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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  July 14, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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officials say the officers there shot and killed the driver. fast approaching 5:00 a.m. in london, where our sister network sky news will begin its morning coverage with the brand-new top of the hour headlines. we'll be right back. but let's listen now. sky news in the united kingdom and across europe. >> this is sky news at 5:00. our breaking news this morning, the french president francois hollande has condemned a terrorist attack that has killed at least 80 people in the southern city of nice. many of the dead were children. 18 people are in a critical condition after a lorry drove into a crowd at speeds during the bastille day celebrations late last night. witnesses say it carried on for more than a mile before the driver was shot dead by police soon afterwards. according to a police source, the identity papers of a french tunisian have been found in the vehicle, along with guns and hand grenades. the attack happened on the famous promenade des anglais during a firework display.
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pictures have emerge to have had lorry before it drove into the crowd. they show police attempting to stop the driver before he reaches the promenade. the pictures we're to be show do not show the moment when the vehicle hits the crowd. >> that video shows the sense of panic in nice last night. and president hollande addressed the nation just a few hours ago when the number of dead at the time was thought to be 77.
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>> translator: this is another attack on france. last night a lorry hit a crowd of people in nice with the intention of killing. at the time i speak, there are 77 victims of which many are children. once again we have seen extreme violence, and it is obvious that we must do everything to fight against this terrorism. >> and that's how the europeans are awaking now, 6:00 across the continent. 5 a.m. in london.
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that sky news' early morning newscast and the matters to which they're awaking there. the windshield riddled with bullet holes, you can see this. our sister network and sky news report that investigators found the documents they mentioned, identifying documents belonging to a 31-year-old frenchman, a french national from nice, but with tunisian ancestry inside that vehicle. right now we do not know with certainty whether that was the person who was the driver or how those documents otherwise would have ended up in the truck. those matters are for later reporting. witnesses say the driver got out and started firing at people and police, though there are varying accounts of this. multiple eyewitnesses say they saw the gunman get out of the truck. fox news confirming the vehicle was carrying a load of weapons and hand grenades in the back. so far officially no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. let's get back to tom bergen from the reuters news agency live onscene as the sun begins
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to rise in nice, or i presume it is. good morning. >> good morning, shep. yes, the sun has rose here in nice. and it's not a great sight this morning. i've just been down on the promenade. and we can see the aftermath of last night's incident here. wrecked strollers, there are pools of blood on the ground, there are screened off areas where behind them there appear to be bodies covered in sheets. it looks quite a scene of mayhem this morning. and you can see the areas where it appears the driver mounted the promenade and the incident happened where he actually seems to have mounted on to the walkway, the wide walkway that nice is famed for. and now as the sun is rising, we can see really with greater clarity what happened there.
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>> i'm assuming investigators are still on scene. we're waiting you mentioned earlier that we were expecting a news conference from someone within provincial government. is that right? >> yes, it's the interior minister is expected in nice this morning. it's 6:00 a.m. now. so really should it be in the coming hours. president hollande spoke from paris. went back up again for meetings on this. but we may start to get some more detail about the driver and about their -- you know, potentially what might have motivated them. so there will be more clarity coming. we'll also i suppose as the day progresses get a better idea as to the final death toll. i spoke with somebody who worked at a hospital just here on the promenade. the driver mounted the promenade almost directly opposite the children's hospital.
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and some of the victims were taken across the road to that hospital. i spoke to somebody who works in the hospital and said some of the operations that are current were at least a coupe of hours ago being done were very serious. so this is always the risk that the final numbers could be higher than that that we discussed. >> it's our understanding that specifically by way of motivation, they don't have information. but france had been on very high alert. the festivities surrounding and the games involved within euro 2016, it happened. they had come and gone without the fear of attacks. bastille day had in essence come and gone. we were late into the evening hours. even the sun had set on the south of france. the french president francois hollande appeared to be as jovial as he had been seen in month. and suddenly and out of nowhere, this truck comes barreling through there.
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i wonder at what point we reach a turning point for the mentality of the people in that region, and, you know, frustration must set in on an enormous way. how in the world do you stop one lone guy with a truck? >> it's a very difficult thing to manage, even the city of london, what was known as the ring of steel after ira bombings in the 1980s. that's something that the cities have tried to do in the past, which is to bar large trucks from certain areas. but here i am. just very short stone's throw from the promenade. and trucks are going by. you can't -- a lot of checkpoints around here. and they're checking the contents of the truck that are going into the city center. but realistically, it's a functioning city. there needs to be delivery. so it's difficult to do that. permanently bar heavy vehicles
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on these trucks. but yes, the city, this part of the country of course, it's not that far along the coast. marseille had hosted the march in the euro championships. and people had been breathing easily. and of course it was a fireworks show that was being shown last night. so, again, everyone thought pretty much this day had gotten past without event. but obviously it turned out not to be the case. >> sadly, it was not the case indeed. tom bergen from the reuters news agency, our partners and especially the european news coverage. we thank you so much. tom, to you for some context. as all of this has been happening, of course we're monitoring news from around the world. and i have multiple red alerts from the reuters news agency now. and they're all about the war on terror. the first one, u.s. military likely to stake additional troops in iraq. u.s. military to u.s. general
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speaking to the reuters news agency. at the same time, the u.s. military weighing more robust presence in yemen to counter al qaeda there. that, again, from a u.s. general to the reuters news agency. full write-throughs, hundreds of words on both of those as the war on terror heats up. of course, there is no war on terror there are wars on people. and that's what is under way. much more on the attack in nice. we'll talk to former fbi assistant director, and the wake-up news across europe, as our broadcasting partners across the continent are delivering the news of the day. and we're awaiting news conferences. nine minutes past 12:00 a.m. on the east coast. fox news channel coverage continues live throughout the night.
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terror in france
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breaking news coverage ontos. 13 minutes past midnight on the east coast. 6:13 a.m. over there in paris and across the continent. this is the -- this is france 24, the 24-hour news network in france where it's early morning news now, and they're giving the word that president hollande has said they will strengthen their presence in iraq and syria. president hollande extending the state of emergency as you can see here. this is bfm television. another french national news
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channel. 6:13 in the morning there. this one coming to us in french language. of course we're translating back in the booth. this is our own network sky news in the united kingdom which broadcasts across the continent. 80 dead after a lorry, their word for a big truck, drives into a crowd in nice. the driver of the lori has been shot dead as you see in the ticker at the bottom. bastille day attack. president of the region there says that guns and grenades have been found in the lorry. so inside that big truck. it is all the news across the continent on a friday morning, the day after national day in france. the islamic state social accounts are celebrating, telling their followers to use the nice hash tags. that's what sources who monitor jihadi reports for the government. but no group has officially taken responsibility for this attack in the french riviera. a former senior intelligence official pointed out that al qaeda has previously called for using trucks as killing machines.
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let's bring in a former fbi assistant director. the truth is at this hour we can't know who is responsible. but we can certainly recognize the haul mark. >> you're absolutely right, shep. at this point i'm not sure it matters a lot. i imagine some day we'll be talk and discussing the idea that al qaeda and isis have decided to really join together and announce it to the world. i think we're at a stage now that we probably saw coming a number of years ago. but has never really been able to get our arms around. over the last few years in dealing with this is mostly a law enforcement issue in the last three years in particular, i think we're just overwhelmed now everywhere by volume and probably at this point by kind of a law enforcement stretch. look at how many hours of the day now the police are out, whether it's in france or it's in belgium or the united kingdom or it's here, dealing with all sorts of issues and then dealing with something like this. now at a certain point, any kind
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of government organism is stressed. >> a former assistant director is with us. we've just gotten word through our european partners and investigative sources there that the driver did fire several times. it appears that this driver had gone for more than a mile, just running over people everywhere. and eventually police began to fire into the cabin. the driver apparently was able to get out and begin firing not with a long gun, but with a handgun. and it was then that authorities were able to take him out. and here is the even newer information. we had mentioned that in the become of the vehicle, cursory glance by authorities, they had found what they believed to be grenades and weapons. rifles were described in the back. well, they weren't able to get in there initially because they wanted to make sure that there were no active bombs.
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they didn't want to have emergency officials go up to this truck and there be some sort of other explosions. and they were acting with caution. they were viewing from a distance. they were unsure what they were seeing. now we know what was initially described as a grenade was in fact a grenade but an inactive grenade found inside the truck. and fake rifles found inside the truck. in other words, toy rifles found in this truck. so this man guess on a rampage, running -- driving his truck at speed as the european news networks have put it, at speed, at 40 miles per hour at some point, though we've seen it much slower. and in the back is toy guns and inactive hand grenades that part of this does not sound like some sort of organized, coordinated event. toy guns and inactive hand grenades in the back sounds like a freak. >> certainly kind of agree with you. it doesn't sound too organized. and perhaps we'll find out in 24 hours or less. but he doesn't have some sort of
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help somewhere getting whatever else he had in the truck. here is the thing. whether or not the weapons are the issue, the ideology and the psychology are. and we're going to be learning a lot about that in the next few hours and in the next couple days. and the disadvantage that we're in, shep, isis or al qaeda, however these loners are exposed to that ideology, this is all they need to go out and find their own creative way of wreaking havoc and essentially spreading evil. they're all in their own way full of hate and anger, and when you have somebody come along like an isis who can justify all that and give you a reason to go out and kind of let it all out, then you can see the kind of problem law enforcement has. unless you are there the minute that you identify the trigger in that person, the psychological trigger that lets them explode, you're not going to prevent it. and that's why in some of the cases here in america, we've had
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the fbi, for example, the boston bombers. the tsarnaev brothers. they had the fbi out doing interviews. the problem is the two years before they actually did the deed, they weren't expressing or they weren't manifesting anything they might do because they didn't even visit made up in their own head. they hadn't reached that point. so we just didn't catch it. >> let me back up just to dallas. in dallas, there was not a -- well, certainly he had professed allegiance. but there was no i'm going to go kill the cops. there was no enormous red flag, the neighbors see him prepare manage the backyard. it's not as if there was actionable intelligence, if you like the phrase. the same thing true in orlando. now you a man at least at first reporting who wants to get behind the wheel of a truck and go on a rampage through a massive crowd on national day in south of france. these are things that are unpreventible right here in front of -- the avenue of america, near the crossroads of
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the world. if you want to take your truck and remove it from sixth avenue and bring it up on to the sidewalk, and you want to do this sort of thing on the street, that's something anybody can do at any time. the 2 new matter in this new world is we are now dealing with people who don't mind dying. and a civilized society has a very hard time protecting against someone who doesn't mind it if the outcome is his or her death. and that's where we are. and how in the world you prevent that sort of thing when isis is saying this is your way, you have no hope. you have no hope for a job. we don't know the particular circumstances here. but we know their m.o. they try to reach those who have mental capacities who are diminished for whatever reason, or a situation where they have no hope for a job and no hope for a future and no hope for anything positive outside of a neighborhood and squalor. and you offer some sort of albeit fake, but some sort of alternative reality that provides you with some sort of hope, some sort of reason for
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being. some sort of way of being part of a group. and they say to you this is your way. and then you go drive. and then you're dead. and you get all of these headlines. and the next one, the last few weeks have become a macabre march from one terror to the next. we sat on this news desk for five months largely watching our screens and doing nothing until all of the sudden every week there is another one. and the next week there is another one. and the next week there are two of them. and the world continues. and there is no way to stop -- there is no way to stop these lone attackers. the politicians can weigh in however they want. they can talk about closing the borders. they can talk about keeping people out of the country. ask france. that wouldn't do it. a resident of nice, a french national. that's what caused this in the early going. our time has expired. and i apologize.
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the former assistant director from the fbi on a horrible morning in the south of france. and each day more and more come to the realization someone wants to get behind the wheel of a truck and doesn't mind dying in the end can do this. and he did this. and there is more to learn. we're waiting for news conferences overseas. it is the morning hours, of course. 22 minutes past 6:00 a.m. in the south of france, and then in paris where the french president hollande has had an emergency meeting. we're expecting a french leader to come and give new information on the attacks in the south of france. that's coming. alzheimer's means...
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continuing coverage of the breaking news out of paris. our sister network sky news in the united kingdom running an interview now with a provincial -- what amounts to a homeland security secretary. this is a taped interview which i'm watching in the big wall, if you can pop that up there so they know what i'm talking about. but no new information. we're expecting a new news conference shortly. in the meantime the associate editor of the "wall street journal." and the journal is out with a new story here in the middle of the night on the east coast of this same line of discussion that we were just having. and that is in many cases, intelligence cannot catch something like this. >> yes. damian poletta, our security correspondent in washington has
9:27 pm
written this story. and in it he quotes nick rasmussen who is head of the national counterterrorism center. and who says, look, motives may be the same, but methods have changed. these aren't big projects that are planned over months, sometimes years like al qaeda used to do. they are lower tech. they are lone wolf as you pointed out. they may have been conceived of very recently. there is not a lot of time that takes place between when they were conceived and when they're executed that intelligence can tap into. we are doing a lot on the ground in iraq, interdicting financing that is going across borders. surveillance phone calls around the world. but what happens when an individual decides to get into a truck and drive it down a busy road in nice, france? very, very hard for intelligence to have an opportunity to pick
9:28 pm
that information up and to act on it. particularly if it's an individual, a single individual making the plans. >> striking to me watching the many different videos that are available online and beyond. it's clear that people are chasing this truck because they didn't -- you see a truck coming your way, you don't realize this is a death machine. you don't think of that. it's once it passes and you see people in its wake, you see dismembered bodies, and you realize something that is unthinkable is happening. something i could not even process as it was coming in my direction. there is a truck being used as a rolling killing machine. >> yeah. and you don't even think about it as somebody behind the wheel with intent. i mean, your first conclusion as an individual is this thing has somehow gone off the rails. it's out of control. who knows what is going on. damian's point in his story also undercores how what's changing is the ability of social media to assist in the radicalization
9:29 pm
of these lone wolves, who are behaving for whatever reason. unemployment, maybe. sentiments aligned with al qaeda or isis, maybe. but previously it was harder to get them to act on their instincts or their desires. and now social media is playing such a big role in the further radicalization of these individuals, and prompting them to actually take action. another area that intelligence has a very difficult time keeping a handle on. >> and that's not something that is going to change for the better. we're led to believe that more and more thousands of people are being individually radicalized around the world. this is clearly more of a european problem than it is now. politicians will do what they do to get you riled up and worry about thinkings. and we certainly have reason to worry. but not in the way they're due over there. the assimilation process is different. the border situation is different. the history over the last generation or two with migration
9:30 pm
and the rest. >> and colonization. >> and colonization. goes back forever. it's a completely different situation. and yet the whole world will be affected. >> that's right. because you're going to see that here as well. look, we've had our lone wolfs in the past that are entirely separate from the type of culture clash that is happening now between radical jihadist islam and the west. we've had our timothy mcveigh's. we've had our snipers in the tower in texas. we've had those over the years. now it is something that much more consistent, much more with us, and that's going to be much longer lasting. huntington talked about the clash of civilizations. that's happening. it's playing out in front of us. a highly radicalized element of islam in conflict with the west. and it's going to play out in these lone wolf attacks as well as orchestrated incidents like the brussels bombing and france back in november.
9:31 pm
>> and i have people ask me all the time, when does everyone wake up and realize this is happening? start using the words that i prefer that you use to describe this thing. none of that changes anything at all. >> no. >> this is all smoke and hot air from politicians trying to get elected. that doesn't change anything. this thing is not about to change. nothing is about to change. and it doesn't matter if we get fed up with it. that doesn't change it. it's not going to change. >> the nomenclature does not seem to be the issue here. how do you get your arms around a problem as difficult to manage as a particular individual getting it in his mind to do what happened in nice. how do you get out in front of that? what kind of communication, what kind of acultureation for these young people. how do you interdict a message
9:32 pm
from a radical organization through social media? how do you do that? those are going to be the substantive issues that the politicians, the strategy, national security experts are going to have to address. >> if dying is not a thing that you mind, you are very difficult to stop. a live report ahead from a journalist based in europe as our coverage continues late night live throughout the evening. this is fox news channel. and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. has been a struggle. i considered all my options with my doctor, who recommended once-daily toujeo®. now i'm on the path to better blood sugar control.
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24 minutes now before 1:00 a.m. on the east coast. 7:00 a.m. across france. where we're getting reaction from witnesses there across the continent. so many people describing chaos. think of it. tens of thousands of people right along the shoreline in nice, an enormous beach, miles long public beach. promenade just next to it. then two -- well, four lanes, two lanes in each direction highway. and all of these restaurants and bars, high-end hotels and many thousands of people with their families out for national day,
9:37 pm
for independence day 14-7. among the hundreds who had gathered to watch celebration. the whole city was running. she told ap. i got extremely frightened and ran away from the promenade. it was chaos, she said. screams and sirens. it had been a normal evening. we were just walkinger around, said joel finster of the bbc. suddenly people started running and there were screams and police sirens and police shouting to evacuate. it was terrifying, especially because we didn't know what was going on. at the time we only heard some of the gunshots. we assumed there were people running around with guns. there was a moment when we were running and the people were running from that direction and this, and some people were sitting on the floor looking for a way to get out of the way. from the guardian this morning, witnesses have described chaos and stampede as parents threw their children over fences to save them after the truck plowed
9:38 pm
through the crowd of bastille day revellers in the southern french city of nice, killing at least 50. one american palestinian writer visited his sister, told the guardian, quote, all of the sudden we saw essentially a stampede of people coming from the promenade des anglais. and now to sky news and a witness on television live tonight. listen. >> it sounded like an attack in beirut. i know that sounds crazy to say. and i said to my friend, this doesn't sound like fireworks. this sounds like beirut when it's under attack. and all of the sudden, people were screaming in the streets, and they were running all to the restaurants. all the restaurants were open. and people coming. and we were just sitting there. and everybody came in to our restaurant, and the owners of the restaurant were closing the doors saying please don't go anywhere, get in, get in to everybody. everybody was screaming. there was a lady. she collapsed on the floor. she fainted. and we were in shock.
9:39 pm
i was just sitting there with a friend, enjoying a meal. and we were going to go down to the fireworks. but fortunately, we didn't go because i needed to go to the ladies. and that's what stopped us, and that's why we stayed. because obviously there was about 15 minutes or so left. and we were literally one block away. it was -- it was shocking. it was devastating. and i can't believe that i've come over here for a few days and i've got mixed up in something so tragic. it was just awful. >> from late thursday evening, live on sky news. our broadcast partners in the united kingdom. skies news with its early morning programing now on the feed coming in to us from the continent and from great britain. and you see their morning show programs will begin in about 20 minutes. and we'll share some of that coverage for you, breakfast time on the bbc and morning programs
9:40 pm
across sky network. another witness to the emergency services said it took 25 minutes for them to reach the program had in, quoting a truck arrived and smashed into everyone, everyone, the man said, turning to wave at the fire trucks behind him. there was no security. it took the fire trucks 25 minutes or half hour to arrive. of course, security had been quite tight during the evening there had been fears across euro 2016 of all of these stadiums. of course there in nice and beyond. of the heightened security and fears that euro 2016 would become an attack site. and yet it did not. the next great concern was today, bastille day, all across the country. i should say yesterday now. thursday, bastille day. the french president at a large event, tens of thousands of people in cities across the area. and largely, they had survived unscathed. and then half past 10:00 at night, after the fireworks had stopped and the people were disbursing, that's when the attack game.
9:41 pm
that's when the lone driver in a truck came barrelling through the crowds there in nice. of course the initial reporting was accurate, that authorities saw guns and hand grenades in the become of this big truck, a lorry as they call it. but now we know upon further investigation, the authorities know that those guns, they were fakes. they were toy guns. the hand grenades, they were not active. and whoever this was that apparently placed these items in the back, for what reason we do not know, they found identification ids inside that truck which would indicate this was a french national, a man who lived in nice. apparently, at least in the early reporting working alone, but with tunisian, with tunisian background. but a french citizen. a person of nice who the front of his truck shot up by police there. you can see the bullet holes in the windows after going on the rampage through the promenade there. and right along the boardwalk in nice.
9:42 pm
getty logan is monitoring news across europe and is live this hour in our london newsroom. kitty, it is still unfathomable. >> yes, shep. and as we listen to those horrifying witness account, the french president has come out, and he has been very clear. he is calling this a terrorist attack. he was speaking in the early hours of the morning after, an emergency meeting. and he described transbeing full of sadness at the news of this tragedy. >> once again, horror has struck france. in nice this evening a truck has plowed into the crowd that was gathered there to watch the 14th july fireworks with the intention of killing, crushing and massacring. >> now president hollande says that at least 77 people have died. children are amongst those. 18 people we understand at this point in time are critically injured. many more people wounded. the death toll seems to be
9:43 pm
rising as the hours pass. the french government now has extended the state of emergency. remember, state of emergency was put in place after last year's attacks in paris. that state of emergency has now been extended. it was due to expire at the end of this month. french authorities now on high alert after this attack. shep? >> we're just getting this. a huge number of families crouching down in a car. and now we have gotten word from the bbc, guys? the guardian. the guardian and others are reporting that the attacker was known to police, but not known through terrorism officials. in other words, a known -- a person who was known to have contact with police multiple times. but not someone known as a terrorist. kitty, i know this is just developing, but i guess the long and short of it is there is really no way to identify in many cases who these attackers are going to be until they carry out their attacks. >> that's right. it's not entirely surprising, shep, to hear that.
9:44 pm
if we think back to previous attacks in paris and brussels over the past year or so, the attackers have in those incidents also been known to the police. and there have been questions raised of course about intelligence gathering, how effective it is. but if you say, these things are quite difficult to prevent. how do you prevent somebody driving a truck through a crowd? what we're also hearing is that driver, we understand fired a weapon into the crowd as he drove. we understand that police shot him dead. as you look at these images of the truck, you can see those bullet holes in the wind screen. but he was able to drive two kilometers. that's over a mile, about 1.2 miles through the crowd, killing people as he went. this was a very deliberate attack. he was zigzagging as he drove. this was a heavy truck, around 25 tons, driven at high speed. and these were crowds, shep who would gather to celebrate bastille day. they were walking along the sea front in nice. they never imagined something like this would happen at such an event. i think it's very difficult to assess at this point in time
9:45 pm
what french authorities have done to prevented this, even if the suspect was known to police. obviously this event was policed. as you mentioned, the euros were on high alert for possible terror attack. it's simply hard to predict what might happen and when. i think there will be more questions about ledges gathering not just france, but the whole of europe. >> it would appear. kitty logan life. thank you so much. we're getting new reports from french television. one of our affiliated networks with whom we share content is the french network bfm, which is now reporting the driver of the truck, as i said a moment ago, was known -- this is a bfm feed. this is the morning program, a quarter to 7:00 in the morning there as we're waiting for french officials to come to the microphones and give conferences. here is the reporting at this moment, early morning in france. according to the information from dominique risse, who is a news anchor, a morning news anchor there, the truck driver
9:46 pm
who mowed down dozens of people in nice was, quote, known to police for violence, use of weapons, but no facts related to terrorism. i'm still quoting. he was 30 years old, born in 1985. it is also known that he had rented the truck that was used in the attack. again, this is from the reporting of the french news network bfm, with which we are affiliated. they're kind enough to share their information and live feed with us. the truck driver known to cops, but not for terrorism in any way. sounds as if this was just a local on again, off again criminal. killed dozens of people tonight, or last night. known to police for violence, use of weapons. but no facts related to terrorism. a 30-year-old born in 1985. a citizen and a resident of nice with tunisian background, known to have rented the truck that was used in the attack.
9:47 pm
this of course is but the latest attack targeting the people of france. we'll look at some of the other recent tragedies there. massacre there's as we return live from the fox news desk, overnight live on fox news channel. this just got interesting.
9:48 pm
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continuing coverage live on fox news channel, france has been under a state of emergency since the terrorists killed 130 people in paris back in november. on thursday night in france, the french president, francois hollande, said he's extending that state of emergency by three months. this gives the government extended powers and limits personal freedoms and rights for the time being. the state of emergency has been in place twice already. earlier today, before the attack, president hollande said that it would end on the 26th of july. he said it didn't make sense to keep renewing it. the november attack targeted a concert hall, of course, plus restaurants in the local football stadium. live on the attack leading to this. >> shep, you talk to people and you look at social media and among the prevailing thoughts is that this is starting to feel like the new normal. there have been an increase in europe in the last couple years
9:52 pm
where the threat has increased dramatically given the civil war in syria and the threat of isis foreign fightsers and just two days ago, france's top intelligence chief warned france was the country most threatened by isis. the greatest threat to france comes from 4 to 500 isis fighters who train in syria and iraq and are believed to be living in france today. he said, quote, france is living on the brink of civil war as people there and in europe are increasingly divided about immigration as more migrants from syria and iraq migrate there. if you look at this, since january 2015, not counting tonight's apparent terrorist attack, france has endured nine terror attacks, killing at least 149 people. the two biggest attacks, january 7, 2015, when jihadists with al qaeda's yemen branch attacked a jewish supermarket, leaving 17 dead, and then of course, the paris attacks in november 13
9:53 pm
when nine men, most of them who fought alongside isis extremists, unleash explosives and guns and carnage at bars and restaurants, a concert hall and a stadium, killing 130. but it's not just french. in march, 32 killed at the brussels airport in bordering belgium and in a subway station and then of course we had it in turkey, just a couple weeks ago at a major international airport when three -- when three suicide bombers blew themselves up, killing 42 people. since january 2015, at least 250 people have died in terrorist attacks in turkey, france, and belgium alone and all night, shep, you've talked about the inability to stop lone wolf attacks, and we've seen at least four instances of this in france since this -- since this state of emergency has been put in place. a man who stabbed somebody in the name of isis and/or a teenager who attacked a jewish teacher in france as well.
9:54 pm
all of this under france's state of emergency, which leads to what you've been talking about, how hard it is to stop these types of attacks from lone wolves. >> in new york tonight, brian, thank you. we're continuing to watch the news feed this early morning now in france, and across the continent. we're led to believe that local authorities will take to the microphones and update the situation now. the numbers are less relevant in the main than what we know about this terrorist, what we -- it's hard to describe. the local authorities are now saying, we knew of this person. we knew of this person as someone involved in petty crimes and the like, nothing in any way related to terrorism. it's now believed this gunman, believed to be 30 years old, rented the truck, which plowed through the crowd there along the promenade in the boardwalk in nice. updates coming momentarily. this is fox news channel overnight live coverage.
9:55 pm
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quickly approaching the top of the hour as we await new information from the attacks in nice, along the french riviera as the celebration of national day was wrapping up along the coast. suddenly, this large truck began driving down the street where pedestrians had stood and watched the fireworks for previous hours. at least 80 people now confirmed dead, as many as 100 injured, though 20 of them said to be serious. we're expecting french authorities to update us as we approach 7:00 a.m. now on the continent. and in the minutes ahead, of course our live coverage will continue throughout the night. initially, the newspapers across the continent were that there was this large cache of weapons and hand grenades in the back of the truck but now the report is from french television that those grenades were inactive, that those weapons were fake, in some cases
10:00 pm
toy guns. the only reality on this night, that truck that went through that area and killed at least 80 people. our coverage continues live throughout the night. patricia stark and eric shaw pick up our coverage now live from new york. >> so, we are here, so sadly, yet again. this time, the latest terrorist, one man in a truck. not just at those helpless bastille day sell celebrants but in many ways at all of us. many say we are under attack and it will not soon stop. what happened? what do we do? upcoming the next three hours, it is 7:00 a.m. in nice, where the sun has risen this friday morning. hello, everyone. >> i'm patricia stark. at least 80 people are dead and some 50 others wounded, including children, and now a u.s. intelligence official tells fox news that two americans, a father and a son, were among those