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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 9, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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comment tonight. stay with fox news channel throughout the night for instant live updates on the dallas ambush. up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night from washington. ♪ ♪ >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: tonight, the o'reilly factor is on. >> shots fired, officer down, we have a guy with a long rifle, we don't know where the hell he is at. [ bleep ]. >> a domestic terror incident in dallas leaves five police officers dead, seven badly hurt. what was behind this atrocity? we will tell you. >> the suspect said he was upset at white people. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people. >> these are now center stage again, but this time it's now black-generated. we'll talk with the naacp.
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>> the word murderer is written in the paint. >> also i have the influence of the "black lives matter." did it have anything to do with the terror attack in dallas? caution, you are about to enter the no-spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for joining us tonight. murdering cops in dallas. that is the subject of tonight's talking points. in a vicious act of domestic terrorism, five dallas police officers were shot dead, several others wounded when the terrorist armed with a semiautomatic rifle and a handgun targeted cops at a peaceful demonstrate. police say 25-year-old micah johnson planned the mass murder
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after hearing of two black men shot dead by police this week. we'll get to the incident in a moment. johnson was killed when police unleashed an explosive device. >> the suspect is deceased as a result of detonating the bomb. the reporting that the suspect killed himself is not accurate. we have confirmed that he has been deceased because of the detonation of the bomb. our hostage negotiator did an exceptional job getting this suspect to talk before he died. during the hours of negotiating. that eventually broke down. the suspect said he was upset about "black lives matter." he said he was upset about the
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recent police shootings. the suspect said he was upset at white people. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. >> at this point, investigators say johnson was not a member of "black lives matter" or any other radical group. there were three other people taken into custody, but police now believe they were not associates of johnson, that he did act alone. speaking from poland, president obama said this. >> let me just say that even as yesterday i spoke about our need to be concerned as all americans about racial despairties in our criminal justice system. i also said the police have an extraordinarily difficult job and the vast majority of them do their job in outstanding fashion. >> talking points believes the vast majority as the president
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said, all of the american law enforcement are honorable people. less than 2% of all the arrests made in the usa involve any kind of force by cops. however, there are too many incidents where minorities are being killed over low level b f beefs. law enforcement agencies must have an agenda to control their theories. fatal mistakes are not acceptable and there are too many of them. if you watched the factor last night you did not see an analysis of police in minnesota killing 32-year-old philando castile in a traffic stop. you didn't see that. on wednesday, we did use coverage on the killing in
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minnesota, i didn't do the minnesota story at all because facts were sparse, and emotions white hot, like ferguson. >> you don't have to be a black person in america to know that we have a serious problem with police killing black men. >> and we're in the 21st century of african-american men being lynched. >> i trust law enforcement to a certain degree, but my question is can you please stop killing us? >> but even worse than those provoceteurs, was the governor of minnesota. >> would this have happened if the person were white? i don't think it would have. so i'm forced to confront this kind of racism that exists.
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and that it's incumbent upon all of us to vow that we'll see that it doesn't continue to happen. >> now he may be right in theory, but you do not throw a rhetorical bomb like that just hours after a horrible death at the hands of police. that is just dangerous to law enforcement. it's dayton's job to provide calm, not to inflame the situation. huge mistake on his part. back to last night. while a dallas protest was peaceful, at the same time the "black lives matter" enflamers were doing what they always do. >> there has been damage here at the oakland police department. the red paint was shattered about, the words "murderers" were written at the top of the
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building. >> the protesters are making a line, sitting in the middle of traffic. some of the demonstrators actually sat on a tractor-trailer. here is the truth in summation, micah johnson was a hater and a terrorist. "black lives matter" enflames rather than illuminates. it is essentially a hate america group. law enforcement leaders should make fair dealings with minority americans a top priority. finally, we as a nation need to fight the racial madness that is harming the usa by being fair ourselves and calling out the haters, wherever they may be. and that is the memo. next up, we'll have a complete coverage of the dallas terror attack without any spin. we'll begin at ground zero and then rudy giuliani will provide analysis after these messages.
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impact segment how things unfolded quickly in dallas last night. joining us, reporter for kdfw, do you believe there is more to this than just one lone gunman angry at police? is there anything else that you have come across? >> so what we're sure of, bill, according to the mayor and police chief is that this one man is certainly the only shooter but certainly did not act alone, perhaps had help maybe not in planning but in assisting him to get in downtown dallas all last evening. that is what investigators are looking for, in part what they took from his home today, including ipads, cell phones, they want to know who he was communicating with in the 72 hours prior to last night.
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>> what is the evidence that indicates he may have had a confederate drive him to the kill zone? is there any hard evidence according to that? >> so there are no reports of his vehicle being removed from the downtown area unless he came here on mass transit in dallas someone had to bring him. >> now, would it be possible to hold an assault rifle, i guess if you had it covered up on a bus? there is no real training, it would have had to have been on a bus. i guess it is possible he could have taken mass transit? >> it is possible, but not probable. >> it is likely somebody brought him downtown. >> how far does he live from downtown? i used to work in dallas a while back. >> he is in mesquite, it doesn't have mass transit. >> okay, so the odds are somebody brought him there or he
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put his car where it could not have been found. is that fair? >> that is fair. >> okay, now, in his apartment in mesquite, they found a whole bunch of other devices and literature, tell us what that is about. >> bomb-making materials, the types of devices you would need to deatonate those devices. sources say they were surprised at the type of devices that were found in the possession of this type of individual. not only that, ammunition, a journal on combat tactics, all of this stuff. and they were -- one source told me we were scared at what he found and had he really deployed these bombs they don't know how many officers could have been injured or lives lost last night. >> but i want to be clear, they didn't find bombs, they found bomb-making materials, is that correct? >> bomb-making materials, explosive devices, yes.
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>> that would have had to have been put together. obviously the guy was seeking to cause mayhem, just a matter of when. now, you have been in dallas 20 years, i watch you, you know the police and know them very well. they were not expecting, as far as i know, the police department, any trouble with the demonstration, it was a peaceful demonstration, correct? >> that is right, nobody had intel that anything like this would happen, so there were 100 officers assigned to the crowd of about a thousand people. there were no snipers in place, if you expected something like this to happen. now s.w.a.t. teams were just blocks away because whenever you're having a protest rally there is always a potential. but with no good intel that somebody was planning a sinister attack, they didn't have the high levels of response already in place.
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>> what about the statement by the police chief that in the negotiation, the terrorist, basically flat out said he was upset by "black lives matter." now, he was -- as we pointed out he was not a member of "black lives matter." do you know what that statement means? he was upset by "black lives matter"? >> what i really think it means is he was upset at the officer-involved shootings of black men by white officers. he had articulated to neighbors that black men were under attack by police. there was the incident in baton rouge, following that less than 48 hours the incident in minnesota. >> so you think he was not referring to the group he was referring to the overall opinion that "black lives matter." and then that is what stoked his hatred. >> yes. >> the guy is a vet,
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afghanistan, we're trying to run down whether he had any beefs in the service. but it doesn't look like it. it looks like he got out, did his six years, and nobody knew that this guy was so radical. >> that is right, he got his dd-214, and there was not the piece of the puzzle until some talked to his neighbors. but a lot of people talk about the frustration without taking these types of actions. >> all right, thank you. we'll stay on this collaborator story, that remains a mystery, and i think you may be right about that. unless they find the car. but we really appreciate it, shawn, good work and thank you very much for helping us out tonight. directly overhead, rudy giuliani oversaw a police force
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of more than 6,000 as mayor of new york. and coming up, we'll talk about the racial component of this story. the factor is coming right back.
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personal story segment tonight. reaction to t tonight, reaction to the domestic terror attack in dallas, with us now here in new york city, rudy giuliani, mayor of new york city. i want to ask you specifically, you oversaw a police department of more than 40,000 individuals, under a few police chiefs, all right? you had to know that within a body of an organization that big you're going to have some racists, they're going to be there, all right? >> and we did. >> what was the policy that you and the city imposed to keep the racism at a minimum? >> we did everything we could to train our police officers in
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treating everybody fairly. they instituted a policy called courtesy, professionalism and respect. you will see it on every police car in new york city. that was a specific course they were taught in the police academy and then retaught every two years. we also worked very hard. and this harkens back to mayor koch, me, and mayor bloomberg to make our police force a non-majority white police force, which it is. >> yeah, you recruited minorities. and in the nation's largest city, and i covered it as a local reporter, they had very few of these incidents. they had one where a guy was killed last year, but not so many. there is not a lot of racial tension. >> i had three. >> three in how many years? >> three in eight years, pretty bad ones, one was an absolutely horrible -- >> abner luima --
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>> an absolutely horrible situation where the police officer put the baton, the police officer is in jail for 25 years, that case was prosecuted by loretta lynch, and five officers testified. we had a second one, that is one in which the four police officers were found not guilty by a jury including four blacks. and we had had a third one in which there was a tape recording thank goodness of the police officer almost being killed by the suspect. and therefore it was a justifiable shooting. so i had a bad one. one that went to a jury. and the jury found the police officers not guilty, with four blacks on the jury. and then i had one that was totally justified. >> okay. >> so i know you can have -- >> in all of these different situations you can have a
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different set of facts and you don't draw your conclusions until all the facts are in. >> and as mentioned, that is why i didn't cover the minnesota thing right away. now, when you see something like minnesota where it's a low level beef, the guy had a brake light out and all of a sudden he is dead. and that is why people are going how can that happen? >> i'm not defending minnesota, i don't know that i can. i don't know all the facts. but it doesn't matter if it's a low level arrest or a high level arrest. the minute an arrest takes place, it's a violent situation if the person doesn't completely submit. because the police officer becomes nervous about -- so -- the answer is, if the police officer tells you to put your hands up, put your hands up. >> that is the answer, but if it doesn't answer, i think restraint has to be taught. right. >> absolutely, we tried to teach them that, but if you have ever been in these situations emotions take over.
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and some police officers are excellent at it, and some are not. most of them are excellent at it. >> now, we have coming after you the head of the d.c. branch of the naacp. he has been sympathetic to the "black lives matter." my feelings here they're making things worse rather than better. which martin luther king jr., you could see how he was trying to make things better. these people are not, in my opinion, where do you come down? >> well, i agree with you completely. of course black lives matter, but so do asian and hispanic and white lives matter. all lives matter, and if "black lives matter" were truly concerned about black lives they would be concerned about black crime. because although there are some incidents that are indefensible, they are miniscule.
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and black alive matter is nonexistent, when they were killed. >> they're protesting right this second. in front of the white house. but are they protesting the terrorists who killed the five police officers? no. there is not one sign in that whole crew about you know what? we got to stop these haters from doing that. >> well, i have no doubt that my policing strategies, bill bratton, michael bloomberg and ray kelly save more black lives than any other organization. >> that is because you brought down crime. >> by the thousands. i came in and there were over a thousand murders, and i left mike with 500, mike got it down to 300.
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just think over those years, how many black people we saved in new york city, when 70% of the people killed were by other blacks. >> but police say they didn't have anything to do with it. the police haters -- >> the police officers who were assassinated here in new york city were protecting a black housing development where there was too much crime. and one, by the way, was asian, ought t and the other was hispanic. and they were there trying to save black lives. and in fact, the new york city police officers over the last 20 years have saved more black lives than any police department in the united states. >> does president obama have a point when he brings the gun issue to fore, when he makes that the center rather than terrorism, does he have a point? >> no. guns don't kill, people do. and when people don't have guns
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they use bombs. and when they don't have bombs they use knives, and when they don't have knives they use other devices. we can see that. we had massive killings in brussels and paris, very, very strong gun control laws. here is a perfect comparison. new york city has very strong gun control laws. chicago has very strong gun control laws. chicago has three and a half times the murders of new york. so tell me gun control has something to do with reducing murder. it does not. effective policing is how you stop it, taking the guns out of the bad guy's hands. having good communication and a representative police department and i am very proud of the fact that the new york city police department is a non-majority white police department. and i had something to do with that. but so did my two predecessors and successors. >> okay, 30 seconds, you're trying to help the families of the police officers indallas,
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tell us. >> it is the organization that raised money for luis and ramos. it is an organization that began september 11th. administrative costs are almost nothing, all the money goes to the police officers. and if people would contact, and if people would make a donation that money would go directly to the police officers' families. when september 11 happened i started an organization to raise money for all of my police officers and firefighters. you raised $224 million and it all went to those families. every single penny. >> tunnel to tower,.org. >> thank you, we want to help these families. okay, plenty more as the factor moves on this evening. what about "black lives matter"?
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is that militant group encouraging racial tension? we'll talk with the leader from the naacp about it. also, what about the police officers who were killed and wound wounded? we'll tell you about them and we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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unresolved problem segment tonight. in the segment tonight we told you in the talking points memo, at exactly the same time there were peaceful
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demonstrations, there was a rowdy event. >> shattered nerves in oakland today, about a thousand protesters stopping traffic for hours all starting with a peaceful rally in downtown oakland. thousands of protesters expressed outrage in the community. some placed vandaled, the foot locker. >> joining us, hillary shelton, the director of naacp in washington, d.c. so you know what i think. i think that if you really want, if african-americans really want to bring the country together and have good relations, they have to distance themselves from "black lives matter." do you agree? >> no, i disagree. but let me first say that the families who lost loved ones in
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dallas, we're all very saddened and offer condolences. the reason i disagree with you, in my conversations with "black lives matter" participants, a and even when we marched from the capitol building here in washington, d.c. to the front of the white house in a very peaceful demonstration, we saw things very differently. we have to take on those issues in a very significant way. let's remember two things, bill, number one is that those marches were for good reasons. indeed, if we look at the dis police parities, the depth of the problem is rooted in data. we see twice as many as unarmed african-americans are shot more than white americans in society.
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that raises a problem, when we look at the images of video we saw and we see that an african-american, each of them had a gun, neither of them were reaching for the guns and in both cases those guns were quite legal. i think we're outraged to see what we saw on the wall and on the television screens. >> here is the question, if you look at crimes reported by african-american is far higher than whites and hispanics. you want stats, these are stats. you're going to have more confrontation between law enforcement and african-americans because they are committing more crimes. but i don't want to talk about that tonight. >> well, because you need data when we talk about it. i would love to come and talk about it. >> we have the data and have given it many, many times. let's get back to trying to bring the country together. i will submit to you tonight and there are millions of people watching us right now, that there are very few white
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americans who respect "black lives matter," just because of what they did last night in oakland. just because of what they did right now in front of the white house. there is not one sign up there saying you know, the dallas police officers, that should not happen. we're protesting that, too. so white americans despise the crew. and if black americans don't understand that we're just going to grow further apart. >> first of all you have to look at the film, what you see is the "black lives matter" marches are extremely well integrated. with african-american, and latinos, plenty of white americans. look at the video, watch it. look at the footage. it's not the case. when i was at the white house there was not one incident of violence going on. people were there because they were equally outraged. >> we're seeing an american issue. the dallas march was peaceful, okay, it was not a "black lives matter" march. >> and the d.c. o--
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>> no, no, it was a local group. in dallas it was a local group. >> you should watch your competitor from time to time. cnn had the march organizers on, they were member of "black lives matter" and their own group as well. >> they had their own group under their own banner, i don't care what the competition is reporting. i care what the facts and the police are reporting. if you go to oakland it is not a peaceful demonstration, because it was "black lives matter." come on, pigs in a blanket. come on. >> bill, let's talk about solutions. quite frankly the reasonable three marches were going on at the same time, is because we have a problem. >> everybody understands that. >> well, they don't, because we have not seen one piece of new legislation being passed by the congress. there are several bills now pending in the house and senate that addressed the issue of racial profiling and addressed
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the use of force. both had had body cams, guess what? neither body cams was on, that raises a concern as well. the issue of guns, when you talk about what happened in dallas one reason there was so much confusion about long guns being used is because there were about almost ten citizens that were able to legally carry long guns on their back. and as police came in, what they didn't realize is the shooter, alongside other mass murderers in our society carried ar-15. >> that is right, i want to see the debate. it is not going to solve the problem. it's not. >> the debate won't solve the problem. i disagree with mayor rudy giuliani. >> a growing racial divide. and "black lives matter" is making it worse. i got to go. >> i disagree. >> and we'll talk about it
12:39 am
again. >> and we'll have you on again. we come back, 12 peace officers, two civilians, victimins of the dallas terrorists. we'll find out about them in just a few moments.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. i'm bill o'reilly. and the second personal story tonight the victims of the dallas terrorists, five killed, several wounded. joining us, president of the dallas police association. so we're going to start with brent thompson, 43 years old. tell us about brent thompson. >> brent thompson is a d.a.r.t. police officer. he is a seven-year veteran. and one of the touching things, he was married two weeks ago to another d.a.r.t. officer. and -- >> d.a.r.t. is the dallas area rapid transit agency and these police officers are you know, in charge of making sure there is no mayhem on those buses and trolleys. so he was recently married and killed. then patrick zamarippa.
12:44 am
>> he was a 5-year veteran of the dallas police department, a veteran, served two tours in iraq, and has two young kids. >> two young kids. >> all right, michael krol, 40 years old? >> michael krol was one of those guys who always has wanted to be a police officer. he always wanted to help people. he is a nine-year veteran, moved from michigan to dallas so he could help the citizens of dallas and keep them safe. >> then we have michael smith. 55 years old. >> michael smith was just getting ready to retire. he was coming up on his retirement. he is a 27-year veteran of the dallas police department. he is married with two children. had he was an army ranger, too should so he was a short timer, and his children are teenagers, oh, boy. lauren herns, 48 years old.
12:45 am
>> lauren moved here from california. he was a college football player out in california. he is one of those guys everybody looked up to, because he was one of those guys you never think anything could happen to this guy. he had a great personality. he is married to a fellow police officer, she is a detective in the department. he has two young children. it is a tremendous loss. >> it's incredible. and when you think about the families and for what? for what? you know, for what? >> now you have -- >> go ahead, go ahead. >> and you know, it always gets lost that they're just police officers. and that is why i'm glad you're doing this segment. because these heroes, they were in people's churches, their sons and daughters and they have kids. they're soccer coaches and football coaches. they're not just police
12:46 am
officers. >> you have seven officers injured, three of them are d.a.r.t. transportation officers. are they all going to recover? anybody in danger at this point? >> i have been told that all three d.a.r.t. officers will ot gotten any information on the dallas officers. there is four of them. but we're hearing that all four of them, some of them have already been released but -- >> all right, so we're not expecting anymore fatalities from this terrible terrorist incident. two incidents, one person was shot. shetamia taylor, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time? >> yeah, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. and i don't think she was a target but it just happened to be. >> she was shot in the leg. and we don't know -- she actually has an interesting story, she threw herself on top of her 15-year-old son to shield him from the bullets. and she took a bullet while she
12:47 am
was on top of her son. but she is okay. now, overall, you're the president of the association that represents dallas police officers. and as greta van susteren said on fasteox, you know, our words can't really lessen the pain. but is there anything you can say to put this whole thing into perspective? >> well, i don't know if there is a way to put it in perspective. our officers are professionals and will continue to go out and serve the citizens of dallas. they're upset and hurt. but they're going to continue to go out and serve the citizens as best as they can. >> and let's hope the citizens have a change in perspective in the big d, i worked there for six years, and it's changed a lot since i've been there. but the police chief says you know, we're not getting a lot of support and that needs to
12:48 am
change. if it changes, maybe something good will come out of this. thank you for joining us, i'll have more commentary on the no spin news broadcast on bill o'reilly. so you can check that out after the break. on deck, we'll take you live to dallas for what is happening right now. and there is also stuff going on in atlanta. we'll show you pictures from there and the factor will be right back. ♪
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you're looking at a live picture outside atlanta where protesters -- looks to be about a thousand, are stacking up against state police. the protesters trying to march into the city on a major highway. police are not permitting that. so far, no violence or anything like that.
12:52 am
we don't know exactly who is behind this protest. don't know if it is a "black lives matter." but the reports are that it has been largely peaceful. but there is a standoff tonight in atlanta. in the back of the book segment fox news has provided very comprehensive coverage of the dallas terror attack all day as you know. and joining us from that city is fnc correspondent, rick leventhal. so you're in a zone that is a crime scene right now, sort of keeping everybody away, right? >> reporter: yeah, there are several blocks here in downtown dallas that are keeping people away. they have crime scene tape surrounding the red brick structure which is the parking garage where the sniper was shooting the officers. they're still processing the crime scene, telling us that some of the blocks may be closed
12:53 am
until next wednesday of next week. >> yeah, they're trying to find the shooter's car, because if he didn't have a car that indicates he may have had someone drop him off because he lived in mesquite, 15 miles away. i guess -- they're trying to fan out, and find out whether this guy has a car or not. >> well, there are conflicting reports about that. there were some reports that his mother's car, the suv, was found at the scene. so he may have driven himself here. that is unconfirmed right now. police are not giving out a lot of information because this is an ongoing investigation. also as you know there were a handful of arrests. there was a woman taken into custody and apparently questioned and released and two guys who were stopped and drove away. there were a lot of guys with guns who were stopped. police are going to chase down every lead. they're going to stop and talk to anyone who had a connection to the shooter to make sure they're not a part of it, if there was a plot, and they're not connected to it.
12:54 am
>> we have to point out texas is an open carry state. so people can carry guns. in a situation like that it does get confusing because police are getting shot at, somebody has a gun and they don't know what is going on. >> at this point it appears this was just the one shooter. >> just one, whether the person had an accomplice to get him in there or not. and again, you're the first one mentioning the mother's car, but we'll try to see if we can confirm that. anyway, you have been talking to law enforcement officers about this. what have they been telling you? >> reporter: well, i mean, they're devastated. you know, this is a very, very awful time for law enforcement in general. this is the worst single day of fatalities for law enforcement since 9/11. and you know, they feel awful about what happened here and they feel awful about any time an innocent person is killed by
12:55 am
a peace officer. that is what they're telling me. that every day the officers have to make the split second decision and faced with those decisions every day. when bad things happen, when somebody gets killed it's always a terrible, terrible thing. but police officers don't get up and say i'm going to go kill a police officer. but that is what this guy did. he came out and sniped people who were protesting police officers. so he targeted the cops, woke up and decided he would kill some cops. law enforcement is doing this, they're trying to serve and protect. >> every fair-minded american knows there is no comparison between a police, and even if it's a mistake, a police shooting in a conflict situation and somebody goes out and commits domestic terrorism. rick, thank you, we appreciate the hard work. i'll have final words on this situation when we come right
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finally finally tonight, the usa is taking an image pounding all over the world. and we're perceived in many places as a violent, selfish society. that is a faulty picture, but one that is becoming engrained in the minds of those not sophisticated enough to understand that the freedom we have here in america can lead to chaos and bad behavior and often does. now, there will always be haters, since the dawn of mankind there will always be haters, and some of them will kill people. in a free country, it is easier to do that than it would be in a totalitarian regime. and because they have guns, all the control in the world is not going to stop the access. it's always going to be there. want to kill people, they're going to be able to kill people.
12:59 am
not to say we should not have sane laws, we should. there is no solution to random violence, but lessons can be learned. we need to stop racial blanket accusations, all cops are hunting black people. it's unfair. and cops have the power to treat everyone equally. that could happen, but first the haters will have to be marginalized, and have to stop the "black lives matter" stuff. because even though mr. shelton doesn't agree with me, white people are going you know this is not the group that is going to bring us together. this is not martin luther king jr.'s crew. this is a violent we don't like america crew. but it's not going to be acknowledged and therefore the racial divide is going to grow. it's going to get worse. anyway, we're going to continue our reporting on this throughout the evening.
1:00 am
we hope you stay with fnc. that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor website and also we would like you to spout off on o' this is a fox news alert. good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. right now we're waiting for an update on the shooting in dallas that left five police officers dead and seven others wounded thursday night. in the past few minutes, dallas police have confirmed that they've found bomb-making materials, ballistic vests, ammunition, and a personal journal of combat tactics during a search of the shooter's home. and it is believed to have just been one shooter involved in dallas. we will bring you that press conference as soon as it happens live here on fox, but first, much of the nation is still obviously in shock today. coming to


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