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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we'll be seeing you on election night. thank you for joining us today on "the real story." we are going to head it over to shepard smith who will be digesting all of this. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. in both minneapolis and baton rouge. each city, the scene of anger after the week's police shootings. in minnesota, you see he heartbreaking reaction from the whom who watched her boyfriend die next to her. >> the police done -- for no reason. they took his life for no reason. >> you'll see the video of the aftermath. she is now speak about threat camera did not capture. from louisiana, new video today. a new angle that shows exactly what went down during the confrontation at a convenience store. today the investigation, the accusation, and what is sure to happen next. plus, donald trump meeting with
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republicans on capitol hill. we'll get to more of that even at "wall street journal" reports trump's critics are closing in on a potential big victory that could throw the chaos. and to hillary clinton e-mail controversy. house republicans grilling the fbi director james comey about his recommendation not to prosecutor the presidential candidate. there's lots of news today. let's get to it. first from the deck. president obama says the deadly shootings by police officers in louisiana and minnesota are not isolated incidents. the president says the united states has a serious problem. today, new amateur video shows the aftermath of the deadly minneapolis police shooting two days after officers were caught on camera in baton rouge, shooting and killing a man at
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point-blank range. they the video is from a sun well-of minneapolis that shows a woman streaming live while screaming on facebook, as her boyfriend bleeds to death in a car with her young daughter in the back seat. it is horrifying. the woman is diamond reynolds. she says an officer yesterday shot her boyfriend, identify fee lan dough castile during a traffic stop and police failed to check his pulse of give him medical help. castile told the officer he had a gun and permit but the officer shot him when he reached for his wallet. this video is extremely graphic. we'll show it to you once only because as with the video in the louisiana shooting it is central to the understanding of what happened. if you have children in the room, you may want to send them out or turn off your tv for the next three minutes or so. now here's a video two minutes, 24 seconds, from right after the
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latest shooting outside miami. we he bleeped the curses. >> we government pulled over for a bust evidence taillight in the back, and the police just -- he is covered -- he killed my boyfriend [bleep], he is licensed to carry. he was trying to get out his i.d. and his wallet out his pocket, and he let the officer know that he was -- he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet, and the officer just shot him in his arm. we're waiting for -- i will, sir no worries. i will. he just shot his arm off. we got pulled over [bleep] >> i told him not reach for it. i told him to get his -- >> you told him to get his i.d., sir, his driver's license. oh, my god, please don't at the me he's dead. bleep bleach -- [bleep] please don't tell he --
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>> keep your hands where they are. >> yes, i will, sir, meese, lord, don't tell me he's gone. please don't tell me he's gone. please, officer, don't tell me you just died to him. you shot four bullets into him, sir. he was getting his license and registration. in. >> get the female passenger out. >> exit the car with your hands up. see your hands. exit now. keep them up. keep them up. >> where miss daughter? you got my daughter? >> face away from me and walk backwards. keep walking. >> keep walking. keep walking. keep walking. get on your knees. get on your knees. [crying] >> why aim being arrested. >> you're being detained until
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we get things sorted out. okay? >> they threw my phone, facebook -- please don't tell me, lord, jesus -- >> don't do anything -- >> meese don't tell me my boyfriend is gone. take offering my -- please don't tell me he's gone. please don't, jesus, no. please, no! please, no! don't let him be gone. >> the video ends. moments later in the live stream you can hear a man repeatedly, loudly cursing, and reynolds' daughter telling police she wants to get mommy's purse. eventually the mom appears back on camera. in the back seat of a squad car. >> the police just shot my boyfriend for no apparent reason. my phone is about to die. they shot him. he shot him three times because we had a busted taillight.
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he asked for license and registration. he told the man it was in his wallet but he had a pistol on him because he is licensed to carry, and the officer toll him, don't move. and as he was putting his hands back up the officer shot him in his arm about four or five times. >> the man died. police have not released details about that officer, except that they have placed him on administrative leave. minnesota's governor says he has requested a justice department investigation. we have team fox coverage.a֖fa jonathan surrey has information. mer news about alton sterling. first, mike tobin is live outside the governor's residence in minneapolis. the girlfriend is speaking about what happened in the attempt to save castile or what didn't happen.
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>> reynolds says she didn't try to help castile because she was afraid if she moved suddenly she would be shot. she went for the phone, put it up live on neighbors because she believed the police would cover up the evidence. >> i told to allow the video to go live ten seconds before my phone died because i wanted everybody in the world to see what the police do. and how they roll. and it's not right. it's not acceptable. i didn't do it for pity. i don't do it to are fame. i did it so the world knows these police are not here to protect and serve us. they are here to assassinate us. >> she notes you don't see the shooting and what led up to the shooting. the only explanation we have thus far comes from panicked and offcamera as yet unphoto police officer shouting, i told him not reach for it. reynolds calmly counters that you, manying the police officers, told him to get his license and registration.
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>> what else have we heard from the governor on the shooting? >> the governor says he has reached out to the white house and promised the people justice and reached to the white house to get the department of justice involved in the investigation. when he appeared before the known straiters here he seemed very sympathetic to their anger. >> my deepest cob -- condolences to the family and friends and on behalf of all decent-minded minnesotans, which are almost all of news this state, we're shocked and horrified by what occurred last night. >> castile had petty misdemeanors on his record. he had welcomed for the same job, preparing food for students help was recently promoted to supervisor and would have turned 33 this month in front of the governor's mansion you have a crowd that started gathering last night. a found u hundred people out here tonight.
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what the crowd has done is listen to speakers and sit on the street and the curb here. >> mike tobin in minneapolis. now to louisiana. baton rouge. a and followup report on the shooting there tuesday morning. police killed man who had been selling outside a convenience store. police said the an, alton sterling, was armed, but the convenience store opener says sterling was not holding a gun at the time this happened. and the store owner says he recorded video that shows it. this video is from a closer angle than that which we showed you here yesterday, and warning, it is perhaps even more disturbing to watch. but again, these individual wyoming are an important part of the evidence of exactly what happened. here it is. >> [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [shouting] [bleep] [bleep]
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[gunshots] >> what you do that for, man? [bleep]. >> after the shooting, viewers can see one of the officers reach in and pull something -- see there -- out of alton sterling's pocket, circled in red. we meant to what that was but the man who shot the video and who was standing right there says he thought it was a weapon. jonathan surrey is live. attorneys for alton sterling, the dead man's family, gave a news conference earlier. >> the same attorneys who represented the family of walter scott, another african-american man fatally shot by police in that case in the city of north charleston, south carolina. attorneys held a news conference here an hour ago. they say these types of shootings are becoming too common and that even if that object in this
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man's pocket, mr. sterling's pocket, is a gun, the situation should not have escalated to this point. >> we're not buying he reached for his weapon. which in this case you can have a weapon. which actually should infuriate people that carry firearms and that entire organization that lobbies for firearms, because what message is this sending? if you have a firearm, it's open season? >> reporter: and these attorneys told reporters that initially they were not plead with the way local police were handle -- not pleased with the way at the local police were handling the investigation but are very blowed the justice department is involved. >> what's happening there at the scene of the shooting in bat ton rouge? >> reporter: standing flight front of the convenience store where alton sterling would commonly stan out front, selling c.d.s to people who came by.
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it's now a shrine. people taking pictures. to the right you can see someone painted a mural of mr. sterling over here, and then as you pan to the left you can see that protesters will occasionally walk out to the sidewalk, holding banners, holding their firsts up in the care and cars honk back in support. family members of mr. sterling are urging the protesters to keep things peaceful and so far that's exactly what they're doing, shep. >> jonathan, live in baton rouge. much more ahead. we'll speak with fox news legal an 'tis, arthur aidala about what the videos she and do not show. coming up from the fox news deck on this thursday afternoon. with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me
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afdave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? >> the president of the united states today reacted to pair of police shootings in louisiana and minnesota in a facebook post. he says all americans should be deeply troubled. a quote. the president says the incidents are symptoms of broader challenges in the criminal justice system. president obama says they reflect racial disparities that persist year after year. mr. obama says that's creaked a lack of trust between law enforcement officers and their communities. arthur aidala is here and i want to talk about what we see and don't see and just as emotional as all this is, what the legal matters are. first of all, baton rouge. we're outside a convenience store, the convenience store
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owner has givenmer position to hand man to sell cds, there's a police call saying there's a man who teened me with a gun. police arrive, there's a man, and we pick up it up with the takedown. >> legally speaking, jumping into the weeds, legally speaking, the police are not allowed to make an arrest based on anonymous phone calls because it would subject anyone -- if i was mad at you for something i'd just call 9-1-1 and say, shepard smith has a gun and the police tackle you thinking you have a gun. there's united states supreme court case law saying anonymous phone calls are not good enough to make a stop. >> the takedown itself -- >> problematic. on the baton rouge case you see the police had the situation under control. she -- he is down on the floor. >> that's a subjective matter but a that's your legal view. >> i'm thinking of it as a form prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, standing
12:17 pm
before 12 jurors, what i would feel comfortable saying credibly, with credibility. saying they didn't have that situation under control, it's straining the common sense of the jurors under that situation. however, a police officer can testify and say this is why i didn't feel things were under control. don't forget. two shots and then four. two in the chest. how at that point did he say that the next four are necessary? i understand, and a jury will be told, these are decisions being made in millisecondses to protect the police police officn life but troubling to see the weapon being taken out of a pocket. not out of a hand. not out of -- not in clear obvious view. the pocket is on his person and that has legal consequences, it's that close to him. however, i don't see based on
12:18 pm
these videos -- >> stay with baton rouge. >> -- i dent see how these officers don't become the subject of a criminal investigation and ultimately criminal charges. >> there's a federal investigation underway now. the federals are working on that. >> interesting that the local prosecutor is not handling the case and has chosen to give it to the feds which an excellent decision. >> they moved very swiftly by any assessment. >> correct. >> now minnesota. the aftermath of a police shooting, as the information has been given, the man was in the car, pulled over for a busted taillight. informed the officer, according to the girlfriend, i have a weapon, i have a legal carry permit. the officer, collaring the girlfriend, told him to reach for his didn't license, identification and registration. we went to do so and accord together girlfriend he was shot and subsequently died. streaming live on facebook, which is brand new, again, by any assessment, as -- this has
12:19 pm
only been happening for a matter of months and now we literally watch man die next to his girlfriend with a baby crying in the back seat of a car. it is horrifying. bet legally speaking. >> the baby crying, just adds to the horror. legally speaking, police officer in this particular case will be able to tell a story of what his perception was because that's -- >> what's nat matters. >> that's what matters. what he believed was taking place at that. something doesn't make sense with that story. the deceased did what he was supposed to do. declaring, i have a weapon on me. here are my hands, i have a weapon on me, i have a permit for it. okay. it doesn't make sense that the cop says, well, give me your license and registration. where do you people keep that? on their person. when he then goes and reaches for it, gunshot goes off. so, in this case, different from baton rouge well-don't know what take place before the shooting and the police officer will have
12:20 pm
the opportunity to explain that and clearly you hear the distress in police officer's voice. he is scream, cursing himself. i told him, i told him not reach for it. i told him not to reach for it. then she retort but you told him to get his license and registration. so there's a little bit of a disconnect regarding the facts and what took place. unless you want to just believe the police officer is look are to any excuse to kill this guy which is that is not the way i conduct myself. this is a police officers -- just execute somebody. but as a lawyer, as a prosecutor, as an investigator, the presumption is that a law enforcement officer is not there to execute someone. he is there to uphold the law. >> thank you. >> thank you. this is horrible. sorry this is what we have to talk about today. >> welcome home. >> thank you. >> ahead the race for the white house. did you hear donald trump today? apparently he talked to "the new york times" reporter and "the new york "the new york times" reporter was like, if you win, will you
12:21 pm
serve? he said i'll let you know if that happens. not kidding. we hear republican law makers, and word the dump trump crowd may still have a chance of stopping him in cleveland. it's big and it's next. (vo) stank face.
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24 mounts past the hour. here's a news flash. things may not be hopeless for the "never trump" camp. the warm reports that trump terrorism's opponents need 28 members of the rnc rules committee to allow a vote on unbinding delegates at the convention, and according to the restauranting of the survey, 20 committee members say they are considering it. so never trump could be just need eight more. donald trump met with g.o.p. lawmaker'sen capitol hill and
12:25 pm
told the house republican they all share the same goals, and need to stick together. whether that's true or not is another matter. some lawmakers said they were, quote, pleased, unquote, with the meeting. others said they're still not convinced trump can led the party. campaign carl cameron is on the job. is this moch? >> reporter: it's theoretical. the rules committee starts its work next week, and trump's critics still have some hope they can actually change the rules so the delegates could be unbound to trump on the first ballot and theoretically nominate somebody else. there's 112 members of the rules committee, so the 28 you're talking about essentially amounts to a quarter of the committee, and if they've agree and pass a rule change, then it would good to the full convention for consideration by the -- over 2,000 delegates that are there. so it's theoretical. but there are 59 people on the
12:26 pm
committee that are opposed to this idea, and 30 that are still hanging out and we don't know. it's very possible the rules committee could pass that kind of a rule. all of this comes, by the way, from the republican national committee person from the state of georgia, randy evans. mr. evans is the whip counter, the person who is actually counting delegates for trump, and the reason the pop trumper type is have hope is according to evans trump has committed del tellings totaling 890. considerly short of the 1237 needed to win he theoretically won during the primary process, put evans says it's 890. there are 680 delegates according to the trump counters who are opposed to trump. that leaves 900 other delegates out there who could theoretically make it possible for trump to get stopped. but a lot of most republicans are step kick cal about this and
12:27 pm
ultimate -- skeptical about this because no credible alternative has stepped forward. ted cruz, the texas senator who hung in until the last with john kashich, had a meeting with trump today in washington and it's presumed that this will be an endorsement. john kashich has said virtually nothing other than he wishes trump was not the nominee. so even the wound held on the longest against him aren't stepping forward. mitt romney isn't going to. so even if they changedded the rules the big question is, who is the alternative? >> the meeting with priebus and others who others who have not endorsed him, i'm read it described as tense. there's a report that donald trump lashed out at one politician who is not yet endorsed him. your assessment of that and the reaction thereof? >> reporter: well, most republicans in congress are going to vote for trump. not necessarily because they love him but because that's pretty much hate hillary clinton politically speaking. we are hear that from voters. the folks who are the most worried about trump are what we
12:28 pm
call the downballot candidates, who are up for re-election, and trump got asked today, what are you going to do for me? how are you going to help me win my district? because they're worried a lot of his criticism, the insults he has cast at women and minorities, and over the course of this campaign and his career, are going to bring them down so for the official politicians, whether they like trump politically or not, it's a question whether he will be he help or hinderance. >> it's not a secret that within many political circles the question has been raised does donald trump want to win or jason horwitz reports he asked im, if you win, will you serve, and aens is, i quote, quoting horwitz, i'll let you know how i feel about it after it happens. what? >> reporter: i was not there for
12:29 pm
that exchange and didn't see it. there's a description of a wry smile. this this has the feel of the republican candidate playing games with the "new york times" reporter, messing with his head. trump often gives nonan answers to questions when he is caught offguard or wants to create controversy or get a stir. he is a master at getting attention so this is the line that is going to get plenty of it. >> you know, the question has been asked, e'er to campaign or easier to govern. depends on who the candidate is. >> reporter: that's the concern of a lot of the guys on the hill. senator ben sasse said that -- who is very much one of the premiere senators who are against trump, he described the elect today as a dumpster fire, referring to both trump and clinton. >> it was a bit tense. carl, nice to talk to you. you win are you going to serve, quoting? i'll let you know how i feel about it after it happens. the fbi director james comey
12:30 pm
testifying today, unless you have been under a rock or watching something else, it was all day long, all day long. testimony on capitol hill on those e-mails. the decision not to recommend charging the former secretary of state with a crime. we'll hear from director comey and law smokers on both sides of the aisle. plus, reality may finally be sinking in for bernie sanders. big news here. what about reports he is about to endorse hrc? is there a big snug do you campaign? can you get the bern, baby, bern crowd in there? what's about to happen? we're starting to learn.
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a fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. president obama traveling to warsaw, poland, leaders of nato agreed to beef up its military
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presence in eastern europe. tension with russia have been high ever since it invaded ukraine's crimea peninsula and claimed it as its own. the army sergeant bowe bergdahl in court today in fort bragg in north carolina, facing up to life in prison for charges including desertion after he walked off his post in afghanistan in 2009. president obama eventually traded five taliban detainees from guantanamo day for bergdahl's release. the actor tom sizemore ran over a stuntman. tmz reports the stuntman is badly hurt. sizemore's representative says the actor was following instructions and never saw the stuntman. the news continues, bottom of the hour, top of the news. a minute away. tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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12:36 pm
the private e-mail setup she used as secretary of state. director james comey testifying in front of the house oversight committee. comey once again saying clinton was extremely careless, his words, but that she did not break the law. g.o.p. lawmakers pointed to clinton's repeated claims she did not send or receive classified information using her private e-mail. >> did hillary clinton lie? >> to the fbi? we have no basis to conclude she lied to the fbi. >> did she lie to the public? >> that's a question i'm not qualified to answer. can speak about what she said to the fbi. >> did she -- did hillary clinton lie under oath? >> not to the fbi, not in a case we were working. >> did the fbi investigate her statements under oath on this topic? >> not to my knowledge. i don't think there's been a referral from congress. >> do you need a referral from congress to investigate her
12:37 pm
statements under oath? >> sure do. >> you will have one. you'll have one in the next few hours. >> chairman jason chaff etz says he was mystified by not charming. and the director says 113 e-mails contained classified material when they were sent or received but investigators did not find evidence that hillary clinton knew she was handling classified information. we have team fox coverage, jennifer griffin has reaction and first to catherine herridge on capitol hill. >> reporter: this was a very serious hearing today abuse -- because a was at stake and whether there's one set of rules for an army private handling information and another set of standards for a cabinet secretary. one of the most emotional moments in the four-hour hearing came from a former cia covert officer who could not understand
12:38 pm
how some of the government's most closely held secrets, special access program intelligence -- this is intelligence from human spying, was on an unsecured personal server, in clinton's basement, and no charges were recommended. >> and that person mishandling the most sensitive information that this government can collect is not fair, it's not fair to punish someone who did that? >> not on these facts. it would be fair to have a row bust disciplinary proceeding an it not fair to prosecute that person on these facts. >> the directot said he ever found evidence of criminal intent. so when he had that classified information, transmitted on to her unsecured server, that she truly understood that she was violating federal law, but this is not the end of the e-mail matter, as you heard just moments ago, the chairman of this committee will make a
12:39 pm
formal referral to the fbi with the allegation that hillary clinton lied under oath about her e-mail practices during the 2015 benghazi hearing specifically that she never transmitted classified information, it was not marked at the time, and the process they used to in fact delete tens of thousands of e-mails. >> what did director comey testify as to the security of the server in question? >> well, director comey said they did not find direct evidence that it was compromised by a third party. he went a little further today and suggested that the compromise would have been by a foreign intelligence service. therefore, a nation that may be hostile to the united states. he did confirm that the romanian hacker who told fox news and nbc news, marcel la lazar claimed to have breached the server but when he was pressed in private, the hacker said that was not the
12:40 pm
case. the bottom line is that the director insisted that this server had the security that was not even of a standard that you would find with a free e-mail service. >> are you implying in that statement that the private e-mail servers of secretary clinton's were perhaps less secure than a gmail account? that is used for free? by a billion people around this planet? >> yes, i'm not looking to pick on gmail, their security is good. the weakness is in the individual users, but, yes, gmail has full-time security staff and thinks about patching and logging and protecting their systems in a way that was not the case here. >> what we heard consistently from democrats on that oversight committee is that this was simply political circus. >> today's hearing is political theater. there's not even the pretense of trying to get at the truth. this is a desperate attempt under a -- an extraordinary set
12:41 pm
of circumstances and emergency hearing. i don't know what the emergency is. >> reporter: based on the statement from the attorney general the e-mail matter is closed. now what we anticipate is a second e-mail investigation will begin after this congressional referral, shep. >> thank you. secretary clinton's campaign has been closely watching and responding to the hearings. team fox coverage continues. jen griffin is live in. so florida no public estimates from hillary clinton put certainly from her campaign. >> no public statements from -- in fact, hillary clinton has made no public remarks today or since director comey cleared her on monday. she is at her home in washington, dc. he long-time aide, shirl mills, is with her. we saw her arrive this morning. a number of people have been coming and going from the house. we have had these tweets from her press secretary, brian fallon, beginning, with the ag
12:42 pm
accepting director comey's recommendation this case is resolved. no matter republican' attempts to continue playing politics. fbi director comey in his testimony to congress explodes the g.o.p. myth that petraeus' case was at all similar to hillary clintons, quote, every house republican who joins in partisan stunt about clinton's intel briefings should have to say if they think trump is fit to get them. >> jennifer, clinton's campaign released a statement during comey's testimony. >> reporter: that's right. the campaign put out this release, quote: he acknowledged for the first time that there were only three such e-mails, classified e-mails and in each case the e-mails contained only partial markings, meaning he acknowledged they were improperly marked and the materials could have been reasonably judged as not classified. this campaign sent out another release says there has never been any evidence clinton's server was hacked, which comey
12:43 pm
repeated today. and the clarification that hillary clinton's lawyers did in fact have clearance to deal with classified information despite comey's assertion otherwise. the campaign sent out a list of quotes from recent months in which the republicans on the oversight committee said they believed in director comey's integrity. nothing again from the candidate herself. >> on the clinton and bernie sanders matter, it's been bubbling for a while that bernie sanders was about to endorse. sounds like we have this cold now, huh? >> reporter: that's right. last night i learned from two well-placed sources close to both the clinton and sanders campaign that the plan is for senator bernie sanders to appear with hillary clinton in new hampshire this coming tuesday. that is where we are told he is expected to endorse her finally. both campaigns have been in close talks for some time, i'm told. the candidate himself who, by the way, is technically still rung, having not conceded, had this to say when asked about his plans to endorse hillary
12:44 pm
clinton. >> the end of the day there will be a coming together and we'll go forward together and not only defeat trump but defeat him badly. >> so you're not denying the reports there are talks bat possible endorsement. >> that's right. >> reporter: the indications we always had was that sanders would endorse her once the fbi investigation was complete. >> you're seeing a big hug coming and bern, baby, bern and all that or something more demure? >> reporter: i think this is going be a vigorous endorse independent new hampshire. notable that it's next door to vermontdn8 and will come days f the democratic platform is established. they resident be wrangling over that the next few days in orlando. >> more ahead on then e-mail case. we'll speak with a political journalist who says why the fbi director is stand big the fact he needed to see criminal intent, probably won't stop the republicans from halve -- having
12:45 pm
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hillary clinton, e-mail investigation, over. they're not going prosecutor. hillary clinton's camp says today's testimony knocked down a number of false republican talking points and shut the door on any remaining conspiracy theories once and for all. abby phillips is here, the national political reporter for the "washington post." so this is over and we can move on. right? come on. no, it isn't. almost seemed like a dream she was living. like the republicans wouldn't start another investigation. this isn't over, is it? >> well, i mean, it's over in the sense that the criminal investigation has come to an enbut i think it's just the beginning of the political fallout from it. think republicans really want to continue this sort of public trying of hillary clinton. whether it's going to mean more hearings like the one we saw today in the house, or should
12:49 pm
she win the presidency, think everybody, including democrats, expect this to continue on and on and on. >> since there's no stopping it, is it your sense from a political reporter's perspective that is causing her political damage, and if so, how. >> two things. first of all, hillary clinton has a trust issue that has been long-standing. she does not do very well in the minds of voters in terms of her trustworthiness, whether people believe her and that's something that has been going on for over a year now. some of that has to do with this i'm each controversy. it's not going to help her that many of her earlier statements, dating back a year now, have basically proven to be untrue as a result of this federal investigation, and i think that some of the fallout from that is going to continue. but we're already seeing that kind of baked in the cake for her, and i think her aides have always thought if they were going into november they would be working hard to rehabilitate
12:50 pm
her image. this will set them back. >> your overall -- your feelings about hillary clinton are, as you put it, baked in the cake. if you're the right, it's can be thing. if you're the left, it's one thing. if the middle that elects presidents and just hand of of states -- i'm curious whether the "washington post" or others has polling or a reporter's sense about who with that group. that little sliver that matters, that will affect the electoral college and decide the presidency -- if those people are swayed by this at all. >> right. these are political independents and our polling has shown that hillary clinton is not doing as well with them, but i think this issue is maybe not quite as resonant as people think it is. on the one hand it's incredibly technical and the details and minutiae of what happened and what went wrong are hard for people to grasp. when i talk to voters, many of them, even the ones who are political, don't have a sense of what this is all about. what they do know is that she did something wrong, and i think
12:51 pm
that is the issue that is going to stick with political independents but politics is about relativity as well. >> great to talk to you. thank you. we'll be right back. in relook.
12:52 pm
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fox news chairman roger ailes is responding to a lawsuit filed by lawyers for gretchen carlson, calling her allegations false and offensive. gretchen carlson is accusing it's of sexual harassment and wrongful termination after the company reports her contract was not renewed in june and claims former co-host, steve doocy, created a hostile work environment. roger ailes said in a permanent statement, and i quote, gretchen carlson's allegations are false. this is a retaliatory suit
12:55 pm
because of not resigning her contract. when fox news did not commit negotiations to renew her contract she became aware of career with the network was likely over and conveniently began to pursue a lawsuit. ailes continues, ironically, fox news provided her with more on-air opportunities over her 11-year tenure for which she thanked me in a recent book. ailes writes this lawsuit is not only offensive, it is wholly without merit and will be defended vigorously. fox news parent company, 21st 21st century fox, announced it has launched an internal review and has full confidence in both rog ailes and steve duesy. -- steve doocy. we'll be right back. crowd sounds ]
12:56 pm
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happy anniversary, former president jimmy carter celebrating his 70th wedding
12:59 pm
anniversary today. jimmy and roslyn carter said mutual respect made their long marriage possible. president carter is enough 91. says he no longer needs drugs to fight cancer after doctors found no sign of the disease in recent brain scans. doctors diagnosed him almost a year ago, a very happy anniversary for the carters. >> on this day in 1928, sliced bread went on sale for the first time. a jeweler from missouri invented a machine to cut and wrap bread but the stuff didn't exactly fly off the shelfs at first. some people said it looked sloppy. a newspaper in missouri wrote the idea of slicing blade be startling to some people. just a few years later wonderbread started selling through the entire country. the debut of the greatest thing, 88 years ago today. four lives at the big star.
1:00 pm
four loafs, one dollar. dow is down and ted cruz just said he will speak at the republican national convention, at the donald trump convention. your prayers are answered. >> never sent or received any classified information over her private i'm each. was that true? >> our investigation found that there was classified information send -- >> it was not true. >> that what i said. >> it's not accurate to say that she did not send or receive classified -- >> she did not tell the truth during that presidential debate that she never sent or received classified information and it was retroactively classified. >> i don't think that's a question shy be answering what was in her head -- >> either your statement is not true or hers is not true. both of them cannot be true. >> the former secretary of state, one of the president's most important advisers on foreign