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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  July 15, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> information on this horrific attack. we're all just numb this morning. >> we're hearing it's heartbreaking, terrifying eyewitness accounts who are caught up in this confusion,
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this panic. a crowd of people out to enjoy the celebration in nice. now the french president francois hollande said not surprisingly that this was indeed a deliberate terrorist attack. the suspect drove his truck at crowds for over a mile. it's understood the driver was also armed and fired into the crowd as he drove. he was shot dead by police, but only after he claims many lives in that carnage. police say the suspect was a 31-year-old french tunisiaen. he was known as a petty criminal, but no terror watch list. with france on high alert, questions will be asked why services couldn't have done more to prevent this. police were powerless to stop the truck charging into the crowd. it happened at 11:00 local time. but there were still hundreds of
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people out. they were along the front in nice. watching a a fireworks display and desperate scenes as people trying to escape and some simply couldn't. in all 84 people were killed, at least 14 of those critically injured. nice is popular with tourists. there were also two americans among the dead. a texas father and his young son. now as e we speak, the french president is continuing to hold emergency security meetings. we understand that belgium prime minister is doing the same. france has extended its state of emergency by yet another throw months while it continues to investigate this incident. of course, questions will be asked about how france can possibly prevent yet another tragedy like this happening aga again. >> kitty logan, thank you. there's chilling new accounts from those in the midst of the deadly attacks. >> survivors describing the
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chaos and terror they witnessed along the french riviera. >> we were just allowed to leave the hotel. it was in front of where the bodies are. you walk on the street and there were bodies everywhere. there was blood everywhere. i was standing in blood and didn't even realize it. my wife told me. i heard the pop, pop, pop sound. my wife, oddly enough is deaf, recognize d those sounds as gunfire. and we started running for the kitchen and toilet area, which is actually under the prom nad. people were diving off the prom nad. >> we got to the festival area and people were just sprinting away from the crowd and so we were confused and started
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running and just started hearing gunshots and we sprinted home to our apartment. everyone in the entire town was sprinting. we couldn't see anything but the crowd. >> we saw people running and people crouching down and looking for doorways, somewhere to hide. you can hear another shooter in that short of time. we ran sbo a restaurant which led to an alley way where we crouched down behind a car and waited there an hour. >> this is just horrible. pro isis groups were celebrating on social media encouraging supporters to use nice hash t tags. >> really just unbloefbl. although isis has not officially claimed responsibility for this attack, the terror army did brag about the number of deaths during their holy month of ramadan. >> 490 killed, inclouding 49 in orlando. fox news contributor mark telling ""the kelly file"" more attacks are mikely to come.
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>> successful terrorist attacks inspire them. the more success they have, the more they stand up to america in iraq and syria, the more attacks they carry out, more jihadists carry out attacks. >> terrorists calling for this specific type of attack. it was called the ultimate mowing machine and published six years ago. >> encouraging them to use large trucks to mow down civilians to achieve maximum carnage you need to pick up as much speed and maintaining control of the vehicle. the ideal location is a place where there are a maximum number of pedestrians and the least number of vehicles. >> the attack just another bloody reminder that terrorism is the key issue in the race for the white house. >> and donald trump and hillary clinton both reacting with very different tones. good morning. >> good morning, in the wake of this tragic attack, both
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candidates have cancelled big campaign events scheduled to take place later today. both weighed in with their immediate reactions. donald trump went on the record and told greta van susteren that we're living in a whole new world where we have to get tough, smart and individual lvi want to stop these kind of attacks from happening. >> what are we doing? we're trying to be so nice, woer trying to be so civil. we're so weak, the world has got to straighten up. we have to be tight with our borders. it's now a different world. this isn't 40 years ago and 80 years ago. this is a different world. we're trying to be so politically correct and we're making such big mistakes. >> hillary clinton told bill o'reilly it's a different kind of war. events like this remind us how vital it is for america to support allies and not abandon them, including nato, which donald trump has been an
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outspoken critic of. >> we have to do more to understand that this is a war against these terrorist groups, the radical jihadist groups. e we need to be smart about how we wage it, but we have to be determined that we're going to win it. >> candidates again have now rescheduled campaign events set for today. the biggest of which with donald trump scheduled announcement of his running mate. mike pence is likely going to be his pick, though he was still making up his mind. >> i haven't made my final final decision. i mean, i have three people that are fantastic. newt is a fantastic person. chris christie is a fantastic person. been a friend of mine nor 15 years. just a fantastic person. and mike has done a great job as governor of indiana. you look at the numbers and he's
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done a fantastic job. u haven't made a final final decision. >> donald trump has since said he's planning to make that announcement some time this weekend. >> live for us in d.c., thank you. we'll see if he changes his mind. very strong words coming from some of donald trump's vice presidential contenders. >> michael flynn and newt gingrich slamming the obama administration's stance on islamic extremism following the horrific attack. >> president obama came out with his statement. okay, i got it. that's wonderful. i'm done trying to convince him to really recognize what it is that we are facing. e we should not fear what it is we are facing. we should stand up to this. the leaders in this world, that's who i want to see get up on their soap box and condemn this madness. we're like sheep wondering why the wolves keep kill iing us.
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we should frankly test every person here who is of a muslim background. if it they believe in sharia, they should be deported. anybody who goes on a website favoring isis or al qaeda or other terrorist groups, that should be a felony and should go to jail. frankly, if we can't destroy them through the interpret, we shoumd destroy them with kinetic power and frankly just killing them. >> and these words coming from a vp front runner mike pence reading, this must end. e we must resolve to bring to justice all those responsible and defeat this enemy of civilization at its source. whoever he is picking is going to have to deal with this. the time now is ten minutes after the top of the hour. terror in france. at least 84 people killed during a day of celebration in nice. a truck loaded with guns and explosives plowing into a crowd of people. >> coming up, a former cia
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officer who says it's time to declare war on isis. p?p?h
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more now on our top story. a massacre in france. at least 84 people are dead and dozens more injured after a truck mowed down people during the bastille day celebration. >> a terror investigation now underway, and former cia officer joins us now with more on this. we have heard from the president of france saying this has been a terror attack. no terror group has claimed speedometer yet. but you're saying it's time to declare war on isis. what does that look like who how is that different than how it looks today? >> clearly, an attack on one member of nato is an attack on all. the french or the u.s. or any other member of nato can declare article v. we should put forces in turkey and negotiate and clear out raqqah. this is something that is very
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doable. would take us a few months to organize and do. but this is not something we're not beginnigoing to defeat isis globally until we defeat them where they are funding and putting logistics together. we have to take the caliphate away. it's a symbol to jihadists worldwide that this organization has strength and power. it's a time to put an end to this. the president of the united states has a legally mandated responsibility to prepare a strategy every year. this president has only done so twice in the last eight years and the current strategy is a joke. it looks like a document that does social engineering. let's get down to business, mr. president. this president will find any excuse not to act. last night on the news, we heard hillary clinton come out and say, well, we need greater intelligence sharing from the europeans. my message to hillary is we have had 50 years of intelligence sharing. what are you talking about? the europeans are sharing.
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they are just overwhelmed. >> just to explain, that is corrective defense. why are we not currently doing that? >> well, the president of the united states wants to point to any excuse not to engage militarily. this is a man that won a nobel peace prize. he's disengaged from the world and starting with his speech in cairo, we have had one country after another slip into crisis. he's lost control of the middle east. and now the western world is under siege by terrorists. this is a failed administration, in terms of management of national security. >> we heard from donald trump last night on greta van susteren's show. he said we have to double down and make sure terrorists can't get into the country, but another problem is the lone wolves putting forth these attacks. so there are a bunch of things going on here.
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>> look, you fight terrorism on many fronts. you have to use national power, which means military intelligence, public relation. we defeated the soviets with a major piece of that. it was handed off to the state dpt. we need to reopen usis. we need to be messaging against these people. we need to be on a war footing. if we declare war, americans will understand there's commitment that has to be seen through. we have to end this madness. >> this would be the tenth attack in france since "charlie hebdo" in january of 2015. well over 200 people have been killed by these terrorist attacks. when you say go in and destroy raqqah, how do you do that? >> look, i was the person involved in the invasion of afghanistan.
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i was in charge. small numbers of people, leverage iing technology and wi some military force on the ground could make quick work of these people in raqqah. these rgois are not ten feet tall. they are no match for the u.s. military or western force dedicated to their destruction. but in addition to that, we're going to have to continue pressure on them all around the world and they will probably wind up moving the caliphate to libya. this is going to be a war that's going to be a decade long. they have declared war on us and the president of the united states' response is minimalistic. >> that's the problem. the recruits see them as being ten feet tall so e we need to make it clear they are not. >> thank you for waking up so early this morning. we appreciate your time. >> i'm so sorry for the french. >> our hearts go out to them. thank you. the time is now 19 minutes after the top of the hour. we continue to follow the breaking news in france.
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84 people killed, including two america americans. >> how the horrific attack could affect the race for the white house. our political panel is weighing in, next.
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out of respect for this horrific situation, i just think it was inappropriate to have the news conference tomorrow, so i postponed the news conference. >> donald trump has been building up his vp announcement all week, but in the wake of the terror attack in france, he's postponing the pick. could he be rethinking his decision? >> here to weigh in is gop strategist david avella. thank you for waking us early with us. >> good morning. >> so the big news other than the terror attack is donald trump's vp choice. he's postponing this because of the attacks in france.
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one of the people on his list is newt gingrich and he spoke last night about the attack. here's what he said. >> i think we can pull that up in just a moment. >> i think we've got this. we'll play this it in just one second. he's e rethinking his choice or going to postpone announcing this. do you think he's rethinking his choice? we have the clip now. let's play that of newt gingrich. >> donald trump did the right thing in postponing everything tomorrow because this is such a horrendous event in france that we ought to focus on the h historic nature of this. >> do you think he's rethinking his choice at this point? >> i don't know he's rethinking his choice. we dop know he's made a final choice. three names to think about. dick cheney, sarah palin and paul ryan, our last four republican vp nominees. not one of them were known the day, let alone the hours who the
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vp pick was going to be. as trump continues through his thinking, we're going to find out at appropriate times. this has a far bigger impact on the jury room election. as voters continue every week now almost a terror attack oc r occurs and heightens people's concern for their personal security. and this suspect about the vice presidential pick. things like nice are about who is going to make this country safer. the choice is either donald trump or hillary clinton. >> if you look at the latest polls that are done amongst constituents and donald trump seems to win out in those polls. so christopher, do you think it was a good idea he played this? >> yeah, he absolutely did what he should have done. i agree. i adopt know. it's fascinating we're having the guessing game about who his
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choice is. there's plenty of time for that. he's absolutely done the right thing. he will make his decision and then his announcement. but it's absolutely the issue of who is going to keep this country safe. that's the issue because in many cases the vice presidency comes and goes. people's interest comes and goes, but in this case it's a question of the balance between fear and anger and who is going to protect the country the most. i think that's what it is. and frankly, i'm a little condolences to the people of france. i heard that the president of france says i'm going to extend the state of emergency. okay? the state of emergency that you've had hasn't worked.
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extending it is going to do what? get on with the terror war. >> perhaps it would also allow people to be more aware and realize that the chances, unfortunately, of this happening again are far and great, even beyond france. but let's just ask one more question to both of you. so perhaps the question should not be if donald trump did the right thing in delaying this. maybe the question should be should he change his choice, which we believe at this point to be pence. is that still a good choice? christopher, you respond first. >> yeah, i think if that is the choice, that's an excellent choice. >> look, we don't know if pence is his final choice. he needs to pick the person he thinks is ready to be the united states. and somebody who can help him govern. we don't know if it's mike pence. >> i think when it comes to national security, that's an
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important one. thank you both for waking up so early. the time almost 30 after the hour. terror in france as a truck mows down a crowd watching fireworks. >> at least 84 dead, 50 injured. live coverage on this early edition of "fox and friends", continues up next.
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this is a fox news alert breaking overnight, a day of national celebration turns into horror as france once again finds itself in the tarkt of a major terrorist attack. a truck driving at full speed
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loaded with guns and explosives plowing into thousands of people who were just there celebrating bastille day in the city of nice killing at least 84 people, including at least two americans, a father and son from texas. that boy believed to be just 10 or 11 years old. just heartbreaking. >> france's president calling the terror and extendsing the state of emergency another three months as witnesses recount the horror. >> there were bodies everywhere. there's blood everywhere. i was standing in blood and didn't even realize it. my wife told me. >> this happened at the promena promenade. >> at least 84 people were killed, 2 americans are among the dead. another 50 injured. the truck loaded with guns and explosives. while isis has called for attacks just like this, the terror group has not yet claimed responsibility. >> let's get right to kitty lo
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g began, who has been following this. brand new information on the attack. >> good morning, we have been listening all night to these horrifying witness accounts. people who experienced the terror, the panic and the confusion when all they wanted to do was go out and enjoy the fire works and bastille celebration in nice. this is clearly, as the french president said, a deliberate terrorist attack. the suspect drove this very large, very heavy truck at speed through crowds of people for over a mile intending to kill as many as possible. witnesses describe the driver turning the wheel to hit even more passers by. driver the driver fired into the crowd and was shot by police but only after he claimed so many lives in this carnage. police are saying they have identified this man. they haven't named him yet publicly.
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he was a 31-year-old french tunisiaen. he was not on any terror watch list. but with france on high alert since last year's attack, there will be questions about why police couldn't have prevented it. there were police presence at this event. they were powerless to stop this truck charging the crowd. there were hundreds of people out on the sea front just watching that fireworks display. it had just ended. you see desperate scenes of people running to escape and sadly many people were unable to. in all, as you say, 84 people killed, 14 of those in a critical condition. we understand many children among the casualties. a lot of families were out. two americans are thought to be among the dead. a texas father and his young son. right now the french president is hold iing a series of securi meetings.
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also the belgium prime minister is doing a similar meeting right now. the french president says he will bolster security and there will be an extension of the state of emergency but it's due to end at the close of this month. what does france have to do to e e prevent another tragedy like this. >> kitty logan following this all night and into the morning. thank you. isis supporters praising the deadly attack in france but a terror group not yet claiming responsibility. here to weigh in is the executive vice president of the security policy. thank you for joining us early this morning. i'd like to begin with you on something that kitty just mentioned. she said that they were powerless to stop the truck as it just barrelled through full speed ahead, zigzagging back and forth. >> half a football field lying there dead and maimed and joured. had where did this truck come
1:38 am
from? how did it get through? >> it's just a simple truck like every other delivery truck there is. that points out the difficulty of an anti-terrorism policy that's aimed at prevent iing attacks by adding additional layers of security. even in a police state, you couldn't secure every gathering of people in a way that would prevent this. you have to look at the people that were conducting these terror attacks. not thed to do it. it's not guns or bombs or trucks. it's the ideology of sharia that motivates them to kill. that's what we need to focus on. >> no terror group has claimed responsibility yet, but it sounds an awful lot like something isis has pushed people to do. you said that isis is like a disease. we could kill every member of isis today, but they would still pop up places and do incredible damage. where do we begin then? how do we kill them off? >> we start in the islamic
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state. you start with their caliphate and cut down their black flag there. but as you just mentioned, that's not going to solve the problem. that treats a symptom. the ideology of sharia, which calls for a holy war of jihad, is what we need to deal with. that's something that's spread around the world. there are hundreds of millions of muslims worldwide who believe that sharia should be the governing law for everyone, not just believers. that's a problem. that's something the french have seen and where they have start ed to investigate. we need to take that and start looking at where preachers in the united states are preaching that hateful ideology and put informants and stop these events before they happen. because we can't prevent them otherwise. >> we now know the terror cells are beyond the caliphate. they are everywhere. and i would think one of the first questions these investigators would be trying to find is this terror cell, if it was that, where are they
1:40 am
connected and to what other terror cells. that being the case, what is the first thing our new president, whomover it is, should do? >> the new president should take the handcuffs off our law enforcement and security agencies and allow them first to name the enemy as islamic terrorists to study their ideology, to learn about their message, to learn about the things that will tip them off to someone becoming radicalized. the department of homeland security has banned the word sharia and jihad from their agents. can't learn about it, can't talk about it. you can't stop these events if you're not looking in the right places. they know where these guys are. >> we heard responses from donald trump and hillary clinton. both saying different things about how they would handle it. who has the better message at this point? >> i think choosing between the two donald trump is a lot more likely to take action. hillary will be bound by
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political correctness that the democratic party will not allow the type of actual detailed investigation of the muslim population. it's not all muslims, but the percentage, and it's fairly large. temperatures not a small percentage. it's somewhere around half of the muslims who believe in sha r ree ya, we need to be looking in that community and not wiring about whether or not that hurts the feelings of the other muslims. that's where our law enforcement and security should focus. i think donald trump is a lot more likely to take that necessary step. >> a lot of people are going to be voting based on what they feel is going to protect them most. >> thanks so much. we appreciate you being with us this morning. >> thanks. the holiday season there, all these people out there to have a good time. the latest horrific attack is a terrifyinger about why terrorism is front and center in the race for the white house. >> donald trump and hillary clinton both reacting with very different tones.
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gary is live for us in washington, d.c. with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, you heard just a minute ago we were talking about how donald trump has called for this ban on muslims from terrorist countries. last night he, again, renewed that call speaking to our own greta van susteren telling her that this is a new world war and we need to be tough, smart and vigilant if we're going to win it. >> i would not allow people to come in from terrorist nations. i would do extreme e vetting. and our country has tremendous problems. we don't need anymore of the problems. right now, we have more investigations of this kind going on than we have ever had in the history of our country. and we're going to allow thousands and tens of thousands of more people coming in and then you see a situation like in nice, france. >> hillary clinton, meanwhile, told bill o'reilly that the war against terrorism is a comple
1:43 am
completely different kind of war and that it's one we have to understand more before we can be smart about how e we go around winning it. she said supporting our allies is a big part of how we're going to do that. >> i think it's important to stress that our alliance with france is so strong. it's terrible that france has faced too much tragedy and violence and e we need to stand strongly with them because events like this remind us how vital it is in every way not to abandon them. we need to strengthen our alliances and i include nato in that. >> you'll remember donald trump has been an outspoken critic of nato. both have rescheduled campaign events scheduled for today. the biggest was the scheduled announcement of his running mate. reports indicated that mike pence is likely to be his vp pick. although he said he was still making up his mind. >> i haven't made my final,
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final decision. i mean, i have three people that are fantastic. newt is a fantastic person. chris christie is a fantastic person. been a friend of mine for 15 years. just a fantastic person. and there's mike. he's done a great job as governor of indiana. you look at the numbers and it's been great. he's done a fantastic job. but i vice president made a final, final decision. >> trump says his campaign will announce later today when they will make that announcement some time this weekend. >> thank you. we'll continue to follow this story as it develops. wohl be be right become. [bassist] two late nights in tucson. blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother-
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plus cutting edge wifi for your employees and customers, and voice mobility so your calls find you wherever you are. get some of our most advanced products at a great price with over $500 in savings. call today and ask how to get these savings plus a $250 prepaid card. comcast business. built for business. new overnight, a suspect firing an ar-15 rifle in an apartment complex parking lot is shot and killed by police after officers say he turned the gun on them. >> why was he firing initially? that's something we don't have the answer to. that's something we're currently look iing at. >> four baltimore police officers were at the scene at the time of the shooting. police say it's still unclear what motivated that suspect to
1:49 am
open fire. a connection with 9/11 could be revealed today. congress set to release a 28-page investigation into the world trade center attacks. the chapter has been classified since the report's completion at the end of 2002. president obama agreeing to declassify those pages back in april due to pressure from victims' families and lawmakers. president obama taking part in a town hall on race relations. the president selling david murtmur about the shootings. >> we need police officers and we need those police officers to be embraced by the community. if there are good relations between police and those communities, then the communities are going to be safer and police officers will be safer. >> but listen to this. the message was not well received by erika garner in, the
1:50 am
daughter of eric garner was killed in a choke hold in new york. she stormed out of that taping accusing the network of silencing her questions tweeting this, the presidential town hall abc arranged is a farce. it was an exploitation of black pain and grief. >> ruth bader ginsburg saying she regrets her public comments on donald trump. after facing backlash for criticizing the presumptive nominee. on reflection, my recent remarks in response to press inquiries were ill-advised and i regret making them. judges should avoid commenting in the future i will be more circumspe circumspect. the liberal judge came under fire after calling trump a faker. trump fired back saying her mind was shot and needed to resign. is pokemon players finding another dead body behind a hol
1:51 am
cause memorial? as the players stumbled on a man's body at a park in new hampshire. it's apparently a hot spot for pokemon players to catch them on their smart phone. police are investigating the death, but it does not appear to be suspicious. last week a gamer found a dead body in wyoming. one of the big names rumored to speak at the gop convention in cleveland is just that, a rumor. >> i woke up this morning to find out i'm speaking at the repulican national convention. it's amaze iing how fast rumors fly. >> tim tebow setting the record straight on instagram after it was reported he would appear next week. he said he wants to make a difference in the biggest way possible, but for now that does not include political activism. >> a lot of talk about him running for political office. the time now is about 10 minutes until the top of the hour. >> scenes of horror out of fran fran dozens of people mowed down by a
1:52 am
truck full of explosives. >> our next guest with how to protect the homeland and why she say this is will affect the repulican national convention next week.
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welcome back to "fox and friends kwtsz. the world on edge after the attack in nice, france. dozens dead after a truck mows into a crowd. >> the french president francois hollande extending the state of emergency there, but what can we do to protect the homeland? here to weigh in is secret service agent and security analyst, thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> we were just discussing what is the threat level here in the united states? what, in your opinion, is the number one thing we should do right now? >> we are on alert. we have been on alert for awhile. we had so many things happen. the orlando shooting, dallas shooting and now the repulican national convention.
1:55 am
we are doing a a pretty good job here in the u.s. this is the thing. it's because of 9/11. of all the terror attacks we have seen across the world, we have definitely had one of the worst ones. since 9/11, we worked on it. so we one of the discrepancies between us and france is the way we deal with intelligence. we created our own task force, a counterterrorism task force to streamline all the information coming in. because before we were diverse and unfortunately some departments not sharing information, but we were competing. that's happening in france. france currently does not have their own streamline counterterrorism network, a national network nor do they have a national database for missing persons or persons of interest. that's something we need to work on. they had the same problem we had prior to 9/11. >> but that's one of the things
1:56 am
people listening at home. the orlando attack here, that has been one of the discussions that we have been having about how there was this breakdown in communication between different agencies. >> that's correct. that's something we need to get better at. the issue is can we share this information, can we be on top of this information. sometimes what happens is the information coming at you can be small. if you're not good at connecting those dots, you can miss it. another fundamental issue with the breakdown with what happened here at nice is something that re. fundamental security measures, if you're securing an environment like that, are barriers. locking through the photos and you can look through the footage and see the barriers were fences or bike racks and plastic barricades. those do not stop vehicles. vehicles being used as a weapon is a fundamental issue. we have always dealt with it
1:57 am
here in the united states one of the things i would ask for either concrete barricades, vehicles to stop a truck and if we worried about bigger vehicles, this was not used to my knowledge here at this event. that's something you fundamentally do when you have a large event. having a vehicle of this size enter to that secure environment and being able to drive the distance it did, that's an issue. >> but the reality is we face a lot of these same threats here at home. the big question is how do we find that balance? they want us to live in fear. they want us to live like that. how do we find that blns of not giving up freedoms but also feeling safe? >> it's okay to have the e emotion of fear. fear is what keeps you alive and safe. we want to make sure we don't allow our fear to be our state
1:58 am
of mund and afraid constantly. we need to be resilient. we need to work as a community. there's a big devisive. we're divided in ts united states and anybody looking into us from the outside is laughing at us because we are not unified. we're bickering and fighting with each other. we have all these factions. we are not unified. >> absolutely. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. and this is a fox news alert. breaking overnight, a day of national celebration turns into horror as france once again finds itself the target of a major terror attack. >> a truck driving at full speed loaded with guns and explosives plowing into thousands of people celebrating bastille day in nice killing 84 people, including at least two americans.
1:59 am
a father and son from texas, the boy believed to be just 10 or 11 years old. >> france's president calling the attack and extnding the state of emergency another three months as witnesses recount the horror. >> there were bodies everywhere. i was standing in blood and department even realize it. my wife told me. >> it all happened at the promenade near the westminster hotel. >> here's what we know so far. 84 people were killed, 2 americans among the dead. another 50 injured, many critically. and the truck loaded with guns and explosives. while isis has called for attacks just like this, the terror group has still not claimed responsibility. >> so let's get right to kitty logan live for us in london with brand new information on this horrific attack. we're all now just waking up this morning. >> yes, and waking up to these
2:00 am
horrifying stories from eyewitnesss, people in the crowd who experienced the terror and panic and confusion last night. many people simply enjoying the fireworks to celebrate bastille day. many tourists and foreigners amongst the crowd as the suspects drove this large, heavy truck at speeds very deliberately through those crowds intending to kill as many as possible. police have been able to identify the driver. he left a phone in the vehicle. they say he's the a 31-year-old frenchman and have not named him yet. they do say he was known to police.