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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 13, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> he hit a ball out and got caught in left field. but he's batting .302, so that's pretty good. >> he earned it. "special report" up next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. hillary clinton and donald trump getting looks tonight at how the general election landscape may be shaping up in the all-important swing states. new fox polls out, clinton leading donald trump in virginia and colorado. out west in colorado, clinton's advantage is ten points, 44-34. in virginia, clinton leads by seven. 44-37. but a new quinnipiac poll has trump up 42-39 in florida, an 11-point swing from three weeks ago. ohio is deadlocked with each candidate getting h 4 1%. and trump leads clinton in
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pennsylvania 43-41%. donald trump is concentrating on the selection of a running mate. i spoke with him about the process and where the campaign is right now. earlier today in indianapolis. so you had breakfast at governor pence's place. >> i did. >> and your kids were there. how did that go? >> it went really well. high quality person. wonderful guy. he's always been very respectful to me and really appreciate, you know, i think appreciates what i've done politically. we had a great meeting. >> so last night at your rally, you usually end with, you're going to get tired of winning and winning. last night you altered it a little bit. >> i often joke, you'll be calling up mike pence, i don't know whether he's going to be your governor or your vice president. who the hell knows? >> if you don't name him for vp, are you going to have some angry
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hoosiers or angry conservatives? >> i don't think so. indiana has been a strong state for me. the governor has been amazing. so we'll see what happens. newt gingrich is coming in today to see me here. and then i'm going out to san diego where we have a big fund-raiser for the republican party, the rnc. >> so basically you're down to two? >> no. chris christie is somebody i've liked a long time. he's a total professional, he's a good guy, a lot of people don't understand that. i'm narrowing it down. i'm at three, potentially four. but in my own mind, i probably am thinking about two. >> what's the biggest factor from you? >> i just want to pick somebody that's solid, who's smart. i'm not looking for an attack dog. frankly, i'm looking for somebody that really understands what we're talking about. i would rather have the whole thing be on policy. i've said that before. people think of me as an
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attacker, but i would rather be talking about policy. if we can take our campaign against hillary clinton and only talk about policy, not talking about crooked hillary and all of the things we're talking about, i would be very happy. but it doesn't seem to be going that way, because they've spent, i guess close to $100 million on negative ads on me already. and guessed on the polls i'm seeing, i'm leading and i haven't started spending money yet. i think her greatest accomplishment will be getting out of her e-mail scandal. that's the single greatest accomplishment to me that she's done, how she was able to get away from the lies, the deceit, the destruction of 33,000 e-mails. to me that's her greatest accomplishment. >> do you think the foundation investigation goes forward, do you think that's things there -- >> i think the foundation is corrupt. how can you do worse? you have the fbi director saying she did all of these things, and everybody said oh, wow, she's guilty. and then the word "however"
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comes out. the foundation is corrupt, and she's corrupt. but the foundation -- i mean, she's not going to have any problem because of the e-mails. look what happened to other people who did a tiny fraction of what she did and their lives have been destroyed. >> "the new york times" editorial today, when have you seen this? mr. trump is right. >> no, way. >> mr. trump is right. >> i don't believe this. this is a major event. i think that's the biggest news of the week. >> about justice ginsburg. >> she's a disgrace to the supreme court. for her to politicize the supreme court, and this is all the more reason why i hope i win. because i've got 11 justices that are absolutely incredible justices. highly respected by all,
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including liberal people frankly. for her to come out and to say the kind of things -- there's almost something wrong with her. i don't think anybody has seen that before. >> are you questioning her mental ka pacapacity? >> yeah, i think i am. for her to do that was either a very dumb mistake -- and she's been criticized by people who have always been on her side. that might be the only got editorial i've ever gotten in "the new york times." but for her to have done that was an absolute disgrace to the supreme court. and she owes the country, our country an apology. and she owes the supreme court of the united states an apology. it was disgusting. >> would you, within the first 100 days, use executive action or employ some other means to make it easier for federal employees, who are members of
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the civil service, to be fired? >> we have to do something where people are going to do the right thing for our country. if you look at what's going on as an example with the veterans administration, where we have people that are so bad, that are thieves. we caught them red handed stealing. you look at the arizona v.a., where they're stealing, they're thieves, just like hillary clinton. and we can't fire them because they're protected. so something has to be done. we'll get it done. >> where are you on the tax returns? are you going to release them? >> i'm under order, very routine order, i've been under audit. it get audit every year. >> you know what people have said -- >> sure. >> they said you can still release them. >> mitt romney didn't want to give his tax returns. he fought like crazy. then harry reid told a vicious
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lie that was untrue. and then mitt romney, very, very late, decided to give his tax returns. now, remember this, i'm under audit. it's a routine audit. nobody would do that under audit and everybody understands that. but he gave those tax returns and they were fine. he was destroyed. they went through his returns, which were peanuts compared to what i have. you saw the stacks of paper. he gave his returns, and they found little items, little items in those returns that were nothing. >> you know other candidates have done it. so it's not going to happen? >> oh, it could happen if the audit is finished. >> you're giving speeches off the teleprompter more. some people have noticed that your tone has changed a little bit. the twitter kind of back and forth has slowed a little bit. is this the turn that everybody talks about that you're pivoting now to become this kind of more
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controlled presidential candidate? >> i'll give you a terrible answer. i don't think so. i want to be myself. you know, it got me here. i made a speech last night, tremendous crowd, you saw it in indiana. tremendous crowd. if i ever walked into that crowd of 8,000, 9,000 people and had a teleprompter in front of me and read a speech, you would probably lose most of them by the time i was finished. i like doing the teleprompter, it works for me on detailed speeches. fortunately, i have the kind of memory where i can do it without teleprompters. >> are you going to use a teleprompter at the convention? >> a lot of people have asked me that question. they said boy, that could be a great speech, but i'm probably going to use a teleprompter. what is is the story you're going to tell at the convention? >> i'm going to tell a law and order story. i am the law and order candidate.
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but the problem with the police is one incident happens, it's bad, and it's broadcast all over the world for weeks and weeks. hundreds of thousands of things that they do that are incredible, nobody talks about. we're going to have to talk about them. i find it very interesting, the media can distort images and pictures. i've never seen people really fight back against the media, certainly not like i fight back against the media. this whole never trump movement is nonsense. >> you're not worried about it? >> not even a little bit. i've known lonigan for 25 years. he's a loud mouthed guys. i think he even ran for governor against chris christie and got killed. he's a loser. he's always lost. i see him on all these shows. i saw him last night where paul ryan was being interviewed. he got up to ask a question, and, you know, nasty guy.
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always been a nasty guy. he's a loser. but i see him on all these shows, and he's never gotten anywhere. check his record. loss, loss, loss. and i have a couple of other guys. they're running -- when i look at somebody like ben sass, they're very angry at him. because what's the alternative? the alternative is hillary clinton. super liberal judges. our country becomes venezuela. you know, the judges are so important. i put out a list of 11 judges that have gotten rave reviews, and if we're not even talking about anything else, defense is always most important on all of this, but the judges are so important. so when a guy like this ben sass, i never heard of him, from nebraska, he's got a real problem in nebraska. people are not liking him very much because of what he's doing. >> you know there are more than just a couple of people -- >> there always are, bret. you can look back at ronald reagan, look back at anybody.
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there's never been a convention, even if somebody was extremely popular. now you're going to take the person that did that, and in one day with a couple of loud mouths, you're going to see forget about the last year, forget about the fact that trump got more votes than anybody else in the history of the party. >> you say it's not going to happen? >> can't happen. if it did happen, there would be no such thing as primaries. i would say in four years i want to run, why would they go through a full year of going to california, new york, going to new hampshire, going to iowa? all you do is go to the convention, make a little noise and see if you can get in. it doesn't work that way. >> the rules committy is going to do their thing and we'll see what comes out of there. >> you look at the platform right now, it's largely a trump platform. strong on trade, we're doing something for the evangelicals,
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which is incredible. take a look at what's going on with tax exempt status, because they keep getting threatened that we're going to take away your tax exempt status. >> you have to concede that the platform is a little more socially conservative perhaps than you've campaigned on. >> you look at trade -- >> the wall and those things. >> and if you look at the wall and the boarders and you look at all the things, a few people have said it's like a donald trump speech. >> sure. republicans oppose abortion rights for women. republicans oppose women in military combat. do you agree with that? >> well, look, no platform is ever the same way. i would say with women, if they qualify, if they qualify, and i have to say there are very few that qualify from a certain stand point. >> legalizing medical marijuana or any other kind of marijuana. >> oppose that. >> oppose legally married couples adopting children.
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>> just so you understand, no platform i am a representative of the party. many of the things on that platform has been amazing. in fact, some of them i was really surprised that we won, including very strong boarders, et cetera, et cetera. what's happening with the platform is very good. do i agree with everything? nobody ever has. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders, together, they're projecting unity. your thoughts on that and how democrats will react to the republican convention? >> i watched their news conference, which actually did not get the kind of play i thought it would get. i thought you had two people that were so uncomfortable. she's been dragged so far left, it's incredible. and for him to have made the deal, after saying she's got bad judgment. she's the one that -- he went out there and said hillary clinton has bad judgment. actually said she's not qualified to run because of her judgment. and honestly, i was so right
3:14 pm
about that. he was right about two things -- she's got bad judgment and he was right about trade deals, because our country is being stripped of its money and jobs. >> so you're reaching out with the bernie folks? >> i think the bernie folks are very angry that he gave up. he submitted to crooked hillary clinton. he submitted. >> a big jump to get to the bernie folks and the social conservatives. >> they agree with me on trade so much. other than i'll make great deals out of it and he wouldn't know what to do. >> tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the nuclear deal with iran. top u.s. military officials say iran's behavior has not changed. >> sure. i said that a long time ago. >> how would you change the deal? >> they will behave so well, and i hope they don't. this has been the worst deal that i've never seen. i'm talking about any kind of a deal. this was the most incompetently
3:15 pm
done deal. there was no negotiation, there was no walking. we gave them back their $150 billion, which we should have never given. we didn't get our prisoners until it was signed. those prisoners should have come back years ago. >> would you scrap it? >> if a form, it's going to end up being scrapped. it's a horrible thing for israel. the only thing i hate about what's happened, they've gotten $150 billion back. they got it. and that bothers me so much, that they got that. i would have never agreed to give that money back, never. and they have that. but what they've done is incredible. take a look at yemen. we're fighting them in yemen. and kerry is negotiating a deal with the same country that's fighting us all of. but in yemen.
3:16 pm
and i said, i wonder why they don't say you've got to get out of yemen and do something. they didn't want to complicate the deal. the people that are running our country, obama, kerry, these are incompetent people. and i think that's why i'm doing well. >> mr. trump, thanks for the time. >> thank you very much. checking in with campaign carl later in this show. join me this weekend for a special look at donald trump and the gop convention in cleveland. a curtain raiser, if you will. takeover, the trump convention premieres at 8:00 p.m. eastern saturday. next up, hillary clinton says the party of lincoln has become the party of trump. ♪
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funerals were held today for three of the five dallas police officers ambushed by a sniper last week. mourners gathered at separate locations to pay their respects. they were gunned down during a protest against police killings of black men in louisiana and minnesota. funerals for the other two officers will be held in dallas later this week. a president who is taking some criticism from really all sides for his handling of issues
3:21 pm
between police and minorities could be getting a fresh dose of it soon. that's because one of the individuals invited to the white house today to talk about the issue was prominent black lives matter activist duray mckesen. he was among hundreds arrested across the country over the weekend. he spent 16 hours in a baton rouge jail cell until he was released sunday afternoon. just three days later he is at the white house meeting with the president of the united states. others attending, attorney general loretta lynch, al sharpton and a host of others. hillary clinton is trying to sharpen the contrast between herself and donald trump. today, talking about unification and her belief that the likely republican nominee is all about the opposite, division. senior political correspondent mike emanuel reports from the illinois state capital. >> reporter: in the historical
3:22 pm
statehouse in springfield, illinois, hillary clinton spoke about the issues that divide us, after last week's violence in dallas, minnesota, and louisiana, and about trying to unify the country. >> we do need criminal justice reform to save lives, and make sure all americans are treated as equals in rights and dignity. we do need to support our police departments that are trying to get it right. >> reporter: barack obama launched his presidential campaign here in february of 2007. mr. obama returned nine years later to speak to the illinois state assembly, and called for a higher form of discussion in our political life. today, clinton made plenty of references to abraham lincoln and used the 16th president to deliver a swipe at donald trump. >> this man is the nominee of the party of lincoln. we are watching it become the party of trump.
3:23 pm
and that's not just a huge loss for our democracy. it is a threat to it. >> reporter: and she made her case to be the country's 45th president. >> i'm running for president with the belief that we need to face up to these challenges and fix them in order to become a stronger, fairer country. and in times like these, we need a president who can help pull us together, not split us apart. >> reporter: as for senator bernie sanders, fox news has learned just hours after he endorsed clinton, sanders lost his secret service protection. today, sanders faced questions about what took him so long to get behind her? >> when you win 22 states, when young people all over this country are demanding real change, secretary clinton and her team are smart enough to understand that they have got to go where the action is. >> reporter: with sanders out of
3:24 pm
the way, clinton's hopeful democrats will unite around her, but with polls showing her trailing donald trump on being honest, it's clear she has work to do with many voters. bret? >> thank you, mike. carl cameron is in indianapolis tonight with this story. good evening, carl. >> reporter: given that we're five days away from the convention, this is an oddity to have this lawsuit come forth. he was a staffer on the trump campaign and got let go and this lawsuit alleges he violated his nondisclosure agreement about a 2008 teen cory lewandowski and hope hicks, and for leaking that, trump is suing for $10 million. very common for communication
3:25 pm
staffers to get fired, but to see them get sued is something i can't remember in the last five election campaigns. >> so what's the latest, carl? you're in indianapolis. we talked to donald trump there about the vp hunt. what are you hearing behind the scenes? >> reporter: indianapolis is ground zero for the trump vice presidential search. we started the week with five candidates on the short list. we know that lieutenant general mike flynn has been given a speaking slot next week, so he's off the list. then there's senator jeff sessions, the first senator who endorsed donald trump and helped him with his immigration policy. trump describes him as an adviser who can calm him down and give him perspective. then there's newt gingrich that the trump campaign said who was being eyed more for a national security post. that leaves two. those final two, chris christie, who was the first rival to
3:26 pm
endorse trump. and has been working with the transition for weeks. so he's been inside the trump campaign, and they've been social friends for more than a decade. and, of course, mike pence, the governor of indiana, who met -- the families had breakfast here. both sessions and gingrich met with trump today in indianapolis, as well. but as we head into the last 48 hours, it looks as though christie and pence are the two candidates trump is most considering. >> it is possible that the gingrich folks who say that he's in the running and it's really gingrich and pence, it's just going to play out in the next 24 hours. >> reporter: trump loves a surprise. he loves head fakes. so we have 48 hours more of that. when we come back, the changing of the guard in great britain. (vo) pro plan bright mind
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there is a new woman in charge of great britain. and with that transition tonight comes questions about the uk's exit from the eu and its special relationship with the u.s. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palcot has the changing of the guard. the uk has a new prime minister, her name is theresa may, moving into number 10 downing street, after meeting with the queen at buckingham palace. the monarch asked her to form a new government and she accepted. it was david cameron who called the referendum on the uk's status in the european union. leave won, he quit, may stepped in. >> we will forge a bold, new
3:32 pm
positive role for ourselves in the world. and we will make britain a country that works not for a privileged few, but for every one of us. >> reporter: demonstrators protested in favor of brexit, or the british exit from the eu. may also favored staying in. some are worried. >> she has to make sure brexit happens. that's a big challenge for somebody who was in the remain camp. >> reporter: may has been compared with angela merkel, who she no doubt will have to tangle with soon. she's also been compared to the only other female british prime minister, conservative margaret thatcher. as for david cameron, with his wife and three children at his side, he put a brave face on it all. >> and as we leave for the last time, my only wish is continued success for this great country that i love so very much.
3:33 pm
>> reporter: theresa may wasting no time, getting down to business and naming key members of her cabinet, including several important leaders of the brexit campaign, including former london mayor boris johnson as foreign secretary. as for the white house, spokesperson josh earnest saying theresa may is somebody we can do business with. >> greg, thank you. another record high close today for the dow after a gain of 24. the s&p 500 picked up a fraction. the nasdaq was down 17. hillary clinton and donald trump, new polls out tonight. we'll talk to the panel about that and analyze the donald trump interview you heard earlier, coming up.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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i've said that before. people think of me as an attacker, but i would rather talk about policy. i'm very good on policy, and a lot of people don't give you the chance. >> donald trump today in indianapolis talking about his decision on vp, which will come we're told within the next day or so. he is looking at, he says in his head, too, but the three that are whittled down to, we're told, are these gentlemen, mike pence of indiana, newt gingrich, and governor chris christie of new jersey. now, the two in his head, couis pence/gingrich? you see hillary clinton with a lead not really surprising in those two states. but the other polls were a little surprising today, this that donald trump is performing well in this quinnipiac poll, especially when you look at florida, tying in ohio and in a place like pennsylvania that
3:39 pm
republicans historically have not done fantastic in. and you look at the nbc/wall street journal poll, it's a big swing state poll night in america. let's bring in our panel. we welcome mike gallagher. and charles krauthammer. mike, welcome. your thoughts on what donald trump said there, and kind of the positioning in this race, as we get ready to hear his vp choice? >> it's a fine parlor game to speculate what mr. trump is going to do. for a year, america has been saying what is mr. trump going to do? he confounds and surprises and confuses, and goes with his gut. seems to me if he goes with his gut, chris christie or newt gingrich would be a trumpian kind of choice. if he's listening to mr. manaport and appear very
3:40 pm
serious, it would be governor pence. but again, we should all learn to stop predicting what trump is going to do, because every time we think we have him figured out, he pulls a surprise. >> do you agree, mara? >> i agree with that. mike pence is the kind of vp pick that traditional candidates make. they need to shore up their support with a certain part of the motion. mike pence could do that. he's safe. if you want somebody who is more like yourself, you want to double down on your brand, you go for a christie or a newt gingrich for different reasons. >> charles? >> well, i don't know that we can predict, but we can analyze what the advantages are. with pence, i think it's completely safe, but it doesn't move the needle either way. he's not going to help or hurt. it will be a trump campaign and nobody will remember the name pence two weeks into the campaign. i think gingrich is the one who i think would be the best fit, not so much because he doubles down, but because he's the most, if you like, either articulate
3:41 pm
or glib, you can have it either way. but he has such facility with language. he can explain away anything. he can explain anything and explain away anything. after all, last time around he ran a campaign that included a moon base, which is an interesting idea but not easy to sell. so you can anticipate trump will run into problems here and there, as he has in the last year. and the guy you would want to explain it away would be newt. i think he would be very successful about it. >> gingrich talked to sean hannity talking about that meeting, about 2 1/2 hours in indianapolis. take a listen. >> we're kicking around everything from the role of the vice president to how you would manage the relationship with the congress to get things done. you know, it was a very complete
3:42 pm
conversation. i thought one that was totally candid on both sides. >> mike, when you look at these polls, particularly the quinnipiac poll, what do you see? do you see this as a result of a tough couple of weeks for hillary clinton with the e-mail investigation, or is this donald trump hitting a segment of the population that's just there for him this >> it was reported this morning that team clinton has outspent team trump about 40-1 in the battle ground states. so if these polls are correct, you've got to be very, very nervous and very anxious if you are, you know, a hillary supporter and you're in the clinton campaign. there's no way on painer if you spend that kind of money, that they're neck and neck in any kind of poll anywhere. mr. trump said it to you in your interview, he pointed out, i haven't even begun to spend money yet. next week are be the big bump from the republican convention, or a bump as expected. so mrs. clinton has to be concerned about outspending him to this degree and not showing anything -- nothing to show for it, at least in terms of the
3:43 pm
polling. >> mara, you look at the virginia poll from fox. she's up seven in virginia. you know, we've talked about the vp on the donald trump side because it's imminent, but he's looking at tim kaine in virginia. it looks like according to the polls she has a decent lead in virginia. >> almost as if tim kaine would be an insurance policy. it's been a long time since a vice presidential candidate delivered. what changed in the quinnipiac poll was her. if you look at the last quinnipiac poll in those states, she's the one who dropped. they polled, for some reason, they polled over a very long period of time. they take 12 days to do their poll, it was before, during and after comey. but it does indicate she has really been hurt by the e-mail investigation. >> she was already facing the honest and trustworthy issues. >> i think from her point of view, that in some way mitigates
3:44 pm
the impact of these polls, although quinnipiac is an outlier here in the fox polls, much more favorable to her. because this is a -- >> let me interrupt you. colorado and virginia have been more blueish in recent years. >> but these are big leads. i think this is happening at the lowest point in her campaign. she just got indicted, essentially, by comey politically, but he let her off legally. that was sort of an indictment of quite enormous length and detail. and if she -- if this is where she is now, remember, it is also happening when trump has had a good several days, perhaps a week or two, showing discipline, reading speeches off the teleprompter, and not stepping on stories. soy think this is a coincidence of these two swings. we will see a month down the
3:45 pm
road what happens. >> quickly, mike, i asked him about that, is this the turn that everybody talks about. he kind of said, no. >> there are going to be a lot of turns. she said in her speech today that the party of lincoln has become the party of trump. trump could say the democrats have become the party of hillary, and that's a powerful message when you look at the stark differences. next up, donald trump makes his case against supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg after what she said. test test test test test test test test test test
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3:49 pm
for her to come out and to say the kind of things -- there's almost something wrong with her. i don't think anybody has ever seen that before. >> so are you questioning her mental capacitisome >> yeah, i think i am. i think i'm questioning perhaps her mental capacity, yeah. for her to do that was either a very dumb mistake -- >> she's been criticized by people that have always been on her side. i think i'm going to have to frame that "new york times" editorial. might be the only good one i've never gotten from "the new york times." but for her to have done that was a disgrace to the supreme court. and she owes the country an
3:50 pm
apology. >> here is what she said, first to cnn. "he is a faker, he has no comeso his head at the moment. he really has an ego. how has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns. the press seems to be very gentle with him on that. the "new york times" saying i can't imagine what this place would be. i can't imagine what the country would be with donald trump as our president. for the country it could be four years for the court it could be -- i don't even want to contemplate that. you heard the reference to the editorials. "new york times," donald trump is right about justice ruth bader ginsburg. "the washington post" justice ginsburg's inappropriate comments to donald trump. your thoughts. >> when the "new york times" and "the washington post" side with donald trump, one of two things is happening. either birds and fish are going to start living together or a supreme court justice has stepped off the curb in a big way. it's reasonable to say that there might be something
3:51 pm
wrong, you know, when the thought process of a supreme court justice who would throw herself into this like this. once again we see a real world event up fold in a way that benefits trump. in a way you can't even script it. he probably did -- she did him a lot of favors by doing. this politically. >> because, technically, mara, if he wins the presidency and something goes to the supreme court about challenging his policies,. >> as many will happen. it's going to happen, yeah. >> he would be within his rights to say she has to recuse herself. i haven't talked to a single hillary clinton supporter who wasn't like hitting their heads on the table about this. i mean, this is, yet another piece of stunningly bad judgment from a clinton supporter. loretta lynch, bill clinton. you know, ruth bader ginsburg, it's really incredible. yes, supreme court justices have gotten involved in presidential politics before. i don't think three times in one day in public interviews like this. but, if it was bad when
3:52 pm
sandra deo conner expressed her preference for the bushes to win the white house. it's bad when ruth bader ginsburg does this. it was out of line and i think it hurt hillary. >> charles? >> everyone is focusing on how much of a gaffe it was, how inappropriate it was. how she shouldn't have done it. yes, obviously. but the deeper story is that this is a classic washington gaffe. this is a classic uncovering of what's really inside you. this is a classic exposition of the fact that she on the court and the other liberal justices are extremely ideological. people always are talking about how the court is a conservative court. but there is huge amounts of dissension on the conservative side. a lot of defections. the four liberals vote in lock step on everything she showed how divorced and political her rulings are by extension the rest of the liberal court. that, i think is, a deeper
3:53 pm
message and the more damaging. >> here is the "the washington post" editorial. as journalists we generally favor more openness in disclosure from public figures rather than less. yet, justice ginsburg's off the cuff remarks about the campaign fall into that limited category of candor that we can't admire because it's inconsistent with her function in our democratic system. in the story of justice ginsburg's career is written, there will be many highlights, her performance this week alas confirms her fallibility. >> i don't admire her candor but i welcome it. it's a breath of fresh air. we finally know how she feels and how her colleagues feel. >> you are reminded of images of supreme court justices state of the union speech and how they are never supposed to gee betray partisanship for her to do this is bizarre and. >> justice alito merely shook his head and he was
3:54 pm
pillar. >> i asked donald trump what the story he was going to tell. he says he has a lot of stories to tell. what do you think this is going to look like? >> it's the rogue antiestablishment story. i mean, that's what he has to tell. that's why this v.p. pick will be so fascinating. if he tells that story and he goes through the list of the elite establishment a & a financials and mistakes that have been made. he comes out of cleveland in a very good position. >> mara. >> he has to remind voters what they like about him. is he a strong leader. he has to stay on message. he can't get distracted by any petty squabbles. if he can do that he can have a good convention. >> the content doesn't matter the matter and demeanor, the hurdle he needs to go over is for people to feel he is fit to be the president that's what he has got to show. >> that is it for the panel. the convention activities in cleveland have already started and we are there live next. oting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain,
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3:59 pm
you we reported on the proceedings of the platform committee platform of the republican party. goes to the floor of the convention for a vote. ditto for the work of the rules committee which begins tomorrow that will have to go to the full floor for a vote. it's the rules committee sessions other the next two days where the never trump forces sees a their best opportunity, perhaps their last opportunity to derail this demonstration for the real estate billionaire. specifically they want to secure 28 votes on the rules committee. one quarter of the total membership to get them to vote to allow the delegates to vote their conscience and not be bound to caucuses. never trump caucuses say they have those votes. this is a fantasy that lives only in the twitter universe. woe shall see over the next 48 hours how far this gets. but i know our viewers care much more about this. i did make it to the rock and roll hall of fame across the street here in cleveland. it is awesome. great stuff on the battalions, elvis, the blues and everything in between. and right after this live shot, i'm going back. >> fantastic.
4:00 pm
we were there in august. we will see you there tomorrow. james, thank you. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. no online show tonight. heading to cleveland. when we're back in august, a new set. here's greta. >> you're watching the number one prime time of all the cable. >> well, this wild. secret meetings. well, not so secret anymore. all of donald trump's top presidential picks are spotted entering and exiting donald trump's hotel. and right now former speaker of the house newt gingrich. indiana governor mike pence and new jersey governor chris christie all top the short list. but don't count out alabama senator jeff sessions. >> this morning the presumptive nominee fueling speculation that he and some of his family members visited the home of one of the top candidates indiana governor mike pence. >> holding a lot of meetings at the conrad hotel. still meeting with newt gingrich. a meeting that's been going on for an awful long time. >> the other top vp contender said to include new jersey govno