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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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toy guns. the only reality on this night, that truck that went through that area and killed at least 80 people. our coverage continues live throughout the night. patricia stark and eric shaw pick up our coverage now live from new york. >> so, we are here, so sadly, yet again. this time, the latest terrorist, one man in a truck. not just at those helpless bastille day sell celebrants but in many ways at all of us. many say we are under attack and it will not soon stop. what happened? what do we do? upcoming the next three hours, it is 7:00 a.m. in nice, where the sun has risen this friday morning. hello, everyone. >> i'm patricia stark. at least 80 people are dead and some 50 others wounded, including children, and now a u.s. intelligence official tells fox news that two americans, a father and a son, were among those killed.
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>> the beach and promenade along the french riviera were packed with people who had just finished watching a fireworks show in nice as chaos struck. authorities say the truck was driving on the sidewalk for more than a mile, forcing people to flee and leaving bodies scattered along the road. soon after, the driver was killed by police in an apparent shootout. >> and that driver has not been officially identified, and no terrorist group has yet claimed responsibility for this. but isis associated websites, we are told, are celebrating, and reports say papers in the truck belonged to a 31-year-old french national. he lived in nice, but is originally from tunisia. that happens to be a country that has become one of the largest breeding grounds for the radical islamist group of isis.
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one french report this morning says the man is known to police but not for any terrorism history. now, for the very latest on this horrific and offensive act, kitty logan is live in our london bureau. >> we're hearing horrifying witness reports of what happened along the sea frofront in nice last night. also learning now from investigators that we understand that the driver of that truck also fired a weapon into the crowd. now, he, of course, was shot dead by police, and if you look at these images of that truck, you'll see bullet holes in the wind screen, very clear, it's not sure if there's a bullet hole from where the driver was firing out or whether that was the police firing in, but certainly there was a shootout as well as this very deliberate attempt by the driver to run people over as he plowed that 25-ton truck through the crowd. now, these are people simply gathered to watch a fireworks display, celebrating france's bastille day as they went along
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the sea front there. this truck drove, as you say, over a mile, through people, zigzagging quite deliberately. this is obviously very intentional. today, french president francois hollande called a meeting during which he called this a deliberate terrorist attack and france has extended its state of emergency for another three months. >> kitty, there is a report that he was known to police, not apparently for any terrorism ties. any other details that we have about this driver, this 31-year-old french national? >> very new details right now, eric. we have not had a name of the suspect at this stage. he hasn't been formally identified, at least not publicly. we also don't have an official claim of attack. there has been many reports, as you say, that isis had called for this kind of attack to be carried out with the vehicle driving through a crowd. we've had similar incidents in the past over in the middle east and elsewhere in europe but
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nothing on this scale. so, we simply don't know right now whether this was a lone attacker, whether he was perhaps part of a group. as you say, there are reports that he was known to police, but we don't know at this moment exactly what those connections were. of course, police now will be nfgt investigating this incident very thoroughly. there will be questions asked, too, about why, again, seemingly, intelligence has failed in europe in preventing another horrific attack. eric. >> all right, kitty, thank you so much. of course you're referring to israel where there have been these type of attacks with the carnage of one or two people but not on this scale. thank you, kitty fox news correspondent is at the scene in nice. amy, it must be with the sunrising now, of what is usually such an elegant and beautiful mediterranean coast, just one horrific scene and aftermath. >> reporter: i know, eric, it's -- it's a playground, isn't it? meant to be a playground, and today it's a graveyard and i am just one block from the promenade des anglais.
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the police have blocked that strip off where the terrorist attack happened. and we were hearing, when it first occurred, that people were being asked to stay inside, and there was concern there could be accomplices involved, and nobody really knew what possibly could follow this horrible incident. i thought, when i arrived -- the city is kicking back to life. i can't say that there's any sort of normalcy, because certainly there's not a smile to be seen. but the shops are opening up. the cavfes are opening up and people will be watching and listening throughout the day to find out more, but people are walking their dogs, they're jogging, they're roller blading, and so i find that quite a moving sign of resilience, and yet clearly this is a place very much in shock. sun's coming up, beautiful day, people should be on vacation here, not taking this all in.
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this is the first time that terror has struck the riviera in so long, and there's been a lot of speculation about that in the french media, maybe paris was just becoming too well protected, too well policed, and jihadists were looking for other places to carry out attacks. i think your one commenter on french tv late last night saying that there are some pockets of the south of france where jihadists have been traveling to syria and iraq, so it certainly is not foreign to this area, but we just haven't heard much about it. and again, eric, the place is known for its beauty and it's a place people come to relax, well earned vacation, that kind of thing. and then it's just all too horrible for words. >> yeah, amy, the scene you're looking at right now with those people roller blading, that's rather jarring. is there a sense, obviously, they're still totally in shock.
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days, not quite sure, you know what to do after this, and what is the scene like where you're at right now? >> well, i am one street parallel to the promenade. the promenade is closed off. there are police at every street. my understanding is there are still bodies there, and therefore, there can not be people walking around. so, there's no normalcy in that regard. most famous part of this strip of land is completely closed off. there's huge police presence. the police are looking very much on edge, and again, it's '7 in the morning, eric, so there are not a lot of people out, but it does seem like the city is waking up and i see more people out and about doing things like jogging and roller blading, things you wouldn't expect to see, but you know, france is just unfortunately getting used to this sort of thing. and i suppose the words of the
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president and world leaders so far have been that we can't let these fanatics ruin our way of life. so, i imagine that people will be trying their best to get on with things and i was, frankly, surprised to see little stores opening this morning. but clearly, the look on people's faces is not -- it's certainly not one of normalcy or any sort of joy at being a sunny friday in the summer. again, crime scene still very much off limits to passers by and certainly to the press at this point because there's still an awful lot of very, very difficult, very painful, very critical work to be done on the promenade des anglais. eric. >> place of such beauty and elegance, now a symbol for us of the worst of mankind and evil. amy kellogg will be staying with us throughout the evening and the overnight here, and we'll get back to you, amy. thank you so much. patricia. >> well, we're joined now on the
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phone by mike baker. he's a former covert operations officer with the cia and now heads his own security firm. mike, your reaction tonight? >> well, i think you said it at the outset. sadly, again, i think for a lot of people, it just seems like groundhog day, different city, perhaps a different means of attack, but it's the same problem that we've been dealing with for a long time, and you know, there's a sense of frustration, you know, there in france and elsewhere around the european union. there's a sense of frustration here in the u.s. as to, you know, exactly what do we have to do to get ahead of this curve. >> i mean, how can we possibly prevent something like this? i mean, this part of the world and france could not have been on more of a heightened alert. they have people stationed throughout the country. i think it's something like 10,000 troops. i mean, how can you prevent
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someone from getting in a truck and doing something like this? >> you raise a really key point here. katie said during her report earlier, they'll be inquiring, finding out exactly how, yet again, there was an intelligence failure and the honest answer here, if we're going to be honest with the general public, is that we're not going to stop all of these attacks. we're not going to prevent each one. and frankly, this has been going on for a very long time. we tend to think -- every time there's a death, we tend to talk about it as if it's a new issue or it's not tied in somehow to the overall problem of islamic jihadism that's been going on for decades. and so i think it's important to understand, because look, we've been talking about the effectiveness of the fight on the ground in syria and iraq against isis and frankly, we are having success. and the problem is that in that success, as we take back that territory, as we degrade their revenue stream, we kill their leaders, the white house is
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pointing to this and saying, look, these attacks that we're seeing, whether it's in orlando or brussels or nice, it's somehow indicative of desperation or somehow the islamic extremists are in their last throes here and we've almost got this. we don't. we've seen this game before. we've seen when we went into afghanistan and routed al qaeda, that's what they did, they flattened out and suddenly you had cells all around the world that were acting on their own who had more aggressive attacks in the west. this is the same thing. we have to take them on the ground. we have to take back that territory. i'm not saying we don't -- we absolutely have to. we have to aggressively get after them and destroy them on the ground in syria and iraq, but we have to understand, we destroy that part of it, it's just morphing. it's not going to go away. it doesn't mean we're going to stop these attacks. people are just going to keep coming, unfortunately, because this problem is not going to end in our lifetime. >> right. well, mike biggeaker, thank youy much for your insight this evening.
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>> patricia, earlier tonight, bill o'reilly spoke with donald trump and hillary clinton about this attack. first let's tell you about the presumptive republican nominee. he reaffirmed his stance on slowing immigration into our country and said that if he is president, he would ask congress for a formal declaration of war against the radical islamic terrorists of isis. >> let's take -- let's take the terrorist act and everybody now believes that's true, because the french authorities have turned over the investigation to their anti-terror unit. if this is proven to be the case, i believe it's a world war now. we're in a world war scenario. it's no longer just isolated isis attacks. do you agree with that? >> i certainly do, and i've been saying it for a long time, and it's out of control, and we don't call it what -- we have a president that doesn't want to call it what it is. and you know, you look at world trade center, you look at san bernadi
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bernadino, you look at paris, 130 people killed and so many injured in paris from that attack, and you look at orlando, it's out of control, and bill, unless we get strong and, you know, really strong and very, very smart leadership, it's only going to get worse. >> okay. but let's do tactics tonight. because you could very -- president in five months, and another two to be sworn in. if it's a world war, then you have to mobilize nato, you have to get all the nato countries to say we are going to commit forces, both ground and air, to wipe isis off the face of the earth. >> i would say that would be just fine, and i've been saying i. we should use nato for its -- for a purpose. i mean, we're spending a fortune on nato. we have countries in nato that don't make a fair contribution. we're supporting nato and we should at least get something out of it and getting rid of isis and getting rid of this cancer that we're watching all over the world, that certainly
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would be a good thing. it would be a good thing for nato to be involved in. >> would you go to congress and ask for a declaration of war? >> i would. i would. this is war. if you look at it, this is war, coming from all different parts, and frankly, it's war, and we're dealing with -- with people without uniforms. you know, in the old days, we'd have uniforms. you knew what you were fighting. these people, we're allowing people into our country who we have no idea where they are, where they're from, who they are, they have no paperwork, they have no documentation in many cases, and hillary clinton wants to allow 550% more in than even obama. and he's letting them in. >> it is 100 to 1 odds that it is isis that would carry this out on a soft target. paris is a war zone now, security is so tight there. you, i know, have been on the record as blaming barack obama
10:15 pm
as being far too soft on fighting islamic terrorism. do you think this is going to change the equation tonight? >> you never know with him. i mean, why he refuses to use the term, radical islamic terror, and frankly, in this case, wait a little while and let's see what happens. who knows? maybe you'll be surprised, and maybe we'll all be surprised. >> certainly possible but not probable. >> it's possible but let's just wait. it won't take long to find out. >> they know now. and as i just reported, the french police would not have handed it over to the anti-terror forces inside france if they didn't suspect terrorism. now, this is -- >> well, wait. we have a president that doesn't want to acknowledge what our problem is. he doesn't want to use the term radical islamic terror. we have a person running against me, hillary clinton, that frankly, if i didn't force her to use it and she still hasn't used the term but she said she would if she had to, but she's
10:16 pm
another one. she's weak on -- she's very weak -- she's actually the one that really caused much of this problem. >> we'll have bill's interview with hillary clinton upcoming but first right now, we're joined by a fox news contributor and trump foreign policy advisor. wally, good to talk to you, not under these circumstances. in bill's interview with mrs. clinton, she also -- she said this is war. and she is calling for what she says is an intelligence surge. i mean, how do you reach into this guy's computer, this driver, apparently, if indeed it was a radical islamic terrorist attack, which we don't know yet, has not been confirmed. what do you do? how do you go after the philosophy? how do you go after this insidious ideology that is seeping into these young men and they're taking it out with these type of attacks gen our civilization? >> well, absolutely, that is a central question. first and foremost, we need the president to support congress to
10:17 pm
declare that this ideology so that we can declare war against it and against the movement. so we have something to do. the next administration, because i don't believe the administration with the remaining few months is going to change direction. the next administration will have to do it. should it be -- look at the scenery in france. and remember what happened in paris. what shocked me, look at all the hundreds of people fleeing. you would think they are fleeing a division advancing. they're fleeing one man with one truck. in paris, four jihadists killed 130. this is the kind of war that we're having right now. they are inside our urban centers, population centers, and like in orlando and california and before that in europe, and that was -- some examples down toaudi arabia.
10:18 pm
so, there is a new strategy that needs to be devised. attacking isis, absolutely, and doing it very fast, but the bigger, more challenging issue is what to do in the west, in europe and america. >> and some would say this is what isis wants. they want to divide the muslims who live in the western civilization and radicalize the young people for their philosophy and for their ideals. in a sense, that way, plays into their hands. >> think about 2003 and 2004. we have monitored -- even al jazeera, there was a lot of debate whereby jihadi laws would call on the jihadist faith in the west to trigger these urban confrontations, and the purpose of creating urban sanctions as in france, as in england, as in spain before that, so that these
10:19 pm
will be destroyed from the inside. remember 2005, they were disturbances in frns. it was not jihadists, but this is what they would like to do, to trigger a war even within the west. >> and what do we have to do over there? about ten days ago, i sat down with the prime minister of israel and we talked about terrorism. he says we will win. he is confident of that. but hexe says, first, we have t be more aggressive against isis. we have to go after their finances, the oil, the brain centers as he calls it, that's in raqqa. will the world get together and actually do that? can the world actually do that? because it's -- even though something is happening now, he even admits it's not enough and he says we have to do more, be much more aggressive. >> look, in the case of israel, one of the very early countries to engage in mobilizing their
10:20 pm
own population. very many times, maybe 39 people, destroyed them with a car bomb, suicide bombers, it took them two years, but israel made those statements by the prime minister simply because the entire nation is mobilized. you have traveled there. you've seen the people. you see how the airport is affected, how the culture of national defense is there. and of course, now, egypt is going in that direction. turk turkey's starting to go in that direction. this is something we will have to face. if we do not win that war, we in america and the french and tonight the french, by the way, have declared -- the president has declared that he would ask citizens, we are at the edge of a major change in behavior now if we don't win that war. >> i'm coming up against a hard break. you're right. we are at war, and it threatens us and our allies, and we have to do something. thank you. >> thank you. >> well, as we have seen, hours ago, a truck was turned into a deadly tool of terrorism.
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former secretary of state hillary clinton weighed in on this latest attack in france. she spoke to bill on the o'reilly factor. she is calling on european allies to share more intelligence and says this is a war. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton on the phone with us now. so, madame secretary, it is the consensus of the experts here on the panel at the factor that critical mass has been reached, and now concrete things have to be taken in a world war situation, mobilization of nato,
10:24 pm
congress declaring war. would you oppose any of that? >> well, bill, first of all, i think it's important to stress that our alliance with france is so strong, and it is terrible that france has faced too much tragedy and violence, and we need to stand strongly with them, because events like this remind us how vital it is in every way not to abandon them. we need to strengthen our alliances, and i include nato in that. we've got to do more to understand that this is a war against these terrorist groups, the radical jihadist groups, it's a different kind of war. we need to be smart about how we wage it. but we have to be determined that we're going to win it. >> absolutely. >> and that's going to require working with other people. >> now, as you know, after the paris attack, president hollande of france wanted to invoke
10:25 pm
article 5 of the nato charter, which would declare war on the isis fanatics and perhaps other jihadists. now, i think that is going to come back again. would you support that? >> well, i have long called for nato to be modernized, to take on the threat that terrorism poses in europe and middle east and even in our own country. so, i would be very interested in working to determine how best to do that. one of my priorities is to launch an intelligence surge. we still do not have enough intelligence cooperation between our agencies and those in other countries, including in europe, and we need to have a focal point. >> why is that -- i didn't know that. why is that happening? why are -- why don't we have the intelligence? >> well, i'll tell you, in part,
10:26 pm
because there has been a reluctance on the part of some of our friends in europe to be as forthcoming in sharing information, for example, like airline passenger lists. i negotiated, very hard, with the europeans to get much more information. we've gotten some. i'll give them that. but we don't yet have enough. in fact, in europe, one of their problems has been -- and they better address this, and it affects us too -- they don't share enough information even across their borders. so, i think that we need strong, tough diplomacy, starting with our friends, to do on a bilateral basis with individual countries, collectively with the eu, with nato, and others, to do everything we need to be prepared to work with each other, to ferret out these
10:27 pm
terrorists and to prevent future attacks. >> now, the democratic party has been opposed to using ground troops to go into raqqa and confront the isis terrorists. i think that has to happen. most military experts agree with me. where do you stand on that? >> well, bill, i think we should look at the progress we are making against isis. it is a dream of isis to pull american ground troops. >> nato forces, it would be, not just american, nato forces. >> well, but any time we use nato, america has to lead. we were very grateful when our nato allies came with us into afghanistan and into other places, but let's not kid ourselves. america leads. >> joining us now from our new york studio is steve rogers, he's a former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force as well as a retired detective of
10:28 pm
the nuttilley, new jersey, pld. he's also a retired commander from the u.s. navy where he was assigned to the office of naval intelligence. commander rogers, thank you for joining us this evening. >> you're welcome. >> now, this truck attack is really the first of its type. i mean, will we likely see more of these varied type of attacks from lone wolf self-starters or small cells? >> well, look, the enemy has taken the fight to us. we in the intelligence community knew this was going to happen because the obama administration simply does not have the will or even the desire to take decisive action against this enemy. look, we just heard donald trump and hillary clinton. donald trump has laid out a plan on how he's going to attack the enemy and destroy them. i'm amazed that hillary clinton went off and said that it's going to be an intelligence surge, that that's the way you're going to beat them. intelligence gathering could be part of the problem. but nato and our allies are not the problem. we are. our president will not take the lead. he will not declare war. it's been a long, long time for
10:29 pm
him to even come to grips with the fact that these are islamic jihadists, so if the united states is not going to take the lead, how in the world are our allies going to trust us and work with us. so, the solution to the problem is a massive shock and awe type of military action in the mideast. you take out their oil fields, take out their commanding control centers and their supply lines and then when it comes to working here in the homeland, that's where the intelligence gathering begins to take place. that means your nsa will have to be given sweeping authority to do surveillances, electronically, and yes, we're going to have to start doing surveillances in mosques and other places where we believe that this type of preaching, if you will, is being given out to recruit people. >> do you think that, as progress is made in syria and iraq, this is why things like this are starting to bleed out into other areas and it happened this way? >> look, the president of the united states months ago said the enemy is on the run. what he didn't tell us is that
10:30 pm
they were on the run here. we've taken ground, but we took ground in iraq. we won the war in iraq, and because of the obama/clinton administration, it's a mess again. this is going to have to be a three or four-prong attack towards this problem. it's going to be a long war. yes, we have to fight it idea logically, we have to do a lot of surveillance, military action's going to be the first step, and then that intelligence we get, it's no good getting a lot of intelligence and not taking action on it. that intelligence is going to have to go right down to local police departments where they will be able to engage the enemy as the federal authorities are. >> commander steve rogers, we will be checking back in with you later in the morning. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> well, the white house and congress are reacting to this latest, horrendous attack. >> we'll take a look at what they had to say ahead in a live report from washington. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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we're back now covering the french terrorist attack. could it have been stopped? a french report this morning says that the suspect, a 30-year-old french citizen, who was originally from tunisia was known to police but not for terrorism, apparently. he has not been officially identified. for more on this, we're joined by a former fbi counterterrorism agent. tim, what strikes me and all our viewers, it's so simple. one guy in a truck, you just drive up on the sidewalk, and you just take as many people as you can out. the descriptions are horrifying. zigging and zagging to hit as many people while he had a gun, apparently, firing outside. how can we possibly get into these people's minds before this happens to try and stop them? what do we face now? >> we face a global threat and i was glad to see that secretary clinton finally recognized that this was a war. hopefully, we can recognize ourselves in this war, because right now, it's just one sided. very lopsided, them against us. >> what would you do?
10:34 pm
>> so, i think what has to happen is -- well, we have to realize that the threat is widespread, and it's an ideology that can be spread immediately. it's not -- it's not like naziism where you had to become part of the party and then work your way through the apparatus to do something. al qaeda and now isis and all the other radical islamists are able to recruit individuals alone in a room anywhere in the world. they use the internet, telephone, smart phones, any device that can transmit data can transmit this ideology. so, it's very hard, with our open society, to try and stop it until we're willing to recognize it and go out into the muslim community and say, this problem is within your community. we need your help to resolve it. rather than say it has nothing to do with islam and nothing to do with the muslim community, as this administration has repeatedly done. >> you should know, there are some in the muslim community, of course, who speak out. >> absolutely. >> some try to turn in omar
10:35 pm
mateen and didn't get anywhere with the fbi before what happened in orlando. but when you talk about what we have to do, i sat down with the prime minister of israel a few days ago. he said, and talk about the nazis, that we didn't go after the nazi philosophy. we went after the nazis. we went after the terrorists. but if you bomb the hel out of raqqa, just like cockroaches, spread that out even further to the type of attacks that we saw in france. >> but this type of attack is going to take place whether we're bombing people over in the middle east or not. this is an ideological war that has been going on for literally centuries. it is now easier to spread that ideology, it's not something new that began with george w. bush and his attack on iraq in 2003, going after saddam hussein as the left is wont to say, repeatedly. but what this is, is this an ideology that began in the 7th century. in the last 2 to 300 years,
10:36 pm
there have been islamist theologians that spread this theology of going back to the 7th century. al-baghdadi is muslim theologian, this is a man that's spent his whole life studying islam. he's a very, very well educated street thug, but what he's educated in is in the radical beliefs of solophist islam. if we say half a percent of the muslim population is this radical, you're talking about half a million people. half a people people with guns on a battle line would be considered a very significant armed force that we would be facing, but unfortunately, this is a invisible force that we're fighting against, invisible when we don't look at the fact that they come from the muslim community and we're not allowed -- literally, the fbi and our intelligence community is ham strung, and they're not capable of looking in this direction, because they're told not to by the department of justice. >> and you -- >> i mean, we have this
10:37 pm
administration, immediately, turning towards gun control after a terrorist attack, and we see now, gun control, maybe this guy ignored a gun law by having a gun in his truck, but clearly the truck was the primary weapon. >> and as you point out, you know, the first radical islamic terrorist attack in our country occurred 25 years ago, the assassination of marika hana and it has been with us ever since and sadly will continue. >> absolutely. >> formerly of the fbi, thank you for your insight in this late hour. >> thank you. >> patricia? >> eric, up until now, we've seen terrorists carry out attacks using suicide bombs . >> but on thursday night it was a truck that was used to take out at least 80 lives. tim mcveigh used a truck in oklahoma city but now all a terrorist has to do is drive. protecting us from this new threat coming up. is just something that i have. i'm not contagious.
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once again, terrorists reveal just how brutal and determined they can be in their war against the west. can they be stopped? on the phone now, dr. sebastian gorka. thank you for joining us, dr. gorka. now, we're hearing reports that this suspect was known to police. now, we still don't know exactly what that means, but if it was for some other types of petty crimes or other things, i would love to know your opinion. i know that you go into much detail in your book about how some of these young people that eventually turn to isis oftentimes morph from more petty crimes, more smaller crimes, and then end up here. how does that end up happening? >> well, there's no real unitary pattern to how someone becomes a
10:44 pm
jihadi. we've been looking at this for over a decade now, and there have been many different paths, but what we have seen, especially in europe, but also in america, is a trend of conversion and radicalization in the prison system. way back in the beginning, 15 years ago, richard reed, the shoe bomber, the man who made it so that we have to take our shoes off when we get on to a plane, that individual actually converted to islam in a british prison and walked deeper, deeper down the path of jihadi radicalization as a result of that. so, if these reports are confirmed, that this man has some background in non-terrorist criminal activity, then that's something that we have definitely seen before. >> so, if that's happening in the prison system, how do you prevent that? >> well, we actually have here in america and in europe as well undercover agents and also asset
10:45 pm
sources that work for the penal systems and the federal law enforcement, and that's really the best way. counterterrorism is ultimately a human intelligence challenge. it's great to have satellites and surveillance equipment and all kinds of other materials of a technical nature, but what has to really occur is the individual has to be identified prior to them planning the attack and executing it. and the best way to do that is to penetrate the communities where they are active, whether that's some kind of area of high immigrant population or a prison or a radical mosque, that's really the best way to defeat these guys. >> yeah. but it still must be impossible to catch every self-starter that's out there. >> yes, and that's why, you know, the only kind of system where you don't have terrorism is a dictatorship, so in a
10:46 pm
democracy, you're always open to it, but our goal should be to crush organizations like al qaeda and isis and push terrorism down to a level where it's manageable. >> dr. gorka, we're on a hard out. we would hope that you could join us back a little bit later on this morning. >> thank you kindly. >> thank you so much for your time. as you know, it was a joyful celebration of france's freedom has now become a scene of unspeakable horror. >> is isis stepping up its jihad on a new battleground? some insight from a military analyst when we come back. cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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france's president francois hollande has now extended the country's state of emergency for another three months. this is tens of thousands of french soldiers are now on patrol and reserves are being called up for border control. joining us now with more insight is fox news military analyst general jack keen. general keen, do you think the show of force by the french is enough? here in new york, we have special counterterrorism teams, they're heavily armed, who are deployed at some notable places in our city. >> well, here's the simple facts of it. the radical islamists have declared war against civilization. they have conducted ten attacks against four nato countries in two years.
10:52 pm
that includes the united states, belgium, france, and turkey. and nato is still not at war with radical islamists. president hollande is saying his country is in tears, they're grieving, and we stand strong. those, unfortunately, are pathetic and not strong enough realities to deal with what we're facing. we are not at war with this movement yet. and the sad thing is, because of the lack of leadership, the lack of moral conviction that exists in europe and in the united states, and the arabs are begging for us to take the leadership role. this is going to continue, sadly. that's what we're facing. >> what could nato do? i recall you, a couple of years ago, saying, before this all started, in syria, for example, we should have bombed the airfields to prevent the unbelievable carnage and human catastrophe that has occurred there in the last two years. >> well, first of all, what nato has to do is come together and
10:53 pm
recognize that radical islam is a movement that is growing. five years ago, the radical islamists killed a little more than 3,000 people. last year in 2015, the number is north of 28,000. those are war-like numbers. this year, they're going to be even greater. nato is just a part of it. we have to form, i believe, and i've said it from the beginning, a global alliance with u.s. leadership to do it, just like we did in world war ii, just like we did standing up against communist ideology, bring together an alliance, form a strategy to do it, and every place where there's a sanctuary, where we know where the terrorists are, like they've been in raqqa for four years now since 2012, they get destroyed. >> well, why haven't we done that? and hillary clinton in her interview tonight with bill o'reilly, you know, kind of didn't really answer that question about bombing raqqa.
10:54 pm
ted cruz says we should carpet bomb them, but others say that's exactly what they want and it would help their kalafi. >> we can't destroy them by bombing them. that's a fiction. what we have to do is get on the ground and ferret them out from where they're hiding. they're hiding in among people. so, we're not going to go into raqqa and just carpet bomb. that's an absurdity. people who make those kind of proclaanything about military operations. >> so, 30 seconds, what do we do? >> one, we need a strategy to defeat the ideology. and two, we need military power wherever they are, to fight them on the ground and kill them. >> do you think we will? >> not with this administration. we're not going to get there. we're going to keep wringing our hands and saying what president hollande is saying tonight. he's going to offer more rhetoric but nothing to actually protect his people. it's really sad. >> general jack keane, probably the best epitaph for tonight. it is really sad. and it is.
10:55 pm
i thank you so much for your insight as always. >> good talking to you. >> of course. >> well, the investigation now in overdrive as the death toll tragically grows, who was this man and why did he do it. >> stay with us through the night as we continue our coverage of the carnage at nice. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine
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on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet? on a packed promenade. >> hello, patricia, and hello everyone, i'm eric sean. here's what we know as of this moment. that large box truck barrelled down a crowded sidewalk. behind the wheel, a man intent e as he could. of course, that truck mowed down many people on that street. you can see