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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 9, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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the country realize from the horrific and tragic loss. vigils are being held nationwide honoring the police officers who gave their lives to protect the people of dallas. we're looking at the hears that holds the body of one of those who gave his life. brent thompson. he was 43 years old. he was the first officer killed from the dallas area transit system. he was a seven year veteran of the force. he was married only two weeks ago. his body being transferred from dallas downtown to his hometown.
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his final journey home, they're asking people, line the highway. they say highway 45 for what they call his final journey home as not only the people in dallas and in texas but all americans on this saturday afternoon we honor those police officers who gave their lives. hello everyone, this is a brand new hour of america's news. >> we are learning new information about the deadly attack targeting the dallas police as we remember the five brave officers, including officer brent thompson who is now being transported back to his home in texas along i-45 there in dallas. they're leaving behind loved ones trying to cope with the devastating news. we have coverage looking at the aspects of this shooting. rich is live at baylor medical
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center. but first we're joined live in dallas. they've searched the suspect's home. do we have any idea what they have found so far? >> reporter: i've got to say first of all, i don't know about you, but hearing you talk about the hearse and final journey home, i got chills from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head. >> i could barely get through that. i could barely get through that. >> reporter: the fact that they're asking people to come out and line the streets to say their final good bye to this man is heart wrenching and that puts it in perspective here of the scope of this tragedy and how this community, this state and this country for that matter have been impacted, but let's get down to the processing of the crime scene and the house. authorities say that they recovered what they call a
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stockpile of weapons and extra ammunition at the home where the gunman lived. they found body armor and bomb making materials but perhaps the most chilling piece of evidence recovered from that house, they discovered a journal which contained combat tactics. the gunman was former military. this neighborhood is in mesquite, texas, which is an eastern suburb of dallas. cops say the home is in the suspect's mother's name but it's not clear who all lives there. neighbors describe him as a loaner and one who kept to himself, especially when he returned home from his overseas deployment to afghanistan. >> i know you've been right where you're standing there in downtown dallas since early morning friday. what's happening? it seems like it's sort of locked in a time capsule there, the scene there in downtown
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dallas. >> reporter: the crime scene itself is only about two blocks behind me, that is where all the shooting happened and then that's where the shootout between the suspect and police went down. the fbi is the lead agency out here but the a.t.f. works closely with them and they are on the ground. 30 agents from the dallas field office, it is quite a task processing this crime scene as you can imagine. it takes so much time because it is so unusually large and widespread according to people i've talked to. it's spread out over multiple city blocks. so we're being told this area could be closed off to the public until wednesday while that is all carried out. one of the largest priorities right now is recovering all of the shell casings and here's why that's so important. guns make their own unique fingerprint on a spent casing.
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no two firearms are alike. the atf tells me those casings will be then processed through this machine which is links to niben, a giant database containi containing ballistic information from crimes across the country. >> a gun that may be used in phoenix in a crime may end up in new york, dallas, miami and if we recover the casings from the crime in phoenix and you have casings in new york and miami where they're entered and it's compared in the system, it may draw a correlation and you may have a serial shooter on your hand or that gun has transferred hands. >> reporter: the reason that is so crucial is because that can link to the origin of the gun. when they put that shell casing information into the database it could ping the database. meaning if that gun has been
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detected somewhere else in another part of the country it can show up in the database. that can lead to who sold the gun to him, just a lot of information from those tiny shell casings that are scattered over multiple city blocks and that's what their main focus and priority is. >> thank you very much for bringing us up to date on the latest there. as we discussed at the top of the show here we're looking at a very sad image here. this is the body officer brent thompson. he was the one dallas area rapid transit officer, d.a.r.t. officer that was massacred in that shooting thursday night. his body is being transported from the medical examiner's office in dallas to his hometown in korsa cana texas.
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this is i-45. if you know dallas you know this well and i believe it was casy who just reported that the mayor and police chief they're asking if you want to show your respect, if you want to say thank you to officer brent thompson and the other brave officers who gave their lives thursday night, show up there on i-45 and let them know that his life has not been lost in vain. >> brent thompson is 42 years old. he was a father and grandfather. he was remarried just two weeks ago and the police department in that city, as you said, asking people if they want to show their respect and in tribute and in dignity, to line the route as he travels from dallas to his hometown for what will be the viewing and then the services to show the respect and caring for
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are out there to protect us every day, most of them to us nameless and unknowing people who will come into our home if we call, who will come to our rescue, protect us against crime, and even help the homeless. one of the police officers we're told bought a meal for a homeless person just the other day, an indication of the caring and decency of so many police officers and members of law enforcement in our country. brett thompson, a symbol specifically of that caring, that dedication we're told, as you can see, the convoy bearing his body with the hearse escorted by the police officers of dallas. >> we salute officer thompson and our other brave police officers around the country and we thank you all. his story is one of the five of those police officers who were killed in that attack, five
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making the ultimate sacrifice by answering the call to serve and protect us. brett thompson there up on the left, we will have services and tributes to the other four and husbands, fathers and veterans and all around good guys who one of them joined the department to help and be a part and give something back to this country that we and they so loved. we have more live from the baylor university medical center in dallas where some of the other officers and victims of the shooting are recovering. >> reporter: good afternoon. we are hearing more about those who survived thursday night's shooting and more about those who did not. we talked about brent thompson who you showed his motorcade. >> hold on for a second. we have a bit of an audio problem. we'll see if we can clear that up in a minute with our live shot.
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if we can't we'll move on and get back to rich as we remember and recall all the five officers who were killed. again, there is brent thompson's hearse, the body being taken back home as the dallas police are asking people to line the streets, if they can, to show their respect and i'm sure that i speak for many viewers and our fellow americans if we could be there, if we could do that, if we could salute him, we could. we may not be there physically but we are certainly there in spirit and in caring. rich is back with us now. go ahead. >> reporter: sorry about that. it appears as though we have our issues worked out. we wanted to talk a bit about the stories and lives of those who were lost on thursday night and those who were injured. we talked about brent thompson he here. he was with the d.a.r.t. police office.
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the dallas police department the four officers killed clootding micha michael krol, he was texting his girlfriend. patrick zamarripa. he was married with a child and his father earlier today spoke about his son. >> when he told me he was going to be a police officer i said don't be that bad cop, be that good one. you know right from wrong. i told you what's wrong, what's right. do the right thing. >> reporter: michael smith, a 55 year old leaves behind a wife and two daughters and lorne
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ahrens. >> the smiling photos and tributes say it all. thank you. when we come back we're going to get to other news happening. a new provocation from north korea. the country trying to launch a ballistic missile and what it means for america's allies in asia. investigators trying to piece together a psyche lodge al profile of michael johnson, who struck at the heart of our nation. what officials are finding out may help law enforcement prevent other similar acts in the future. >> you can't accept it. we're arranging the funeral stuff right now and as time goes by it becomes more of a reality and then the grieving process starts, but right now everyone's just number. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®.
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jessie jackson addressed the deadly shooting in dallas. protesters meanwhile have been voicing their anger and frustration in cities across the country. police in new york arrested 74
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people last night when some people in the crowd started throwing rocks, one of the many dem straonstrations that are occurring across the country this weekend. we have more on what's being planned. what are the leaders of the black lives matter saying today. >> attorney general lynch came out yesterday and told protesters including people with the black lives matter movement not to be discouraged and it looks like they took it to heart. the leaders issued a statement that said this is a tragedy that have been impacted by thursday's attack and democracy. it says black activists have raised the call to an end to violence, not an escalation of it but that didn't stop tense moments yesterday in rock chester new york. 74 protesters were arrested after throwing rocks. nobody was hurt. in arizona protesters shut down
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ramps leading to freeways. police responded to pepper spray and tear gas. three people were arrested and six were injured and in atlanta nearly 10,000 protesters flooded the street blocking traffic but there were no arrests or injuries. there are going to be more protests throughout the weekend and leaders calling for peaceful demonstration. >> meanwhile there was a march in los angeles and some big name rappers showed up for that march? >> reporter: yes snoop dog and the gang lead a march through the streets yesterday and they met with the police chief and the mayor. take a listen. >> if you love your lives and you love your families as much as i love mine, try to think about mine as much as i think about yourself and let's try save each other's lives before the world ends right before our eyes. >> reporter: the rapper said it's their goal to improve
2:19 pm
relations between members of law enforcement and minority communities across the country. >> thank you so much. >> i saw that snoop said you can't fix hate with hate so he's trying to send out a positive message for sure. investigators are busy piecing together a picture of the gunman responsible for the deadly dallas attack. the 25-year-old killer was ho r honorably discharged from the army because of a sexual harassment allegation and he veptd on facebook but his troubles went undetected from those around him. law enforcement are looking to learn more from his profile to prevent future attacks. joining us now is the former intelligence officer to the u.s. state department and author of the conversion professorsy. i'm so happy to see you but for this unfortunate sad story. i want you to give us an idea. we're reporting that
2:20 pm
investigators are trying to piece together the picture of the gunman responsible. talk to us about what they'll be looking for and also as investigators go about their business these next few crucial days and weeks, how do they go about tracking down possible or potential copycats. >> it's going to be difficult. before i answer your question i have a question for loretta lynch, how come she's so fast to investigate the police officers involved in these shootings as a civil rights violation but yet i haven't heard her calling the dallas incident a hate crime yet and that disturbs me and it should disturb a lot of people in this country. in answer to your question i can't get into michael johnson's head because i'm going to leave that up to the profession als. i'm sure we'll have more insight into the subject matter, but what police have to do is people have to say something if they see something. what the problem again with that
2:21 pm
is there's just so much you can see and so much you can say that you can't get into it and so much on facebook. police can't and the fbi and investigators homeland security they can't be on there watching facebook posts all day long and reading them. people have to see people's behavior. people's behaviors change, some for the good but unfortunately most of them for the bad. even if you are a relative, you know your people that you're related to. you know what their behave has been and you can see a change in that behavior and sometimes you have to look into it. i'm not saying investigate it by yourself but you have to let the police know. you can't keep calling 911. that's for emergencies. maybe it's time that the country set up a national hotline, an anonymous hotline for people to report things and maybe that's what we need. >> more community involvement
2:22 pm
and community freedom to say something without fear of retaliation on some other level and being able to remain anonymous so the bad guy can't go back and get them. meanwhi meanwhile, the investigators are going to be looking into this. what if they find someone who appears to have the same leanings as the killer in dallas and might be looking to commit another hate crime? how do police arrest them if they have not acted? >> well, that's the problem. the wheels of justice unfortunately in this country turn slowly and with political correctness you can't go out there and do anything or investigate anybody. they did away with stop and frisk in new york which is horror end douse because if this guy was walking down the street with a bulge under his coat and he had thatg gun or any other weapon the police can't frisk him until he does something where they see the weapon and
2:23 pm
that's the problem. then you have social media today. the tragedy in minnesota, i call it a tragedy because no police officer wants to be the man behind a trigger that shoots or hurts anybody. we don't go out in the morning saying today i'm going to kill somebody. but what happens is when you get a one sided story that goes up on facebook like the video that that girlfriend of his showed, that's all the public sees and that acknowledge tagitates them. the police may have a video that showed exactly what happened but they can't put it out there to combat this other video because the hands of justice may be defeated because some attorney's going to say the police released this video and it's in the press and we can't defend this and try it in the manage edia. you're going to see the one side and social media has to be responsible. facebook and google, they have to be responsible and they can't let people just put this stuff up there which is going to
2:24 pm
insight a riot and insight everything else going on. as much as we like technology today, it's causing havoc in this world and we so it. we see it happening every day. >> i have to leave it there. thank you so much. >> thank you. president obama's trip overseas was interrupted by the tragedy here at home. what the president is saying about the shooting in dallas and how it is impacting his stay at the nato summit in poland. >> when we start suggesting that we're back to the situation in the '60s, that's just not true.
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they're by definition troubled, by definition if you
2:29 pm
shoot people who pose no threat to you, strangers, you have a troubled mind. >> okay. by the way, that was president obama speaking about the tragedy in dallas, but i want to breakway from that for just a moment and i want to show you these images on i-45 in texas going from dallas to corsicana texas, this is the body of brent thompson, the d.a.r.t. officer who lost his life trying to protect those protesters in dallas thursday night. as you can see on the other half of the highway, if our photographer can pull back, but what was happening there was a very touching scene where you had motorists pulling over to the side to honor and pay respect as best they can to exhibit their thanks for officer thompson who lost his life thursday while he was gunned
2:30 pm
down by a killer there in dallas who went atop a roof and shot down the brave men and women of dallas, as well as harming victims in the meantime. here's a picture of those who lost their lives in the upper left corner is officer brent thompson. he was 43 years old, just remarried a couple of weeks ago and there is officer patrick zamarripa and officer michael krol, officer michael smith and officer lorne ahens. they are dallas police officers, were, sadly to sad. to get back to president obama because he made some remarks at the summit there in poland. the president ending his european trip early, in fact returning to washington. he's going to visit dallas early next week and kevin cork is traveling with the president and
2:31 pm
is live from warsaw, poland right now. i understood that the president called the texas governor to offer his condolences. >> reporter: yeah, you're right on that. we just learned that not very long ago before i came out here that the president did take the opportunity to call the governor of the great state of texas and not only express his condolences on behalf of the american people but also to pledge support moving forward. as you have point out the president trying to bring together the nation in the wake of the devastating shootings on dallas, texas on thursday. that became the headline even though we are more than 5,400 miles away from texas, that was the headline here at the summit and the president is saying now is the time for the country to come together. in fact, it's the third time today that he addressed the shooting in texas, third time since he has been here overseas. he called on all americans to reject the politics of division and hate.
2:32 pm
>> there is sorrow, there is anger, there is confusion about next steps, but there's unity in recognizing that this is not how we want our communities to operate. this is not who we want to be as americans. >> reporter: as you've been reporting on fox news today the president will in fact visit dallas early next week. he's going to devote the next week on working on issues of police safety. if you thought he was going to stop talking about gun violence in the wake of the shooting, think again. >> we are not going to be able to identify ahead of time and eliminate every madman or
2:33 pm
troubled individual who might want to do harm against innocent peop people, but we can make it harder for them to do so. >> reporter: critics obviously are arguing now is not the time to talk about that. instead the focus should be exclusively on those who were lost. the president made a point to talk about the strength of the nato alliance including the addition of 1,000 u.s. troops that will be rotating in and out of poland for the allianallianc. the president is in spain tonight and he'll meet with other leaders in the country tomorrow. we'll be there as well and i'll have all the stories for you here on fox news. for now back to you. >> i know you'll have all the updated information there on the president's travels.
2:34 pm
we thank you, kevin. a black nationalist website that has called for the killing of white police officers. they followed the new black panther party and they found new evidence inside the home of the shooter. bomb making materials and rifles and a journal in his house that he shared with his mother. police say the suspect micah x. johnson had served in afghanistan and he was upset by the recent police shootings of the black men in louisiana and minnesota and he wanted to kill while police officers. we're asking now is it possible to profile and stop such radical hate before there is another potential cold-blooded massacre. someone who knows about that is mary o'tool and she's a foreinsc
2:35 pm
novemb investigator. this guy had no criminal record but a lot in his troubled background including neighbors saying he appeared to be doing military type of training exercises in his backyard. is that enough to pick somebody out to say something's wrong, there's a guy in the backyard, looks like he's like playing vietnam or something. do you say something? do you not say something? what do we do? >> you say something and if you're wrong you can apologize but what is important is that what neighbors were seeing and what maybe family was seeing and maybe ignored or felt it wasn't serious is that you're now seeing observable behaviors but the actual thinking about acting out violently, the preparation for it, begins years and years ago. violence begins in the brain.
2:36 pm
so it's not just getting weapons that causes someone to go out and behave violently. it has to be in their thinking and it has to be a certain personality type that carries out an act that we saw several days ago in dallas. so it's a combination but the thinking and personality traits would have been present and some of them would have been manifest td. my experience has been when he was a little boy, that's how long this kind of behavior can evolve, especially if there's no intervention. at the tail end now he's beginning to access weapons and beginning to really act out or dress rehears for what he's planning do. now it's getting pretty late to intervene. >> it's not
2:37 pm
that rhetoric includes getting guns and getting not just one or two guns but multiple guns. now there's more section retive behavior and emergs into thinking of homicide and suicide all the time and it includes obsessive talking about endings of the world and hatred. hatred is the big emotion here. people are describing this man as angry and i think that's a mistake. it's hatred. when you hate someone or a group of people the only thing you can do is to want to destroy them. so we look for hatred in an
2:38 pm
individual. that's a very powerful emotion. it's much different than anger. it's the accumulation of all those things that people need to look for but unfortunately police can't be in people's living rooms and that's why it's so important for people to be educated to violence and how it evolves and what we can do about it. this didn't just start two weeks ago. this is a long time in the making. >> what should have -- what could we have done? what could they have done? what do you think should have been done? >> i think people number one need to understand when you have -- especially with young boys, i'll be honest with you, it's the young males that we see in this vulnerable age frame from 18 to late 20s and if they start to again show that obsessive interest in amassing a lot of firearms that's a red flag. i know people don't want to hear that but thinking about violence and obsessing about violence doesn't make a mass killer. it's when you have the
2:39 pm
combination of the i thinking and personality traits and weapons in your hand that's a deadly combination. so when people that are close see the warning behaviors, the hatred and obsession with killing and dying and amassing weapons, the dress rehearsals all of those are observable and all of those are serious red flags. >> watch words that we all around the country should be mindful of as we follow through life. mary o'tool former fbi profiler. thank you for your insight. the leader of north korea kim jong-un conducting an unsuccessful missile launch. why did he do it and what does it mean. we'll talk about it. lo at all ts you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles
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north korea has reportedly test fired a missile from a submarine today.
2:44 pm
the missile fell short after lau launch. the action coming one day after plans announced to deploy an advanced missile system to protect our allies. what do you think kim jong-un is up to? joining us now is a retired military agent. this is like trying to dissecbr. he's now claiming he can hit the u.s. do you think this he have that capability to strike hawaii or maybe the pacific coast. >> i don't know because like you say it's very difficult to understand what he's saying even when he says it and you don't know if he's lying through his teeth. they always claim they have more capability than they have but it is concerning that they have really done a successful launch from a submarine. that is the verifiable fact here.
2:45 pm
the missile blew up in flight they estimate about 19 miles down range from launch which means it probably blew up about the time it hit max pressure which means that's when it was going the fastest and the air pressure tore the missile apart. when you put a ballistic missile together it's a series of tradeoffs because it has to be rugged enough to get through that max dynamic pressure spot where this thing probably blew up but it has to be strong enough that it can withstand the launch and water pressure and getting forced out of the submarine before the main motor burns. there are a lot of things that go into this and they've been taking it a step at a time and they get further down the road each time and it's concerning because they don't have to crack the technology keys needed to get an enter continental missile if you can move the submarine
2:46 pm
closer you solved your range problem. >> that's sophisticated. where do they get this stuff from? >> so many systems in our defense contractors all of our big defense primes and some of the smaller primes, they're systems have been hacked, the chinese have been running through them for years. trade secrets and all of those things, and with the funding for the north koreas and the koreans blowing off u.n. resolutions and sanctions and everything, you've got a recipe for disaster here. the money, stolen technology and disregard by the north koreans. >> what do we do? how do we stop them before they get one at us? >> that's a tough one because everybody's been trying do this. you'll recall that the clinton administration signed a deal and then the obama administration signed a deal. everybody's been trying to deal
2:47 pm
with these guys and people say well let the chinese put pressure on them let's hold the chinese accountable for this. the chinese aren't real happy with the koreans at the present time either so this is one of those things where it's going to take pressure from everybody and then don't let up that pressure. don't give in the first time he starts to walk back from something. we have to maintain the pressure on him and putting that system that you mentioned in the lead-in, absolutely we need to do that. same with other bases where we're vulnerable in the pacific, we need to do that preemptive defense and have that stuff in there because you have no idea what this guy is going do. >> that's true. the system is going in so hopefully that will work like the iron dome in israel and their stuff will hopefully keep blowing up. thank you for joining us. when we come back from the dallas attack to the police shootings in louisiana and
2:48 pm
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the presumptive presidential nominees for both parties reacting to the rapid succession of violent events this week and addressing the need to bridge
2:52 pm
the gulf between law enforcement and the communities they serve. >> we must stand in solidarity with law enforcement, which we must remember is the force between civilization and total chaos. every american has the right to live in safety and peace. the deaths of alton sterling in louisiana and castil in minnesota also make clear how much work we have to do to make every american feel their safety is protected. >> we do need police and criminal justice reforms to save lives and make sure all americans are treated equally and right and dignity. we do need to support police departments and stand up for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. >> let's talk about this now
2:53 pm
with the former pollster and adviser to president bill clint and a fox news contributor. do you think that this time local, state and national leaders are ready to discard politics and are determined to work towards true change? >> i hope so, arthel, i mean, it's probably too early to see. in other tragic circumstances we've seen the hopeful rhetoric of both donald trump and hillary clinton degenerate into partisan battling. but let's hope that people are now finally listening and willing to put aside politics and work to solve problems. >> and not in terms of politics but in terms of policy, past approach and sentiment regarding race relations, which of the two candidates do you feel might be better suited to make progress in this area? >> you know, i was, as i said, gratified by what donald trump said. gratified by what hillary clinton said.
2:54 pm
they have different perspectives. they have different constituencies. trump's is much more limited to white voters who are more oriented to law enforcement. hillary has a more diverse constituency. her remarks reflected that. i think it's really too early to say. let's hope the answer is both. we'll be better off as a country. >> absolutely. how do you think the issue of gun control will be positioned in light of these latest headlines? >> i hope it is not polite sized. i'm one of those, i support background checks, and i hope that we have a more robust conciliation to try to make it more difficult for dangerous criminals, those on the terror watch list, to get guns, close the gun show loophole, but more important than the specifics, at a time like this, i think we have to come together around commonsense tragedies and not
2:55 pm
turn these tragedy, and they are tragedies, into a basis for politization. that would be a tragedy in and of itself. >> and i'm sure there are many americans watching, saying not to let, you know, people who are breaking the law to affect their constitutional right to bear arms in a responsible way. >> that's absolutely right. this is not a basis to repeal or attempt to repeal the second amendment or to take guns away from people they possess lawfully. it is a case where we should make it much more difficult for those who are dangerously mentally ill on terror watch lists to get guns, close loopholes, but most of all come together as a nation to end racism in policing but also let the police do their job in the way that they are meant to do it. >> doug, i thank you for coming, always happy to talk to you. unfortunately, these circumstances are less than
2:56 pm
unfortunate. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> of course. >> the massacre in dallas putting police on high alert. what departments are doing to keep their officers and communities safe.
2:57 pm
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dallas police shoot. authorities coming through the home of the gunman michael johnson saying the 25-year-old army veteran had stockpiled a personal arsenal that included guns, ammunition and bomb making materials. welcome to a new hour inside "america's election headquarters." >> always good to be with you, arthel, even under these circumstances. i'm eric shawn. this horrific and cold-blooded attack, as you know, left five police officers dead. the nation this weekend continues to search for answers and we ask how do we address this division. president obama speak from nato summit in warsaw poland earlier today saying, in his words, this hateful act does not reflect the true spirit of our country. >> as painful as this week has been, i firmly believe that america is not as divided as some sues