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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 12, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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who are locked up. finally, the ugly. one dance beauty queen was kicked out after she was caught slapping another contestant. >> boy. >> thank you for joining us. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> bye. good morning, it is tuesday, july 12th. i'm ainsley earhardt. president obama set to head to dallas as hundreds honor those officers killed last week. will he help bridge that divide. his record on race might say otherwise. then donald trump comes out strongly in support of law enforcement. >> we must maintain law and order at the highest level or we will cease to have a country. >> so is that the kind of leadership we need right now? pete? >> then the dallas police chief
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delivers a powerful message to protesters. >> we're hiring. get out that protest line and put an application in. and we'll put you in your neighborhood. >> his candid words going viral this morning. we're glad you're here. mornings, better with friends. everybody, welcome to studio e here in the heart of mid town manhattan, ainsley, look who we have here. >> pete, nice to see you. light colored suit. >> yesterday was 7/11 and we had the slurpee day. today is chick-fil-a day. but if you want the free chicken sandwich, you have to dress like a cow. >> yeah. it was also, what, national cow day. you see the cows eating more chicken. >> anyway, we are delighted you are joining us. a very busy tuesday.
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>> that's right. the president heading to dallas, as you were saying, hours from now to meet with the families of the hero officers that were killed in thursday's attack. >> that's right. his visit comes as thousands of protests continue to rage from coast to coast. >> they do. meanwhile, william lajeunesse is live with the president's visit later today. william? >> reporter: steve, i think the president is likely to strike the right tone. he won't criticize black lives matter but will condemn the violence. vice president joe biden said the shooter used armor piercing bullets. that might come up. this is a memorial and that is illustrated by this mountain that is behind me growing here at the police station. it contains cards and notes, teddy bears, crosses, prayers, toys from strangers to men they
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never met that they want to honor. last night more than 1,000 did show up to remember those officers. their portraits were surrounded by flowers at a podium. dallas police chief, others spoke remembering them asking the city to come together. also yesterday there was a news conference from the surgeons who were there at parkland hospital on thursday night who treated the officers who came in. a trauma surgeon on duty called it the worst night of his life. >> i think about it every day, that i was unable to save those cops when they came here that night. it weighs on my mind constantly. this killing, it has to stop. >> the president is expected to speak around 1:40 eastern time today. there are memorials and funerals and public visitations all this week forty-five officers, mostly here in dallas, also one in
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michigan, but it is a solemn city and he will actually try to bring not just dallas together but the country. >> william lajeunesse in dallas. it's good to know the president of the united states is going to be in dallas. he says he is -- i am your best hope at calming racial discord, unfortunately before dallas gallup did a pole and 35% of those who responded said that they worry a great deal about racial relations in the united states. 35%. that is higher than any time since dallas was asked the question. >> yeah. no, tensions have not improved and he's going to have a massive moment. the nation will be watching and it can't turn to armor piercing ammo and assault rifles. this is a moment to have that. the problem is it's going to blame the cop first mentality from the beginning. if you remember the beer summit that happened, the cambridge cops acting stupidly. there's been that default from the beginning.
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>> there it is. >> the harvard professor was arrested. >> yeah, on a racial issue. >> the police officer together with that professor there. >> right. it wasn't just that, you look at it was ferguson, it was baltimore, it was new york, it was george zimmerman. newt gingrich. >> yeah. i was just going to say a lot of people are saying a little too late. he's 7 1/2 years into his presidency, he said three years ago it's not productive to have a national conversation on race. here we are, you know, something has to be done. something has to be done. >> newt gingrich had this observation. >> president obama's relentless failure in 7 1/2 years in the area of race relations is in some ways the saddest part of his administration. he could have been a beacon of hope. he could have reached out to every young african-american and said, look, i'm proof you can make it in america. he could have been a person who brought us together and instead as he did once again today, he
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is endlessly on the left wing. he is endlessly divisive. he has made race relations in america worse and it is truly sad. >> it is sad. so many people had such high hopes for the first half of the first african-american ever voted in. >> i think we all did. regardless of ideology there was this whole, hey, we are turning a page. instead, divisiveness has continued. >> it's saddest. when you turn on the tv and see the protests and see so much division in our own country, it really is sad. >> it reminds so many people of the 1960s, that was such a perilous time when it came to civil rights. meanwhile, the chief of police in dallas, david brown, who revealed yesterday had a wide-ranging press conference that he has been receiving death threats for himself and his family, there he is right there, he says the united states expects too much from cops. he said he had a great explanation. he said, you know, when we have all sorts of problems, we always
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turn to the police officers. he also turned it around and had a message for everybody who has been walking in a rally or a protest holding a sign against the cops. here's david brown. >> we're asking cops to do too much in this country. we are. we're just asking us to do too much. every facade of failure, we put it off on the cops to solve. not enough mental health funding, let the cops handle it. if you were in dallas, you've got a loose dog problem, let's have the cops chaz loose dogs. 70% of african-americans are raised by single women. let's give that to the police as well. policing was never meant to solve all of those problems. we're hiring. get off that protest line and put an application in. and we'll put you in your neighborhood and we will help you resolve some of the problems you protesting about. >> well, he speaks from experience. he had a full ride to the university of texas, decided
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after one semester he wanted to go help his neighborhood and help his friends that were addicted to drugs and he wanted to help as a police officer. and he has actually lost his own son. his son struggled with mental illness and fired on an officer and was killed so he has been through a lot. he knows the pain that these families are feeling. >> this man has become the face of clarity, of truth, of honesty. he was clear on the motive from the beginning, clear on the context, clear on the conditions that create this environment. then he said, it's not just about protesting, it's about solving the problem. >> right. right. >> come join us. we want you. >> i had a conversation with a friend of mine who was an officer yesterday and he said when we were growing up it was a neighborhood duty to raise our kids together. >> takes a village. >> the single mother -- right. if a single mother was at work and her child was doing something wrong. >> sure. >> the neighbors were allowed to say, excuse me, billy, you're doing something wrong and telling their mom. now parents put their hands up,
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they don't want to say something. they're worried about getting sued. it's not politically correct anymore. something has to change. >> something absolutely does. that's why it's so refreshing for him to say, hey, i've got a solution. put down your signs, put on a badge. >> right. right. that'll work. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us, friends @foxnews. >> good morning. we'll start out with a fox news alert. breaking details about the horrific shooting that left three people dead at a michigan courthouse. >> report of shots fired in the courthouse. >> man on the second floor with a gun. got hostages. >> shots fired. one down. one down. >> a dramatic scene playing out moments after the shooter, larry gordon, appeared on charges of kidnapping and sexual assault. gordon somehow grabbed an officer's gun and goes on a shooting rampage killing two bailiffs, injuring an officer and then taking several people hostage. he was eventually shot and
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killed ending that rampage. well, this morning more terror suspects walking free. the obama administration releasing two guantanamo bay detainees to serbia. both had been at gitmo for 14 years. nearly two dozen prisoners will be released in the next 24 weeks. some have killed americans and a dozen are believed to be re-engaging in terror. republican presidential candidate donald trump voiced his full support for american law enforcement just days after the deadly dallas police. >> we must maintain law and order at the highest level or we will cease to have a country. i am the law and order dant. >> trump calling for an immediate end of hostility against police. david cameron literally
3:11 am
humming a sigh of relief after expediting his resignation. listen to this. >> thank you very much. >> there you have it. the little hum as he walks in 10 downing street. the soon to be former prime minister steps away from the podium perhaps without knowing his mike was still on. theresa may will step into the role of prime minister today. she will be the second female prime minister in history following in the footsteps of margaret thatcher. big shoes to fill and those are your headlines. >> now, heather -- >> wow, how about that hum? >> do we have any idea what that song was? >> i don't. i don't. we'll listen to that to see if we can find out. >> tova might know. she does audio for the show and is the master of music. >> tova, work on that and give
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us an answer. >> as we told you, president obama will speak at an interfaith service in dallas today. pastor robert jeffers will be there. his church, first baptist in dallas, what does he want to hear from the commander in chief? we're going to ask him next. then just call him bill clinton, as in expensive. the expenses are revealed showing the very expensive taste of the ex-president. we searched billions of flight combinations
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today president obama heads to dallas to address an interfaith service. as a nation divided tries to come together to heal after the loss of five brave police officers. fox news contributor robert jeffers is the senior pastor of first baptist in dallas just blocks from where the shooter attacked and he's going to be at that service today and obviously joins us today. great to see you, pastor. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> what would you like to hear from our president today? >> i think the president needs to do two things to bring healing to our city of dallas and to the nation. first of all, he needs to give an unequivocal affirmation of police officers in our nation
3:17 am
today. you know, police brutality may be a reality but it's also a rarity. the president needs to say that. most men and women who serve in the police do a great job and they have a thankless service and we need to affirm police officers. but, ainsley, i believe also the president needs to talk about the power of forgiveness. you know, ultimately we can't eradicate all the injustice in the world, but we can choose our response to injustice. we can choose to do what the shooter did and respond with bitterness, vengeance, result in death and destruction or we can choose to do what those african-american members of the emmanuel church in charleston did after dylan roof shot and massacred nine of their members. they choose to forgive dylan roof, they weren't excusing him, they weren't letting him off the hook, what they were saying was we're not going to try to settle the score ourselves. we're going to let god take care of it so we can be free to go on
3:18 am
with our lives. you know, ainsley, somebody said when we forgive we set the prisoner free, and the prisoner they speak of is us. that's the message the president needs to bring to a hurting nation. >> hurting nation, indeed. many people think the country is so divided. sometimes forgiveness as much as we know we need to do it, it doesn't make sense because people are hurting. what do you say to people who are asking why? how can god allow something like this to happen? >> it's funny you say that because i wrote a book called when forgiveness doesn't make sense, and a lot of times it seems that it's nonsensical to try to forgive. i want to remind people when we forgive we're not giving up our rights for justice, our desire for justice, we want justice because we're made in the image of god. what we're giving up when we forgive is our vengeance to settle the score ourselves. gandhi once said the problem with an eye for an eye and a
3:19 am
tooth for a tooth philosophy is everybody eventually ends up blind and toothless. the only way to fwlaek cycle is for hurt and new justice. they say don't repay evil for evil but instead overcome evil with good and forgiveness is the only way to do that. >> how does this senseless death of these five individuals, five special heroes in your community, what is your congregation saying about this and how is it affecting you? >> well, first of all, this is very close to our church home because just two months ago we had a back to blues sunday in which we honored hundreds of dallas police officers. chief david brown was there and we honored him, so we have a special kinship with the dallas police department. by the way, my brother is a 30 year veteran with the dallas police department. i've never seen our city hurting like it is right now. but we've also been encouraged by the outpouring of support
3:20 am
from so many churches towards our police. i believe we're going to get over this through the power of forgiveness. >> well, thank you so much for speaking out and god bless you. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. good luck today. facebook facing an unprecedented billion dollar lawsuit for its ties to terror. details ahead on that. then donald trump exploited the idea of a military man as his running mate. >> i like the generals. i like the concept of the generals. we're thinking about -- actually, there are two of them that are under consideration. >> flynn reportedly on that list. but, wait, isn't he a democrat? the general joins us live next. there he is on the scene. ♪
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back with some quick headlines. facebook under fire. accused of helping terrorists spread messages of violence. the social media giant now being sued for $1 billion by the families of five americans who were recently killed by hamas in israel including a u.s. army veteran, taylor force, who was stabbed in the back -- stabbed back in march. and the automaker tesla under investigation after three drivers blame the company's auto pilot feature for deadly crashes. the s.e.c. determining whether tesla hid the fact. donald trump may reveal his vice presidential pick and on the short list is retired lieutenant general michael flynn who is technically --
3:25 am
officially, rather, a registered democrat who says he was fired by the white house for his stance on radical jihadism so how would he feel about joining a republican ticket? lieutenant general michael flynn author of the brand new book which has gotten great reviews "the field of fight, how we can win the global fight against radical islam." thank you for being here. >> great to be here. >> you're in the eye of the tornado right now. you're on every channel. everybody is talking about you. what's the craziest thing you have heard about you in the news over the last 48 hours and you said? >> on the ticket for vp. it's crazy. >> why is it crazy? >> well, i just think that it's -- one, it's a big honor. >> sure. >> it's an honor to be in the mix, but i think for a kid from the little state of rhode island, little town of rhode island to be at this level and to have -- to even be -- to be even considered is unbelievable. >> well, you know, donald trump
3:26 am
has made it very clear he -- he wants somebody -- he would like somebody with vp insider politics, somebody who can get stuff done. >> sure. >> at the same time says i like the general. you're one of the generals. what would you bring to the table? >> i mean, i think for your listeners, i think i bring a lot of discipline, i think i bring a focus, a knowledge of the world, what's going on around the world certainly on the foreign policy side, national security. i think what's happening in the homeland is unbelievable. the ideas about, you know, what donald trump has said about immigration i think are very true. i mean, we have to get this country back in order and get us back on the right track. >> but you are not a politician. >> no. i grew up as a soldier. you know, i mean, i didn't -- i mean, the timing of the book couldn't be better, honestly, to be very blunt. but i think that the book's
3:27 am
message and what's in the book is really important message about the kind of threats that we face, because there are threats around the world, that are, you know, against our way of life. >> does donald trump understand the military? >> donald trump is a great listener. i've had an opportunity to speak with him. i have provided advice for quite some time now to him, and i would tell you he's a great listener, he asks great questions and he's somebody that has a vision for this country that i think we need right now, we desperately need. >> we see the problems we face. that's what you talk about in your book "field of fight." he's a great listener. >> i never had an opportunity to talk to the president. here i was running one of the largest intelligence agencies, not only in the united states but in the world. i was senior military officer for our government and i spent nearly five years in combat against this very vicious enemy and we're providing this and i
3:28 am
never met president obama. >> there's the threat to the bureaucracy. >> sure. >> but i think what we need is we need somebody who's open and honest with the american public about what is going on and the troubles that we're facing both here in the homeland and overseas and like i said in other places the -- our economy is at risk. it really, really is at risk. >> what about hillary clinton? >> hillary clinton i have publicly said that she should step down because she lacks total accountability for herself. she should never hold a security clearance and i think what was really clearly demonstrated by director comey is that she lied not only to herself but she lied to the american public. >> well, a majority of the american public feels that comey should have, you know, recommended charges here. >> yeah. i think director comey should not have said anything at the end of the statement. he should have laid out the facts and said i'm going to give my opinion to the attorney general and turn it over to the
3:29 am
the attorney general has to say. he should not have said that. >> because you're on the short list, donald trump's short list, sounds like he's going to decide in the next three, four, five days. >> pretty amazing. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> although like i said you are in the eye of the hurricane. >> i am. >> there have been two stories. wait a minute, you're talking about the republican nominee picking the testimony mow krat. you seem to get into a little bit of trouble about abortion. you have since clarified, you are pro life? >> yeah. >> tell your story about your mother and this will help people understand where you're coming from. >> i think i grew up with a democrat in a very strong democratic household. my mother was the president of a right to life association. >> right to life? >> right to life. she was a democrat and she worked for the democratic party in ohio. heavy democratic state. she ran for secretary of state
3:30 am
of rhode island and i love talking about my mother. she's the most courageous person i've ever met in my life. what i learned about everything i learned pretty much from her. what i believe in is i believe in law, steve. right now we have a lot of people that are concerned about this issue. they need to make sure they vote for donald trump so we can get the right supreme court justices in there to essentially change whatever needs to be changed. that's the law now. it's a legal issue. >> new book called "the field of fights" just came out is getting rave reviews. if the president wants to know what's going on, he should read it. >> he should. i have given him a copy. an inmate tries to strangle a cop with a rope and another inmate comes to the rescue. pinching penny can be tough just ask hillary clinton.
3:31 am
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♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for up to 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪ people are now saying that hillary clinton has narrowed her list of presidential vice presidents down to five people. yeah. i'm sorry, she deleted the list down to five people. she doesn't even remember doing it so how is she supposed to remember everything, guys? >> a lot going on. and today she gets bernie. meanwhile, let's talk weather. >> some extreme weather to talk about. tornadoes tearing through the upper midwest, flattening houses, leaving hundreds of people there in the dark.
3:35 am
>> minnesota, my hometown, sirens blaring through the heart of minnesota as two twisters ravage the watkins and litchfield area. >> police saying this is the worst damage they've seen in a decade up in those parts. look at that, a nursing home evacuated and nearly two dozen homes destroyed. as you can see right there the roofs are gone. >> maria molina is outside tracking the storms and telling us what's ahead for you and your family. hey, maria. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about pretty populated areas in minnesota being impacted by storms rolling through yesterday producing tornadoes and also some very strong wind gusts out there. today the very same storm system is moving east and south ward. we have another risk for some severe weather out there especially across parts of eastern kansas, through missouri, southern iowa, western parts of illinois. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes possible again today. the storm system isn't moving a lot. so as we head into tomorrow,
3:36 am
similar areas are yet again expecting more thunderstorms and possible severe weather so because we're looking at similar areas being impacted day after day with storms, we do also have the risk for some possible flash flooding. as much as four to even six inches of rain will be possible out there. again, anywhere from kansas to iowa and western parts of wisconsin. eventually the rain moves into other areas of the midwest. temperatures today in the pacific northwest will be relatively cool. low 70s this afternoon. in the southern plains it stays hot. temperatures reaching the upper 90s. triple digits and eventually across the eastern u.s. including the northeast temperatures will be high and so will the humidity. >> it will be good later in the week. maria, thank you very much. let's hand it over to heather who has some headlines for us. >> certainly do. let's start out overseas. we are get being some confessions, incredible confessions about germany's refugee policy. the chancellor, angela merkel,
3:37 am
admitting that keeping the borders open invited terrorists into europe. more than 1 million migrants arrived last year alone. they were attacked in the city of cologne. former president bill clinton living up to his name racking up pretty big bills while he's on the road. newly released spending reports revealing he had very expensive taste, including a $700 dinner for two which he expensed during a speaking engagement back in 2002 or $2100 hotel bill, actually, a phone bill from the very same event. and a room service tab of over $1,000 to go with it. the former president made $100,000 by the way for that 90-minute speech and insisted on flying on a private jet. and you all remember that, $200 haircut on the tarmac years ago. wow. incredible moments caught on tape. inmates rushing to the rescue of
3:38 am
a police officer being strangled by a prisoner with a rope. deputy anthony lucas fighting back as the pair struggle in the cell. lucas desperately trying to free himself. other inmates then come to the deputy's rescue slamming the attacker into the wall and cornering him until more help arrives. no word on how the prisoner got his hands on that rope. and then a tragedy that we are all so sad about this morning. a tragic loss for country music star craig morgan. his son jerry greer was found dead after an intertubing accident. crews were scouring the lake after he collided with another tube ber, fell into the water and didn't come up. his dad is part of the "fox & friends" family. he was just here back in june for our all-american concert series. he's a regular guest on the show. our prayers go out to their entire family this morning. we are so, so sorry to hear of that terrible loss.
3:39 am
those are your headlines. >> heather, thank you very much. it's a terrible story. we just had much of the morgan family with us during the after the show show. he brought his daughter ally who had a new baby and his brother wyatt was with us. he's survived by another sibling by the name of kyle. there's jerry right there. when he was out tubing he was wearing a life jacket. >> that's what's so bizarre. >> apparently after he collided with the other person he did not resurface. >> what a handsome young man. he was going to marshall university in the fall to play football. he just graduated from high school. >> what a great family, craig morgan himself a retired army ranger, emt, deputy sheriff, saved two children from a burning house, pulled a man out of a burning car. huge supporter, uso. amazing guy. >> the family has reached out and said please remember them today in your prayers.
3:40 am
karen and craig have been married for 25 years and have three other children. >> prayers for jerry. >> all right. it is 20 minutes now before the top of the hour. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal may only be the tip of the iceberg. the brand-new questions now being raised about the clinton foundation. judge napolitano here with what it means next. then, he's inspired millions of people around the world including president george h.w. bush. now tony robbins is giving us behind the scenes access to his empowering seminars. he joins us live just ahead.
3:41 am
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we have some quick headlines for you. as golf returns to the summer
3:44 am
olympic games, yet another pro golfer is dropping out. jordan spieth is the latest high profile golfer to pull out of the games in rio over the zika fears. and 2004 olympic all around champion gym nist carly patterson also skipping the games because of the virus saying she is trying to get pregnant. and a huge victory for fox sports host erin andrews. he is on the hook to pay her $20 million. he shared that video with hundred bes of millions of people online. pete? >> that's right. well, in the wake of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, brand-new questions are now being raised about the clinton foundation. >> did you look at the clinton foundation? >> i'm not going to comment on the existence or nonexistence of any other investigation. >> was the clinton foundation
3:45 am
tied into this investigation? >> i'm not going to answer that. >> not answering. so could hillary clinton's e-mail problems be the tip of the iceberg this week? let's ask fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano who's been all over this story. we got some resolution on the e-mail scandal from comey kind of sort of. what do we see coming down the pike? >> there are three investigations of mrs. clinton. one has not started. one that has not started has been referred to the dock congr and misleading the congress. he went through five things she said to the public and to congress. it's a crime to mislead. mislead is defined as creating a false impression. and it is clear that she did that but it's the beginning stages of the investigation.
3:46 am
secondly, she certified under oath and in writing to a federal judge in a freedom of information act case that she had surrendered all of her e-mails to the state department. we know from director comey that the fbi found thousands of work-related e-mails that she didn't surrender, many that she tried to destroy. the big one, the one that director comey quite properly did not want to discuss, the fbi has an internal rule against discussing publicly investigations going on is the one about the clinton foundation. it's very large and it's very complex but reduced to its essence it is the allegations, they are just allegations that mrs. clinton when she was secretary of state made decisions for foreign nationals and foreign governments using the authority given to her by the federal law and as a result of those decisions huge, i mean enormous contributions were made to the clinton foundation. the largest of these, $145
3:47 am
million and it involved mrs. clinton allowing a canadian to buy shares in a uranium mine in utah which he promptly turned around and sold to the russians who could never have bought it on their own. when director i don't want to talk about it, it's ongoing. they are deep into it. but he quite properly is refusing to discuss it. >> so ongoing. are we talking a matter of weeks, months? it's obviously important at this point. >> it is important. and it's -- i don't know the answer to that, but i do believe that the fbi wants to resolve these things as quickly as possible. i was on vacation last week. all of a sudden he shows up and says, she was extremely careless but not criminal. the next thing you know the fbi historians are going to say john wilkes booth was extremely careless in ford theater. that's absurd. that's the conclusion. >> judge, tell me about this. you have the ongoing cases but you have this with comey. what's going on inside the fbi?
3:48 am
what's the sense and feeling of agents who are digging, seeing all of this, but the intent doesn't matter? >> there's a lot of people that have devoted a lot of time to this who are unhappy with the outcome and when attorney general lynch, loretta lynch is testifying later today said last week it was the unanimous recommendation of the fbi, that's absolutely not true. it may be the unanimous recommendation of director comey and his two or three colleagues in the justice department, but it clearly wasn't the unanimous opinion of the agents in the field who had the evidence and saw mrs. clinton's deception carried out. >> reading the e-mails that had classification that she said never existed. >> yes. you asked me where does this go? i don't know. we know who she is. she's about to become the democratic nominee. the democrac party evidence of wrongdoing against this person. the easiest case, the quickest case is the one that she misled
3:49 am
congress under oath. >> a lot of people thought this was over. clearly it is not, judge. thanks for clarifying. >> right. >> all right. it's tony robbins like you've never seen him before. >> california did not have any certainty but i was certain of one thing, my insatiable hunger to end the suffering. >> good morning. >> good morning. a new documentary takes us behind the scene of his rallies that have inspired millions. he's here to tell us about that next. and jeb bush is back in the headlines this morning. wait until you hear what that former presidential candidate just said about donald trump. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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3:53 am
he has inspired tens of millions of people including top entertainers, athletes and heads of state to help change their lives. and now we are behind the -- we have abscess to his behind the scenes, one of his performances, tony robbins. >> my entire life changes in a moment. who gets that? authenticity will lead to the rich life. life is always happening for us. >> the new netflix documentary that come out at the end of the week is called "tony robbins: i am not your guru," it takes us inside his empowering seminars. >> the entrepreneur, philanthropist and best selling author tony robbins is joining us now. >> thanks for having me. >> i watched the clip that's available right now. it opens in los angeles toward the end of the week and then on netflix on friday.
3:54 am
>> yes. >> so powerful, because you have all the people who are -- like that young man, pouring his guts out. and within just seconds, you've got the crowd carrying him. you're able to change so many lives in such a short period of time. how do you do it? >> well, it's 39 years in the making, so i've gotten the call when the person is suicidal. knock on wood i never lost one out of thousands right now. i get the phone call when the athlete, serena williams is burning down on national television a few years ago, i turned that around. president clinton called me, they're going to impeach me in the morning what should i do? my response, you should have called me sooner. i have been put on the line for 39 years, and as a result you make a lot of distinctions and changes. that young man was suicidal. you know, the ability to take somebody who's at the worst place of their life makes it easy for someone to say, what can i do to make myself more
3:55 am
successful or fulfilled or break through to my children. it's been an obsession for 39 years. you do anything for 39 years you get decent at it. >> why do people open up to you? you connect with people so quickly. >> i think i have been through a lot, i can relate to people. you know, i have been to hell, i can bring someone to heaven so to speak. there was a woman who was part of a cult where she was forced to have sex as a child with adults. you can imagine the horrificness of this, and she tells the story. you never know what someone is going to share. >> sure. >> this woman is in such pain. turned her around and i helped her turn her family around. she had three members of her family that was suicidal as well. what i did with joe berlinger who made the film, he's the most pessimistic guy in the world, so i invited him to an event i do. it changed his life, so he came back and he said, i really want to turn this into the film. he made a concert film so it's like you can go like you're -- it's really cool.
3:56 am
>> you said you had been to hell. what's your story? >> well, you know, i don't go into depth, but my mother was physically abusive. she poured liquid soap down my throat until i vomited, she beat my head against the wall, and she actually was dependent on me. when i went off to college, it freaked her out. i never talked about this when she was alive but i don't have anger towards her, upset towards her. if she'd been the mother i wanted i wouldn't be the man i ended inbeing. to help people turn things around, my obsession came because i know what suffering feels like. >> well, you have changed so many lives. so many people have been impacted by you. you have to check it out. it comes to netflix this weekend. "tony robbins: i am not your guru." >> thanks for loving people the way you do. pretty special. >> thank you. so kind of you. straight ahead, we are six days away from the start of the
3:57 am
republican national convention. what is being done to protect the republicans? we are live in cleveland, next. ♪ remember when every new fork on the trail, led to a new adventure? then keep the tradition going at bass pro shops family summer camp. and save on the brands you need during our perfect summer sale. like redhead hudson shorts starting under $20. hair is delightfully fragrancedl with notes of moroccan rose and the freshness of springtime unforgettable, wherever you go the scents you can't forget... from herbal essences, blooming now!
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good morning. it's tuesday, july 12th. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump's veep stakes entering the homestretch right now. he's looking at a military man as his running mate. will michael flynn, a democratic, answer the call? he's somebody who has a vision for this country that i think we need right now. we desperately need. >> we have more from the general straight ahead. then president obama heads to dallas today to try to bridge the divide in the country as the dallas police chief offers a powerful message to those people out in the street carrying signs. >> we're hiring. get off that protest line and put an application in. we'll put you in your neighborhood.
4:01 am
>> the chief's words going viral on this tuesday morning. and he's one of the best athletes in the world, but superstar golfer jordan spieth said he will not be going to the olympic, but he's not the only american athlete staying home from rio. too bad. mornings though, not bad, they're good and they're better with you. >> yeah. >> so now we've got another golfer who says he's not going go because he's worried about the zika virus. you think of all the athletes involved, who's going to be around a lot of mosquitos, somebody out on a fairway for five hours at a time. >> i guess. if you're trying not to get pregnant -- >> right. >> i have heard if you're trying to get pregnant don't go, if you're trying to get pregnant wait three to six months. >> what's the impact on men? i don't know. >> get the medical a-team on that. >> thank you for joining us on a
4:02 am
tuesday. we have pete in for brian who's still on vacation. >> thanks for having me. >> meanwhile, we are less than a week away from the republican national convention in cleveland. >> the city is ramping up security and releasing strict rules to make sure, well, everything runs safely and smoothly. >> and peter doocy is live already in cleveland working hard. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning, ainsley and we're getting our first look right now at the hard perimeter that officers are basically going to put together to try to keep protesters and disrupters and anybody that wishes to do the rnc proceedings harm out. as far away as possible. they just dropped off overnight this really heavy duty fence. it is not just your normal chain link fence. this is something that once it's put up is not going to move. you only really see it at big events like this one. the only people that we have run into so far, a week ahead of the convention who are in town are other members of the press and
4:03 am
law enforcement officers who are here trying to get their plans in place so that they are ready for anything. i have spoken to officers from multiple agencies who are in town from all over the country and they say -- the ones that i have spoken to they're very concerned with the way that things are shaping up. they are very concerned about potential problems next week. that is why part of the reason there is a long list of restricted items that people cannot bring anywhere near the convention center here or the quicken loans arena or the stadiums where things are going to be happening. on that list also a signal of the way they think things can go, protesters cannot bring gas masks or drones or backpacks. there are specific routes that are laid out that are mapped out for sanctioned protests that they can go to in cleveland. but it's of course the unsanctioned protests, the unknown that's causing so much heart burn for officials. there are 3,000 law enforcement officers that we know about. they have all kinds of special equipment. and the cleveland police chief
4:04 am
says that he is very concerned and that he's trying to basically come up with a new plan for security specifically based on what happened in dallas last week. back to you. >> all right, peter, i know you have talked to some of the rank and file security agents who are already there in advance of the event. the national security event, that's why they have an iron curtain they're putting up behind you. what are the guys telling you about their worry for trouble? >> reporter: the worry is basically just that if things really start to go wrong, they want to make sure that the elected officials here and everywhere are go -- everyone else are going to have their back. the pictures if they start getting into a tussle with protesters on the street are not going to look good to people who are not here. who may not understand how dangerous it is. so they just want to make sure that if things start to go wrong their bosses and their boss' bosses are supporting them.
4:05 am
>> absolutely. that's what they all want. >> thank you, peter. well, we were probably going to hear donald trump's vp -- we saw it at the convention. remember he said we're not going to annoyance that until -- to announce that until the convention. we're close to the convention. but we have a short list of who is -- >> so does he, apparently. >> want to see it? let's show you. >> is this a secret? >> jeff sessions, chris christie, newt gingrich, michael flynn who was interviewed by steve not too long ago, mike pence, tom cotton. >> that's right. we just had the general, donald trump has made it very clear. he'd like somebody with d.c. insider experience. somebody who knows how to get stuff done, but at the same time, he likes the generals. we had the general over in the chair and i asked him what he would bring to the ticket and here's what he said. >> i think i bring a lot of
4:06 am
discipline. i think i bring a focus. i think i bring a knowledge of the world. what's going on around the world. national security. what's happening in the homeland is unbelievable. the ideas about you know what donald trump has said about immigration i think are very true. i mean, we have to get this country back in order and get us back on the right track. >> he would be another straight shooter, blunt talker, understands the nature of the enemy in a very unsafe word and there's a lot of things that he would bring. >> when asked about his stance on abortion he said it was a woman's right to choose and he said he's a registered democrat and you asked why. >> i drew up in a strong democratic family. my mother was the president of the right to life association in the state of rhode island. she worked for the democratic party in the state of rhode island at that time which is a heavy democratic state still. but she was the president of the right to life committee there and in fact she ran for secretary of state for the state of rhode island and i love talking about my mother.
4:07 am
she's the most courageous person i have ever known in my life. i believe in law, steve. i believe that right now we have a lot of people that are concerned about this issue. they need to make sure that they vote for donald trump so we can get the right supreme court justices in there to essentially change whatever that needs to be changed but there's the law right now. it's a -- this is a legal issue. >> so now it makes sense why he -- you know, he was raised a democrat, comes from a democratic family. his mother ran for right to life. not right to choice, but right to life for the state of rhode island. >> a lot of people are saying they like his stance on that. you have the independents that were for bernie sanders. where are they going to go now? going to vote for hillary or trump? many of them maybe would vote for trump if he's chosen as the vp. >> well, as a democrat he's acknowledged that today's democrat party is not the -- your daddy's democrat party. >> that's right. >> it's the reagan line, i didn't leave the democratic party, they left me. i relate more to trump to his
4:08 am
sentiment, rule of law than what the left said. >> and trump gets the military, he said. our current president unfortunately does not. we asked for your comments and we got a gun. >> thomas says it's too early for flynn to retire from government especially after being let go from barack obama. if flynn is selected as vp i'm sure trump has plans from the oval office for requesting flynn's service. i think he's right. >> we have an e-mail from andrew, i think flynn can't wait to serve under a president that he respects before finishing his career in the military with the honor and dignity that flynn deserves. >> richard e-mailed, if this current crop of pc generals aren't willing to put up with all of the nonsense being foisted on to the military, then they don't deserve a promotion to vice president. all right. >> thanks for writing in. >> keep the comments coming. we read them all day long. let's hand it over to heather with some more headlines for us. >> good morning to all of you. breaking news this morning, the president is headed to dallas just hours from 2340u. -- from now, to meet with the
4:09 am
families of the hero police officers who were killed in thursday's attacks. he is traveling along with joe biden, george w. bush and laura bush. the president will speak at an interfaith service for the fallen officers. all of this coming as the dallas police chief delivers a powerful message to thousands of protesters, raging across the country. >> we're hiring. get out of the protest line and put an application in. we'll put you in your neighborhood and we will help you resolve some of the problems you're protesting about. >> what an inspiring and proactive message that he gave yesterday. for the police chief going on to tell the protesters that they can be a part of the solution rather than the problem. well, breaking details about the shooting that left three people dead in the courthouse
4:10 am
yesterday. >> man on the second floor with a gun. got hostages. >> shots fired. one down, one down! >> you can hear the intense and dramatic scene playing out moments after the shooter larry gordon appeared on charges of kidnapping and sexual assault. he grabbed an officer's gun and went on the shooting rampage, killing two bailiffs, injuring an officer and taking several hostage. he was eventually shot and killed. more terror suspects are walking free. the obama administration released two more guantanamo bay detainees this time to serbia. two dozen gitmo detainees will be released in the next two weeks. that's thanks to his campaign promise to close that prison while in office. some have killed americans and about a dozen are re-engaging in terrorism. another major athlete won't
4:11 am
be wearing red, white and blue at the olympics. jordan spieth is the latest golfer to pull out over zika fears. carly patterson is not competing because of zika. she says she's trying to have a baby. they follow a long list of athletes bowing out including rory mcilroy and basketball star steph curry. i'm trying to come up with some happy news. goodness gracious. >> all right. if there's some good news, that means other golfers will wind up going and getting a gold medal. >> okay, steve. >> see ya. in the wake of the v.a. scandal donald trump lays out his ideas for reform. >> veterans should be guaranteed the right to choose their doctor and clinic. >> donald trump giving a strong speech on v.a. reform yesterday. congressman jeff miller was right there next to him. what does congressman miller think about that plan? and move over floyd
4:12 am
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4:16 am
veterans should be guaranteed the right to choose their doctor and clinic. whether at a v.a. facility or at a private medical center. >> that was donald trump yesterday in virginia beach laying out a plan to reform the v.a. a ten-point plan. with florida congressman jeff miller, the chairman of the house v.a. committee there by his side. is his solution a good option and what else can be done to fix the broken v.a. system? congressman jeff miller, the chairman of the house veterans affairs committee joins me now and thanks for joining us. you introduced donald trump yesterday. heard what he had to say. what do you think of make his plan, what he proposes to overall the v.a.? >> i think it's a bold plan. the status quo is not working, it's very clear. something that needs to be done
4:17 am
as far as accountability he talked about getting rid of those who can't or won't do their jobs. and rewarding those that are doing a good job. >> indeed. he also talked about choice and some critics of his approach have said that well, it might cost too much. tell us what choice might do if a veteran has a real choice between the v.a. and a private provider, how does that change any dynamics at the v.a.? >> i think the important thing is just to look at what the undersecretary for health said. the v.a. needs to get away from doing things that other people do and only focus on the specialty care that v.a. does very, very well. and i think that it will open up more accessibility for veterans to be able to go and receive their care in a timely fashion. making a veteran go to the v.a. hospital or a clinic for a flu shot just doesn't make any sense. >> no, you're right. donald trump called hillary clinton the secretary of the status quo. i want to play a quick clip of
4:18 am
what hillary clinton said about the scandal late last year and get your reaction to it. here's hillary clinton. >> overall, veterans who get treated are satisfied with their treatment. >> more so than the -- >> that's right. nobody would believe it from the coverage you see and the constant berating of the v.a. that comes from the republicans in part in pursuit of this ideological agenda that they have. >> in part because there's been real scandal. >> in part there has been. but it's not as widespread as it has been made out to be. >> not as widespread as it's been made out to be. donald trump has made vets and v.a. a centerpiece of his campaign. what is hillary clinton's approach? >> as donald trump said yesterday, she's the secretary of the status quo. she can't fix it because she doesn't believe there's a problem. rob nabors came over from the white house to do damage control when phoenix became a problem
4:19 am
that was spinning out of control for them and a report he gave to the v.a. said it was systemic across the board. the office of the inspector general said there are problems all across v.a. as far as accessn't for health care. we have tried to do some things in congress to open up choice for veterans. we put $10 billion in the pot. unfortunately v.a. from the very beginning tried to convince everybody that the choice part of the accountability act was only going to be for a temporary portion of time. it needs to be permanent. >> mr. chairman, quickly, you heard trump trump talk about cleaning house. you have a bill pending, what would it do? >> well, what my bill actually does is it shortens the time that people go through the appeals process. the unions hate it. they hate it because they want things to be stretched out and elongat elongated. i want people to be held accountable if they do something wrong and they're convicted of a
4:20 am
crime, they have inured ourselves we can reclaim bonuses they may have gotten. do something with even their retirement. there are people out there that -- who have retired from the department that have done wrong things and unfortunately there's no way to hold them accountable once they retire. >> well, that's right. well, if the afg, the va union is against it, then you're probably on to something. congressman miller, thank you for joining us this morning. >> pete, thank you. >> you got it. all right, rudy giuliani taking a lot of heat for his criticism of black lives matter. >> i don't see what black lives matter is doing for blacks other than isolating them. all it cares about is the police shooting of blacks. >> does mr. mayor have a point? we'll ask the judge, judge alex who joins us next. you can get free chick-fil-a today, but there's a catch. stick around.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
♪ it is time for your "news by the numbers." first, 170 million, that's how much taylor swift is on track to earn this year. and the haters gonna hate all they want, but swift is going to shake it off all the way to the bank. the singer coming in first on forbes list of top paid celebrities. >> wow. next, 5%, that's how much more starbucks employees will be making by the end of this year. the raise is part of the series of changes that the ceo of the coffee chain has just announced. finally, $0. chick-fil-a celebrating cow appreciation day by giving away
4:25 am
free entrees. the catch -- you have to dress like a cow. seriously. but you better move fast. the utterly awesome deal ends at 7:00 tonight. all right. meanwhile, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani says that if black lives matter actually cared about police lives, the focus on fixing their communities rather than fixating on the police. >> i believe i saved a lot more black lives than black lives matter. i don't see what black lives matter is doing for blacks other than isolating them. all it cares about is the police shooting of blacks. it doesn't care about the 90% of blacks that kill other blacks. that's just a simple fact. they don't mean black lives matter. they mean let's agitate against the police matters. if they meant black lives matter, they would be doing
4:26 am
something about the way in which blacks are killed in america which is by other blacks. >> let's get reaction from the former dade county circuit court judge, alex ferrer. good morning. what was your reaction? >> i agree with some things he said. i believe he saved a lot of black lives as mayor of new york but i disagree to him as to the can portion about black lives matter. i think that they created the group to call attention to whites killing blacks. originally i believe trayvon martin and then they focused primarily on white police officers killing blacks. they can focus on whatever they want. they can call it whatever they want. i don't think it's racist because they say black lives matter. that's what they're focused on. they don't say blue lives matter, all lives matter. that being said, when people start marching under their banner and yelling for dead cops and yell -- you know, kill pigs in a blanket, then it's incumbent on the group to say, hey, that's not our message. that's not what we stand for. the people are hijacking our name or else they own that
4:27 am
message. a lot of people in the group who have legitimate concerns are not racist or hate cops or whatever and are marching for a good reason. just like the tea party. you heard the media accusing the tea party of being racist because someone shows up and starting yelling racist things. it's incumbent on the tea party toy is a that's not us. the same networks who accused the tea party of being racist doesn't say that black lives matter is a hate group. >> sure. those networks for the most part, they cover it when it's a white police officer who is involved in the shooting of a black man. >> yes. 24/7. >> exactly. they don't cover the -- you know, if it is a -- if it is a -- >> white office, white defendant, black officer -- >> hispanic. >> why is that? >> well, look, i don't want to cast aspersions, but the media are concern about their audience
4:28 am
and their ratings. they know that ratings bump up when their audience hears things that they agree to. a lot of the networks want to cater to the audience and if they're more along the lines of we believe the cops are doing this -- >> are killing maliciously. >> yes, maliciously. then they end up feeding that. i think it's horrible because the numbers don't bear that out. i have been saying that since ferguson and on "the kelly file" way back then, the fbi statistics -- back then i was using 2015 or 2014, clearly show that's not the case. the majority of killings by police use of deadly force including all legitimate use, the vast majority are legitimate, man with a gun, whites are killed more than blacks and hispanics combined. always have been. the numbers clearly don't bear it out, but if every day you show -- every time a white officer kills a person legitimately or otherwise, the public goes, it is ram pant, i'm seeing it every day. >> like paul was a hispanic
4:29 am
officer which gets lost in the mix. you mentioned the tea party, which is comparing apples and oranges. when you look at the tea party, there was never violence there. the media tried to indict it. but with black lives matter you have bricks being dropped on heads, violent confrontations. isn't it on them to condemn that directly and -- >> absolutely. absolutely. or otherwise you legitimately should be called a hate group. if you sit back and let that happen. i was using it as a comparison of how some bad apples in a group can stain the whole group's reputation. >> the president is going to texas today. he's going down to honor those who lost their lives but it would be interesting to see if he says anything about black lives matter. >> i agree, absolutely. >> all right. >> thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> thank you. all right. good to have you, judge. life as an average middle class american can be hard. really tough. just ask hillary. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke, but in debt.
4:30 am
>> that sounds terrible, right? well, if you had trouble believing her then, just wait until you see what just came out. bill's bills and bill's got very expensive taste. look who's back. is jeb bush finally ready to unite the gop and rally with republicans behind donald trump? >> i think people are going to feel betrayed. conservatism is temporarily dead. >> i guess not. and it only gets worse from there. >> oh, boy.
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
bernie is still campaigning though when he sat down for an interview with wolf blitzer on cnn last night. did you see this? it's fantastic. even though wolf blitzer has one
4:34 am
of the more notable names in broadcast news, bernie had trouble getting it out. >> when we do that, jake, you have a lot of enthusiastic -- >> wolf. >> i'm sorry. i'm looking at the sign over there. jake, you're asking a question -- [ applause ] >> he's the boy that cried jake, everyone knows that story. [ laughter ] >> jimmy fallon is so funny. >> we all make mistakes if you're by a satellite and you can't see who you're talking to but when you're sitting there and are corrected -- >> jake tapper, i presume? >> oh, yeah. >> remember that show back in the '80s, that was a good show. >> i have no idea what that show
4:35 am
is. well, hillary clinton expecting a crucial endorsement today from one of her fiercest rival, from bernie sanders. >> but it is being overshadowed by more e-mail controversy. >> kristin fisher has the very latest. jake? >> reporter: brian -- >> thank you. >> reporter: so let's talk about this, because you have attorney general loretta lynch testifying today on capitol hill. you've got this ongoing fbi investigation into the clinton foundation. and then there's this new request from house republicans asking the fbi to investigate if clinton lied under oath. so three big wild cards on this same day that clinton and other democrats trying to highlight their party unity ahead of the republican convention next week. in regards to this new perjury probe, it reads in part, quote, the evidence collected by the fbi appears to directly contradict several aspects of her sworn testimony. in light of the contradictions the department should determine whether to prosecute secretary clinton for violating statutes that prohibit perjury. so how is all this playing out
4:36 am
in the minds of voters? well, an abc news/"washington post" poll out yesterday shows that most disapprove of the fbi not indicting her. 9% had no opinion. so while this is a big day for the clinton campaign and make no mistake, any time you pick up an endorsement from your fiercest primary opponent that's a big day, but it's also day when all those people who disapproved will likely have even more questions about her honesty and her trustworthiness by the time it's all over. brian, martha, ainsley, back to you. >> very clever. >> i'm kidding. >> there you go. >> i know who you are. >> thanks, wolf. meanwhile, let's tell you about this. you know why they call him bill clinton? well -- >> for the bills. >> and his name is william. there is an item out, a couple of years ago the mondavi center
4:37 am
invited bill clinton to give a speech. he got $100,000 for the speech. but then the organization was also on the hook for his expenses. and the organization was like, you know, are you sure the expenses are not going to be a lot, and they were told don't worry about it. and they got the bill, on top of this, keep in mind, he got $100,000. >> then phone calls. look at the list. >> $100,000 for the private jet. >> $100,000 for the speech and then the private jet. and then the 70 mile -- it was a 70 mile flight from uc san francisco to where he was staying. that was the bill there. look at the phone calls. like who even uses the phone in their hotel rooms anymore? >> well, this was a couple of years ago.
4:38 am
>> dinner, room service. 1,000 bucks. you know, hotel movies. >> the aides were included in this. he was there with two aides. >> well, the other thing is apparently his standard speech rate was $60,000 but he renegotiated it up to $100,000. one other thing, this doesn't have to do with how much it costs the organization, you know, they did pay for it with ticket prices. all the questions asked of him had to be preapproved. and some of the softballs that were approved, this is a question. mr. president, is the world a better place now than when you entered politics? >> what do you think he's going to say? you know, hillary gets $225,000 for her speeches. he gets $100,000. my question -- he stayed in the hotel for five days. he gave one speech. >> that's true. >> why did he stay for five days? >> you're not showing any empathy. he were dead brokes. >> they had to pay for their houses. >> trying to make a living.
4:39 am
>> can't make it up, folks. 22 before the top of the hour and heather has some other news. >> i do. you have to say for the $200 hair cut on the tarmac. that's what it costs for a guy to get a hair cut. >> of course. >> good morning. i have a couple of news headlines to bring you right now. jeb bush breaks his silence and he's trashing donald trump. listen to this. >> there isn't going to be a wall built and mexico is not going to pay for it. there's not going to on a ban on muslims. none of that is -- this is all like a -- an alternative universe that he created. the reality is that's not going to happen. that's the heart breaking part of this is i think people are going to really feel betrayed. >> betrayed. well, the former presidential hopeful warning trump supporters that they'll feel betrayed when bush says the promises will go unfulfilled. he said he won't vote for trump but says he believes trump will win. and the moment a woman runs
4:40 am
over the police officer, dragging him through the gas station. >> all i'm doing is holding the window up. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> well, there is another angle to this. it shows a kentucky police officer hanging over the door as the driver just floors it. it turns out that she was wanted for trying to run over her ex-boyfriend just a few months ago. she's now in jail and that officer is expected to be just fine. thank goodness for that. it is like black friday in july. amazon is offering some incredible deals right now for annual prime day. more than 100,000 sales at your fingertips with new ones every five minutes. you need an amazon prime membership. but you can sign up and get the discounts today. some of the best discounts are the fire tablet for $33.30. a samsung blu-ray player for $49.99. maybe you can get a walkman out of that thing. >> a walkman!
4:41 am
>> you're making fun of me. >> you have a walkman. >> steve likes his walkman. >> i remember those days. >> that was so cute. >> i had one hooked up to the 8 track. >> i don't know if you saw the show that day, but you were out there on the sidewalk. looked like your iphone -- >> all the people are walking by with the headphones. look at all the people on their walkman. >> right. right. >> i was having a flash back to the '80s. it was good. it was the most dangerous time in the war in iraq. the 2006 battle of ramadi. our next guest was right in the middle of it. former navy s.e.a.l. sniper is sharing his story in the gripping new book, kevin lacz. he will share some of them next. and trashing the treasure by transforming this old kitchen into something perfect. you can do the same thing at home. we actually -- she actually will show y
4:42 am
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4:45 am
how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. it was the most dangerous time in the war on iraq. the 2006 battle of ramadi and our next guest was right in the middle of it. >> kevin lacz is now telling a dripping account of his time in ramadi in the brand-new book, called "the last punisher," a s.e.a.l. team 3 fighter's real account. >> good morning. >> you have played yourself in "american sniper." >> i did. that was a great experience. a lot of fun and the feedback has been incredible. >> absolutely. "the last punisher" what are you talking about? what does that mean? >> punisher is the moniker that we earned at charlie team 3 and
4:46 am
platoon 3. it started off as the marvel comic punisher helmet. then it was all over the place, and then the lasting legacy is the punishers. which we refer ourselves for. >> folks who have read the book said this is a gripping inside account. what are you trying to relate through the book? the true account, what do you want people to take out of it? >> in writing a memoir, you're putting everything out there. it was hard to talk about, you know, how i started. i was borderline dropping out of school at james madison university and it was the events of 9/11 that propelled me to join the army. it's going from a stagnant period in my life and then jumping into the task unit and the s.e.a.l. team that did amazing things. we want to give voice you don't hear about much, like mike lee and the other members of the platoon unit that made that platoon great. >> when you say we, we talk about your wife.
4:47 am
she helped you to write this. everybody who returns from war or service has ptsd, that does a disservice to the people who do. >> that's correct. after "american sniper" people said, i'm sorry you had to go there and do that. i'm like, i enjoyed it. it propelled and inspired me to go great things. but to assume that everybody has ptsd you do a disservice. when want to talk about the operators who do their job and come back and do their job seamlessly. >> the legacies of the war matter. you fought block by block, house by house in ramadi to i think that city. yet, you have seen the black flag of isis fly over it. it was retaken recently. when you see iraq today, how does that make you feel? >> it's angering.
4:48 am
to see ground that americans took and have to relinquish that in the name of politics is angering. in the blood, sweat and tears we shed over there, you know, to walk away, it leaves you filing dirty and angry. >> what are we getting wrong now? >> when it comes to terrorism? >> mm-hmm. >> well, i think you know if we fry and apply the -- try and apply the principles of ramadi, we're missing something. it's the clear, hold and build, we're trying to have a mission that's predicated on special forces alone. you can gain some ground, but can't hold that ground like in ramadi. as we see the escalation in force to go up in iraq, we're missing the point. we don't have the foot hold or that stake. we can't actually secure that region unless we do so. >> because we started the interview by asking you about you putting yourself in -- playing yourself in "american sniper" how did they get you to play yourself? was it clint eastwood or bradley cooper, who called you? >> i was training with brad -- >> you were training him?
4:49 am
>> we were training and bradley -- he said you should play yourself in the movie? i said, whoa. but he kept pestering me. and fast forward a week or two. the sides were sent to me and the casting director said record these. i had no idea what they were. my wife and i recorded them on the iphone, sent them into the casting director and clint said they were great and i got the part. >> you weren't acting, you were being yourself. >> being myself. >> it comes across in the movie, i think it was a good and authentic portrayal. folks are familiar with chris kyle and he's featured in the book as well. >> chris is in the book as with mark lee, ryan jobe, a lot of medal of honor winners. the book we focus on s.e.a.l.s, but it's the sailors, airmen and marines who win the battle of ramadi. >> today is the first day your book is out. called "the last punisher." kevin lacz, thank you for your service. >> thank you for everything you have done. coming up on a tuesday, donald trump is narrowing
4:50 am
reportedly his vice presidential list with six days left until the convention starts in cleveland. who might he choose? laura ingraham has a couple of predictions and she joins us in about ten minutes. we're turning trash into treasure by transforming this old kitchen into something new. what we reveal what's behind that wall, next. but first on this day in 1973, three dog night was topping the charts with their hit "mama told me." ♪ ♪
4:51 am
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are you looking to spruce up your kitchen? well, we have all the tips that you need for the perfect kitchen makeover. this is the best news though. it's not going to break the bank. here to show us how is amy howard, the creator of amy howard at home products, at ace hardware. >> thank you for having me back again. i'm thrilled to show you yet another amazing reveal. this is a kitchen cabinet basically that was going to be thrown away. it was headed for the dumpster. so i want to be able to show people how easy it is to rescue and restore these pieces using my amy howard at home products. >> should we reveal it? >> let's do it. >> this is what it looked like before and now. wow! that's a huge difference. that's beautiful, amy. >> thank you. you know, the exciting thing is, people are like i hate my
4:55 am
kitchen but i can't afford to have it redone. what i have done by creating this diy products line available at ace hardware it allows you to redo this entire kitchen in a weekend. i want to walk you through -- >> very quickly. >> so this backsplash that you see, i had the measurements to the bottom of my cabinet. they cut the glass for me. i used my amy howard at home stencils and lacquers and i created this incredibly expensive patterned look for pennies. >> wow. that's amazing. >> i was able to create this beautiful antique countertop, that's all the rage on trend. but i just used galvanized sheet metal. >> how do you do that? >> i had antique parisian zinc, it's a one step. if you go to my website, amyhowardhome, i have tons of
4:56 am
youtube videos to teach you. and last but not least, these are kitchen cabinets that we redid. i used the amy howard at home one step paint. that you can customize in any color. isn't this great? open up that door, i want you to see something. here's a grocery list. it's a fun thing to do because people don't realize it's a base paint. so i can use it like a chalkboard. i could have my grocery list. >> how did you do the cabinets? i wouldn't know where to begin. >> i'm going to show you, it's so easy. >> okay. >> so here's one of my kitchen cabinet doors, this looks like most of our kitchens now. >> it does. >> so the great thing about, what gets on the kitchen cabinets over a period of time? >> food. >> grease. and i want you to come back with the degreaser. i'm going to clean it. >> okay. >> continue to wipe that for me. now i'm coming back with some water. get that off. >> we're running out of time.
4:57 am
but then we put the paint on? >> yes. >> thank you for helping us with our kitchen. laura ingraham is coming in at the top of the hour to talk some politics. ♪ and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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well, good morning to you and your family. it is tuesday, july 12th. i'm ainsley earhardt. president obama headed down to dallas to calm a nation on edge after the police ambush. as hundreds are honoring those officers. but can he help bridge the divide? his record says otherwise. then donald trump sounds like is going to announce his running mate maybe this week. it might be a general. >> somebody that has a vision for this country that i think we need right now. we desperately need. >> that's the general talking about donald trump. laura ingraham and trump campaign manager paul manafort weigh in on the veep stake this
5:01 am
half hour. then an inmate tries to take out a guard before other inmates come to his rescue. >> look at that. >> what a crazy story. not a crazy show though. we're glad you're here. mornings are better with "friends." >> all right. so i think we have laid it out pretty well. we have a great final hour today on "fox & friends." also great to have pete with us. >> thanks for having me. >> and in the meantime we'll hand it over to heather for some headlines. good morning. we have a busy day today. coming up, president obama is headed to dallas. just hours from now, to meet with the families of the five hero police officers who were killed in last thursday's ambush. also headed to dallas -- vice president joe biden, former president george w. bush and former first lady laura bush. the president will also speak at an interfaith service for the fallen officers. all of this coming as the dallas police chief delivers a powerful
5:02 am
message to thousands of protesters at anti-police rallies raging across the country. >> we're hiring. get off that protest line and put an application in. we'll put you in your neighborhood and we will help you resolve some of the problems you're protesting about. >> and he says he did the exact same thing, that he went on to do mipolicing in his own neighborhood. he told the protesters they can be part of the solution, rather than the problem. such an inspirational message there. well, loretta lynch in the hot seat today. the u.s. attorney general about to be grilled on capitol hill for her decision not to charge hillary clinton after secret meetings with hillary's former husband -- excuse me, hillary's husband, bill clinton, and that happened on the tarmac a few weeks ago. all this as they demand a perjury investigation into clinton's e-mail use.
5:03 am
and comey took tough questions about not recommending the criminal charges against clinton. incredible moments, inmates rushing to the rescue of an officer being strangled by a prisoner with a rope. ohio deputy anthony lucas fighting back as the pair struggle in the cell. lucas desperately trying to free himself. other inmates then come to the deputy's rescue, slamming the attacker into the wall and then cornering him until more help arrives. no word on how the prisoner got his hands on that rope. and today we remember a fox news legend. our friend tony snow. >> good morning, welcome to fox news sunday. >> on this day eight years ago we lost our dear friend and colleague. he was a first ever host of "fox news sunday" and a regular contributor. he served as white house press secretary for president george w. bush between 2006 and 2007.
5:04 am
before that, he worked for president george h.w. bush as the chief speechwriter. he died after a long battle with colon cancer in 2008. we had a chance to know him and work with him and he was such a class act. we miss him every day. >> he was a great guy. >> yeah. really wonderful. >> 53 years old. >> thank you very much, heather, and because of him and that illness, every guy i know in the building over about 35, 40, wound up getting a colonoscopy. just because you never know. >> i remember that. on "fox & friends" we got the news on the overnight shift i think and i was sitting on the set of "fox & friends." we interviewed president bush 41, h.w. bush, and his wife. the set was over there. remember when the set was over there in the little corner? such sad news. i didn't get the chance to work with him. >> he was terrific. >> laura ingraham joins us from the nation's capital today. you knew tony. >> oh, yeah. i first met tony when i was working for the reagan administration.
5:05 am
it goes to all of -- i think i was 23 years old and tony was the editorial director at "the washington times." so we -- i remember having great lunches with him and of course when he was diagnosed with cancer, it was -- i think it was about the same time that i was diagnosed with breast cancer. so he wrote me such a poignant note. we talked a lot just about what it was like to kind of walk through that -- that dark period together. he's such an inspiration to me. i miss him all the time. what a wonderful person and a beautiful family as well. >> dana perino became spokesperson after his death, isn't that right? >> right. she took over for him after he passed on. he was the kind of person who never complained about it. just look, it's a walk -- you know, god doesn't give us anything we can't handle on our -- you know, with his help. he is a man of great faith and that really sustained him and i think sustains his memory as well. >> you're doing okay now, right? >> it's now 11 years out. so, you know, as okay as anyone is going to be.
5:06 am
you know? we never know when the tap on the shoulder is going to come, so just enjoy every moment. try to do the right thing. >> that's the perfect way to approach everything. laura, let's talk about our president. he's going down to dallas today. he's going to join george w. bush as they honor the policemen who were ambushed last week. what's curious though, president obama has had a contentious relationship with america's cops. i think it probably started w h with -- by calling the cambridge cop -- that they acted stupidly when henry gates was arrested during that scuffle. >> yeah. it began in a really rocky fashion. >> that led to the beer summit. >> oh, yeah, remember the beer summit with the officer. but i always liked to talk to the individuals on the ground who were actually doing the hard work. so you guys have a lot of friends in the nypd as do i. detectives and friends down in d.c. who are police officers. it's interesting to talk to them about how they feel about what the administration has done. and i'd say about six out of the
5:07 am
seven guys all men they happen know feel like it is hostile. it's almost like a hostile -- it's hostile working situations for them when they believe their -- that the administration in various points has given more credence to groups like black lives matter than the credibility of the men and women who are doing all this difficult work, day in and day out for very little money. so i'm glad the president is going down to dallas. i think it will be a really nice moment for the country. but i think more practically, we have to understand that shutting down major thoroughfares and screaming epithets two inches from the police officer's face and putting a video camera in front of their face every moment of every day, i think that is -- it's a really hard situation for the police right now and i don't know who would want to be a police officer today, given this climate. >> well, the dallas police chief has been such a powerful foil to
5:08 am
barack obama -- >> i love him. >> do you think that the president is capable of delivering the kind of truths that this police chief has been? >> do i think he's capable of it? i think obama -- >> can he do it? >> i think obama is a master politician. i think he'll perform well today. but his actions over the last 7 1/2 years in my view have been among the most divisive that i have ever seen in politics. and i think as someone who came in with such promise, even though i don't agree with a lot of his views, promise as a father, as a role model for so many african-american men, it would be nice on occasion if president obama stood up and said, you know, we have to take better responsibility for our families, four our communities and our neighborhood, stop acting in a menacing way toward police. try to respect the police when you're stopped and if you really have a complaint, make it at the time. make it respectfully. >> sure. >> you know, he did that thing called my brother's keeper which
5:09 am
is a pretty good thing that he launched a few years ago, but you never hear anything about that. it's always the negative story about the police. i think he's done an enormous amount of damage to race relations in the united states. >> we have been talking about trump's potential vice presidential list, who he's going to pick. steve was interviewing lieutenant general michael flynn who was on the show earlier. we want to play this sound bite for you and then talk about this list. >> sure. >> i grew up in the strong democratic family. my mother was the president of the right to life association in the state of rhode island. she worked for the democratic party in the state of rhode island at that time which is a heavy democratic state still. but she was the president of the right to life committee. in fact, she ran for secretary of state for the state of rhode island. i love talking about my mother because she's the most courageous person i have ever known in my life. what i believe in is i believe in law, steve. i believe that right now we have a lot of people that are concerned about this issue. they need to make sure that they vote for donald trump so we can get the right supreme court justices in there to essentially
5:10 am
change whatever that needs to be changed but that's the law right now. it's a legal -- this is a legal issue. >> so he's explaining his abortion comments. >> he said it's the law. okay? i love general flynn. but it shows the danger of naming someone who's never walked through if -- through the political or media fire that you need to walk through to be vice president. there's no law, it was just made up by the supreme court in roe vs. wade and emanations and penumbras out of the equal protection law, there's a right to abort one's offspring, that's ridiculous. he didn't answer that well. on lifezette, we have an interesting piece about why rick santorum makes sense. i know he's not on the short list, but people should go to lifezette and read about why santorum would be well suited. >> so we'll put up the list, jeff sessions from alabama, newt gingrich, mike pence, the
5:11 am
governor of indiana. chris christie the republican governor of new jersey. general flynn. tom cotton. if you had to pick one of those guys who would you pick? >> oh, just on the short list. >> just that short list. >> i mean, i like chris christie. i have always -- i mean, i think all of the other -- you know, i like santorum, and i like chris christie. chris christie he has been vetted by the media endlessly. he aquitted brilliantly himself against marco rubio. he was brilliant in totally taking him apart. he's loyal on the issues that i think are going to drive this election. the anti-globalization. pro law and order, homeland security. also he's good on foreign policy. now he's not as informed on military policy as general flynn, but i think christie has done a really good job. i know a lot of conservatives still have doubts about him. mike pence is a strong guy. newt gingrich is brilliant. look, i would be happy with any of the six people frankly that
5:12 am
are mentioned but i think trump more than anything has to have someone who is unafraid, courageous and bold against what will be a media onslaught. >> yeah. laura, one of those people that won't be on the list broke his silence, jeb bush gave an interview recently about -- >> shock. >> -- after some time in the wilderness. get's play the clip. >> there isn't going to be a wall built. and mexico is not going to pay for it. there's not going to be a ban on muslims. none of that -- this is all like a alternative universe that he created. the reality is that's not going to happen. and that's the heart breaking part of this. is i think people are going to really feel betrayed. >> speaking of betrayed didn't he sign a pledge? >> doesn't matter. i have four words to say to jeb bush who i think did a great job as governor -- couldn't win own state. okay? couldn't win his own state now he's trashing the republican nominee. i guess, i mean, i joked yesterday on twitter that hillary should just, you know, make this official and name jeb
5:13 am
bush as her running mate because i think they have a lot in common on a lot of issues. obviously he wants hillary clinton to win. >> oh, boy. all right. she's the editor in chief of lifezette. check out the article she was talking about a little while ago and she'll be on the radio in 45 minutes all across the country. thank you very much, laura. >> thanks, guys. well, are you going to the gop convention next week? leave your backpack, your cooler or your drone as well. >> i can't take my drone? >> don't take your drone or tennis balls. the crazy items being banned. plus, she's been accused of using her charity as a slush fund, but this democratic congresswoman said she was indicted by the feds because of her race. that's coming up. they brought this on themselves.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
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5:17 am
all right. look at the calendar. we're now less than a week away from the republican national convention in cleveland, ohio. they're waiting for us. >> that's right. the city ramping up security and releasing strict rules to make sure well, everything runs
5:18 am
safely and smoothly. >> hard to believe it is here. peter doocy is already there. he's live in cleveland for us this morning. hey, peter. >> reporter: hey, ainsley, next week's convention is a national security special event. that tag gives cleveland $50 million to offset the cost of keeping it safe and offsetting of the equipment like this heavy duty fence that got dropped off overnight. some people walking by have been joking, oh, look, trump is really going to build a wall, but it's not anything that authorities are laughing about. this heavy duty fence is going to be the outer most perimeter, it is going to keep anybody that does not belong inside the protest zone out. it will cut through the normally high trafficked parts of cleveland that will make it hard to get around. but it will make it harder to disrupt the proceedings. now, officials have distributed to any protesters a list of things they can't have anywhere near the convention. some of the things on the list
5:19 am
are gas masks, backpacks, coolers and drones which does fit in with flight restrictions overhead next week. there are designated routes for marchers to follow, but they're less worried about organized protesters than disrupters who may try to catch them off guard, especially after the attack on officers last week in dallas. after the attack, the police chief said they do plan to boost security here and he's going to have help from a lot of other agencies. the total number of law enforcement officers on the ground next week is supposed to be around 3,000. many i have spoken to from different agencies are very concerned about what they're hearing may be coming their way seven days from now. back to you. >> all right. peter doocy, not far from the quicken arena where we'll be all next week. peter, thank you. don't bring your drone. >> don't bring your cooler, steve. >> or tennis ball. >> they have cool things already there. all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, al sharpton says the nra does not care about black people.
5:20 am
>> where is the nra now? where is wayne lapierre now? maybe you mean the second amendment of the whites only. >> well, one black nra member says sharpton doesn't know what he's talking about and he's here to respond next. david cameron literally humming a sigh of relief now that he's leaving office. listen. ♪ >> doo doo doo and he walks inside. cheerio, prime minister. when consultant josh atkins books at
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5:24 am
some quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. a fox news alert. breaking right now, at least 12 people dead after a fiery head-on train crash in southern italy. look at that. mangled box cars crumbling on top of one another. forced off the track. rescue crews working at this hour to try to save hurt passengers trapped underneath the rubble. and more terror suspects are walking free. the obama administration releasing two more gitmo detainees to serbia. both have been there for 14 years. president obama working to fulfill that campaign promise to close the prison before -- gitmo, that is, before he leaves office. he's already freed 176 terror suspects. generally one or two at a time. >> open the gates.
5:25 am
>> that's what he's doing. al sharpton taking aim at the nra as protests continued for fifth date over the deaths of two black men carrying legal guns. he wants to know where the national rifle association is. >> both were killed by police based on they had guns. now, i missed the nra coming out defending their gun rights that they legally had. where is the nra now? where is wayne lapierre now? do you have a second amendment right or did you not get down, mr. lapierre, down to the 14th, 15th, 16th amendment. maybe you mean the second amendment of the whites only.
5:26 am
>> so colion noir is joining us live from dallas where he makes his home and good morning to you. >> good morning. how's it going? >> good. going okay. just a little curious. when you saw -- when you saw al sharpton making those comments about the nra and what not, you were probably talking at your television. what were you saying to reverend sharpton through the television? >> well, i'm a bit confused because if you went back and recounted the history which he experienced during the civil rights movement, you had the organizations who were black armed self-protection organization who were nra members. not only nra members but bought their ammo from the nra. so considering the racial tensions during that time period if the nra didn't care about black people, why were they giving them ammunition to protect against people like the kkk? i don't know if he forgot about
5:27 am
that part of history or didn't pay attention to it. >> you're a member of the nra. has the nra ever asked what your color you are and based your membership on the color of your skin? >> nope, not at all. quite frankly when they brought me on they were like do what you're already doing years ago. they didn't tell me how to dictate what i said. i say everything that i personally believe. so i'm still trying to understand where all this sentiment is coming from. >> you have been criticized from the left and people are saying you're just being used as a spokesman. what do you say to folks that make that charge against you? >> it's insulting because it insinuates that i didn't get to where i'm at now based on my own merit. being black is on the reason why i'm here, so it begs the question -- who's the real racist in that regard? >> what do you make of black lives matter? right now, they face a lot of controversy over the last couple of days because it was revealed we heard from the chief of
5:28 am
police last friday that apparently the shooter, micah johnson, he said he was concerned about black lives matter. he was out to kill white people in particular white cops, things like that. how do you square what black lives matter is doing now with perhaps their original intent? >> well, see, that's just its. i think right now what they're dealing with is a bit of confusion. i think people are vying for the spotlight in the organization who don't necessarily have the group's best intentions in mind. but then again on the alternative, a lot of people who are actually trying to do the right thing. trying to spark a relationship with law enforcement and the community to better improve their situation. i think they near a cluster and nobody knows what's black lives matter and what's not black lives matter. >> what's your message for the president of the united states who says all these problems are because of guns, that we need more gun control. >> it's such an easy argument to make because there is no
5:29 am
responsibility attached to it. he can say oh we need gun control. anyone knows that gun control won't do anything to stop the situation over the past couple of months or years, but what it allows him to do is say it and walk away and not have anything to do -- anything to do it about it. they can blame it on the nra. >> what do you want to hear from the president today? >> i want him to get past the political talking points, beyond the empty rhetoric and talk about where our history is in this country and bring this country together so we can have an honest dialogue. what we're dealing with is them pretty much hiding the ball in respect to the issues in this country and blaming it all on the nra or all on guns and complete completely avoiding what is the problem in this country. if we can't do that and never not talk about it honestly, we will never fix it. >> well, the fox news channel will be covering the president's
5:30 am
remarks later on. thank you, colion noir for joining us. the rumors are swirling. that's a 95% chance trump will pick indiana governor mike pence to be his vp. any truth to that? well, trump's campaign manager paul manafort is up next. and she's tried just about everything. >> talk with immigrants about the dream. >> well, this morning brand-new polls just released on what the kids really think of hillary clinton. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
5:31 am
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5:34 am
we must maintain law and order at the highest level or we will cease to have a country. 100% we will cease to have a country. i am the law and order candidate. >> and the campaign manager for the law and order candidate is paul manafort who joins us live right now from our location in cleveland. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> okay. pete brought up in the break he mentioned it was a very powerful speech yesterday that donald trump gave regarding the v.a. has he wanted to do that speech for a while? >> he has wanted to do that for a while. he thinks the veterans in the arm services have been treated very poorly by this administration. he's concerned about the lack of care they receive. the lack of priority that they receive. and he's wanted to talk about
5:35 am
this for a long time and the speech is something that's been in his head for a while. >> and paul, as part of that speech he led with the supporting our police and talking about law and order. he received some criticism after orlando for his response, but folks have praised him for the more measured response to the crisis in dallas. is that is a shift in the campaign? >> no, i don't think so at all. i think last week, the tragedies that occurred, you know, occurred across the whole spectrum of society, and he was addressing all of that. in his comments on last friday, over the weekend and yesterday. and he's concerned about it. he's concerned about the lawlessness. more importantly he's concerned about the fact that people don't -- you know, there's an attitude in government that doesn't respect law enforcement authorities and first responders. he's trying to say that everything that the president has to do, the key is leadership. you can't lead just part of the
5:36 am
country, you have to lead all of the country and you have to be clear in what you believe in. he's tried to express that and i think he's done it successfully. >> let's talk about vice president, please. there are reports that suggest there's a 95% chance that donald trump is going to pick pence as his vice president. is that going to happen? >> well, there's 100% chance that donald trump will select who he wants. >> is there 100% chance we'll find out this week or wait until the convention? >> he said he'll decide by the end of the week and make it public. he wants his vice presidential candidate to be known by the weekend begins and he wants next week to be on the combined trump goals for his presidency and why he's the best man to lead this country. >> do you think he'll make that announcement here on "fox & friends"? >> i'm sure you'll cover it. >> let's go through the short list. try to take your temperature on some of these names. from alabama, senator jeff sessions has been mentioned.
5:37 am
newt gingrich. big defender of donald trump. mike pence who's got to declare whether he wants to do that by noon on friday. then you have chris christie, the governor of my state of new jersey. lieutenant general michael flynn. we know that trump likes the generals. and then a name of a freshman senator from arkansas, tom cotton. is the name that the campaign thinks that could be the person on that short list? >> well, the qualities that are represented by the list of people are the qualities that will be in the candidate he selects, i can tell you that. donald trump said he wanted somebody who understood washington, who would be a partner in understanding the issues of gridlock and he wanted somebody who could be president on day one. everyone on that list fits the qualifications. >> if we're talking about six or eight names on a short list,
5:38 am
this could be a head fake and knowing donald trump he could at the 11th hour come up with some other name that would check a lot of the same boxes. >> well, donald trump has been very methodical about the approach to which he's taken this decision. he's got a broad list of people that fit his qualifications and his definition. then he started not just talking to those people, but he started talking to associates, friends, everyday people that he'd run into to assess their attitudes on names that he presented and what they wanted in a vice president and a president. so the process has been, you know, very, very methodical and professional. and that's -- now we have gotten it down to the short list. you'll find out who it is when i will very soon. >> paul, briefly, you're in cleveland. obviously the convention coming up. if you had to sum up the theme of what next week will be about, what will it be about? >> make america great again. >> that's great. you should put that on a hat. >> i walked into that one.
5:39 am
>> all right. the chairman of the trump presidential campaign, paul manafort, thank you very much. >> thanks. we are so excited. we'll see you this cleveland. let's hand it over to heather who has some headlines for you. >> we start off with a serious story, out of the midwest this morning. new details about that horrific shooting that left three people dead at a michigan courthouse. take a listen to this. >> reported shots fired at the courthouse. >> man on the second floor with the gun has got hostages. >> shots fired. one down. >> tense and a dramatic scene playing out moments after the shooter larry gordon appeared on charges of kidnapping and sexual assault. this just in. police say that gordon was handcuffed in the front when he managed to grab the officer's gun before he went on that shooting rampage, killing two bailiffs and injuring an officer and taking several hostage. he was eventually shot and killed and that's what ended the bloodbath. how he was able to get that gun from the officer, we don't know
5:40 am
yet. a disgraced democrat is comparing her fraud charges to the sacrifices made by the hero police officers in dallas last week. congresswoman corinne brown wrote, last week was very rough. two black men were needlessly gunned down by police and five police officers were killed by a demented man and i had to appear in court. she pleaded guilty to charges that carry up to 300 years in prison. she is accused of turning an educational charity into her own personal slush fund. hillary clinton struggling to connect with struggling millennial voters. a stunning weakness with the young voters. more than half said they have an unfavorable view, and 39% said they view her favorably. on the honesty and trustworthiness, only 27% find her to be a woman of her word.
5:41 am
pardon me. i have some allergies today. >> a lot going on in the atmosphere. >> yeah. go get a cup of water. >> thank you. all right. well, life as an average middle class american, it can be difficult. just ask hillary clinton. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke, but in debt. >> well, if you don't believe her, then wait until you see what just came out. bill's bills as in expenses. he has very expensive taste. >> high roller.
5:42 am
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from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at well, let's talk politics. right now, it's hillary clinton versus donald trump. we have heard so much about donald trump over the last six months or so. some things are starting to come out about the clintons. for instance, back in 2002, shortly after he left the white house, bill clinton was being shopped around by the walker agency down in washington, d.c., as a speaker.
5:45 am
his going rate was $60,000 per speech. >> not chump change. >> a lot of money. for one particular event, for the mondavi center, they negotiated it up to $100,000. in addition to the $100,000, look at the extra expenses. >> my word. >> they flew him in on the private jet. >> 70 miles by the way. >> just from san francisco to uc davis. it was $100,000 for that. >> did he get to keep the jet? >> the private phone calls -- phone calls made from the hotel room, like who uses the hotel phone? i mean, this was back in 2002, but still. cell phones were around. >> maybe clinton foundation phone calls, long distance. >> $700 for dinner. room service was $1,000 and he watched movies, 120 bucks. maybe he watched or maybe his aides did. >> yeah.
5:46 am
>> but as i said before, they were dead broke so this is -- >> so the people who asked him to come and speak, they were freaking out about this. they got the bills afterward, they got a $7,000 bill for five days in the hotel room. when you give a speech, you give a speech and come back but he stayed for five days and charged them $7,000. >> why not? isn't that why you'll get a private jet, we'll come pick you up and take you back. instead, we pick you up, you go on vacation for a week. and we take you back. >> hillary clinton was asked why did you take the money from goldman sachs? that's what they offered. >> if you get to pre approve the questions for -- >> why not? >> at one point he challenged the audience. his handlers were freaking out going what he's going to do.
5:47 am
somebody ask me a hard question and then somebody asked about mark rich and the pardon and he looked terrible. his aide was furious. dragged him off the stage. anyway, there you have bill's bill. as the nation prepares to say good-bye to five police officers later today, two are providing hope for the future. peter johnson jr. will introduce us to them, next.
5:48 am
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big morning here, loretta lynch the attorney general will appear before the house judiciary committee. we'll take you live there. we expect her to be questioned about the 30 minute tarmac chat with bill clinton. and the president heads to dallas as the nation is gripped with tension.
5:51 am
can he ease the pain of the police and of the people? all that when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. as martha just said president obama will address an interfaith service in dallas as the nation divided prepares to honor five fallen police officers. peter johnson jr. is here now with the stories of two american heroes who represent hope for our -- for the future of our country at a time, peter, when we need hope. >> let's look at the detective stephen mcdonald and let's look at mrs. shetamia taylor. two great americans who exemplify our future and our hope. >> for the peace prayer -- the peace prayer of st. francis and lord, make us instruments of yours. so i hope that we're all able to do that in our lives.
5:52 am
>> yes, it hit my leg. and then the officer jumped on top of me and covered me and my son. there was another one at our feet and there was another one over our head. and there were several of them lined against the wall. i'm so thankful for the dallas police department and the -- and whoever else, atf, i don't know who was down there, but i'm thankful for all of them because they had no regard for their own life. they stayed there with us, they surrounded my son and i. and i'm so thankful for them. >> that's what police every day. >> that's right. stephen mcdonald there with his son who followed in his father's footsteps was shot by a 15-year-old boy, an african-american boy, here in new york city. this week. and he forgave him. he not only forgave him, but mentored him.
5:53 am
he used to go to sunday mass with that boy's grand mother and now ms. taylor talking about saving her children. speaking about with the dallas police laying on top of her children, saying i like the police, i'm thankful for them. yes, she was at a black lives protest, but yes, she was saying i'm there as a shield. i'm not there as a sword. so she was there shielding her children and now, she's shielding america from a very difficult future. it's simple. we need to understand that the gravestones that we see of people who have been killed by police wrongfully and of these brave dallas police officers and so many others that we remembered today, that their gravestones can and should be markers on the road to redemption, not retribution. so if we allow extremist white
5:54 am
hate talk from some of these organizations and extremist black talk from some of these organizations like the new black panthers then we will get off our american course. here in new york city today, two columnists one from the daily news, an african-american guy, earl lewis, brooks of the times saying that the healing comes from within. up to us as americans. we can do it. we remember the dallas police officers today. but we need remember our past and our great future. >> well put. you know, as we look at some of the vigil from last night in dallas, peter, so many times over the last couple of days i would say, who would become a police officer these days? look at stephen mcdonald what happened to him, his own son connor became an officer. >> realizing all of the pain he
5:55 am
saw in his own family, realizing the need to be of service. stephen mcdonald said i walk in the steps of jesus. that is my goal. and my aspiration. we can walk in the judeo-christian and american ethic together. we have to stop yelling at each other and stop killing each other. figuratively and literally. we pray for america today and we pray for the souls of the departed. >> amen to that. >> amen, steve. >> peter, thank you. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. hi, need help finding a dependable, used car? i'm worried about things like frame damage. just say show me cars with no accidents reported. find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't, plus get a free carfax report with every listing. that's it. start your used car search at but can your multivitamin to be healthy. do more for your immune health? now one a day has the first multivitamin with probiotics to support the 70%
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jay knows how to keep nice shorts, dad...g. this is what the pros wear. uhhh... that's why he starts his day with those two scoops in heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. kellogg's raisin bran. deliciously heart healthy. over the weekend our friend craig morgan lost his son in a boating accident. he was 19 years old. on father's day weekend he was here, craig morgan was, he said this about being a dad. every day my wife and i understand we're building young
5:59 am
men and women, they're going to take over for us as citizens. i tell them to live to enjoy life because nothing is guaranteed and every day is a blessing. >> wow. every day is a blessing. we hug our children remembering that and we're sorry for his family. river, with a friend, he collided with the friend. he was wearing life jackets and they are asking for all of you to pray for him. >> you're a great man, a great family. ♪ ♪ where i go when i die lay my head down ♪ ♪ where i reside i'll never have to say good-bye ♪ ♪ i'll live in the heart i leave behind ♪ ♪ i'll be safe in the heart i
6:00 am
leave behind ♪ bill: loretta lynch on the hot seat today. she is facing lawmakers in about an hour's time on her decision not to bring charges against hillary clinton. she said she would take the recommendation of the prosecutors and the f.b.i. martha: i'm martha maccallum, we have a big morning on capitol hill. the house judiciary committee is set to get under way in an hour from now. she'll face questions about her surprise meeting on the tar mark in


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