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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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sandra: outnumbered on the web and facebook live. we're back here tomorrow noon eastern. stay here for the interfaith tribute to those five fallen officers. "happening now" starts right now to honor the lives and sacrifice of five police officers gunned down in dallas last week. it is the second hour of "happening now". welcome, i am jon scott. >> president obama will make remarks in the service. after meeting privately with the families of the fallen officers to express the support and gratitude of an entire nation. >> we'll have special live coverage of the service. casy joins us live from the
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meyersson center. >> reporter: we have watched people to flow in to the symphony center. the crowds are big and if it is anything like the numbers that turned out in last night's prayer vigil, we could be in for thousands of people. there is overflow watching at a nearby park for those who cannot get inside. the president was invited by the mayor rawlings and he will be accompanied by first lady and george bush and laura bush in attendance. we are hearing reports of possible protestors showing up. i have not seen anything and a somber ceremony, mr. obama will meet with some of the survivors and family members of those who did not come home.
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>> the president recognizes it is not only people in dallas who are grieving but people who are concerned about with the violence that so many americans are witnessed in the last week or so. >> reporter: in the meantime, the processing. crime scene continues, 20 square blocks is how large it is. it is only a stone's throw away of where they are saying good bye. dallas police are trying to find out the significance behind the letters of rb. the killer scribbled twice in his own blood on the wall. 74 hours worth of raw footage has been collected and reviewed, this as the shooter's parents
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told the blaze that their son was not the same after returning home n from afghanistan. jon, remember he was a former military. >> casy, thank you. we are asking cops to do too much in this country. we are. we are asking them to do too much. every societal failure we put out on the cops. not enough mental help, let the cops handle. not enough drug addiction funding, give it to the cop. here in dallas, a loose dog problem. have the cops chase loose dogs. >> this time yesterday, dallas police chief david brown on the heavy responsibility that our men and blue take every day. it comes after the vicious ambush p by micah johnson and
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putting police departments on high alert. for a look at how they are trying to keep officers safe, we are joined by dan bo lino who is a international security consultant. thank you for joining us today. dan, president obama will make remarks in the dallas memorial service. what would you like to hear him say. >> i would like to hear a support statement for the police statements and do it without qualifiers. the problem that people have with president obama's stance it is not what he says after the tragedies that matters and hurts. it is his first instinct to jump to the excuse of racism and he doesn't have the facts on the ground. it would be a nice statement to support the cops.
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>> after the trayvon martin and ferguson case, the president seemed to suggest that racism and police are part of the problem. >> yeah. and then the cops are paying attention. these men and women have difficult jobs and they are out in the sleeps and you have seen is the explosive growth on video and phone usage. they are not rushing to help the cops but become youtube celebrities and the president of the united states using the world's most powerful microphone toous it without the facts. to imply no racial overtone is not responsible leadership. and the cops are taking notice. >> david brown, police chief in dallas has done an amazing job
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of leading his city through the horrific tragedy that started last thursday night. yesterday, he talked about some of the response directed at him and his fellow officers. i want to play that for you now. >> yes, me and my family received death threats almost immediately after the shooting. we are seeing increased awareness because of people who are not stable. we are all on edge. and we are are being careful. >> all on edge. i can't imagine what it is like. you were in the secret service and you know what it is like to see the next john hinckling junior. the threats are coming from everywhere and is a nightmare. >> it is, and your comments about chief brown is spot on. talk about responsible use of a microphone, there is an
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example. you are right. in my experience in law enforcement as a officer with the nypd and united secret service working crimmial and federal investigation is. i never have seen such a toxic and more dangerous environment for america's police officer. we have increasing use of military style tactics to attack police officers and combined with isis and al-qaeda and targeting of rank and file police officer and you have a witch's brew for our cops out there. i feel for them. i wont want to be a police officer in the streets right now. >> and starting pay in dallas is 44000 a year, but they expect you to have a college education to get that job, right? >> right. the chief's comments is spot on. we expect our cops to be
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surrogate parents for brokening families and teachers for the kids who can't get education. we have to look at our approach to it public policy and not just throwing everything on the cops that are forced for the cops. the chief's comments were spot on. >> we'll have to see what the president said in a memorial service a little less than a hour from now. dan who protected obama and a former new york city cop. dan, thank you. >> thank you, jon. >> that chief is seen for the leadership. >> he's done a terrific job. >> final preparations are underway ahead of the republican national convention. rnc convention casting votes tonight about delegate procedures to make sure it is
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all ironed out. and james rosen is live there in cleveland with more. james, i know you love the minutia and are republicans singing kumba ya. >> those are two different things to be sure. good afternoon, heather, 112 men and women who serve on the republican platform committee, one man and woman from each of the 50 states and territories voted down among other things a demand for the declassification for the 9/11 report with saudi arabia. and voted down the request to specify christians and jews and lgbt as victims of terrorism. and voted down the abolition of the tsa and sovereigntyon trade and approved that u.s. personnel were left
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without back up. it was an emotional debate about p gay rights and the platform committee adopted a line and stating as follows. children raised in a traditional two parent houseon hold tend to be emotional and physically healthier and less likely to engage in crime. anny dickerson protested that and later a reporter said it was evidence of the gop big tent. >> i disagree with this language and i will not support it and i hope that fellow members will not allow to do arm. and would want to give the party -- and stop propelling gays for god's say. >> those who stand for limited government and liberty and fairness and freedom and strong
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national defense and have opportunity. those are the things that the republican party stands for and she likes and agrees with. >> reporter: just a while ago they approved language on israel. that jeshz lem should be the capital of the jewish state. and no recognition. palestinian authority and lastly, the platform identifies the bds. boycott and divest and sanction. and seeing israel as i apartheid. that equate its with anti- semitism. >> thank you, james. >> keep it right here on fox news for all of your campaign action. we'll have all on july 18th and the following week in the democratic convention in
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philadelphia. you don't want to miss it. >> meanwhile, we are waiting for hillary clinton and donald trump to announce who they have chosen as running mates. and plus, the device that took out the dallas police shooter. the story behind this and other police robots. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i met them at the zoo. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage.
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the dallas police department deployed a deadly weapon. officers timely killed micah johnson with a robit strapped with a device. analyst said robots are cheaper to manufacture and more of them will end up in police arsenales. patrick, thank you for joining us. is this the future of american law enforcement? >> the case in dallas was a unique one.
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you talked to military robot manufacturers, because positive of the trends you mentioned. cheaper robots are more capable and those moving through the military to infantry will probably wind up on american streets and will give police a wider variety of options in dealing with people. they don't forsee a future where police departments take robts like this one specifically designed for bomb disposal and use it in this way. >> but p give us a little bit of background. we have seen them in the movies and used by bomb disposal units and now used by mainstream units and now in police departments. explain how that workings. >> the unit is from northrupt
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grummin. it is a defense contractor and makes robots for dealing with nuclear hazards in the '80s. but the prototype of bomb disposable robt comes from irobot. it was designed in 1998. like in the hurt locker. this is a copy. and those made life a lot easyener afghanistan and iraq. and before p they were working with bomb disposal units, they got into a wide number of eod units and now a couple of interesting military programs. entire units will have ground robots. they are small and expensive and to the infantry. and from there, a wider number hitting american streets.
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>> so we are testing them out. we heard about the dallas police department. they approached the police chief with a idea. two of our guyses are down and we want to make sure otherses don't get killed. and they use today and it was successful in taking out micah johnson and a lot of folks say it could be a slippery slope. how do you protect against the collateral damage. >> there will be a lot of debate as people figure out how to use these in police situations. it was not intended to be used in this way and that has folks nervous where we are using military robotic equipment for taking a life. robot makers designed these things to protect soldiers and police. we protect them from explosives.
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and this is a different form of protection. how dew train them on the different types of robots. but we'llue use them more and more often to make policing safer. i spoke to the head of endeavor robotics that used to be irobot. and they can use irobots to create a safe distance at traffic stops and a layer of safety between the officer and suspect. >> it is safer for police officers, but is it safer for civilians? >> i would think so. think of all of the news this week where you have police shootings in minnesota and this instance in dallas where someone was shooting at police. if you decrease the confrontation between a armed civilian and armed police officer. and remove one of those people.
10:20 am
the officer from the interaction, you give the officer more options in dealing with the person they are talking to. the confrontation in theory deescalates and the officer has more options and pursue a wider variety of different conversations and everyone is safer. >> but there is another way to look at this. automated calls and you can't get your point across. does it remove the part of the negotiation between the police officer and suspect or someone they pull over and what that does to the conversation? >> this is where you know, the design and use of the things and how they are used and makes them for what purpose becomes critical. and everyone i talked to are all in agreement, you need to have a human being in the loop for this sort of thing to work
10:21 am
correctly. they are guided by human. >> this is a debate we'll have for sometime to come. patrick, thanks. >> quite a story. bernie sanders and hillary clinton finally joining forces and whether the long primary are battle ultimately hurt the democratic party. the right things working together can give you an advantage. like trubiotics with immune support advantage. its unique formula supports immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut. and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day.
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there you can see air force one on the ground in dallas. president obama about to make some remarks in a memorial service honoring the five dallas police officers murdered in cold blood as they tried to protect the marchers in the anti- police
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violence protest. it is an interesting mix on air force one. the president and house democratic leader nancy pelosi and texas senator ted cruz and texas congressman johnson. and john cornyn will be speaking at the ceremony. also speaking today george w. bush, former president bush 43. we'll have that ceremony for you when it begins. >> new information coming out today on china's claims on the south china sea. the haig ruling in favor of the philippines. they are telling china that there is no legal basis for the territorial claims in the south china sea. here is the author of the coming collapse of china, gordon, we have covered it on the program.
10:26 am
china has claimed the spitses of sand and building up a military base, claiming this as land and saying it is their own. and so what is the significance of the haig ruling? >> the ruling undercuts all of china's claims. they say all of the south china sea is international water. that is inconsistent with choina's claim that it is a chinese lake. /beijing must be ruling. everyone knew that the court will rule in favor of the philippines, but not that they would win every single question. that's what happened. >> is china going to pay attention to the guys in the the haig. >> they repudiate the ruling even though they agreed to arbitration when they ratified the convention of the sea.
10:27 am
they say the tribunal has no jurisdiction and they will ignore it. that put them in opposition with the philippines and the countries in the region and the the united states. and china has been infringing on that. >> it ratcheted up the tension in the region. we are good at taking a leadership. why is the united states not taking a strong stance. >> we don't take a stance on the territorial claims whether it is philippines or bruneis. we do defend the sprl water and air space and the chinese have been infringing on that for decades. china is going to react in some way. we have the most difficult job in the world. for an indefinite period we have
10:28 am
to deflect the aggressor who can go at any point. >> u.s. is not willing to stand up and say hey, china, you can't look at sand in the middle of the ocean and claim it as your own. if we don't take that kind of position, i am not understanding why we are not stronger and we don't do that? >> what we didn't do and this goes to your point. we allowed china to take the area from the philippines. we brokered a agreement for both sides to withdraw and only the philippines complied and the chinese took it over. we did nothing. and since that time china is more aggressive not only in the south china sea and the east china sea. /beijing is more a dpreszive. >> if we are poking the sleeping
10:29 am
bear and now they will react more aggressively as a result of the ruling? >> certainly. i don't know if it will be this week, but they have told the public and world that the south china sea. and they created public markers and can't walk back. and throughout the last several weeks, their propaganda is not directed against the tribunnal or the philippines. it is against the united states. they say there would not been a problem if not for uncle sam. they have directed theiranger at us. and we have taken no position on the issue. that seems like a time for u.s. leadership, the time should be now. >> absolutely, the joint chiefs of staff china might go to war with us or we go to war with
10:30 am
them to protect freedom of navigation. that was overheard in the pentagon by the new york times. this is serious. vladimar putin and others will be watching us closely if we do nothing. and future generations of our military as well. gordon chang, thank you for your expertise. >> thank you. >> fox news alert. air force one is on the ground in dallas international airport. there is the president's limo. president obama and his wife michelle just deplanned from air force one and now in the limo and about to head over to the memorial service for the five dallas police officers killed in the line of duty on thursday. another dignitary on board. ted cruz and senator cornyn of texas will be speaking along with the president in the
10:31 am
memorial service. nwell, it finally happened, after weeks of waiting. bernie sanders endorses hillary clinton. first he got big concessions from the democrats, what could that mean for the party going forward? our party debates that. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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the vermont center. and his endorsement did not come without a price. that is caldwell. and caldwell. and former director and illinois. and richard, what do you think. has sanders down a service to the democratic platform to drive it to the left? >> absolutely. he's been the voice of the working people of the democratic party. and trade bill. and now bernie sanders endorsing
10:36 am
hillary clinton said to his supporters, now is the time to come together because we have to do everything in our power to make sure that donald trump doesn't have the keys to the white house. are you concerned seeing the front runners come together. i think before the fbi is indicted and intelligence. there was a chance that bernie sanders could have brought it to a vote and they would coalesce around. and poll numbers show that 60 percent of the americans believe she should have been indicted and 30 percent of the americans will not support hillary clinton. at this point, especially that the fbi director said she didn't have the sophistication c to know classified. democrats are better off voting for a box of rocks. there is 110 classified e-mails
10:37 am
and african-americans especially should know the things she is saying about the policies to move the african-american american forward are a complete lie. there is nothing to worry about. bernie sanders supporters are rebelling against this. >> one of the things he did. he would typically draw big per crowds with hillary clinton. is his appearance today reminded you that maybe he is a more effective candidate on the stump than she is? >> bernie sanders like president obama know how to elect foy crowd cans and that is not hillary clinton's strong sought. she will tell you you. that but if bernie sanders is a top surrogates, they will put him in places like ohio and pittsburg and redding, pennsylvania and use him to power charge working families and power charge steel workers and autoworkers to let them know
10:38 am
that hillary clinton is the right candidate for the job. donald trump will try to peel off votes from hillary clinton in places like pennsylvania and michigan. sanders could indicate her policies are best and cue to support hillary clinton. there is a space for bernie sanders going in the weekend and moving forward to help shape how hillary clinton view ises the policy to the work withing class. today's endorsement is effective. four things that bernie sanders has done to change the democratic party. >> you talk about working place democrats and they have a fondness for donald trump and the message that he has brought. he put out a tweet regarding bernie's endorsement. i am some what surprised that
10:39 am
sanders was not true to himself and his supporters are not happy that he is selling out. what dew think about that? >> i think what is interesting, we saw that the poll came out 30 percent of the bernie sanders supporters are going over to donald trump and more going to coalesce around donald trump. he talks about economics and economy and trade and jobs. the difference is that bernie sanders' people believe him to be a honest guy and integraty. they don't believe that about hillary clinton. hillary clinton as we know to be a liar and say going to get elected that that's what donald trump. >> no, no, no. you and i both and you and i know that hillary clinton is a liar, richard, so why are you defending someone who is a liar.
10:40 am
she doesn't have integrity. >> we are honest about that. >> here's the thing. this is what is happening right now. you can't look at democrats and republicans in a vacum. you have to look at it before it plays out. democrats are unifying and consolidating around the candidate. on the republican side kasich who will not set foot on the convention floor. it will go through ohio and ted cruz who met with donald trump has not endorsed trump for president of the united states said more trouble in the republican camp with trustworthiness. >> are you kidding yourself? >> even the fbi director said that hillary clinton lied. has jeb bush endorsed donald trump?
10:41 am
[talking over each other] ! hillary clinton had a criminal conversation of perjor. it doesn't matter who is endorse,i am telling you. >> hold on. hold on. >> you made a point. you say more untrustworthiness around donald trump. there has not been an investigation. >> why will not ted cruz endorse him? >> we are having trouble understanding you both. we get the both. endorsements yet to be made on the republican side. there is an endorsement on the democratic side. the question will voters listen to bernie sanders to support his former rival hillary clinton. >> hard-core sanders will not coalesce. the poll numbers prove. it >> and ted cruz supporters might not support trump.
10:42 am
>> and we'll have to leave it there. richand and john. thank you both. >> and they keep on arguing. >> we are waiting for hillary clinton and donald trump to announce who they are choosing as running mates. we'll look at the top contenders when they come back. welcome! searching for a great used car? can you help? you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new we want one that's well maintained. just say show me cars with service records. that's the one. that's the power of carfax. find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't, plus get a free carfax report with every listing. start your used car search at thanks, but it's for sandra. i know ... such a shame about will. i'm glad you're doing this for her. i just wish we could do more. she's got a lot on her plate now between william's hospital expenses and his
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>> welcome bavenlth hillary clinton and donald trump will a noups their running mates. trump will announce this week and hillary clinton is waiting for trump's announcement before she shares her choice. victoria is a political reporter for the both of pon globe. hillary just got sanders' endorsement if she wants to go left the labor secretary tom paris may be good choice for her. >> this is not the year to go with typical white male
10:46 am
poitition if you are hillary clinton. and tom perez, while not widely known is reportedly good in front of a crowd and he brings the hispanic become ground. latino voter iseses are expected to support hillary clinton strongly. for the democratic party.hed it could solid foy the support. but lake- breaking news that they are vetting a retired four star navy admiral and that is an interesting twist. the more i think about it. >> we'll talk to that, that was confirmed by jennifer. former four star admiral who has been on the program before. that would innoculate hillary clinton from critics who say she
10:47 am
hasn't done very much for the foreign policy p. >> you have two options in choosing the veep. strengthen or double down. strengthen your hand and add something to the ticket that is not there, hillary clinton would look for tom perez or elizabeth warren. she needs to excite the left. she needs to keep those voters and retain the obama coalition. she wants to double down. he might be the person to do with it. >> isn't that enough to help her with the left with the endorsement? or she need to pick someone in the left. >> there is a lot of sanders' supporters were shocked and saddened he endorsed her. they are deeply skeptical of clinton. she could use someone to jazz up the left and get them excited and i thought hooking at the list of people that perez who
10:48 am
has the potential even though he's unknown now. to aspire the uninspired by hillary could be the move she makes. >> and on the republican side. chris christie for donald trump why? >> i thought mike pence, the governor of indiana was an appealing choice for donald trump. a lot of people have turned him down. but mike pence is younger and well respected among the conservative community and served both in washington. and brings that washington experience that trump is looking for and currently the governor of indiana and has executive experience and could be seen as a more establishment figure to donald trump's mavericks
10:49 am
candidacy. >> this is interesting. general michael flynn. what is your reaction to him? >> >> i think i bring discipline and focus and bring a knowledge of the world certainy on the foreign policy side. and what happened in the home land is unbelievable. what mcdonald said. and that is trump is untreeinged bite fact of having a general. he said the general is the ultimate outsider. but i think general flynn's round from the talk show and in particular comments on abortion lessened his pull in the trump
10:50 am
camp. and bring someone to officer experience. and if you want to double down it has to be newt gingrich and shares a lot who shares a lot in common with you in terms of populism and an outsize personality, and not only washington experience but that great gingrichian personality. >> could you imagine newt gingrich and chris christie together in the room? unfortunately we have more candidates than we have time for, so we'll have to have you back to talk about this again. john? so we are awaiting the start of a very somber memorial service in dallas for those five police officers slain in the line of duty on thursday night. we understand that the families of those officers are in the
10:51 am
front row, waiting for that to begin. so thank you for joining us. shepheard smith is up next with special coverage of that service that begins in dallas momentarily. jon and heather, thank you, and good afternoon to our viewers at home and across the world. the memorial service is about to begin for the five police officers who died in the ambush in dallas. the president of the united states is expected to speak along with former president george w. bush, dallas mayor mike rawlings, and police chief david brown, who we've all come to admire over recent days, will introduce the president at this interfaith service taking place at a concert hall about a mile from the spot where those five officers gave their lives protecting the people of dallas. those officers were present thompson, patrick zamarripa, michael krol, michael smith, and
10:52 am
lorne ahrens. victims, frankly, of a madman who said he was on a mission to kill white people and white police officers before his final standoff with police. it was of course the deadliest day for american law enforcement since the attacks on our nation on 9/11. in the days after this ambush, the people of dallas and police forces across our great land have shown solidarity with the dallas police department. president obama has called the shooting, quote, a vicious, calculated, and despicable attack on law enforcement, unquote. dallas police chief dave brown has challenged the nation to examine how it treats its police officers and how to bridge the divide between officers and their communities, especially in poor and minority communities across the nation, where tensions have been and are today high. but for the purposes of this gathering, the people in attendance, including two presidents of the united states, will mourn the loss of these
10:53 am
heroes, will pay respect to their families who sit in the front row, and join the nation in a collective moment to remember those who have done so much for us and be thankful to first responders across the nation, protecting us day in and day out. the folded flags that will be given to family members, all of whom are across the front row. here is what we're expecting over the next few minutes. the special gifts are being seated. we have been told that the president is in the room, or at least making his way to the room now. we're expecting this musical pre-program, and then the national anthem to be played. and from then, our plan is to let you watch this along with us. we're not going to interrupt this with commercials or with a bunch of talking from our studios or from on scene. we're going to listen and honor those who were lost. it was a powerful experience being in dallas in the hours
10:54 am
after this happened. i mentioned to you a couple of days ago the stroll through the airport, meeting a police officer with tape over his badge. he summoned a smile as we offered our condolences. there was a pall over the city. the next day the routine was back. they were reminding each other of those who were lost and to carry on with the business of protecting the people of dallas and the metro plex. they sent a powerful message for all of us. today they'll all grieve together in the presence of our greatest leaders and of the families who don't have dad and son and husband to come home. casey stegall, one of our dallas-based correspondents, was
10:55 am
remarking what a hot day it is. >> reporter: shepherd, it is hot and humid, heat index into the triple digits. that's not stopped thousands of people from filing into the meyerson symphony center as we await for this ceremony to get under way. what has really been remarkable to me, shepherd, is watching all of the people stream inside that auditorium. we talk about the weather and we talk about it being so hot. it has been a sea of blue and black out here. officers from departments all over the state of texas and other parts of the country, i should tell you, have come here to honor their fallen brothers. as you know, and we've been saying over the course of the last several days, members of law enforcement are like one giant family. and that family has been weeping since thursday, when those five officers and others came under
10:56 am
attack. shepherd, you talk about the geography of it all. the ironic part to this is, as i stand here, as the president is inside and we're about to begin this somber ceremony, as you said, just a mile as the crow flies is the crime scene where this shooter acted out the violence and we lost our heroes. and right now, large portions of downtown are still closed as the fbi and agents with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms continue processing that elaborate crime scene. that's happening not far from where we are. but where i am today, it's all about honoring these five brave men who lost their lives in the line of duty. shepherd, i want you to take a look back here. this is incredible. i don't know how you can look at this, as we hear the piano music
10:57 am
playing in the background inside t , the giant american flag hanging on those fire trucks. the people have come here and walked through there to enter the service. and lots of people pulling out their iphones and their smartphones to take picture of that mighty, powerful, and, you know, this is a community that continues to grieve, shepherd, this is one collective service for all five. and then tomorrow, as you know, the funerals begin. two funerals are scheduled for tomorrow. one is scheduled for friday. another is is scheduled for saturday. one officer's arrangements are still pending. this is for the collective group. and then individually the families will be able to grieve on their own. those funerals are of course not open to the public. so that will allow the family members to say their goodbyes on their own terms.
10:58 am
so this is the collective ceremony for the officers who paid the ultimate price, shepherd. >> casey stegall outside the hall there in dallas. they're running just a few minutes behind, but we know the special gifuests will be seatedn a moment. while you've been watching the news, we've been listening to this. i wish i could tell you who has been playing the piano, but we've been thoroughly enjoying it. i feel like we should just listen to this as it plays out. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:59 am
>> majoladies and gentlemen, th president of the united states and distinguished guests. [ applause ] >> please remain standing for the presentation of colors and
11:00 am
our national anthem. ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts


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