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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 8, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> yes. we are expecting a press conference coming up later this morning to get some more. >> that should be about 8:30 a.m. eastern time i believe casey siegel said. >> thank you for joining us. we'll continue to follow this. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning, it is friday, july 8th, 2016. we begin with some heartbreaking breaking news. five police officers murdered in cold blood. it is the deadliest attack on law enforcement since september 11th. >> snipers opening fire in downtown dallas, texas, at the end of a black lives matter protest. 11 officers shot. again, five of them dead. several others are fighting for their lives on this friday morning. right now police officers are standing outside a hospital there saluting their brothers in blue. >> now to the suspects. one gunman is dead.
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he killed himself after barricading himself and shooting at cops for hours. three more suspects are in custody this morning. their motives though still unknown. >> good morning, everybody. live from downtown new york city. abby huntsman joins us. clayton morse. let's get right to the fox news alert. dallas, texas, casey siegel has been covering this. it started 9:00 p.m. your time. tell us what happened. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. first before we get to that. this is the story. it is the five people who lost their lives, the men in blue who were killed in the streets of downtown dallas just 2 1/2 blocks behind me on main street. the first name and face has emerged, the d.a.r.t. officer, dallas area rapid transit officer has been identified as 43-year-old brent thompson. brent thompson. he has been on the force since
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2009. now as we speak, dallas s.q.a.t. offi -- s.w.a.t. officers are wrapping up the scene. the dallas police chief says one of the suspects was hold up in a parking garage and exchanged gunfire with officers for more than two hours. he threatened to hurt more officers and he said that there were bombs planted, quote, all over downtown dallas. so as we speak, canine units are sweeping the streets here to make sure that there are, in fact, no explosive devices. so far that has been unfounded. the shooting broke out tonight at about 8:45 local time just as protesters were wrapping up
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their event in downtown dallas. 11 officers both with dallas police department and dallas area rapid transit were taken down. five officers have since died. others are in critical condition and others are being operated on. eye witnesses described the scene as complete pandemonium as people scattered in every direction not knowing where the shots were coming from. people diving under cars, hiding behind pillars doing anything they can to get away. now this video has been put out by the associated press today, and it shows a man with a rifle hiding behind a concrete pillar and shooting. it is believed that is the suspect who took his own life. police have characterized this as a sniper-style attack. meantime, three other suspects are in custody this morning. a woman and two men who are
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being interviewed and questioned by dallas police. the latest from the scene here. back to you guys. >> all right. casey stegal, thank you very much. you can see the chaos on the ground as police are trying to compile all of these different pieces of information as forensics are trying to piece all of these different puzzle pieces together to try to complete a picture. >> yeah. we know president obama spoke last night in poland. also speaking this morning at a political event. . >> we still don't know all the facts. what we do know is that there has been a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement. we also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic and in the days ahead we're going to have to consider
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those realities as well. when incidents like this occur, there's a big chunk of our fellow citizenry that feels as if because of the color of their skin they are not being treated the same, and that hurts. and that should trouble all of us. this is not just a black issue. not just an hispanic issue. this is an american issue that we should all care about. all fair-minded people should be concerned. >> so there we had a number of sound bites. the first one was of the president in the last hour in europe. the following sound bites were some comments he made in warsaw yesterday after in the last week two unarmed black men were killed while in police custody. let's bring in dan bongino, former secret service agent,
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former new york city police officer and also a security consultant right now. as we heard the president a moment ago say we don't have many facts yet but we do know that it sounds like there were at least two snipers, they seemed to be very well trained, what do you make of what happened? >> yeah, looking at this attack and seeing some of the footage out there that's been pieced together on social media, it was pretty clear that this was pre-planned. this was not a spur of the moment operation or some emotional response to a protest. when you look at the tactics they used, that one scene i saw, the horrible scene with the police officer behind the pillar. he moves very direct, using tactics, using bounding type tactics. they knew what they were doing. >> are those military tactics, dan? police tactics? are they terror tactics? >> yeah. i would -- i would not be remotely surprised if this
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turned out to be a terror group. yeah, the tactics were not -- this isn't the kind of thing if you were engaging in a situation you're in a firefight with weapons against a police officer, to move the way he did directly towards the target almost pie off a bit as we would call it is -- indicates some form of training is probably the best way to say it. >> you mentioned planning. they were peaceful protests in terms of the two shootings steve was talking about earlier. do you think based upon that that they must have been laying in wait for some activity in downtown dallas to seize on, jump on and take action? >> clayton, i'm glad you brought that up. they'll take advantage of
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anything. they'll take advantage of police being distracted by other events to do what happened today. we err not saying this is a terror group. if police are distracted, then they'll take advantage of this. >> this is the deadliest attack since september 11th, waking up so numb. how do they go forward without feeling nervous today. we just heard from president obama? is he saying what you want to hear? is he comforting them in time of uncertainty? >> i'm done with president obama. frankly, so are my law enforcement friends. i literally don't have one law enforcement friend at the federal, state, or local level
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who has anything nice to say anymore. you mow, it's interesting when he gives these speeches, the facts matter. let's wait for the facts. he has no facts on this yet and he goes right to gun control and says we'll have to address that in the next few days. it's just incredible. yesterday his speech about the alton sterling shooting. he goes on to say, this is an american problem? what was an american problem? they don't know what happened. are we not willing to give police officers the benefit of the doubt. >> dan, i know we don't know the motivation because we don't know who these people are. for instance, at the pulse nightclub shooting, that man was trying to kill as many people as he possibly could. it looks like in this case they were particularly targeting -- at this event they were targeting police officers. in fact, one of the alleged
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snipers who shot himself had warned, the end is coming and he's going to hurt and kill more of us, meaning police officers, and that there are bombs all over the place in the garage downtown. what does it say to you that the particulararts were the cops and not a big number of dead people? >> it says to me that you can pretty much rewrite the book on hostage negotiation and scenarios now. these aren't hostage situations anymore. these are massacres. that's what happened in orlando and last night. they weren't looking for negotiation, they weren't looking for money, gold bull on, an airplane to an island. they were looking to kill, kill as many people as possible and to rack up the body counts. this has to rewrite the whole book on hostage negotiations. >> we don't have a lot of facts yet. we do know there was an active
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shooter investigation and situation, and of course how do you negotiate with them in the standoff? what was unfolding? how do you negotiate with people like this? >> yeah. it's very -- i mean, think about the heroism of these men and women in law enforcement. it's almost -- it's difficult to comprehend because you and i thankfully will likely never be in a situation like that. they're negotiating with a man or woman, we couldndon't have t details yet, they've brutally slain four or five of their colleagues. instead of moving in and doing what anyone's emotions would say, stop this, get rid of this person, they negotiate for hours to try to stop it peacefully. they negotiate for hours. it's absolutely incredible, heart wrenching.
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>> we're going to keep you with us but bring in radio host and fox news contributor david webb who joins us now on the couch. as you know. >> this is still a very fluid situation. how important is it not to jump to conclusions at this moment? >> in any of these situations, clearly in this situation, very important not to do that. patience is the hardest thing. we have an instant gratification society, social media pulse. something is done at a protest and all of a sudden there's a conclusion drawn. i agree with dan and we've seen this play out plenty of times with senior leadership, when they go to a narrative and the facts aren't known. i cautioned this last night. this broke during my radio show. we don't know. >> what's scary to me is what dan was talking about earlier. planned, coordinated attack on
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the police officer. it's scary going forward. we think about law enforcement, police officers being out there in these situations protecting this. it was a peaceful protest. it was peacefully wrapping up and protesters started running and screaming in the opposite direction. do we have to worry about more of this going forward? >> i said this especially since ferguson, we saw this building. we saw the officers being assassinated in new york city. we've seen shots taken at police officers at police stations. this has been building. tragically in this environment whether it's someone who has an agenda within the, quote, movement that is a radical side, black lives matter, or it's someone, a terrorist or otherwise, who's taking advantage of that and the environment, we have to be careful. these cops to dan's point, they ran into it. they tried to take care of it.
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they tried to take the sniper alive, the killer. >> we should point out, you're looking at some of the aftermath in downtown dallas where there were a number of simultaneous protests regarding the two shootings of unarmed black men. there were protests across the country. this particular one for some reason, at least two people got together, they heard about it, they said, you know, tonight's the night and it sounds like they went to this south central garage. they were in an elevated position. they decided now's the time to start killing cops. dan -- >> yeah. yeah, it's interesting that they even had these locations, these elevated positions pre-planned out. i'm having a hard time with that. they must have scouted it out for ingres and egress. there was some preplanning.
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that indicates from an analytical perspective, there was some element of preplanning here and assets that were already in place for an attack in that area. they had to know the area well. there's no way they randomly showed up in my opinion from just another location and said, oh, wow, there's a parking garage here, what a great elevation from shooting. >> plus, one of the guys had tactical gear, dressed in camouflage with aid vest on. >> knew exactly what they were doing. >> right. they were prepared to engage. you don't wear tactical gear if you're going to pop off a shot and then run. if you're going to engage in a prolonged firefight like the l.a. bank robbery and some of these terror assaults, they line up in battle dress uniform and bullet resistant armor. that's what they did. >> david, you know dallas very well. >> i lived there for four years. i know this area very well. >> talking to a number of your
3:16 am
friends that live there. >> this is a town, having lived there, i know police officers down there, dps, the state agency, the local agency, they're men and women who have kept that city safe. dallas is a relatively peaceful city. >> demographics? >> you get thousands in the downtown area. it is a pretty black area. griffin, pretty hip area. uptown, right? so the protests in that area, it was proximity to the neighborhood. easy to go there and organize. there's a wide street. there's a good area where people can gather. good area for the police to protect and create a perimeter. >> is this where we often have protests? if you were going to have organized -- planning this out, you know this is the location where typically you're going to
3:17 am
have parades, protests, march down these particular streets? >> yeah, you have an open area. someone who's organized large rallies in new york city, i would look at broadway, by city hall park, for those of you that know that. you can do it safely, effectively, have good transportation. >> normally it seems like this community is peaceful. >> it is. >> this is a pretty rare occurrence. >> this is a peaceful protest. there are people that are concerned about bad shootings. they have an absolute right to question. the families are grieving. we need answers. we need to wait for the due process. i can't stress enough. we've got too much jump to judgment and then if it comes out against what someone believes bad action by bad actors. >> dan, my daughter went to school at smu in dallas. i've been in that neighborhood.
3:18 am
what's interesting about the el centro garage, it's a block or two away from the interstate. they have the tactical gear, maybe they have an exit strategy. they weren't planning on making that their alamo. >> in secret service, ingress and egress, that was one of the things we looked for. we are looking for people surveilling up. like reverse psychology. if people are watching you and setting up a place for an assault, kind of a hot zone where they're going to hit your motorcade, they're looking for a way in and a way out. that may have something to do with it. it may have been the best vantage point. one other thing about this also, to hit a target from that distance is not easy, steve. this isn't the kind of thing in the movies, shoot in the cross hairs, it magically appears.
3:19 am
it doesn't work that way in real life. that's not an easy shot. that indicates preplanning and training. >> that's a very important point that dan brings up. when they do the autopsies, if you've got center mass, you have someone who knows what they were aiming for in a dark environment. this took some skill and some planning. >> dan and david, thank you very much for coming in. stand by. we may talk to you a little later. president obama addressed the tragedy about an hour ago almost immediately. >> we also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. >> is this really the right time for gun control? dr. ben carson is weighing in next. looking for balance in your digestive system?
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you're looking at pictures of last night of police officers standing and saluting their fallen brethren. last night about 8:55 central time at least two snipers started shooting in downtown dallas. they shot 11 officers, they killed 5. they claim they planned bombs all over downtown. downtown dallas this morning is a huge crime area, a crime zone that is closed. >> most of the city is closed. ken paxton, texas attorney
3:24 am
general watching the men in blue standing there. first, your emotional response to what unfolded overnight, ken? >> you know, it's a sad day for texans, the dallas area. i want the families to know that we're praying for them, we're supporting them and we will not forget their fallen heroes. >> what is your message to police? many outside of dallas who are getting ready to serve today, to go out and protect people feeling nervous. their families saying bye to them not knowing what's going to happen. this is the world we live in. what is your message to them and the community of dallas? >> i want them to know that we care about them, support them and appreciate what they do for us. in a situation they were protecting people that were protesting against them, we will support them and stand with them. >> surely.
3:25 am
we have images from last night. it started as a peaceful protest and apparently two snipers started shooting. we've heard a number of stories. one news outfit says there are four snipers, there are stories with three people in kugs did i. what do you know so far? >> right now we think there were four. i don't think they're done looking or investigating. i will tell you i'm two blocks from the building i worked at. being down here with all of these police, i've never been down here when it felt like this or looked like this. it's very surreal. >> you're saying they say there may be up to four snipers? >> no, i think there are four potential suspects. i'm not sure what the role of everybody was. >> gotcha. >> one of the things that was reported overnight, from right out of the suspect's mouth, is that there were bombs planted around the city. our casey stegal saying they
3:26 am
think they may be false reports. >> all i can tell you is there's still a lot of law enforcement looking, searching, doing their jobs. i don't think anything has been found. >> so we know one of the suspects was not very cooperative with the police saying the end is coming, more officers will be dead soon. what is the situation like on the ground now? i know you've been there for a while. just the mood, the feeling. are people still feeling quite unsettled about how this is playing out? >> you know what, i think they do. i wasn't here when the kennedy assassination occurred in the '60s. this is the closest we've ever been to that type of situation where people are uneasy, where it's a very strange, surreal experience. >> in downtown dallas, that area where you're standing right now, that area is closed for business today, right? >> you know what, i know that the mayor and the other -- the governor has encouraged people not to come down here.
3:27 am
the attorney general has an office down here. we're asking our people not to come in this morning because there's a lot going on this morning. lots brolocked off. lots of emergency vehicles. as we said, they're still searching. >> absolutely. >> a long day ahead. >> ken paxton, thank you for joining us. a few short blocks as he mentioned from where the president of the united states was shot in the 1960s. >> absolutely. this was an assassination as well of at least five police officers. speaking of presidents, president obama addressed the tragedy about an hour ago and he brought up gun control immediately. >> we also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. >> is that too early to be talking about a political message? a man who ran for president, dr. ben carson, joins us live. searching for a great used car?
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it is 5:30 right now in dallas, texas. we're back with a fox news alert. five police officers assassinated in the deadliest attack on law enforcement since september 11th, 2001. >> snipers opening fire sending people running for their lives just as a dallas black lives matter protest was wrapping up last night. at this hour, three people are in custody. >> unbelievable video there. the armed man in this video is dead. he killed himself after shooting police officers for hours and
3:32 am
warning of bombs all around the city. so far no explosives have been found. >> he did say the end is near before he was shot. let's get right to casey stegal. he's been live in dallas all night. casey. >> reporter: that was something the suspect told police when he was engaged in that standoff with police that lasted for more than two hours. well, i can tell you that just before we came on the air we got preliminary word that the sweeps have been completed throughout the downtown area. they had canine units out here going around and doing sweeps and all of those have checked out no explosive devices found. dallas police say three suspects are in custody, a woman arrested near the crime scene and then two men who sped away from the scene and police later apprehended them. we've talked to a number of eye witnesses on the ground who say
3:33 am
it was chaos when the gunfire erupted. people running every which way. one man says he estimates hearing upwards of 50 shots. listen. cell phone video showing the crowds scattering, running around 8:45 just as what had been a peaceful protest was about to end. police investigators say the shots came from above the ground, meaning a sniper's perch at a nearby parking garage. the associated press has released this chilling video of what appears to be a man with a rifle hiding behind pillars and opening fire. it is believed that is the same man who engaged police for more than two hours vowing to hurt more officers, but he ended up taking his own life. now the dallas police chief
3:34 am
saying earlier that he is not yet comfortable saying that they have all of their suspects in custody. in other words, fearing that there could be potentially more suspects but police have not confirmed that for us in a while. now dallas officials with d.a.r.t. or dallas area rapid transit have already identified their deceased officer, 43-year-old brent thompson was killed tonight. again, he was with d.a.r.t., dallas area rapid transit. he had been with the department since 2009. one of the faces and names emerging in this horrific tragedy. back to you. >> surreal. casey stegal covering this for us all night. you see a face. it hits home. we're all so numb today. >> horrific is a great way to decide it. joining us is rod wheeler. rod, we're getting more details
3:35 am
about the shooters getting out of a chevy tahoe with multiple magazines falling to the ground. it looked like to eye witnesses that they were trying to draw officers to them. when he fell to the ground he stoot over the officer and shoot him three more times in the back. what do you make of this? looked like it was a coordinated attack earlier in the evening. >> oh, absolutely. as a matter of fact, when the first officers got in that area and began to be fired upon, it appeared as though there were some rounds coming at the officers from up in the garage area. so this was clearly an attack that was planned and some of the witnesses even mentioned that some of the suspects were clothed in camouflage clothing so that tells us in law enforcement that this thing had to have been planned. now the other thing that i think is very significant is that this also has a few little ideas looking like isis. it could have been isis inspired. why do i say that? if you look at the last guy who engaged police two hours in
3:36 am
negotiations and he winds up killing himself, that's actually exactly the way isis talks about going out of here if they were to go out of here. they will not be taken into custody. so i think the fbi and atf and other agencies are diligently trying to figure out whether or not this group of individuals were either inspired or either directed by some terrorist organization. >> right. rod, the guy who killed himself rather than being taken by the cops, he said, the end is coming and he's going to hurt or kill more of us. >> right. >> regarding police officers and that there are bombs all over the place in the garage in downtown, that bomb thing, too, i mean, that's what we heard from the guy who was the shooter down in orlando. >> exactly. >> there's ieds out in the parking lot, stuff like that. >> that's right, steve. you know, the fact that this guy even mentioned this to the police last night tells you right away that they had thought about this thing before and obviously they had planned for this. now the police officers responded very quickly and as a matter of fact the one that was
3:37 am
shot point blank range from what i understand, he did get off some rounds as a suspect. according to some witnesses, it appeared as though the suspects were wearing body armor because they didn't go down after they were shot. that's what some of the eye witnesses said. again, this was a well planned out attack against these officers. >> so the next few hours are going to be all about the motive, what was behind this attack. where do law officials begin in this investigation? how do they begin starting to piece all of this together from what we know right now? >> they've already started doing that. that's an excellent question. this he have' already started simulating information such as who these individuals are, what associations do they have? what's their social media footprint. the vehicle that was allegedly used, they're running that information. the most important information now, whether or not there's other individuals out there that conspired with these individuals and whether or not there's any other planned attacks against u.s. law enforcement. and that's why u.s. law enforcement as of right now are
3:38 am
on high alert because we don't know the answer to that question yet. >> what do you make about this scene, the location that they chose to carry out this attack, rod? >> yeah. they just hijacked -- i think they hijacked the protesters. look, we have protests going on in about 12 different cities last night. they could have selected any of those cities. >> right. >> the question becomes, why did they select that particular city? that's the question that we is still have to answer. >> david, you were saying this is a usually peaceful city. >> absolutely. good neighborhood as well. rod, stand by. we're going to go now to dr. ben carson, he ran for president in the past year. he joins us right now live from florida, i believe. dr. carson, what do you make of what happened in dallas overnight? >> obviously it's extraordinarily troublesome, and these people were ready waiting for an opportunity. it really should make us think about what is going to happen.
3:39 am
there are terror cells all over our country. there are professional agitators all over our country looking for opportunity. and these opportunities do arise. they will continue to arise because, you know, there are bad apples in the police force like there are bad apples in everything. there are bad surgeons. but the vast majority of surgeons are wonderful people. so, you know, these opportunities will continue to happen and they will continue to do these things. but i guess the real issue is, you know, the president's going to start saying, see, gun control. >> well, and -- >> that solves the problem. >> we heard from the president already this morning. even bringing up gun control. listen to this. >> yeah. >> hold on, dr. carson. got a sound bite. >> their twisted motivations, but let's be clear. there is no possible justification for these kinds of attacks or any violence against law enforcement. we also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons,
3:40 am
unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. >> pardon the earlier interruption, doctor. is right now the time to get political? >> now is definitely not the time to get political. now is the time to use logic and ask ourselves, why do we have a constitution? why do we have a second amendment? they're saying you don't need a high powered weapon to hunt deer. the constitution is not about deer hunting, it's about people being able to defend themselves from an overly aggressive government or external invasion. >> what would you say if you were president of the united states this morning to calm the nation? we've had a number of big, high profile shootings over the past few weeks. in the past few days the unrest, these protests. police officers having to go out an protect sit accepts all over this country. what would you say to a weary
3:41 am
nation this morning? >> i would say i want you to understand that the police are a vital part of the stability of our nation, and i want you to imagine 24 or 48 hours with no police. what would your life be like? yes, there are some bad apples and, yes, we will find ways to deal with them but in no way do we indict the entire police force. >> what would your message be as well both to -- there are two sides of this. to the police community that as you said because of a few bad apples they're painted with a wide brush but also to the black lives matter out there protesting peacefully. what is your message across the board to both groups that are obviously passionate about what happened the other night. >> my message is we, the american people, are not each other's enemies. there are those trying to stir us up and create conflict for
3:42 am
their own nefarious purposes and we have to be smart enough not to allow them to succeed. i understand why the black lives matters people r upset, particularly about the louisiana situation, but let's let the system play itself out because there are a lot of people who are outraged about that. >> indeed. there were a number of protests -- simultaneous protests across the country. unfortunate unfortunately, the bun in dallas took a terrible turn and five police officers are dead this morning. dr. ben carson, we thank you very much for joining us. >> pleasure. meanwhile, coming up, we just heard from the president getting political on gun control. coming up next we're going to be talking to texas congressman william herd, former cia agent who we saw yesterday at the house hearing with the fbi director.
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and we are back with that breaking news overnight. we have five cops that were dead in cold blood -- killed in cold blood. you've got three that are in custody. one of the suspects shot himself, a gun inflicted wound in the garage. joining us now republican texas congressman william herd. thanks for waking up so early for us. >> thanks for having me on. >> you are from texas. you know this community well. just off the top, reaction to what we're hearing this morning. >> it's horrific. it's unbelievable to think that people are willing to kill in cold blood. to do that during a peaceful protest is unimaginable. a and, you know, this is something
3:47 am
where the dallas community is grieving. you have a number of injured law enforcement officers. you have a law enforcement community close knit. law enforcement officers are grieving all across our country. there's a lot of questions. there's probably more questions than answers right now. >> true. >> this is a horrific tragedy. >> you know immediately we're going to start to hear calls to congress to enact stricter gun control laws. how were they carrying multiple magazines falling out of their pants, tactical gear while they were squaring off with the officers. you heard the president talking about gun control. >> everybody needs to calm down. we need to let law enforcement investigate what happened. what were the motives? is this connected to something else? do other law enforcement officers around the country need to be worried that this is something larger? the difference in this case and what we've seen in others is at least we have people in custody. so we're going to be able to interrogate them, learn what was going on, why did they do this,
3:48 am
who are they connect the to? you know, did they have training? the one thing i think we do know is they had a level of training and preparation that shows an elevated understanding of tactics, techniques and procedures. that's the period where we are now. there's going to be enough time for politicians to start talking about, you know, retreat to their corners and use the same tired talking points that they always bring up, but right now this is about feeling with the families, grieving with the families. >> absolutely. >> in the law enforcement community and figuring out what's going to happen. >> for those who do not know the congressman's background, he is from west texas. his father was from dallas. you are an intel officer from the cia. you had sharp questions for fbi. something you said, i'm sure this is from your cia training, you were struck by the sophisticated tactics of what we've been able to pick up of at
3:49 am
least one of the gunmen involved in the assassination of the cops overnight. >> yeah. look, you know, i think when gunfire started exchanging you had folks in cross positions that were moving towards the target. usually, you know, most folks that have never been in that situation are going the opposite direction. the level of coordination, there seemed to be some type of triangulation. one of the things that law enforcement is going to do, and they're best in the world at, recreating the crime scene, trying to understand what happened. again, the fact that we have three folks in custody is important because we don't always have that. so we're going to learn a lot. and the intelligence we're going to gain from those three is super important. >> all right. congressman william herd, a tough night. appreciate you being with us. coming up on the show, the chaos sparked instantly after the gunshots rang out. >> everybody watch out!
3:50 am
>> how do you call a nation on edge this morning? former colonel from the united states air force is here live.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
[ gunfire ] oh, man, we're back with the fox news alert. five police officers murdered in the deadliest attack on law enforcement since september the 11th, 2001. >> [ bleep ]. >> yeah, no kidding. how do you calm a nation on edge? joining us right now is republican u.s. senate nominee
3:54 am
in colorado, retired lieutenant colonel darrell glenn. colonel, good morning. >> hey, good morning. >> you know, we have been looking at these pictures and somebody in dallas said it was like a little war. as soon as the shooting started, people started running away from the gunshots. went around the corner and somebody over there was shooting in the other direction. it's crazy. it looks like it was a coordinated attack. >> well, that's possible. and one of the things that we need to understand is people are scare and they want answers. so we need to be very careful not to put too many facts that are out there. we need to allow the investigative process to take hold. recognize this is an opportunity to stand behind law enforcement because they're grieving. they're part of our families. >> what do politicians need to do at this hour? there seems to be some jumping to conclusion on the part of many folks. the president speaking in poland just a short time ago, talking about gun control. should he have done that?
3:55 am
>> i disagree with that. you have to understand that you are in a position of authority and people are looking to you in a time of crisis for leadership and clarity. so you need to be very careful not to get too far ahead of the facts but you need to be careful not to drive your policy agenda. you'll exasperate the issue by driving a wedge, especially a wedge between law enforcement and the people that they're there to protect. >> what is the right message there then? it's a balance, about speaking to everyone that's involved. to every american that cares about this. you're running for office. this is something that you're passionate about. how do you get that message right, as today is all about comforting a community that is feeling unsettled. >> well, absolutely. this is an opportunity to realize that people are grieving. because these are members that wake up each and every day. they potentially put their lives on the line. this is an excellent opportunity to come together. you have need to bring
3:56 am
policymakers. the law enforcement community, plus community leaders together. because we need to grieve together because we're family members. you need to make sure that the information you're putting out there is factual. not policy based. >> indeed. all right, lieutenant colonel darrell glenn who's running for senate in colorado, sir, thank you very much. >> thanks, colonel. >> thank you. all right. meanwhile, the next question for investigators is why, what was the motivation? was this a reaction to perceived injustice or was it something else? we have already had somebody on this program this morning suggesting it could have been terror. former new york city police department detective bo dietl and dr. keith ablow will take us through the investigation and what they're trying to do this morning in dallas. constipated?
3:57 am
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4:00 am
that is down town dallas. a little before 9:00 last night. we begin with breaking news on this friday. five police officers murdered in cold blood. it's the deadliest attack on law enforcement since september the 11th, 2001. >> shots fired. >> green vests -- >> a body -- >> a horrible scene. snipers opening fire in dallas, texas, at the end of the black lives matter protest. 11 officers were shot. again, five of them are dead, several officers are fighting for that are lives -- their lives this morning. >> right now, police officers are standing outside of a hospital there. saluting their brothers in blue. you can see the devastation on their faces. this heart breaking photo. now to the suspects. three people in custody this morning.
4:01 am
body armor, multiple magazines. a coordinated attack. a fourth suspect believed to be armed in this video is dead. he killed himself after shooting at police officers for hours. and warning of bombs all around the city. so far, none have been found. good morning, everybody. live from new york city. we've got clayton and we've got abby in with us. we have casey stengel who is live in dallas. he's been up all night. casey, this all started around quarter to 9:00 down there in dallas-ft. worth. >> reporter: that's right. only two blocks in that direction is where the crime scene actually is. the protesters were marching in the direction toward our camera. almost to the end of the protest, when the gunfire erupted. dallas police and the swat units
4:02 am
are disassembling down there. they were involved in the tense standoff with one of the suspects before he turned the gun on himself and took his own life. he did warn, however, of bombs being placed in the city. he can tell you that k-9 and explosive detection units have been making sweeps and nothing has been found. all clear has been given. this was the scene. can you imagine? the shooting broke out last night around 8:45. 11 officers both with the dallas police department and dallas area rapid transit were hit, wounding six and five have died. including 43-year-old brent thompson, the first victim to be identified publicly. he was among those killed last night. he has been with the force since 2009. eyewitnesses describe the
4:03 am
absolute chaos that ensued as people literally scattered in every direction, not knowing where the shots were even coming from. one eyewitness described bullets ricochetting off the pavement. this video was put out by the associated press and it shows a man with a rifle hiding behind a concrete pillar and shooting. we believe that is the suspect that was engaged in the standoff who killed himself. police have characterized this as a sniper style attack. and this morning, they do have three suspects in custody. a woman and two men said to be questioning -- being questioned by dallas police at this hour. back to you. >> casey, thank you. we want to bring in governor huckabee, joining us on the couch, governor of arkansas. also a fox news contributor, kevin jackson.
4:04 am
kevin, from what we know this morning, it seems like this was a targeted, preplanned -- who knows how long, but a preplanned attack against police. what are your thoughts this morning? >> well, probably was. i mean, the speculation on that's going to last for some time. obviously, there was some planning because they knew that the protests were going to happen, but i think what we should be talking about is why this attack occurred which is quite frankly we have been leading up to it. when it's happened in ferguson, people seem to forget that police officers were shot at in ferguson in one of the last episodes. and police officers are being killed all over this country and it's leadership from the top. barack obama's speech helped to stoke this. i know people don't like to hear this, but we are not having an honest conversation about why this type of thing is occurring because everybody on the left wants to look at it through the ethnocentric and racist eyes.
4:05 am
many people in america are unfortunately shot by police officers, and in fact there have been 561 shootings so far. 275 of those deaths were white folks. 136 were black. 86 were hispanic. i would defy anybody that's paying attention to this stuff to tell me who was the last hispanic who was killed. they wouldn't know the name alex nunoz. they wouldn't know the name of the last white person killed. but we do know the name of sterling and castile and brown. we don't know the name of these faceless people who don't matter. we shouldn't demonize the police officers for doing their jobs and in the case of castile, if its's a bad shoot as they say, let the law take its course. despite hillary clinton what happened with hillary clinton, we do believe in laws in this country. >> absolutely. and of course we should point out the murders happened in
4:06 am
dallas at the conclusion of a protest. there were simultaneous protests across the country regarding the two men who were shot by law enforcement in the last week. governor mike huckabee joins as well. the mayor of dallas, mike rawlings, said this is the worst nightmare. >> it's the worst nightmare for any state or community, because when you attack police officers you're attacking the community, you're attacking the constitution and the sense of law and order and you're talking common sense. sure, there have been some incidents in which police officers went over the line. but look in north charleston, what did we do? we prosecuted. that's what you have to do. spend the time, get the evidence and let law follow the course. and what's so tragic about this is the 600,000 police officers in this country every day get low pay, they often are underappreciated.
4:07 am
and we need to just say to them, thank you for holding that thin blue line between us and anarchy. last night in dallas, these horrible savages erased that blue line. >> something that donald trump has been talking about. tweeting this morning about the police officers. he says, prayers and condolences to all of the families who are so thoroughly devastated by the horrors we are all watching take place in our country. governor, what is terrorism? was this terrorism? >> well, it may not be terrorism in the sense of ideological terrorism, it may be terrorism in the sense of reacting to what somebody perceived was abuse of the police. but, yeah, it's terrorism when you terrorize a community. that's what you have done in dallas. you have scared people to death. >> kevin, weigh in on this as well. it is terrorism you say. >> it is terrorism, yeah. i remember when eless beth was on the show and i said this is nothing more than terrorism. the target has been put on the back of police officers all
4:08 am
around this country. they do make mistakes from time to time, but why are we ringing the bell of racism, every time a mistake is made. we ring that bell when it's blacks being shot. police kill people, it's because their lives are in danger, but occasionally they do make a mistake. we have to expect this now every time that a black person is killed, or any person that's killed, police are there for law and order. what we have done is we have almost put -- we have racialized the police force to make them a separate group that is out theoretically hunting black people and that's ridiculous. >> this comes after two black men were shot as uyou're referring to, one in baton rouge and one in minnesota, philando castile. the governor said this would not happen if he was white. you know how important it is to speak out after the incidents. what is your reaction? >> i think that was an ill
4:09 am
tempered kind of statement to make. that it was a racist crime. that's essentially what he said. i think that's unfair. abby, your dad was a governor, he was a good friend of mine. i had to carry out the death penalty many, many times as a governor. hardest part of the job. but i had months to think through every aspect of this case. i read every page of every trial transcript. i had all of the opportunities to make sure that i knew that this person was properly adjudicated. what i had weeks and months to do, a cop in the middle of the night in the darkness of night has milliseconds to make. he's got to make a life and death decision and we need to remember that. we ask these guys to do an incredibly difficult thing. >> we're not always there. we don't see -- >> we don't see everything. look, there needs to be an investigation but let it happen first. >> right. let it happen. let us gather the facts but the president of the united states was -- he's in europe right now. he went to the podium and made some statements.
4:10 am
he said it's early, we don't know a lot of the facts but they was then he was talking about people armed withowerful rifles and introducing politics. so early in the game. >> the most powerful weapon that we have to fight against is the weapon of irrational hate and the weapon of wanting to kill people to make a point. because the common denominator, whether it's the savagery of san bernardino or orlando or dallas, we don't know why it's happened yet, but the common denominator is not the weapon. it may be a bomb, a knife or a gun. the common denominator is the anarchy in the heart of the person who's -- what's committing the crime. >> kevin, i want to bring you back in this. because reverend jesse jackson overnight in an interview right after the attacks unfolded in dallas commenting on this saying that donald trump is a factor in this rhetoric. this violence that we're seeing. >> yeah. yeah, sure. the racism dinner bell has rang for jesse jackson and he's coming to get a full meal.
4:11 am
i disagree with the governor in the common denominator is liberalism. people who have essentially marginalized the black community, corralled them into neighborhoods where the crime rate gets out of control, bad schools. all the things that are bad about american society get exasperated in the black, cultural community and everybody wants to ignore the outcome thereafter. the common denominator is barack obama not standing up for law and order and saying to people, i will not allow the people who protect this nation internally, that would be the police force to go through this. but he does don't that. he doesn't do it with our military. he doesn't do it with our police officers. so we end up with things like hillary clinton being exonerated when everybody knows she's guilty. we end up with people being able to go out with immunity and shoot at police officers. this has been escalating for quite some time. this is not a new phenomena. look at the crime rate in most of the major cities and you will see it is going up. not down. >> governor, what would you like to hear from president obama?
4:12 am
because the concern when something like this happens and it's just horrific as you're saying, it's the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11, you're worried about us becoming more divided as a society. so what is the right message? if you were president of the united states, what would you be saying right now to the nation? >> i think this is a time when real leaders bring people together, he doesn't split them apart. he doesn't need to inject the divisive arguments like gun control at a time of great grief for the nation. he ought to do for us what ronald reagan did after the challenger disaster. and that's remind us of what we have in common. not what separates us. that's why i'm so frustrated. barack obama has such great potential to be a leader. but on the other hand, what he ought to be doing is focusing upon those police officers and the sacrifice they made and solely on the police officers and the sacrifices of their family and leave all of the political discussions aside. there are plenty of time for
4:13 am
that. today one thing ought on the president's mind. >> i'm glad you brought up the families. people don't think of the sacrifices that the families make and having to say good-bye to someone they love to serve this country. >> they never know, they never know if this is the last day i'll see my daddy. i wish the president would put that focus on. >> we want to bring in former new york detective bo dietl who just sat down. >> the mayor of dallas has given an interview and we made this clear earlier, they know of at least four people involved. one of them killed himself. the suspects are not cooperating with the police they say. 12 officers, not 11 -- they have updated the number. 12 officers shot. the motive, to kill as many police officers as possible. and bo, so far, no link to terror. >> well, listen, first of all, my heart and soul goes out to
4:14 am
the five officers. i just happened to be in dallas three weeks ago for a funeral and i was with rawlings and chief brown and they're down there because of no raises with their pay, talking about laying off cops down there. so you have that going on. with that said right now, let's not jump to conclusions. because this was a well orchestrated thing. it was -- they were shooting from the rooftops. could have been as many as four shooters. as far as from me watching and listening to the firepower, then you had the -- the way that one man was moving around in the strategic -- >> he looked like he had been trained. >> he was definitely trained and then he assassinates the cop like that. we can't take anything off the board until this is fully investigated. i don't need president obama coming out worrying about gun control. there were five officers that were gunned down. the other cases will be investigated. you can't go out and kill people because you don't like what you saw. when you get a president who is judging again what's going on,
4:15 am
there were five white americans killed last week by white police officers or by black police officers. this is where you have tens of millions of interaction with cops with people, cops with people and one -- the one down south there, he had a pretty lengthy rap sheet. he wasn't a kid that was on a block, he may have a gun on him and all that. >> what does it say to you though that the suspects are not c cooperating? >> that shows me there's a motive here, they know the motive -- maybe the motive is to shoot the cops, start the race war in america. it's a good time with the demonstrations. hey, look this brings back me back to 1971, '72 with the black liberation army, we had 13 killed one year. we had 11 killed the next year. this brings me right back and last night, i said when i was on megyn's show, this bigger than you think. because when they have someone shot, they -- you don't wait for the ambulance. when i saw the guys laying down on the ground they weren't
4:16 am
moving. the pictures that first came out last night. and again, my heart and soul goes out to those families. >> kevin, we want to bring you back in here. you heard what bo had to say. do you agree or disagree about the 1970s? >> bo has a lot of experience in that area, but the long range impact of this, we have created an ecosystem that black people hate cops. there are people celebrating the fact that five police officers are dead, 12 are wounded. there's a celebration going on that we got them. those pigs in a blanket. the fact of the matter is the neighborhoods that are the least safe in this country black neighborhoods. the 600,000 cops and the people that bo has talked about are the very people that go into these neighborhoods and console the fathers and the mothers and the brothers and the sisters of these kids when they're killed and they're going to have to go into the neighborhoods where they know they are despised by blacks because of the separation
4:17 am
being made. >> where do we begin? this is a bigger problem than we imagined. where do we bring the communes together? >> with leadership. first of all, we should not be dividing this country. remember i was a cop in the 1970s, i have never seen racial relations as bad as it is today. the president prejudges things with ferguson and all that. we had two cops assassinated in new york because of the outrage of de blasio there. what do you want dead cop, when do you want them now. take the cops off the street and see how long our society would last. if they all walked off the street for two day, what are we going to have? anarchy. my whole problem here is, i want to bring people together. you have the things like blue shield, you have cops together, all the programs to get into the inner cities to show these kids that cops are fathers and sons. they're not the big bad ugly people. they want to help you.
4:18 am
you saw those cops running into the line of fire. they weren't running -- they were running in there. i'm angry because the poor cops have children. i guarantee you some of those cops that were killed could be african-american also. so it's not black and white. it's society. and what we've got to do is bring ourselves together. and this president has divided us too darn much, man. i hope whoever becomes the president, whether it's donald trump or hillary clinton, that we bring people together. this is one of the most important issues in our country today. >> speaking of leadership, "the dallas morning news" has an editorial today and at the end it says mayor rawlings assessment was tragically correct. we must wake up and unite. if we lead with anger nobody wins. >> i think that's a good point to bo's point this about making us americans, not black americans, not white americans. americans. and americans are people who understand that we are only as good as we obey our laws.
4:19 am
as we understand, that's what you unites us. it's not our color. it's not our demographics of our socioeconomic background. it's our respect of each other, which is done under the banner of our laws and constitution. >> then, you know, go back. my last case was ten hispanic kids shot in the head dead. palm sunday massacre. these are the things that happen in society. the cops are there to protect us. i didn't like what i saw in the videos. like everyone else. but again, you've got millions of interactions, millions of interactions. let's investigate it before we start calling something before we know what it is. these poor cops that were gunned down, i think they're using it as an excuse, this was preplanned. this is a very easy way to start -- the cops are now reacting, and cops are not reacting in new york city. the gun arrests are down. yeah, because the cops are not
4:20 am
getting involved. blue lives matter. >> i don't think i have seen you this passionate. ever. you're that close. >> it's real. the emotions are real this morning and what we saw, we're look agent the video from last night. it looks like a war zone. it does. we just think of the reality. >> they're fathers, they're sons. these officers. they're fathers and sons. these are real heros there. if you can see what was going on there, the one guy had body armor. the cops shot at him three times i believe. and he didn't just shoot the cop -- he pumped bullets in him. let's not prejudge anything. i need my african-american people in this community to ban together and help the police officers find out who was -- we're all america. we're not black, white, hispanic, we're all americans. >> we're all frustrated. bo and kevin jackson and
4:21 am
governor, thank you. the crime scene is massive, all of downtown dallas is shut down on a friday morning. where do investigators even start to put it all together? forensic expert jennifer beringer next on the biggest crime scene in dallas. good luck with the meeting today. thank you. as our business is growing, and you're on the road all day long, it's exhausting. holiday inn has been a part of the team. you're on the fourth floor. it makes life on the road much easier. book your next journey at
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4:25 am
this is a thousand feet away from where john f. kennedy was assassinated. this is still a live crime scene, right? >> that's right. apparently, they're not -- they're not talking. so all the people, all the suspects that they have -- >> not cooperating. cooperating. we know there could be some bombs out there, some live incendiary devices. >> because that's what they said. >> they said -- >> as they were going down, there were bombs planted around the city, but police haven't found those so far. they're looking everywhere. >> it could be outside the crime scene, it's four or five blocks in every direction. a huge crime scene because we could be looking for personal items. i mean, even trash. we'll want the dna to make sure that we have got them all. >> you have one of the suspects as well, clayton, who said the end is coming before he shot himself. the end is coming, more officers will be dead soon. >> that's right. >> that leaves you so unsettled if you're investigating this.
4:26 am
>> i would think if i was walking around down there, i would be very concerned for safety. >>here are multiple cars. we know one pulled up in the chevy tahoe. wearing tactical gear. where are these vehicles stashed, where they're blocked off? maybe up on top of the garage. how do you begin to piece this together? i mean up, how do you pull this fragment from here and put it together? it's massive. >> luckily, most of the witnesses are police officers. so they're very well educated in how to deal with a crime scene, right? so they're going to have some ideas of where they have seen them go. so where they saw them, they'll start there. work outwards from there. but it's a massive crime scene. that is a long -- a lot of distance to cover. >> the suspect -- the shooter who killed himself and just before he did, he said the end is coming. going to try to kill as many cops as possible. obviously, there were hundreds of people out on the street, but for the most part, he shot 12 cops and one civilian.
4:27 am
>> that was clearly accidental. it was just in her -- >> she was apparently near the cops, taking pictures. when you look at the video we have up right now, here's one of the gunmen, the snipers, on top of the parking structure. the way he move, it looks like he has tactical training. >> he's been trained, that's right. and likely by us, of course. so it matters where and what they're doing and what they're -- what they want to be up to. but we are probably the ones that trained him. >> why do you say that and not isis or a terror training camp or something like that? >> for the most part, even those guys come over here to get trained. we're the best trainers in the world. we have the best military. >> so let's talk about the weapons used here. ar-15s, magazines, what types of guns are those? how would they they have been
4:28 am
used in the -- in the distance by the police officers? >> originally i thought it was hunting rifles, it could have been anything or anyone. now that i have heard it, these are guns with clips. these are much more intense guns. so yeah, these are guns that could have taken out a lot more police officers than actually got killed. it's horrible to they, but it's true. we're probably lucky with the number like 11. >> it seems like a lot of thought was put into this attack. jennifer beringer, thank you. as dallas deals with the worst loss of police officers since 9/11, the president focuses in on the weapons used by the shooters. and at the same time, says we don't have all of the facts. well, sheriff david clarke is here with a message that the president should be sending. that is next.
4:29 am
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if you're just waking up, a tragic night in dallas. five police officers murdered in the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11. >> as the sun comes up in texas, we're learning that the 12th officer shot in -- we know that one was -- one more than originally thought. when we went to air, we thought it was 11, but it's 12. >> snipers sent people running for their lives just as the dallas black lives matter protest was wrapping up. at this hour, three people are in custody. >> look at this video. a fourth suspect believed to be the armed man in this video is dead. he killed himself after shooting
4:33 am
at police officers for hours and warning of bombs planted around the city. so far no explosives have been found. >> let's get to casey stegall. he has been live there all night. >> reporter: and dallas police say they do have three suspects in custody this morning. a woman who was arrested not far from the parking garage down at the crime scene which is again just 2 1/2 blocks behind me in that direction. also, two men who were seen putting a camouflage bag into a mercedes-benz and quickly speeding away. those were the words from police. police able to catch up with them. execute a stop and those two men were taken into custody. the mayor says that all three are being uncooperative right now. and not providing police with much information. we have been here really since the very early goings of this and talked to a number of eyewitnesses who attended the rally. who said they heard up to 50 gunshots. listen.
4:34 am
cell phone video shows the crowd scattering around 8:45, just as what had been a peaceful protest was ending. police investigators say the shots came from above the crowd. meaning, a sniper's perch at a nearby parking garage. now, the associated press has released this chilling video of what appears to be a man with a rifle, hiding behind pillars firing his weapon. it's believed that's the same man who engaged police with gun fire for more than two hours, vowing to hurt even more officers. but he ended up taking his own life we know now. officials here no doubt with heavy hearts this morning. still in a state of shock. >> we lost our first officer, it was something very tough for us to deal with.
4:35 am
but we're not in this alone. we run in when others are running away. what we say is we protect and serve. we want to make sure we protect the innocent. as a police profession we're all in this together. i have heard from numerous departments all across the country to include canada and london, england. sending their sympathies and we're not in this alone. >> reporter: among the officers killed and injured, both belonged to the dallas police department or d.a.r.t. known as dallas area rapid transit. and police with d.a.r.t. have identified their deceased officer as this man, 43-year-old brent thompson. he had been with the department since 2009. as you heard this is the first officer killed in the line of duty for dallas area rapid transit. back to you guys. >> thank you, casey. we're learning more about brent thompson this morning. if that wasn't tragic enough we have learned that he was just married two weeks ago.
4:36 am
>> heart breaking. >> it makes -- so you think about everyone who was involved in that, they have lives and they have families and a story to tell. we'll learn about it i'm sure today. >> one other story, i read online. we have been talking about how apparently the shooters were at the parking structure. at one point, a number of people who were trapped inside. a s.w.a.t. team rushed in enabling five people to escape. at that point, one of the police officers yelled it's a terrorist attack let's go. >> and he threw a flash bang device to disorient the shooters in order to get out. >> that's one of the reasons there was one shooter on the ground. joining us right now, somebody we call on at times like this, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. good morning to you, sheriff. >> good morning. >> when you look -- when you looked at the video of in particular that one shooter, he's down on the street level
4:37 am
and he's hiding behind a column and he executes a police officer in cold blood, you're an expert. as you analyze that, what can you tell about that person who's doing the shooting? >> well, i don't know what -- what can you say? i mean, this is horror. just beyond belief for the cops. have we heard from the cop hater in chief, barack obama and mrs. bill clinton who exploited the situations. horrible situations no doubt, but especially the commander in chief opens his mouth and he sticks his foot in it. he starts exploiting things that just don't exist. he has no evidence or data or research to support any disparate treatment by the police officer. that's what i'm talking about.
4:38 am
he didn't cause this, but you know what he fuels this sort of anger, this misplaced anger about things going on that were thousands of miles away. this stuff didn't happen anywhere near dallas. i don't know why they're -- >> this hits close to home for you. what are the emotions that you feel waking up this morning an where are we at as a society? are we experiencing a war on cops? >> yeah. thanks. you know, i said that now going on almost two years ago, the war had been declared on the american police officer. probably said it on your program. after the two of new york's finest were gunned down in their cruiser by an individual who claimed to be making amends for mike brown in ferguson, missouri. some thought that was over the top when i said that war had been declared but the american police officer knows it has. this is just another ugly chapter in that war. >> david, obviously looking at as a sheriff in milwaukee county you're looking at these type of situation, a coordinated attack clearly.
4:39 am
waiting on some -- >> two shooters. >> coordinated, waiting on a mass gathering of individuals. waiting to gun down police. how could you prepare for something like that? do you think that we're going to see more of these types of attacks? >> well, i would hope not, but you can't prepare for an ambush like that. we have seen law enforcement officers ambushed in houston, he was just filling up his cruiser with gasoline. the ones at nypd, and those aren't the only three, but you can't prepare for that ambush. we understand the dangers inherit in this sort of work, but when somebody sets you up to ambush you, not much you can do. >> sure. you mentioned the president of the united states. we did carry his comments live from europe about 2 1/2 hours ago. he did say it was too early, we don't know all the facts but he -- >> that's interesting. >> he did mentioned that when people are armed with powerful weapons which clearly is a political component that he tried to inject into it. let me ask you this. what does it say though, given
4:40 am
the fact that one of the fellow who was cornered and shot himself rather than be taken alive said the end is coming, and he's going to try to hurt as many cops as he possibly can. >> i don't know to say to a stupid comment like that. he probably did society a benefit by ends it like that. but going back to president obama, it's interesting he said the facts aren't in. he's usually been popping off at the mouth before he knows the facts. like he did yesterday without any foundation, he talk about -- he talked about racism and dispar it treatment and people of color, all the nonsense. he's armed with powerful words and he uses the words irresponsibly. it fuels the anger towards the american police officer and i wish he'd knock it out.
4:41 am
>> others like reverend jesse jackson overnight, right after the attacks on a london radio show saying that trump and the rise of ultraconservative groups are to blame for this violence. what do you say to reverend jackson? >> i say nothing to reverend jackson. he is another one of those blow hards whose time has passed and he's trying to stay relevant and he talks like that i'll tell you right now, nobody who's running for president right now, there are only two people left, have stood behind or stood behind the american law enforcement like trump. i can't wait for january 20th i believe of 2017 when president obama leaves the white house for the last time and i hope and pray that donald j. trump becomes the next commander in chief. we need someone who will stand beside us and support us, unambiguously by which the way and we know we won't get that out of mrs. bill clinton. i think the saddest day for law
4:42 am
enforcement will be if she becomes president of the united states. >> donald trump sent out a tweet, prayers and condolences to those thoroughly devastated by the horrors we are all watching take place in our country. >> that's what i'm talking about. yesterday what we got from president obama was -- and this is -- some aspects this is the right thing to do. he said my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the two people who were caught in those tragic situations in louisiana and minnesota. but he says nothing today, he's waiting for facts to emerge. he says nothing about condolences and he won't visit those families as well. >> thanks, sheriff, for being with us. more on the president's response, the dallas police ambushed while traveling down to those protests to protect the citizens of dallas. the president said the guns used
4:43 am
made this more tragic. is it the guns or someone with a vendetta against the police? we're live from poland next. with advil, you'll ask what muscle pain? what headache? what arthritis pain? what bad wrist? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works fasternger or longer than advil it's the world's #1 choice what pain? advil.
4:44 am
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4:46 am
welcome back. if you're just waking up, it is about a quarter to 7:00 in morning down in dallas, texas, where they're waking up. we know of at least two snipers shot 12 officers and killed five cops. there was a stampede in downtown dallas as shots rang out from the el centro college parking structure. david webb is a fox news contributor. he lived in dallas for four years. david, talk a little bit about what you're seeing right there. >> well, what you are seeing is an open area in the downtown dallas area. you have wide streets. you've got -- we have got buildings that are commercial buildings for the most part.
4:47 am
and in this case, you have basically a good line of sight although at night it would have been a difficult shot which brings into play, or brings into my thoughts the ability of this shooter. but you have a very open area where it's easy to pick your target. >> i asked governor huckabee earlier on the show, was this terrorism? >> it is terrorism. we don't know the motivation or what type of terrorism behind it. but it is terrorism. there's no doubt about that. the type of act, the deliberate nature. i have listened to some other cell phone video of going on down there, and i'm starting to hear more of the shots in the way they're being fired. i hear grouping -- >> what does that mean? >> three or four shots, you know, pick another target. >> who does that? >> that's the sniper. >> but who -- what kind of -- >> it's military training. look, it's something you can kind of see in the video games. but in order to commit that kind of shot from an elevation down
4:48 am
and certainly not claiming to be the world's expert here, but these are the basics of how you would carry this out. this is someone who knew what they were doing. >> exactly. that would take a lot of experience, a lot of practice. you have a lot of friends in law enforcement in dallas. you have been talking to them this morning. what are they telling you? how do they begin to pick up the pieces? can they heal from this experience? >> well, police officers will go back on the job, they will go out and protect the community. they always do. it's what they do every day. i always say they go out the door every day not knowing what will happen from a traffic stop to guarding the people at a peaceful protest. you're always in the target zone. >> the president speaking in poland saying we don't have all the facts yet, but then proceeded to talk about gun control. >> insulting, disgusting, beneath the office of the president. we have dead police officers, families who will find out this morning that their family member is dead. we have a community that's broken.
4:49 am
we have concerned citizens who had serious concerns about the shooting of two men, whether -- we don't know all the facts there, but they are also entitled to have their concerns. and the president goes to something which is not relevant to the issue. >> but you know you're going to hear it because these groups are going to come out, how do they have multiple magazines, ar-15s and the police looked like sitting ducks. >> one, these are not assault rifles inletion you modify them and they're illegal. it's a long gun. also, you want your officers to have that same long gun to go deal with these men. it's like the orlando terrorist. the orlando terrorist could have done more damage, faster rate of fire in a small -- in a closed space with a 9 millimeter than a long gun. think about this. ignore the false narrative. you know up, they want the profile of the weapon versus the
4:50 am
ability to use it. >> what do police officers need to hear today? what would you like to hear from the president? >> i've got to tell you, there are times when i don't want to, but if you're the president of the united states and you want to do the right thing, then you stand up and you say that we must stand together as an american community, we must deal with this issue. we must wait for the facts to come out. we must support these men and women, these communities that are broken. something else that's important here. while these police officers are now focused heavily on this, other areas of the dallas community need to be protected. they're out doing their jobs, still investigating crimes and still going after the bad guys. in one of america's largest cities. we need to come together as a community and support them. >> david webb, thank you. straight ahead breaking new details on the shooting suspects in custody. they are apparently refusing to cooperate. but one did say why they were doing it. what's next for the investigation, straight ahead. live from new york city and dallas, texas. all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk!
4:51 am
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4:54 am
president obama addressing the horrific attack on dallas police earlier this morning in poland. >> while also condemning the attacks, the president already shifting the blame to guns. >> kevin corke is live in warsaw, poland, where the president is attending a nato conference. >> reporter: good morning, guys, good afternoon from warsaw, poland. the president ahead of addressing the leaders did talk about the dark day in dallas, texas. as we have been pointing out on our coverage here on fox news channel.
4:55 am
police officers kill and wounded in the cowardly and senseless attack on law enforcement and while the president did say he would have more comments about this as he learns more i want you to pay particular attention to what he had to say in this clip in the very end as he talks about guns. >> we still don't know all the facts. what we do know is that there has been a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement. we also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. and in the days ahead we're going to have to consider those realities as well. >> reporter: and that's been a frequent criticism of the white house because after tragedies like these, fairly often the president will turn it back to talk about guns. now, to be fair, he did say now is the time to focus on the families and the white house will tell you he feels like he has the perspective and the
4:56 am
platform to talk about this important issue. but critics will remind you that sometimes it seems to politicize what has happened and tragedies like these and frankly sometimes it does very little to advance the healing process. that's a debate we'll be having throughout the day as well. guys? >> all right. kevin corke, thank you very much. kevin made the point about how the president does talk about gun control. but you know, it seems like that is the president's default when it is politically inconvenient to talk about the root cause, whether it is islamic extremism or police hate, it's gun control. >> like chicago when a city like chicago is falling apart because of violence. >> indeed. meanwhile, details continue to break in the shooting down in dallas overnight. we're expecting a press conference in the next hour. we're live with that. plus newt gingrich on the other side of a quick time-out. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
4:57 am
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5:00 am
what's in your wallet? fire from the hallway. >> all we have is a dark colored suburban. >> suspects -- male wearing a green vest. >> body armor on. good morning, it's friday july 8, 2016. it's the deadliest attack on law enforcement since september 11th. [ sirens ] [ gun fire ] >> snipers opening fire in dallas, texas, a little before 9:00 last night. their motive -- to kill as many cops as they possibly koumdz. -- could. this happening at the end of a black lives matter protest. 12 officers were shot. it was an ambush. >> yeah. that's the heart breaking image on the cover of "the dallas
5:01 am
morning news" showing an officer in tears hugging someone at the entrance to the emergency room. three people are in custody, but they're not cooperating we are learning. one suspect believed to be the armed man in this video is dead. it is unclear if he shot himself or was killed by police. he was wearing body armor. >> he was indeed. ever since the shooting started last night, our own casey stegall has been live in downtown dallas. as the sun comes up, casey, they try to figure out what happened, what is the latest? >> we just got an update from f dallas, mayor mike rawlings and as expected in these situations which are fluid the numbers have changed. you have hit on it a little bit. but we want to run down through them with you. 12 officers shot, not the 11 we were initially told last night.
5:02 am
12 officers in total. five of them did not make it. three women were among the victims according to the mayor. two female officers and one civilian. all of those who died were men. and that includes this man, 43-year-old brent thomas, who was an officer for d.a.r.t., dallas rapid transit. he got married two weeks ago. the police have three suspects in custody, however, they're being extremely tight lipped and not cooperative with investigators. listen. >> the deceased suspect and tracking him down, we're working with the federal officials and looking at the backgrounds of everybody. but folks are not being cooperative and we are pleased that we were able to take one of the suspects out last night.
5:03 am
we think that he had some accomplices. we don't know how many that will be, whether we've got those individuals or if the individuals that we have are actually part of this. >> eyewitnesses describing the pandemonium as people literally scattered in every direction. you can see from the video at the scene not knowing where the shots were even coming from. people ducking for cover. can you imagine? now, this video has been put out by the a.p., associated press, which shows the man with the rifle hiding behind concrete pillars and opening fire. police have characterized this as we know as a sniper-style attack. and authorities say they are currently working right now to try and identify that dead suspect through fingerprints so they can get a handle on who he is exactly. another part that's changed here and is unclear, we were told that he took his own life. now we're hearing that officers may have taken him out. again, all developing and it
5:04 am
seems to change by the minute sometimes. back to you all. >> casey, thank you very much. apparently before -- well, when the cops were negotiating with him, he said the end is coming and he's going to try to kill and hurt as many cops as possible. former new york city police detective bo dietl joins us. all right, bo, we know this started in a parking structure. at least two snipers. try to set the scene. >> from what i have gathered and listening to the gunshots and i was listening to it all night last night, i mean, it had to be 50, 60 shots. then we had that one view of the one fellow from the hotel with one guy walking and shooting, shooting, shooting, all of a sudden, he puts three in the cop when the cop is on the ground. so we can say very easily that there was at least three shooters. you have the parking garage there. they could have been on different levels there. but it was completely well organized. watching that one guy walking
5:05 am
around the way that he was moving around the pillars and the way he was shooting -- >> he had practice. >> yeah. >> in the video we're just seeing, he's the el centro garage here. this is google earth. as we pan in here into the parking structure. you see where he may have been in the parking structure. you can see the parks, the open areas right near here. of course he's hiding behind the pillars right down at below -- >> that was the one guy. but i'm talking about when we were getting reports with the ricochetted bullets that were hitting the street and bouncing off the street. so that meant it had to be from the positioning from the top. you know, you have these shot technologies where the firing of the gun it pinpoints it. we have it in new york. i think possibly dallas has it also, but it has to be set up in that certain area. and reality it can't be omnipresent. >> the suspects are not cooperating. >> no, that gives you some answer right there. that it was obvious they're not
5:06 am
cooperating, it was a well organized thing and there's a motive behind it. and it was a great way to do this was during this peaceful demonstration and again before, this all brings back shades of the black liberation army which i went through in the early '70s. >> if they're not cooperating does this suggest to you there could be more, they don't want to reveal, there could be a second wave? >> suspects -- one of the suspects was saying that. >> all i know is that every cop that's out there now is a target because you get these copycats now, all of a sudden, they watch this and they want out to go out with a blaze of glory. we can't take anything off the table what the motive is. everybody said it was definitely not terrorism. i don't know what it is. all i know is i've got three five cops that ain't going home to their families. >> you wantfacts. the president is saying in poland just a short time ago, we don't have all of the facts yet. but he injected gun control into its. we want to bring the former speaker of the house newt gingrich into this conversation. mr. speaker, you heard the
5:07 am
president in warsaw a short time ago saying we don't have all the facts. and proceeded though to talk about gun control. what was your take on that? >> well, not much. i mean, we're in the eighth year of a president who could have brought us together. a president who could have worked in the african-american community to make people feel better about themselves. a president who could have offered visionary changes in the policies that have failed for the last 50 years. they don't the all of that. he has a handful of things that any good liberal college professor might have had. gun control is the obvious. look, first of all, our hearts have to go out to families. the families of the police officers in dallas. the families in baton rouge. the families in minneapolis. this has been a terrible couple of days for america and it should be a wake-up call that there's some things that are profoundly wrong in this country right now. and they deserve an honest, open conversation or it's going to get worse. >> well, we heard from donald trump tweeting earlier this
5:08 am
morning, his condolences. if he were to call you this morning and ask your advice on how to speak to the country as someone who wants to be the next president, what would you tell him to say in this moment, to comfort so many people who are hurting? >> i would tell him to talk to all americans. black lives matter, blue lives matter, all lives matter. we have to be concerned about people who may be shot by the police, and we have to be enraged and totally determined to hunt down people who shoot the police. the police are the last line of civilization. and it is very important that every policeman and their family feel that the community cares about them. that the community's grateful to them. if the police disappear, you're going to have anarchy in about 25 minutes. you look at places where this has happened before, l.a., for example, during the riots. that's a horrifying thing to live in. we don't want america to degenerate into that kind of violence. >> you know, today is the
5:09 am
deadliest day for law officers since september the 11th, 2001, bo dietl. when you have been with us so far this morning, i have not seen your emotional core as visible as it is today. >> you know, newt was around in the early '70s like i was, i was a new york city police. 11 were killed by assassination. you had black lives on one side, cops on another side. i have never seen the division what this president has caused. he's caused this divide when he jumps to conclusions, with ferguson and all of a sudden across america people are hating cops. cops i talked to yesterday, we're not getting involved. we have no support. in new york city we have this mayor de blasio who doesn't support the cops. let's not forget those guys, the two officers that were assassinated a year and a half ago, i am upset. these cops are not going home to their families. one guy was married two weeks.
5:10 am
>> two weeks. he was shot. he was the dallas area rapid transit. we heard from sheriff david clarke of milwaukee county. he has been saying this for two years that cops have a target on their back and there was a war against cops. if you're president of the united states, how do you address that? >> well, i mean, first of all, you indicate clearly as you would with the military your absolute support for the policemen and the firemen and the people who risk their lives to provide civilization for the rest of us. second, you go to the root causes. i mean, i want to remind everybody, chicago a week ago had two people shot every hour. >> right. >> for 15 hours. >> no one said anything. >> nobody said anything. it didn't fit the news media's profile of an important killing. my argument is, the policies that have driven us apart, the policies that have trapped african-americans and all too large numbers in poverty and in hopelessness, the ideological policies that say, black lives matter, well, baloney. all american lives matter of all
5:11 am
backgrounds. we ought to have -- we ought to challenge the hillary clintons and the bernie sanders to say that american lives matter. >> sure. >> all american lives. >> mr. speaker, you know, this is an entree to donald trump. how do you make the pitch? how do you make the message, you know, something that people from all communities can get behind? >> i hope -- and i have no control over this, but i hope that the republican ticket is going to go to the southside of chicago, the republican ticket is going to go to some neighborhoods in dallas, the republican ticket is going to go right into baltimore. the republican ticket is going to be prepared to say over and over again, we have had 50 years of big government, big bureaucracy, big unionization and it has failed. and we have got to find a way o to -- that every american of every background has a decent future. and i think we have to on the one hand make sure that every policeman is carrying a body camera so we know what's going on. on the other hand, we have to be
5:12 am
relentless and protecting the police. you cannot ask people to risk their lives in a community that despises them. >> newt, there's a lot of programs out there, t. boone pickens wife has blue shield, where cops are going into the community. we have to show that cops are fathers and sons, we have cops -- all the programs. i told donald, i have been involved with donald since the beginning. i said, i never want to go back to government, but i want to bring the cops in the communities so the people in communities understand that cops are there to protect you. i'm willing to put my life on the line to go back into government to help the kids in the inner cities. you're right, what goes on in chicago nobody wants to know. jesse jackson lives there but he opens his big mouth, why doesn't he demonstrate in chicago where the young african-american kids are dying? now we have five officers who ain't going home to their family. i have never seen anything like this since the late '80s and he's divided the country, our
5:13 am
president. we need a leader. >> bo dietl and newt gingrich, thank you for joining us on a troubling friday. >> indeed, there's a lot more to learn about the shooter, just from looking at the video. from what he was wearing and what he was carrying. former homicide detective rod wheeler will tell you what he sees in these pictures, next. if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. think yotry nexium 24hr.'s best for your heartburn? now the #1 choice of doctors & pharmacists... for their own frequent heartburn. get complete protection with nexium 24 hour.
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5:17 am
welcome back. joining us now, rod wheeler. former d.c. homicide detective. because this video has everyone talking this morning. what going on with this armed suspect wearing body armor, hiding behind these concrete pillars firing on police. some at point blank range. what do you make of this video, what do we know about these suspects at this hour? >> well, what those suspects are doing are simply executing the plan that they had devised probably a while back. you know, we have been talking about that all morning, whether or not what happened in dallas last night was something that was spontaneous or was it a
5:18 am
planned attack? i think the video clearly shows you and all of the rest of us that this was a planned attack. look at the way that the guy is holding the weapon. you know, he's holding that weapon in a manner by which other people -- would hold that weapon if you know what to do with that weapon. look at way he's dressed, he's wearing body armor. he has a lot of ammunition. notice how long clips -- how many clips he's taking out of his pocket. and this is one individual that had planned this. i wouldn't be surprised, guys, if they had reversed this thing before last night. >> well, how did they do? because this particular protest -- it was apparently a black lives matter protest. >> right. >> over the two black men who were shot this past week by law officers. they divided to have the rally probably 24 hours before they actually did this or less. how do these suspects plan ahead? is it just next time a bunch of people are in downtown or next time a bunch of cops are gathered? >> yeah, steve, an excellent
5:19 am
question. let me tell you why real quickly. i believe these individuals had planned this attack for some time. they were just waiting on the right time to carry out the attack. so when they realized and found out that it was going to be this protest last night, they figured that this would be the perfect time to kind of embed themselves into that protest. that's probably when they started bringing their weapons in and everything. then that's what they did. they hijacked those peaceful protesters last night and they took advantage of that situation. you know what? they caught the police off guard. in my opinion, i think that they knew that the police wasn't going to be aggressive with that crowd because the police were already under suspicion. you know, controversy. so they used that to their advantage. and that's why they got the ups in this -- on the officers. >> so you have three suspects now in custody, apparently they're not speaking. they're not saying anything. one of the other suspects who barricaded himself in the garage before he shot himself, he said to police without cooperating to say the end is coming, more officers will be dead soon.
5:20 am
what does that tell you? the fact they're not speaking. the only one that did said that? >> again, this is a trained, a learned behavior of these individuals. look, it's not the first time we have had suspects like this that does not talk to the police. they knew exactly what they were going to do. they carried it out. they also probably agreed to themselves that if we do get caught, we're not going to say a word. they're probably not going to say anything and this moving more toward these people are inspired or directed by a terrorist group. >> what about the situation now -- give us your experience, rod. these guys are in custody. they're not cooperating. does that mean that lawyers are sitting by their side, they have brought in people to keep them from talking? what would be happening behind the scenes right now? >> right. at this point, i would suspect that they do have an attorney. you know, probably a public defender, somebody that we're paying for as taxpayers. and they're not going to say a word because their attorneys at this point are going to tell them not to say a word. that's fine.
5:21 am
but the investigators will continue investigating so we can nail these guys now that we have them. >> rod wheeler, thank you very much. >> sure. thank you. after the gunshots rang out, people were running in all directions. what should you if there was an active shooter situation? we'll tell you when we come back.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
welcome back. just an emotional morning, the shooting in dallas the deadliest attack on law enforcement since september 11th. what are police facing and what can you if you're caught in the active shooter situation? >> former detective and self-defense expert steve cardian is joining us live in new york. good morning. so we see the images of everyone running toward the camera person. obviously they were -- we have seen this from the layout.
5:25 am
they're in a large, open area. at least two shooters from an elevated position. only have sitting ducks in front of them, triangulation as clayton put it a while ago. if you're on the street, part of the crowd, what do you do? >> well, an ambush situation, people hear that sound, they believe it's a car backfiring or fireworks, but begin to immediately flee the area. >> how long does it take to process that it's gunshots? >> it's a half second to four seconds before you really realize what's going on. for some people even longer. then we have the flight, freeze, people tend -- they can't move. they have to be directed out of the area. so it's critical that they remove themselves, get under cover. get into the low crawl or high crawl which is much quicker. >> that's how you protect yourself. but when looking at this clearly
5:26 am
it looks to you like this was coordinated. well thought out. >> the triangulation, i have friends in military that are telling me -- as a police officer for 32 years, s.w.a.t. movement, militaristic movements, i have military people that have worked alongside in iraq with ms 13 with the bloods and the crips, there's 10,000 gang members that have infiltrated and been brought into the military service. that's concerning. his movements are consistent with a military -- militaristic action if you will. >> we can't stop thinking about the victims. the five police officers shot and killed, 12 all together. there was another woman who was shot in the leg protecting her child. so if you're trying to protect yourself in this situation as steve was saying you don't know what's going on in that moment. you have kids and family with you. you have people trying to protect. what do you do? >> you look for anything you can excrete yourself behind. you wait for the eerie moment when the gunman is reloading.
5:27 am
when people are trained like this, it comes very quickly. stop, wait a second. assess the situation. run from cover to cover. stay low, crawl. do not stay up against a wall because when a bullet hits a wall and it ricochets it can stay within six inches of the wall. don't be up against the wall, be off of it, running down low, hiding, moving from location to location. >> but if you're in an open area, nothing to hide behind. at what point do you -- i thought about this being in crazy situations, at what point do you play dead? fall down and play dead? >> that happened in the orlando shooting. >> as we sat on the couch and talked about the orlando shooting, that was happening as we were speaking. if you're going to run run in the zigzag pattern stay out of the "x." if you have an eyeball on the shooter up there or down there, this is his range, go that way or that way. >> if you don't know where the
5:28 am
shooter is the serpentine zigzag is -- >> it's difficult for a trained shooter to hit a moving target. >> what happens next, where does this go? >> the investigation? well, law enforcement -- they're already up on their phones, of course we know now they're not talking to law enforcement. which makes it even more concerning. how organized that they were. this is not something -- not only do you get somebody who's not in a system, they're a crazy person, they give it up. the fact they lawyered up, if they lawyered up, the fact they're not talking is concerning. that it's some sort of an organization that is targeting us and we have to be worried about future attacks. >> thank you, steve. coming up on a friday, a press conference is expected to start at any moment live in dallas. as soon as it does we'll take you there. >> as steve was mentioning, the suspects in custody are refusing to cooperate. how do you get them to start talking? is it possible? judge jeanine pirro has experience with that and she's up next.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
this is a fox news alert. the mayor of dallas, mike rawlings, says that dallas has just had their worst nightmare. at least two snipers shot 12 officers, killed five, injured two civilians. as they fired from an elevated position at the el centro college garage. and as you can see, we have a live camera at city hall, a press conference with the mayor and the chief of police is expected to start at any moment. as soon as it does we'll bring that to you live. >> we want to bring in judge jeanine pirro and arthur aidala to talk about the legal side of this. i'm interested about the
5:33 am
suspects right now. >> not saying anything. not willing to say anything. >> what do you make of that? are there police and lawyers standing by telling them to be quiet? >> first of all, i want to know who they are. i want to know if they have criminal records. i want their cell phones and computers. i want to know everything about the dirt bags assuming they're guilty. and what i want to know is why, all right, the why is not as important as who they're connected with. because this is a concerted, preorchestrated attack. it appears that since this protest was scheduled 24 hours earlier and these guys are situated as snipers on a rooftop, you know, this thing was planned in advance. why dallas? you know, something happened in minnesota, something happened in louisiana. i get that. so is this a bigger operation? >> but would they also have lawyers as well? >> well, if these guys are career criminals which they probably are, they know not to
5:34 am
talk. if you watch television you know not to say anything. >> no, they don't have lawyers standing by. usually people of this low life caliber have a public defender, so it's not like having a lawyer on retainer. as the judge said they know to keep their mouth shut. they're on no -- there are no lawyers who are rushing in to represent these people. there are lawyers who will do their constitutional job who will represent them. but no one is running to the station, saying, i have their back. >> to the judge's point, i want to get access to the computers and cell phone records, things like that. where do the police do? >> warrant. as the judge knows there's a prosecutor right at -- there's a prosecutor -- >> right. >> i guarantee it. >> arthur, you were actually live on the fox news channel when the shooting started last night. you had just been -- keep in mind in addition to the protests down in dallas, there were fro tests across the country, including new york city and you were there. >> i had preplanned, i had
5:35 am
talked about the baton rouge and the minnesota case. i walked out of the law office three blocks from here. the streets are packed, fifth avenue is closed, which is breaking the law. and what do are they screaming? hey hey ho-ho the racist cops have to go. and then "f" the police. i said, i'm a little shaken up. i was in the middle of the thing. i didn't expect to have this. and everyone is protesting peacefully. i said all it takes is one jerk to do something wrong, like spit on a cop, i'm not thinking of shooting and while i'm saying this, i saw something happen on the screen. then they break away from me. well, we're getting reports there was a shooting and everybody broke loose and we were on until 1:00 in the morning. it was devastating. i was throwing things in the
5:36 am
studio as they were announcing one officer -- >> it was bad enough. >> why dallas? >> because those lunatics happened to be in dallas in the lunatics happened to be in new york, if the lunatics happened to be in minnesota -- >> but the question is, are they part of a bigger group? >> that's what we need to find out. that's what prosecutors are doing as we speak. >> one of the problem, you know, people want to make it a black/white issue. it may or may not be, but here's the bottom line. it's about anarchy and lawlessness. >> let's go live to dallas. here's the mayor and chief of police. >> it has been a long, long morning. i want to say first of all, thank you to all of the emergency personnel that have worked through the night and their courage and their calm determination to make our city safe and to arrest anybody that did us harm. i also want to thank the county. judge jenkins. i want to thank the fbi.
5:37 am
i want to thank the governor, lieutenant governor flew in last night. the president called me from poland and all of your commentators have wished us well and are praying for us. i want to say from our heart, we feel that. and so thank you. i'm now going to tell you some not good news for you reporters. and that is we have got a criminal investigation going on. and our number one job is to make sure that the citizens of dallas are safe. so we're not going to tell you anything about the suspects and we're not going to answer any questions on that. we will when it's the right time. now is not the right time. but a lot has happened in the last five or six, seven hours since we talked. i guess it was early in the morning. and i want chief brown to give
5:38 am
you an update on that. i'm proud of him. he's been working so hard these last few hours. we have been families and we have been trying to make sure that the city is safe this morning and i believe it is. chief brown? >> thank you, mayor. we're hurting. our profession is hurting. dallas officers are hurting. we are heartbroken. there are no words to describe the atrocity that occurred to our city. all i know is that this must
5:39 am
stop. this divisiveness. between our police and our citizens. to update you on what's transpired since we last spoke, let me walk through the standoff that had occurred -- that was occurring at el centro on the second floor, the college there in downtown dallas. we cornered one suspect and we tried to negotiate for several hours. negotiations broke down. we had an exchange of gunfire with the suspect. we saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on -- its extension for
5:40 am
it to detonate where the suspect was. other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger. the suspect is deceased. as a result of detonating the bomb. the reporting that the suspect killed himself is not accurate. we have confirmed that he had been deceased because of the detonation of the bomb. our hostage negotiator did an exceptional job getting this suspect to talk before he died. during the hours of negotiating. they eventually broke down. i want to share with you the comments from this suspect. the suspect said, he was upset
5:41 am
about black lives matter. he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. the suspect said he was upset at white people. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. the suspect stated he will eventually -- that we will eventually find the ieds. the suspect stated he was not affiliated with any groups and he stated that he did this alone. the suspect said other things that a part -- are part of this investigation so that we can make sure that everyone associated with this tragic event is brought to justice. so as the mayor said, we won't expand on any further on what
5:42 am
other suspects we have interviewed or looked at, of their status until we get fus fusht -- further into this investigation and get closer to a conclusion of what -- and who are all involved. but let me just say just some closing comments about dallas police officers. and d.a.r.t. police officers. some of the bravest men and women you'd ever want to be associated with. you see video footage after video footage of them running toward gunfire from an elevated position, with no chance to protect themselves. and to put themselves in harm's way, to make sure citizens can
5:43 am
get to a place of security. so please join me in applauding these brave men and women who do this job under great scrutiny, under great vulnerability. who literally risk their lives to protect our democracy. we don't feel much support most days. let's not make today most days. please, we need your support. to be able to protect you from men like these who carried out this tragic, tragic event. pray for these families.
5:44 am
i spoke with the families of the deceased and the injured. they are not having a good time trying to deal or absorb this, trying to understand why and they need your prayers. so please join us in helping us comfort the grieving officers' families. and i trust that soon -- because we're working very diligently in processing the crime scene, finding -- to find evidence to bring any other suspects to justice that were a part of t s this, but please pray for our strength through this trying time. thank you. >> i want to add that there are public safety officials that protect our cities and our institutions all across america
5:45 am
every day that aren't police officers and we lost one of those last night. a d.a.r.t. officer was one of the victims. and i want to just take a moment and say the professionalism of the d.a.r.t. organization was great and i appreciate better school police officers, campus college police officers. standing shoulder to shoulder with our police officers and that's the way we work. now chief brown told the victims' families last night and the police officers that he was a man of faith. and i'm a man of faith too and that we need prayers and prayer is good. so today at 12:00 at thanksgiving square, a
5:46 am
leadership group of interfaith ministers will be leading us in that prayer. i would ask that if you're at your home or at your office or at your school to join us today at noon in that spirit of prayer. to bring our city together and our country together, to heal wounds, not create them. thank you. any questions that were not off limits? yeah? >> the injured officers have -- most of them have been released. there are some that will need follow-up. i won't go into the detail of
5:47 am
what types of injuries. their families are being very private for obvious reasons right now. but again, excuse me -- what's the question, i'm sorry? >> -- critical -- >> yes, they're doing better. some have been released. some of their statuses -- they're still needing more treatment. but they're being very private about any further details about their health. >> so you have worked -- you have good relations. can you speak to that and to the fact that something like that this could happen? >> so we have to be right 100% of the time in the way we police this city. suspects like this have to be right once. they don't have to work very hard. to do cowardly acts like this. to snipe at our officers from elevated positions and to ambush them.
5:48 am
from secreted positions around corners. all that hard work is not for naught. this city has shown great support for the city and the mayor and they have supported the department and these officers and we expect that to continue and this community, i'm born and raised here. dallas is a great city. our officers will continue to put themselves in harm's way to protect these great citizens. so it's worthwhile. >> i want to brag just for a second for -- if anybody hasn't heard us say this. this police department trained in de-escalation far before cities across america did it. we are one of the premiere
5:49 am
community policing cities in the country. and this year, we have the fewest police officer related shootings than any large city in america. so we are working hard to improve and as always there's room for improvement. but we are best in class we feel. >> well said. >> when you -- for the people in dallas or watching at home, are you confident that this is now over? >> no, i won't be satisfied until we have turned over every stone. we have got some level that this one suspect did do some of the shooting, but we're not satisfied that we have exhausted every lead. and we're not going to be satisfied until every lead is exhausted. if there is someone out there associated with this, we will find you. we will prosecute you. we will bring you to justice.
5:50 am
>> looking for a fourth suspect? >> we are not counting on expanding on who or how many. we're going to keep these suspects guessing. >> can you talk about the -- i know your first focus right now is on the officers and your investigation. but you or the mayor talk about the impact this would have on the way -- the way that demonstrations are conducted in the city -- >> well, i'm going to let chief brown make any strategic decisions. but i think it's important for citizens to realize that we want to give everybody their freedom of speech. we have been through several protests in the last five or six years and they have all gone in a safe manner. but the chief makes decisions at
5:51 am
times that people could be critical of. escalated too much, you put too much body armor on. if we're all being critical of those things, just think about today. this is what you're risking if you don't do it right. and so from a policy standpoint, we are -- we believe in the right to protest peacefully and these were peaceful protests till this happened. but we also have to believe in keeping our police officers safe. and i know i'm going to redouble my efforts on that. >> how does your change -- [ inaudible ]. >> again, i want to expand on the mayor's comments.
5:52 am
police officers are the guardians of this great democracy, the freedom of speech and freedom of expression, all freedoms wie fight for with our lives. it's what makes us who we are as americans so we risk our lives for those rights. and so we want to militarize our policing standards but we'll do it in a much safer way every time. like we chose to do it this time. we had an adequate amount of officers at this scene and we were blocking traffic and we were doing everything to protect the right to protest and their right to free speech. we are not going to let a coward who would ambush police officers change our democracy. we're not going to do it. our city, our country, it's better than that.
5:53 am
>> in terms of the location, is this concerning -- the directive -- [ inaudible ]. >> can you say at all whether this is someone who was having some mental stability problems and just was looking for an opening react or something more organized? can you talk about that at all? >> all of those questions would just be speculation to answer. we can't get into the head of a person that would do something like this. we negotiated with this person. they seemed lucid during the negotiation. he wanted to kill officers. and he expressed killing white people. he expressed killing white officers. he expressed anger for black lives matter. none of that makes sense.
5:54 am
none of that is a reason or a legitimate reason to do harm to anyone. so the relation of it would just be speculating on what his motivations were. we just know what he said. that's what he said to our negotiators. >> hey guys, thank you. we still have a lot of work to do. we're going to take off. >> what an extraordinary press conference with the mayor of the great city of dallas, mike rawlings saying they would not release any information about the suspects in particular because it's a criminal investigation. but then chief brown revealed a couple of things that we had not heard. we had heard that one of the snipers had killed himself before the cops took him. that was not the case. chief brown said that apparently they were negotiating with this guy on the second floor of the parking structure at el centro college and over the course of the negotiation, they did talk to him. at the conclusion apparently they weren't getting anywhere,
5:55 am
they moved a bomb robot over and one of the devices they set off killed the guy. but before he was killed he said he was -- this goes to the motivation, he was upset about black lives matter. he was upset with the police shootings. he was upset with white people. he wanted to kill white officers. he said you'll find my ieds eventually, but he was not affiliated with any groups, he did alone. chief said he's not sure the threat is over. so arthur aidala, let me start with you. >> he did it alone, that's the only part that doesn't make sense. >> he has three in custody. >> that doesn't make sense. i don't know also if i want to breathe a sigh of relief to some degree. it just shows that everything we have been speaking about, especially judge jeanine over the years now with black lives matter and how this incites people. it's putting charcoal fluid, you know, lighter fluid on the fire and this is the ultimate
5:56 am
penalty. this is the ultimate price. a police officer who was married two weeks ago is dead for no reason. he didn't hurt -- that cop didn't hurt anybody. he wasn't in minnesota. that cop wasn't in baton rouge. >> he was wearing a uniform and that's it. >> and he was white. >> let's bring in david webb, former -- radio host and fox news contributor. they were on the air last night as this lived in dallas, in this culture, what did you make of the chief's speech? >> i thought the chief laid out a lot of the good points and what the police department is in dallas that i know them to be. i have friends who work in dps in dallas, state police. they're good people. they've protected that town, that is a relatively peaceful town. if it pans out that this is what i would call the allegiance to the black lives matter movement, then we've got to consider the environment that has been created out of the lie that happened in ferguson when hands up don't shoot and black lives matter. i watched the birth of what is one of the most dangerous and
5:57 am
disruptive and divisive leftist approach to tearing down this country. and collusion between groups that frankly are anti-american. that's what black lives matter is. you can call it anything else you want. are there people concerned about police issues and bad shoots, absolutely. was there good people in ferguson? absolutely. but those are not the problem. the deray mckessons and the others that are the leaders of this and the political figures in the media -- and the media figures at lead in this, they're the problem. >> and he said he wanted to kill white people and kill white police officers. >> this is a dangerous time in american history. this is about anarchy, lawlessness, people were playing on other people's -- whether it's their emotions or inadequacies. it's about the fact that we have
5:58 am
to start supporting law enforcement. i worked with cops, i have cops work with me for 30 years. here's the thing, it starts at the white house, it starts in new york city, and until we get a government and a president who respects law enforcement, we're going to be going underwater on this kind of thing. we cannot survive without the cops. >> we have been talking about isis, we have been scared about isis. now we're talking about domestic terrorism killing our police officers at hope. forget isis, we have people killing police officers here in the united states. >> and the more this happens the more there's copycats and the fewer people that will want to go into law enforcement. the fewer wives will say, you're not going to work today, get another job. >> not for $50,000. >> the women aren't paid enough, the crap they take is horrible. >> one of the victims two weeks ago was married. the d.a.r.t. officer. >> she is getting that message this morning that his motive was to kill these officers because
5:59 am
they were white. she lost her husband she was married to for two weeks. >> what's scary, they were prepared. this was not a protest planned three weeks ago, it was planned 24 hours ago. they had everything they needed to execute the police officers. >> they had everything they needed to execute this. i want you to remember something simple -- every day a police officer goes out the door not knowing whether a traffic stop or a sniper, where it will fall in between, they go home safely. 800,000 men and women protect 300-plus million people. >> they have to go out and do it again today. >> by the way they're doing it in dallas and in other neighborhoods. they're investigating. they're doing what they need to do to protect the community. >> they're scared and they're going to pull back. jim comey talked about this. >> the ferguson effect. >> do you know what the mayor said at the conclusion of the press conference?
6:00 am
he said so far they have felt the prayers of the nation and they are thankful for those. but today at noon, he asked the nation to pray for our police officers in dallas and everywhere else who keep us safe. and you know what? we will. martha: police ambushed as snipe terse open fire on the dallas police on what is being called a coordinated attack in dallas during an anti-police rally. [gunshots] >> get


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