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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  July 15, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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it is a horrendously sad and sorrowful day in east france. it has happened again as we were reporting. you know last november, 130 people were killed in paris, and now in the luxurious city of nice, they have not been spared. this is the fox news continuing coverage of the attack in nice. >> a truck ramming through a crowd of people, killing at least 84 and injuring at least a dozen more. now a u.s. intelligence official tells fox news that two americans, a father and son, were among those killed.
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>> and they were trying to id the attacker, the guy driving the truck. but we can tell you this, he was a 31-year-old frenchman, from tunisia, known for petty crimes, police say, but not for terrorism. >> now, no group has claimed responsibility, but in recent years, tunisia has become one of the biggest breeding grounds for isis militants. kitty logan has more on the story from our london bureau, with the very latest for us. kitty, what are you hearing? >> reporter: patricia, police say the attacker was known to them with a criminal record. as you say for petty crimes such as theft and violence. but he was not on any terror watch list. now, he was armed, we understand, because he fired a weapon into the crowd. police desperately tried to stop him and shot him and later killed him. you see the bullet holes in the truck, on the front of the
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screen. there was sheer panic as he drove the truck clearly into people for over a mile at top speeds clearly aiming to kill people. now all of this was 11:00 local time in nice. but there were hundreds of people out in the streets, because they were celebrating bastille day, they had just fired fireworks. we now know that at least 84 people are dead, among them two americans and children were among the casualties. also 18 people were in critical condition. >> at this point they believe the suspect was acting alone? >> reporter: from what we know so far. the french president francois hollande has held an emergency meeting overnight. had he has called this a terrorist attack. what we don't know is if the terrorist was acting alone or was a part of a wider network.
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so far there is no claim of responsibility. but police will be investigating to see if the man had any accomplices and was a part of the network. meanwhile, questions are being asked about how the intelligence services were not able to prevent this attack. because france has been on high alert as you know since last year's attacks in paris. but actually, the country's state of emergency was due to end at this end of this month. the french president has now extended that state of emergency by another three months in light of these horrific events overnight. patricia? >> kitty logan, live in our london bureau, thank you very much. and next to the area littered with debris, a doll. and now, the sun is up, 9:00 a.m., amy, what is the mood where you are right now?
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>> reporter: for a cruel juxtaposition of a truly beautiful sight, a beautiful beach, and a sunny day. just like the fourth of july weekend is for americans this is a holiday weekend for french. an important time to celebrate. and relax. it's the kickoff to summer and it is just marked by tragedy. i think the sense here as the crime scene remains closed off although i'm on the far end now of the promenade. there is not a sense of fear or panic anymore, but there is an over-arching sense of great distress. because i think people now just have had enough and don't know what is going to happen next. this was another level of this horrific experience with terrorism that france has had over the last year and a half. a truck, something that they did not expect on a crowded beach front, you know, they get nervous going to airports and get nervous in the underground. but this was something that
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simply never crossed anyone's minds. and i think what i'm getting from people who were on the promenade last night when this happened was the sense of fear and panic when people were running and police were telling people to hide. having lived through or having at least remembered what happened in paris and the attacks and the cafes, people were expecting that maybe there was an army of these guys out on the loose. they were hunkered down inside of cellars, bars and restaurants. they of course were the lucky ones, because as we now know the death toll is up to 84 at least. and president francois hollande will meet here tomorrow. and the streets are really full of people looking quite dazed and quite sad as you can well imagine. a beautiful day, and just the most horrific bit of news that people are waking up to or
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frankly lived through last night. many of whom probably didn't get a wink of sleep last night, eric. >> yeah, amy, the scene you're describing at the moment, it's just so jarring. the contrast between that beautiful, elegant magnificent city and what we all see on our screens now which we're showing the scenes from last night. how are the people dealing with that? and are people asking questions about about you know how the truck was able to get through any barricades if there were any in the first place. and why wasn't this beyond the imagination of french officials, potentially, because here in new york and other american cities they put up barricades. they put up concrete blocks and take over protections to stop this type of thing when there are major rallies and groups of people. >> you're right, eric, and people are asking these questions and i have to be honest i don't know exactly what barricades are up. i'm seeing some of the flimsy metal barricades on the
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promenade, and seeing the telephone pole and broken glass that was clearly downed by the truck. and i think what we'll find out, what is likely, is the truck with all of its force just blew past some of the barricades. because i don't think they were concrete. i think they were the sort of link up one by one and create a fence along the road and clearly when you put that up against a truck going at speed, they don't stand much of a chance. but this was heavily policed of the and people have told me there was a police parade that went along with the festivities. so clearly, there has been a lot of discussion, eric, about fault in the french security system. and a certain -- many, many dt divisions answering to a number of different ministries, and they know they need to
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streamline it, because too much slipped through the cracks. and we've seen this pattern of jihadists who have been in and out of jail and arrested and on radar and suddenly, they just become jihadist killers. and clearly there is not any sort of message or formula for stopping that happening. and i think people are feeling like when will it be enough? when will we turn a corner so that these people don't just slip off radar and get away with something as horrific as this. but again, renting a truck is something that anyone can do. and it seems we have weapons in the truck. so this was not someone who was building bombs. this was someone who was angry and a criminal and rented a truck and somehow managed to smash through a barricade. a very soft target in a place
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that has not known jihadism. although certainly there are pockets where there are populations -- groups of young guys who have gone off to iraq and syria. but somehow, people here have just felt maybe the whole mood is more relaxed on the seaside. but i don't think people really expected it to happen here, eric. >> it is the challenge of our time, the sadness of the carnage this morning as we've just seen the live photos just after 9:00 a.m. in that beautiful city. amy kellogg, who will be standing by in this beautiful city. thank you. thank you. and we know the stream of attacks that prompted u.s. officials to step up our vigilance here, but can we protect our citizens from that? joining us, a top official, bill gavin, we're looking at the truck just after 9:00 a.m. in nice in the morning.
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two tracks, one, how could the truck get through flimsy barriers and the french police not take stronger precautions like we would? and b, how do you deal with radical islamic terrorism if that indeed is what this was, by a guy who decided to rent a truck and kill people? >> well, it's very difficult in both cases. but number one, it seems like the french kind of dropped the ball. i know it seems like monday morning quarterbacking. but in this picture, i can't understand a truck getting through the barrier and getting through the d.c., the mall in washington, d.c. during a fireworks demonstration at fourth of july. it's just not going to happen. they have enough barricades up. not just barricades but police presence with cars and necessary weaponry. you have a national holiday called bastille. the french should absolutely have a greater protection around
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that area. that is a soft target and so ripe and a kind of target that isis and terrorists like to get to. you have all of these people that have no place to go. they're shoulder to shoulder and can't get out of the path. how does a truck of this size get that kind of speed to get to that kind of a crowd before it is stopped? it's -- almost unconscionable. >> yeah, it is, almost unconscionable. and i don't fault you at all for monday morning quarterbacking. these are the issues and i think we need to demand from officials who are sworn to protect the country and france, i mean, this guy went for a mile accelerating, zig-zagging, mowing people down. >> this is just a horrible set
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of circumstances to have happened. while it might be hurtful, it's true. and one has to be able to set up particularly on a day that they know is a ripe situation for terrorism to occur. they have to be more aware than that. it's not just a one-part solution. things have to be done where this whole isis problem is generated. that is the camp in syria where they have set up the situation. we have to be aware of being unreasonable of letting the bombers going in there and unload their ordinance. >> some would say it plays into isis' hand, that is what they want, they want to radicalize even more young men like this one, that is what apparently happened. >> but the bottom line is, if
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you wipe them out and take them off the face of the earth. we're so afraid of collateral damage. well, you look at what happened right here, 84 people dead, and another group of folks in horrible conditions in hospitals. that is collateral damage they don't think about. we tend to be much more soft about doing things like that. but you have to go where they generate their muscle and where they do the training. the other thing is, it's true. we have to go where they are on line and shut those sites down as well. it's such a complex problem, not solved by one or two simple acts. it has to be a combined effort, and i don't know when we're going to wake up and do that. >> and it's unbelievable, the videos of this carnage are out there, they're using it for their own propaganda. and it has not been able to be stopped. bill gavin of the fbi. i always thank you for your analysis in this side, in this
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early hour. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> absolutely. patricia. >> and france has extended its state of emergency for another three months. 10,000 soldiers are on patrol and reserves are being called up to help with border control. all of this in the wake of a horrific attack in nice. the death toll now stands at 84. joining us from cleveland, a former u.s. navy s.e.a.l., and a ceo and founder of invictus group. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> so really, anybody can go and rent a truck and go and plow through a group of people if they want to. how can intelligence help to possibly prevent things like this from happening? >> well, that is probably not an intelligence issue per se, what it is is having concentric rings of security. and there again, i'm speaking somewhat agnostically because
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i'm not on the ground there and was not there before the incident occurred. but from what i gathered there was a very thin line of security and when that security dissipated to an extent is when the truck driver launched the attack. in the u.s., we have multiple rings of security. one overlaps the other, and as you get closer to the line of attraction those lines get more robust. so i don't think we really saw that there, and there was a breakdown in the security of the perimeter of the devices. a truck of that size carries a lot of weight, mass times velocity times impact, it's hard to stop something like that once it gets started even if you shoot the driver it is still going to roll and do a lot of damage. and i can't help thinking about the citizens there and how i would feel. i'm always armed. i utilize my second amendment and always have a gun on me all
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the time. and i can't help and think in my mind, if some of the people there would have been armed besides the police officers maybe this truck would not have rolled for a mile. and that is just where my brain goes and how helpless i would feel if i was sitting there and could not defend myself or my family around me. it's absolutely disgusting the scene we see there. and i think we have to form a league of nations, if you will. and even if we're with a country who has marginally been on our side, there is a saying in arabic, and it goes like this. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> simply, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. and we need to make some of those fringe nations our friends and bring them in for a common cause. and if they don't want to cooperate and take out isis on a fundamentalist line, we need to cut them out of everything. we need to shut down the social
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media sites. if you're contributing to this, it's a crime. i love this. political correctness forms the shackles by which radical islamists are leading us to our demise. and you can take it to the bank. i think we're at the point if you see something, do something. an educated populace, a prepared populace, is a prepared, protected and happy populace. >> well, chris, thank you for joining us tonight. former navy s.e.a.l. shou >> well, sadly, the death toll is 84, because sadly they have succumed to their injuries. >> and it was a large crowd celebrating bastille day. more when we continue. [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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there were fireworks still going off. but then shortly after that, i saw people running. and you know we didn't at this point have any idea what they were running from. i was just so shaken. it felt like in the moment there was so much shock. you know, i guess we're still in shock a little bit. >> flags are flying at half staff in nice and paris this morning. in the wake of yesterday's terrorist attack there. 84 people are now dead. joining us from seattle with her perspective, a former intelligence operative and now a fellow at the foreign policy research center. thank you so much to being with us. can you tell us your reaction to all of this? >> well -- horror, of course,
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patricia, my mother is french and i have to say i have aunts and uncles and cousins, i want to say, as an american, i think we all you know, as somebody who lived through september 11th, i think we can all relate to this. it affects us all deeply. i want to touch on something your previous guest said. i think my former colleague, had great thoughts from a tactical perspective. but we take a pause for a second and look at this from a strategic level. this administration has failed time and time again to come up with a post-isis strategy. and look, what we are seeing is we are seeing isis that is on the ropes. that knows it is losing land and losing ground. and this is a tactic that unfortunately is both
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cost-effective and all too easy for them to perpetrate. and until we take the stand that specifically iraq and syria we're not going to have a strategy that is able to take out those operatives. and unfortunately, until that happens we'll see these high, low tech attacks on soft targets. >> so what are some of the first steps that you think should be taken to develop this post-isis strategy? i mean, this -- yeah, this post-isis strategy? >> i think one of the things we've seen in iraq, which i have to give the hat to the president and the administration here. it is incredibly important that when isis territories liberate them, that it is done not by american forces and most certainly not done by iranian forces. because we're living in a time where iran is operating openly in iraq and syria. this is something 15 years ago pre-9/11 would have been unheard
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of. it is so important that iraqi forces are the ones to liberate that territory. it has to be a contiguous iraq. frankly, iran is no different -- hezbollah, terrorism is a happy partner to iran. and as long as iran is gaining ground in the middle east we'll replace isis with one terrorist for another. and honestly, i think that is something we need to address. >> do you feel that this is a war that can be won? >> absolutely, there are two parts to terrorism. the first is the horrific kinetic attack, and the second is the terror. mayor rudy giuliani said go and live your lives, don't live in fear. it's so important we don't let terror determine how we act in terms of policies and how it affects us.
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from an economic and security standpoint, absolutely, we can win this. jihadist is not this voodoo, black magic that appears out of the ether, as an intelligence officer we're all looking for one basic thing which is indications of warnings. what that means is you're rookieing frookie i -- looking for patterns that can determine an event. it sounds likes we're hearing this in versailles, both of these pe police, whether that was a failure, i assume happened in belgium, the police were waiting to expose as much of the network as possible nonetheless you have ways to detect this. and this is where we have to have better cooperation among intelligence agencies and better information sharing. look, we saw pre-9/11, the cia and fbi didn't want to talk to each other. you can only imagine the u.s.
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agency cooperating with the french agency, or vice versa, it's not going to be an easy step to accomplish. but nonetheless, we have to cooperate and neutralize these effects of these terrorist attacks. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. thank you. we know the radical islamic terrorists first struck in our country 25 years ago. right here in new york city, it was the assassination of one man. when we come back, we'll tell you what president obama and other leaders have to say about the massacre in nice.
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president obama is leading the nation in condemning what he says appears to be a horrific terrorist attack. kelly wright is in our washington, d.c. news room with more on u.s. reaction. kelly? >> patricia, here in the nation's capital reaction to the attack in nice, france, has been swift. as lawmakers condemn the attack in the strongest terms and agree that america must stand with france. now regarding the tragic loss of life, president obama is expressing his concern for the people of france. in a statement he said our thoughts and prayers are with the families and other loved ones of those killed. we stand in solidarity and partnership with france, our oldest ally. speaker of the house paul ryan
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stating we must stand strong with the people of our dear friend and ally, france. tens of thousands of people had gathered along the promenade for bastille day in east france, celebrating the national holiday much as we do the fourth of july. when that truck began mowing people down. as news of the shocks and devastating attack became known to members of congress house democrats, for example, who were calling for votes on gun control on the west front of the capital paused for a moment of silence. for those who died in france. the assistant minority leader jim clyburn, saying the attack brings great sorrow to all of us. hillary clinton saying the u.s. needs to stand strong with france and strengthen our alliances, including with nato to ferret out terrorism and prevent future attacks. and republican presidential nominee donald trump tweeting in light of the horrible attack in
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france i postponed tomorrow's news conference concerning my announcement. trump stated we must get tough with terrorists. also reacting to the terrorist attacks, mitch mcconnell said that what will not change is this, that america stands with the people of france as they gri grieve for this tragic loss of life and will stand with them. meanwhile, the u.s. is assisting france to conduct their investigation. homeland security secretary jay johnson is assisting with the information. kelly wright, thank you. and french authorities are working to get more information on this terrible attack. joining us, with the joint fbi task force the retired lieutenant commander of the u.s. navy. so steve, as a member of the terrorism task force what do you think the french authorities are doing right now. they have the identity of this 31-year-old french citizen who
12:33 am
lives in nice. who was originally from tunisia, trying to find a web of support, friends, his job, to see if he was part of the terrorist network or just influenced by the internet. >> the $64,000 question, who was involved with him? this operation was just not completed by him. there had to be reconnaissance and planning. somebody had to supply him withins, don't forget, he had hand grenades. maybe there was a bigger target. they're going to be going over every single bit of where he lives, they're going to do a forensic analysis, which means that they're going to look at the electronic footprints of his computers and cell phones and interview people who knew him. and they're going to make sure no stone is left unturned. at the moment they're pointing towards isis. but i have to tell you something, i'm listening to the report on what the president had to say and all we do is give
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condolences and tell these countries that we're going to stand by their side. we do nothing else. we're going to have to take a very strong stand and be very effective in a military response and then when these dots are connected by the national joint terrorism task force we're going to be able to go after their intelligence network as well as their internet network, which is really recruiting these people to commit these horrific acts. >> well, you know, we have been conducting a slew of airstrikes, in iraq and syria, and have been taking out 40% of their territory. so there were successes of taking back fallujah, still have mosul to go. but i talked to the israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu, and he said look, islamic state, it's a state. he said exactly what you said, go after the brain centers. go after the finances.
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i said, but we're doing that. he said no we're not. we have to be more serious. >> eric, look these talking points from the white house, these feel good comments they make that we're going after isis and gaining ground, well, my goodness. the president said months ago that isis is on the run and they're running here to the western world. they have transformed the battlefield to the desert to here and in our streets. we said shock and awe, launch a massive military strike on their supply lines and oil fields. go after them where they are. >> and what is stopping them from doing that? others say that only encourages isis and more radicalizations of muslims who think that the west is attacking the muslims. >> what is stopping us is we have a politicly correct stance in fighting war. the president has not effectively said they're at war.
12:36 am
>> bill o'reilly said there should be an act of war declared by congress. >> absolutely, the president should go and act for an act of war, and i'll tell you what it does. it changes the rules of engagement where we can use the full military overseas and have law enforcement here in the united states go after these terrorist organizations. people who are involved with groups who are calling for the murder of police officers, the destruction of our government. that will give us a wide range of power to go after these people. we can't do that without an act of war. >> well, yeah, the murder of the police officers is another issue. not -- with this terrorism. this radical islamic terrorism that we've seen. but what strikes me about all this, we have been living with this for 25 years. 9/11 was not the first one, the bombing of the world trade center was not the first one. this goes back to meir kahane.
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and we're still trying to deal with the lessons today. >> it has been going on for years, not at this magnitude and this boldness look, this started with obama and hillary clinton with a plan to pull out of iraq. we had iraq, we had the troops there. government was being created and formed to at least some degree to be civilized. when we pulled out we gave the birth of isis to the world. and what we have to do now is stop them with our military power first. >> thank you for your insight and service, by the way. of the join task service and law enforcement and insight as always. >> thank you. well, sadly terrorist struck fear in the hearts of the west once again. we'll have much more on the coverage this evening here on the fox news channel. we'll be right back in a second right after the break.
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death and mayhem, as terrorists once again shed the blood of innocent victims. and others wonder when they will strike next. joining us now, a former nypd
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special investigator. thank you for joining us. >> you're very welcome, i wish we didn't have to. unfortunately that is the way the world is today. >> we have had experts weighing in all throughout the night. many say it was a breakdown of security. that france was blindsided. that they left their guard down. this has only been eight months since 130 people were killed by terrorists back in paris. they're in the middle of a state of emergency. 10,000 soldiers having to guard the areas. how does something like that happen? >> well, unfortunately, you know there is a breakdown in intelligence all over the place. and you know, we've let our guard down, too. look at orlando, it's happening all over the world. the problem is we're fighting a radical group that doesn't wear uniform with no rules of conduct. and political correctness is what is triumphing. political correctness, always having to say you're sorry.
12:43 am
how many people see something here especially in america, and they're afraid of reporting it, because of fear of being a racist. i would rather say something and be wrong, than not say something and be wrong. and what frightens me, what security precautions are being taken in rio next month? imagine the size of the crowds there. >> right. what they want us to do is be afraid. this is their goal of terror, is to cause this fear. but how do we protect soft targets, be able to go about our business and -- be on holiday, celebrate events like this. how can this possibly continue if we keep doing what we're doing? >> we have to fight this war, we're on the ground where they are. we have to take them out. i heard hillary clinton talking with bill o'reilly and taking out their headquarters, which is only 35 miles outside of turkey is ridiculous. we have to get on the ground and
12:44 am
bomb them and take back terror from iraq. we're fighting a war, and political correctness has no place. they're coming back with their ordinance intact, with fear of dropping bombs. isis hides behind women and children. unfortunately, collateral damage are the ills of world. if we fought world war ii the way we fought this war, we may be speaking german or japanese. he is not leading, he is leading from behind. unfortunately, he is like a figurehead. he is not a leader, leaders take charge. they don't lead from behind. hillary clinton said earlier this evening, even if nato gets involved america has to be the leader. how are we going to lead when we have a president that wouldn't
12:45 am
pick up the reins? i mean, it's crazy, we're being kept in the dark about intelligence we may have. president obama has to be bilingual, and his second language has to be the truth. >> how high of a risk, michael, do you think we are for something like that to be able to happen here? >> it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. it could happen tomorrow or next week. our intelligence is so bad we can't even vet the refugees we already let in. we're going to increase that to 10,000? and the worst part about it, once these people are in this country and the government turns them over to charitable organizations, the organizations have no obligation to tell the fbi or any of their investigative agencies where they're located. now they want to increase it to 10,000. if you listen carefully to the loretta lynch testimony in
12:46 am
congress when she talked about the e-mail scandal, she mentioned the fbi is so great we arrested or detained 140 terrorist suspects over the last four years. well, that is great, the obama administration has released 609 terrorists from gitmo to death and destruction again. we have to wake up. it's crazy, what are we waiting for? another 9/11 or more carnage like orlando or anywhere else? patricia, i don't know where it's going to end but we have no leaders in this country. and somebody has got to pick up the reins and just run with the ball. it's ridiculous. political correctness is ridiculous, always having to say you're sorry. we have to fight this war. tomorrow it's not a war. not a battle of uniforms. it's an ideology they're fighting.
12:47 am
read the quran from cover to cover, every chapter will scare the pants off you. >> well, special investigator, former nypd, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, patricia, have a good evening. >> terror strikes again, but can such evil really be defeated? >> when we come back, turning the tables on the soldiers of jihad.
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suspected terrorist who was driving the truck we are told was a 31-year-old french citizen who lived in nice and was originally from tunisia. was he assimilated into french society and filled with hatred? police say he was a petty criminal, but not on any watch list. and our next guest has written a book regarding extremism. colonel, thank you for joining us. aw what do you mean, scott, by going local to defeat this global cancer? >> yes, thank you for having me. in afghanistan, it was working with the green berets, we worked to stand up against the taliban
12:52 am
and it was very effective. under general tracy, coalition forces did the same thing, worked with sunnis to stand up against the oppressors, and it worked. i agree with the boots on the ground, but we have been doing it to 15 years. the bottom line of mobilizing clans and tribes to fight them, mobilie izize them. >> but what if they live in the basement in indianapolis, or nice? this guy obviously has a life, has family and friends one would assume. and he decides to rent a truck and drives on the side street and mows people down? >> yeah, it's a great question, there is a home game and away game. and we're starting to see more and more that the home game is making its way to our shores and
12:53 am
western europe. and make no mistake, the way isis does this, eric, the way they basically exploit marginalized sunni populations in iraq, they do the same thing in france and detroit. they exploit marginalized populations and establish themselves in the places in between and strike locally. what i am advocating, essentially is a local approach. isis is very good at this. they're all about going local. they want you to think they're in your back yard. and when you look at the ethnic divisions and racial divisions, isis is licking their chops right now. when you think about what happened in france, what they will project our way is to exploit those kinds of divides in our society. a society that can't trust itself is wide open for isis. >> we have islamic radicalization, they say, in prisons, for example. and in the cases we have here.
12:54 am
look at the cases where you have this already. do you fear that isis could get a stronger foothold in our country just by trying to exploit some of these divisions and if indeed we do have military action over there some say that would only fuel them and would play into their hands. >> well, i do believe that is the case. because they're actually mounting a campaign. i was on with bill o'reilly a couple of nights talking about this. this is part of a deliberate campaign with isis. over the next few days i'm sure we'll pull the attack apart and see if it is isis. but what they're following is the prophetic methodology of the end of days. they want to keep poking us until we give them the manufactured holy war that they want. that is what tehe end of days i all about. >> but how do we not do that and at the same time defeat islamic
12:55 am
terrorism? >> well, we still have to go back to them. and frankly, if you can't acknowledge who your enemy is, how can you defeat them at their level? locals don't want them in these places, they will stand up against them if given the chance of t . but we have to get in there and give the green berets and locals the authority. >> what do you mean about this guy, acting alone, sitting in his basement or getting part of a rider of support network. >> i've been working guerilla war fare my whole life, i guarantee you there were lily pads he operated. >> what do you mean? >> well, i think you will find as this thing unfolds is there was in-country support for the
12:56 am
attack where he leveraged the support to do reconnaissance. i don't think he acted alone. even though it looks simple, it's not. i think that is true here in the united states. there are marginalized communities that could be leveraged for recruiting and supports for these types of attacks. if we don't start to pay attention to it locally the bad guys will. it has been here as i have been saying for at least 25 years in our country. we have been attacked time and time again and hopefully it will not happen here but sadly it is becoming the challenge had our time. lieutenant colonel, thank you for joining us, and thank you for your service to our country. >> thank you, sir. >> of course. well, 84 people dead in nice, france, americans among them. >> we have been reporting this horrific news all evening, and our coverage will continue here in the fox news channel. as they start asking these
12:57 am
questions, who was he? did he have help? was it a radical islamic terrorist attack, how do we stop it from continuing? >> fox & friends starts at the top of the hour. >> we will be on this. thank you for sharing your time with us.
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