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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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bringing cans, not good for my hair and lasers and bags and can goods. thanks for being part of the real story, it is time now for the chuck smith. it is noon on the west coast, 3:00 in new york city, tomorrow, donald trump says he will end this speculation once and for all and announce his choice to be his, well, vice president. but, we are hearing reports that it is a done deal, you heard them too. he's going to pick governor mike pence. that's what we heard, of course, donald trump can do anything in the end. we learned more of what's going to go down at the republican national convention, we know speakers and the security and we know the rule s of the kmiecomm today. plus, a new poll. many americans are either scared, well, scared of either candidates becoming president. a lot of police officers do a
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lot of good work and today you will meet one who does more than he shares. this hour, the officer is changing the face of his department and bringing the community together. the pokemon phenomenon is getting bigger, talking about people driving into trees and falling off a cliff, seriously, lets get to it. now, sheppard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. donald trump is denying he made his final presidential pick. the governor that is mike pence, reports confirmed that governor pence is the one. sources are telling fox news that governor pence will drop his reelection campaign as governor of indiana, something he would have to do to be donald trump's running mate and he has to do it by friday. trump gave a radio interview and insisted he has not made up his mind. he and his aids have been meeting with potential vp picks
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all week really. today new gingrich told cnn he will not be surprised if trump picks pence. it could be an indication he will fill in the slots reserved for the vp. the announcement happens tomorrow 11:00 east coast time in new york. that's one hour before the deadline for governor pence to pull out of his reelection race for the governor. with or without governor pence in next week's convention is shaping up to be none like others. the convention stage will be filled with political outsiders, well, like donald trump himself, survivors of the terror attack in b in benghazi. we'll hear from celebrities including tim tebow and the ultimate fighting championship president, dana white. politics 2016 is fox's top
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stories. paul cameron is live in trump's tower for us here in new york. >> reporter: well, we have been through this a lot of time together, shep, we do have indications o f omnivoof some m here. for one thing, mike pence has let it be known to senior republicans in indianapolis that he will not be standing for reelection and tomorrow when that deadline comes he will report to the secretary of state in indianapolis that he has made the decision to not run for re-election and would be available an hour earlier before the deadline to be standing at the stage here where he's expected to make his final announcement and be on the arm of donald trump to be announced as the running mate. you put together a good point of the schedule next week. there are speaking slots arranged nor chris christy one of the finalists and gingrich
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one of the finalists. the only guy is mike pence. there is a slot opening for the vice president nominee. the spokesperson, jason miller, a couple hours ago said no decisions have been made a couple of hours ago. paul manafort said nothing is final. all of this spells out all of my reporting and every other reporters who's been on this a year and a half is going to be mike pence, the indiana's governor. which by many accounts is the safest of the pick. newt gingrich, a former speaker of the house, a friend of donald trump, a strong advisor but it was the trump's campaign that did not see him as a true vp. they saw him in the role of a national security, some where along those lines. chris christie did an interview
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and said that he would be okay if trump were to pick somebody else. the tone and temperament seems to indicate that chris christie did not expect for it to be him. we wait. we expect to hear the trump campaign acknowledgment at some point saying all this is happening. it is true that the national convention has a lot of imaginati imagination. they got to be ready for pence to be the running mate and that has been apparently communicated as well. it could be through -- and with this presumptive nominee, it has to come out of his mouth before we are prepare to confirm it. trump won something of a victory today against none other of the ruth -- ruth ginsburg.
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over the course of the last several days particularly yesterday in her interview, mr. trump was critical and questioned her mental competence and today ruth ginsburg has this statement. "my response were ill advised and i regret making them. in the future i will be more circumspe circumspect." this is obviously for donald trump, something of a victory. not only he's being the formal nominee, naming a running mate but he just want to battle against the justice whether or not trying to give her a back talk was appropriate or not. she seems to recognize it is not. trump has been quiet today and he has not said anything about it and leaving his comments earlier and stand on what she did was inappropriate and should not have happened as she should apologize for the court. she's now done that, shep.
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>> there is a live picture coming to us outside at pence's residen residence. it is our understanding that a line of motorcade has pulled up. we'll leave it to the hollywood reporter. it is reporting that donald trump and mike pence will be on 60 minutes on sunday night. >> that's what they are saying. cbs is confirming that. i do happen to know that fox news is reporting that shawn hahnty of whoever the vice president pick is, they adopt kn don't know what that is. carpal is in cleveland and any trump -- unbinding the delegates of next week's convention. that would mean the delegates would not have to follow the primary results or the caucus results.
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the head of the free delegate movement says they have the magic number needed to move forward at this point. trump opponents do not have a chance. it is all up to the rules committee. the panel's meeting came to a screeching hall today of what's being called printer gate. a jam, the morning session, this is all speculation on twitter as you may imagine, there was no printer jam but there is delayed tactic to stop the anti-trump folks. lets go back to the house there and the photographer has ru run -- so we expect to see the governor of indiana who maybe something more at any moment and when that happens, we'll do so. in the meantime, jay rosen in
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cleveland. >> reporter: the rnc claims that a malfunctioning printer required a recess and this recess was stretched on for four hours. they only reconvene at 1:00 p.m. peter ducey snapped this photograph, the lady in green happens to be utah's two members. trump campaign's manager, paul manafort, he does not think of the rules committee. if it does happen, the antitrump movement would be able to force a vote. the rnc said the numbers are not there. >> we want to make sure we got the amount of unity. >> why does it have to be done
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behind closed doors? >> right now. >> right now? >> it is an opportunity for these guys and some of them to sit down for a first time and having a conversation for each other about how to move forward and live by the rules. >> now, donald trump's attorney, his campaign attorney told fox news when you see a recess like that, it means that those folks don't have the votes they need. when they reconvene, guess what? it was not a malfunction printer that caused this long recess after all. >> during the pause as we were trying to get these things taken cared of. we were approached by members of members from different groups proposing different amendments who asked if they could have a period of time to try to work out their differences and hope that is we can then expedite the work of a committee. >> now, the rnc and the protrump forces hoping to wrap up the
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session in one day and put it behind them rather swiftly, it is going to stretch into tomorrow. one delegate told me these rules may stretch on pizza or red bull time. >> thanks. >> good to see you again. look at this. did they get in the car? i was not looking at the monitor. >> well, the cars are all going away and pence got in there. >> sort of -- with history as our guide and we sat through a few of these. this is the way it usually happens. it leaked the day before and whoever of the subject of the leak was ran by camera. everything points to this. but, as donald trump -- i mean, he can do whatever or decides on the easter bunny yesterday, we just have to sit there and listen to it. >> he promised an "amazing" convention. >> lets watch it as she talks.
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>> right. >> this can be part of one big show or spe show. mike pence could be the vice president nominee. >> lets listen to this. hang on. oh, track it. >> mr. pence, are you the vice president nominee? >> no comments. >> that was pretty much of what's happening here. >> sorry, go ahead. >> mike pence, in my ways of process of elimination could be a vice president nominee. newt gingrich had all of that campaign debt and he still had to deal with and other issues with his candidacy. there is more ways that mike pence is the obvious and how it was put as a safe choice. maybe that's all apart of a trick. >> i was reading about the option of the not-trump people at the convention, it sounds like one of the options, is it
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available? he has to get 1237 votes from the delegates and if a lot of one wants to be on bound of the first vote, go into the concourse of the cue there and they're not there on the first vote, they would become unbound and they can vote however they wanted. it sounds like a long shot but it is one of the options. the entire never trump effort right now is one huge long shot. if they are having trouble finding 28 people out of 110 on the republican rules committee, the committee yettin, a lot of m are trump candidates. if they cannot get to 28 people and pushing this and unbound their delegates initially for the first round, well, what does it say of their supportive at large in the committee >> go back to pence cam. this has been running up and down and around the
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neighborhood. he's running to pence gate one and two and he chased pence down the streets and with the windows up and now he's so exhausted, pointing it on the ground and i am forward this, lets compact the union. that's not a weapon. that's a mic stand. >> i see he's becoming a gift very soon. >> sharrie, it is good to see you holding the center. [ laughs ] >> more politics ahead. with all this talk of trump's running mate. hillary clinton is on the trail with the senator who's said to be on her short list. we'll take you there. a new round of polls of the new stuff. nearly, there are 3500 pokemon headlines and we'll get to our share. hang on. last). last). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,
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and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. new polls coming out. according to the survey of cbs news and new york times. a month ago, secretary clinton was ahead by six points. the polls did a new survey after the fbi incident and clinton was careless of the case. that was the national poll s which is not how we vote. >> some have trump in front and others clinton.
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jennifer griffin is covering the clinton campaign where clinton is holding a rally with tim kaine. a lot of analysts saying tim kaine may well be her pick. >> reporter: that's right sheppard, i am told that he could very well be the top of her short list. tim kaine in 2007, he was the first governor to decide and backed barack obama against hillary clinton. he would obviously for given if she chooses him for vice president. he has an interesting resume. he was not only virginia's senator but he's governor here. president obama wanted to choose him as his running mate but obama's chief strategyist at the time said that he did not have enough foreign policy experience. so since he's been in the senator, he's been on the armed
12:19 pm
service committee as well as the foreign affairs committee. >> what's interesting is if you look at who the governor of virginia is -- he would get to choose the caretaker of the democrats going into the senate. the governor will end with an election next year that he's not allowed to run for because virginia has a rule of just having one term for governors. >> the campaign also launched a new set of attack ads against trump. >> reporter: that's right, they launched one this morning that challenged trump saying what he's not a role model for our children. >> i can stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoots somebody and i would not lose any voters, incredible. >> when mexico are sending
12:20 pm
people, they are bringing drugs and crimes and rapists. >> reporter: also today the campaign launched a new twitter feed called "literally trump." >> the first week of his campaign he said that immigrants from mexico are drug dealers, rapists and murders and carriers of infectious disease. >> he referred to latina contestant in the pageant as miss housekeeping. >> reporter: i employ many people in pin virginia, jobs, j jobs.
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congressm jennifer griffin with the clinton campaign. >> there is a new polls out showing a lot of americans agree no matter who wins in november, it is going to be pretty scary, that's next. (vo) one dark stormy night we got a new family member and she got a nutritious meal of purina cat chow complete with the four cornerstones of nutrition including high quality protein. now our family is complete. purina cat chow complete.
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a lot of americans say they are scared of either donald trump or hillary clinton becoming the next president. that's according to the associate press. here is the break down. 33% of the people says they would be afraid if trump is elected and 25% if it is clinton. 23% of americans are scared from november until the end of the term. >> well, some of those can be over lapped so it does not add up that way.
12:25 pm
the same poll also shows 75% say the major reasons they are voting for clinton or trump because they don't like the other one. 75%, that's the motivator. t one voter told ap said "it is a choice of hot or hell." >> what does a news survey specialist do, emily? >> hi, thanks for having me. news survey specialist analyzes polling data. >> people want to be afraid sounds like. >> that's right. you are right. it is 81% to say that they are afraid of at least one of those two candidates. so, this poll just really shows just the depth of the distaste for both of these candidates.
12:26 pm
all polled more than half of americans who say they are afraid of trump or both him and clinton and nearly half would say that they would be afraid if clinton is elected. >> how might one go about such a thing. >> well, that's a good question. for both of them, there are different things going on. for clinton, one of the things that people are afraid of is her honesty where she actually has a bit of a disadvantage against trump. a large majority of americans considered her dishonest and that includes half of the people who say they actually support her and similarly large majority of americans including nearly half of his own supporter saying trump is uncivil.
12:27 pm
there are -- there are just dissatisfaction for both candidates. clinton needs to address issues with her honesty and trump needs to address issues with civility and the poll also found that about half of americans considered trump to be at least some what racist. that includes 14% of supporters. >> wow. and here we are. well, tonight is the talk, that's all pretty uplifting. >> absolutely. >> have a great day. >> thanks for having me. >> another funeral today for an officer who died from the dallas ambush. you will hear from police chief there and relatives of michael smith. police officers in a different city is becoming a celebrity because of what he's doing for the community and because of the kids there. have you heard of this guy? it is good news, cops' story.
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a man accused of plowing his pickup truck into a group of bicyclists in michigan last month. that's according to reporting, citing of the plolice report. the suspect's girlfriend told investigators he took up to 20 muscle relaxers and five people died from that carash. that's according to local media, the station master also blamed train delays for causing confusions on the rail line. the nominations are here, the hbo's drama "games of throne." and "the people verses oj simpson" is nominated second.
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bottom of the hour and top of the news of another day of mourning for dallas. friends and family just hours ago gathered for the funeral of sergeant michael smith. chief brown spoke about the challenges that officers face. >> we struggle and we don't feel the support that we so desperately need. and yet, we sacrifice and yet we sacrifice and this was the ultimate sacrifice. >> sergeant smith was married with two children and set to retired in a couple of years. he received honors for an outstanding performance for being "a cops' cop." >> live at dallas police head
12:34 pm
quarters, casey. >> reporter: it is been extremely touching the last couple of days to see support from other members of law enforcement. as we have been here, i have seen patches and uniforms and squad cars representing just about every single state in this country. they have converged onto dallas and even a few canadian police officers who said they had to get here to grieve for themselves but also paying respects. nowhere of that showing solidarity more apparent than the funeral procession. look at this, hundreds of cars. this is more than a 20 mile long line heading down interstate 75 yesterday escortin corporal lorne ahrens heading to his final resting place. >> mike bought me a gift, a gold
12:35 pm
pen and a bottle of advil and aspirin. he said you would need the asville moadvil more than a pen, he said welcome to my world. >> where are we on the investigation case, casey? >> reporter: they collected all the evidence and they are looking at this man's record and the owner o f the self defense school here in dallas/ft. worth, told investigators and told him how the gunman went into his class about two years ago and focused on combat training and neighbors in the suburbs where the gunman lived reported him
12:36 pm
tracking military practices in his yard at times. he was sent home early at a tour in afghanistan for sexually harassing a female. another funeral today, this one is for the man and officer shot and killed during a traffic stop outside minneapolis. that man is philando castile. his girlfriend live streamed him bleeding to death on facebook just moments after the shooting. friends and relatives remember castile. castile's girlfriend told the officer he had a gun and a concealed carry permit and the officer shot castile when he reached for his wallet. his client thought castile looked like a possible match for a suspect in a recent robbery, his client reacted seeing castile's gun and not his race.
12:37 pm
one officer using social media to show folks different kind of policing, that includes toys and some slipping and sliding. >> norman is a control officer in north little rock, he posted pictures and videos like this one using the #community policing and staying committed. the campaign raised almost $70,000. officer norman is in little rock this afternoon and he's our guest. good afternoon, how are you doing? >> hey, thank you for having me sheppard, it is a big honor. listen to what the gang says about you like you don't already know here. >> oh, it is a full screen. >> never in my life i thought i
12:38 pm
would be raising money on behalf of the police officer until my son made me aware of the amazing things that you have done in little rock, arkansas and the neighborhood you policed. >> you made a real impact, how did this get started? >> well, you know i have been a fan of community policing even before i was a police officer, just the fact that i always took the time to get out and speak to people and shaking hands. once i became a police officer, i put that to use everyday, not another day goes by that i don't try to make a difference in peopl peoples' lives. >> it sounds like you are way ahead of chief brown there. it was chief brown the other day that says two of the most important things we could do is get to the kids and get to them early so they know that cops is
12:39 pm
your friends and not your minute. >> that's not just my goal but our goal here working together to make a difference everyday. that's the thing about it, sheppard, you cannot miss a day whether you are off duty or on duty and going out and being apart of the family. >> what sort of changes have you seen in neighborhoods that are traditionally it leads to a tough neighborhood and policing for people to get along >> trust and respect. you will see, when you pull down the streets, kids are going to run to your police car and that's huge when you talk about bridging the gap and making a difference. >> i have worked in small towns and medium cities all over florida, i have never seen that. when the cops come around the corner, the kids gather, they don't come running to you. it must have taken a long time to build this. what sort of advice would you give other sns. >> not the give up especially new officers out there.
12:40 pm
initially, the community may not accept you the way you want to be accepted. don't give up on them and they won't give up on you. it is a win-win situation. >> i like the pie face in the studio, that's a good one. [ laughs ] >> i am guessing the kids like this video. >> this is fun to be doing, especially as a cop. >> right. >> you have to go above and beyond and sometimes a pie in the face or sometimes trying to dance or sometimes of a slip and slide. >> how do you feel about the wig? >> yeah? >> i needed some hair that day. they yanked it off my head. >> there comes a time where you have to do aside from policing. does this conflict with your other side? >> people trust you even more so when it is time to make an arrest, they respect you enough to know that you are going to do the job with no questions asked.
12:41 pm
any of your fellow cops go, come on, you got to be tough to wear the blues. >> they give me a hard time but we are all in this together and we work together as a team. sometimes as a cop, i am the cookie monster cop, it is okay, we all have a lot of fun making a difference. >> that's pretty cool. what do you make of it and what do you plan to do of that? >> it is a big honor, the game put us on the map. we are going to use the money to make a bigger difference in our community. we want to bridge the gap and make a bigger difference and this allows us a lot more ways to do this. >> tell people how they can found find that funding source? >> the go fund me account, if you go to the instagram account, the link is in his bio. the goal is $50,000 and it is near $70,000 now.
12:42 pm
we are shooting for $100,000. >> what is it like to be a celebrity cop? >> you know it is exciting for all of us. we are not a big town, we are a close knit, we are proud to inspire the world, we'll continue to do that. >> you are an inspiration around here, it is great to have a story like this. >> good luck to the kids, tell them hello to us. >> tommy norman who's an officer in north little rock arkansas. nice to see you. vercinvestigators are on th look out for fighters, spreading out all over the world. that's what the fbi director james comey told capitol hill today. ahead of today's installment of pokemon news, new part of life.
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that's the words from the director of the national counter terrorism county. >> it is clearly the case that the past few years the pool hs e have expanded significantly. the array of terror actors are deeper and wider since 9/11. the fbi director james comey told lawmakers that as isis loses its stronghold in the middle east, terror could be coming back home. our intelligence correspondence, catherine. >> lawmakers were told this morning that isis have not lost their ability to launch an attack such as airports or concert halls or restaurants outside the middle east. after the orlando nightclub shooting killing 49 people in an
12:47 pm
isis inspired attack. there is a new kind of terrorist operativ operatives, those who get the ideas and draws from social media. >> we deal not just with the terrorists inspired attack and now a new category of terrorist enable attacks. these are the things that keep me up at night >> the republican chairman of the committee, mike mccall who had pushed for more aggressive reaction who says the policies at the white house is to blame. >> each day we stick with half measures, isis is able to dig in further. >> and as the pressure grows in iraq and syria with this anticipated offensive to remake mosul, the expectation according to those who testified today is that the group will retaliate,
12:48 pm
shep. >> the number of home grown terrorist cases here in the united states are growing. >> there are more than 1,000 home growns across the state and that's the highest numbers in recent memory. >> our job together is to find those needles in a hay stack. our job is to find pieces of hays in the hay stack before they act on that poisonous propaganda. with this increase pressure of iraq and syria, he expects a planned parenthood flood trained members of isis. also to this satellite operation for isis in north africa and libya which is a de facto isis state. >> thank you, catherine. >> you are welcome. do not play pokemon while
12:49 pm
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people are falling off cliffs and refusing traffic. the kind of headlines you expect after a bad batch of bad salts. but in this case pokemon. here is an example of pokemon
12:53 pm
catcher. pokemon player bitten by snakes in northtexas. san diego county, pokemon player falls off a 90 foot ocean bluff, fell off a cliff but they were okay. in oregon, pokemon go players stabbed, keeps playing. it is over taken the nation miss kennedy. >> yes, it is a new drug and we have hysteria that's equal to whatever that's going on in these people's phones >> they need to be confiscated. >> they are hurting themselves. th they are catching monsters though. >> they are not catching monsters in their houses, they are out and about and excited about something and i think this
12:54 pm
is actually elevating humanity. >> the fact that active daily users of pokemon go have exceeded twitter and snap chats and google maps. it is saying something. most people cannot come to new york city and spend $1,500 for hamilton ticket. you know what they can do? they can download pokemon go for free and enjoy it with their friends and similar to "hamil n "hamilton." >> they need to get out of the streets though. >> people are dumb and we know this. >> when there is a craze that sweeped up 50 or 70 million people -- >> that's miraculously and that shows the power of pokemon go that you are wrapped up in some digital halo that you are protected boo i tfrom the gravi.
12:55 pm
>> now you will be sued. >> hey, i did not invent this game. >> they're making it rain. >> did you see that commercial? what if we have 5 million downloads, we are totally heroes. [ laughs ] >> we'll play this. i will be on assignment for you next week right here on fox news channel. that's one of the assignments and i am going to find a place to nap at the rnc and break into some sort of a vip suite. it is going to hard hitting the politicals. >> everyone will be there. i think we can go over and ambush wolf blitzer, probably. >> do i have your permission to ambush wolf? >> and rachel maddow, we'll ambush them. >> this is the news deck, what do we do? it is not the lido deck.
12:56 pm
>> no. >> this is where all the elements of news come together and to a delight full. >> into a special place, we are special people off the short bus. >> as well. >> i am excited about it. >> i am excited about it and not just me, when are you going? >> i am going sunday night. >> yes. >> will you be taking the charter from cleveland to philly? >> i will come home webracing m girls.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
on this day in 1965, a spacecraft took its first up close photo from another planet. nasa's mariner ford traveled 340 million miles to get to mars. now, our camera is giving us much better look at the planet. >> its first photo of jupiter since it arrived there on july 4th. mankind got a first close up and
1:00 pm
personal with another planet, 51 years ago today. >> dallas the dow is having a g, everyday is a close record. your world is next, here comes sanders smith. >> is pence the pick? and will it give trump a bump, i am sandra smith, this is your world. although that has not confirmed of mike pence. meanwhile whi meanwhile clinton continues to see her polls slide. >> more on that in just a moment. first, blake in cleveland with the latest buzz on