government reform committee. fox news learned that she will also be questioned about the e-mail investigation and possibly her secret meeting with former president bill clinton days before that investigation wrapped up. despite its investigation being over, it will not be going away any time soon. >> just getting started. garrett tenney, thank you very much. yesterday at this time, we heard there's going to be a snap hearing and you'll be able to see portion of it on fox news. members of the oversight committee will be questioning mr. comey. clearly the republicans are trying to put the political machinery in play to keep it an issue. her truth worthiness and whether or not she's reliable with big secrets. >> a lot of house members have a lot of questions for james comey. it sounded like he went on for 15 minutes in that press conference. >> he was setting it up. >> exactly. >> here comes the bad stuff. >> then he said, however, and he said i don't recommend that she's indicted.
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that we press charges. many people want to say, you basically spelled out everything that she did wrong. one of the questions that the house members want to ask him is should she ever be able to handle classified information again? i'm curious to find out his opinion because this lady is running for the president of the united states. >> so why is this important? this is the security of our nation. putting this in broad con next. it's not talking about yoga pants or wedding plans with her daughter. it's classified information tied to the national security of our country. this is offensive and also rises to a level of arrogance about it. listen to this. >> i think having a security clearance is such a privilege. you are entrusted with the nation's secrets. this isn't about you. when you work for the federal government and especially at the white house, you work on behalf of the people. it wasn't that she was trying to protect herself politically or for convenience.
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she was putting the nation at risk and her boss, president obama at risk and it was an extremely dishonorable thing to do. >> i love that she reminds us who they serve. we go the polls, we elect them. it is a great honor to hold public office. you represent us. it's your job to protect us, our children and our family and our country. >> we know that donald trump is already making political hay out of this. later this morning, i believe at 8:30, he's going to be meeting up on capitol hill. he's going to meet with the full house conference at the capitol hill club and then after that, he's going to the campaign headquarters to meet with all the senators. it's the first time the businessman has met with all the members of all of the conferences. one of the things they're going to undoubtedly say is are you going to do as house oversight is going to be doing later today where they try to hold comey's feet to the fire? are you going to make the
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loretta lynch a campaign issue? well donald trump tipped his hand yesterday. >> i just heard the news because it just happened, as you know, with the attorney general of the united states saying no problem. hillary, crooked hillary, so crooked. she made so many false statements. is she going to be brought before congress or something? that's bribely, folks. then the attorney general comes out as newt said, but the attorney general comes out and the attorney general says, no charges. that's bribery, wouldn't you say? it's bribery. she said she's going to reappoint the attorney general. boy, was that a fast determination. wow. should have waited a little bit longer. don't just come out with one or two sentences. >> he was fired up yesterday. so we want to know what you think about all of this. you can e-mail us. meanwhile, he also in that 30-minute speech yesterday went
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after critics who have been slamming him as anti-semitic lately. of course, you remember earlier in the week when this tweet went out from his campaign there on the left and showed hillary clinton with a lot of money raining down underneath a star that looks like the star of david. immediately, people said that's offensive, you're anti-semitic. then they pulled it down. then his campaign said, i wish you haven't have pulled it down. this is what they replaced it with. >> this is what he tweeted. he said where is the outrage for this disney book. look at that closely. is this the star of david also he asks? look very closely. you can see the frozen princess. >> it's the same star. >> where is the outrage, he's asking. >> see, it is pretty much the same star. his point is, where is the outrage at disney. nonetheless, here he is last night, i believe, in cincinnati where he gives his take on the star of david tweet controversy.
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>> dan skoe vino. he put out a tweet talking about crooked hillary clinton. and on the tweet was a star. it's a star. like a star. and i said, oh, because when i looked at it, i didn't think anything. all of a sudden, it turned out to be in the minds of the press only, because it could have been a slheriff's star, a -- my son comes home from school. i never said that's the star of david bare i don't know, don't -- >> have you all seen this? it's a star. it actually looks like a sheriff's star. but i don't know. they're racially profiling, they're profiling. not us. because why are they bringing this up? i said, it's a star. these people are sick. >> these people, referring to the media. he went on a riff about how a couple of days earlier he said
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saddam hussein a bad guy, a bad guy. you know what he was good at, killing terrorists. he woke up the next morning, turned on the tv, all the people were talking about is donald trump is a saddam hussein fan. >> really? >> completely dishonest. let's go to heather with headlines for us. >> good morning. >> good morning everybody. how are you doing? >> great to have you with us. >> we have a fox news alert. outrage tourng protests overnight at a deadly police shooting. the victim's girlfriend live streaming the graphic aftermath online. watch this. it shows 32-year-old castillo moaning and bleeding after an officer opens fire during a traffic stop. this happened in minnesota. castillo pulled over for a busted taillight. he told the officer he was licensed to conceal and carry and had a gun before reaching for his driver's license. the officer still pointing his gun at the man's girlfriend as
3:11 am
she -- excuse me, at the man as the girlfriend leads with him. the woman's 4-year-old daughter watching the whole thing unfold from the back seat. >> get his -- >> you told him to get his i.d., sir. his driver's license. >> oh, my god. please don't tell me he's dead. you shot four bullets into him, sir. he was just getting his license and registration, sir. >> hundreds of protesters gathering at the scene and the governor's mansion pleading the victim's name. >> covering the mansion gates taken from the shooting scene. so far, no arrests. an officer is now on paid leave. we'll keep you posted. tensions boiling over after a deadly police shooting. this one in baton rouge, louisiana. some are now calling this an execution. new video showing the moment that two officers tackle alton sterling to the ground and then fire off six fatal shots.
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we want to warn you, the video is graphic. >> [ bleep ]. >> take off -- [ bleep ]. >> get on the ground! >> investigators say the officers received a call about a man selling cds and threatening someone with a gun. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> shots fired. north foster. 2100 north foster. >> both officers okay. suspect is down. >> two smers then responding ending the struggle that killed sterling. the officers are now on administrative leave. an attempt to stop illegal immigrants from committing violent crimes fails i the senate. they say no to kate's law in a proposal to -- for sanctuary cities. kate's law came following the death of kate steinle foirded by
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an illegal immigrant on a san francisco pier. he was deported five times. that law would have mandated a five-year prison sentence for illegals deported and come back to the united states. harry reid says, quote, these follow trump's lead in demonizing, criminalizing, immigrant latino families. what do you think about that? >> thanks, heather. donald trump unleashing on hillary clinton after the fbi's decision not to recommend charges against her. >> hillary clinton, who is weak, who is ineffective, she'll never be able to do the job. she should not be allowed to serve as president of the united states. >> but what do you, the voters, think? we've got brand new dials you'll only see right here. they are off the charts. a firestorm after this reporter is caught on camera being carried by flood victims
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it has been a big week in politics. from fbi directors james comey not recommending charges for hillary clinton to president obama saying there's never been anyone more qualified for his
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job than hillary clinton. what do voters think? lee carter is here and she has the brand new dial for us. good morning to you. >> great to be here. good morning. >> let's start with james comey, fbi director, his press conference. he says no reasonable prosecutor would ever take this case. let's watch the sound bite and then we'll look the at the dial. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. in looking back at our investigations into the mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. >> so you can see there, republicans and independent both gave it an f. democrats a b. not surprisingly. it's important to watch that independent line. they were really surprised that he would say that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges after everything he had said. i think it was a big shock to a
3:19 am
lot of folks. donald trump came out blasting hillary after this announcement. let's listen to that and then get the grade. >> our system is absolutely totally rigged. >> we've got hillary clinton who is weak who are is ineffective, she'll never be able to do the job. her judgment is horrible. look at her judgment on e-mails. she should not be allowed to serve as president of the united states. >> so you can see here, right, that the republicans gave an a, independents a b, democrats an f. the most important thing to watch is the independents. they're tracking with donald trump. they track this argument of her being crooked and not -- she shouldn't be serving as the president of the united states. that's going to be tough for her to recover from. >> you were about to say unqualified. the president on the campaign trail with hillary says she's the most qualified. listen to this. >> there has never been any man
3:20 am
or woman more qualified for this office than hillary clinton. >> so once again, you can see republicans and independents are in agreement. republicans an f, independents a d. democrats loved obama. they loved seeing him back on the campaign trail. you're reminded what a great orator. >> it's not enough to win over the independent voters. >> thank you so much. it's always fun to look at the dials. the video will make every parent's stomach turn. a stranger pounces on a little girl, snatching her away from her mother while the mom's back is turned. how it all ends, straight ahead. >> a major heat wave is hovering over our country as you well know. you've probably heard about your internal body temperature. it rises in hot temperatures. is that true? dr. marc siegel is separating fact from fiction coming up. gary, gary, gary...
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i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. i get to do the sports. here's headlines for you. dwyane wade is going home. the windy city will welcome the basketball star to the chicago bulls after spending 13 seasons with the miami heat. wade calling his two-year $47 million deal an extremely emotional and tough decision. >> that's a lot of money. a major fumble for an ex-nfler. he's facing felony charges in an insurance scam. he caused four car crashes and got $47,000 in fraudulent payouts. the cardinals catcher brian pena wants to serve his country.
3:25 am
he's joining the army saying he will finish up his major league contract and then finish his reserve training working as an ambassador for the troops by this winter. speaking of winter, clayton, it's summer out there. >> there's a thermometer down the street at 6:00 in the morning it's 84 degrees. national weather service issuing heat advisories across the nation thanks to highs in the upper 90s and in some states over 100 degrees. what are some of the biggest misconceptions about your body in the heat? here to sort out fact from fiction, dr. marc siegel is here. we're setting up some water slides. >> nice to see you. >> that's the treatment, clayton. i'm going to quiz you. >> i think there's misconceptions. you do all these sorts of things to protect yourself and you're probably hurting yourself, right? >> heat stress, is it real? is there such a thing? >> i never even heard of heat stress. the fact that you're asking me that, i'm going to say it's
3:26 am
real. >> smart answer. it's something our workers face, miners, people that work in boilers, construction workers, bakery workers. it's that sometimes when you're out, you have to be suited up in a uniform. you have to wear this. you can't be in a bathing suit. >> this is what i wear all the time. >> giving away your secrets. >> the clothing you have and how hot it is outside can combine to overwhelm your body's internal temperature. you've got to watch that. safety divisions have to be careful to not put workers out in prolonged heat in big body suits without considering are they hydrated, are they sweating, the answer is yes. >> out here in new york city, welders in their suits and everything. >> second one, efrp reacts to heat the exact same way? >> that's a total lie. i know that -- maybe in your mid 30s and active and athletic, you can probably handle heat different than elderly or a child. >> you gave a very sophisticated answer. exactly right. if you're in good shape, you
3:27 am
handle it better. i want people with skin diseases to watch out. skin is supposed to be your barrier. if you have a skin problem, you won't handle heat as well. if you're overweight, if you're elderly or very young. they have to watch out for excess heat. >> i'm two for two. >> internal body temperature rises in hot weather? as it gets hotter, you get hotter inside? >> earlier i quizzed the lovely ladies from the 5:00 a.m. show hon. this question. i thought yeah. >> absolutely fiction. this is really important. we're trying to maintain our internal body temperature at 98.6 all the time. that's how we keep your regular metabolic processes going. we're not lizards, clayton. they heat up in the heat. clayton morris does not. when you start heating up is when you start having problems. we'll get on with a further question on this. is sweat the body's sprinkler system? >> i think so, right?
3:28 am
we perspire to cool us down. >> that's exactly the point i was making with number three. we use sweat to cool us down. blood knows to the skin to cool us down so you maintain that 98.6. if it goes up, if your sweating gets impaired, you have medical emergencies. the answer is absolutely yes. sweat is the body's spripg letter system. >> last one. >> heat exhaustion is a warning, heat stroke is an emergency? >> false. >> absolutely true. heat exhaustion, you're sweating, sweating, sweating. you get nauseous, you get dizzy. you get fatigued. the key one is very fatigued. you go fatigue, you have to get out of heat. if your temperature goes up to 105 degrees and you get confused, that's an emergency, call 911. get clayton more to the hospital. >> i was confused. the heat started getting to me. i called the 5:00 a.m. show the 5. it's called "fox and friends first." >> i hope you had water after
3:29 am
that and got in the shade after that. >> i need to lie down. >> i'll monitor you. >> we'll be out later swimming with the kids. >> coming up on the show, should hillary clinton's security clearance be stripped after james comey's blistering assessment of her state department. republicans like senator cory gardner say yes and they have a plan to do t he's on deck. this armed robber thought he had the upper hand until he saw the store's security system. first happy birthday to ringo starr, the drummer for the beatles. he's 76 years old today. clean food. words panera lives by. no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners. no colors from artificial sources. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. that's food as it should be. ♪
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♪ perfect song. they're the brave americans risking their lives to keep us safement they are our cops, firefighters, first responders who say it's just part of their job. >> like this new jersey police officer, over ten days he saved the lives of three people. >> boy, this philly firefighter, he rescued two flags from a burning building for a veteran on memorial day. >> often these stories don't get told. so we wanted to honor them on "fox and friends." you can help by nominating somebody who answered your call for help. submit their stories to our website, right down there. everybody heroes. >> love that we do that. it's 27 minutes before the top of the hour on this thursday and heather has the news. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> ee start with a difficult story out of california this morning. a navy s.e.a.l. training, drowning death is now ruled a homicide. according to the medical examiner's report, video shows an instructor following a fully
3:34 am
dressed james lovelace around the pool dunking him underwater several times. this at a california base. it was all a part of his underwater training back in may. witnesses say that the 21-year-old's face was purple and his lips were blue before he died. that instructor is now on administrative leave. lovelace was in his first week of buds training. that's considered one of the most difficult military pramgs in the world. well, this is a video that will make any parent's stomach hurt. an attempted abduction caught on camera. frightening video showing a man trying to kidnap a 4-year-old girl steps away from her mom. you can see the girl standing near the door of a california store when someone just grabs her arm and yanks her outside that building. her mother and a customer immediately chasing after that kidnapper. the child was able to wiggle free and runaway. that suspect thankfully, quickly arrested that little girl now back with her mom. a terrifying scene as a masked gunman burst sbos a store
3:35 am
demanding money. a dog gives him a surprise. the clerk running around the counter in fear. but the dog waiting, ready to attack. the dog latches on to the robber's arm. chasing that robber outside. both the dog and the store owner were unharmed. that robber leaving empty handed. a rookie reporter. this is unbelievable. afraid to get her feet wet. two residents much a flood ravaged town in mexico carrying this journalist through a murky puddle and now this photo is going viral. apparently she didn't want her shoes to get ruined. she asked these people in the area to carry her through the puddle. she insisted on this. she made them put her down seconds after -- well, just seconds after the whole thing that has now cost her, her job. those are your headlines. ainsley, can you imagine asking these people to carry you. >> they might have insisted. >> back and forth on this now.
3:36 am
she said they insisted on it. >> so you say okay? really? wow. >> she lost her job. >>. hand it over to maria telling us about the warm weather. maria, what is it going to cool off? >> not any time soon. we're going to be talking about extreme heat coming up over the next couple of days. i want to start out with the severe weather potential today. it is an enhanced risk that's been issued across portions of illinois, iowa and missouri. a significant threat for some damaging winds throughout the day today in addition to large hail and isolated tornadoes. eventually, the same storm system keeps moving eastward and brings another threat for severe storms tomorrow. from western pennsylvania through portions of kentucky. in west virginia, a big concern is flash flooding. that will be in place as well as we head into tomorrow. now, here's a look at your temperatures. you can see the extreme heat in places like texas, forecasting a high temperature at 100 degrees in dallas. 97 in memphis.
3:37 am
and in philadelphia, you're talking middle 90s as well. the thing is, when you factor in the humidity, this is what it actually feels like when you head out the door later this afternoon. going to feel like 106 in dallas, 109 in tulsa, oklahoma, along the east coast, same for you richmond, 98 degrees. heat index values come later this afternoon. that's it. back inside. >> good day to stay inside and watch cable tv. thank you, maria. no charges will be filed against hillary clinton for being careless with her e-mails. but fbi director james comey did open the door to another consequence. >> to be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. to the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. but that's not what we're deciding now. >> now, republicans and congress are working on a bill to strip clinton of her security clearance. so how would that all work?
3:38 am
>> let's talk to republican senator cory gardner. senator, nice to see you this morning. how would this work? get rid of her security clearance? she's running for the presidency of united states. how would that happen? >> she has proven herself untrustworthy. as the director of the fbi stated, there have been consequences to other people who violated this type of policy of a rule or law. we're saying she should not have classified clearance. it should be revoked and those around her, she was e-mailing with, the people who received the classified information ought to have their security clearance revoked as well until she has a legal right to that clearance by becoming the president-elect, she shouldn't be able to be trusted with the most sensitive secrets this country has to offer. >> senator, it looks like the republicans are putting the political machinery in order so that they can continue to beat this drum. she's not trustworthy from today through november 8th. >> again, i think she's lied to the american people consistently
3:39 am
over her e-mails. if you look at the associated press reports where she said i didn't send classified e-mails, that's a lie, i didn't receive them. that's a lie. i didn't store classified material on the server, that's a lie. she said the server was guarded 24 hours a day by secret service. that's simply not true. time and time again, she's not told the american people the truth. there should be consequences to those kinds of actions, particularly when it relates to the most sensitive classified information that this country has. the most sensitive secrets this nation has. >> senator, dana perino was on the show last night. we played a sound bite at the beginning of our show when she was saying when she was a spokesperson in the white house, classified information was stored in a little box inside her mind and she said she will never release that information still to this day. yet we have secretary of state hillary clinton and a woman running for president and she's releasing classified information. even bill clinton in an executive order, order 12968,
3:40 am
this is what it says. the unauthorized disclosure of information classified in the national interest can cause irreparable damage of the national security and loss of human life. that reminds me of benghazi. hillary clinton is an intelligent person. she knew it was classified, some of it was marked. the fbi director said you should be aware of this. if you have the owe tension to carry forward classified information, you shouldn't send it over un -- >> code words in his statement, most likely meant her server was hacked by foreign actors. >> who? >> it's dangerous for the united states to have this kind of a potential. that's why her clearance ought to be revoked until she's and if she's president-elect. these why the people acted with carelessness ought to have their clearances revoked so they can't continue to perpetrate this extreme recklessness. the clintons are the great escape artists of american
3:41 am
politics. they're the houdinis of politics. they push the law to the edge and when they get caught and trapped, they pull back. it's a double standard that the american people are tired of dealing with. >> let's see what happens. senator from great state of colorado. cory gardner. thank you very much. >> thank you. meanwhile, he sat on the floor of the u.s. capitol insisting on getting their gun control bill passed. how democrats vow this is just the beginning. what can we expect next? joe crowley in the front row for the last sit-in, he joins us live next. forget up jagrading your ph. will you be paying more? >> great. oh, no. with advil, you'll ask what muscle pain?
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we have quick consumer headlines for you. check your garage because your children's hoverboards could be recalled. did you see that? explosions and fire just like that. prompting more than half a million hoverboard recalls. the u.s. consumer product safety commission wants you to stop using the hoverboards immediately. bad news if you're a verizon customer. your bill is going up starting today. the company will give you more data, but you're going to have to pay more for it. about $5 or $10 more per month if you're a verizon customer. all-day breakfast got better because mcdonald's is including the mcgriddle. the expansion starts this fall, steve. >> sounds delicious. bring back the mcrib. meanwhile, congress is back in session after the holiday break and after a dramatic democratic sit-in on gun
3:46 am
control. but the gun measures they're calling for are not scheduled to be voted upon. so is this just a gun show being staged? our next guest was part of that now legendary sit-in. congressman joe crowley, the vice chair of the democratic caucus. he joins us from our nation's capitol. congressman, good morning to you. >> thank you, steve. good morning. >> i know a bill is up for a vote this week. what would it do? >> the bill that may be up this week, we don't know at this pointt may be up tomorrow or pushed to next week. it's known as the cornyn bill. a no fly, no by with ohm a three-day background check. law enforcement and the fbi has said that's not enough time for -- to do a proper background check. the individual who is responsible for the death in charlotte last year, the charlotte nine, didn't fail the background checks for at least, i think, four or five days. he would not have been covered by that. >> sure. would any of the recent mass
3:47 am
shootings have been stopped by what is being proposed? >> i don't believe so. >> people are looking at it and saying if you want to do something, let's do something that would make a difference. right now, though, the way we sh set this up, the sit-in was a couple of weeks ago. i know the democrats apparently, they're looking into whether or not house rules were broken. do you plan something else like that? >> i think when it was -- it was the incredible frustration being felt all around the country. when we come back to congress after a mass shooting and have a moment of silence and after do nothing about it. i think the american people are expecting that we do something to demonstrate that we understand that we have some power here. we can limit access to these weapons. but we are the political to do that. that's the question. that was a very solemn moment. i don't think it was taken lightly by any side, quite frankly. the democrat or republican side.
3:48 am
but at the same time, it's one tactic. i think there are other tactics we're talking about discussing to keep this at the front burner of the american people this summer. we want to get this done. >> some congressmen are disappointed at this. you said it was a solemn event. yet, the democrats used it as a fundraiser. >> i think, listen, that's distraction. what this is -- what people are trying to do is create support for the effort that's going on here in washington. that is ultimately to save people's lives. that's what this is about. people are dying because of access to the weapons. people who are -- not about the second amendment. the second amendment, i'm sure, thomas jefferson can go back, if hamilton and madison and those responsible for writing the constitution, they didn't mean that criminals or the mentally unstable or terrorists should have access to these types of weapons. the person who committed the atrocities in orlando was blowing people's heads off. he was executing them. it was mass murder and terrorism
3:49 am
on a large scale. the american people expects us to do something, show and demonstrate that we understand that we have some power to limit, not make it perfect. not a perfect union but a more perfect union. >> congressman, you just said a moment ago that the bill that' being considered this week would not have stopped that guy. >> i agree. that's why i think speaker ryan is going to have an incompetent credibly -- incredibly difficult time passing the bill. this is a bill of the gun lobby and the nra could have written themselves. the extreme right will not support the bill nor will the democrats. senator, thank you for carving out time for us. >> e-mail us at donald trump narrowing his list of vice presidential candidates. now a new one being tossed around. his daughter ivanka. donald trump's son eric trump is here live to talk about the prospect of his sister being
3:50 am
vice president: sibling rivalry there. >> millennials are the worst. that's what this millenial is writing to his own generation and his peers ain't happy about it. he answers the online haters directly. he is next on "fox and friends."
3:51 am
thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business.
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3:53 am
one millennial says he's fed up with his generation and he's calling them out in a "new york post" piece he writes this. perhaps their messiah complex is the result of being coddled, petted and worshipped like toy poodles from infancy to college. pundits like to cite soccer participation trophies and the downfall of the western civilization, but it gets even worse. >> that fedup millennial is
3:54 am
joining us right now to dive into it. boy, you have got angry tweets. what's the response for this piece? >> very big and very mixed. so the first day all the tweets were fabulous and so encouraging and happy. and then the millennials caught on to it on day two. after the fourth of july holiday was over and those tweets are scathing. >> yeah. because the title of your piece "i'm a millennial and my generation sucks" just talks about how the millennials don't get off the couch very often. >> they don't. actually, i wrote another piece for the post about the millennials being the shut-in generation. i wrote about them spending whole weekends at home, just binge watching "orange is the new black." >> or doing snapchat. >> of them binge watch
3:55 am
something. >> we said what are your colleagues saying? we wanted to read some tweets and get your response. paul says it's just so obvious you live in a bubble of new york city white millennial privilege. >> so i'm coming up on my first year of living in new york. i went to a state school in central illinois. and i spent my whole life in the chicago suburbs. >> here's a tweet from nick. he writes, sorry to hear old people tricked you into hating yourself. i don't know what that means. >> well, my baby boomer friends are some of my best friends. i don't hate myself, sorry. >> i read your article about millennials and as as a 27-year-old, it's so sad to say i often feel the same way. great piece. ultimately it's a rallying cry what you wrote. come on, everybody, let's go. >> exactly. something i heard from colleagues at the post they thought some of the advice i gave to my millennial cohorts
3:56 am
could have applied to everybody. >> best piece of advice? >> not to be so myopic and insular. on social media it makes us easy to surround ourselves with people who feel the same way, so you never hear an opinion. >> i like this one, stop blaming everybody. that's another action item. what do you mean by that? >> part of what inspired me to write the piece, whenever i go out with friend and we're talking about the job market or how work is going, it sort of -- it goes into this avalanche of blame. why don't this baby boomer leave so i can take their job, why are they paid more than me, why aren't i making as much money as my friend who is doing this? blaming getting you nowhere. that's what toddlers do. they tattle. >> interesting piece. thank you. >> we'll link it up on and our
3:57 am
facebook page. could ivanka trump be her father's running mate? that was floated out there. so is it true? here's her brother, eric. he is jealous. >> i am jealous, come on. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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4:00 am
well, good morning. it's thursday, it's july 7th, 2016. so much news this week, but we are at the tail end of the week. tomorrow's friday. let's start with this. we have only breaking news -- we have some breaking news because police protests igniting overnight after officer involved shootings. demonstrators are demanding answers. then fbi director comey heads to capitol hill two days after he said this. >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless. >> well, then why won't charges be coming out? what does congress want to hear? more about the clinton investigation apparently everything. could the republicans have
4:01 am
an all trump ticket? ivanka trump's name being floated as vp candidate, is it true? her brother eric joins us live straight ahead. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ now, this is a little something different today. all the guests who appear on "fox & friends" will come down the magic mountain. >> eric trump said he's doing this. >> he's sitting next to us, soaking wet, but he's happy because it's 100 degrees, a that's why. good ways to beat the heat, we'll talk about them on "fox & friends," friends, friends. >> that is awesome. i want to rent that for the birthday. we're turning 40 this year. >> don't give up our secrets.
4:02 am
>> sorry. it's a heat wave, it is hot outside and hot inside because we're talking politics. eric trump. >> i like the slide idea. i'll go. absolutely. >> have fun. >> don't say that. we'll hold you to that. >> good to see you this morning. >> great to be here. >> as ainsley said a lot of news. the attorney -- the attorney general of course yesterday said no charges against hillary clinton. the fbi director said they wouldn't be recommending charges. your father out on the stump is furious. >> he is furious. they said she was reckless, that she compromised national security, she shouldn't have done it and she knowingly -- under the oath of perjury she said she turned over new e-mails and every single day more e-mails are discovered and more are discovered. just the constant lies and the constant deceit. i think the american people are sick of it. >> there's a move in the senate to revoke her security clearance. until she would be -- until she would be the president elect, she would get her security clearance back. is that a smart move? >> it's going to happen, right?
4:03 am
they're going to be in and talking about it today. they can make an issue of it. i think a lot of what they dislike is the hypocrisy. so many had it removed for so much less and i think the people are tired of the clintons being above the law. >> your father is going to meet with them at 8:30. what is he meeting with them? >> about the campaign, getting to know some of the people there. there's an unbelievable turnout. in fact, he's on the plane right now. i think he'll have a great day in d.c. >> i saw him yesterday in cincinnati where he was firing at his critics. a couple of days ago the campaign put up after hillary -- you know, the news from the fbi direct their he wouldn't be putting up, your campaign put up -- we have some graphics to show. where it showed hillary clinton and it showed a star and critics said hey, that's the star of
4:04 am
david, over all that money and then the campaign said, we just thought it was a star so they made a circle. yesterday, your dad tweeted out where is the outrage for this disney book? is this the star of david also? dishonest media, #frozen. right there you can see it -- >> same star. >> amazing. i have a lot of nieces and nephews and we always watch "frozen" and it's the exact same star. this is the craziness in politics. this is little things planted by her little people -- you know, my sister is jewish. right? my brother in law is jewish. we hire more jewish people in our organization than anybody. i mean, half of the organization is jewish. this is the worst part of politics. >> this is how the press works. because a couple of days before, before today, your dad was talking about saddam hussein, bad guy, bad guy. but he was good at killing terrorists. then he woke up the next day,
4:05 am
yesterday in cincinnati and all about the news, it's donald trump loves saddam hussein because he killed terrorists. >> i was there. and he said that saddam hussein was a bad guy, no less than 30 times. no less than 30 times and he goes, but he's good at killing terrorists. it's unbelievable. >> there's narrative that the trump campaign has gotten more organi organized and focused. when you have the star distractions does that play into the narrative that the organization is not as focused as it needs to be? >> no i think it's politics. our fund-raising numbers came out, i think you saw that. we raised $51 million. we had 400,000 donations, average was -- we have been killing it. he is doing so, so well. you should have seen the crowd yesterday. i was with him and newt, in cincinnati, you couldn't get into the room. there was a whole backup room. i mean, he had to address that
4:06 am
crowd. he literally stood on a chair and addressed thousands in the crowd. it was truly a special moment. but i mean, he started a movement. people were there for five, six, seven hours to see him for five minutes. what he's done is absolutely incredible. i'm just proud of him. >> eric, we want to get your reaction to this sound bite. this is senator corker throwing out who he thinks might be a good vice president. >> his best running mate would be ivanka. i don't think i have met a more composed, brilliant, beautiful in every way person. >> okay, what do you think of that? >> ivanka? >> i agree, right? she's got the beautiful looks. she's got -- she's smart. she's smart smart smart smart. >> she's 35. >> she's certainly got my vote. her birthday is at the end of october, so she'd make that by seven or eight days.
4:07 am
>> she has the business sense. the shoes, the jewelry. >> no announcement to make. >> no announcement to make. >> i think his father said he wants someone with political experience. >> there are a couple of generals on the list. >> people have been calling in, please throw my ring into the hat. these are people you know for 50 years. people are say, please put my name in the hat. he's getting calls every five minutes. like the best people. >> it's amazing, because the vice presidency has the -- as job in all of politics. >> people certainly want it. i'm in his office, getting the calls, please put my name on the list. >> is he like, i don't know who you are. >> he's going to pick somebody. he's going to pick somebody who is immensely competent, that's not going to just win him a state. he wants somebody who is incredibly loyal and do a great job. >> there are a couple of stories that mr. corker, senator corker
4:08 am
and senator ernst have dropped out of the running but he's probably got a list of about ten people out there. i wanted to ask you about this. apparently guccifer 2.0 has hacked into the dnc and has released their plans to disrupt the rnc, they're going to spend $800,000, they'll have the trump pockalypse. they'll hand out barf bags, have a jerry swinger thing. what do you think about messing up your dad's show? >> doesn't surprise me at all. i watched that movie "the war room" the other night. all the clinton behind the scenes tactics. some of the corrupt things these people come up with are unbelievable. just unbelievable what they do. listen, that's their playbook. she's a career politician. it will be funny come november 8th when we win this thing and we will. >> you announced you raised $51 million in the month of june. >> average donation, $55.
4:09 am
we've raised over 400,000 donations of $55. just amazing. big money is coming out as well. but i mean, the amount of small checks that are coming in are staggering. >> is that money from bernie sanders do you think? small donations? >> certainly some of it. almost no question. certainly some of it. >> eric trump, great to see you. we're going to hold you saying you're going down the water slide. >> let's go. i'm bringing ainsley. >> there it is right there. >> there it is. >> get ready. >> you're only as old as you feel. we still feel like we're that age. thank you, eric. 7:10 on this july morning. heather? >> good morning. good morning, got a couple of headlines to bring you right now. outrage turning to protests overnight. after a deadly police shooting. the victim's girlfriend live streaming the graphic aftermath. it shows 32-year-old castillo moaning and bleeding after an officer opens fire in minnesota.
4:10 am
he was pulled over for a broken taillight. castillo told the officer he had a gun and a concealed carry permit before he reached for his driver's license. his girlfriend's 4-year-old daughter was in the back seat at the time. >> i told him to get his hand out -- >> you saw him get his i.d., his driver's license, sir. >> oh, my god, please don't tell me he's dead. you shot four bullets into him, sir. he was just getting his license and registration, sir. >> hundreds of protesters now gathering at the scene and also the governor's mansion in minnesota right now. they're covering the mansion gates with crime scene tape that was taken from that scene. so far, no arrests. the officer is now on paid leave. more protests igniting after another deadly police shooting. this one in baton rouge, louisiana. some are calling it an excuse. new video showing the moment that two officers tackled alton sterling to the ground before firing off six fatal shots. we want to warn you, the video is graphic.
4:11 am
>> [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! >> get on the ground! [ gunshots ] >> well, that taking place after the officers received reports of a man selling cds and threatening someone with a gun outside this convenience store. two officers responded, ending that struggle but killed sterling. those officers are now on administrative leave. and he came into the office promising to end the war in afghanistan. you all remember that. now president obama is set to become the first commander in chief to ever be at war for two full terms. now backpedaling on plans to bring home thousands of u.s. troops he now plans to keep 8,400 in afghanistan to deal
4:12 am
with everything there. and back here at home, talk about biblical proportions. the live sized version of noah's ark will be opened to the public. it's in williams town, kentucky. it is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and seven stories high. it's built to the biblical specifications in genesis chapter 6. now, the man who built it says it's meant to make a statement that christians can make a major attraction like this. the art will stay open for 40 days and 40 nights. those are your headlines. they're only going to keep it open -- they hope they keep it longer. >> me too. >> maybe if it's successful it will stay open longer. >> i want to take my daughter too. i hope it will stay open for a long time. >> thank you. all right. 7:12 in new york city. the majority of americans agree case law would stop murders caused by illegal immigrant criminals so why lawmakers want
4:13 am
that? the mass immigration failure on the floors of congress last night. and the horrible accident that just happened on a new movie set. we'll have that for you straight ahead. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
an attempt to stop illegal immigrants from committing violent crimes has failed in the senate. >> despite many americans being killed by illegal immigrants including kate steinle who was brutally murdered in front of her father. >> there are cries for the government to start putting american lives first and abby huntsman has the details. >> reporter: yeah, this is is an motional bill and democrats were saying no to kate's law and a proposal to defund sanctuary cities. kate's law follows the death of kate steinle who was brutally murdered on a san francisco pier last july as she walked with her father. it was a sad story and her killer had been deported five times. if her law had passed it would
4:18 am
have mandated a five-year prison sentence for those illegals deported and coming back and her father said that kate's law is about protecting innocent lives. >> this is not about kate this is about humanity and we feel that kate's law passed will save lives and if one life is saved due to kate's law, her life was not in vain. >> reporter: now democrats lashing out against the bill claiming it's discriminatory against latinos. including harry reid who has said this, these bills follow trump's lead in demonizing and criminalizing immigrant latino families. it would have fought to block federal funding to sanctuary cities. these are places where police cannot deport illegal aliens and senator ted cruz released this statement -- it is disappointing to see the democratic leaders stand with convicted felons rather than the american people. and as i said, an emotional bill
4:19 am
for kate steinle's family and obviously a tough day for them. >> and we're in a sanctuary city right here. just to be straight, the idea was that if you come back to this country after you have been deported, you commit a crime, then you get five years and they said no to that? >> it seems fair, right? >> like a no-brainer. seems like a no brainer. >> common sense law. >> you come back into the country even after one deportation, and a second, this guy, five. >> abby, thank you. donald trump has promised a republican national convention like no other. who will be taking the stage? this morning we know who won't be there. we will tell you what we know. then another round of attacks on the campaign trail. >> hillary clinton who's weak, who's ineffective. she'll never be able to do the job. she should not be allowed to serve as president of the united states. >> so who won this week? we are going in the ring right
4:20 am
there with former prizefighter ed rollins. steve is going to take him on in the ring. >> good morning, boom boom.
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
now to some quick headlines. a black hawk down star involved in the horrific accident on set. >> everybody shot! let's go! >> tom sizemore reportedly running over a stuntman while filming a new tv show. his spokesperson says sizemore had no idea that the man was behind him when he put the car in reverse and hit the gas. he's in serious condition. and issarah silverman is luy to be alive.
4:24 am
she learned she has a potentially life threatening bacterial infection. wow. i hope she's okay. >> who knew? thank you. the race for the white house is a knock-down fight to the finish with donald trump and hillary clinton slugging it out on the campaign trail. until voters make their final decision in november. right now we're stepping back into the title boxing ring with former prizefighter and political analyst ed rolens who is also the cochair of trump's super pac. this week we're talking about scandals. by the way, as we look at you in the ring i thought your nickname was boom boom. i was wrong. you were the original rocky. >> rocky gracia know was the original, but i was a junior version. now i'm similar to two ton tony. >> all right, round one.
4:25 am
let's watch. >> who's weak, she's ineffective. her judgment is horrible. look at her judgment on e-mails. who would do it? look at her judgment. her judgment is horrible. >> he calls himself the king of debt. and he earned that title right here. his bad decisions hurt the whole city. he bankrupted his companies not once, not twice, but four times. >> okay, so ed, there you take a look at a couple of the scandal sound bites. she was in atlantic city to try to change the topic away from e-mail and he of course just talking about her history. >> yeah, she's not going to be able to change the topic away. by reintroducing the bankruptcy she goes back -- bankruptcy to him is an attack theme. a lot of people have gone through bankruptcy. it's a serious issue. i think she scores some points. he could have scored a lot more on the e-mail.
4:26 am
>> round one goes to hillary. >> slight. >> slightly. >> thank you for the fine print. donald trump versus hillary clinton on the history of scandal. >> she is laughing at the stupidity of our system. she is laughing and so is her husband bill, laughing at what's going on because -- and they have been there before. you know it. they have been there between whitewater and all of the others. she's crooked hillary, folks! >> how donald trump operates, he doesn't default and go bankrupt as a last resort. he does it over and over again on purpose. but he always rigged it so he got paid no matter how his companies performed. it is the same scam over and over again. he's not asking for forgiveness. he's just hoping we forget. >> hey, rigged, trump's words. round two goes to -- >> trump.
4:27 am
i think again he went after her, the 30-year history of the clintons who sold everything in the white house from overnights in the lincoln bedroom to air force one rides. and i think to a certain extent he made that issue good and hit on the e-mails there. >> okay. meanwhile, round three, the tiebreaker. hillary versus trump on corruption. ♪ >> i don't know what her motive is. she had motive, but she's erased so many e-mails we'll never find out, okay? bill and hillary clinton raked in millions of dollars from foreign governments, special interests and international corporations in exchange for favors, folks. for favors. she's crooked hillary, don't you understand that? >> he and i quote, excels at ripping people off. he'd be for protecting a system where the rich and the powerful stick it to everybody else. people get hurt and donald gets
4:28 am
paid. >> okay, ed, who won round three, don't say trace atkins. >> i think he did. he basically reminded people again of the long history of the clintons and particularly the clinton foundation. where they took enormous sums of money from foreign governments that obviously did something for it. they both took the gloves off this week, they hammered each other. i would give him the slight edge for the week. >> split decision. but he's got the edge. >> got the edge. >> if you were advising him, he could be watching right now, you would say to him -- keep pounding her on the e-mail scandal. >> the e-mail scandal, the lack of integrity, basically, not protecting the most important thing she controls which is the information of the government. i think that's a good issue. >> all right. thank you very much. >> see ya. coming up, fbi chief james comey about to be grilled on capitol hill in a couple of hours over the results of the clinton e-mail investigation by the feds. what do republicans need to know that hasn't already been said? we're going to talk to the congressman by the name of louie
4:29 am
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4:32 am
♪ they are the brave americans risking their lives to keep us all safe. they're our police officers, firefighters and first responders who say it's all just part of their job. >> just like this new jersey police officer. over ten days he saved the lives of three people. or we have a philly firefighter to tell you about. he rescued two flags from a burning building for a vet on memorial day. >> of course, often these
4:33 am
stories don't get told, so we want to honor them here on "fox & friends." you can nominate someone in your neck of the woods, you can submit their story on the website. go to, and you will see that section right there. click the submit button right there. >> everyday heroes. we thank them all from the bottom of our hearts. it's time for the news and ainsley has the headlines. >> well, we are now less than two weeks away from the republican national convention. and today, donald trump is rolling out his list of rnc speakers. we already know basketball legend bobby knight is slated to speak, along with trump's wife and children. something that is likely to remain a mystery for the next few days at least is trump's vp pick. yesterday, he campaigned with newt gingrich. telling the crowd the former house speaker would be involved in the administration, but he didn't specify exactly what his role will be. the transgender ex-soldier
4:34 am
guilty of leaking national secrets under close watch right now after allegedly trying to commit suicide. chelsea manning rushed to the hospital in leavenworth, kansas, after trying to hang herself. chelsea previously known as bradley started transitioning behind bars last year. she is serving 35 years for helping wikileaks expose classified government information. well, it's not paris or rome or even new york. so which city is now being hailed as the best on the planet? it is charleston, south carolina. >> this is a biased poll. >> i'm reading it, but this is truthful. i'm from that area as you all might know. well, the readers of "travel and leisure" magazine are crowning the city as their favorite in the world, all thanks to the southern charm, the beaches, the shopping, the award winning hotels. out of the 14 cities, new
4:35 am
orleans comes in at number seven. savannah at number nine. >> good choices. >> all southern cities. >> you have to go to charleston. it's so historical. you can take the carriage rides. >> go for the shrimp and the grits. >> go to savannah. perfect this time of the year. right maria? very cool. >> it's summer. >> right. >> yeah. >> complete opposite. it is extremely hot out there. in the 90s, a lot of humidity and the heat index values we'll share with you in a moment. but i want to start off with the storm threat. we have an elevated threat for severe weather in the midwest with damaging winds, even isolated tornadoes possible. the greatest risk includes parts of iowa, missouri and also in illinois. that's where the storm prediction center has an enhanced risk for severe weather. we'll be watching it very closely throughout the day today. as we head into tomorrow the same storm system moves eastward. we'll bring that threat across
4:36 am
portions of the ohio river valley. otherwise, your temperatures now, we have been talking about the heat already for many, many days across the plains and also in the southeastern u.s. same goes for portions of the northeast, it's been building out here. it is forecast to remain in place over the next couple of days as well. temperatures in places like dallas and del rio will make it into the triple digits. then you factor in the humidity. look at what it's going to feel like out there, in dallas, it can feel like 106. in wilmington, like 105 and upper 90s across the mid-atlantic. now over to clayton. >> thanks. so 100 degrees in charleston. are you planning a vacation this summer but not sure how to budget your money? no worries. here is rachel cruze, our ramsey solutions expert and the author of "smart money smart kids." nice to see you. >> thanks for having me on. >> we have some questions we want you to handle for our
4:37 am
viewers this morning. mark from alabama writes this question. i just finished paying off $50,000 in student loans. holy smokes. in 22 months he did it, but i still about $40,000 to a family member. i'm anxious to start saving and investing. how should i approach this debt? is there a good thing as good debt/bad debt? >> no, debt is debt. so with this debt specifically to a family member. that's hard because relations -- because a relationship is at stake and you're in debt. pay it off quickly. he paid off $55,000 in less than two years so 40 grand, knock it out in a year and a half and start investing. >> my wife and i are taking a vacation to europe. we can budget for predictable expenses like hotel and air fair, but how do we budget for transportation and incidentals? >> i would say, do your research. figure out the kind of restaurants you want to go to
4:38 am
and then budget. even with vacation i would say overestimate a little bit because vacation, you want to enjoy yourself. i'd rather you come home with money in your pocket than spend yourself broke on vacation. >> good point. then you'll regret the vacation instead of enjoy it. chris writes this. my wife is a teacher. she gets six paychecks at the end of july to cover the summer. she won't receive another one until september. what's the best way for us to account for this when doing our monthly budgets? >> well, act like this is a big commission or a bonus you have, which means you want to be intentional. if it sits in your checking account you're probably going to end up spending it and it will disappear. budget it very specifically. go to, a great budgeting tool. give every single dollar a name. intentionality is the key. >> putting some aside in certain accounts so you're not surprised at the end of the year? >> right. they want to budget through august as well. so everything, look at all aspects of it and be intentional with it. >> great point. gary from texas, final question.
4:39 am
my daughter will start college this fall. i would like to help with room and board so she doesn't have to go into debt. i'm paying off my own debts but could use my pension to help. what should i do? >> well, your daughter has multiple ways to pay for room and board, but you have one option for retirement. don't take money out of the pension. consider at july you have to start saving or she is for room and board. so i would tell him, pay off your debts. take care of that first. then when you have the money you can help her. >> rachel cruze from ramsey solutions, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks, clayton. coming up, congress still has a few questions after james comey's decision not to recommend charges for hillary clinton. >> we have seen nothing but stonewalling and dishonesty from secretary clinton on this issue.
4:40 am
>> and what do they want to hear? louie gohmert is up next. and we're helping you to beat the heat. from the toys and the slide, the best ones to buy to stay cool. think yotry nexium 24hr.'s best for your heartburn? now the #1 choice of doctors & pharmacists... for their own frequent heartburn. get complete protection with nexium 24 hour. hei don't want one that's haded a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at
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4:43 am
today the fbi director comey heads to capitol hill to face congress over his decision not to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. >> we have seen nothing but stonewalling and dishonesty from secretary clinton on this issue.
4:44 am
that means a lot more questions need to be answered. >> what does congress want to hear from james comey? joining us is house judiciary member and texas congressman louie gohmert. >> good morning. great to be with you again. >> a couple of days ago we saw james comey, 15 minutes. sure sounded like he was about to suggest charges against her, but instead, he let her off the hook. what does congress do today? >> well, we can ask questions to get better answers and sometimes if you ask the right questions you can prick the conscience of people who have not been forthcoming and sometimes get them to do the right thing or go back. it sounds like though that james comey is adequately rationalized beyond anything that is worthy of him or his office. you know, we were expecting the fbi to make a recommendation, and yet, he goes out on a limb
4:45 am
and says nobody -- no decent prosecutor would do this which was a lie. he said there was no direct evidence of intent when somebody says take the header off of a classified document and send it by unclassified means, you have direct evidence. and for those that weren't paying enough attention in law school, there's a doctrine called spoliation. if evidence is in the possession of one party, and that party destroys the evidence, the jury can be instructed by the judge that that is direct evidence of guilt of the defendant. so there's all kinds of evidence here and there have been a lot of people that have been treated much more harshly, particularly petraeus. my word, he gives a calendar, gives information to the buy ongoi -- biographer. it was a weak case that he pled
4:46 am
guilty to and comey listed some reasons that you'd prosecute somebody. the one me left off, if you have information that would destroy someone's election in 2012, then you better prosecute him. that's what happened to petraeus. >> a lot of people agree with you. democrats are saying she's off the hook, let's move on. in fact, hillary clinton's campaign manager said, benghazi committee probe ended with a thud. is this over now? >> well, no, it's not just about e-mails. the chairman, goodlat, he had several great questions and the last one was about what about the selling of the office? i don't know anybody but corrupt dictators that have profited from their office the way that hillary clinton has. and that was supposed to be under investigation. what happened to that?
4:47 am
just talking about the e-mails, she didn't profit off that the way she did off her position by selling access. that needs to be thoroughly investigated because that stinks to high heaven. if she would profit as a secretary of state to that extent think of how she'd profit about being president of the united states. >> think of when they sold off the lincoln bedroom, but that's a whole other topic. >> yeah. >> because she has been proven, you know, -- it wasn't gross negligence, but extremely careless regarding our -- >> grossly negligence. >> she should not wide up with the security briefing. what do you think, should she get it? >> not as a candidate. if she's elected president there's nothing you can do about it. but certainly not as a candidate. but we have had people that have been impeached before from federal office and then you get elected and then they get
4:48 am
classified material or at least secret material. so but not as a candidate. she'd have to be elected and the people would have to say, look, we know that you can't be trusted but we want to trust you anyway. we'll give you the presidency. but not as a candidate. not with all of these questions looming, not with gross negligence, extreme carelessness. she shouldn't be near anything classified. >> what is your message to the people who are watching who still haven't decided who they're going to vote for? >> well, just wake up and smell the coffee. it's burnt coffee and it stinks. it's emanating from the clinton campaign. you know, donald trump has made plenty of mistakes, but, you know, i can't see him selling his office the way she has. and intentional disregard, despite what comey said the evidence is there. plenty of direct evidence anyway. oh, by the way when she gave
4:49 am
this stuff to her lawyers to go through, i haven't heard that they had clearance to go through this stuff. >> oh, boy. >> just giving over to her lawyers may have been direct evidence itself. so there's plenty to work from. but as we know, democracy ensures people are governed no better than they deserve. i hope and pray we deserve better than that. >> well, james comey is headed to capitol hill to sit down and talk to you all. >> we'll find out. >> we will. thank you very much. >> thanks, great to be with you, guys. coming up, this is how taylor swift cooled off on the fourth of july with a giant water slide. >> wait a minute. that looks familiar. >> we have creative ways to beat the heat and have fun with your family at the same time. that's next. >> we'll go flying down that swiftly. but first on this day in 1930, construction started on the hoover dam. sandra day o'connor became the first woman to serve on the supreme court.
4:50 am
and then john travolta and olivia newton-john topped the charts with this hit from "grease." ♪
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4:53 am
it is going to be a scorcher today. the national weather service had issued heat advisories across the country. what is one way to beat the heat? taylor swift and her celebrity pals used this awesome slide. take a look. "fox & friends" is doing the same thing. telling us about more ways to beat the heat, from the toy
4:54 am
insider laurie schachter. >> good morning. this is something you rent, we slide down and land in a pool. really cool. >> i'll get this for my son. we did it for the birthday last year, and they loved it. >> if you don't have enough room for slide like this we have our hydroswirl. it's a sprinkler from primetime toys. so $13, the kids are running around. it's got six little tubes. keeps them busy. we have another game called wet head. we have to pull out one pin, two pins. >> you never know -- >> let's pull a pin and see what happened. >> nothing happened. >> no, we're dripping. >> so whoever loses the -- >> that's exactly it. >> i love it. >> when we want to cool off, this is an ice cream tent. where the kids are going for real ice cream, they have a count tore sell the ice cream.
4:55 am
this is a beach baby shave pool. we put this in the sand, put six inches of water in here and now your little one is getting shade and playing in the water. >> it's brilliant. dig a hole -- >> dig a hole in the sand. >> plot that in. >> six inches of water. you have shade and water. >> so we have other toys too. >> so what do we take in the pool with us? here is our favorite mermaid. princess sophia. she's got her tail that swirls. a lot of fun in the tub. kids are saying where's dory? >> right. >> she's swimming, keep swimming. we have dory and all her friends. we can take them into the pool with us too. >> so much fun. >> if you like our regular sea creatures, we have our jellyfish. we have our sea horse. these are the same things. they are actually robotic. you can set up how they'll dive and how they'll swim around.
4:56 am
great in the fish tank and in the pool. >> what is this? >> this is a throw back to the '90s. so we put this in, we can make all kinds of creations. when you take it out -- >> looks like coral. >> it's sand once again. >> that's crazy, you're freaking me out. >> have a lot of fun. >> what about some music? >> we have from ihome. our bluetooth speakers. we can crank it up with any device. >> waterproof. >> take it to the beach or the pool. >> look at that. >> right. fantastic. >> these are 35 and 82 speakers. one has the eight hour rechargeable battery and one has 12. >> laurie, great to see you this morning. we'll have more out here. we want to thank -- they're honking because they love it. steve, in to you. >> thank you very much, clayton. coming up on this thursday, the fbi director is about to
4:57 am
take the hot seat on capitol hill to face questions about the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. and one of the lawmakers james comey will face is that man right there. congressman jason chaffetz. he's going to join us live at the top of the hour. >> good morning, congressman. acidic foods can wear away your enamel. your enamel is very precious. your tooth is gonna look yellower, um more dull.
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well, good morning to you and your family. it's thursday, july 7th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. breaking news -- police protest igniting overnight in multiple cities after officer involved shootings and now demonstrators are demanding some answers. the outrage is mounting this morning. then fbi director james comey heads to capitol hill just two days after he says this. >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless. >> okay. so that's bad for her, right? not really. she pretty much skated. so what does congress want to hear about the clinton investigation? the man pressing him for
5:01 am
answers, jason chaffetz, he join us live in ago 30 seconds. could the republicans have an all trump ticket? ivanka trump's name being floated as a vp candidate but is it true? we have some answers for you. "fox & friends" starts right now. oh, this song reminds me of the childhood. "karate kid" smoking hot summer. >> our camera is elevated so you can't really tell that that slide is about 30 feet high. it leads right up to o'reilly's office. >> in fact, he's coming down at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> show ing you the best way to stay cool. guess what we have coming up? a massive water fight here at
5:02 am
fox news. >> water cannons outside. water guns. >> did you bring your super soaker? >> i brought all my personal archives. i brought my lloyd bridges wet suit. i'll be ready. in the meantime speaking of hot and grilling, jason chaffetz is the chairman of the house oversight committee. chairman, you'll be grilling comey later on today. when you heard him a couple of days ago with his 15 minute statement, it sure sounded like he was presenting the case to suggest charges and then he made a turn and were you as shocked as lot of people? >> i was. i mean, listen to the fact pattern laid out by the director comey and clearly, hillary clinton lied, miss led the american public, put people in jeopardy, took classified information and put it in a nonsecure format. anybody else out there, they would already have handcuffs on them and be in jail. yet, he came to the conclusion not to prosecute. that's the disconnect. >> director comey, one of the
5:03 am
things he said, carelessness, negligence. you wanted to get an answer as to what the difference is. he frequently referred to intent. do you think you'll get a sufficient answer what is the difference between carelessness and negligence? >> that's what we want to understand, they're synonymous. look at the statute, the law, it's crystal clear. certainly the department of justice has prosecuted far for less than this. there is precedent. the director said there was no precedent. well, he's setting precedent right now, that is you mishandle classified information we're not doing to prosecute you. i worry there are two sets of standards. if your name is clinton, part of the rich and powerful, hey, lady justice takes off the blind fold. the average joe he'll be going to jail. >> i heard that you guys have a long list of questions for him. what are some other questions? i know clayton threw that one out. what are some other questions you have for him? >> well, we want to put the meat
5:04 am
on the bones. we wanted answers to everything he said. he laid out why is the attorney general not going to prosecute anybody else? did they look at the clinton foundation? what was the breadth and scope of that? did they look at what congressman jim jordan asked secretary clinton under oath. if you do it under oath, did the director look at that, because clearly she said something that is in direct contrast to what the fbi found. >> yeah. paul ryan speaker of the house has sent a letter to the director of national intelligence, james clapper, asking him to deny access for hillary clinton to get these presidential -- you know, presidential candidate classified briefings. do you think given the fact that now we know that she has been unreliable in keeping state secrets state secrets do you think she should get the classified briefings? >> look, the fbi is making that determination that's a pretty serious authority to say that
5:05 am
she mishandled them, is careless with classified information. classified information is there for a reason, it puts people's lives in jeopardy if it gets out. do we trust her to do that? i wouldn't. i think paul ryan is right in this case. >> what's next -- i mean, this is a broader question too about just security at this level. and dana perino last night on "the kelly file" talked about there's a level of arrogance here. if you're at a certain level you can just decide that you want do. she was offered the state department e-mail from the very beginning, never set up the account. should this be a directive going forward to make sure these things don't happen? >> she set up her own private domain on the exact same day that she started her senate confirmation. that to me is intent. the intent was to make sure that those e-mails that were going
5:06 am
back and forth never saw the light of day. and that's wrong on so many levels. and as a government employee that's not what you're supposed to do in the executive branch. >> dana perino talked about she had so much classified information in her brain she has it stored in a little compartment. still to this day, she does not talk about that information because it was classified and here we have someone running for president who was sharing this information that could have been read by other people hacking into her e-mails. we don't know if that happened. >> the fbi director said it might have happened. >> exactly. >> but why did she put the chris at ris -- country at risk? she did it for her own greedy convenience. this is dealing with people's lives. these people could die if this information got into the adversary's hand and yet she took that risk repeatedly. not once by mistake. this happened over nearly four years. >> what a great responsibility. when we go to the polls and vote
5:07 am
for you guys for anyone serving the country, we need to keep that in mind. that the people we're voting, they're putting our children's lives at risks when they share information like this. >> the voters are the ultimate jury. because there's a pattern here with hillary clinton. she lies. she misleads. she'll do whatever she needs to do for political convenience. she did it in benghazi. she'll do it with the e-mails. the american people have to make that decision. >> in a round about way, the american people get to pick the director of the fbi in a round about way, although not directly. do you think the director did this politically? >> i don't understand his conclusions. he has a great reputation, he's a man of integrity. that's always what people say about him, but how do you come to this conclusion and why is the director of the fbi -- do you actually say that? the role is to gather the fact pattern and hand it to the prosecutor, not say that it would be any -- any reasonable prosecutor would not do that. every prosecutor i have spoken
5:08 am
with would have prosecuted that. >> well, sure. but do you think that there is a political component to it, that is if james comey in the beginning when he said, that the white house doesn't know what i'm about to say, nobody from the department of justice knows what i'm about to say, don't you think if he would bring charges against her, he would have put his thumb on the -- you know, against her on the scale and cost somebody the presidential election and he just didn't want that burden? >> this is why we're going to have a hearing. we have to be able to ask him those direct, pointed questions. let's see if we get candid answers. >> even one further question beyond steve's question which is the idea that we have judge pirro on the show last week. she said comey would not want a crisis constitution on her hand and hillary clinton said, look, everyone in washington knew about this. meaning the white house knew about this. >> the president. >> and therefore, that's why
5:09 am
director comey wouldn't want a constitutional crisis. it goes all the way up to the white house. do you buy that argument? >> i think it's something worth exploring. i think those are legitimate questions. the role of the oversight, they don't give us handcuffs. i can't prosecute people or indict people, but i can help shine light on it. that's what we'll continue to do today and maximize the sunlight on this issue. it's of vital importance. it is of national importance. >> all right. we'll be watching this morning. 10:00 this morning. few more hours. >> yes. >> thank you, chairman. >> thank you. all right. from capital grill to the headlines with heather. >> good morning. good morning to all of you. i hope you're off to a good day. a couple of important headlines, that a lot of people are talking about. outrage now turning to protests overnight following the deadly police shooting. the victim's girlfriend live streaming the graphic aftermath.
5:10 am
it shows 32-year-old castillo moaning and bleeding after a police officer opened fire during a traffic stop. he was ul pulled over for a broken taillight. he told the officer he had a gun on him and a concealed carry permit before he reached for his driver's license. his girlfriend's 4-year-old daughter was in the back seat at the time. >> i told him to get his hand out -- >> you saw him get his i.d. and his driver's license, sir. oh, my god, please don't tell me he's dead. you shot four bullets into him, sir. he have just getting his license and registration, sir. >> hundreds of protesters gathering at the scene and at the governor's mansion right now. that officer is son paid leave. more protests after a another deadly police shooting, this one in baton rouge, louisiana. we first told you about it yesterday. new video showing the moments that two officers tackle alton sterling to the ground and then firing six fatal shots.
5:11 am
a warning -- the video is graphic. >> [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! >> get on the ground! [ gunshots ] >> well, that happen argue the officers received a report of a man selling cds outside a convenience store and threatening someone with a gun. two officers then responded ending in that struggle that killed sterling. those officers are now on administrative leave as the department of justice takes over that investigation. the so-called wall street golden boy is blaming a gambling addiction for a $100 million ponzi scheme. casperson took hundreds of millions from his closest friends and his own mom for what he said was an investment opportunity. instead of investing their cash,
5:12 am
he's accused of pitting it in his own -- putting it in his own bank account. he faces ten years in jail. we all know that keith urban can rip a guitar like no other. ♪ ♪ you and i will be the one >> all right, we're talking about a guitar rift, but not a rip. but he was blown away when a fan was pulled from the crowd doing some tunes of his own. listen. ♪ ♪ how cool is that? well, the country music star playing in new hampshire when he spotted a concert goer holding up a sign saying can i play your guitar? urban brought him on stage and he kicked into urban's song "good thing" making quite an impression. maybe he'll get an audition.
5:13 am
>> billy joel pulled up a girl who wanted to sing. >> how did it go? >> very well. >> they'll do anything. >> thank you so much. right now we're awaiting donald trump to arrive on capitol hill. that's the capitol hill club, just about a block from the u.s. capitol. he is expected to walk through those doors any moment to meet with top republican leaders in the house. can he reunite the republican party? we're live in washington with a report coming up next. a firestorm after this report is caught on camera being carried by flood victims so her shoes wouldn't get wet. wait until you hear her side of the story. and we're beating the heat this morning with that water slide. we're having a lot of fun too. >> somebody carry me. i have new shoes. ♪ 4 by 4 those who jump start the weekend.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
take a look right now, you're looking live at the capitol hill club on capitol hill where donald trump is expected to meet with house republicans. he's going to arrive any minute. >> today he's meeting with the
5:18 am
house republicans two weeks before the rnc. >> garrett tenney is live from capitol hill with details on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are expecting donald trump to arrive here at the capitol hill club in the next 15 minutes for his first of two meetings today with congressional republicans and as you'll see at almost any event, across the street there are protesters with signs saying trump's plan, lose 3 1/2 million jobs. they have been jobs and they're here to protest trump as the republican candidate. this meeting will be the first chance for many of the rank and file gop lawmakers to actually meet and interact with donald trump. house speaker paul ryan will welcome him here when he arrives. then at 10:30, he meet with republican senators. most republican lawmakers are expected to attend these meetings and you mentioned they could -- this comes less than two weeks before the rnc national convention and donald trump is still struggling to unify the republican party.
5:19 am
many congressional republicans have been unhappy with his statements along the campaign trail which they say will make life harder for them down the road. last night, we spoke with bill flores, the republican from the chairman republican strategy. he wants to hear his plan for defeating hillary clinton today and how his campaign will avoid making any of the self-inflicted wounds. >> i think it's important for him so he can hear what our concerns are about what's happening in the real world with him at the top of the ticket. again, he's gotten better, but i think he's -- you know, i think he needs to hear that. so he knows that every time he utters a word or sends out a tweet it affects all of us running for office. >> reporter: we are not clear if we'll hear from donald trump after the meetings this morning, but house speaker paul ryan has a press conference scheduled at 11:30 whether he'll get a lot -- where he'll get a lot of questions about donald trump today. >> stand by.
5:20 am
we hear that donald trump will be arriving precisely in ten minutes so be ready. the fbi director called hillary clinton careless, but nothing happened to her. the major that you see right there in that picture, he mishandled classified information to save lives and he got kicked out of the military. is there a double standard here? his attorney is here and armed robber thought he had the upper hand until this happened. >> wait for it. you're about to see it. right there. >> doggie. he got roughed up by the security.
5:21 am
i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at
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here's some quick sports headlines for you. dwyane wade going home. the windy city welcoming the basketball star to the chicago bulls after spending 13 seasons with the miami heat. wade calling his new two-year, $47 million deal an extremely emotional and tough decision. and we are just a pair of wins away from the all williams sisters wimbledon final. the last time they competed against each other was in 2009. >> that will be great. i'll be watching. meanwhile, a u.s. marine forced out of service for warning others about imminent danger and now it's ignited a double standard debate. the major sent an e-mail to warn colleagues of the afghan police chief with alleged ties to the taliban. that chief's servant went on to
5:25 am
kill three marines stationed in iraq in the name of jihad. with over 15 years of service, major bresler is being dismissed from the u.s. marines and hillary clinton is is off the hook after sending over 110 classified e-mails. his attorney michael bowie is calling out the double standard. he is joining us live. >> good morning, steve. >> your client sent out a warning to whom? >> to fellow marines in the field in afghanistan. the back story was that when he was in afghanistan two years previously, he was directed to use his own personal computer because the marines didn't have computers. >> so the marines were fine with that just use it because we don't have one? >> we don't have one, use your own. when he went home this was one file on that computer that remained, he didn't know about it. two years later he gets an e-mail from the marines labeled urgent. they asked for risk information, threat information that did he have it? he searched his computer, he found it because he understood
5:26 am
there was an immediate risk. he e-mailed it immediately it to them and he self-reported to his commander and why he did it, which is all of the things that hillary didn't do. when you fast forward unfortunately the information was ignored and three marines two weeks later were murdered as you pointed out. when you fast forward he is ultimately discharged for having that file and not having deleted it when he left afghanistan on the basis of the same statutes that hillary clinton has gotten a complete pass on and the conclusion because he technically violated those statutes, even though the information he had was far more limited, far less sensitive, right, and far less and old, that he was unfit to serve. >> but what's extraordinary is the marines because they didn't have the facility said use your own equipment. so he did. so he had it. you know, apparently he forgot to get rid of it before he came home. but he was trying to save lives.
5:27 am
three people lost their lives. >> you can't further away from the hillary example. he didn't intentionally set up anything, he didn't try to keep it secret. he tried to save lives and if somebody had listened to what he had sent, they would have saved the lives of three marines. >> what was the punishment? >> he was determined by president obama's direct appointee that he was unfit to serve and could no longer serve in the marine corps. >> let's look at a side by side comparison. he sent one e-mail with classified information and she sent at least 110 on her private server. he warned colleagues of danger and she used it for convenience he was forced out of the marines, she skated. >> shouldn't the commander in chief be held to the same standard as those who serve?
5:28 am
>> yes, and if president obama gets on fox news and talks to chris wallace and says none of the e-mail issues that came up that have been revealed impair her excellent ability to serve then he must as a matter of conscience apply the same standard to major bresler and every member of the service. they should get the same benefit. for all she did still has an excellent ability to serve, major bresler should be also fit to serve. >> what a double standard. thank you. this video will make your stomach turn. a stranger grabbed a little girl while her mom's back is turned. but we promise the story does have a happy ending. then donald trump unleashing on hillary clinton after the fbi's decision not to recommend charges. >> hillary clinton who's weak, who's ineffective. she'll never be able to do the job. she should not be allowed to
5:29 am
serve as president of the united states. >> well, that's what he says. what do the voters think? we have brand-new dials you will only see here on "fox & friends." i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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live pictures from outside the capitol hill club on -- just about a block away from the u.s. capitol. donald trump is expected to arrive very shortly. he's going to meet with house republicans there. then go and meet with republican senator at the campaign headquarters. this is his last ditch effort to unify a fractured republican
5:33 am
party going into the conventions in two weeks. >> see if the wounds can be healed. obviously we're hearing from some republican members of congress earlier saying look, donald trump is not the only one running for re-election or running for election right now. we all in our own districts have to run for election and of course what he says has reverberations across our directions as well. that's why we're having this meeting. >> speaker paul ryan is set to welcome him at the house festivities. the question is trump going to endorse ryan's agenda, which is a better way, which includes tax reform and health care q. >> they have some differences. mr. trump will arrive in a few short minutes. >> it's unity day on capitol hill. ainsley? it's been a big week from fbi director james comey not recommending charges for hillary clinton to president obama
5:34 am
saying there's never ever been anyone more qualified for president than hillary. what do you the voter think? let's ask lee carter from maslansky & partners. >> great to be here. >> let's get through some of the sound bites from this week. let start with comey's sound bite. no reasonable prosecutor in his opinion would ever take this case and watch the dials. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. in looking back at our investigations, into the mishandling or removal of classified information, we can not find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. >> and so you can see it here. republicans and independents really agree here. this was an "f" moment, and democrats gave it a "b," a sigh of relief. is this something that people can rally behind donald trump
5:35 am
on, and agree this isn't fair or right. so you can see there's definite agreement between the independents and the republicans. >> donald trump upset about what happened. that hillary clinton got off scot-free. he's blasting hillary at one of his campaign stops. take a listen. >> our system is absolutely totally rigged. and we've got hillary clinton who's weak, who's ineffective. she'll never be able to do the job. her judgment is horrible. look at her judgment on e-mails. she should not be allowed to serve as president of the united states. >> and look, you can see there the republicans at times were even off the charts. that's an "a." independents a "b" and the democrats an "f." the independents and republicans are rallying behind donald trump, this is not fair, he should stick to this and his message about jobs, national security, make america great again because it's resonating with voters. >> independents agreeing with
5:36 am
him on that and they can turn the election either one way or another. >> for sure. >> the president of the united states -- president obama campaigning for the first time with hillary in north carolina this week. he is saying, well, listen to what he says and look at the yellow line, the independents. >> in has never been -- there has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than hillary clinton. ever. so the bottom line is i know hillary can do the job and that's why i am so proud in north carolina to endorse hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. >> lee, the red line disappeared for a while. republicans did not disagree with that. >> you could not see it there. the republicans gave an "f," the independents a "d." democrats an "a." they're not tracking and by the way, what we heard from folks the least important things is
5:37 am
somebody's experience or qualified for the job. this is the year of the outsider, we want to hear something different. reminder, president obama wasn't himself the most qualified candidate when he went into office so it doesn't resonate with folks. >> lee carter, thank you. let's go over to heather with some headlines. >> 36 after the hour. a navy s.e.a.l. trainee's drowning death is now being investigated as a homicide. the medical examiner's report says that a video shows an instructor following a fully dressed james lovelace around the pool and dunking him under water at a california base back in may. this is all part of his training. witnesses say the 21-year-old's face was purple and lips were blue before he died. the instructor is now on administrative leave. lovelace was in his first week of buds training, one of the most punishing military training programs in the world. it's a video that will make
5:38 am
anyone's stomach turn. the man tried to kidnap a 4-year-old girl just steps away from her mom. you can see the girl standing near the door of a california store when someone grabs her arm and yanks her outside that building. goodness. well, her mother and a customer immediately chasing after that kidnapper. the child was able to wiggle free and then run. that suspect thankfully quickly arrested. and then a terrifying scene as the masked gunman demanded money and a dog give him an unexpected surprise. the frantic clerk ran fear. but the dog in waiting, waiting to attack. the dog latched on to the robber's arm, chased him outside the store. both dog and store owner were unharmed. he left empty handed. a rookie reporter afraid to get her feet wet. two residents of a flood ravaged town in mexico carrying a
5:39 am
journalist through the watery streets so the journalist wouldn't ruin her expensive shoes. well, she says the two insisted on carrying her to the neighbor's house for a story and she made them put her down after the picture was taken. but the whole thing has cost her her job. those are your headlines. >> oh, boy. >> yeah. >> all right, thank you. >> they were so sweet to offer that. she shouldn't have done it though. >> we all carried maria in this morning. yeah. >> pretty much like every thursday. by the pool. >> why didn't she take her shoes off and hold them? >> that's what we're wondering too. >> but anyway, let's switch gears and talk about the weather conditions across parts of the midwest. we have a storm system moving through and it will be sparking some thunderstorms that could fire up some severe weather. we are talking about large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes possible across places like illinois, iowa and also
5:40 am
portions of missouri. the concern out there is we have a serious threat of strong winds that could produce some damage. so of course we'll keep a close watch on that. as the storm marches eastward, for tomorrow it will bring severe weather across the ohio river valley. temperatures, we have been talking about how hot it's been across the plains for days and that's continuing not only today, but even through the end of this week. you can see in dallas and del rio, you will see the triple digits this afternoon. parts of the southeast a little bit better than that. you're going to make it into the 90s, but look at what happens when you factor in the humidity. this is what it will feel like outdoors later on this afternoon. in dallas, it will feel like 106 and over in richmond, virginia, 98 degrees by 4:30 p.m. eastern time. let's head back inside. >> thank you. here in new york city, at 8:40 in the morning it feels like 90 degrees. >> we'll stay inside. trump narrowing what list of
5:41 am
running mates. who is in and who is out? we have an update coming up next. this is how taylor swift cooled off on the fourth of july with a giant water slide and we're doing the same thing. we have creative ways to beat the heat and have some fun at the same time. we have some great outdoor toys we'll be showing you when we come back. >> clayton's going to go down that swiftly. real cheese people know how to get big flavor
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out of each and every itsy bitsy, little bitty bite. sargento snack bites. just 20 calories per stick. with larger than life flavor, like colby-pepper jack. and savory garlic & herb jack. you can nibble 'em. grab 'em. skewer 'em. pop 'em. you can call 'em big, bold and brazen. real cheese people know better than to call 'em mild. sargento snack bites. big flavor in a little bite. welcome back. 44 minutes past the hour. some quick consumer headlines for you. check your garage, your kids hoverboard could be recalled. oh, that's not a feature? explosions and fires like this prompting half a million
5:45 am
hoverboard recalls. the u.s. consumer product safety commission wants americans to stop using them immediately. bad news for verizon customers. your bill going up starting today. the company will be giving you a little bit more data in your plan, but you're going to pay $5 or $10 per month for it. and all day breakfast got better. mcdonald's now including the mcgriddle. >> all right. >> syrupy pancake item. >> we hope they bring back the mcrib. >> the mcrib is so good. bring your baby wipes and your napkins. >> rib sandwich in the shape of a bone, but no bones. we are less than two weeks away from the republican national convention and donald trump still hasn't picked a running mate. >> senator bob corker taking himself out of the running but has an idea about who might be the right person for the job. and so does eric trump.
5:46 am
listen. >> his best running mate by the way would be ivanka. i know that wouldn't pass muster, but i don't know that i have met a more composed, brilliant, beautiful in every way person. >> i agree. right, she's got the beautiful looks. she's got -- she's smart, smart smart smart smart. >> she's 35. >> hey, she's certainly got my vote. >> she will be 35 just before the election. today we'll apparently find out who's going to speak at the rnc. stacy frye from fox 8 in cleveland is outside of the quicken loans arena in cleveland with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: we already know who will not be speaking here at the republican national convention in cleveland this very month. past gop nominees mitt romney, senator john mccain have said they won't be here. both past president bushs have said they won't be here, neither will jeb bush. a surprise speaker who announced he will be speaking on behalf of
5:47 am
donald trump this month is governor scott walker. the wisconsin governor has been a huge ted cruz supporter. he said it was sad that americans had such poor choices when its came to -- it came to hillary clinton and donald trump. now he has agreed to speak at a rally in cincinnati yesterday, donald trump also said that former indiana basketball coach bobby knight will speak here, former house speaker newt gingrich was at his side campaigning. gingrich is considered a strong possibility for his running mate. another name floated out there, in terms of the vp early on was ohio governor john kasich. not only has he said he's interested in it, but he won't take part in the convention at all. he said he's not endorsed trump, he can't imagine that he will change in the coming days. and decide to endorse trump. he will be in town making sure that everything runs smoothly, but as far as speaking at the convention the host governor not
5:48 am
intending to be there. >> all right. stacy frye live outside of quicken loans there in cleveland -- >> where we'll be very soon. thank you. coming up, a heat wave is gripping the nation, so how can you keep the kids cool and get them out of the house? how about this, just rent one of these. check out maria molina on the water slide. >> was that her? >> no, i don't think. so. but first -- >> let's check in with bill hemmer. >> good morning to all three of you. republicans get their first chance to question the fbi director. what will they learn about clinton's server? we'll have live coverage on that. at the same time, donald trump meets with republican leaders on the hill. we will hear from him after those meetings as well this morning. and there's another deadly shooting involving the police and the african-american man. the immediate aftermath of that shooting was fed to facebook. what we learned about that.
5:49 am
martha and i will see you 11 minutes, top of the hour.
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5:52 am
well, get ready, it will be a scorcher. the national weather service has already issued heat advisories across the country. how can you beat the heat? well, taylor swift and her celebrity pals used this awesome water slide to cool off. so we decided to do the same thing. that's maria molina right there. whoa! joining us to tell us about this awesome stuff, including this slide, is the toy insider mom, laurie schachter. welcome back. >> well, it's a lot of fun and we want to stay nice and cool. >> way to go, maria. >> wearing a helmet. they're mocking me for wearing a helmet. >> keep your hair dry.
5:53 am
>> hockey helmet no less. tell us about these. >> we have a lot of things like bubbles. these are the unbelievable bubbles by uncle bubbles. you can open them up. >> uncle bubbles? >> go ahead. open it up. now there you go. >> look out, new york. yeah. >> whoa. it's all about the water, right? all about these. just give these a toss, they'll splash and we'll get the kids, right? we can use these over. >> they're reusable? >> throw them at the crowd. >> it's really cool. so you put it in the water, squeeze and then fill them up. how about this chaos aqua launcher. this is launching a water balloon. whoa. you can launch up to 150 -- there you go. all right.
5:54 am
balloons. do you know how i fill these? with a stick. i put a hose on them and i can blow up a hundred balloons in under a minute. they're biodegradable. >> what happened -- >> go ahead. >> it wouldn't be summer without super soakers. these are our super soakers and we have nerf action too. pump it, pump it. just pump. >> trigger -- >> now pump. this is our steady stream. okay. we have a steady stream. i have to -- all right.
5:55 am
where's the balloons? >> got to go. >> this water balloon -- more water balloons. >> water balloons. no kidding. >> so fun. >> as wet as clayton is right now, our crew is soaking wet. >> i know, exactly. >> all right. good job. interesting stuff. all right, straight ahead, they went looking for an adventure. they definitely got one. but this morning they're in big trouble. that story of the wild ride coming up. >> whoa. with advil, you'll ask
5:56 am
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before it's history, it's news. >> well, before we go here's one for the road. take a look at these baby mountain lion, too cute for words. >> right now, at least. >> from the national park service, they found the five cubs in the santa monica mountains. they studied how mountain lions survive in urbanized habitats around l.a. and this viral video, you see the man jumping from the boat on to swimming -- a swimming moose? really? the terrified animal cries out as the man's friends are laughing and cheering in the background. the man falls off after straddling it in neck-high water. >> that looks fun, but i feel bad for the moose. >> happening outside our world
6:00 am
headquarters, clayton, somebody else is coming down the slide. we can't hear clayton. abby huntsman, come on bill: good morning. f.b.i. director james comey on the hot seat an hour in now. this will and hot morning as we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. jason chaffetz and the other members of the house oversight committee have a lot of questions for the f.b.i. director. despite laying out all the reasons why he says hillary clinton was extremely careless in her handling of top sec


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