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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 13, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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like they are doing well and will have even fewer photos . greg: remember what nasa said last week, it was the most difficult thing they've ever done and that's saying a lot so we will get more pictures soon. molly: they got a lot of difficult things. greg: we will be in cleveland na so we will see you then. molly: "happening now" starts right now. jon: donald trump getting closer to announcing his choice for a running mate just days before the republican convention in cleveland, welcome to "happening now", i'm jon scott. heather: and i'm heather downward in for jenna lee. weeks of consultation with family and friends, sources say that donald trump is narrowing his bp list substantially. new video came into our newsroom a short while ago of donald trump and indiana governor mike pence. you can see him there as they shake hands, they met this morning, the presumptive nominee just emerged from the governor's home where he shook hands after meeting
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that included, this is interesting john, some of donald trump's children be what they are said to be his top campaign advisers as new polls show a dramatic shift in key battleground states. according to the latest university survey, ultra now leads hillary clinton in florida, 42 to 39 percent. in ohio they are tied at 41 and in pennsylvania trump leads clinton 3 to 41 percent. in the meantime according to a new mcclatchy poll needs trump 42 to 39 percent in a nationwide head-to-head matchup marking the first time mrs. clinton has dropped below in that survey. let's talk about it with ted o'keefe, political reporter for the washington post. the political conventions are coming up, how would you assess the strength of these two candidates? >> certainly there's in a tight race as we see these clinton ahead of mister trump
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by a more sizable margin but ultimately the surveys that are going to matter and really start to matter by the end of this month once the conventions are held are those surveys in the state you just mentioned, places like ohio, pennsylvania, florida, colorado, maybe ohio or new hampshire that have been swing state in the past but what it continues to show is this remains tight which is why the decision fair going to have to make in the next few days regarding a running mate might be a way to distinguishthemselves and explain to skeptics how they be making those decisions and with whom . jon: pennsylvania has voted republican since 1988. does it surprise you donald trump is doing so well there? >> it doesn't surprise me that republicans are trying again but democrats can rely on unreliable turnout especially in philadelphia and in pittsburgh, they are hosting their convention there in a few weeks in philadelphia. so far they seem confident but i think it trump is going to win one of those
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distressed rust belt states is going to be somewhere like pennsylvania or ohio, less so perhaps in wisconsin or michigan given the makeup of the state so they have areas certainly that are quite intrigued by trump and that's why you're going to see him continue to spend so much time there. they're excited about ohio although democrats point out their operations on the ground so far are much more robust than the republicans have set up for mister trump. jon: as usual, donald trump is tweeting about all this. people went out now that says thank you florida, ohio and pennsylvania. hillary is not qualified and then hashtag, i'm with you but it's awfully early. we have a long way to go. it would appear that hillary clinton's popularity numbers have been somewhat hurt by the revelations of the justice department's email situation and the testimony before congress of the fbi director.>> that whole situation has helped keep her numbers underwater.
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her favorability is under 50 percent, so are mister trump's given how things have gone for him and the controversy he generated that has turned off so many swing voters in different states, is perhaps not surprising but she's done nothing to help fix her problems in that measurement especially. she's apologized for it but never came out again after the investigation was completed to sort of but madoff and again apologize for that situation. we will see whether she uses her convention to address that problem, certainly mister trump planning to do that here in cleveland next week. jon: she finally got the endorsement of her competitor, bernie sanders area is not going to give her about? how effective will that be? >> we will see. that's been the belief that in certain measurements among younger voters and some minorities in some of these swing state for sanders did well, perhaps you will see a two or three percentage point bump the reality of the democratic situation has been
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clear for a few weeks so if sanders supporters were really holding out for him for officially to say it will be reflected in polling that comes next week or the week after but certainly it was something she needed to do. they clearly wanted to do it sooner but are pleased with how it went yesterday although it was telling that in the crowd you were still hearing faults chanting sanders name in their support for him and it's been a vociferous response to his decision to do this online with supporters they're still not going to support hillary clinton. jon: you talked earlier about the importance of the vice presidential pick and what it might do in terms of geography. we believe that trump's short list includes mike pence of indiana and newt gingrich and chris christie of new jersey. do you see one of those standing out in terms of the bulk they might be able to deliver for donald trump?
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>> the one that republicans would like to be in play is new jersey which has been a reliably blue state but given christie's popularity there it's unclear how they would be able to flip the state and make it republican. indiana voted republican in 2012, went for the president in 2008, democrats elected back to back and mike pence could help hold on to the state. part of the intrigue surrounding today's state is that trump's children have never really known mike pence before all this speculation began in the last two weeks. they become more intimate and familiar with mister gingrich, mister christy got they been around a little longer advising trump and trump has no them far longer than governor pants so the idea that there meeting today is designed for the kids especially to get to know the governor as trump decide on what to do, we anticipate within the next 48 to 72 hours. jon: if it were christie, it's hard to see how new york and new jersey, a couple of liberal leaning northeastern states really appeal to the great swap of america.>>
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right but if you're not worried about geography, you're not winning worried about winning the home state and you want to as trump has said in the wall street journal that he want, who better perhaps than christie who proved during the campaign that he certainly can level a few blows against his opponent as he did against senator rubio in that infamous debate and as he been known to do against opponents in state government. christie remains in the mix. gingrich of course who has been known as a partisan attack dog most of his career, the bigger unknown is pence who has not been known to be as aggressive as the other two guys that certainly brings other things to the table including washington and executive state-level experience. jon: and o'keefe, political reporter at the washington post. thank you for coming out. heather: a new dilemma of merging for some republicans when it comes to the race for the white house, it involves those in republican running in battleground and blue states were facing uncomfortable questions about their level of support for donald trump.
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dean springer is following this story, live from seattle today. dan, tell us about those states and races. reporter: there is genuine concern about republicans they could lose control of the senate where they currently have an eight seat advantage. the democrats play by is simple. it's also happening in governor's races. this ad was paid for by the washington state democratic party and it goes after gop challenger bill bryant is being slammed not for supporting trump but for refusing to say whether he will vote for trump or not. bryant like a lot of republican candidates says trump could be a nonissue. >> i did an entire town hall the other day and no one asked me about it at all. we talked about education, we talked about traffic, mental health and when i got out in the parking lot the reporters wanted to talk to me about mister trump. reporter: democratic party leaders say trump is a legitimate campaign issue that he is the fact a leader
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of the gop. most candidates when asked say they will support their party's nominee but there are a handful of candidates in blue and purple states in the never trump crowd and the republican party seems to be okay with that if it helps them in their individual races. senate candidate in washington state and former state party chairman says he can't support trump. mark cook, the incumbent senator in illinois is down in his race and says he won't vote for trump. incumbents in oklahoma are on the fence.the rnc chair says candidates have to make their own call but this is politics as usual and democratic candidates will have their own difficulties defending the top of their ticket . >> we use candidates loyalties to hillary clinton who is dishonest and has been deemed lying over many importantthings in this country , this is something that in politics that happens. >> expect to see these attack ads from both sides of the aisle throughout the campaign. heather? heather: iq. jon: right now, funeral
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services getting underway for two of the five officers murdered last week in dallas. as they prepare for protesters on the streets of that city. casey siegel is reporting live from dallas. reporter: john, in fact those two funerals are going on simultaneously as we speak. across the city of dallas, let's show you my pictures now coming into the fox news channel. you are looking at mary immaculate catholic church. the family and friends are gathering to say goodbye to sergeant michael smith. he worked for the dallas police department for 28 years and in that time received 85 various awards and commendations. sergeant smith is survived by his wife and two daughters, he was 56.let's take you now live to the potter's house church area funeral services beginning there for tart officer brent thompson right now.
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the 43-year-old was married just two weeks ago. thompson's bride now a widow is also a dart police officer. she was not on duty last thursday night. senior corporal lorne ahrens will beremembered and eulogized an hour from now when his funeral gets underway . lorne ahrens was 48 years old and was a 14 year veteran of the dvd. he leaves behind a wife and two children. this community will still have to bury two more officers in the coming days, officer michael krol will be honored on friday, services for officer patrick zamarripa are scheduled for saturday. here is that falling euros father. >> i hope people realize that police officers are not all bad guys. that they are there to help people. you know?
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i raise my son and said look, when you are going to be a police officer don't be that bad,. you know right from wrong, i've told you what's wrong and what's right. do the right thing. reporter: that breathing dad went on to say that we are quote, all of god's children and that this violence has to stop. john mark. jon: we all agree. casey siegel, thank you p7 a string of deadly shootings may be linked to one suspect and now the fbi is on the case looking for this man. plus the bricks it sparked his exit and today it becomes official. david cameron now making his way for his female successor. how all the political drama for the uk will actually affect us here at home, we will talk about that and we want to hear from you.would you like to see donald trump choose as his vice presidential running mate? we have a live chat up and
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jon: right now some crime stories we are following. police in phoenix now identifying four more cases linked to a string of deadly shootings. in one of the earlier incidents, a witness was able to get police suspect ascription. they now believe all the shootings were committed by the same person. the fbi is involved in the investigation. the defense just rested in the fourth trial of the baltimore police officer linked to the death of freddie gray. lieutenant brian rice is the highest ranking of the six officers charged in that case. raise death from a broken neck after he was taken into police custody sparked riots in baltimore and across the country. we are awaiting a key ruling in the deadly church shootings case in south carolina where a judge will decide whether defendant dylan ruth should face a state trial on murder charges before his federal trial in november.
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heather: a political changing of the guard in the uk today, british prime minister cameron committing his resolute resignation to the greek queen, this happened less than an hour from now and it paves the way for theresa may to become the country's second female minister inhistory. first order of business is going to be big , overseeing ribbons split from the european union. joining us now to talk about this, tomrogan, foreign-policy columnist and a domestic polity policy columnist for opportunity let , tom, thank you. are we looking at the newiron lady which is of coursehow margaret facture was officially , affectionately known . >> i don't think necessarily a new iron lady but i think someone who follows in the vein of margaret thatcher's absolute confidence in terms of managing the various
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leaders of government and specifically there, one thing americans should look at as far as trying to judge what they might expect from theresa may is for the last six years she has been in charge of the british ministry responsible for counterterrorism, a whole range, basically british national security at home, immigration as well and that is seen as it incredibly difficult portfolio to manage and by all accounts both left and right, she managed that well and in terms of the relationship with united states specifically, theresa may because of that counterterrorism role that knows how important the special relationship is in terms of us, uk intelligence sharing. heather: that's good news for americans and everyone who's concerned about terrorism and world security.will her relationship be stronger with the us that was under david cameron comes to terrorism? >> i think it will be under terrorism. the relationship is already close at least in terms of intelligence sharing area it's hard to see how it could because her but dad david cameron, his understanding of
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counterterrorism portfolio was limited essentially to briefs, theresa may has been in the nuts and bolts of it, essentially in oral somewhat similar to the fbi director of the united states. it doesn't have a parallel in the us political system so there will be that relationship with bear and again with the rise of isis and other terrorist groups and border instability, that is a positive thing. heather: on the other hand you say she may be inclined to turn a blind eye to chinese and russian aggression and that's a big issue going forward so how do you see that playing out? >> so that's the second, there might be an opportunity there . in terms of this one negative factor and one of the things americans have to understand is in the united kingdom there is, well there is but it's not nearly as astute, and fbi equivalent and the role of russian organized crime in london but also criminal entities is very
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significant and one of the reasons the british government has turned a blind eye to that in some ways is the russian oligarchs put a lot of money into especially london property, etc. and on china, the british government wants to have an increasingly close relationship with china through the asian investment and infrastructure bank but other areas so that chinese finance in terms of investing in british projects continues and the quid pro quo there might be that the british government says for example what china is doing in the south china sea , right. heather: let it go, so that has to be something for us to be concerned about. lastly, brexit is such a big issue and that might have are focused on that for some time. you see that coming here and trying to establish a relationship with the outgoing obama relationship or does she put it on hold until she figured out who the next president is? she will want to come here in the next i would think this month and the reason she will want to do that first and foremost is try and consolidate investment
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confidence that even with brexit ongoing, the british economy will remain stable and secondly she will want to come here because of the importance of that special relationship but it will be good forpresident obama and his successor that she is focused but broadly, i think it's a good thing . heather: sounds like good news for americans the way you describe it. she's been described as a realist, a bloodied difficult woman which could be seen as a complement and dependable. great to talk with you and we need to access you for the second half of the segment. well done. john? jon: you are dependable. major developments in the criminal trial after a deadly gas explosion that leveled almost an entire neighborhood in california. the judge's new ruling and what it means for the utility
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reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. heather: new information about the criminal trial in the wake of the deadly gas explosion in california, a story we covered, you will probably remember this dramatic video. the federal judge in the case against utility giant pg and eat making a big role in and it clears the way for witnesses to discuss the blast for the first time. it killed eight people and leveled much of a neighborhood in the city of san bruno. this happened in 2010. until now the trial was focused on allegations the utility company violated safety regulations as well as the federal investigation into that incident, we will keep an eye on that story. .jon: the secret service director speaking out less than a week before the republican convention saying his agency is ready for any security issues that arise
8:26 am
after a year-long preparation . mike tobin live in cleveland with more on that. reporter: john, the director of the secret service says he doesn't sleep well anyway but the pressure is on in the run-up to the rnc here in cleveland.joseph quincy says when you have a major public event, you accept that there will be some sort of an incident or emergency. the real question is how police officers and agents respond. >> every event has some incident. the key is if you have a good plant plan in place, good leadership to attack and be flexible to whatever is thrown your way and i'm confident that here in cleveland we have that. reporter: now there's a lot
8:27 am
of control inside of what they call thesecured zone. the real fluid dynamic happens outside where police are making contact with the public. the mayor of cleveland, the police chief say that street cops are well prepared for it but the head of the cleveland police patrolmen's association has been complaining for months now that gear and training have been late and woefully inadequate. >> right now we are , we took two years to prepare for this. we had two years to get our equipment for this. we're still waiting for things to arrive for this. reporter: demonstrations are certainty, in fact they have already started. you may see pro-life demonstrators go behind me, they are active right now, prior to that it was black lives matter. jon: mike, thank you. keep it right here on fox news for all the campaign action, continuing coverage of the republican national convention starting july 18. the following week we will cover all the action at the democratic convention in philadelphia, all happening here on fox news. heather: president obama speaking at a dallas memorial service yesterday saying the country is not as divided at as it seems but also making more controversial remarks, we will take a look at the
8:28 am
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jon: a look at what's still to come this hour of drama 20.
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as donald trump appears with indiana governor mike pence. is he the one? our political panel weighs in on that and we are learning more about the consequences for a stanford swimmer convicted of rape. what newly uncovered documents could reveal. plus, why the fbi is closing its investigation on edie cooper, the mysterious fugitive who pulled off one of the most daring sky jacking in history. heather: box business alert, the s&p 500 and the tao both opening at record highs today. you look at this. we are looking at 18,000, down 10 percent right now. nicole natalie is live for us at the new york stock exchange to explain why things are looking up. reporter: hi heather. you saw down arrow, we are down about 10 points, we've been up eight of the 10 last trading days and you can't go up forever but it's worth noting and this is the story
8:33 am
here, record high for the dow. record all-time high again for the s&p 500. great for the 401(k)s and iras and all those worries about british exit where we saw stocks plummeted 870 point intoday's , those have been completely erased so here's a look at what helped to propel the dow. in may 2015, these are the five bombings that have added up to about 700 down point, almost 700. mcdonald's, home depot.25 percent gains for mcdonald's, 18 percent for home depot. united health, johnson and johnson and 3m. when you talk to traders and you wonder what's driving the dow higher, here's some of the things we can speak about. the economy. last jobs report was better than expected. we got an earnings season, alcoa, alumina maker other than expected. british exit worries, china growth worries, there's a trend of relief in the near term.
8:34 am
heather: no right heights until december or next year and you still continue to have low oil which is below $45 a barrel and the prospect of stimulus around the globe read in japan there's talk of monetary and fiscal stimulus and in the bank of england there's talk about a reduction of rates that we haven't seen in years. you put that all together and it helps to have the dow and the snp and they are risking higher, there's still worries about it but for now we can say we are hitting the marks and hitting a record day after day. you remember when we had dow 10,000 and they make a hat for every one of these. first there was the dow 15,000 and a producer made it 18,000 and now one of the traders he is hoping for dow 20,000. heather: i like that. i like the american optimism there. life for us at the stock exchange, nicole, thank you.
8:35 am
be on you might have been watching yesterday afternoon, president obama delivered an emotional speech in dallas saying he refuses to give up hope despite what he called a fault line in our democracy exposed by the massacre of five police officers in texas. >> i understand how americans are feeling. but dallas, i'm here to say we must reject such despair. i'm here to insist that we are not as divided as we seem. and i know that because i know america. i know how far we've come against impossible odds. [applause] jon: let's bring in jason riley, a senior fellow at the manhattan institute. fox news contributor and author of please stop helping us, how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed.
8:36 am
jason, welcome thank you for having me. jon: what do you think of the speech? >> we've heard it all before, john. the president wants to have it both ways. he was to explain to the country that this anti-violence, violence is inexcusable and he's right about that. what a difficult job they had. we heard that after ferguson and so forth but then he pivots and he winks at the black lives matter movement whose rhetoric, irresponsible rhetoric i think has created an environment that led to what happened in dallas. the president wants to have it both ways. he wants to indulge this blatantly false narrative that there's some epidemic in this country of racist cops hunting black men and that is just simply untrue. jon: the police chief of dallas said for instance when 75 percent of black kids are raised in single-parent households, you're going to run into authority problems. >> we are scapegoating cops, the black lives matter is scapegoating cops for all
8:37 am
kinds of anti-social behavior going on in our city ghettos and its not helping these black communities to the extent that they end up with less effective policing. these are the communities that need it the most. this irresponsible rhetoric is not helping. my colleague heather mcdonald at the manhattan institute had a fascinating op-ed in today's wall street journal noting that there have been around2100 shootings in chicago this year already. nine of them , nine of these shooting victims were perpetrated by cops, pilot shootings by cops. nine out of close to 2100. the problem is not the cops. the problem in these neighborhoods is other young violent men killing one another. jon: sometimes the problem is the lack of cops, isn't it? >> exactly. we had a study by a harvard economist, a black economist who did a multi-your comprehensive study that found no bias in police shootings, none. zero.
8:38 am
this is a false narrative that is being pushed by the left and the black lives matter movement in particular and i think the president should condemn it outright instead of equipping the way he has so far be on the president pivoted in his speech to the idea of gun control saying that it's easier in some inner-city neighborhoods for a young black kid to get his eyes hands on a glock than a book or a computer. that seems like a bit of hyperbole to me but here's what you wrote in your column. if the overwhelming majority of gun owners in the us act responsibly, is the bigger problem the number of guns or the small minority of irresponsible gun owners? and if the perpetrators of gun violence arse concentrated among certain racial and ethnic groups, isn't it more likely that culture attitudes and established authority in general in the criminal justice system in particular tells us more about nonviolence than the number of firearms in circulation? i left the answers to those questions seem to be of little interest to most liberals, even the honest ones.
8:39 am
>> and i think the mainstream liberal media should not be let off the hook here. washington post last week ran a very long, prominent story breaking down police shootings by race. but nowhere did it break down criminal acts by race. you cannot talk about one without talking about the other. if you do that, you are pushing a political propaganda, pushing an agenda. you're not trying to get to the root of the problem. the police are responding to behavior and certain behaviors are then concentrated among certain groups and that is not something the left wants to talk about, they don't want to talk honestly about crime because they're worried about the black vote and the responses that talking about crime had been the black community. jon: the title of yourbook, please stop helping, you suggest some of these problems can be laid up at the feet of government spending and other programs
8:40 am
that have been designed to lift people out of poverty . >> the president had that glib line as you mentioned about glock versus books, let's go there. we have school models in this country that will get low income blacks into better schools. you are trying to shut down however voucher programs in washington dc and louisiana and other places. we have models, school models that would work. this president however as a political agenda, he decided to side with the teachers union instead of what the constituency that needs better schools so again, when i hear glib lines like that i am not persuaded that he is serious about getting at the root causes. this is not about gun control. as you mentioned, in rural areas on more guns than people in inner cities yet the violence is in inner-city. the violence is a among blacks and hispanics and the gun-control argument does not hold up. jon: so good to have you on, we will have you back on soon, thank you.
8:41 am
heather: live pictures coming in from london at this hour where prime minister david cameron is taking live outside 10 downing street, let's listen as he steps out. >> ... because of the first ever national living wage. i think of the children who are languishing in the care system and who has not been adopted by loving families. i think of the parents now able to send their children to good and outstanding schools including free schools that simply didn't exist before. i think of over 200,000 young people who take part in nationalcitizens service, the fastest-growing youth program of its kind in the world . again, it wasn't there six years ago. i think of a couple who been able to get married who weren't allowed to in the past and i think of the people on the other side of the world who wouldn't have had clean drinking water but charles can go to school or even be alive were it not for our decision to keep our aid
8:42 am
promises to the poorest people and the poorest countries in our world area and we used our stronger economy to invest in our health service area when i walked in there, there were 18,000 people waiting over a year for their operations. today, it's just 800. too many, still too long but our nhs is a national treasure . from one whose scene start miracles as i have every day. and we strengthened our nation's defenses. the submarines, destroyers and frigates and soon aircraft carriers rolling out her shipyards to keep our country safe in a dangerous world. these are the choices and the changes we've made. and i want to thank everyone who's given so much support to me personally over the years. the incredible team number10, civil servants whose professionalism and impartiality is one of our country's greatest strengths . and my political advisers, some of whom have been with me since the day i stood for
8:43 am
my party's leadership 11 years ago. i want to thank my children, leslie, ellen and florence who downing street has been a lovely home over these last six years. they sometimes take the red boxes full of work. florence, you have climbed into one before a foreign trip and said take me with you. no more boxes. and above all, i want to thank samantha, the love of my life. you have kept me vaguely saying and as well as being an amazing wife, mother and businesswoman, you have done something every week in that building behind me to celebrate the best of voluntary service in our country. we will certainly be heading to buckingham palace to see her majesty the queen where i will tender my resignation as prime minister and i would advise her majesty to invite teresa may to form a new
8:44 am
administration.i'm delighted that for the second time in british history, the new prime minister will be a woman and once again a conservative. i believe teresa will provide drawn and stable leadership in fulfilling the conservative manifesto on which we were elected and i wish her well in negotiating the best possible terms for britain's exit from the european union. let me finish by saying this: the spirit of service is one of this country's most remarkable qualities. i've seen that service day in and day out in the incredible work of our armed forces, our intelligence agencies and our police. it is something i always knew but as prime minister, you see it so directly that it blows you away. and of course, writing those heartbreaking letters to the families who lost loved ones is appointment reminder of the profound scale of what these men and women give for us in the defense of our freedoms and our way of life.
8:45 am
we must never forget that. in a different way, i've seen the same spirit of service in the amazing contributions of countless volunteers and in communities up and down our country who are making our society bigger and stronger. and i'm proud that every day for the past two years i've used the office of prime minister in a nonpolitical way to recognize and thank almost fix hundred of them. as points of light whose service can be an inspiration to us all. for me, politics has always been about publicservice in the national interest . it is simple to say but often hard to do. but one of the things that sustains you in this job is the sense that yes, our politics have argument and debate and it can get quite heated but no matter how difficult the decisions are, there's a great sense of british fairplay, a quiet but prevailing sense that most people wish their prime minister well and want them to stick at it and get on with the job. so i want to take this moment to say thank you to all those
8:46 am
who written letters and emails offering me that support. people who i will never get to meet and never get to thank personally. it has been the greatest honor of my life to serve our country as prime minister over these last six years and to serve as leader of my party almost 11 years and as we leave for the last time, my only wish is continued success for this great country that i love so very much. i can. thank you. [applause] heather: there we have it, prime minister david cameron walking into 10 downing street with his wife and children as he prepares to tender his resignation to queen elizabeth the second area that will happen at buckingham palace later today
8:47 am
and that paves the way for a new prime minister, the second female prime minister in that nation's history, teresa made. we talked about about her earlier today, she was the home secretary which means she handles counterterrorism and is an important ally to the united states, that is a major issue for us going forward. plus, concerned about her positions on the country, china and russia as it pertains to the united states and some of the aggressions they had in recent years you want the kid looked a little glum to be leaving 10 downing street. i'm sure it's the only home the little ones have known, really. they've been there the last six years and it's got to be shocking. dad loses his job, he did resign, wasn't firedbut does resign as prime minister and with it comes the perk of 10 downing street so they are going away ,headed to buckingham palace to tender his resignation to the queen and we won't be seeing david cameron much on the international stage . heather: he did look a little happy out there and just yesterdaywe saw him as he walked back into 10 downing street after having made an
8:48 am
announcement coming . they caught him on a hot mike hunting so he must be in a good mood as he can handle that whole brexit boat and untangling brexit to someone else and that's going to be a big job.jon: a great way to change governments and do it peacefully and not the way they do it in some other nations. heather: that is for sure. speaking of changing governments and doing it hopefully peacefully, let's head back at home what where we are talking about donald trump teasing a crowd with some vp speculation of his own. not just yesterday but also today, a short while ago he met with indiana governor mike pence but he is meeting now with newt gingrich and that is happening. yesterday, mike pence made an impassioned speech as he blasted hillary clinton, watch this. >> i often joke. you will be calling upmike pence, i don't know whether he's going to be your governor or vice president,
8:49 am
who the hell knows . heather: let's talk with brad blakeman, deputy assistant to president george w. bush and a former advisor to bill clinton and also a fox news contributor. okay, so a lot of talk about mike pence, the governor of indiana. some conservatives are so crazy about him because he changed position on religious freedom loss. it's not a big state so brad, why would he potentially pick mike pence? >> if you look at his job application that trump put out, he said he needs somebody to help them govern and mike pence is a guy that has great relationships on the hill having served in congress and he is an executive, the popular governor of indiana so if you look at trumps application, i think mike pence checks all the boxes. talking about new, i happen to believe new was a contemporary of donald trump in age who is in his 70s, he
8:50 am
is going to be a great candidate for chief of staff which i would argue is more powerful than vice president area having newt who knows the inner workings of the white house, knows how to work with congress and yet mike pence as vp, that's the perfect trifecta with a president. heather: that is such an interesting idea to potentially have newt gingrich as chief of staff. were going to have to take a break and a second but does he need a christian conservative like mike pence to shore up the base or does he need somebody more populist? >> he does need a christian conservative. i think newt gingrich who has the leadership qualities that brad described is much more suited for an inside job or a national security job then he is to be the vice president but donald trump has problems on the right and if mitt romney has problems getting the right wing of the party to turn out, that i think will help with that and kennedy, both gingrich and
8:51 am
the other main contender chris christie have negatives so i'm going to bet on pence and i think that's the smart choice. heather: we saw them today meeting with donald trump and just as significant, with his children as well. the ground, i want to talk with you more of about this after the break, we will be right back. >> perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. americans are buying more and more of everything online.
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heather: back brad blakeman and robert show continue our conversation about donald trump and the potential vp pick which we know that donald trump met with mike pence earlier today and we understand he's meeting at this moment with newt gingrich as he tries to figure out who he's going to pick. brad and doug, one of the
8:55 am
things that we were talking about chris christie and mike pence, all white guys. you look at some of the guys that hillary clinton or the ladies hillary clinton is picking and she's got more of a mix so brad, do republicans need to have a broader group of people that they are electing from? >> we do have a broader group and you will see that as trump starts to talk about the people he will attract to his cabinet, the people he will bring to the white house. i think you need to pick somebody is vice president who most importantly can assume the office of president if something should happen to the president but also you need somebody going to attract your base and also have outreach to those they need to attract your ticket like independents or conservatives, fiscally responsible democrats so i think that's why pence is so attractive. he's the chief executive, comes from the midwest eight and i think that trump although he has some good ideas, he doesn't have the experience of governing so don't look to a quota system within any party. look for the best and brightest, and augment that with best and brightest as
8:56 am
you move around the country to see who you canattract in government . heather: if mike pence is his selection, when he double down on some of donald trump's more controversial statements? you see him as the kind of guy would be defending him or will he let donald trump take this himself? >> based on what he said so far he will defend the republican platform and defend donald trump 100 percent and i think any president requires that. just turning to the one of the problems hillary clinton would have with bernie sanders or elizabeth warren is not withstanding unity of the last couple weeks i don't think she can count on them to be 100 percent down the line with her all the time. you need a vice president who was with you but to your question, let me be clear. brad is right that there are stark demographic differences between the democratic and republican parties which
8:57 am
given the electoral map, give the democrats an advantage. there's a good chance the democrats will end up with a ticket that is far more balanced in terms ofcurrent culture and gender . heather: i hate to cut off, we will be right back. [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone]
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. . . .
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>> heather and i are back in one hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. the countdown is on as donald trump is in the final phase of picking a running mate. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris fullinger in, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, make fan mccain, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business melissa francis, our #oneluckyguy, host of geraldo rivera reports, reporter geraldo rivera. you're outnumbered. >> delighted to be so. sandra: we're about to have a lot of fun. the veepstakes is full on. we might get announcement any day now, any moment. let's get started.


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