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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 13, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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up next "the o'reilly factor" and my fantastic go back to playing pokemon and make sure to go to fain and like it and donald trump should be up soon. good night. yes, welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the tease deck. >> coming up on the big show. what caused four police officers to walk out of a wnba game? probably realizing they were at a wnba game, he said taking the easy lay up. please boo. >> boo. >> thank you very much. what is the latest game people are playing, pokemon go? here is a hint, oi. and residents in cape cod are upset about an overly busty per maid sculpture. back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy.
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let's welcome our guest. she studied acting and she is pretending to like me. so far she is pretty good. rose bud baker. he has taught more people than barney the purple dinosaur. a professor of linguistics, john mcworter. if you are looking for a web of lies, go find hillary. host of the david web show on sirius xm, david webb. and so glad he could find time for us while being the addams family butler. next to me, comedian dan soder. let's start the show. donald trump is predicting more violence between police and black people. in an interview with the ap, the gop nominee suggested a lack of training for officers might be partly to blame for the two recent police shootings shootings in baton rouge and minnesota. at the same time he was harshly critical of the black lives matter movement. trump echoed rudy guiliani's
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comment that a lot of people feel it is inherently racist. all lives matter. it is a very, very decisive term. trump added he have heard some black lives matter activists say horrible, horrible things about police and others. if they are going to allow that to go along rhetorically it is not a good thing for our country. dare -- david webb, is black lives matter a decisive term? >> yes. >> i was there when it started in ferguson. i watched it come up. here is a problem. people got drawn into it concerned about the shooting. bad shoots, good shoots, shootings of blackmails. and then you have the institutional leftists who don't like the country. the anarchists, the wanna bees and they are the ones causing trouble. the hot summer is coming. >> i know you disagree with that statement, but i read your articles. >> thank you. >> yes, you have a lot of
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interesting stuff to say. i watch your show on blogger head tv. >> you are gonna show it? >> i am gonna quote you though. >> i don't look at it. >> i am asking about the decisive issue. the other day -- i will paraphrase and you quote you, you said black lives matter, they do use language offensive to people on purpose. you said when they use that -- the quote is if they use that language, talking about lynchings and things like that, if we don't allow them to use that language, who else would they be? essentially, you were saying they are provocative and they are kind of offensive and that's how they get results. >> very quickly when i said that what i frankly meant was and i didn't mean it in blogging, i meant michael eric dyson. they use a certain heightened theatrical language and i was just saying that that's what they are here on this earth for. their careers are devoted to helping black people. they are going to use a certain language that is
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effective. if they didn't use it, they wouldn't do it. more to the point, black lives matter means black lives matter too. i think that's important to realize. as far as black lives matter being responsible for police shootings and the things trump is saying, yeah, they over do it some, but that's what human beings do. when guiliani was cleaning up this city, and i agreed with it. i think broken windows was a wonderful thing, a lot of terrible thing happened with rogue cops. i remember things happening with people's rectums being penetrated by stick-like objects. >> go on. >> things like that are going to happen. it is the same thing with black lives matter. there are going to be psycho paths and [bleep]. >> let's call it what it is. policemen being hit with bricks and objects and shutting down highways. 22 cops injured in minneapolis the other night.
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baton rouge police chief saying -- in ferguson they walked past me because the walgreens was more interesting. they went in and burned it to the ground. >> let me paraphrase mcwhorter again. he said if we can't -- if we are are not going to blame trump for the violence, people are trying to blame trump. you articulate it better than me. what are you saying? >> david, you will like this better. if we say that trump is indirectly responsible for people getting purposed in the face -- getting punched in the face, then we have to admit that black lives matter is indirectly responsible for some of these terrible things upon which i say life is tough. no matter what you do it will bring out -- >> however, i will say and it will contrast it with the tea party which i am one of the originals. we had rallies. i had 20,000 people in the streets of new york. no one got arrested. no windows got broken. the amount of damage done by "black lives matter" and the
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people who are part of it is significant versus any other movement, even occupy wall street. when you compare and contrast them, thousands of "black lives matter" activists have caused serious property damage and harm. >> let me talk to some white people. >> i am the whitest. >> dan, why don't you disyes with that? go ahead. >> i am the whitest guy. i look like toast man. i think it is like, you know, i think it is the outsiders affecting a movement trying to get positive change done. they are getting the outside influences. in a lesser extent it is like football fans. if you will say all raider fans will riot -- no, it is specific people in the fan group. >> but it is a lot of them. >> it can be a lot of them. if they take out all of -- especially the word use, you will nullify them and make it a wal-mart thing. that's not what they are
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trying to do. they are not a corporation. they are a group of people trying to make change. the out liars that are affecting this don't represent what the movement means even though they are causing a lot of trouble. >> makes sense. rose bud -- i don't see how "black lives matter" the movement is causing violence. maybe indirectly i guess. i don't know. >> a brick to the head. it is not very indirect. >> there are incidents, right? >> there are incidents, yes. >> in the press you hear about the peaceful rallies, but there are incidents. i guess we are saying that we don't want to blame anybody. four off duty cops providing security at a wnba game walked out after some players wore "black lives matter" shirts during warm ups. the members' shirts said
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"change starts with us with philando castile and alton sterling on the back and" black lives matter" slogan. while we mourn the loss of life due to last week's shooting we respect the right of those officers to express their own beliefs in their own way. the president of the minneapolis police federation said he commands the officers for leaving and that other cops told him they were not going to work the linx games either. he added they only have four officers working the event because the linx have such a pathetic draw. he seems like a trump man to me. >> that guy is looking to start some stuff. >> i am a sparks guy. i want to let you know right now that lisa leslie is the greatest power forward. that's the great part about this country. if you do disagree with something, you can walk away. for those cops to walk away,
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they are private security at that point. >> but they were hired. >> they were hired. it is a private contractor and you can walk away if you disagree. that's the thing that is being over looked. these police officers are so irritated by the linx players wearing the black lives matter shirts and that's the great thing about america. you can walk away from something that would inherently make you upset. maybe other countries they have to stay and take it. look at the shirt. i don't want to look at the shirt. >> exactly. i think they said they don't plan to wear the shirts again. it was a one-time thing. rose bud, did it all work out? do you agree with the team's response? the police response? >> like i said, i do support the black lives matter movement, but in this case i feel like the wnba almost like owes those cops a thank you just because like it is the last -- i haven't heard of a headline about the wnba in
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literally a decade. good for them. >> maybe they will. >> they got some publicity. >> john, the shirts actually didn't bother me much. what do we have on the front of the shirts? the quote was -- change starts with us or something like that. it didn't seem like a confrontational shirt. >> it wasn't. the cops are tired of being dumped on about this. you know what, if we put ourselves in the minds of them , you can imagine how all of this might feel. it is time to blow this thing wide open. to be honest i am about to do it because i have been doing some research. what bothers the cops is that this is not racial eyesed. these things that happened to people like philando castile can also happen to white people. to be honest, i am not big on the mainstream media conspiracy idea. there is not one. but we are not hearing about the fact that these sorts of grizzly stories happen to every bit as many white people
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as black. we just don't hear about it. i have decided that it is time to start talking about it and it is time to present a list. i asked the media where is the list and people write me with the list and i will put it out there. >> you are saying there is a list. >> there is a beautiful list of people terrible things have happened to that are not black at all, and frankly it never makes anything but the local papers. >> it doesn't get the attention. >> i didn't know that until a few days ago. >> if you look at this, there is a police officer involved in missouri in missouri. the person got out of the car and shot three shots in the back of his head. alton -- i can't remember his last name. it is not alton sterling. it is in missouri this past weekend. it severed his spinal cord and his life -- he is a paraplegic or a quad draw plea ig jig. it is a black man with a long felony record. there is an issue with criminal justice and why some criminal are on the streets. i am with you. there are -- good cops don't
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like bad cops. it makes their lives tougher. tv show hosts don't like bad tv show hosts. but cops don't like bad cops because it makes it harder for them to do their jobs. they want it gone. we have a process for that. what we don't have is a process where violence, destruction of property is part of your first amendment right. those are crimes. >> moving on, it is now time for -- sometimes when an actor or musician spouts off, we say shut up. what do you know? you ma i -- you may be talented in one area, but it doesn't give you any insight into public policy. they are scientists. they are smart, right? i think being qualified in science doesn't make your political opinions anymore valid than that of say --
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>> matt damon. >> what do you know. guess who agrees with me? a nation ruled by science is a terrible idea. he uses it as an example. earth needs a virtual country. rational. a one-line constitution and all policy should be based on the weight of evidence. they admit that tyson is smart, but says he is wrong for two good reasons. experts usually don't know nearly as much as they think they do, and second science has no business telling people how to live. it is true. slavery was once based 0 science. as was eugenics. it was the moral philosophy of mostly religious people. you may effing love science, but it doesn't love you back. it is amoral. you can use it to inform your decision, but don't let it boss you around.
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dan would you live in rationalia? >> not at all. i have gotten at least -- the best i got was a c plus in science. i would fail in that society. it is all hypothesis. i would be the only homeless person. >> there would be a science. >> there would be a science. sir, you are fighting this. you don't have a conclusion. pluto is not even a planet anymore. >> they kicked out pluto, right? and now they want him back in. >> and buoyancy. what does that even mean? >> beyonce means a lot of great things. buoyancy means i can't put a hat in a half filled tub without getting the floor dirt. >> you do understand buoyancy. >> david, do you agree that we should live in rationalia? >> i love the series on the
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cos mows, but really? what is a world without politicians? dishonest and lying and asking for our vote and breaking the promises and never keeping them. this is great. why would i want to leave all of that and go to rationalia? >> they have a terrible college football team. boo. >> but isn't that what we hear all the time? rose bud we hear politicians say we need to listen to the scientists like politicians are looking to the scientists. >> we are not listening to politicians anyway of the -- anyways. i couldn't live there. i am into astrology. it wouldn't make sense fore moo. i have 14 astrology books at home right now. >> but you seem to be admitting that it is silly or you believe it? >> i think anything -- science is silly. everything is silly.
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>> scientists are the most evangelical out of every religious person i met. they have more faith in their religion than anybody else. they are crazy about it. >> they say we test it. you are shaking your head, john. >> because i think in rationalia it would be the more democracy the better and look how well it is going. i don't mean this about neil, but it would be code for what the left and the liberals believe. that doesn't always give us answers. you can be frankly i am pro-choice and i believe you can be pro-life and not be crazy, sexist or immoral. i am not sure what the room for that would be in rationalia. neil was just tweeting. reason takes you probably about 72% of the way. but then there are muddy areas. >> isn't that the impulse on the left? it is just to control people, isn't that right? >> and if you can rationalize
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it in rationalia you can have control. i like not having to think things through. gravity works. we got that. we are not the center of the universe. there is a human part to this. i agree that we need that. it is the key i have -- it is the creative part. astro physics and astrology meets creative thought. >> uh astronaut gee is all creative thought. >> i am imagining how terrible the comedy clubs in rationalia would be. >> i am going through a break up. i don't need rational. i am going with my heart. >> f equals ma and if you don't get that -- >> i cry when the wind blows too hard. it wouldn't work. coming up, why are pokemon showing up at war memorials? it better be to pay their p ares. pay their p ares.
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we'll have more after the break.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. there is a manhunt underway in louisiana at this hour. police there are looking for a man who was involved in a plot to harm baton rouge p coulds. these three success somethings are already -- suspects are already in custody and the youngest is only 13 years willed on. they call the plot a substantial credible threat. it was uncovered after eight handguns were stolen from a pawnshop. it follows a series of nationwide protest triggered by the shooting of two black men in baton rouge and minnesota. five dallas cops were murdered during one of the protests. at a memorial service president obama urged america to bridge the racial divide.
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in washington congress is getting ready to look into some of the problems that might be straining relations between blacks and cops. last night house speaker paul ryan said the house is setting up a bipartisan group to set up policing issues in our country. he says he has asked the congressional black caucus for input. major problems for people in wisconsin. the government has declared a state of emergency in eight counties after heavy rains lead to massive flooding and power outages and damage to roads and bridges like the one you can see right here. the national guard is canvassing neighborhoods for anyone who was trapped in their cars and homes. the national weather service tells us the areas have received 10 inches of rain so far. and it is case closed. the fbi is finally wrapping up the 45-year long search for the mysterious sky jacker known as db cooper. he is the guy who parachuted out of the boeing 727 somewhere over the pacific northwest with $200,000. cooper was never seen again.
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the fbi says it doesn't want future tips on his possible whereabouts unless someone finds the chute or of course the big pot of money. i'm jackie ibanez and now back to "red eye." >> you will know all about it. >> pokemon go is sweeping the nation. kids are playing. parents are playing. even the marines are playing. that's to the a tweet from a marine. that's a tweet from the u.s. marines. they tweeted it. zealous fans of the augmented reality game are causing problems for people inhas been tig the real world. national mall and memorial park officials posted this plea on facebook. yes, it might be tempting to go to -- after that snorlak near the vietnam veterans memorial or the venisar hanging out in the chamber of the jefferson memorial, but remember that there are places of solemn reflection here at
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the national mall where playing pokemon is not appropriate. officials are rounding up and getting rid of all of the wild pokemon on the national mall. i believe we have video. >> they killed him. they killed all of them. >> and then they made them into easter puffs. >> perhaps the most solemn spot is the holocaust museum. the game december designates the memorial for the victims of the nazis as a poke spot where players can get free stuff of the needless to say the museum is not pleased and they are trying to get the landmark removed from the game. vaughn, did you think this is -- john, did you think we were making this up? >> i don't play pokemon go. my kids are not old enough to do it. i thought we were talking about a game, and i thought
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the problem was people were playing a game while they were supposed to be acknowledging the gravity at the museum. >> it is augmented reality. you go and you find things -- >> people have chosen to do this? >> yes. >> oh jeez. frankly many people are bored by things beyond their own naval and this is what this indicates. >> it is sad that somebody was that tone deaf and yes this needs to be stopped. >> it is not going to be stopped. it is going to be -- it is only growing. there are millions of people playing the game. have you seen them? they have taken over central park. it is amazing. >> it is like watching the easter egg hunt without the easter egg and easter and the adults. it is just children. there is a darker side and i don't want to be the angry black man. >> go ahead. we need one. >> people are getting robbed because of this because guess what. crooks figured out we can get people to go to certain places during the game and they rob
12:26 am
them. they were doing this in missouri. on the downside you showed the marines with the pikachu, don't rob the marine. you will lose. >> i can see how that would happen. >> you literally play the game and say somebody is over here. the smartphone costs a thousand dollars. >> they are veryble. >> i would call them criminal mastermind. or evil bad guys in the pokemon world. if you are at the vem war medical -- vietnam war memorial and you are trying to catch a pikachu -- >> don't be there. >> this is from aliens, right? they will take us over. this is the last hope. what the hell are we -- at the holocaust museum, who thinks it is a good idea number one to pull out their phone at the holocaust museum and then to be like, sorry, anne frank, anne schmank, hold on.
12:27 am
i got one. >> that is a good point. people are -- people go to these war memorials and the holocaust and they are taking selfies and things like that. is this any worse? playing a game than taking a selfie? >> i think the most unreal part of this for me is just that people found a way to have fun at a museum. i am not for pokemon and poe pokemon in the museum, but i am pretty impressed. >> what if the pokemon in the museums just had knowledge to give you wheel you were playing it. while you were playing it. >> you could use it for education. >> i am trying to bridge it. >> they can do it. >> coming up, everybody'sose. favorite fact checker, andy levey hosts half time. and the "red eye" pod cast is back. subscribe on itunes and
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy leave -- andy levey. >> trump warns of more violence. david, you said in "black lives matter" you have the people who are concerned about the police shootings, and then you have the institutional leftists who just kind of glom on. i completely agree. isn't that the way it goes
12:32 am
though? there are always people who glom on and the tea party who don't represent what the movement is supposed to be about? >> except in the tea party. count the number of arrests. >> absolutely. >> and i was there when "black lives matter" started. i interviewed some of the anarchists and these fox wanna bees. they have so many masks that you can go to a black lives matter protest and you can sell it. >> you talked about did the tea party and being an ordinarily tea partier. there was nasty racial signs at tea party rallies. a very small number, particularly in comparison to how many people were part of the tea party movement, but then what we saw was the media trying to make that the face of the movement is that not possible that that's the same thing going on here with some people on the right with black lives matter? >> it is a good question, but in the tea party we as in
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self-policing told them to go away. if you are a racist we want you gone. in "black lives matter" they are not telling people to go away. the president and the democrats and the presumptive nominee hillary clinton are embracing "black lives matter." >> fair answer. >> john, you said "black lives matter" means black lives matter too. i want to point out unlike when i said that last fight tom didn't disagree with you. >> i am sick of going over it all the time. >> sick of being wrong. >> black lives matter also. >> you would agree that's obvious, right? >> no offense. i don't know why anyone would think it meant black lives matter more than white lives. >> don't say that, john.
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>> it is not either or. we know what black lives matter. >> that's what it means. >> so that's not black lives matter too. >> well, there are two ways of saying it. your way is with a finger in the face. i'm supposed to be this specific person, but it is black lives matter also. that's what it always meant. >> it is not cool of a hash tag. >> cops walk off security job at wnba game over shirts. dan, you said it is a great part of america that they could walk away if they don't like the shirts. it kind of seems like problem solved. >> they left, right? good job, guys, you walked away. >> tom, you said it didn't seem like a confrontational shirt. you said yes, but the cops are
12:35 am
tired of being dumped on, which they are. i took the shirt -- it had castile and sterling, it had their names and it had the dallas police shield. i took that as to paying tribute to the police officers. >> the shirt covered all of the bases and i thought it was an okay message. >> the cops have gotten oversensitive, but if i was one of them i would under too. an infinish tess mall are not bad people. imagine them facing their children watching tv. >> they may not have been able to tell. i am not blaming them for that. >> on the downside when four cops left, half of the audience was gone. sorry, wnba. >> you said good cops don't like bad cops and good tv hosts don't like bad tv hosts. which leads me to a moment with tom.
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tom shillue said science is bad. dan you said you would not live in rationalia with all of the hypothesis. hypotheses is the correct form. >> i couldn't be there. you know where i will be? storming the gates with those who are not good at science. >> buoyancy is an upward force of a buoyant object. >> i think that's all witch craft. >> i don't know what you don't understand. >> i don't like your devil words. >> john, you said rationalia would mean more democracy and look how well that worked out this year. i feel like every time rationalia has been tried it lead to five-year plans. >> that's actually true. that's the way it has been forced on the world. many people think that's not how it should have been. it is closer to one vote and
12:37 am
individuals having their say. now i have guilty issues. >> dan, you said you are imagining how bad the comedy clubs would be. >> you don't have to imagine it. >> you are cutting deep. >> if you know who books it, let me know. >> pokemon stuff. perhaps one of the most solemn spots is dc's holocaust museum. let me see if i can top that. the auschwitz memorial twitter account -- >> wait a minute. >> -- tweeted at the game's developer, do not allow pokemon go on the site of our memorial and other places. it is disrespectful to the memory of victims. i think auschwitz may beat the holocaust museum. >> i am glad. i thought they were tweeting a message -- a pea key --
12:38 am
pokemon message. >> let everyone know there is mini here. they are trying to drive up ticket sales. >> dan, you said you would call the guys who used pokemon go to rob people. i want the company -- put pokemon in places like banking casino vaults. you have to mount an oceans 11-style raid. >> if anyone knows anything about me you know i am a heist guy. i will download the app right now. i would absolutely play that. >> i have so many disguises. >> by the way, there are now ads on craigslist from people who will be your pokemon go driver. this is a real thing. and a young woman named ivy saint ive is calling herself a pokemon trainer and she will walk around in one to four-hour shifts and sign into your account and capture every pokemon she comes into contact with and activating the poke
12:39 am
stops and walking to help hatch your eggs. >> she is a former dog walker. she was trained for this. >> i don't think that's her name. >> she says it is her name, and who am i to judge. i don't want to deny her. gotta go. >> time to take a break. when we come back, hell hath no fury like an uber driver scorned. now what's coming up on the next kennedy. >> well, hello, "red eye" gonzos. i will talk to dana perino about what is going down at the rnc. and jeff lewis and megan mccain is joining the party panel. see you then.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. attorney general loretta lynch dodging questions on capitol hill. lynch was grilled by house republicans about the decision to not press charges against hillary clinton's e-mail use as secretary of state. she referred the republicans to the fbi director instead of answering their questions herself. the republicans are slamming her for, quote, lack of clarity. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is getting a prime speaking slot at the upcoming democratic con veption. warren -- convention. warren joined hillary clinton during her campaign and will speak on opening night july 25th in philadelphia. u.s. stocks closing higher
12:44 am
joining the other markets across the globe. analysts believe the rise in the markets is from the uk's vote to leave the european union. however, some others believe that the boost is only short-term and there will be more problems in the months ahead. with the uk passing a referendum to leave the eu they are preparing for a change of lep. those are proving vans outside number 10 downing street in london. david cameron is packing up and heading out. cameron said he would step down after the voters passed the eu referendum. he will meet with queen elizabeth today where he will have his official resignation. she will become the second female to hold the office after margaret thatcher. may is the 13th prime minister serving under the rein of queen elizabeth. even though david cameron is moving larry the cat. he was brought in to fight
12:45 am
rodents at number 10 downing street. he gained fame being photographed on the steps when cameron announced his resignation. larry holds the title of chief mouser. jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." a woman claims her uber driver refused to take her to the er and then yelled at her to get out of his car. if only 350e78 carried -- if only people carried video cameras in their pockets all the time. >> i am going to the emergency room. >> get out of my car now. >> where is my destination? >> get out of my car now. >> sir, i am asking you -- >> get out of my car now. i have the right to tell you when to get out of my car. it is right now. >> telling her to get out of his car wasn't working. the driver tried a different tactic. >> get out of my car now. get out of my car now!
12:46 am
>> sir -- >> get out of my car now! >> why are you yelling at me? >> because you won't [bleep] get out of my car. get out of my car now. >> are they married? >> i don't know where i am. >> get out of my car now [bleep] you to hell. >> they are married. >> the secret is out. >> the video is, quote, believed to have been shot somewhere in the united states. >> of course. >> really? >> that is good reporting. good american fight. >> i cannot wait for the movie version starring nick nolte. get out of my car! get out. >> this guy did seem like he was a little hot under the collar. >> a little bit. >> she wasn't getting out. why do you think she wasn't getting out of the car? >> because she knows when
12:47 am
something hilarious is about to happen? also it goes in stages of you being like, dude, this guy is mentally bothered to be like shut your eyes and imagining he is an animated bear. >> get out of my car! >> you shouldn't be driving a car. >> apparently he had taken her to the destination. these drivers want to go by the map. the map takes you there. >> was she pregnant? >> she was not. >> get out of my car! >> this is not -- we didn't show you the whole video. >> i watched it several times. why wouldn't she get out? >> i don't know. she seemed like -- >> was she missing a leg? >> she seemed well enough. she didn't know which door to go in and she wanted him to drive her right to the door. >> that was the reason? >> she said take me to where -- -- >> my loyalty has never
12:48 am
shifted so fast from the beginning of a video to the end of a video. like so quickly. i started off -- i read the article and saw the video and i was like this guy is a real crankster and then i was like, get out of the car. leave him alone. >> why is that? the more the man yelled the more i liked him. >> because of how annoying she was. >> i just have a few questions. >> did they ever date? is it her ex-husband? was there something else we need to know about the two of them that involved any other person? >> it did have -- there was a familiarity about it, right? >> i told you we are done! why won't you leave my car? >> she should have messed with him and given him five stars. >> world star hip hop. >> i am much better. >> new york city and these things happened with the
12:49 am
yellow cap all the time. it is happening more now with uber or is it because people have the camera? >> uber drivers speak english and now the caps you can't get the -- cabs you can't get the english response. >> it is the rating. >> you can get out of a new york city cab and be like five stars no matter what happens. if the driver is literally cursing at you from the beginning of the trip to the end and then you walk out the door you can't -- there is nothing -- you have to live with that for the rest of your life. >> but they get to rate the customer too. i wonder what he gave her for a rating. >> i also think with new york city cabdrivers it helps to add my friend after everything. if he would have said get out of my car, my friend. >> get out of her car, my friend. >> there was recourse though. in the old days with the yellow cabs you can write the
12:50 am
number down and write a letter to someplace in brooklyn. >> there are a lot of letters in a bin in brooklyn. >> dating back to 1910. >> how big is too big when it comes to mermaid breasts? the debate is next.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" -- >> there is nothing little about this mermaid. she has the tail of a fish and the breasts of a well endowed woman. a busty mermaid that sits outside a restaurant in cape cod is getting complaints from prudish residents. the town's police department posted photos on their facebook page and then took them down and apologized after some people said the curvey sea creature was offensive. the owner of salty's restaurant agrees. itit is a little obscene. >> it is covered. it is not nudity. it should not be sensorred. we don't know what mermaids really look like. i have never seen a live
12:55 am
mermaid. it is crazy it stirred up so much controversy. >> are you surprised that that is the guy who owns salty's? >> that guy looked like all of my uncles. that is terrifying. the hawaiian t-shirt. i love that they have only men commenting on it too going like i don't know why it is offensive. i really like it. >> he's right. they are covered. did you see the sea shells ? >> i can't see anything. there are huge breasts, but i don't have a problem with it, you know? she is a big, curvey mermaid. >> why shame her body? why shame the body of a sand mermaid, john? >> i am missing the beauty in that mermaid. i find her disproportionat. she a little exploy day tiff. i would rather she be more proportional mermaid. >> that's a good word. david, what are the correct proportions of a mermaid anyway? >> seriously. >> are we gonna do the barbie doll comparison?
12:56 am
>> he was astute and arodite. i think they should name the ball the busty mermaid. let's meet at the busty mermaid for a drink. >> that's it. it is not salty's. look, they have them all over town. i don't think they should -- i think it is sexist to make him take it down. don't you? >> i would have killed to hear the first complaint in cape cod, have you been to salty's? they have a mermaid there and she's bought large -- she's got large cans and my husband keeps taking pictures by it. i just wanted the clam chowder, but he kept taking pictures. >> i have one question though. if there is a gay bar and there is a statue of david, is anybody complaining? >> that's it. everywhere you go at the museums they are naked. >> imagine if david had testicles the size -- >> if david had like --
12:57 am
>> he would need to see the doctor in front of the hospital. >> very special thanks to my entire panel and thank you. i'm tom shillue. see you next time. will.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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that's it for us. "special report" is next. president obama tries to bridge the gap between his support of the black lives matter movement and his reaction to the murder of five dallas police officers by an african-american sniper. this is "special report." good evening. i'm shana breeman in for bret baier. last week's ambush killing of five police officers. at an interfaith service, president obama insisted blacks and minorities are treated differently by many police. fox team coverage. we look at the political


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