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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  July 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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grove. >> and you had a gator like that? >> no. i had lizards. but i never saw that one in my neighbor's backyard. >> there you go. thanks for joining us. that was a lot of fun. i think i'll come back tomorrow. >> please do. "the real story" starts now. we start with brand-new reports that donald trump has chosen indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. we'll see. hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream. this is the real story. we are awaiting confirmation from trump, who tweeted yesterday, "i'll be making the big announcement of my vice pretty sha presidential pick on friday." governor pence is up against a deadline on whether to seek reelection in indiana. meanwhile, newt gingrich is hosting a live facebook chat about the vp selection process. carl cameron joins us, what's
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real, what's rumor, what do we know? >> reporter: indiana sources are saying that tomorrow, when mike pence decides whether to run for governor or describes president, he will effectively abandon his hopes in the hoosier state and instead run for vice president. the trump campaign insists it has not made up its mind. all of my reporting suggests it will be mr. pence. for starters, the roster of speakers for next week has come out, and it now says that newt gingrich will have a speaking slot. it also says that chris christie will have a speaking slot. it also says alabama senator jeff sessions will have a speaking slot. that effectively rounds out the short list and puts them on the dais. there is an open spot saying the vice presidential candidate will also speak the same night newt gingrich will.
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mr. gingrich today suggested his gut says it's going to be pence. when you add up these things, plus what people are saying in indiana given pence's gubernatorial reelection deadline tomorrow, everything points to pence, including the fact that one of his staffers was seen on a flight from indianapolis today to here in new york city. behind the scenes, the trump campaign is saying this is all speculation until mr. trump says so, it isn't official. we report, you decide. the odds are stacking up more and more in mike pence's favor. he's gone silent. trump is suggesting it wasn't him. christie and gingrich both have speaking slots. pence does not. yet there's open line, a blank when it says vice presidential nominee speaking next week at the convention. >> hmm. >> reporter: that's the speculation. until we hear it from trump, it is simply not official. we've been through this before. there have been an awful lot of times when people have said
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definitively it's going to be dick gephardt in 2004, and it wasn't, it was john edwards. dick cheney, running the vice presidential search, picked himself. just know the reporting suggests that's where it's going. donald trump loves to build hype. he loves to get people's attention and keep it. we're going to probably get a lot more tea leaves, crumbs to follow through the woods. we're not quite there yet. >> carl, you know he would love to shock all of us. that would be totally out of his playbook. meanwhile, what are we hearing from other potential picks, those rumored and on the short list? >> reporter: right. well, chris christie has been in this building an awful lot in the last several weeks, claims now. since dropping out, he was the first rival who endorsed donald trump. now he's effectively running the transition team for the trump administration in waiting. that has given him a tremendous amount of donald trump's ear, an opportunity to get really close with the family. the truth is that trump and
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christie families have been social friends for the better part of a decade. so donald trump himself in br t bret baier's interview have said that he and donald trump have spent a lot of time together. jeff sessions hasn't been saying much. the only person that all eyes are on are mike pence, gingrich, and sessions and christie, all essentially seem to be taking a step back from all this so that mike pence can step forward. >> you'll probably know and figure this out definitively before anybody else. >> reporter: as soon as it's definitive, then we will report, and then everybody can decide that it's from donald trump and then it's real. >> all right, campaign carl cameron, good to see you. >> reporter: you get. one factor that could play
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into trump's decision, who could help him win. guy, let's start with the man who is, for all we can understand, at the top of the list right now, mike pence. what does he and doesn't he bring to the ticket? >> well, if it's going to be him, shannon, this looks at least on paper to me like a do no harm selection by donald trump. mike pence is known to have a very steady, low key demeanor, which is of course a contrast with the man at the top of the ticket. he has lots of expeence. he was part of gop leadership on capitol hill. now he's gone back to indiana where he is the chief executive, of course. he has a lot of the governing experience that trump said he was looking for. its a flashy pick, pence, but viewed by and large as a full spectrum conservative by the right and is mostly relatively well-liked within the party, although i think we've seen a
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bit of his reputation take a hit as governor, particularly aliening a lot of people on both sides of the religious freedom fight, which is why his approval rating in the hughoosier state come down significantly during his term. >> some say those who trust pence more than they do trump on some of these issues, but the way that religious freedom bill played out has top religious leaders saying, they don't want pence because they feel like he folded on that, and like you said, people on both sides of the debate ended up being upset with the governor. >> reporter: right. people against the bill, who thought it was hateful, bigoted legislation, and in some cases in my opinion twisted what the bill actually said, they weren't happy that he signed the bill to begin with, and the retreat
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angered social conservatives who had cheered pence drawing a line in the sand, and then he backed away from it. not hard to forget, mike pence was a ted cruz endorser, ahead of that primary that effectively ended the race. so knowing donald trump's sort of -- the way he goes about his business, i think it was probably a significant step in mind to pick someone, if it's pence, that has not been in his corner all along. this could be a conscious attempt by donald trump and his team to try to unify the party by picking someone who publicly backed an erstwhile rival. >> i want to make sure we get through your list of who would have been really helpful on the ticket. we still don't have a definitive decision, but who would you speculate could be a big plus? >> it might be moot at this point. pence, and before we got all those reports about pence, i thought pence was sort of a wash, not someone who was going to add a ton or detract a ton from the ticket. i thought that someone who
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wouldn't really help would be governor chris christie of new jersey, who kind of lacks a constituency at this point, both within the party and more broadly nationally. and i have to say, i read rich lowery's column yesterday about how newt may have been the best choice for trump of the remaining figures in that orbit. and i thought that rich made a bunch of very compelling points. so i'll point just one other thing out, shannon. when i'm coming to that convention in cleveland, there are a few speeches i'm excited to see. newt's is one of them. whether you like the guy or not, he's going to give a heavilyll speech. i think ivanka is likeable, one of his most effective surrogates. and teim tebow is reported to b there, how can anyone hate him, he's so nice. it will be quite a show in achieve land. >> tebow is one of the gators i
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have a lot of affection for. >> reporter: the only one? >> it's close, there are a few others. he's done good things in the world and he seems to be an earnest guy. i'm sure he'll get a lot of attention in cleveland. guy, great to see you. former indiana governor mitch daniels saying he will not make a bid for his former job even if mike pence is picked as donald trump's running mate. daniels, also a republican, acknowledged he had been pressed on the subject in recent days. he's currently serving as president of purdue university. trump forces are trying to would unbound delegates. james rosen, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good afternoon, shannon. the members of the rnc rules committee didn't get very far, scarcely more than an hour into their opening session this
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morning, the rnc claimed a malfunctioning printer required a recess. that recess stretched on for about four hours. they only reconvened about an hour ago. our eagle-eyed correspondent peter doocy snapped this photograph of mike lee and his wife, the lady in green, who are utah's two members on the rules committee, chatting with the leader of the anti-trump forces. campaign manager paul manafort told reporters he doesn't think 28 members of the rules committee, a quarter of its members, will vote to unbind the delegates. if that did happen, the anti-trump movement would be able to force a vote from the entire convention on whether the delegates should be unbound. the rnc scoffed at that, saying the numbers aren't there. >> we want to make sure we have the greatest amount of unity coming out of this convention. >> reporter: why does it have to take place behind closed doors? >> it will all be on live tv. >> reporter: i mean right now.
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>> what's that? look, these guys just gathered here as an opportunity for some of them to sit down for the first time and have a conversation with each other about how to move forward on the rules. >> reporter: i was part of that scrum, and i did elicit a laugh from sean spicer when i asked him if he would be able to make that printer great again. when the rnc rules committee did reconvene, the chair acknowledged it wasn't a printer malfunction after all that caused the long recess. >> during the pause, as we were trying to get all of these things taken care of, we were approached by a number of members from different groups proposing different amendments, who asked if they could have a period of time to try to work out their differences in hopes that we could then expedite the work of the committee. >> reporter: indeed, that was the hope of the rnc and of the forces supporting donald trump, that this rules committee
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session could be ironed out just in one day only. but at this point it looks like it's probably going to stretch into tomorrow, shannon. >> we are glad you're there. you don't miss a thing. james rosen in cleveland, see you soon. new details in the dallas police ambush, as the fallen heroes are laid to rest. what investigators are learning as they dig deeper into the sniper's past. we'll take you live to dallas. a big fight at the rnc rules committee, you just heard james rosen talk about this. we'll find out whether there will be a big shapeup. >> thank you for your cooperation today. obviously we did not stand adjourned for three hours because of a jammed copier. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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this is a fox news alert. the rnc rules committee is meeting right now, and earlier had private meetings with the leaders of the never trump movement, as the group looks to deny donald trump the gop nomination. there could be a compromise in the works. notably missing from the negotiations, donald trump's campaign manager paul manafort, as we get new reports that donald trump has chosen indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. have not heard that from the campaign, lots of speculation. don mcgann is former chairman of the federal election campaign, great to have you with us today, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> we hear a lot of rumors, what's going on in the meeting, whether any real momentum is building behind this never trump or unbind the delegates movement. do you have any worries that that may come to fruition? >> i don't have any worries. i think it's petering out quickly. they had a major setback this week, a federal judge ruled in a
11:17 am
case brought by folks that appeared to be part of that movement. although they had a minor victory regarding an obscure state statute, the judge made clear that the theory behind the never trump or the unbinding the delegates lacked merit, didn't have any textual support in the rules, and actually was contradicted by some of the publications put out by their expert witness, who is the committee rules member who has been pushing this. my sense is that that movement is petering out quickly, and we're feeling pretty good right now. >> okay. so my understanding is, of the 112 members of the rules committee, you have to get 28 of them to go along with this for it to be pushed out to a larger vote by the bigger group. meantime, one tweet we've seen from erick erickson, "the rnc is putting extraordinary pressure on the delegates during the rules committee recess." it sounds like you can be comfortable that you've got the rnc, the official body here backing you and wanting to put a stop to this effort.
11:18 am
>> well, i haven't seen tremendous pressure nor have i seen mr. ericsson's tweet. what i can tell you is that the trump campaign and the rnc are focused on winning in november and trying to put the best team in the field, so to speak, to defeat hillary clinton. we're working together to achieve that sort of goal. >> looking live at this meeting, senator mike lee is on the screen in the background. he's one of the key people we've been focused on, because he and his wife are both members of the this rules committee, and there's been a lot of speculation about where they would go. he's had some criticisms, very pointed, of mr. trump in the past. whether they could be two among 28 or if that number could be reached, still a big question. meantime, others, we understand, are possibly having negotiations with reince priebus, the rnc chair. ken cuccinelli in virginia was a big cruz backer. is there a way for those negotiating this process to win some concessions or things that
11:19 am
may end up making them happy in the end, that they've got something from this deal, in this push to unbind the delegates? >> well, that's really a question for them. i guess there probably are some things. but without really getting into specifics, it's tough to say what they really are concerned about or not concerned about. my sense is, is that when you see a prolonged recess, that tells you someone doesn't have the votes that they need to do what they want to do. here we are, and i'm still feeling very, very good that this idea of unbinding the delegates and whatnot is petering out. at some point we'll all come together. look, this is the natural process of the rules committee. it happens every four years at the convention, it happens periodically during the year for the rnc. there is always a lot of give and take and a lot of healthy discussion. i think that's what you're going to see throughout the day here. >> and we should soon know if they've reached a decision. thanks for making time for us today, sir. >> sure, thank you.
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thousands bidding a final farewell for the police officers murdered in dallas a week ago. we'll have the latest on the investigation. donald trump getting closer to becoming the official republican nominee, if he survives the rules committee bout they have going on. a new poll suggests if he does win the nomination, he could be in for an ugly, tough fight in november. more on that coming up. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced, but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo! only safelite can fix your windshield anywhere in the us. with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule.
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firefighters battling a series of wildfires nationwide. first in new mexico, where fast moving flames torched ten homes and two fire trucks yesterday in otero county, forcing folks out of their home. in south dakota, crews are working to contain a fire in rapid city. officials say much of the surrounding area is under
11:24 am
emergency fire conditions because of the bone-dry conditions. and finally, some success for firefighters just outside of los angeles. what started as a brush fire and spread to almost 100 acres is now contained due to the quick response of local departments. thousands of mourners attending funeral services yet again in dallas as the community begins laying to rest the five officers killed in last week's massacre against police. the services began yesterday and will continue tomorrow into saturday. casey stegall is live outside police headquarters in dallas. hello, casey. >> reporter: hello, shannon. multiple days of grieving. in fact a public memorial service for one of the fallen officers is just wrapping up across town at watermark here in dallas, a mega church capable of holding 4,000 people. look at the pictures, standing room only, no empty seats as friends and family gather to pay tribute to dallas police
11:25 am
sergeant michael smith, a 28-year veteran of the police department, highly decorated. his priest says when not spending time with his wife heidi or two young daughters, he dedicated his life to working with at-risk youth. we've seen badges from california, utah, almost every state seems to have a department here showing solidarity. look at this more than 20-mile-long procession for senior corporal lorne ahrens, laid to rest yesterday, as was d.a.r.t. officer present thomps brent thompson. >> we're so proud of him. we want him to know that we love him, he's done it, he's succeeded. >> reporter: one of the fallen he hero's six children speaking there. this as investigators continue digging boot lone gunman's past and collecting evidence. the pentagon confirms it's looking into the suspect's
11:26 am
military records and investigating how he was able to receive an honorable discharge from the military after being accused of sexually harassing a female soldier. shannon? >> casey stegall live in dallas, thank you, casey. the 2016 race is shaping up to be a very close one. new polls show hillary clinton and donald trump running neck and neck. so what will it take to get the edge before november? our political panel weighs in. security officials have their eyes wide open in cleveland and beyond. what's being done to protect americans at home and abroad. >> it's threat we're watching very, very carefully. it's the reason we have hundreds of people focused on intelligence and deployed to cleveland. ♪ is depression more than sadness? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪
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the most common side effect is diarrhea sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. moments ago, hillary clinton leaving capitol hill after meeting with senate democrats. she's heading back to the campaign trail this afternoon in northern virginia. campaign correspondent jennifer griffin is live in annandale, virginia, clinton appearing there later today with virginia senator tim kaine. we've gotten a lot of vp speculation, jennifer. why would he be a good pick for the ticket? >> reporter: it's very interesting, as you mentioned, shannon, she just left capitol hill. the democrats believe that they can win not just the presidency but also the senate. she'll be heading over here to
11:31 am
campaign with senator kaine. he's said to be at the top of her veep short list. he would be a loyal, very safe pick for hillary clinton. what's interesting about tim kaine is back in 2007, he became one of the first governors to endorse then barack obama over clinton. it seems that if she does pick him, she would be willing to forgive and forget that. from what i'm told he's by far at the top of her short list. tim kaine not only served as governor of virginia, a key swing state, but he was head of the dnc. president obama wanted to choose him as his running mate but his chief strategist at the time, you'll remember, david plouffe, noted famously that kaine didn't have enough foreign policy experience. since he has been in the senate, he has gotten himself put on the armed services committee as well as the foreign affairs committee. most interesting, shannon, is to remember that clinton loyalist
11:32 am
terry mcauliffe, who was governor of virginia, he would get to pick senator kaine's replacement in the senate. and terry mcauliffe cannot run again for governor, virginia has a one-term limit for governors. terry mcauliffe would be a very attractive democratic candidate for tim kaine's senate seat from the clinton perspective, shannon. >> excellent points about how that may play out. what about the discussion of having a latino voice and face on the democratic ticket this time around? >> reporter: well, we were with her this morning when she addressed latino voters at the oldest latin american civil rights group in washington, d.c. there has been a lot of talk about having a latino on the ticket. but here's what she said earlier today. >> donald trump is running the most divisive campaign of our lifetime. his message is that you should be afraid.
11:33 am
afraid of people whose ethnicity is different, whose religious faith is different, or who were born in a different country. >> reporter: that's the message we expect to hear here in virginia, where she will appear for the first time with senator tim kaine of virginia. shannon, back to you. >> jennifer griffin on the campaign trail, great to see you. donald trump and hillary clinton locked in a dead heat as we approach the two major party conventions. a new cbs poll shows they're tied with 40% each in a general election matchup. a vast majority of voters are not changing their minds. 88% of clinton's supporters say they're sticking with her. 90% of trump's supporters say here's their guy. the president of the women's media center, and fox news contributors, great to see you today. this is a shift, after a tough week for mrs. clinton, do you think it reflects a long term trend or a bump in the road?
11:34 am
>> no, i think we're weeks out from the democratic convention. and the fact that we had the investigation come to a conclusion earlier than probably the campaign was thinking it would happen, this gives her a janice to move forward, get away from these distractions, as much as republicans want to be sore losers and think that this is how they're going to arbitrate the general election, she's going to move on and start focusing on just how unfit and temperamentally unready donald trump is. >> are you a sore loser? she definitely had a tough week with more accusations, more questions about the attorney general and her decision and fbi director. it seemed to benefit trump at least in the short term. >> listen, there's also the fact that 67% of voters don't trust hillary clinton, don't think she's honest, and also 20% of her own supporters are not going to vote for her. so she clearly had a very bad week with james comey laying out
11:35 am
these very critics of her, about the investigation that came forward from the fbi investigation. but you know what, because of what he concluded, what he should have just done is lay out the facts, but his conclusion has led to americans believing the fix is in and that hillary clinton is above the law. that's what we're seeing. >> this is fascinating because they lauded him for his integrity and independence, and then when you don't get the answer that you wanted to get, then he did the wrong thing. the american people can see so clearly through this. >> the attorney general was supposed to be the deciding factor, not james comey. >> some people think he split hairs by outlining a case against mrs. clinton as if he was going to prosecute her and then ultimately saying he's not moving forward. there's something for both sides. meantime, the negatives are so
11:36 am
high for both these individuals. it's not a good thing. we also have this new poll out that says race relations are at an all time bad place, since rodney king in the early '90s. people feel very frustrated. is that a good or bad thing for either of these candidates? is there real opportunity here for both of them to say this is how we solve it, this is how we close the gap? >> my heart wants this to be an opportunity. but there has to be accountability, there has to be acknowledgement on both sides. i think we've seen secretary clinton do that and say we must not, we cannot vilify police officers. at the same time, understanding the frustrations that are coming out of the distrust that african-american men feel towards the cops. public safety does not just mean an absence of crime. it means the presence of justice. and i think any of these candidates who can focus on the fact that we can both support cops and understand there is a problem, that's the solution, that's what the leadership i
11:37 am
think the american people are looking for. i think we're seeing more of that from hillary clinton in this past week when we had the fourth of july followed by two deaths of african-american men on video and then the horrific shootings. that was just a week that you have to have leadership step up and say, there's a different way forward. and i think we've seen hillary doing that very well. >> unfortunately, president obama has wasted this opportunity to talk about america's exceptionalism, to talk about the fact that he was elected twice as a black individual, so what he's black, it's about the experience you bring to the table. he could have brought our country together, united our country. instead he is playing both sides of the issue. he had black lives matter at the white house. he has al sharpton at the white house. they are polarizing figures and organizations. it's not uniting our country. >> if the only answer you have is that it's president obama's fault, that's not part of the
11:38 am
solution. >> it would have been an opportunity for him to step up and say, the beginning of his speech at the police officers' memorial in dallas, people felt like that's where he was going. it's a tough needle to thread, by saying, listen, there is a way to move closer together. but some feel it veered into political territory. >> if anyone can thread that needle, it's him. it's hard to hear you say so what, he's black. what he's doing with his brother's keeper, that's something we don't talk about in the media. this initiative is focused on making sure young black men can reach their full potential. a billion dollars in resources from the private sector in this country. that's what we need to be focusing on, what works, and not saying, this is an opportunity to say, oh, well, president obama, you didn't do enough. >> he said that he hasn't done enough. >> he didn't bring politics into a memorial. >> we have to leave it there.
11:39 am
let's hope it pays long term dividends, that would be a wonderful thing to see down the road. thank you to both of you. coming up, fbi director james comey on the developing threat from isis and other extremist groups around the world. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge tracks it all, live from d.c. >> reporter: thank you, shannon. despite the nearly two-year air campaign, lawmakers were told that isis has not lost its ability to launch successful terrorist attacks on soft targets such as airports, concert halls, and restaurants outside the middle east. as the pressure grows for the anticipated offensive to retake mosul, the only major iraqi city still held by isis, the group will likely retaliate. >> isis's ability to carry out terrorist attacks in syria, iraq, and abroad has not to date been significantly diminished. there will be a terrorist diea s diaspora out of the caliphate as
11:40 am
the military crushes the caliphate. >> the president is sticking to a strategy that is better suited for losing a war than winning each day we stick with half measures, isis is able to dig in further. >> reporter: lawmakers, we're told this morning, there are more than 1,000 active home ground terrorism investigations in this country, the highest number in recent memory, shannon. >> catherine, there were questions, i think, about the clinton e-mail investigation. did that come up as well today? >> reporter: it did. fbi director james comey explained how classified information got on the unsecured clinton network. there was a very dynamic exchange with a congresswoman who held a top secret clearance in the u.s. air force. >> so they had to actually have typed confidential on an e-mail chain or used transferable media. >> we have no indication of transferable media. what we think happened is someone typed a talking point on an unclassed system and then for
11:41 am
reasons that don't make any sense to you and to me, marked it with a c to indicate that portion was classified at the confidential level. >> people who hold security clearances know that the removal of information or the retyping of information between systems is a major violation. and in another exchange, the fbi director was pressed on why the bureau did not recommend charges after he testified last week that government records were destroyed. >> here is your exact statement. you were asked if you thought secretary clinton complied with the department's policies on the federal records act. your first sentence back was, i don't think so, at least in some respects no. that was interpreted as you saying she violated at least in part the federal records act. >> either i screwed that up or i was misunderstood. i thought i was asking a question with respect to department of state policy on their use of systems. i'm no expert in the federal records act.
11:42 am
that was not the gravamen of our investigation. >> reporter: the fbi director also told the members that this federal records act statute was not part of their investigation. separately, fox news has confirmed that the fbi has told the senior senate republican on the judiciary committee that they did ask these agents to sign special nondisclosure agreements in this particular case, shannon. >> that's some very interesting news you've unearthed. catherine, always keeping us ahead, thank you. though the fbi recommended not charging hillary clinton, she may not be out of the woods just yet. we'll look at legal ramifications and issues she's still facing including being forced to testify under oath. after a long day,
11:43 am
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shepper t er thherard smith news desk. donald trump has not decided on a running mate, but man, there are sure a lot of reports that
11:46 am
he found a running mate: mike pence, the indiana governor. we'll talk to a political reporter but why she says chris christie and newt gingrich do not make the cut. that's at the top of the hour from "shepard smith reports." hillary clinton is not off the legal hook, knnot by a long shot, as she faces multiple lawsuits. the fbi will not confirm or deny whether they're investigating corruption involving secretary of state clinton and the clinton family foundation. the house oversight committee has asked the fbi to investigate whether clinton lied to congress under oath. the state department's inspector general has reopened its investigation into clinton's e-mail system and several lawsuits are filed by judicial watch seeking information. a representative from judicial watch joins us live. chris, last week of course the former secretary expressing relief about the fbi, that was a
11:47 am
huge hurdle, won't face criminal charges there. but there is still a lot she has to deal with potentially, including possibly being forced to testify under oath in context with the judicial watch lawsuit. >> that's correct. on monday there will be a hearing in front of judge emmett sullivan in the u.s. district for the for the district of columbia. that hearing will decide if we will go forward with mrs. clinton's deposition. i believe we will. we've already deposed human aab huma abedin and cheryl mills. it's time for mrs. clinton to go under oath. there's no sworn testimony in any forum from her concerning what was going on with her e-mail server. now is the time for her to comport herself with the law. >> her legal team and other critics of this move essentially said it's a fishing expedition, that she's given plenty of information about her system,
11:48 am
and at this point efforts like this proceeding against her are essentially political. how do you respond? >> if you read the briefs of our attorneys, it isn't a matter of not wanting to explain herself. she doesn't want to comport herself with the law. she thinks she's above the law. she absconded with tens of thousands of records, destroyed tens of thousands, and selectively turned over some. her story has changed over and over and over again. the fbi interviewed her, mr. comey said he never determined why she set up the e-mail serverer. he said that twice under oath. it's time for judicial watch, using the courts, using the law, under supervision of judge sullivan, to ask her point blank questions and get her under oath to explain why she did what she did. >> all right. do you think you'll get any new information? first of all, you sound confident you think the judge may rule in your favor after this hearing on monday, explaining why you need her to
11:49 am
testify. i've seen the pleadings and you say she's the only one that has the information and to that point, she has not testified under oath. first of all, do you think she's going to delay past the election? there's plenty of legal maneuvering she could do. when you do get her to sit down for a deposition, if that happens, do you truly think you'll get any answer different than what you've already heard? >> yes. look, she made the decision to set up the server. it's her property. she's articulated to people like cheryl mills and huma abedin why she did what she did. huma abedin during her deposition looked at her attorney and said, "i don't know, ask her." we would like to. she made the decision to communicate this way. she needs to explain herself under oath. she really needs to comport herself with the law. like i said before, she absconded with tens of thousands of federal records. the american public is owed straight answers.
11:50 am
>> i know in one of your proceedings, you're seeking some very specific e-mails that the state department via the doj told you, at least in a motion to the court that they can't get to them until october of 2018. so we know that is pending as well. chris october 2018. we know that's pending as well. chris, thank you very much, keep us updated. sth >> thank you sharon. new legal actions over baton rouge over claims. we'll hear from alton sterling's teenage son, what he's saying. december 7th, 1941, a date which shall live in what? i did terrible yesterday, i think i am going to get the answer right. we got the answer for you, next.
11:51 am
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11:54 am
time now for our trivia question of the day. we asked yesterday of december 7, 1941, a date of which we'll live in. many of you did got it right. governor mike pence is there and as reports are swirling that he is donald trump's pick for vp. >> we are waiting for more information from trump's campaign. when we do, we'll let you know. activists are taking police to court claiming police officers have been using excessive force for demonstratordemonstrators. >> reporter: all eyes are looking onto sterling's funeral here tomorrow at baton rouge. at the same time his 15 years old son, cameron is traveling to washington dc taking part in a town hall with president obama.
11:55 am
cameron continues to plea for people to stay peaceful. he has a message for anybody thinking of steering up trouble. take a listen. >> protest in peaces especial e on that day because that day is so important to me. what i would say of people who have bad intention, if you cannot come to my say and making my city dangerous for me to live in then go home. >> after 200 people have been arrested. the aclu have filed a lawsuit against law enforcement, they tell us that it is their goal to keep everybody safe. tomorrow, the superintendent of the louisiana state police told us a short time ago, he thinks that cameron sterling is a remarkable young man and he hopes that everybody here is taking the protests peaceful. >> so much for a teenager that just lost his father. what can you bring to the
11:56 am
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here is what america is clicking on today. the prime minister checks out her new dig. on the full day of her job. >> consumer report magazine calling electric car maker, tesla to change the name of its driving system. it gets a full sense that the car can actually drive itself. according to beijing's guidelines super natural foreign films can be banned. >> the film is not submitted for board approval. there is a long list of banned items at next week conventions. so if you are attending the convention, forget about
12:00 pm
bringing cans, not good for my hair and lasers and bags and can goods. thanks for being part of the real story, it is time now for the chuck smith. it is noon on the west coast, 3:00 in new york city, tomorrow, donald trump says he will end this speculation once and for all and announce his choice to be his, well, vice president. but, we are hearing reports that it is a done deal, you heard them too. he's going to pick governor mike pence. that's what we heard, of course, donald trump can do anything in the end. we learned more of what's going to go down at the republican national convention, we know speakers and the security and we know the rule s of the kmiecomm today. plus, a new poll. many americans are either scared, well, scared of either candidates becoming president. a lot o


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