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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  July 10, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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many conventions. we will be there next sunday, see you then. from cleveland. >> three shootings in three days highlight ten between law enforcement and race. now the country looks for a way forward. this is not who we want to be as americans. >> do not let this precipitate a new normal in the country. >> heads up. don't shoot. >> protests across the country after two incidents involving blackmen shot and killed by police. >> snipe are aims at law enforcement in dallas. >> he expressed killing white officers and expressed anger.
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we will ask charles programmive the relationship between police and minority communities and discuss the budget's response with homeland security secretary jeh johnson and new york city police commissioner and talk to the reverend jesse jackson of the racial divide in america. >> there is too much violence, too much hate. >> brutal attack on the police force is an attack on the country. >> president candidates respond and we will speak to key supporters on both sides of the impact on 2016. we will ask our sunday panel of the clinton e-mail fallout. right new. on fox news sunday. >> hello from fox news in washington, a weekend of protests across cup as tensions remain high following the shooting ambush that killed five police officers in dallas and the aftermath of the police involved shootings of two black men in louisiana and minnesota. in st. paul officers used smoke balls to clear the crowds
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blocking i-94 protesting the delve philando castile and in louisiana, 30 arrests during demonstration of shooting of alton sterling, including black lives matter activists. and the president overseas on the first visit to spain urging early in washington to crisis. this hour we will speak with rome then law enfor. and civil rights leaders about how the country can heal. we begin with a live report from dallas. william? >> yes, shannon, this video illustrates how on edge the police are here and around the country. last note at 6:00 p.m., police received information that a man had breached a secure police parking garage and they responded with two swat teams and locked down headquarters, and helicopters, and snipes. the search came out and shots were fired at police headquarters in san antonio, and in st. louis, georgia and ten
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african-americans fired at officers in retaliation they said for the controversial shootings in minnesota and baton rouge. the investigation here? police believe 25-year-old my can johnson -- mike cause johnson -- micah johnson acted alone. a man all afternoon combat tactics was found in his home which he used here. not affiliated with any organization he attended meetings of the new black panther party which is a racist hate crime. also here, police are defending their innovative use of a robot to kill johnson, blowing him up with a pound of explosives. a candlelight vigil is planned for tomorrow night at city hall and two officers were released yesterday from the hospital. officer mcbride is hospitalized but she will refer. shannon?
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>> thank you, william, from dallas. >> now we have charles ramsey former police commissioner in philadelphia. wreck back to fox news sunday, commissioner. >> thank you. following the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson you were nailed to co-chair the president's task force on 21st century policing. have we made progress in the interim? >> we have made a lost progress. first, we did public a report we presented to the president, and he accepted it, and the report was moneylied. we have close to 60 recommendations and almost 90 action steps. it is a some it road map to creating the kind of change we need in policing in order to bridge the gap that exists. >> do you see that closing or do you feel we are more defied than ever? >> certainly this a gap. there is in question about that. whether it is more or less, remains to be seen but it is all
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fixable. as long as we continue to listen to extremes on both sides and we do not engage in serious, thought will discuss, it rules in solutions to our problems so there is not two sides to the issue, this is only one side, and that is safe neighborhoods where there is also a sense of justice and fairness for the people who reside in the neighbors and for the police officers that work in the neighborhoods. that is the goal. we are working toward it. unfortunately, we continue to have some issues. >> in reacting to the shooting deaths of those five officers in dallas, the president had this to stay on the travels in poland. >> part of what is creating tensions between communities and the police is the fact that police have a difficult time in communities where they know guns
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are everywhere. if you care about the safety of our police officers you can't set aside the gun issue and pretend that is irrelevant. >> that issue is one that continues to percolate here in washington, dc, on capitol hill, across the country. i know you have been involved in chicago, you have been most recently an advisor formally and informally to the police department there and you know the city has the toughest gun laws but there are 2,100 shot already this year and more than 300 have died. are more gun control laws the answer? will they solve the problems? >> this is a complicated issue and there is no one thing that is the magic bullet. we need to be able to take a comprehensive look at what is going on in our communities and a look at the entire criminal justice system there has not
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been such a review since 1965. obviously, things have changed. we need to look not only at the criminal justice system but the communities where we have problems with crime and a lost gun crime. yes, sensible gun laws help. but that is not going to solve the problem by it sell. we need a more comprehensive approach to solve the problems. >> you retired chief of police in philadelphia, and the dnc will be there in a few weeks and i am sure there are preparations and planning months and years in advance of that. i will read what the deputy police chief in cleveland overseeing the rnc come minute said after the shooting deaths in dallas and i quote, "we have to make changes without a doubt." how concerned are you of the two cities being targeted for bad actors whether domestic or those who would be inspired by a group like isis? >> listen, hopefully we do not have problems at the rnc or did the nc but right now everyone is on edge. i am certain that departments
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across the country, not just those that are host the quarterbacks, are looking at all of their protocols and their procedures to make sure the officers remain safe and the citizens we protect can remain safe. this is a very volatile time right now. we have to be very cautious and careful and take what precautions we need to take. i also think we do not need to ex average rate the situation to a point where we just further alienate ourselves from the people that we serve. there are all of the threats, and police officers face the threats each day and it is a good move to take whatever added precautions you can take. however, everyone is not out to harm police and we need to keep that in mind. >> thank you, mr. ramsey for joining us today. >> i have new york city commissioner, and homeland security secretary jeh johnson.
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welcome back to fox. now the men and women serving on the streets for the new york police department, how do they feel? >> like most of america, and our hearts and prayers to our colleagues in dallas, we have been in morning and we had two detectives murdered in 2014. [ inaudible ] i remember the pain of that. [ inaudible ] what dallas is dealing with it is almost impossible do imagine. >> now the investigation learn more about the shooter continues. mr. secretary, you said that micah johnson did not appear for be lined with a particular group but his facebook page may have had "likes," and conversation he had links to a black panther
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group briefly and it did not end well. what did you learn? all the investigation ongoing and still relatively early and everything we know is being investigated, uncovered and i suspect we will know more in a couple of days. it does appear he was a single shooter, a lone shooter, and i do not see affiliation with international terrorist organization like isil or al-qaeda. the investigation does condition and we know what he told the hostage negotiator before he was killed. he wanted to kill white people and he especially witnessed to kill white police officers and that is almost a quote coming from chief brown. we are going to know a lot more about this individual in the coming day. also, shannon, in federal law enforcement i have asked tens of thousands of law enforcement officers working with us at a
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time like this we all stand together, we all mourn, we all grieve for the five fallen heroes in dallas, as we do every time a law enforcement officer is killed whether local or federal legal. thank you can be great unity in that time and grief and in the connections, commissioner, there is clearly a lot of pain, there is a divide, and that just a reality of what we have dealing with. what is the best way or ways that you are endeavouring and you recommend law enforcement to close the gap between law enforcement officers and groups who feel mistreated, and misunderstood and do not trust officers but view them as "the enemy." >> yes, going back to the expense of december 2014 the murder of two detectives, bridging the gap and doing a
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last work in new york the past two years training officers and deescalating techniques and hundreds of meetings with community leaders and community groups the idea of seeing each other and hearing each other, not talking past each other and just meaningful conversation, there is a place for demonstrations certainly, but, also, there is much more of a need for dialogue, collaboration and i applaud the naacp holding a series of community meeting and i applaud the efforts of the head of my guardans so, my black officers association, calling members together for dialogue and they will go out through the community as black officers and as blacks they have the special type of service in our society we have had a quiet we period of time since the murders but we
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must close this. [ inaudible ] we close this by collaboration and seeing it as a shared responsibility, not us against them and the police against unity, in a democracy police are the community. they come from the community. in new york city the majority of my officers live in this city. we now have a minority that is the majority in the police department. >> this is something that people across the board can agree on, mr. commissioner and mr. secretary, we thank you both. >> next, the reverend jesse jackson discusses the racial divide and the president's response. stay tuned.
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>> people are armed with powerful weapons and make attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. >> now is not the time to get political but now is the time to use logic and ask why do we have a constitution or second amendment? >> dr. ben carson calling out president obama on the renew public for gun control in the aftermath of the ambush in dallas. joining me now from chicago, the founder and president of the rainbow push coalition, reverend jesse jackson. welcome to fox news sunday.
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>> good to talk with you, there is a lot of pain in the country and been in town the last few days with people in minnesota and diamond who witnessed the killing of her boyfriend and the family in baton rouge and then texas we offer condolences and we help we will choose reconciliation over retaliation and revenge. are you confidence in talking with the people and the officials that the investigations as they have been announced are thorough and transparent and give us answers? >> immediately the governors in louisiana and in minnesota moved quickly and engaged the justice department and the f.b.i. although it is not the case in a sense of backlog of the killings of blacks without consequences, including rodney king bite evening on camera and they walked away. trayvon martin, the killer walked away, and michael brown,
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the killer walked arrest. the backlog of pain and we must look at the issue of violence which is almost part of the poverty and racial disparity. we need for figure out in this tough season, how to choose reconciliation over retaliation and revenge. >> you mentioned several profile cases and we want to note the facts that in some cases they were investigated and some of the officers are cleared and other officers have been indicted or facing murder chance or have been convicted so there are investigations it is not as in they were not investigated. some remain unresolved. >> in chicago, in mcdone adds, a man was indicted and seven or eight police saw it and filed false reports and still, the police department that is the kind of standard pattern, and that is a breakdown, i hope there will be real conversation
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on the racial disparity and violence and poverty because police are simply the gatekeeper s and they are lost about arguing about the good is bad police we hope thecying and violence stops. >> you think donald trump has contributed in part to a divisive mood in this country calling part of that antiblack mood and i will point to what he said in response to the shootings in the l and get your reaction. >> brutal attack on our police force is an attack on our country and an attack on our families. the deaths of alton sterling in louisiana and philando castile in minnesota also make clear how much more work we have to do to make every american feel their safety is protected. >> reverend, what do you make of remarks? >> those are significant remarks
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but you do the birth movement on the president,ty black, and anti-mexican and deporting of 15 million people, of families and the disruption and an advertise muslim that rhetoric has helped to seed the clouds. i hope he will maintain the rhetoric we gist heard. >> president yesterday speaking in poland said he does not think the country and as deeply administration divided as some do and some say he could have done more as the first black president to further racial reconciliation and here is what not gingrich and possibly v.p. pick says. >> we are in the eighth year after president who could have brought us together who could have worked in the african-american community to make people feel better about themself whose could have offered visionary changes in the policies that have failed for the last 50 years and they did not do that. >> has the president missed a
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golden opportunity on this issue? >> when he has made a move to have a reconciliation between police and others he is met with out, but black employment is 20 jeers for adults and 35% for huge, and... [ inaudible ] these are the democrat divides we need a plan for reconstruction and re-development and i hope the gatekeepers and behind the gate are the problems of disparity and injustice. >> you mentioned that the president has been a president for eight years and this has happened under his investigation, and some from previous administrations but with him being in the white house 7 1/2 years where do you point the finger for the problems you blame, unemployment and other issues. >> i am not sure about
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finger-pointing, there has been a net gain of jobs each month since he has been president. and two president people have health insurance who did not have it before. and a million more would have affordable hell case but are not blocked with black and white alike. there were other blocks by the congress. it would be better to see this as a humanity issue and not make it ideological. these are military-style weapons on the streets and it could get more ugly. there is fear, police in fear, children in fear, people on street in father, but fear and hate must not drive the agenda but love should. >> but machine guns most already are illegal.
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>> well, we are in texas the action 47s, they can bring them on the airplane, it is not rational to have military style weapons and this guy with was trained in the military unleashes with his training, these guns he could not be stopped. that could happen in front of a ballgame or a church or theater. we must know that more guns make us less safe, not more safe and not more secure. >> with all respect, in records are correct the shooter in texas was using an a-r15 it could not bring an airport but there is a discussion and it sounds like the as wants to continue to have that >> i submit that the weapons aren the street that can have a plane taken off or landing can be hit and taken down. as with fight for weapons of mass destruction we must eliminate them ourselves.
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all the conversation will condition, we appreciate your time, sir, thank you. >> it is time for our sunday group, senior political analyst, bright lucas and susan page, and karl rove, and juan williams. welcome all. where are we now, is it better? worse? >> obviously, the fact that i am sitting here as part of the patch el, i don't think my dad would be here so we are talking over 50 years, it depends on where you want to judge. but at this moment i feel sad, the whom country is sort of grieving right now after dallas and especially after watching those two videos from minnesota and louisiana because the social media takes you right into it and in dallas, the social media of watching the police have to deal and a man standing over a police officer shooting repeatedly that kind of hatred
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shocks the system, and you think race as suggested by the question we are in a bad question. the question is how do you stop the cycle of violence and hate and how do we get out of it? we have had some, i want to say from my perspective, to hear paul ryan the speaker of the house of representatives say, we can do better than this and we cannot step into the predictable concept of saying hatred and point fingers was important. it was important for newt gingrich to come out this week and say so many white people don't understand the added risk that will comes with being black and being stopped by police in this country. i was appreciative to hear that and to manufacture away even by donald trump from the idea of i will blame other side and i make this and a racial situation. >> we asked folks to write in, to be part of the discussion today, on twitter, richard said wheror why are race relations at an all time low after electing
3:27 pm
our first black candidate it seep necessity would be better. which candidate would have a better shot of hing the racial divide? and how do you get black males to trust police. where do we go? >> a it should not be a debate about gun control. the hid of the congressional black caucus after philando castile and sterling lost their lives, the response was to say if we fail to act, and have a full debate on gun control, this will be a long hot summer. the only kind of gun control issue that was involved in the degrees of sterling and it will still was the guns in the hands of the police. so that is the argument, we ought to disarm police, this is not connected with gun control. this is in gun measure that has been, no one is saying take awayen's gun. this is no gun measure that has been proposed that would keep this from happening. i would say, first, i agree with
3:28 pm
juan on newt gingrich and particularly paul ryan. i also want to thank you for what you said, i happen to watch what you said about, something every american needs to understand, you having to have a conversation with your two sons about what to do in they came into contact with police officers, i don't want to be overly critical of president but when he said it is hard to untangle the motives of the shooter i leave that to psychologists but it would be better for the dialogue if he said a man who declared his intention do kill white people especially white police officers is a man engaged in evil and you can not con front something unless you call it by its name. >> we are out of time for the patch el but much more to discuss. we will take a quick break and talk about impact on the campaign trail. hillary clinton outlining what she would do to end the violence and the hate in the wake of the incidents across the country.
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>> police and criminal justice reforms to save lives and make sure all americans are treated
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equally and right and dignity. >> we must stand in solidarity with law enforcement which we must remember is the first between civilization and total chaos. >> hillary clinton and donald trump with measured tones in response to this week's tragic events. both candidates canceling political events on friday. we have key add vehicles for both, mentioned as possible v.p. picks, tom perez, and senator jeff session as top advisor. and secretary perez is here as a clinton surrogate, welcome to fox news sunday. >> thank you, shannon. and, now, what president hillary clinton, how would she tackle the issues we are dealing with and the mistrust in the community? >> i have spent a decade at the justice department under republican and democratic
3:33 pm
administrations on the issues. hillary clinton has learned so men of the less sos that are critically important. the most important currency a police officer has is the terrorist of the community. if you do not have trust you cannot police. everything she is doing is focused around making sure we do not ask the wrong questions. the wrong question is this: who side are you on? the side of the police or the side of the community? that is a famous choice. we are all in this together. her campaign has been about the fact that when we get the collective power of "we i and come together around the reality that we have racial disparities in our criminal justice system and we also have very, very challenging times for police officers, when we are in this to, when we gather the trust and we engage the community. you had chief bratton on and i prosecuted an l.a.p.d. officer before rodney king when working
3:34 pm
in the bush i administration and the department has significant challenges. fast forward now, under chief bratton's leadership the engage ment of the policy and vomit of the justice department it changeses for the better. the good news is and i understand the fear people have and the mistrust, secretary hillary clinton understands when we bring people together, when we learn about how we can do things like de-escalation in training and understand and not talk past each other but together with each other you can build trust. i saw it in los angeles firsthand. i saw it in seattle, washington, i worked with the police department there. and secretary clinton understands we can do this as long as we gather the collective power of "we." do not create the false choices. >> now the campaign issues year the formal announcement hillary clinton will pursue a public option for health care called the government run option is a
3:35 pm
concept she has been associated with in the past. senator bernie sanders issue add statement congratulating her on that and america rising reacted "desperate to win over the bernie sanders crew that distrust her she is willing to adopt a most extreme left wing view as her own. is nothing she will not did or say to fit into the moderate democratic socialist party." has the primary pull her so for left she will have trouble on issues like to? >> hillary clinton will do great in the general election because she has been fighting for health care her entire adult life as first lady she took on the health care industry to try to expand access. that did not succeed she passed, helped get the children's health insurance program passed. she wants to make sure that health care is a right and not a privilege in the country and the work that has been done under this president has brought us a
3:36 pm
tremendous distance but there is unfinished distance and she trying to continue the progress. >> this week the conclusion of the f.b.i. mail investigation director comey saying she and staffers were negligent and careless but did not recommend criminal protection. here is reaction from the committee chair, a republican. law is a legitimate concern there is a double standard. in your name isn't clinton or you are not part of the powerful el heat...lady justice will...act differently. >> how do you feel with the perception that mrs. clinton got away with something. >> it was interesting about this, weapon the investigation was underway, i heard republicans praise director comey who as you kow was the number two person at justice department under the administration of george w. bush and when they reached the
3:37 pm
conclusion, and the career folks remain vision length they have a different tune and that hearing was interesting because what it really illustrated was exactly what we know, there was in criminal we wrongdoing on secretary clinton's part, she made a mistake, she has acknowledged that and now they are holding the hearings can they clarified what we know and that is that, again, there was in criminal wrongdoing and she should not have done that and she aned it was a mistake and she agencies she has to earn the trust become of many people who are wandering. the thing is, this is not the first time she has worked hard to around trust. when she ran for governor 6 morning and i grew up in upstate new york there were a last skeptics and she ran for senate, this were a lost confidentics in new york, and she earned their trust. and she got re-elected and folks in places hike upstate new york
3:38 pm
where i grew up, she won them over because she was a workhorse not a show horse. she worked with a lot of people in the senate who she had been in an adversarial relationship as first contemplated she was able to work in a bipartisan way whether graham or john mccain on immigration and with president obama, a enough campaign and she earned his trust, as well, so she looks forward to earning the trust of american people. >> there are contra difficulties define what she said and what the director said, about the fact there were classified e-mails that were found on her server and she did not turn over all of the work-related maims and there were -- they were marked she used multiple devices did you her time as secretary she denied, what do do you with that? >> the hearing which was obviously partisan hearing, i am glad it took place because it cleared up at the love those
3:39 pm
things. a quick example of what you said the issue of whether she had documented that were, in fact, classified, during that hearing, director comey clarified that, in fact, this were three documents that had markings but they did not have the proper markings so he said it would be reasonable inference for anyone who draw that they were not classified documents. so, the --. >> he said there is so much material that someone as sophisticated should have known better. >> secretary clinton does nut deny the fact that she made a mistake. but she was getting materials from career officials at the justice department, the state department, and people who know what they are doing so she did not second-guess that and, again, the hearing clarified a lot of this and thanks to the republican for that. the reality is, we are now in a campaign cycle and she
3:40 pm
understands that she has to earn the trust of people and i have seen hillary clinton up close and personal and the voters of new york saw her up lows and personal, and i judge a person by what they did when they were not in the spot light and hillary clinton has spent her entire hive braking down barriers whether it is for people with disabrings, the individuals with disability and education act is a product in part of what she did in her 20s and the work to break down barriers in edge, those things cast an important light on who she is. >> as someone who sounds like an advocate could you be her v.p. pick. >> i am work on my day job right no and i love my day job making sure we expand opportunities for everyone that we breakdown barriers and we have done a lot of work under thement and i have been on the stump for secretary clinton because i think she has remarkable experience and temperament and as we have seen
3:41 pm
over the last few weeks these are tush length times and they call for someone who has a steady hand who can bring people together and that is what she has continue all her life she understands mexico is an ally not aned a verify saturday. thank you. we will see if you a formal addition foe the ticket. >> next, donald trump has a tense meeting with republicans on capitol hill and meets with former rival ted cruz and we will discussion you that with a key advisor next. (vo) stank face. a universal expression of disgust, often caused by inadequate cat litter. if you or your a loved one suffers from stank face, the cure is tidy cats. it's new and improved with guaranteed tidylock protection that locks away odors. so you don't have to face one more stank face.
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>> we have senator jeff session as top donald trump foreign advisor and possible running mate.
3:45 pm
welcome back, senator. i want to start by your reaction to the events of the last several days. >> so horrible and so discouraging and dispersing. we have great police officers all over the country, almost a million. every day they are out there in dangerous situations. sometimes they make mistakes. i will tell you, this is nothing more needed in this country than make sure our poorer neighborhoods have police protection. they are able to walk on the streets and the children can play outside without fear and danger. we need to understand in all of this the true value of police officer and the risks they undertake. >> each day. >> now, licks. donald trump had a meeting with the gone senators in week, obviously you know about that, you were this. there were heated moments and it was tense a. part of the conversation was the controversial comments he made the last year, and following meeting a statement
3:46 pm
"we used to believe the country was in a bad place and now the election remains a dump store fire, nothing has changed." now, looking at polling, 89% of voter find donald trump hotheaded and 83% say obnoxious, how did the meeting go? >> a it went very well. senators, many of them, told me how they thought it went well, there was a little exchange between a couple of the senators, not senator sasso he and trump spoke, and trump said something newspaper any about him, they had a difference of opinion and he was a nice guy, but, i thought it was all right and a frank exchange you would look for, they came out with another positive spin or feeling, and the people...this is a series of meet evening he has been having and nothing has been working. >> he has run on --. >> one thing about his frankness
3:47 pm
and directness this is a strong man, not a timid wall flower and american people are seeing a refinement in the messaging, more substancive messaging, and they see the strength, though, they know that needs to be shown in washington, dc, to break the cycle we are on, to turn this economy around, to help poor people get better wages rather than declining wages and that is going to be what the election is about. who can fix this economy? who can put us on right track? does it help poor african americans to bring in more labor than we have and bring down wages as we have been seeing in this country? does it help them to have bad trade deals so the manufacturing plants are closed and wages are not there? we have the highest, almost doubling the unemployment rate among young african americans as we do among others so we need to protect this economy, have a strong leader, who can break up
3:48 pm
the logjam in washington, dc. >> this are so men people who that resonates with the frank talk and the promises on the very hot issues so it is clearly checking with a lot of machines, not all of them, including hillary clinton taking on his business record because he has emphasized in the run for the white house. here is what she said in atlantic city this week. >> he makes over-the-top promises, and says that people "trust him," put their faith in him, he will deliver for them. he will make them widely successful. then everything falls apart, people get hurt, and donald gets paid. >> how will he respond to that? >> he has been highly successful business map but has invested in hundreds of businesses and some of them have not been successful. most of them have. atlantic city, sank, the whole city, went under basically. donald trump is in doubt, a
3:49 pm
successful businessman, traveled the world and has invested around the world and sophisticated in those ways in a way that hillary clinton has no idea. show does not understands, really, how jobs are created, she has not created jobs, manufacturing and hotels and things away the world. he clearly has the advantage there. >> now, v.p. talk because you have been on every short list and this is an article that said you are pushing donald trump to choose a general, someone in the military that would be greatly respected, the name lt. colonel michael flynn. what can you tell us? >> i am not pushing to a john i said something nice about general flynn, three was a defense intelligence commander and three star general, and he knows the secret world of what is going on around the world militarily, and i appreciate what he does but they will make
3:50 pm
that are own decision about vice president. >> what about vice president session? >> that will be decided by donald trump. he is going to decide it on who he thinks will be a good president, who he can work where and who can help him be a president. i have said if he asked know do that i would be happy to consider it. >> i want to ask about the hillary clinton e-mail case and play a little bit of what the fbi director said about that, summing up testifying before the house this week. >> she should have known not to send classified information. that's the definition of negligent. i think she was extremely careless and negligent. that i could establish. what we couldn't establish is she acted with criminal intent. >> the one-time prosecutor, is intent necessary. there's been a big debate about
3:51 pm
that with the statutory violations she's been accused of in a court of public opinion? >> i've not studied the facts, but it does appear she should not use this system for classified information and the director says she was extremely careless. that's very close to criminal intent. as a misdemeanor charge it requires less intent. they could have brought that perhaps. they didn't use the grand jury where the witnesses are brought before the grand jury and asked questions under oath on the record. that can strengthen the case, too. the problem is hillary clinton. she's the one that pushed this for her own convenience and as the director said, this information could well be in hands of our adversaries right now because that system was not secure and eedsly penetratable and we have evidence some of the systems were penetrated. >> senator sessions, we will leave it there. thank you for coming in to "fox
3:52 pm
news sunday." when we come back, the panel returns. "f [ guitar playing ] ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmmm. incredible. looks tasty. you don't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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vaerz we are back now with the panel. let's talk about the fallout. hillary clinton has been essentially cleared by the fbi saying extreme carelessness but no criminal charges recommended. she said she's relieved. >> i'm not sure i would use the
3:55 pm
word "cleared." the picture painted by director comey of her conduct was devastating. any normal year and any normal set of seconds and determine one of the candidates has been extremely careless in the handling of classified information, that, by itself, would seem to be disqualifying, but in this year and this moment, it's not for her. so she remains the favorite to become president. it is a striking situation. moreover, there's the clear fact that the law that comey was talking about, or the laws, the book he was citing in his decision to recommend no prosecution, didn't quite support his claim, which involved the question of intent. he said it was absent. normally that is a factor in decisions whether to prosecute but there's a section of the law we have heard about all week that simply says gross
3:56 pm
negligence, which is pretty close to extreme carelessness if you think about it and i suspect he chose the words "extreme carelessness" very carefully to try to draw a distinction which i don't think the law recognizes and i think the prosecution would have been reasonable decision though he said no reasonable prosecutor would do it. i think this is damaging to her. i don't think it is over and on we go with a set of choices that most americans find for president unsatisfactory. >> there are so many things going on here. the chairman of the house oversight committee said he will make a referral to the investigation whether she lied to congress. potentially an investigation in to the clinton foundation going on. the state department is looking at this. >> the controversy isn't over. we will hear about it until election day. i agree with brit, not prosecutorable is not the strongest campaign slogan you think of the alternative, if
3:57 pm
comey said it was prosecutorable that he was going to recommend criminal indictment of secretary clinton, we would be in a totally different place. democrats would be debating whether to go ahead with her nomination in two weeks. shep has averted catastrophe and reinforced the doubts about her character, her honesty, her transparency, trustworthiness that are her biggest single problem and made it more difficult for her to unite the nation. from the beginning of your show, the discussion of these terrible shootings, you get the sense that americans feel so fractured and would like to be drawn together. i think it is difficult for hillary clinton or donald trump to be the figures in a position to do that. >> how much will the vp pick matter on each side, or won't it? >> doesn't matter much. they have little impact except in their home state. it will say something about the decision-making process of the candidate. what do they consider to be important in a running mate.
3:58 pm
let me add to what susan and brit said, not only did it reinforce that she is dishonest and not trustworthy and lied about every claim she made about this but leaves the stench the rules don't apply to her. if the next secretary of state came in and said i'm going to set up my own private server in my home and do what hillary clinton did, do you think the official washington line would be do it because that's your right as it was for hillary clinton? ordinary americans are saying, bill went and met with the attorney general, the fix is in. clinton has been endorsed by president obama. the attorney general, even the attorney general admits it was a bad thing to have happen. the -- a lot of ordinary americans are saying there's two sets of rules, one for the clintons and one for everybody else. >> i want you to react to numbers. when asked if she was honest and trustworthy, 58% said she was corrupt. what does she do with that? >> she has to somehow overcome
3:59 pm
by speaking directly to the american people. this week you will have bernie sanders, her primary opponent endorse her. president obama endorsed her last week, vice president biden was given the events in dallas this week but they will try to transfer to her the thought that yes, i trust her. this week he said to the astonishment of many republicans she's the most qualified person to run for president but that's the message to be conveyed to reassure independent voters she is a reliable choice. >> won't matter. she's not going to be established as reliable or trustworthy but it doesn't mean she won't win because of who her opponent is. it is a strange election cycle in which each candidate is the other east best hope. >> that's all we have for today. chris will be back next week when fox news sunday travels to ohio ahead of the republican
4:00 pm
national convention. we will be live from cleveland with a preview of what is certain to be an interesting time. have a great week. we will see you next "fox news sunday." we begin with a fox news alert. police unveiling disturbing details about the dallas killer. he may have had much deadlier plans in the works before turning his hate-filled fury. the gunman that shot 14 people may have changed his plans at the last minute to coincide with the protest against police brutality. we know officers found bomb-making materials and weapons in his home. what his original target was remains a mystery, at least publicly. we are hearing from more people injured in the chaos that night. one woman shared her emo


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