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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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in france tonight. at least 80 dead, including women and children. stay with the fox news channel for continuing coverage of the attack in france. western civilization is at war, and sharia is incompatible with western civilization. shep smith is next. it's 11:00 on the east coast. 8:00 p.m. on the west coast. 5:00 a.m. in nice. this is fox news continuing coverage of the deadly bastille day attack in southern france. it started about 10:45 p.m. local time when somebody driving that large box truck went on a rampage, mowing down more than 100 people. they were celebrating france's independence day in nice. here's what we know at this hour. french officials say at least 80 people are now confirmed dead, including children and police officers. they also say 20 others are seriously hurt and dozens more
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injured. officials say officers shot and killed the driver, and now others are reporting that investigators found identifying documents that belonged to a 31-year-old frenchman, a french national from tunisia inside the truck. but right now we can't confirm, we don't know with certainly whether that person was the driver. or really how those documents might have ended up in the truck. but that's what we have. we have amateur video as well, showing the truck driving down the promenade. see here the white truck? you can see people running after it as it heads toward the crowd. a witness says that some people were hanging onto the door, trying to stop the vehicle. the witness says that the truck traveled for at least two or three miles crushing everybody in its path along the board walk. another capture video from someone on the ground shows the vehicle barreling through the crowd, see here? one journalist says "i saw bodies flying like bowling pins
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along its route, heard noises, cries i'll never forget." another witness said that the driver fired at people. fox news has now confirmed police found weapons and grenades inside the truck, and officials speaking to the french news agency, french press, describe the guns as heavy weapons. that's all we know. so far, no group has claimed responsibility for this attack, but french prosecutors say they have launched a terrorism investigation. it was an unthinkably bloody scene along the promenade. some of the images we are about to show are very graphic, and some of them we won't show on television. but there are a couple of videos that we will show you because of what they reveal. if there are children in the room, you might want to have them leave. we'll give you a few more seconds to do that. the president of the area, basically the governor of the region in nice, who is a sort of regional governor, is calling
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the attacks the worst catastrophe in modern history there. and now the video. >> there are other videos that show scenes so much more graphic. we wanted to give you an idea of what this is, what this attack produced, and what this apparently one person, as of this reporting, was able to accomplish. this is early on, and now on the right hand side of the screen, again, from this iphone video or whatever it is, you can see the cops in the distance there, training their guns. there's the white truck, and now another police officer here, this was after the gunman had been killed but before authorities were confident that there was no one else inside that truck. we have another amateur video that shows the triage area after the attack.
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this video also is quite graphic. >> at the bottom of your screen is a description that came from a witness, or it was a horrible thing to witness. so many thousands of people there, tens of thousands of people, as the fireworks display was happening in celebration of 14-7, or july 14th, france's independence day, the fireworks had wrapped, the police were disbursing, the crowds were emptying. and this what amounts to a service road, just beside a coastal highway. if you were driving that highway, one side would be high end hotels, restaurants, a promena promenade. to the other side, the beach and
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the sea. the beach packed with people, bands playing in all directions. people celebrating. and then suddenly after the fireworks display was over, another in a long macabre march from one scene of terrorism to the next. of late, it has been impossible to stomach, as one city after another is attacked by invariably a madman, in this case with an enormous weapon. a mother who was at the scene with her children tweeted "can't stop shaking. hate that my boys had to experience this." why did i take them to this event? why did they do this and why is this happening?" here's how another witness described the scene. >> it sounded like an attack in beirut, i know that sounds crazy, but this doesn't sound like fireworks, this sounds like
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beirut when it's under attack. and all of a sudden, people were screaming in the streets and they were running. all the restaurants were open and people coming, and we were just sitting there, and everybody came into our restaurant, and the owners of the restaurant were closing the doors saying please don't go anywhere, get in, everybody. there was a lady, she collapsed on the floor. she fainted. and we were in shock. i was just sitting there with a friend enjoying a meal, and we were going to go down to the fireworks. but unfortunately, we didn't go, because i needed to go to the lady's room, and that's what stopped us. and that's why we stayed. because obviously there was about 15 minutes or so left. we were literally one block away. it was -- it was shocking. it was devastating. and i can't believe that i've
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come over here for a few days and i've got mixed up in something so tragic. it was just awful. >> the witness on scene to sky news. the video shows people in panic running for their lives, just steps from piles of victims with twisted limbs and puddles of blood on the pavement. the video we cannot show you would change you. the french government tweeted a photo earlier showing president francois hollande and france's prime minister in an emergency meeting. president hollande tonight announced he has extended a state of emergency in france by three months. president obama has also spoken out, condemned what he says appears to be a horrific terrorist attack. that's a quote. he also praised the "extraordinary resilience and democratic values that have made france an inspiration to the entire world." more on the u.s. response ahead, including that from the presidential candidates. but first, we have a scene of
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this on the wall. anyone who has ever been to nice or seen videos from there, you know this area. this is the large beach, the promenade on the side. the roads along here. these are the three different spots that we've been referencing throughout the evening. witnesses report the driver had been zigzagging down this promenade. think of it, it's road with two lanes in each direction. a sort of access road we would call it in the united states with a lane in each direction, but that had been shut down to vehicular traffic and only pedestrians there. so it was teeming with people. think times square on new year's eve. and then a beach full of tens of thousands of people. we'll begin our coverage with tom bergen from reuters. he's live outside the scene of the attack in nice. tom, you've been there for hours. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yes, nice is a city that's in shock tonight. both the people who were there,
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who saw the incident and just generally the community here are walking around with looks of dismay on their faces and telling some very shocking stories tonight. obviously, it's independence day, that falls on a thursday, which means people off don't go to work on friday. so obviously things not ending up as they expected. but it's a city in lockdown tonight. trucks are being searched as they go by. the immediate area of the promenade has been shut down. but elsewhere around the city, traffic into the city is being restricted. and generally it's a city that is not really looking like one that should be beginning the holiday season at this time of year. >> tom, really, the independence day, 14-7, begins the height of the tourist season there in
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nice, and really across the french riviera and beyond. returning to normal is something i would assume is not going to happen immediately? >> absolutely no. the schools are closing now. it's the next few weeks that it really takes off, and august, of course, as france pretty much shuts down in many respects. the t jammed north from here to paris. the mood will surely be different this season, and certainly here in nice, it's going to be very different in the coming weeks. but for the immediate period, it's very difficult. but also, of course, the investigation will begin. some information is beginning to drip out. the figures on the number of victims is becoming clearer,
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although we know there are many injured. i just spoke recently in the past hour, a woman who was rushed to the hospital with children. they have been inundated with many children, some of whom are going through some very serious operations. so there is the possibility that the current figures are going to rise further. >> what do we know about the shooter? i know of the documents found in the vehicle. frankly, the belief is that the documents belonged to the person who was driving the truck. of course, we can't know that until autopsies are performed. but do we have anything on motive and what do we know about this person, if anything? >> reporter: at the moment, no. the reports that you referred to earlier is one that appeared in the local newspaper. it derives from that, and their resources. in terms of whether it was the
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individual who was actually driving or what might have motivated them, and of course -- we don't quite know that yet. we are expecting the interior minister in nice, in the coming hours, and it's currently about 4:00 a.m. in the morning. we do anticipate we'll get more information when he arrives. but at the moment, the police are not sharing that information. they're asking people not to share certain images on twitter and other things. so they seem to want to manage in some way the information flow. and that would include not providing details of what they know at this point in time about the driver of the vehicle.
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but that may become clearer when the interior minister arrives. >> tom bergen on the line with us from nice. again, the interior minister expected to speak shortly. of course, fox news channel will have continuie ining coverage. we're live throughout the night as another terrorist attack has struck another great european city. nice having, along with the rest of france, unscathed, survived the euro 2016 championships. security had been so tight. fears had been so high. yet france prevailed. and all of those venues turned out to be safe. today, bastille day, imagine the fourth of july along the beach in your local beach, and then this. france on a high state of alert. and we're awaiting multiple news conferences here in the middle of the night on the east coast. early, early morning in france. our coverage continues. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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witnesses say there was a lot of security. it was very tight as crowds gathered to watch the fireworks in nice. and the president of that region basically a regional governor, said the high ranking police officer was among the victims. and we have new information about victims. catherine herridge is in washington tonight. catherine? >> reporter: shep, in the last hour, we heard from the french interior minister, that's france's version of our homeland security secretary, confirming the threat is "extremely high" and they're under "tremendous pressure." he said they've sent 70 forensic investigators to process the crime scene. the white house condemning in the strongest possible terms what it says appears to be a horrific terrorist attack. the u.s. government is offering
8:18 pm
assistance to investigate. in previous attacks, that's included signals intelligence from the nsa that was used to track the terrorists responsible for the paris massacre last november. u.s. government official says the homeland security secretary jeh johnson is receiving regular updates on the attack. the official said given the indicators so far, a soft target in a major economic tourist hub, on the french national holiday, all point to terrorism and the likelihood of isis that has become more brazen in its targets and plots. the attack was described as a "surprise and they were blind sided." >> isis supporters are celebrate thing attack on social media, is that right? >> reporter: that's correct. two sources, including one that tracks jihadist social media for
8:19 pm
the government, quotes that isis followers are celebratory and telling users to use the #nice. this gives us a flavor of the attack's immediate impact. also, a u.s. government official is focused on the elements of premeditation in this attack. the truck going at full speed, carrying arms and grenades. and the size of the truck chose on the maximize the casualties and resistant to the fire from the police foot patrols. a senior intelligence official is drawing our attention to al qaeda and this fall edition of its propaganda magazine where it calls on followers to use trucks to kill people. al qaeda has been the one to champion this style of truck.
8:20 pm
this style of plot rather using these trucks. >> catherine, thank you. president obama is condemning the attack in france and saying the united states will do anything it can to help. his comments and "the wall street journal"'s john busey, as our coverage from nice continues. 80 dead, 20 seriously injured, dozens more hurt on the bastille day massacre in the french riviera. ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for up to 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. ♪
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continuing coverage of the bastille day attack in southern france. the white house says president obama is monitoring the situation there. the president saying what happened in nice appears to be a "horrific terrorist attack." kevin corke from washington. kevin? >> reporter: shep, good evening to you. we stand in solidarity and partnership with france, our
8:24 pm
oldest ally, as they respond to and recover from this attack. those are the words tonight from president obama, and the white house reaction to the devastating attack on the french people in nice. now, that official white house statement continues, and i'm reading now, on this bastille day we are reminded of the extraordinary resilience and democratic values that have made france an inspiration to the entire world, and we know the character of the french republic will endure long after this devastating and tragic loss of life. also tonight, shep, we have heard from the attorney general of the united states, loretta lynch. she issued a statement saying that the justice department has reached out to their french counterparts to offer assistance. and just to add, essentially the president was notified almost immediately in realtime when events like this happen. i talked to an official who told me today the way the infrastructure is set up, when something like this happens, the
8:25 pm
president is notified almost main minutes and they continue to monitor the situation. shep? >> kevin, thanks. john bussey is here. france has been anticipating this, not an attack on bastille day along the promenade in nice. but france has been anticipating this. >> that's right. and hollande is talking about extending the emergency period now, the state of emergency that gives him additional powers for surveillance and arrests. look, we don't know yet what the motivation was, if it is what it looks like, which was isis or al qaeda inspired. then this is going to galvanize not just france, but it's going to galvanize sentiment across europe. there are commonalities between what's happening in france and brussels and other places in
8:26 pm
europe. there's concern about immigration, there's concern about kind of loss of sovereignty to the european union. so you're seeing the rise of populist and right wing parties that are tapping into this sentiment. and this is simply going to fuel that. poland, austria, france, germany, denmark, even brexit was a function of an anti-immigrant, anti-immigration, kind of reseizing of sovereignty, that you're going to see playing out now, even more sort of vigor across europe as a result of this. >> and the politics in france are already shifting. and these attacks have precipitated that. one politician on the far right has been gathering strength, gathering proponents. >> that's right. and germany, the power house of
8:27 pm
europe, the same way. this will accelerate that process. we're seeing it in the united states, as well. this is a populist movement. donald trump, that has focused on the issue of immigration. it is something that is kind of commonty felt now around the world. germany, with the refugee crisis in the middle east, has -- it took in, in one year, a million refugees. that has been a very difficult thing to assimilate, in a country that is just not used to multiculturalism. we have our problems with it here. it's even more distinct and problematic in europe. >> of course, you could close all the boarders and allow no immigration and there is still already a problem. there's a problem inside france. there's a problem inside belgium. there's a large problem across the region of lack of assimilation and a lot of poverty and a lot of kids who are being brought over to this dark ideology of death and stopping it is not a matter of closing the boarders. it's simply not the solution.
8:28 pm
it's a thing which speak about, but it solves no problem. this is a french national we're led to believe. a resident of nice, of other history. but erecting a border wall would not change what happened tonight. >> this is true. you have problems already within these countries where there are shabby neighborhoods surrounding beautiful downtown paris, a and those neighborhoods are filled with unemployed kids who are refugees or descendants from previous refugees. i was in frankfurt over theuck conversation with a young man in his late 20s. third generation emigrant from afghanistan. >> third generation. >> grandfather came from afghanistan. this was a fluent german speaker, a taxpayer of germany. went through the public schools of germany. he said here in germany, i'm still called a foreigner.
8:29 pm
you will not find a person working in the city hall as a civil servant with black hair. this is somebody who feels very much other within the culture of germany, third generation. >> not going to end tomorrow. thank you, john. both donald trump and hillary clinton spoke with fox news. it was an extraordinary thing. donald trump was first on greta in the east coast primetime hours. then called in to o'reilly. trump postponed his announcement of his running mate. the word is, it's not the appropriate time. there's also the matter of the news cycle, as there is a campaign going on. it was supposed to happen tomorrow. we'll hear from both presumptive presidential nominees coming up and continue with a live report in paris as our breaking news continues. sky news in the united kingdom, their breakfast time program
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continues shortly. we'll listen to some of their coverage, as the new news is coming as dawn rises over southern france within the next hour. ♪ (click) (whistle) tracfone 90-day plans start at twenty bucks, with no contract. and give you talk, text and data with unlimited carryover. it was amazing! that's ninety days of nothing-but-net (buzzer) for less. america's largest and most dependable 4g lte networks.
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news and fox new's continuing coverage of the attack in south france. france's interior minister says at least 80 people are dead after a truck plowed through a crowd.
8:34 pm
french officials say cops shot and killed the driver. at this moment, it is not clear whether that person was alone or may have had some sort of help. but french prosecutors say they've launched a terrorism investigation. with us now from paris, the global radio news reporter catherine field is live. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, what i can tell you is just over an hour ago, french president francois hollande addressed the nation. it was an address really, shep, where you've got the feeling he was trying to rally the population together. he said that france has been badly hit and they need to do everything to fight against these attacks. he said these attacks are horrific. it struck france just at a time when france is celebrating its national day. this day that is a symbol of freedom of the french nation. he said that france is stronger than these fanatics, and he said they wanted to take away their
8:35 pm
free throw dom a freedom and take it away on this day, france's independence day. he said he would be extending the state of emergency, so we're going to have this for at least another three months. and in another move, he is to reinforce the external boarders of the french nation. he's going to be calling up reservists to help out. we've been at this state of emergency now for many months. >> what does that mean, practically speaking? you're in a state of emergency, what happens as a result of that? >> reporter: what happens, shep, is it gives the police wide ranging powers. for example, they can take someone into custody without any evidence at all. without an arrest warrant. they can keep someone under house arrest without it being cleared by a judge. a lot of the very simple civil rights that people have gotten used to can be taken away.
8:36 pm
now, they used this quite a lot during the massive conflict we had here in paris last november with the climate conference when president obama was here and all the world leaders were here. >> and there was great resistance to this measure. the people of france, in large part, were against this at the time. and now? >> now there's still this big question as to, yes, this question of civil liberties versus the security. the big question that has come up and come up again and again, since those attacks at "charlie hebdo" last year is what went wrong with the intelligence services? they didn't cross every "t" and dot every "i." a senior official of the french intelligence services warned them that these so-called isis
8:37 pm
lone wolves would be changing their tactics. he said in particular, they're going to be using cars, booby traps. so that's this question again what was wrong with the intelligence services? did they drop the ball somewhere? did they learn from their mistakes? some people will say clearly they didn't. other poeople will say you can' keep everybody you might suspect on surveillance. >> catherine, i was there during euro 2016, there in nice. and all along the coast and all of these stadiums and all the many concerns and heightened security. this area had extremely heightened security tonight. you know, you wonder at some point if we're going to have to come to the realization that some things security services can't stop. these lone wolf attacks are proving to be something that the modern world has a difficult time resisting.
8:38 pm
>> reporter: i think that's right. just a couple of hours, it was after the big parade here in paris, which is a huge event. it had 11,000 police and security guards protecting that particular parade. and i saw president hollande, almost as jovial as i had ever seen him. we thought something would happen, it didn't. he was just about to go off on holiday, about to get on a plane. i think you're right to have picked up on this, everyone is suspecting an attack for the euro 2016. it didn't happen. when i saw president hollande, he really did have the sense of someone of, we did it, we got through euro 2016 and we had a fantastic parade. it's so much part of the french way of life, part of our
8:39 pm
calendar. national day, bastille day is almost a day when france -- it's summer holidays, we're going off. >> catherine fold from global radio on the bastille day massacre in the french riviera. it's still hard to imagine it's happened. thank you. france has been struck on her day of national holiday, those were the words of the french president francois hollande after the attack there in nice. our benjamin hall is london based for us, and this morning with the latest, as being reported across the european news networks. benjamin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, shep. some terrible news that we're hearing now from a u.s. intelligence source, which is that there are at least two americans among the dead. a father and a son who were out there enjoying that evening, as well, celebrating the french day of independence. we now know at least 80 killed, 20 critically injured, pushing the figure to at least 100 possibly. remember, 130 were killed back in november, the worst ever
8:40 pm
terror attack on french soil. so this is really pushing up towards that number. and the tragic events were on a day of freedom. president hollande speaking saying he will implement these new rules. the highest operational security, allowing the mobilization of 10,000 military officers around the country. that includes all the brigades around the country to be called in to assist this region. hollande was saying france has seen extreme violence, and now it's obvious that everything must be done to fight this terrorism. shep? >> thank you very much, benjamin hall from our london newsroom this morning. joining us now is glenn hall, no relation, the u.s. editor for "the wall street journal," who is live with us. glenn, from everything that we had heard, there were widespread concerns throughout euro 2016, leading up to bastille day. and now at the end of the day, right there in the french riviera in nice, this attack.
8:41 pm
you wonder if hearts and minds won't begin to change. >> this is going to be one of those turning points again, right? we've had so consistent returns of this kind of problem, and authorities have just -- have a struggle to grapple with how do you get intel on a lone wolf where there are no signs and no signals and no normal tracing points. this has been a real struggle as we adapt to this new type of war, that soisis, al qaeda and sympathizers are bringing against other cultures. >> the united states reacting to this, but it's 19 minutes before 6:00 a.m. in paris and in nice, and the morning programs will begin in a minute and we'll suspect to hear from authorities as daybreaks there, as is much the pattern here. i expect, glenn, we'll learn something of motivation and i pulley expect it to be part of this pattern we've been witnessing.
8:42 pm
>> it seems to have all the hallmarks of that pattern, and somebody that was inspired by and upset about the way things are happening around the world, and sympathizing with the islamic state or al qaeda mentality. that seems to be the hallmark of what we're seeing. french authorities have been clear that they haven't drawn any clear conclusions yet, but they are investigating this as a terrorism threat, a terrorist attack. and president obama was very clear about that, say thing seems to be another of these terrorist attacks we've been fearing all along. >> let's boil this down to its very existence, and we have one man in one truck driving through one crowd of thousands of people. if that's all you are, if that is your plan to use this enormous vehicle as a multiton weapon, why do you have guns and hand grenades and ammunition in
8:43 pm
the back of this truck? just on the surface, it's a fair question. one to which we have no answer. but it doesn't make sense in a lone wolf attack to have all this stuff in the back. that's the hallmark of something different, is it not in >> those are good questions. it speaks to premeditation and plans. so absolutely, another kind of threat may be involved here. >> there's simply no way to know at this moment. there were concerns in the early going that truck might be packed with explosives. authorities were around it in the very early going, trying to treat victims and the like and moved away from it as they waited to find out what was there and what their threat was. and at this hour, dispatch from the bbc, word that though the injured were taken away, those who died on that street along the promenade in nice on national day, their remains are still there, as the morning
8:44 pm
light begins over the french riviera. so victims are still in the streets. our coverage continues live from new york and nice and beyond. this is fox news channel. let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment options for her disease, doctors working with the
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a.m. in nice. and it took less than an hour for domestic politics to enter the fray after the attack in nice. less than an hour after this truck went on its rampage along the board walk there. donald trump said he would not announce his vp pick tomorrow as planned after the attack. the republican presumptive nominee tweeted "in light of the horrible attack in nice, france, i have postponed tomorrow's news conference concerning my vice presidential announcement." carl cameron is live at trump tower this late night. you spoke with trump just as he was tweeting, is that right? >> reporter: it's remarkable, shep. we spoke with donald trump yesterday about the announcement and/or the hint he was picking his running mate today. so when the phone rang and he said it was donald trump, i couldn't believe it because of the attack and thought maybe he's got some plans and he told me that as he was tweeting at the same time that he was
8:49 pm
postponing tomorrow's announcement. and it almost seems crass given the tragedy in france that we're talking about this, but both donald trump and hillary clinton appeared on bill o'reilly's show tonight talking about this. the presidential campaign has been absorbed by it. and trump went out of his way to say that the criticism of him for his loud, boisterous, bellicose tone really should be reconsidered by his critics, given the way the violence, particularly against innocents, continues to seem to escalate almost every other week. listen to this in his phone call earlier tonight. >> i haven't made my final, final decision. i've got three people that are fantastic. i think newt is a fantastic person. i think chris christie is a fantastic person. been a friend of mine for 15 years. just a fantastic person. and is mike. and mike has done a great job as governor of indiana. you look at the numbers, and
8:50 pm
he's done a fantastic job. but i haven't made a final, final decision. >> reporter: the trouth is, the trump campaign indicated the vi presidential nominee. they thought that was sloppy. pence, talking with his lieutenant governor in indiana today about the possibility of not running for reelection. all of this really upset the trump campaign. they thought he was way too far out. too many leaks out of indiana. so the idea that he was talking of christie and gingrich late in the afternoon suggests he is going to have a long talk with mike pence about keeping things quiet. we don't know when the announcement could be schedule. it may be during the convention even. >> and to the cynic who might say you want a surprise announcement, you wanted a whole news cycle, now both of you politicians, you're political exploits continue in the middle of this terror attack over there. to those critics you would say well, we don't really know.
8:51 pm
>> exploiting something like this is not anything that can be anticipated. this is an obvious tragedy that comes out of the blue. but for trump, it's an opportunity to talk about his tone and perhaps. >> from the, i apologize. with no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, and no colors from artificial sources. we think clean food tastes better, feels better, does better. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. every bite will be food as it should be. ♪
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one of the weirdest things i've seen in a long time is i looked down at my phone tonight, and it said hillary clinton calls in to bill o'reilly. she spoke on fox tonight after the attack. clinton talking about how the u.s. and other nato nations should respond. >> i think it's important to stress that our alliance with france is so strong, and it's terrible that france has faced too much tragedy and violence, and we need to stand strongly with them because events like
8:55 pm
this remind us how vital it is in every way not to abandon them. we need to strengthen our alliances. and i include nato in that. we've got to do more to understand that this is a war against these terrorist groups, the radical jihadist groups. it's a different kind of war. we need to be smart about how we wage it. but we have to be determined that we're going to win it. >> secretary clinton also says intelligence agencies in the united states and europe need to increase the amount of information they share with each other. well, let's bring in kevin osenbeck the european correspondent for feature story news and live this morning. we're expecting to hear more from authorities in a few minutes. but what we know already is already more than you can stomach. >> absolutely. once again, europe is in mourning, and once again europe is trying to comprehend what is happening. when it comes to the european union and its response, the eu
8:56 pm
counterterrorism coordinator told me there is no way you can ever eliminate the threat from the isis cells. belgium police, police here in brussels will be investigating to see if this truck driver has any connection to the brussels cell. this is the same cell that was behind the paris attacks back in november and the brussels attacks that happened just a few months ago back in march. police here were very open with the fact that they didn't know exactly how many members were making up the cell here. they have made significant gains in trying to dismantle that cell. they made a number of high profile arrests. but still, there was always a little bit of uncertainty here in brussels. if that cell was still here and still operating. >> it certainly, we do not know at this hour whether that cell was in any way responsible. but i want to let our viewers know, in just a few minutes, we're going to be joining sky news in the united kingdom. sky news begins its breakfast
8:57 pm
program 6:00 a.m. local. kevin, thank you. 6:00 a.m. local time. 5:00 a.m. they'll begin their first morning coverage there across great britain. and across europe. and we'll dip in so that we can hear their first top of the hour headlines this morning across the pond. that's coming in just a few minutes. we want to take a quick commercial break. our coverage will continue live throughout the night on fox news channel, america's choice for news and information on cable. what's it like to put your home in good hands? like having something fit you, just right, thank you randall. every stitch and seam of your home insurance, tailored to fit you and your budget. with unique features, like claim free rewards... ohh! customized home protection extra features all at an affordable price! i'm going to live in this. in means getting more from your home insurance with an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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fast approaching midnight now on the east coast. 9:00 p.m. on the west coast. 6:00 a.m. friday, or soon to be in the south of france. i'm shepard smith in new york, and this is late night live coverage now on fox news channel of the latest attack on the promenade in nice. the latest numbers from the french official, officially now at least 80 people are dead, including children and police officers. 20 others seriously hurt. dozens more injured.
9:00 pm
officials say the officers there shot and killed the driver. fast approaching 5:00 a.m. in london, where our sister network sky news will begin its morning coverage with the brand-new top of the hour headlines. we'll be right back. but let's listen now. sky news in the united kingdom and across europe. >> this is sky news at 5:00. our breaking news this morning, the french president francois hollande has condemned a terrorist attack that has killed at least 80 people in the southern city of nice. many of the dead were children. 18 people are in a critical condition after a lorry drove into a crowd at speeds during the bastille day celebrations late last night. witnesses say it carried on for more than a mile before the driver was shot dead by police soon afterwards. according to a police source, the identity papers of a french tunisian have been found in the vehicle, along with guns and hand grenades. the attack happened on the famous promenade des anglais during a firework display.