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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  July 9, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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dallas police shoot. authorities coming through the home of the gunman michael johnson saying the 25-year-old army veteran had stockpiled a personal arsenal that included guns, ammunition and bomb making materials. welcome to a new hour inside "america's election headquarters." >> always good to be with you, arthel, even under these circumstances. i'm eric shawn. this horrific and cold-blooded attack, as you know, left five police officers dead. the nation this weekend continues to search for answers and we ask how do we address this division. president obama speak from nato summit in warsaw poland earlier today saying, in his words, this hateful act does not reflect the true spirit of our country. >> as painful as this week has been, i firmly believe that america is not as divided as some suggested.
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>> they're certainly dealing with this firsthand in dallas. that's where we find casey steagall reporting live from that city that has been so hard hit. let's start with the crime scene there several days after. what's going on now? >> we've been standing in front of the crime scene but there's a severe thunderstorm so that's why we are inside. of course that means that the crime scene processing will be hampered with all of those officials on the ground here who are scouring the scene from top to bottom, making sure that all the is are dolled a dotted and e crossed. the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms is closely assisting the fbi. about 30 agents are out. it is an arduous task. they have to go through bit by
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bit. it is such a large and unusual crime scene because it is spread out over multiple city blocks that the area could likely be sealed off until wednesday. one of the largest priorities is recovering all of the shell casings. because as we know, guns make their own unique fingerprint on a spent casing. if you have two smith & wesson revolves, same caliber, next to each other, person a is shooting one, person b is shooting the other, when you pick up the shell casings on the ground, when they're examined, they can tell which bullets came from which gun. pretty fascinating. the atf tells me those casings are going to processed through though machine. it is linked to essentially a giant database continuing ballistic information from crimes across country. one of the reasons that's so important is because when they put the shell casings through that machine, if it has been -- if that gun that pinged that
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particular casing is involved in any other crimes around the country and has been enterred into that database, they're immediately going to get a hit on it. it also can provide information in terms of where the guns originated from that this suspect used. did he purchase them online. did he go into a gun store, complete a background check and get it legally or if he got it through the black market. so that is why the processing of the crime scene and the collection of that evidence is so painstaking and it will take time. they're asking for the public's patience. >> they're also going through some of his, you know, facebook links and internet links going back to the new black panther party and other groups and they went into his house, what, they found some bomb making material, a lot more evidence? >> yes, they sure did, eric, in fact, authorities have described it as a stockpile of additional guns and ammunition. they also found more body armor and they found some -- a chilling piece of evidence,
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perhaps the most chilling of all, a journal, which apparently contained combat tactics, according to authorities, which show this was a calculated and well thought-out crime officials say. remember, the gunman was former military. so this neighborhood is in mesquite, texas. it's in an eastern suburb of dallas. cops say the home is in the suspect mother's name. but neighbors describe him as a loner and one who kept to himself, especially when he returned from his overseas deployment to afghanistan. but it is a tight-knit community. we've had producers out in that neighborhood all day. none of the neighbors wanted to go on camera and provide any comments. one home we saw had a sign on the door that said "no comment." so everyone there really just in a state of shock, like most of us still are, eric. >> some neighbors said they saw him apparently conducting military exercises out in the backyard but sadly no one ever said anything, as so far we
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know. >> we're learning more about the survivors of the shooting. as some of the victims recover at baylor university medical center, which is about two miles from where shooting occurred. in addition, seven officers and two civilians were also wounded. rich edson is live at baylor university medical center with the latest, and i understand the rain that casey went away from is maybe happening near you and if so we'll have to break out of your live shot because we want to keep you safe there, rich, but, meanwhile, give us the update. >> sure. we can confirm there's a thunderstorm hitting the dallas area and on its way here. here at baylor, we are getting updates from the two separate police departments that were covered here that were involved in thursday night's shooting. the dallas area rapid transit authority, their police department says of the three officers who were injured on thursday night, two have now been released. one other officer still remains
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in the hospital. that's misty mcbride. according to the associated press. who apparently spoke to her parents or family members and friends. she was shot in the arm and in the abdomen. that shot to the arm apparently broke her shoulder. and she's still in treatment. there's no word on the dallas police department's four injured officers. dallas police here at baylor university medical center and parkland memorial hospital are all refusing to give a status update on any of those officers. 12 officers were shot. two civilians. of the 12 shot on thursday night, five days and seven are injured. we've heard now two from the dallas area rapid transport authority police department have been treated and released from the hospital, arthel. >> of course doctors have been working around the clock trying to take care of those wounded. have you had a chance to talk to any of the doctors? >> yes, we have actually. a couple of doctors who were working on thursday night, we're
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hearing the stories now from the other side of this, what it was like to be in that building behind me and to treat those officers. we did speak to the head of the trauma department here at baylor university medical center. and he told us what it was like to treat so many officers with gunshot wounds. >> -- police, fire, ems, that's been injured, yeah, it always -- it's a little bit more of a tug but, you know, all of our patients are patients. everyone of the people who walks through here we care about. >> he added this is still a leave one trauma center that continues to serve the community here and those he said were not the only gunshot wounds that they were treating that evening so an incredibly busy evening on thursday. also our dr. mark seigel speak to one of the emergency room doctors. here's what he told dr. seigel.
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he said thursday night i was on duty and it was surreal. it felt as if i were back in afghanistan. that doctor was a captain of the navy reserve who serves in afghanistan and said it was an awful lot like that when he was working thursday. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> some of the protests about police continue in baiten rouge. the police there arrested as many as 30 protesters. some folks stopped traffic in both directions last night as they protested the shooting in that city of alton sterling. alton was shot and killed by a police officer earlier this week. we are live in baton rouge louisiana, at that site, with more. what's happening where you are right now? >> hi, eric, we've actually moved to florida boulevard because that's where just one of several protests that are going
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on is taking place. you can see a group of protesters in the center median of florida boulevard. unlike yesterday when they were attempting to stop traffic on the highway very early on state police came out. louisiana state police came out. met with the protest organizers. told them we want you to be able to protest here. we will facilitate wherever you want to go as long as you are not blocking the streets. we want you to stay out of the streets and asked them if they would agree to that. the protest organizers said they would and so far the protesters are staying on either side of the road or in the median on florida boulevard and traffic continues. so that is the situation right now as we speak, eric. >> it seeps pretty orderly. that's the way, if they want to get their message across, that's a great way to do it by standing in the median and they can get access to all the drivers that are going by without having to,
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you know, cause a mess. so what is the atmosphere? as you can see? basically pretty calm between the protesters and the folks there, i gather, just stopped for a light? >> right now, it's very calm. the conversation we saw between the protest organizers and the police this evening was very constructive. it was a slightly different atmosphere yesterday which was the first time that we saw protesters coming face-to-face with police. what happened is originally they were protesting at that convenience store where the shooting took place but police decided to keep their distance. some of the protesters got frustrated because they wanted to see the police so they said if the police aren't going to come to our neighborhood, we're going to go to the neighborhood of the police department. so they protested in front of police headquarters. several times they stopped traffic on a major highway that went in front of police headquarters and that's when baton rouge police came out in full riot gear, pushed them back on to the corner and those
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protesters who were not comply, a handful of them, were arrested. but what we're seeing unfolding right now very orderly. protesters and police getting along, complying with one another. eric, there's really two schools of thought among the protesters. some of the protesters say let's follow the directions, let's stay orderly on the side of the road. that's the best way to get the message across. other protesters are saying no, we need to up the ante, we need more civil disobedience to make our message. it's not a uniform school of thought but tonight the orderly school of thought seems to be winning out. >> certainly hope it stays that way and calm. certainly those drivers as you can hear with the honking. maybe honking of support for some of those protesters as they are making their message made clear. jonathan, thank you so much. an attorney for minneapolis police officer says his client shot and killed a black driver because the man had a gun, not
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because of his race. police now investigating after officer yanes shot castile this week during a traffic stop. the attorney saying the officer stopped castile because he matched the description of an armed robbery suspect. castile's girlfriend streamed on facebook and says he had a permit to carry the gun. now to america's election headquarters. the presidential campaigns are getting back on track from both candidates in the wake of the dallas massacre. first the republican, donald trump. he attended a fund-raiser today. this as his campaign got into a bit of a back and forth with the new york city police commissioner. bryan enllenas has more.
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>> he cancel a campaign event yesterday after the shooting event in dallas. he said the shooting has, quote, shaken the soul of our nation. >> they're not just police officers, they're mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters and they're all on my mind today. they're on everybody's mind. a brutal attack on our police force is an attack on our country and an attack on our families. >> trump also addressed the police shooting deaths of two black men this week, sterling in louisiana and castile in minnesota, saying too many americans live in violence poverty and he will provide needed jobs. the "new york daily news" reports nypd commissioner bratton denied trump's request to address a police roll call on friday after the dallas shootings. >> interest in staying out of
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the politics at the moment not to provide photo ops that mr. trump wants. to speak to me, we'll be happy to brief him on what we're doing. but we're not in the business of providing photo ops for candidates. >> the trump campaign denied they made such a request. in the wake of protests and the shootings in dallas, cleveland police are tightening their security plan for the republican national convention on july 19th. rnc chairman reince priebus says he's confident things will go well. the co-chair says she's nervous as hell about the security at the republican national convention, which she said was already going to be a powder keg. after an ohio -- again, that's what we've heard about that. we'll see how that goes with everything going on, eric. >> all right, bryan, thanks so much. >> hillary clinton putting forth new health care proposals in what's being seen as an olive
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branch to supporters of bernie sanders. clinton calling for increased federal funding for community health centers while reaffirming her support for a public option. clint senior policy advisers says the platform reflects numerous comb pra it's mpromisee campaigns. >> the protesters in baton rouge, now more have taken to the streets in other cities. how the police departments in our nation are making sure in the wake of all this their officers stay safe. >> plus, the fbi making the decision not to bring criminal charges against hillary clinton but the fight over her private e-mail server may not be finished. we'll tell you why. >> do you need a referral from congress to investigate her statements under oath? >> sure do. >> you'll have one. you'll have one in the next few hours.
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major cities taking extra steps to keep officers safe after the deadly ambush in dallas. many departments telling them to patrol in pairs for added security. it comes after several days of demonstrations in cities across the country.
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our guest is a former nypd detective on the major case squad, a private investigator and the president of alba investigations. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to start here, when we report that police are on high alert, what does that mean? >> well, after the shooting of course this is not a shooting in dallas, this is against all law enforcement, all america, if not the world. you know, something like this happening. so high alert, everybody has to be cautious because there's copycats, mentally ill people that will take the opportunity to do something like this. they want to make a name for themselves. this is the perfect time. some people just want to kill themselves and this is the perfect time to do that so definitely all police departments at this time have to be on high alert and make sure that, you know, they're well however, they have to be cautious not to be so afraid where they may be overreacting
3:21 pm
to something and cause another problem. >> or maybe not overreacting but not reacting in their -- kind of having their instincts, not following their gut in terms of what they learned in police training so it affects the psyche possibly. >> both ways, definitely. that does a lot. that's why the training is important in something like this and the training of police officers and that's the good part of it. >> how does it effect police morale? in dallas, you see people rallying around the police department, saying thank you for protecting us. do you feel that maybe that will sort of filter throughout the country? >> it should but police officers are going to do their regular routine. they're doing their regular job, keeping everybody safe. even some of these officers are back out on patrol just like they were before that.
3:22 pm
as a police officer, we consider them heroes. this is their job and what they do. they went in there and tried to get this guy even if they were going to get killed and who were they helping, they're helping the people. the people were all different colors, you know. so they went as far as they can to help everybody. so what are they doing the next day? they're going back on patrol and doing what they have to do. so are they looking for that kind of thank you and all that? i don't really think so. >> uh-huh, but how do they maintain their own morale, brother and sister helping each other out? >> this is a big deal. that's why talking about this and seeing -- conversing and having meetings and, you know, just like a regular family. because what happens as soon as they take their uniform off, who are they. they're part of the community. so they're really affected by this shooting especially dallas police department. and they have to talk to each other and they have to take care of each other basically which
3:23 pm
they are at this point. >> from reporting, all of our reporters there in dallas covering this story from the beginning, this horrible tragedy from the beginning. it appears in the days following that it definitely has touched the psyche of the community in dallas but the community at large as a nation. do you think that this perhaps might be -- the timing is right for people to get together, acknowledge divisions and differences? different outlooks on life? whichever communities may have what they feel differences and disagreements with the police community and their citizens? do you think now is the time that maybe people can get together and move toward solutions and real healing? >> well, unfortunately, we have to take a bad time for this but this is a great type to make a positive because these police officers were out there helping everybody so let's all get together and let's, you know, black, white, whatever, let's see how we can get along and do
3:24 pm
this, have better relationships with the community and the police. however, on the end of this, it's really not the police and the community. there's a lot, you know, with the inner cities, with the job, with the poverty. it's not only that, it's a whole different thing. you talk about gun control but it's a lot more than that. this is a perfect time, start dialogue, all police departments and communities. >> thank you very much, sir. >> appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> okay, thank you. >> take care, sir. >> five police officers cut down in cold blood. in wisconsin, there's an anti-police revolutionary hate group seems to be taking a page out of isis playbook taking to the internet and calling for more attacks on what they call white police officers. coming up, we'll go over those disturbing details with a former member of the fbi's terrorism task force and ask him if this is really allowed in america. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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and police releasing more information about the man who carried out that deadly ambush in dallas killing five police officers wu s and wounding sev others. investigators saying michael johnson had a stockpile of weapons inside his house, including materials that could be used to make bombs. rick levinthal live in dallas with more. what more are we learning about what they're finding at his home? >> we've learned some. they're keeping a lot of details internal because this is an ongoing investigation. they seem confident michael johnson was the lone gunman on thursday night. a former army reservist with apparent deep-seated hatred towards whites and white police officers. during a search of the home he shared with his mother, authorities say they found ammo and rifles, ballistic vests, a personal journal of combat
3:30 pm
tact tactics. neighbors say he appeared to be doing military-style training in his backyard in the days before the attack. sources told fox news investigators found drugs in johnson's home, possibly methamphetamine but we won't know if he was on drugs during the shootings until the toxicology report is done and that will be a lot more difficult because johnson was apparently blown to bits by c-4 explosives attached to a police robot police were using to communicate with him in a parking garage where he was holed up threatening to kill more police officers after killing five and wounding seven others. authorities confirmed johnson had ties to black militant groups including the new black panther party with links on his facebook page to numerous organizations which have been identified as hate groups. some calling for the killing of police. we know johnson was discharged from the army after sexual harassment charges from a fellow female soldier. he was sent home early from his one tour of afghanistan and discharged the following year.
3:31 pm
arthel. >> it seems like there's a lot of noise behind you. i'm not sure if that's the bad weather heading there, but i do see blowing in the wind behind you those blue miler balloons in support of the police there. tell us, how's the community doing today? >> there's been outpouring of support here in downtown it always in front of the police headquarters. you can see a couple police cruisers behind me. they are covered by flowers and balloons and candles and t-shirts, signs of support. there's been a steady stream of members of the community coming here today to add to this pile. and show their love and respect for the officers who lost their lives. those officers, mike smith, lorne ahrens and brent thompson, a dallas area rapid transit officer, the first killed from that agency since it was formed
3:32 pm
30 years ago. thompson's body was moved from the dallas county medical examiner's office to a funeral home in corsicana and that procession was pretty impressive in that they closed highways and they asked people to line route and people did in fact do that to show their respect for that officer and they're showing the respect here for the others who gave their lives thursday night to protect that protest and to try and keep people safe as they were under fire themselves. >> rick, i know you said the authorities naturally are keeping it close to the vest in terms of what they're finding at the killer's home. is there anything else, any other updates regarding the investigation? or are you wrapping up? >> well, we know that this is an extensive investigation. much of it revolves around that crime scene downtown near main and griffin where the shooting took place. there are forensic teams still working there. there are self-blocks still roped off because of the
3:33 pm
extensive scene and the evidence that has to be collected including the shell casings from the dozens of shots fired from the gunman. they have to recreate forensically that scene to know who shot what and where. and they are doing that. and it's a process that will take we're told potentially several more days. we're told that intersection may not reopen until wednesday of this week. >> okay, rick, thank you very much. rick leventhal in dallas. turning to politics now. republican lawmakers are vowing those investigations into hillary clinton's private e-mail server will continue. even after comey announced his agency decided not to recommend criminal charges against the former secretary of state. republican congressman jason chaffetz says he will ask the fbi to investigate whether mrs. clinton lied to congress in her testimony before the benghazi committee last october.
3:34 pm
what will this mean to the campaign if the investigation continues? susan, no indictment on the handling of the e-mails even though there was some classified material in those. tell us how the congressional testimony that she gave could be a separate issue. >> well, she came to congress and said some things that the republicans now believe indicate some form of perjury. that she said one thing to congress and the fbi found something completely different. so they have made a referral to the fbi and requested they look at her testimony before congress and compare it to what she said to the fbi to determine if, in fact, she was not telling the truth. i think what you're seeing is a sort of -- republicans are not prepared to just let this go because comey is not going to file criminal charges. they believe mrs. clinton should be held to account for this and they're going to continue i think with whatever they can do
3:35 pm
legislatively or just by sending the referral to the fbi as jason chaffetz did to continue to pursue this. i know of course democrats feel this is just a political witch-hunt. but i think you cap make arguments on both sides of this that she is someone who should be held more accountable than what has happened so far. and so that's just the congressional side of things. >> what if there are conflicts between what she said -- look, she was not, she was not under oath for the 3 1/2 hours she spoke to the fbi but, you know, she's i guess, what, under oath when you gave testimony to congress certainly. we know the story. there are no classified e-mails sent or received. that changed to nothing marked as classified. this changed under what director comey indicated the other day, 113 classified e-mails were found. so what if there is a conflict? between what she told the fbi and her private -- that
3:36 pm
investigation and what she said when she raised her right hand and swore to tell the truth? >> there's that and there's also the state department looking into the use of e-mails which they suspended during the fbi investigation. you're right, there's two different investigations going forward. now, will the fbi come back and say anything before the election? hard to say, you know, but i think the larger problem for clinton at this moment i think is not what's happening between congress and the fbi but it's the political impla i kas for her. she's got a trust issue with voters clearly. and this right now the fbi report i think has given the republicans an opportunity to hammer away at whether or not she is competent because, you know, the fbi itself proclaimed that she didn't quite understand the classification system. >> and what if, though, they do find she has different testimony? >> you go down a whole road. nothing that bothers congress
3:37 pm
more eric when someone from the opposite party does not tell the truth when they come to capitol hill. they will not drop this. they will try to find out if she lied. democrats did the same thing to administration officials under george bush. they'll go back and forth. will there be a contempt of congress against hillary clinton? i really doubt it. i think republicans would like this but i think what they want to see more is to keep this out in the public and have voters be more -- use more scrutiny when they think about whether or not they want to vote for clinton. they want to keep the issue alive. i don't think you'll see anything happen legislatively. >> let me wrap up, we're running out of time. the big bombshell that if donald trump wins, he's going to quit. that's what he was asked by "the new york times." >> he's not going to quit. >> this is what the "new york times" reported. he's asked, here's the quote, see there, i'll let you know how i feel about it after it happens. answer to question, would you quit the presidency?
3:38 pm
what are they talking about? one thing, he joked if they gave him $5 billion, he'd quit. >> he's not going to quit. he's just -- he's an outsider candidate. he's someone whose life long aspiration was not to be president of the united states. i think he's somebody who's always expressed himself as a nonpolitical person. that was a nonpolitician answer. he's said things like this before. said, you know, maybe i'll just get tired of this and go back to the real estate business. he will serve at least a term. his larger problem is how he's going to get elected. he doesn't want to lose. you know trump does not like to lose. i wonder though if he suddenly was 20 points behind whether he'd give up. you can always ask those questions. he is someone who has surprised us all, eric. he's full of surprises. >> if you quit, you're a loser
3:39 pm
and he's not going to take that -- >> he's not going to do that. >> susan, thank you so much. back, the dallas shooter reportedly followed an online hate group. how these kinds of groups use the internet to their advantage and is there any way or anything that can be done about it? i'm je dog. i didn't attend the elite boarding kennels, but i do know that nothing beats the freedom of living out here with propane, people can live where they want, and just as cozy as they want. whether it's a hot bath (no thank you), a warm bedroom, or a perfectly grilled steak. drop it, drop it, drop it proudly independent. proudly american. proudly propane oudairy or artificial flavors., so we invented a word that means that. shmorange! and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word! (baby babble)
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we've all seen how isis effectively used the internet to spread its terrorism philosophy. it's been able to spread its message of terror to radicalize vulnerable young men here at home. now in the wake of the attacks in dallas, the daily beast is reported an online hate group followed by gunman michael xavier johnson is also taking to social media like isis to call for more attacks against, quote, white police officers in the wake of the dallas massacre.
3:44 pm
steve rogers is with us, former member of the fbi terror task force. it's called the african-american defense league. it's almost unbelievable. they're out there on the net calling on the gangs to kill white police officers and johnson apparently was a follower of this group on the internet. >> the framers of the constitution never intended for the first amendment to be used as a weapon of war. this is a weapon of war that is bringing to these hate groups intelligence information. they're spewing it out through the internet. they're recruiting. they're following the playbook of isis, as you said. >> this group says they want to sprinkle pig's blood, they also want to go after the racist crackers, meaning the white police officers, they claim. how can they be allowed? i understand the first amendment protects the right of free speech of course. where is the line between that and inciting violence, inciting terrorism? do authorities have to show an exact link between johnson, let's say, and this group, or
3:45 pm
this group and any type of overt act? >> we are reaping the wages of a political correct government. each individual case would have to go before the court and they'd have to make a decision. i can share with you this, though, it doesn't mean the police don't have to investigate. the police could do some investigations. they could hopefully through those investigations gather enough evidence to prosecute. can guarantee it is. if those hate groups put the president's name up there, you see how fast that stuff would come down. >> don't you think they know that? >> well, they know it and they know we have a very weak government, very weak administration. law enforcement. their hands have been tied. they're not able to do the job they used to do. as a result, we're beginning to see a lot of this anti-social behavior and downright attempts to commit murder over the internet. >> they kind have this in the '60s or the '80s. i remember they were part of the
3:46 pm
underground that hijacked and killed two police officers in new york in 1981. they didn't have the internet then. you had to go to meeting. you had to get involved. the police put confidential informs into some of these groups in the '60s. as i covered them in the '80s at that time. how do you deal with it when it's on the internet? and you're just at home clicking the mouse getting indoctrinated? >> we have to get direction from the white house. the white house has to tell the people of the nation we're at war against terrorism. these are tear tasrrorist group. anybody who puts on the internet. so we're at war. these companies, these social media companies have to take some responsibility and help us in this war on terrorism. >> they'll say it's first amendment. >> sure they will. >> the corporate lawyers say we can't do anything. >> sure they will. as a result, they're keeping these things up. i suhared with you during the
3:47 pm
break. we were talking about terrorism. if you see something, say something. i got an e-mail with some information on it with i think enough damning evidence to get to the fbi. the people themselves when they see this stuff on the internet, they're going to have to take action. >> if you know someone on the internet that experts say, you know, do something about it. some of the neighbors may have seen johnson conducting military exercises in the backyard. >> they can remain anonymous. people are fearful. they can remain anonymous. we have to engage in this war on terrorism from the living room to the local governments, state governments and federal governments. unless we are able or wanting to do that, we're in trouble. >> steve rogers, thank you for your insite in discussing this. it's unbelievable, really. >> it is. >> coming up, new concerns over global terrorism and horrific scenes like this one in istanbul becoming the new normal. why my next guest calls it a problem without a comprehensive solution. [ guitar playing ]
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a fox news alert. these are live pictures outside of the dallas police headquarters where we are hearing about police activity. what can you tell us, rick?
3:52 pm
>> the back side of the building. the swat team came racing back here in their vehicle and deployed numerous officers and others came from within the building and have now taken up positions behind brick walls and trees and vehicles surrounding the parking garage. we heard there was a credible threat made against the department and the department put out an email confirming it received a threat throughout the city. that is a statement from the dallas police department. we saw a swat team outside the backdoor earlier. they left and came racing back. now these officers have taken up positions around the garage on the back of the building and they were yelling at the press to get back. we have advanced much closer to their positions and they yelled at everyone to retreat to the
3:53 pm
streets where we are now. we are all looking at this parking structure where there is apparently a perceived threat. we don't know what the threat is. if they saw a suspicious package or vehicle or people. but i can see the swat vehicle backing up towards the garage entrance. there are more than a dozen officers i can see from my position that have taken up positions and are standing behind vehicles and trees and walls with their guns out. >> yeah. >> training them on this building. >> i can see the same pictures you are talking about. the swat truck backing up there. i know you are in the back of the building. i wanted to know if you can give us more information about the email. did you say that email, was it sent internally?
3:54 pm
>> this was from the public information officer with media relations to news organizations to confirm a threat against law enforcement across the city. i am now seeing officers heading closer to our position. they don't appear to be taking cover at this point. you know, this could of course be nothing. but it seemed to take on greater significance because of their behavior and the way they were yelling at everyone to get back and because they had their weapons out. >> right. >> just their general behavior. >> yeah. that is understandable. the city is on high alert. they don't know if there will be copy cats out there who think it is a bright idea to attack officers. >> yeah. they just waved me back from
3:55 pm
where i was standing. it is unclear what they are looking at or what they think is happening here. but there is definitely tension here. remember, we remember outside the department -- outside the front doors where they had this incredible show of support from the community for the dallas police department with flowers and candles all over the vehicles out front. now that's taken a back seat to what is clearly a significant police presence. they closed off the street. they have cars blocking the road and officers deployed all over around the police department. >> rick, stay safe. stand by though because we will be coming back to you the rest of this show as well as fox report. police activity reporting at the dallas police headquarters. we will be right back.
3:56 pm
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now for an angle we do not want to go unnotice. the dallas police department was tweeting pictures of demonstrators and the community coming together moments before the horrible disaster. >> you can see a bunch of people here of all colors and races walking peacefully.
4:00 pm
>> this one tells the story, a protester standing with two police officers and all of them are smiling for the camera. that does it for us. >> it has been a difficult weekend. have a safe one. >> jon scott is up next with the fox report. a night filled with tragedy and accounts of incredible heroism. a new threat against dallas police officers. police headquarters on lock down surrounded by swat vehicles right now. i am jon scott. this is the fox report. breaking right now in dallas, police there have received an anonymous threat against dallas that goes across the city. after the attacks on thursday night the department is taking extra precautions right now. this threat, rick, we don't know much about it. it is


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