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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 13, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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bill: good morning. there is word donald trump is closing in on a running mate. this as new polling shows trump with big movement in three key swing states. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. last day in new york, then we hit the road. martha: we are not coming back for 2 1/2 weeks. we have brand-new poll numbers. we always like to get some new data into the mix. this quinnipiac university poll shows donald trump with a narrow lead in florida.
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also in ohio where they are tied. bill: trump campaigning with indiana governor mike pence last night. one of at least three people said to be on the short list for vice president. trump giving a few clues but not many with bill o'reilly last night. bill: will people be surprised or is it one of the people bantered around and predicted. >> i'm not doing this for surprise. i'm doing this -- martha: senior national correspondents john roberts in indianapolis traveling with the candidates. john, what's the take from where you are? reporter: we are getting closer to naming a running mate by
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sheer force of the calendar. he wants to do it before the convention. the election of a vice presidential running mate is usually a process shrouded in secrecy. one week he's out on the campaign trail with newt gingrich. last night it was chris christie. big rally in westfield just north where where we are in indianapolis. newt gingrich playing the role of the attack dog. like anyone who wants to be. >> republican's running mate, he compared donald trump to ronald reagan. >> we are ready to put a fighter, a builder, and a patriot in the oval office of the united states of america. we are ready for donald trump to be our next president. donald trump understands the frustrations and the hopes of
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the american people like no other american leader in my lifetime since ro ronald reagan. reporter: donald trump said his criteria for picking a running mate would be someone who knows the system because he's getting attacked on all sides he wants someone who can go out there and give as well as donald trump is getting. he's throwing out a lot of speculation there, but playing coy. even last night while pence was there for his big moment in the sun, donald trump was not suggesting how big a chance pence has to become his running mate. listen to this. >> how is your governor doing? good? i think so. i often joke you will be calling up mike pence.
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i don't know if he will be your governor or vice president, who the hell knows. but here is one thing we do know. most likely day for this announcement is friday. he has nothing on the schedule. he's going to san diego today and los angeles tomorrow. bill: hillary clinton taking huge hits in those new swing state polls. trump up 3 in florida and 2 in pennsylvania. what has changed in this race today. >> there is definitely a change. there is not a lot of swing state polls, but you can see a trend in the last couple weeks. either donald trump is surging ahead or hillary clinton is falling behind.
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i think a big part of this has bent email scandal. even though the f.b.i. didn't recommend an indictment, the airing of this story has hurt hillary clinton on the issue of honesty and truthfulness. bill: honest and trustworthy same three states, trump leading by 13 in florida. trump leading by 15 in pennsylvania and 10 in ohio. michael, that makes your point. >> absolutely. is this a message donald trump and the republicans can sustain throughout the campaign? the real problem with not giving the indictment is the media kinds of loses interest in this story even though republicans are animated by what james comey said. will donald trump be able to drive that conversation and make the case the next self months or will severe off into topics and
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step tonight as he's wont to do. bill: i think dallas is contributing to this as well. that's a story that frankly shocked the country. the other issue is this, when polls come out like this prior to a convention, what does this do to the never trump movement? >> it certainly offers a challenge. i'm not entirely for the small margins for trump in these swing states are necessarily the best news for donald trump. you look at how historically poor of a candidate hillary clinton is and trump is only a couple points ahead in these important states? a lot of never trumpers will argue a different republican candidate would be wiping the floor with hillary clinton. he's got to win in a bunch of
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swing states. he also has to win virginia, iowa, maybe wisconsin. there are a lot of states on the board that republicans have to win back and they have to defend their own states. bill: if he's winning in florida that means he's winning in georgia and north carolina. that means probably virginia is a tossup. agreed or not? >> the question is does trump have to defend some of those states. it's a hard thing for a political party and candidate to do to play defense in some of the states they ought to be winning as well as offense in the other states. but if this trend continues, then you have got to expect trump and the republicans will be playing offense. bill: michael warren, "weekly
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standard" washington, d.c. martha: this is our last show for a while. "america's newsroom" is getting on the road this afternoon. we'll be broadcasting live from cleveland. bill: how many times do you think we'll say rock 'n roll in the next two weeks? martha: we have to go to the rock 'n roll hall of fame. we get along really well. we love each other. bill: more so than before. we are like one big family when we are on the road. back to the news of today and more to come, what you can expect in the coming weeks of the convention. funeral services get under way for three of the five dallas police officers killed in the shocking ambush shooting that took place last week.
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four days after president obama and former president george w. bush attended and spoke at a funeral service in dallas yesterday. reporter: it's not every day that a police department has to bury multiple officers, multiple brothers. we have been telling you since the start about how law enforcement is almost like a family. these are brothers and sister we are talking about, and today the thee heroes will be honored and remembered for their sacrifices. they paid the ultimate price while protecting that black lives matter protest thursday in downtown dallas. services scheduled today for brent thompson and lorne ahrens
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and michael smith. vice president joe biden and former president george w. bush among the distinguished guests in attendance. >> none of us could be prepared for an ambush motivated by hatred and malice. the shock of this evil still has not faded. >> the most powerful moment was when everyone jumped to their feet. a standing ovation for the dallas police department and d.a.r.t. p.d. many have noted how strong they have been. and chief david brown in particular has handled this tragedy with grace. this department is conducting an investigation. they are also still working to protect the citizens of dallas and the chief himself also
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trying to recover from a broken heart. martha: we have gotten to know him a little bit over the course of this. he's a remarkable man and the right man in dallas to be sure. bill: republicans none too thrilled with the attorney general's testimony under oath. >> people still believe if you are famous there is a different set of rules than for people who don't know your name. which evidentiary element did you find looking? martha: why supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is talking so much about donald trump. today donald trump is responding. bill: the f.b.i. putting to rest a cold case 45 years in the making. why investigators are closing
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running late to a kid's ballgame. the same rules ought to apply to everyone. bill: that's trey gowdy grilling loretta lynch. congressman gowdy with me from the hill. this is kind of how it went yesterday for several hours. listen. >> i as attorney general are not able to provide any further comment on the facts or substance of the investigation. >> do you agree with director comey's conclusion about that? >> i would have to refer to you director comey's conclusion. again i would refer you to director comey for the basis of his recommendation. bill: what did you learn? >> nothing. it was a total waste of time and a total disservice to our fellow citizens.
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it's not asking too much to ask prosecutors about their charging decisions or their decision not to charge. she could have answered every one of those questions. she chose not to. there is no rule that doesn't allow her to answer the questions. she just chose not to. bill: why? >> what we asked her to do was apply the facts to the law. and it's not that complicated. you take the facts, you apply the law and everybody knows what it is. but the facts are embarrassing for her presidential candidate. so discussing the facts necessarily leads to more questions like if you have all those good facts, why didn't you indict? bill: your suggestion in that answer is she is protecting hillary clinton. true? >> that's the only reasonable interpretation of what we witnessed yesterday. there is no other reason for a
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detached neutral turn general to say this is the law, these are the facts, we applied them and this is the result we got. jim comey did it last week. i disagree with his conclusion. but give the man credit for going through the analysis. she wouldn't go through the analysis. bill: what do you think of this airplane meeting with bill clinton? >> i think it' terrible optics. i have no reason to impeach her when she says they discussed grandkids. that's a long time to talk about grandkids and golf. but it looks terrible. bill: does it give you the sense this meeting was made public in order for her to come before your committee and sidestep questions about the evidence? >> it gives me a reason to understand those people who think we have a two-tiered
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justice system. poor folks don't get to sit on the tarmac on a plane with the attorney general for 30 minutes. if you are powerful and have a position of influence and you have the right last name, then you can do things the rest of the world cannot do, and that's why people don't have confidence in the justice system and it's not a political issue to me. i spent 1 years talking to people who never once wanted to discuss politics. it's facts, it's law, it's justice. i don't know what they talked about. but the appearance is dreadful. bill: you wanted justice to look into whether she lied before congress last fall. that's not going to happen, is it? >> i think chairman goodlatte
6:20 am
and chairman chaffetz referred it to the f.b.i. because they asked them to. bill: they work for loretta lynch, so it's not going to happen, is it? >> i don't say comey won't look into it. i think i can predict the outcome, but perhaps it will surprise you. bill: is it left to voters to decide? >> it's always been left to voters for this reason. you just referenced comments she made before the committee of congress. i detailed a half dozen false comments she made to the public. it's not a crime to lie to the public. i don't think voters expect us in politics to be right all the time. i think they do expect us to be honest all the time. when you have that's false statement that she made to the public, i think the voters are going to factor that in.
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bill: trey gowdy, thank you for your time. 20 past. martha: president obama and former president bush both spoke yesterday at the memorial service for the fallen police officers of dallas, texas. we'll take a look at their remarks yesterday afternoon and how they resonated with americans. bill: have you heard the war of words between donald trump and ruth bader ginsburg.yo what she said. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. looktry align probiotic.our digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic.
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martha: a memorial service yesterday for the five officers
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who were killed in a sniper attack in dallas, texas. president obama and former president bush both called for unity. >> i understand how americans are feeling. but dallas. i'm here to say we must reject such despair. i'm here to insist that we are not as divide as we seem. i know that because i know america. i know how far we have come against impossible odds. >> to renew our unity we only need to remember our values. we have never been held together by blood and background. we are bound by things of the spirit, by shared commitments by common ideals. martha: jeanine, welcome. it felt in president obama's
6:26 am
speech like there were two parts. the first part was very unifying, then we heard those comments from president bush. we haven't heard from him in quite a while, but obviously dallas is close to his here the. >> our country is hurting right now and our country is very divided today. we have people divide politically and divided on the racial aspect. yes both presidents spoke about unity. but i have got to tell you, president obama went off the rails and injected politics into this memorial service. i think it was very disrespectful for him to do so. not necessary and unprofessional. he mentioned trayvon martin. he gave credence to black lives matter. for him to bring you be black
6:27 am
lives matter at a memorial for people murder because of hate and racism. black lives matter, they are a radical organization. there were 7 police officers including the two in new york who acted out because of the receipt rick they are hearing from black lives matter. it's absolutely outrageous. martha: it's clear from the comments he made over time that he's sympathetic to that group. the underlying issue he brings up is he believes being black in america is different than being white in america. newt gingrich said we need a better understanding of that. the president talked about that, too. what do you say to that? >> the tone comes from the top. everything is race about obama. black lives matter leaders were
6:28 am
in the white house. al sharpton has been in the white house more times than i can count. he says one thing, yes, we need to unite. then he goes off the rails and talks about the individuals that were shot last week. it's still under investigation. we don't know if it was racially motivated. he even made comments from poland about that issue. that's a time when he did not have all of the facts. >> let's listen to the president's speech. let's watch a moment from that. >> we flood community with so many guns that it's easier for a teenager to get his hands on a glock than a computer or book. >> what he doesn't want to address, the fact the shooter in dallas said he wanted to kill white people. he said he wanted to kill white
6:29 am
police officers. obama shifts the blame and direction about guns. does not want to come out to talk about the words of this individual actually said. >> it was hard to untangle his motives. >> he doesn't want to go in that direction because it will blow away his narrative that we have a huge racial problem in mayor cap that americans are racist and blacks have huge targets on their backs. martha: hearing senator barack obama, he moves that crowd in boston. and it resonated across the country. he said we are not a black america, we are not a white america. we are the united states of america. i couldn't help yesterday wishing that he would repeat that line in front of that crowd. what happened to that line? he's you a community activist first.
6:30 am
then he's president. martha: did he not mean it in boston all those years ago? >> he wanted to get elected. it was a vote-buying scheme. to use race is a way to drive black voters to vote. democrats with this election, they have a slow turnout with the primary. so they are concerned about a turnout for black voters with this upcoming election. more and more we'll be hearing about race. we see what's happening across the country. he's been stoking the fire since day one. martha: it's disheartening at best if that's the case. bill: the f.b.i. may soon turn over thousands of deleted emaile server back to the state department. but will they ever go public? >> i'm trying. i'm going to have to reach.
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bill: we are days away from the start of the republican convention in cleveland. security will be a hot topic. questions about the preparedness about police as the republicans and the protesters get ready to descend on cleveland. how much pressure is on the secret service for the convention to get it right? >> reporter: the director of the secret service says each security event is unique. but there is a tremendous social
6:35 am
dynamic for this rnc. people are more bold evidenced by people who rushed the stage at the various trump events. the tragedy in dallas and the certainty of demonstrators descending on the rnc. >> i don't sleep well to begin with. because every day whether it's the convention or the president going to a foreign country or the president or vice president or candidate just going out to dinner. we have to be right every day. reporter: the secret services the body coordinating the agencies providing security here. as far as hands on work they will do is inside the secure zone. they provide security for the vips. where you have a fluid dynamic
6:36 am
is where the police will be make contact. bill: are the cleveland police ready? reporter: they are as ready as they can be. they say their training has been adequate. but the head of the police union has been complaining that the equipment and training have been late, haphazard and woefully inadequate. >> they are very edgy on a day-to-day basis. they should be worried about the possibility of what can happen here given the size of the effect we are about to partake in. reporter: table top drills in which agents and officers stand our and imagine hypotheticals of emergencies that could happen and plan their responses.
6:37 am
>> even a commercial account like gmail. there was no archiving of her emails. it's not surprising we discovered emails not in secretary clinton's system when she produced the 30,000 emails to state. martha: the f.b.i. is returning at the request of the state department those thousands of emails that were deleted from their servers. the f.b.i. is filing a letter with federal court yesterday on that matter. john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor. the state department said you are done. we would like everything back now. now what happen to the these documents. there are a lot of people including judicial watch who would like to get -- to get
6:38 am
their hands on them. >> i wouldn't hold my breath. it will be after thanksgiving, two or three weeks after the convention. even though the f.b.i. recovered emails that were deleted. there are probably tens of thousands lying in electronic pieces in the so-called slack space of the various servers because her lawyers and aides removed the architecture that gave them coherence. the state department is not going to rush to get this out in response to those foia requests. martha: if they are state department documents they should be a matter of public record if they are not specifically classified otherwise. >> even documents that are not classified are subject to review by department official for relevance and that sort of thing in response to the foia request.
6:39 am
given the way the state department performed the past couple years on these email requests it's not happening anytime soon unless you get one of the judges before whom these requests are pending with a chance to depose hillary clinton under oath. martha: i'm curious about your overall take on this. you watched loretta lynch and you know the outcome from james comey's investigation. how do you think this transpired? >> i think this is a debacle for the criminal justice system. take it erased emails. comey said he didn't see evidence of obstruction of justice. are you kidding me? they took information that shouldn't have been on the server to begin with and they destroyed it. they had to know what they were
6:40 am
doing. the idea that somehow this is very normal and acceptable behavior. i think it's a disgrace. i think comey disgraced the department of justice, and the whole thing will slip away if the mainstream media have their say. i know what would have happened if this were to occur in a republican convention. i remain completely convinced i would be in the slammer now. good to see you as always. bill: markets open with the dow hitting an all-time high yesterday. is the market -- are investors suggesting the world is table sizing. is all the money coming here?
6:41 am
we'll see where it goes today as we watch wall street now. >> we are monitoring this presser going on. this is the son of alton sterling speaking out today. we'll keep a close eye on this. this is the first type we heard from them since the death of alton sterling in baton rouge a little over a week ago. police in one state busting an alleged plot to shoot and kill police officers. three suspects are in custody. but. >> the may be on the loose. bill: donald trump calling for ruth bader ginsburg to step down. what she has been saying to get trump fired up. here is what constitutional expert jonathan turley says about the matter. >> they were thoughtless and unethical. cannon 5 says juns cannot make
6:42 am
statement of this kind in opposition to political candidates. >> this has been a crazy political season. >> it's all about the fact we are taking back our country.
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technology that connects you to the people and places that matter. by donald trump demanding ruth bader ginsburg step down from the supreme court after she called him a faker. she said i can't manage what the country would be with donald trump as president. for the court, i don't even want to contemplate that. former massachusetts governor scott brown, and alan colmes. bill: what out of bound these days? >> you have seen the trump campaign. nothing is out of pound. i don't think he should have said it. but the outrage machine gets
6:47 am
cranked up. bill: it's a supreme court justice. it just doesn't go this way. >> of course not. she is a supreme court justice. one of nine men and women deciding supposedly in a neutral manner the laws of this country. she has violated the canons of ethics for supreme court justices and doing something out of the norm. if trump wins and she has to decide things involving the trump campaign. she will have to recuse herself. a resignation, no, i don't think that's appropriate. but justice robert saying we apologize on behalf of the court. we need to stand back and do our job. bill: donald trump said ginsburg
6:48 am
embarrassed all by these states. her mind is shot. resign! >> for someone on the supreme court who will be calling balls and strikes based on whatever the next president and congress does, that strikes me as up inherently biased and out of the realm. bill: if clarence thomas said this you would be breaking down the walls. >> she shouldn't have said it, but the opposition gets kraingd into overdrive whenever anything is said against donald trump. i think senator brown is correct, resign is overstating it. donald trump is extremely thin skinned. he could have taken the high road and avoided it. but he can't take any kind of insult. his feeling were hurt. bill: this is uncharted territory.
6:49 am
things don't go this. >> of course he should response. it's inappropriate for a supreme court justice to insert herself into the political realm. if she wants to insert herself in politics, get off the bench and do it. she may be resigning or leaving the bench soon. it's unlike her to do something like this. it's not a slip-up, it's intentional. i think after the election she is stepping down. what it does is confirms just the liberal bias of this court. everyone knows she is the liberal like. just keep it in-house. don't abites and step into the political fray. it would be off the chart and they would immediately ask for his resignation.
6:50 am
>> the court isn't liberally biased. the court is not liberally biased. she shouldn't have said it. >> she said she is going to new zealand if he wins. which is a beautiful country, by the way. check it out. martha: the f.b.i. closing the books on a man who staged one of the most daring heists in american history. why authority say they are done investigating d.b. cooper. bill: a bear finding himself in trouble in the back seat of a car. how did he get in there. [♪] plus get a free carfax report with every listing.
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martha: the f.b.i. announced it's no longer investigating the case of d.b. cooper, the infamous sky jacker who escaped by leaping out of an airplanes. reporter: they are giving up because after 45 years it's been a long train on resources and they haven't made any significant headway. there have been no arrests and no major suspects. that's why they have been 45 years later decided to let the case go by. he hijacked a seattle-bound plane with $200,000. it was independently funded and
6:55 am
staffed until last week. the bureau said in a statement quote on july 8, 2016 the f.b.i. redirected resources allocated to the d.b. cooper case to focus on other priorities. >> if something were to alive such as pair chiewts or money, we would do what we could to bring the perpetrator to justice. but after 45 years we don't think that's likely. martha: what are some of the theories about where he is? reporter: hollywood being here in l.a., hollywood has done a number of movies and tv shows. there have been songs written about d.b. cooper. recently the history channel did two-part special.
6:56 am
f.b.i. agents spent five years going through the information and evidence that was out there. they found a guy in southern california they believe has multiple personalities and multiple relationships and multiple families. they believe he was likely d.b. cooper. but a lot of the circumstantial evidence, the man came out and said it's a punch of baloney and he's not. martha: maybe he will show up now. adam, thank you very much. bill: we are getting word donald trump will announce his vp pick this week. donald trump hillary clinton is incompetent. the greatest single thing in my opinion that she has ever done is to get out of the email problem.
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martha: breaking news. as we begin here. there is a dramatic shift that has occurred in three crucial swing states in brand new polls we just got out this morning an they show a surge for donald trump over the past couple weeks as questions about truth and honesty may be dragging down hillary clinton's campaign at least for right now. welcome everybody. hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. sterning turn around. trump white be out clinton's lead in states that could decide the election. he is up in pennsylvania, 43-41. and in ohio they are tied 41 apiece. martha: look as those. chris stirewalt fox news digital politics editor joins us. >> good morning. martha: these are pretty interesting. >> yeah, absolutely.
7:01 am
even if you're not a politics nerd like me these are actually interesting. they are interesting because hillary clinton had a total dumpster fire after for the night. for two weeks she could do nothing but suck at running for president. she, her husband with the loretta lynch and she had the fbi director basically came out and said, well, she didn't lie to me but she sure lied to you. oh, by the way, she didn't understand how email works but other than that keep up the good work. this poll catches her at the end of really one of the ugliest, what she hope women be the ugly two week period of her presidential campaign. martha: happened simultaneously with the sort of more serious tone of donald trump and sort of reining it in around the edges. there have been outburst familiar from the old days but we saw a little bit of different donald trump. i want to look at some internals because we could be here all day looking at them but the florida numbers are quite interesting
7:02 am
because she lost, 4% with female voters in florida. now take a look at the folks at home at independent numbers in florida because last month she was at 44 with independent voters. she lost 14 points during that period with them. she is at 30. now donald trump ahead at 43% with independent voters. thoughts on all of that, chris? >> the last poll was maybe a bit of an outlyer in florida, only because of this, it was taken right after the orlando attack. donald trump's response was not effective to it. he was probably below where he should have been after the orlando response. as you say he has been normallish on issues. there has been some greater restraint since then but the thing for him is, he has to keep those numbers with independents. he just doesn't have to keep them. he has to do even better than that if he doesn't have the whole republican party lined up behind him. martha: ohio didn't really
7:03 am
change, they remain tied in ohio at 41% but florida obviously always a state to watch very closely and in florida for the first time i believe her unfavorable numbers are higher than his unfavorable numbers. significant? >> significant and, basically the overall takeaway from these polls are, ohio, pennsylvania remain static. he takes slight advantage of the fact she is so disadvantage but volatility of florida electorate has to be tantalizing for trump. a state demographically doesn't stack up great for him. has to be encouraged that at least the electorate is volatile. martha: all buzz around mike pence, reports of his family meeting with trump's family at the house in indianapolis. we're working on that. what do you think? is the guy? >> might be. hard to imagine donald trump would pick mike pence. doesn't make sense for so many reasons. the report now, so you got they three.
7:04 am
trump says there are three choices, newt gingrich, former speaker, chris christie, soon to be former governor of new jersey and pence governor of the indiana facing a tough re-election bid and pence last night was adulation he offered for donald trump just a couple months after endorsing ted cruz, said donald trump was greatest thing that ever occurred. was absolute, he could not say enough about donald trump and it looks like he wants the job and maybe that's what trump wants. maybe he wants somebody who is absolutely willing to say or do anything to get the nod. martha: stand by. more to come on that. chris, thank you very much. we'll see you in cleveland, buddy. bill: as you were mentioning that, let the guessing game continue we know some members of the trump family paid a visit to the home of indiana governor mike pence this morning. some reports that trump is there as well but no confirmation of that now. trump seems to be taking a few out for a test run this week, doesn't it, martha.
7:05 am
martha: feels a little bit like "the apprentice," doesn't it? bill: we'll see what comes of this if anything. so stand by, we're waiting like everybody else. martha: exciting when you get to the point of vp search. when you know the announcement is rolling out and everybody speculating who it would be. chris said it would be kind of a crazy choice for him to pick pence but they're focused on him. we'll see. bill: weeks of negotiations turning to this. bernie sanders finally conceding. backing hillary clinton but not without major concessions from democrats. mrs. clinton goes back to her roots, home state of illinois. mike emanuel, springfield, illinois, and what she we expect from her, mike? reporter: bill, good morning. in the land of lincoln hillary clinton is expected to talk about uniting country and talk about healing following the devastating violence in dallas, indiana and minnesota. expect clinton to make the case
7:06 am
the nation is stronger together. >> think a lot about history's eyes on us. as you can tell our founders were not perfect people but they were united in their conviction that they could build this new country from nothing. reporter: you made reference to the battle ground poll from quinnepiac. there are numbers that may have raised eyebrows at her brooklyn campaign headquarters. for example, there are signs the email controversy is having impact on clinton. look at question who is more honest and trustworthy. donald trump leading by 13% in florida. by 10% in ohio. by 15% in pennsylvania. so hillary clinton has some work to do, bill? bill: thank you. mike emanuel there in illinois. thank you, mike. martha: police in louisiana arresting three suspect and seeking a possible fourth in connection with an alleged plot
7:07 am
to kill police officers. authorities finding a stolen handgun during the raid of a home in baton rouge as part of an investigation into a pawn shop burglary last week. police say the suspects stole several guns to use against officers in retaliation of for the shooting death of alton sterling. will carr joins us from baton rouge. will, there is a threat from police officers in the area, do they believe? reporter: good morning, martha, law enforcement officials in louisiana do believe they tell us there is credible plot to shoot police officers across the area because fourth suspect is on the streets potentially with two stolen handguns. they say he is one of four people saturday night went into local pawn shop. went in through the roof and stole eight handguns. one was arrested trying to run away. according to authorities they allegedly stole the guns and looking for bullets to shoot officers in baton rouge in the wake of alton sterling's death.
7:08 am
three suspects were arrests including a 13-year-old. one suspect remains at large. they don't have a very food description of that man but they are saying he is still a substantial threat. >> look what happened in dallas, a very peaceful protest. then some crazy madman did what he did. i think the threat speaks for itself. we can take anything for grant anymore. reporter: members of law enforcement here in louisiana have been criticized for their response over the weekend to protests that were taking place. officers responding in full riot gear while they have come out and said the reason for that was because you had the suspect out on the streets with those stolen weapons, martha. martha: also just heard from alton sterling's son. what did he have to say? reporter: yeah, he made an impassioned plea just a couple minutes ago. he is asking for united front, not just in baton rouge, but all across the country.
7:09 am
he is asking for communities to pull together, not break apart. listen what he had to say. >> i feel that everyone, yes, you can protest but i want everyone to protest the right way. protest and peace, not guns, not drugs, not alcohol, not violence. reporter: that is the message we continued to hear from sterling's family members. his funeral is set for friday. members of law enforcement, martha, they're expecting thousands in attendance. martha: will, thank you very much. will carr reporting. bill: about nine minutes past the hour now. the wall is part of a platform. that is the word from cleveland and rnc the chair of the party is making the case it has been this way for a decade. we'll check in on that. we'll tell you more. martha: looking at the facts and fiction of "black lives matter." the truth is surprising a lot of people. bill: first loretta lynch dodging questions from congressman jason chaffetz about
7:10 am
what is legal and what is not. congressman chaffetz, what we learned if anything during the latest hearing. >> is it legal or illegal to storehouse, or retain classified information in a non-secure location? >> again i would refer you to the statute. one could in fact have liability again depending on nature and facts and circumstances.
7:11 am
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7:14 am
this is a shot of the governor's house in indianapolis where the entire trump entourage and cars pulled up a little while ago. we know members of the family are visiting with the pence family right now. we know also there has been sort of meetings that have gone on with several of these people who are potentially up for the vp position but this one appears to be getting a lot of attention throughout the course of today and yesterday. does it mean anything? does it not mean anything? as donald trump himself said last night, he could be governor, he could be vp, who knows. they're trying to answer the question inside the house right now, bill. bill: another alert right now. breaking news from the nfl. star quarterback tom brady losing his appeal on the matter known as "deflategate." a court ruling he will not get a new hearing on the case. apparently there is possibility brady could appeal to the u.s. supreme court. that is a possibility not clear at moment if that will happen.
7:15 am
15 minutes now past the hour. martha: more fireworks on capitol hill over the hillary clinton email investigation. this time involving attorney general loretta lynch. during a house oversight committee hearing yesterday, utah congressman jason chaffetz accusedded lynch of playing political games while lynch refused to say whether it was legal or illegal to lie when you're under oath. >> is it legal or illegal to provide false testimony under oath? >> there are a number of statutes that cover that, both at federal and state level. there are a number of ways which that could be found. >> you, there is a difference between prosecuting something and whether it is legal or illegal. you know, these questions are pretty simple. we've got millions of people with security clearance. how are they supposed to go through the gyrations that you have laid out in order to make a simple determination? >> congressman, if we had a
7:16 am
specific fact situation, a fact pattern, could be reviewed. >> and your refusal to answer questions regarding one of the most important investigations of someone who seeks to serve in the highest office in this land is an abdication of your responsibility. martha: congressman jason chaffetz joins us now. good morning, congressman, good to have you with us today. >> good morning. martha: does seem like abdication of duty to not seem as attorney general of the united states to discuss the legal thinking not to charge hillary clinton in the email investigation especially since the fbi head, whose words she went on, wanted to lay out his argument? >> well, if you look through the hearing she didn't answer a single question. i asked her simple things. is it legal or illegal to give classified information to somebody who doesn't have requisite security clearance. she would not answer those questions. there were simple questions. she obstructing our ability to
7:17 am
do her job in congress and not candid with the american people. martha: a lot of viewers were frustrated what they saw play out yesterday. it is odd, almost as if she recused herself because she said, i will take the recommendation of the fbi director regardless what it is because of the situation with her meeting with bill clinton on tarmac. but she didn't recuse herself, you can't have it both ways, can you? >> in a question from john radcliffe she said she still wanted to be under consideration in a clinton administration. that will tell you something about it. she said in other questioning this is the first time ever that she had ever done this. that came on heels of meeting with bill clinton just days before this final decision. so, viewers and voters are going to have sort themselves out but when i asked her a simple question, she couldn't give a simple answer. martha: it also goes to the question of the fbi director comey, who it was revealed did not look at the testimony that hillary clinton gave when she was under oath in front of
7:18 am
congress. you know i guess he is saying it just wasn't part of our investigation but then when they interviewed her she wasn't under oath. when you put all this together and a lot of people are looking at it, it appears there was some sort of effort to make sure hillary clinton was not indictable? >> well, look, i think this was one of the shocking things to come out of our questioning of the fbi director. he was very careful in saying that she, hillary clinton, did not lie to the fbi but we don't know what she said to the fbi. so, when i asked the fbi director, did you review the testimony, which was under oath, which i think goes to intent, whether or not that was truthful, did she provide false testimony, they hadn't even looked at that. he said he needed paperwork. bob goodlatte and i, chairman of judiciary committee and we gave the paperwork down to the department of justice and i hope they should do that investigation. martha: what do you think, as you listen to all of this, and you speak to these individuals,
7:19 am
what do you think is the reasoning for keeping as much as possible at arms length on both of their parts? >> i think democrats have a nominee and i, i worry about the direction that they're taking. i think mr. comey is a very serious-minded person. i appreciate him swiftly coming to capitol hill to answer questions as best he can, but, but, they are blazing new trails. they are treating her different. i worry there are two tracks of justice. that lady justice takes off the blindfold is the name is clinton. that is at the root of why america is so concerned about this. there are two different standards because if you're the average joe, doing your job, sharing classified information you're probably going to be in handcuffs and probably going to jail. martha: 56% of people in recent poll believe that the wrong conclusion was reached by the fbi on this decision and that was, we know, taken up by the justice department as done deals after that. is. >> son chaffetz, congressman,
7:20 am
thank you very much. good to see you this morning. >> thank you, mart are that. bill: they made history in london today. david cameron is out. england's second prime minister has a tough job after the stunning "brexit" vote. there is this today. >> ♪ all lives matter to the grave." martha: there was a backlash when a singer changed the lyrics of canada's national anthem, made some considered to be innocuous and some considered to be a political statement. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing...
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martha: italian prosecutor is saying human error may be to blame for yesterday's deadly train crash. it was head-on collision that happened in southern italy and
7:24 am
took the lives of at least 23 people. several other people are still missing, possibly buried under that wreckage. the stretch of track where the accident occurred has no automatic alert system. instead it relies on train dispatchers to use phones to coordinate movements along that track. bill: there is a his toric transfer of power in great britain. prime minister david cameron formally submits his resignation to the queen. he will recommend his replacement, home secretary theresa may to his job. benjamin hall live in london with what is happening now. reporter: good morning, bill. here on 10 downing street there is sense of end of an era in british politics. six years after david cameron took office he is now leaving. the "brexit" vote went against him and he didn't feel he could go forward. nevertheless today he is carrying out his final few
7:25 am
engagements. he was at prime minister's questions where he was met with cheers and applause and cheers from his side of the aisle and criticism from the other side. his next step will be to go to buckingham palace to formally tend his resignation. she will meet with theresa may to have her form a new government. we're waiting to cameron set up here and talk about his legacy and what hopes theresa may will. bill: what can we expect from theresa may? so far we know what? reporter: she is very safe hands. she was in charge of crime, policing and immigration. it is worth saying there was a jump in the markets when her position was announced because they feel in a good position to lead britain out of the eu. nevertheless a lot of difficulties lie ahead, not the least to negotiate with 27-country bloc.
7:26 am
a lot of questions, we also expect to hear from her and her family as they come here later to move into the iconic house behind me. a lot of connections, a lot of people saying she remind them of maggie thatcher. we await for her appointment anytime later today. bill: no pressure. thank you, benjamin hall at 10 downing street? london, thanks. >> last-ditch effort to block donald trump at next week's convention. who anti-trump republicans are turning to now as they try to clear the way for a challenger. would that happen? bill: platform committee for the republican convention bowing to trump, adding fresh support for his plan for ard boor wall. we'll debate that next. >> we will build a wall, believe me, 100% we're building the wall. if i win we'll build the wall. we'll have amazing border. we're going to build a wall, don't worry. who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay?
7:27 am
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7:30 am
martha: donald trump is indianapolis where it is beautiful and summery green. there they are, coming out. governor mike pence of indiana, donald trump the presumptive republican nominee until a few days away from now. they're taking pictures outside of the house. what does it mean is the big question when it comes to vp issue? newt gingrich has been on the list. chris christie has been on the list. mike pence has gotten a ton of attention past 4hours. he -- 48 hours. he spoke fervently about donald trump. he hasn't seen anybody he said, that can brink change to the republican party since ronald reagan. he was a ted cruz supporter. wondering how that turn was made in his heart and his mind. made quite obvious he would want the job. bill: he was straddling the line in the primary between cruz and trump.
7:31 am
he endorsed cruz but it was tepid. they want us to talk about this and they are. he gave christie a test run on monday. pence a test run on tuesday. now the speculation continues. martha: it was interesting what donald trump said last night to bill o'reilly because we know donald trump is something of a show man. he likes to surprise. he likes to have entertainment value in things he does but he said to bill o'reilly. he said i'm not looking to make a big surprise. i'm looking for someone that can help me win. he seems focused more on strategy, more on making right choices. more on getting himself to the white house in a way that unfolds in sort of a structured course which is not what we saw in between the primary period and now. remember, indiana, is what wrapped it up for donald trump. once he won indiana, it became pretty clear he was going to be nominee. he may have feelings for indiana. he wants rust belt states. clearly he may see mike pence as guy who can help him get there.
7:32 am
bill: pence served in congress before starting his governorship, prior to that, though, 25 years ago, 26, he was a talk show host on radio. communication is his specialty. a lot of people suggested he is lot more low-key with conservative cred where donald trump is a little more shall we say in your face. so trump and pence meeting on the front lawn right there in indianapolis moments ago. so it is official, they have talked yet again today. what does all this mean? what about pence? what about donald trump putting his stamp on the party platform? there is language that calls for trump's proposed border wall. now the head of the rnc rather suggesting it is not really a major change. here is reince priebus now from last night. >> a wall, i mean for years and years the platform has include ad border fence which congress passed in 2006 but never actually funded. so the idea of a border fence has been in our platform for many, many years and just changing the word from fence to
7:33 am
wall is what they did and, maybe it was a little hat tip to donald trump on that issue and that's fine. bill: maybe a little bit. we have the senior advisor, national spokeswoman for and deputy campaign manager for martin o'malley's campaign. hello, welcome back. >> hey, bill. bill: alex smith, college chair for republican national committee. welcome back to you. i want to talk about the wall. alexandria, do you like trump-pence if that is comes to pass here? >> i think governor pence is great pick. he is common sense governor. someone really focused in his campaign and creating private sector job growth in indiana. he could compliment donald trump's business background if donald trump ends up choosing him. bill: we don't know. who is hillary clinton going to pick. >> good question. i hope it's a progressive. that is who i hope. bill: give me a name? >> elizabeth warren would be tremendous us did.
7:34 am
she would give a really great boost to the base and give great energy that we need and really help unify all of -- bill: women, wow, okay. >> hey, why not. we had two men for 200 years. bill: alexandra, the wall is now in the platform. you heard from reince priebus suggesting the language just changed. it was a fence if twix. it was in the language with congress and funding never happened. is this a significant change are not with cleveland next week? >> i would say substantively not so. of a significant change but definitely rhetorically it is. it speaks to something that donald trump has spoken out on this issue for the last couple of months of the campaign, very well on to his base and to conservatives. something that he feels frustrated with, which is washington's inaction on illegal immigration. this is not just something that motivates republican primary voters this is something that
7:35 am
motivate independents too. they don't want to see a lawless country a country without borders is like a coffee coup without borders. this is probably as chairman prescribe bus said this is hat tip to donald trump this at same time reflects frustration of americans. bill: careen, big shift in independents in florida moving from hillary clinton to donald trump. take it a step further, centrist democrats worried about their job and future, the wall appeals to them as well. how much? >> look, next week we're going to see the circus that is the republican national convention with the ringleader being donald trump and i think that, i think his policies, his, you know, the bigotry and hateful rhetoric that he continues to espouse is going to cause these republicans that we see who are trying to figure out how to stop him to reject him not only next week in cleveland and also in november. and i, they do not want to see
7:36 am
their party aligned to this, right? they don't want to their party be aligned to bigotry or to the wall and i think that is a problem. he is continuing to show that he lacks temperment and is not qualified. bill: some of these polls have to be truly be disturbing before cleveland. look at ohio. quinnepiac, he moved ahead in florida and moved ahead in pennsylvania. here is bernie sanders on endorsement of hillary clinton and let's get a measure of this now. watch. >> she will be the democratic nominee for president. [cheering] and i intend to do everything i can to make certain she will be the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] bill: scale of one to 10, karine, 10 being the most supportive, one being the least, where did that rate? >> look i think what happened
7:37 am
yesterday is that they showed, bernie sanders and hillary clinton -- bill: give me a number. one to 10. >> look, i say, i say a nine 1/2, right. bill: 9.5. alexandra, how did the east german judge score that? >> i mean, it just rung so hollow to me. this is a guy that railed against the establishment, railed against wall street and there he is on stage holding hands with the most pro-wall street candidate of our time. bill: give me a number. >> i would have to say that he feigned his enthusiasm. bernie sanders -- bill: i said a number. one to 10? she shade 9.5, quick. >> i will give him a six because i think bernie sanders supporters themself see this as what it is, one party, one party chairman picking one candidate and forcing the other guy out of the race. >> we showed unity yesterday which is great, better than what the republicans are doing. >> we have a big tent and big discussion. we're proud of it. >> good luck. bill: bye-bye. martha: all right.
7:38 am
anti-trump republicans are going to try for a hail mary pass at tomorrow's meeting of the rnc rules committee. peter doocy is live in cleveland how the operation would try to get underway. peter, what do you know about this? reporter: we know it is hard to tell exactly how much support there is for the anti-trump movement in the rules committee, according to person trying to organize the effort to let delegates unbind themselves from trump, even if he won their state's primary or caucus there are a lot of delegates, she says, who just don't want to go public with their distaste for the nominee, presumptive nominee because they're scared of losing their convention credentials. >> we had to start a legal defense fund with three delegates because the delegates and rules committee members were being threatened if you unbind you're going to be going to cleveland for nothing. you will pay the expense, and you're not going to get your credentials. part of that stealth vote is factored into what we're doing.
7:39 am
reporter: so her plan is to try to get enough support in the rules committee to enter a "minority report" on to the record, basically a protest report, get that voted on the convention floor incomes week. her thought once all delegates start voting on it, they might get some momentum to he deny trump the nomination. martha. martha: that will be pretty interesting watching that unfold. so party leaders are they concerned could change the dynamic in any way at this point? reporter: not really because again, they don't know how many delegates there are trying to deny trump right now. the officials that we have spoken to are treating effort more as a fringe movement. >> the votes aren't there. this is something that i think is become media fascination and exists only in the twitter universe because it is really lacks, one, a candidate, two any organization, three any strategy. while you have a lot of people made a lot of noise, there is nothing of substance there. reporter: that is not to say the
7:40 am
party is trying to silence anti-trump part of the party. chairman reince priebus they're ready to go along with whatever majority of delegates want to do which does not look like a majority of delegates have their heart trying to stump trump at this point. martha? martha: sure doesn't. peter, thank you very much. bill: separating fact from fiction. "black lives matter" protests spreading nationwide, our next guest calls the movement a myth. she is here to explain in a moment. martha: plus a mission five years in the making and our best look ever at jupiter, but nasa says, hold on, going to get a whole lot better than that. ♪
7:41 am
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7:43 am
guess what i just did? built a sandcastle? ha, no, i switched to geico and got more. more? 24/7 access online, on the phone or with the geico app. that is more. go get some mud... . mhm, i think so. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. bill: speculation swirls, is there something to this? the governor of indiana, donald
7:44 am
trump on the governor's front lawn there a moment ago, or is this the most intentional photo-op in modern-day politics? who knows. but we'll all know soon because we think trump will make the announcement sometime in the next two or three days. time's a ticking. is mike pence the man. talk about later. >> a lot of family members there today too. read into that what you will. we'll find out soon as bill said. meantime this story for you this morning. "black lives matter" protesters operate on the belief that police officers are a threat to african-americans, but statistics show that that is not necessarily the case. even some lawmakers are touting quite publicly that math. watch. >> it is more critical than ever that we reach a final agreement on police accountability and standards. at the time when
7:45 am
african-americans are 30% more likely than whites to be pulled over after, over while driving, more than three times more likely to have their car searched, and more than twice as likely to be shot by police, it is imperative that we restore public faith in our criminal justice system. martha: that was testimony from the other day, congressman there. heather mcdonald joins us, senior fellow at manhattan institute, author of the book "the war on "cops"." which she wrote and op ed in editorial section of "wall street journal" titled, the myth of "black lives matter." welcome back to the program once again. >> thank you. martha: since the last time you and i spoke dallas has happened, but i want to get you to address john con year's remarks -- con year's marks and very specific at that at
7:46 am
statisticsblack black people are under a three in country. is that your finding? >> studies show police officers are less likely to shoot armed blast suspects than armed white suspects. there is a lot more armed black suspects out there but in fact confronted with the choice, officers hesitate much longer deciding to whether they shoot. they shoot unarmed black mensch less than they shoot unarmed white men. this false conceit that the police are somehow all become racist across the country after they become officers is producing, as we can see, very dangerous anarchy in the streets. martha: you know we saw the images as the protesters went out there in dallas that evening. they were protesting the deaths of philando castile and alton sterling and the police put out pictures of themselves standing right next to the protesters
7:47 am
protecting their right to protest. then we all know the horrific scene and tragic, tragic loss that unfolded just hours after that. so your thoughts on what you saw happening on the streets in dallas between the police officers and protesters and then what followed? >> well, it is not surprising, martha, because this is not the first time that officers have been assassinated by, because of the inflammatory rhetoric and hatred directed at them by the "black lives matter" movement and amplified by the white house. in december 2014 two officers in new york city were gunned down in cold blood, again, inspired by "black lives matter" lies. so rhetoric has consequences, ideas have consequence. if you continue to spread the myth that the greatest threat facing young black men today is police officers and president obama has said things very close to that, not only before dallas
7:48 am
but after dallas to my amazement, it is not surprising that people on the fringe are going to take that message seriously and seek vending against. it would be one thing for president obama to denounce criminal justice racism if we were living under jim crow and if there was good cause for that. it is not. there is a fair system. police are in minority neighborhoods because that's where people are being victimized at astronomical rates. martha: what do you say to those although more whites and hispanics who are killed by police officers, the percentage still skews towards young black men primarily who are targeted unfairly they believe by police officers in some cases? and speak to the fact that the fear that exists in the black community when they are confronted by police. >> being stopped by the police can be enfur rating and
7:49 am
terrifying experience, no question about that. police have to do everything they can to treat people with courtesy and respect. it is not a case everybody in inner-city communities is walking around terrified of the police. i was in a police community meeting in the south bronx last summer and a woman spontaneously burst out, how lovely when we see the police. they're my friends. i talked to people like mrs. sweeper, please jesus, send more police. she is cancer amputee only feels safe to go into the lobby when police are there. otherwise, kids trespassing, colonizing and selling drugs and smoking weed. tough understand police activity in the context of crime data. it is true, blacks are 26% of all people fatally shot by the police. that is more than their representation in the population but it is far less than their participation in violent crime rates. blacks commit about 2/3 of all violent crime in the largest
7:50 am
counties in this country, even though they're only 15% of the population. and it is calls for service that brings police into neighborhoods, confronting armed and resisting suspects. martha: heather mcdonald, you have done a lot of research into this. there is study out of harvard, 15-year study as well that corroborates for work that you worked on for many years. thank you very much, heather. more to come on that. bill: jon scott coming up in a moment on "happening now." let's go to jon to see what is cooking. good morning, jon. >> we're awaiting a key announcement for the trump campaign. who might he pick for vice president? cameras were staking out the home of indiana governor mike pence moments ago as the trump family paid him a visit. we have the latest on vp hunt. shocking new polls in three important battleground states. hillary clinton losing to trump in florida and pennsylvania. they're tied in ohio. according to quinnepiac. big shift in the race for the white house.
7:51 am
we'll get into it coming up. bill: thank you, jon. see you at the top of the hour. it is another difficult day in dallas. moments from now the first of five funerals for the police officers killed in last week's horrendous attack will get underway. in a moment we take you there live. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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7:55 am
big papi planning to retire next year. plus a touch of controversy. who would think over the canadian national an them. have you heard this. give it a listen. ♪ we're all brothers and sisters, all lives matter to the grave ♪ bill: get that? singer changed lyrics of canada's national anthem to show support for all lives matter. that singer suspended from the group indefinitely. the maple leaf goes up there in san diego. how about that? didn't see that one coming. martha: all lives matter that is very controversial. who would ever point we get to a thought where saying all lives matter is a matter of controversy. that is where we are, at least in canada and probably here too. anyway. got a big meeting that we want to talk to you about in indiana. the indiana governor mike pence got a visit from donald trump today.
7:56 am
so what does it mean? everybody reading into the tea leaves here. does it mean that he is in? does it mean that he is out? we'll be right back.
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molly: what a beautiful william nelson song. nasa's juneau spacecraft beaming back the first photos from jupiter while circling the planet. this image, look at that. it's beautiful. taken at a distance of 3 million miles , i can't even think about that. it shows jupiter surrounded by four of its largest moons. scientists believe cameras are stillworking after intense radiation entering the planets orbit so it looks like they are doing well and
8:00 am
will have even fewer photos . greg: remember what nasa said last week, it was the most difficult thing they've ever done and that's saying a lot so we will get more pictures soon. molly: they got a lot of difficult things. greg: we will be in cleveland na so we will see you then. molly: "happening now" starts right now. jon: donald trump getting closer to announcing his choice for a running mate just days before the republican convention in cleveland, welcome to "happening now", i'm jon scott. heather: and i'm heather downward in for jenna lee. weeks of consultation with family and friends, sources say that donald trump is narrowing his bp list substantially. new video came into our newsroom a short while ago of donald trump and indiana governor mike pence. you can see him there as they shake hands, they met this morning, the presumptive nominee just emerged from the governor's home where he shook hands after meeting


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