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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 12, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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make it better, it's a great nation. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. we will see you tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night. o'reilly factor is next. welcome to "red eye." i am tom shillue. let's check in with andy at the "red eye" tease desk. >> coming up on the show, they are calling for sit stones join together to be part of the solution. i am so sick of these extremists with their -- oh that actually sounds reasonable. and a top secret organization in the government developing a new way to control the minds of u.s. citizens? a full report on pokemon go. and finally what happens to "red eye" shows that are taped, but don't air? find out in today's segment lost "red eye."
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back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. her wit is so sharp she has to check it when she flies. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. he thinks hillary is hotter than the sauce she carries in her purse. former aide to chuck schumer, christopher hann. he doesn't work construction, but for some reason he knows how to pour cement. robert davie. and he has the facial hair that says get in my van. next to me, comedian joe materis. let's start the show. demonstrations against the police continue across the country. david brown has a message for the protesters. join us and become part of the solution. at a press conference on monday, brown talked about how he left college to join the force after seeing his friends back home get caught up in the crack epidemic of the 80s. and he encouraged people who were angry about police killing black men to do the
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same. >> become a part of the solution. serve. serve your community. don't be part of the problem. we're hiring. we're hiring. get out there -- get off the protest line and put an application in of the we'll put you in your neighborhood and we will help you resolve some of the problems you are protesting about. >> chief brown also had a message for lawmakers. police can't solve every problem in society. things like drug addiction, mental health issues and failing schools and they shouldn't be asked to. >> we are asking cops to do too much in this country. we are. we are asking us to do too much. every societal failure we put it off on the cops to solve. that's too much to ask. policing was never meant to solve all of those problems. i just ask for other parts of our democracy along with the free press to help us.
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help us and not put that burden all on law enforcement to resolve. >> help us. kennedy, i love this message. are we asking too much of police? >> i think we are, absolutely. you look at a city like new york where cops are now when they engage with people, they are supposed to ask them about their mental state. they really have turned into sidewalk psychologists. not to mention having to tackle terrorism and rising homicide rates and everything else that happens in a big city. he did such a great job of humanizing law enforcement right now. it is -- you know, my brother was a cop for a longtime and uncle was a cop for a longtime, and a lot of us have family members in law enforcement and it is such a hard job to do right now. my heart goes out to him. the way he talked about hugging a police officer every hour and how this was the hardest thing he has ever had to do in his life, and how he had to take a moment and really con tech actual --
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contexualize and process the funerals and how he would take time off, i was moved by his humanity and how real he was and the case he made for cops today. >> it is so true. what is it? what did he do differently? i am generally pro-cop. when i hear the cops talk, i buy what they are saying. what was it about this speech that kind of -- it seemed to resonate with everybody. >> he is clearly a man in pain. he lost seven -- four of his colleagues and others are hurt. the city's in pain. he has to hold it together for everyone and he is doing a good job. he is a role model for anyone dealing with a crisis across america of the i agree. people should join the police force if they want to change it. that's part of the problem. there is a bigger stigma that has to be worked out about the roles of african-americans in our community and how they are perceived by people, even blocks themselves. even blacks themselves. what he says makes sense and it is a great first step and i applaud this guy. he is a model. every police chief in america
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should look at him as a role model. >> that's it. come on, is this going to, you know, is it going to resonate? is it going to last? >> it is needed to last. it needs to resonate. the president should have given a speech similar to this in terms of the appreciation for law enforcement instead of going into poe lit sizing the second amendment. it is crucial the communities engage with the police department in a humanistic way. yes, it is terrible what happened in some instances. as someone said on another show, if you looked at the surgeons, i think it was ben carson, there are bad surgeons out there, but how many have saved lives? irrespective of that, i did this thing in 1992 where i did saville -- civilian patrol. i wanted to engage the populous into helping the communities as a direct conduit to law enforcement because i fore saw with terrorism with the drugs on the streets and with the
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rampant disrespect for law enforcement and communities that was happening that we needed a different kind of organization which is a more extended neighborhood watch. it would help this police officer incorporate and have people. when he said i want you to join us instead of sit back and criticize us. that's a crucial statement and a step in terms of something i think we need a national program . >> that's it. you make a great point. when you go to the local communities people say we like our local police force. but as a national issue, it seems like obviously urban communities don't trust the police at all. am i right, joe? >> our one urbanite on the panel. >> come on, speaking for the -- >> the guy from west chester. >> i'm saying we have this national conversation now, and it to me is very anti--cop -- anti-cop. >> sure. one of my best friends is an ex-cop.
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i have been friends with him since, jeez, before 9/11. i can remember back when the whole rodney king thing went down. being with him and being driving through the streets -- you know, we were comedians, but he was an ex-cop and i can remember we were in -- right over the 59th street bridge in new york and right into queens. it was a really bad area. there was just like hookers walking the streets. >> i used to live in queens. >> you were not feeling groovy. >> those were hookers ? >> those were hookers. >> i thought they were friendly neighbors. >> i can remember arrests being made and the people being arrested would be yelling in pain when there was no pain happening. >> i don't think -- >> like soccer floppers? >> yeah, kind of like that. my friend was a cop and he would say -- he would like -- you know, i'm watching this if you need me in this. >> picking that up for a second, the same thing happens
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with smokers and nonsmokers. you can walk on the street -- i have seen this. a guy will have an unlit cigarette and the nonsmoker will start to curse at them because they think they are smoking. they do the cough and they think they are smoking. because society is the way it is today, this is what is happening to law enforcement. there will be a super sense saw tiesed population that is looking for stuff that will hurt and hinder law enforcement instead of respect them. >> are the p coulds -- are the cops the smokers or the nonsmokers? >> the smokers are -- look, there are issues, b blow it out of proportion. >> here, now it is time for -- former new york city mayor rudolph guiliani made several appearances on television recently and in every one he said roughly the same thing. here is guiliani on "fox and friends." >> i believe i saved a lot more black lives than black lives matter. i don't see what black lives matter is doing for blacks
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other than isolating them. all it cares about is the police shooting of blacks. it doesn't care about the 90% of blacks that are killed by other blacks. that's a simple fact. >> he added specifics noting he took over the city with 1,924 murders per year. and, quote, gave it to mayor bloomburg with 500 plus murders. that's a lot less murder. he also defended his belief that the phrase "black lives matter" is inherently racist. >> it is inherently racist because number one it divides us. all lives matter. number two, "black lives matter" never protest when every 14 hours somebody is killed in chicago probably 70, 80% of the time a black person. where are they then? >> the press did not want to hear it. huffington post called him shameful and said the mayor goes off on racist tangents against blacks to help the
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police. some said rudy guiliani thinks he is a black messiah. questioning his legitimacy to speak on the matter at all. no really, who invited guiliani and begging us to, quote, let this man slip back into the obscurity he so richly deserves. why? he is a former u.s. attorney who spent a lifetime fighting crime. as mayor, the numbers show he probably saved thousands and thousands of black lives. all across the media almost no one was willing to discuss the merits of what guiliani said. instead a multiple choice question was posed. was guiliani, a, a racist, b, insensitive or c, out of touch. obviously the answer is none of the above. christopher, you are probably going to tell me why guiliani was wrong about what he said. i don't want you to tell me that. i want you to tell me why it was controversial. why are there 10,000 articleses about how shameful guiliani is.
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>> i think he is missing the nuance. not everything he said is wrong. a lot of it misses the nuance of what the "black lives matter" movement is. it is not about ending all violence in all communities. it is about the way police interact with african-americans in the country. and the feeling that many blacks have across america that they are treated unfairly. he misses that nuance. he looks at it as a racial moment. just because you say "black lives matter" doesn't believe you don't believe all lives matter. i think all lives matter and i think the "black lives matter" movement is trying to do something positive. 99.9% are good, hard-working people who are not into violence and disrupting communities. obviously that happens in any protest movement people get involved that shouldn't be. he is missing the nuance. that's the problem with guiliani. guiliani should know better. he ran a big city, and i think ran it well. >> he ran it well. hahn thinks he is missing the knew yawns, but why -- nuance,
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but why is that controversial? why write an article about how ridiculous guiliani is if he is giving his opinion on fighting crime. >> bill said the same thing chris is saying. black lives matter for a lot of people is not about racism. it is about perception and the way they feel they are perceived. the whole hash tag sprung from the idea that black lives don't matter and it was a way of negating that. unfortunately it has turned into a group of people, a collective, shouting anyone down that disagrees with that. when you are martin o'malley or bernie sanders and you say all lives matter which is ultimately where we are supposed to go as human beings, isn't it? isn't that the point of ending racism so there is true equality? if there is true equality, then yes, all lives matter. we are equal under the law. we should be equal if we get to a place of true saville tee where we can talk about things without looking at each other's skin tone. i thought that was the point
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of martin luther king's existence. when you say all lives matter is somehow racist, that to me is what is offensive. i don't find "black lives matter" to be inherently racist. >> do you think it is controversial that guiliani does and he should be shouted down because that's his opinion? >> no. i think he was saying the facts that he mentions all of the statistics and all of the things that happened. let's face it. if i'm going to speak complete truth right now -- >> do it! >> i'm gonna say it. >> say it! >> it is hard for a white person to say anything like that. it is really hard for us. we are not allowed to speak about something that -- as soon as we say -- i am a stand up comedian and if i say "black" i can feel the crowd go -- they don't know where -- >> is that your opening line? black? is that the first thing you say? >> no, guiliani was basically touching on something that --
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>> it does sound like the old guy shaking his fist at the world, and that's why he is being treated like that. >> but, robert, he has a track record. he is saying that his kind of policing which black lives matter is opposed to, because they will tell you that they don't want guiliani-style policing. he says it does save lives. i am better than them. that's what he is saying. >> you know, again, this is a volatile issue. i don't like the decisiveness in our country and i haven't seen it like this since the 60s and we have a black president. there is a reason why we have the divides and it is inflammatory. guiliani is an italian american. there were more lynchings of italians in america than blacks in one particular day in new orleans of 12 saw sill yens. the police chief was killed and they blamed it on the saw sill yens. since the turn of the century the "new york times" said the italians are dirtier and lower tean the negro. this was a 1906 article from the "new york times" based on that lynching happening.
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the italian-american immigrant understood that the police because we had a lot of things -- our social clubs were checked. i went before a grand jury and we were looked at at a certain way. we are sensitive to that and sensitive to how a black person is perceived by law enforcement sometimes. and just by society, and there is a thing. sometimes if a black man is walking behind them they are worried at night. >> jesse jackson said it at one point. i want to move on. >> this is a complex issue that takes -- it has so many nuances. the national dialogue should be one of unity. >> it should be like this panel right here. >> i agree. >> it is like a beniton ad. >> dallas police used a robot to blow up the gunman who killed five police officers which is apparently the first time the tactic has been used. it set off a debate about the increasing militarization of the police and the remote controlled use that was used of lethal force. a former counterterrorism fill
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told the "new york times" the further we remove the officer from force and the consequences that come with it, the easier it is to use that tactic. it is what we have done with drones in warfare. in warfare your object is to kill. law enforcement has a different mission many say the use was justified. here is the mayor of dallas. >> it was a difficult decision because the safety of our police officers were in our mind. we had just lost so many and we had had those shot. we ask him do you want to come out safely, or do you want to stay there and we are going to take you down? he chose the latter. >> the gunman killed five police officers and they were going to kill him. that's how it was going to end. why does it matter how it was done? >> i think it was a chaotic situation, and i am not going to monday morning quarterback what what happened. having worked with law enforcement in my career when i was working with government, it is a stressful situation.
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i think the way the dallas police handled the situation was tremendously brave not just with that sniper, but the way they handled the crowds. it could have been a far more critical situation. they deserve recognition for that. am i a little concerned about robots being used to kill people in america? i am concerned about drones killing people. we need to get rid of in foreign countries. >> thank the president for that. >> i think that's a story and that's where i partways with the president. i think that's a conversation to have another day and we shouldn't second guess what happened in that situation. it could have been far worse. >> i want that conversation today, kennedy. that's why we are here. >> absolutely. >> are you uncomfortable with robots killing people? >> i am uncomfortable with robots killing people. as a libertarian i am uncomfortable with drones killing people. there is a necessary element you remove and i don't want it to be easier for the state to kill people. in this instance though, i hope it is like the atom bomb. it is something we do once,
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maybe twice, and then never employ again. and then people talk about nuclear energy and hydrogen bombs and all of that and how it will change the earth as we know. it but it has also been a deterrent. i hope we never get in a situation again, and maybe that's incredibly naive, where we have to deploy something like this. in that case it was justified because there was another guy who had explosives and he was coming after more officers. i understand that. the consequences of something like this in the future application, that's what worries me and that's what we have to have a discussion about. >> we need protocols for application. >> we learn something from every one of these events. >> we is have 30 seconds. >> a system has to be put in place. if god forbid somebody was sniperring 12 black people, just picking off black people. law enforcement didn't send in the robot and needed to send it in, what would they say to law enforcement about that? you had this robot that could have saved lives. you have a situation and we
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are going to have bad characters increase in this country and not less. i think it is a deterrent for the bad guys to say, you know what? here is what could happen. it has to be used judiciously. >> you like robots? >> i want all robots. i want a full robot. >> like row -- like robo cop. >> yes, i have no problem with that. he said they are hiring and i will take the job. i am coming to dallas if you can give me a full robocop uniform. >> peter weller. >> he wants to step up. it is time for a break. when we come back, a story involving bulbascores and jiggly puffs. don't miss it. the "red eye" pod cast is back. subscribe on fox
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. president obama will be in dallas later today to honor the five police officers killed during last week's protest against police shootings. the president will speak at an inter faith memorial. he will also meet privately with the families of the fallen officers and those who were injured. last night more than 1,000 people attended a candlelight vigil. the president of the dallas police association says the officers displayed tremendous courage risking their own lives to save others. >> the officers exemplified what their community expects of a police officer. our motto to protect and serve is exactly what these five officers exhibited this past thursday when escorting citizens to safety and running toward danger to protect others. >> in an unprecedented move,
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police killed the gunman, 25-year-old micah johnson, with a bomb delivered by a remote controlled robot. and two more law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty. two bailiffs at a courthouse in michigan were shot to death on monday by an inmate trying to escape. the gunman also injured a deputy and a civilian as he was killed by police. the inmate is identified as larry darnell gordon. police say he was locked up on several felony charges. several tornadoes are touching down on monday evening in central minnesota. there are reports of injuries and severe damage in litchfield and watkins. some homes are said to be totally destroyed. the area is about 75 miles northwest of minneapolis, st. paul and it is also suffering from severe flooding. i'm robert gray. now back to "red eye."
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is pokemon go putting the american youth in danger? it uses your phone's camera to find pokemon in the real world. meaning if you want to catch one of these cook pet monsters you have to physically go to that location. and they say criminals exploited the fact by luring them to a secluded location to alert users that the area was ripe with pokemon. when the pokemon master showed up, they were not greeted by pea -- pikachu, but with a paw ret tau. >> in other news all 19-year-olds wanted to do was find a water pokemon in the river. when she reached the shore, all she found was a dead body. she immediately called 9-1-1
12:26 am
and waited for police to arrive. she tells them, quote, the police didn't really know what pokemon go was. they were just like, okay. adding to the tragedy she missed out on catching the magic harp on top of the corpse. look at that. it was right there in front of them. chris, are you impressed that the criminals are so creative and they got right on this? >> is this halloween candy? every year we have a halloween candy that will kill the story. this is something the news is making up. >> wait a minute. people are wrong. >> i look at the story and this is sensationalism. they want to talk about the new fad and say it is dangerous, watch your kids. >> if you don't believe a story you are supposed to pretend you do for of your discussion. >> i am mesmerized by your hair. >> this is an augmented news
12:27 am
show. you are participating in a virtual reality. >> we are laughing, but it is not reality. >> i said it is like the ebola nurse. remember the ebola nurse and we freaked out thinking she infected tens of thousands or maybe even a hundred million people? then it turned out she was fine, but so many companies rushed to figuring out some sort of a vaccine or a way of curing or eradicating the disease. do you ever hear about the ebola nurse? no. find the glitch in the app, fix it. you can update it on your android or smartphone and no more dead bodies and armed robberies. >> this is amazing. >> kennedy, you are excited. >> if are you over eight years old and playing a pokemon game, you deserve whatever is coming your way. stop. stop. >> look at the video.
12:28 am
>> they are outside playing games. >> show the video. >> at least they are outside, right? >> this is people playing -- oh no, that's the game. i want to show the video of the people. >> they are not shut in and they are no longer in grandma's basement. >> but they are kind of. they are staring into their phone. >> they are touching each other. >> they are touching something. you know pokemon? >> well, i have the kids. there was a treasure hunt game where people were going around the country looking for treasure hunts. this is similar to that kind of vibe. the danger of using the game and then having the robberies is you have these video games that kids are playing that i can see virtual going to reality. it can be very, very dangerous and scary. what comes from that in a think tank way? >> they are not interacting with the real world, but interacting with the device. >> and then it crosses over.
12:29 am
that's what causes a lot of violence. the virtual reality violence that kids play in these games and they are getting their weapons. human life looks like a video game and now it is in slow motion. there is something that has to be explored in terms of the psychological effect. >> i come across a lot of people from being a comedian and never when i grew up there would be a gorgeous girl or handsome guy. and now because everybody is on the stage, they can't have conversations. >> coming up, this guy exposes more truth than rowdy roddy piper. half time with tv's andy levey next.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. >> i just want to point out that chris said he was afraid to face me and left. >> are you kidding me? >> no. >> you're right. look, he's gone. literally ran crying out of the room. no, he had to do another show. the dallas police chief tells protesters to join him. i loved how he said join us.
12:34 am
we're hiring. and then there was laughter in the audience. he said, again, we are hiring. they thought, oh, he's serious. you agree with chief brown that we are asking too much of police. me too. a lot of that is due to the over criminalization of society, isn't it? >> absolutely. i think this is a great time to have a discussion about criminal justice reform. you don't have to blame cops for that. you can blame bill and hillary clinton. >> i'm sure chris would agree with that if he were here. >> he agreed before he left. >> he did. he told me in my ear he agreed. >> robert, you said the president should have given a speech like the one the chief gave. that's a fair point. he can give a good speech when he wants to. >> absolutely. at this time when we have had ferguson and so many other terrible incidents they haven't stepped up and they haven't given the speech i was
12:35 am
hoping to here from the president of the united states in terms of bringing us together as opposed to splitting up. you can still be sensitive to the difficulties and the problems that are happening, but say it in such a way that unifies us and does president -- and doesn't separate us as people. what do you mean by urban communities? >> i mean urban communities. >> what is he trying to get me to say? >> you try to get me to say that. >> you said you remember walking the streets and it was really bad. there were hookers all over the place. why do you equate hookers with things being really bad? that was new york city when it was bad, and it is not anymore.
12:36 am
that was a pro guiliani thing you were saying, right? >> i thought it was much more anti-hooker. >> it may have been. >> that was in queens and it wasn't in manhattan. but there was a time -- i don't know. i grew up in a neighborhood close to camden, new jersey. in camden, new jersey, horrendously bad with crime. a lot of hookers and all that. >> there are hookers on the streets. >> in their defense they didn't have craigslist. nobody looks at craigslist and says it is so yucky, hookers. they say where can i get a couch for $75. >> where there are hookers there are pimps and where there are pimps there are drugs. where there are drugs there are crimes. >> where there are legal drugs there are crimes. >> you said unfortunately black lives matter is a collective that shouts them
12:37 am
down saying all lives matter. all lives matter misses the point. you eluded to that. >> all lives do matter. >> black lives don't matter all lives don't matter. it means black lives matter too. >> no it doesn't. >> anyone who pretends they don't know it means that i question their motives. it obviously means that and explained eight million times. >> it is pointing a finger and saying you, andy levey, don't -- >> it absolutely -- >> it says you don't value black life. >> i understand the point of what black lives matter was originally trying to say, but saying all lives matter is not offensive. it means you value life. what better expression is there than that? >> thank you, joe. >> i think it is a conflict issue. >> joe, you said it is tough for whites these days. for instance if you say black
12:38 am
the audience inhales. imagine how bad it must be for lewis black. >> what does that even mean? >> shut up. >> it is a terrible joke. >> you should talk about hookers some more. >> using a robot to kill. chris said he wasn't going to monday morning quarterback the way the dallas pd handled the situation. kennedy, you said you were uncomfortable in general with using robots to kill people. i have no bob with what the -- i have no problem with what the dallas pd had. the problem has always lied in the potential escalation of the use of robots when they are not warranted or when they make it easy to kill somebody when the situation isn't clear the way it was this time. >> exactly right. >> pokemon go, chris asked if this was halloween candy. he thinks the media is making up these stories. he is wrong about that.
12:39 am
he is right that most of the concerns about this are over blown the way they always are. people will end up with twisted ankles and skinned knees. they are bound to have a few idiots. finding a dead body is good. it could help solve a crime or at the very least it could ease concerns over somebody who is missing. >> it had already died. >> this is a good thing. >> you said at least they are not in their grandma's basements. >> that's the problem. >> they should go back to their grandma's basement? >> everybody is walking around on their phone like this and it is super annoying? >> gotta go. >> thank you, andy. >> coming up, what was lost and is now found? we dug deep into the vault and recovered clips from last week's "red eye" that never aired.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm robert gray. a solemn scene in downtown dallas last night. more than 1,000 people gathered to attend a candlelight vigil for the five police officers killed last thursday during a protest march. speakers at the vigil included police officials and friends of the slain officers.
12:44 am
the city will hold another memorial service today. president obama and his predecessor george w. bush will attend. protests after the fatal shooting of two black men by police last week continue nationwide. this was the scene in atlanta on monday. it was the fifth consecutive day of demonstrations there. meanwhile in chicago the protesters marched peacefully through up to town and along the lake michigan shore. many wore tape over their mouth to symbolize what they say is the way police brutally silences blacks. similar gatherings took place in denver and louisville, kentucky. the town of st. joseph, michigan is also in mourning after a shootout yesterday that left two more law enforcement officers dead. an inmate being moved from a cell to a cram -- courtroom, disabled a bailiff and triggered a bloody escape attempt.
12:45 am
the inmate was shot dead. a civilian was also wounded. this could be a major day for the democratic party. the vermont senator bernie sanders is expected to finally endorse hillary clinton. the two will appear at a high school in sports putt, new hampshire -- in portsmouth, new hampshire. and the house has passed an aviation bill aimed at boosting security and reducing the wait time on the screening lines. the senate is expected to approve the bill by friday. last week we taped a show that never aired due to breaking news. for the remainder of tonight we will play parts of that show, the lost "red eye." >> lost "red eye." >> she taped her shoes, but lost her job. a tv reporter was fired for caring more about her fancy
12:46 am
footwear than the story. lydia was in puebla, mexico was captured being carried over a flooded street by towns people. she is holding a microphone in one hand and a pink cell phone in the other. there she is riding a pony. and i believe that is the new star trek movie. she is strad rig two trucks and finally it 8 peers she is being carried out of mount doom. they posted a statement saying she was disrespectful to the community and is no longer employed. she apologized, but noted that the couple offered to carry her and she thought it would be rude to decline. she should have been wearing wellies and shorts.
12:47 am
>> amazing. i will go to you first. it is a great combination. what do you think of the reporter? >> wrong on so many levels. you just don't do that. >> they offered. >> what? you turn it down. just because someone offers to give uh piggyback ride you don't just jump on their back. >> you don't know the customs in mexico. >> they offered me clothes. how far does it go? >> she said she was trying to be respectful. was it really the shoes she was worried about? >> have you ever had wet feet, tom? it is awful. you then have to hang out in
12:48 am
wet feet. i was in the french riveara, you know, because i am that special once and it was raining season and i had uggs because i was in college and the uggs were soaked and i was miserable. i was mean to the french. and you don't want to be mean to people in other countries. >> you should have taken some wellies. uggs are not good for travel. >> i was only allowed one suitcase. >> women love the uggs. they love putting their feet up on the chair in the airport. dave, what do you think of the reporter? i think she is misunderstood. it was very quick. they only carried her a few feet and then put her down. i agree with joanne. it is the socks getting wet that gets me. i might rather someone kill me than have to go with wet socks. that's brutal. it is the way they are carrying her if that makes sense. >> look at that carry. >> it is a half piggyback --
12:49 am
>> it is like she enslaved them. >> the optics of having two browner people carry you through a puddle. >> and by the legs. >> maybe there saw lot of pressure on you ladies in media to wear shoes like that. if you are going into the field, be more prepared. >> she knew there was flooding in puebla. that's why she was there. >> was that the story? the story was the flooding? >> she went to cover the flood. ga of vin, why not take the shoes off and carry them in one hand and roll up the pants? >> i likely say she is a woman and it is more evidence they shouldn't be in the workforce. i give you one of the finer looking female reporters i have ever seen so i will abandon that whole thing and say this is a great example of the class in mexico we don't get. if we are rich we are knew sew rich. in mexico there are the white vincente foxes and the agz
12:50 am
tech -- aztecs who have an unspoken sub serve cent. >> which one said the world would end in 2012? >> aztecs. >> it is like britain and india. we don't understand it and for them it is perfectly normal. this is another day in mexico. >> a happy ending to that story. one story left. do you want the carrot or the stick? that's what it is. your bedtime story. next.
12:51 am
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12:54 am
lost, "red eye." >> he didn't care for the carrots. in the uk a twitter user named aaron posted this photo with the caption t caption as some of you may know "i am somewhat a carrot officianado, and these are the worst." over there carrot sticks are called carrot batons because of the metric system i think? that's what it is? >> testgo responded asking to elaborate on the issue. bad move. aaron tweeted out this diagram
12:55 am
of a cross section of the bag with hacked to bits. 75% water. mostly skin. my favorite, this one actually squelches. aaron claims they apologize for the sub par veggies and offered his money back. that's good. what do you think of aaron, joanne? he is a little anal with the foods. i don't know if he should be shopping at a supermarket at all. in the time you could do that you could take a full carrot and cut it up yourself and be able to pick at your produce a little more. i do kind of love this spirit. i think it is great and i love when you get your money back. you stick it to the man and it is great. >> christina, this is what you need. >> this guy has no girlfriend and too much time. clearly he is living in his mom's basement playing halo with his virtual reality goggles on. that's ridiculous. >> he is getting his veggies. >> did you see the next to
12:56 am
last one? it is not a baton. >> they do look pretty sad. i don't think they should be packaging these -- i don't like buying vej believe tas in a mass -- vej believe tas in a plastic bag. i don't go shopping. >> it is disturbing. i have a friend who was growing strawberries. she said i hope these are not organic. we have gone into the future now where we like the fake baby carrots that are made from a machine that look like babieses. it was the most organic possible and they are supposed to be a variety of shape. we don't like that anymore and that is a trooj traj de. >> it -- tragedy. >> it is a tragedy. dave, you promised the most interesting answer in the story. >> hit it, dave. >> that's a lot of pressure for a story about carrots. i think he said i am somewhat of a carrot officianado. you are either in that camp or out. i kind of love it.
12:57 am
there was brown on them. >> they deserve what they got. >> special thanks to joanne nosuchunsky and dave smith and gavin mcknis. that's it for me. see you next time.
12:58 am
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this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier. in new york tonight, three people are dead after a shooting in a southwestern michigan courthouse this afternoon. it happened in the city of st. joseph. authorities say two bailiffs and the gunman were killed. the shootings come just days after five police officers were ambushed in dallas, and as protests against police continue in several cities. we have fox team coverage tonight. at the white house, a preview of president obama's appearance at a memorial service in dallas tomorrow. brett hume with an


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